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Ashtoreth is a tall female demon who currently has two songs, being Stylish Sacrifice, and Ticket to Tartarus. Crit-nuke, the developer of the mod, is planning to add one more song, as said on the official GameBanana page.


Ashtoreth appears to have drab white skin and wears a mixture of dark colored clothing. She has two back horns that split, with a large copper colored demonic halo above her head. She has long white hair that covers ash much as he left face and black eyes with white pupils. She also wears a large black revealing robe with multiple red patterns on it, along with black laced thigh-high boots with a grey leather belt wrapped around the top.


  • Ashtoreth's name off of a goddess in the Hebrew Bible who is named Astarte. She is the god of love, fertility, and sex.
  • The creator of the mod, Crit-nuke is going to add a third song to the mod, evident by the GameBanana description.


Stylish Sacrifice
BPM: 155
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
Ash losing icon.png
Ticket to Tartarus
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (All Difficulties)


AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: Ah, I'm no longer alone I suppose.

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: What are you two doing here?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: Right.

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: Well, you're dragging a creature like that around with you.

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: Slipping into my plane was an accident bound to happen.

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: I suppose you're lucky it seems to like you.

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: Getting back out for her won't be hard,

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: but for you,

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bo?

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: The way back out will require a sacrifice.

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: I suppose you both did manage to slip all this equipment in here with you,

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: so how about it, best two out of three?

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth: After all, what's the point in new toys if you don't play with them?

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: You good for nothing worm!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: Do you have any idea?! The centuries I've spent down here alone!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: Stuck down here!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: My only contact with the physical plane a bunch of dolts I managed to send visions to!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: The audacity you hold! To try and take away my only chance out of here!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: You think I want to be bound by these insufferable rules?!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: If I had any say in this I'd-

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: I'd-

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: AUGH!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: FINE!

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: I need to play along do I?

Ash losing icon.png Ashtoreth: Then I won't make it easy!


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