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Now look who I am! Just a floating skull with an invisible body. I’ve lost everything! - Tabi

This mod's development is permanently halted and is no longer planned of getting a release, or another update. The reason for this may vary, such as controversy.

Reason: The mod was cancelled for being to much for Banbuds to handle due to the other mods he was and is working on. Barbarian Champion will be the only one to come out. [1][2]
There is also a fanmade version called Castle Crashers Boss Rush REVIVED that came out after development ceased.

Gamebannana link to fanmade version:[3]

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Unfinished Page

It really don't matter, your chances of making it are shorter than your height. - Kia

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Reason: Lacks proper images aka assets, Also needs a clean gif of Painter and need's Cyclop's proper idle with the assets in the fla files.

Castle Crashers Boss Rush is a mod created by Banbuds and KadeDeveloper that will implement several recognizable bosses from the game Castle Crashers as opponents. Confirmed bosses are the Barbarian Champion, the Cyclops & Groom, the Ice King, the Painter, Necromancer, and the Evil Wizard. The mod will take place over the course of a single week in true boss rush fashion, structured so that each boss has a single song with unique backgrounds and scenery in order to best recreate what made encountering them so memorable in Castle Crashers. However the mod was recently announced scrapped until further notice.


The Barbarian Champion is the first boss in Castle Crashers. He is a very large, muscular barbarian that might be presumably the leader of the Barbarians, or at least their best warrior. He enters from the right of the screen by knocking down a door, flattening a beefy barbarian. Seems this Barbarian wants to show Boyfriend how a real barbarian fights! Lets just hope that one of the other Barbarians don't take the GF during the battle...


The Barbarian Boss carries a massive spiked heavy-shield attached to his back, and has a brown skin suit, with a helmet on, and a strap, attaching to the shield.


  • Despite his other name the "Barbarian Boss", there is nothing in the game to suggest that he serves as the leader of The Barbarians. However, it is more likely the "boss" part of his title is meant in the traditional video game sense (as in "the most powerful enemy you fight at the end of the level").
  • In Castle Crashers, when The Barbarian Boss smashes the player into the ground with his shield slam attack, he will laugh at the player. This is known as a Par, as the boss has violated the player, and then proceeds to laugh in their face.
  • It's unknown what he looks like under the mask.
  • His mace is painted to look like a microphone, and also seems to pretend to speak into it in his poses (except his right).


No...! Nooo...!

― Cyclops, mourning over the Conehead Groom, Castle Crashers

The Undead Cyclops, or sometimes "Recyclops," is the second of the four final bosses. He is the reincarnation of the Cyclops boss seen earlier in-game on the Cyclops' Fortress level. Since the BF killed the Conehead Groom, his buddy, by complete accident, a now revived Cyclops is majorly pissed, and wants the Boyfriend to be done away with.


Visually, he is slightly different from the original Cyclops. Patches of skin appear to have been melted away, and his eye has been replaced with magma.


  • The Cyclops and Groom actually never had their original set of sketches for the spritesheet finished, as only two poses were sketched for the groom (down and up) and only one of them was actually finished (down.)
  • The Undead Cyclops is also referred to as the Vengeful Cyclops.
  • The Undead Cyclops carrying a coffin when fighting him is a reference to the graveyard escape scene in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, where the T-800 carries a coffin with John Connor inside it.

'Hehehehahaha~! Uahahaha~!'

― Frost King, Literally half of his battle in Castle Crashers

The Ice King is one of the Evil Wizard's loyal minions. The Ice King is located in the Ice Castle. He is the last boss before the final four bosses in Wizard Castle Interior and Final Battle. He is the third boss in the boss rush and his track is unknown.


The Ice King is a tall humanoid creature with dark cyan skin. He wears a crown made of ice, a royal blue outfit with a cape and black pants with what appear to be metal snow boots. He is almost visually identical to how he appears in Castle Crashers. The only noticable difference being that he is more bulky.



― An unused Painter line, Castle Crashers

The Painter is the first of the Four Final Bosses. Known to be one of the more bizarre enemies of Castle Crashers, very little is known about this being, other than that he works for the Evil Wizard and has a toolbox for a head. He also wields a paint brush to paint things. This paint box has seen Boyfriend go, and is hoping to stop him! Will Painter paint him into a corner, or will Boyfriend's mic be mightier than his brush?


Painter has a toolbox for a head, as well as a white cap. They also have a white smock-frock, with blue, green, and pink splatters. They have a purple vest under it, as well as white gloves, and white stubby legs.


  • The music played during the Painter's battle in Castle Crashers, The Show by Waterflame, is referenced in Smudgy.
  • Painter might be a possible reference to Paint Roller of Kirby's Adventure, Adeline of Kirby and the Crystal Shards, or Drawcia from Kirby Canvas Curse, as they all use paintings to try to defeat their foes.
  • Painter's minions are actually concept sketches by Tom Fulp, the man behind Newgrounds.
  • Out of all characters in the Castle Crashers, Painter has the most dialogue. The dialogue speech used is a text-to-speech voice called "Boing", which is only accessible on Mac OS X computers.



― Edited voice samples to be used in the Evil Wizard's track

The Evil Wizard is the final opponent. His song is currently unnamed and will be posted by Brandxns, the composer of the song soon.


The Evil Wizard appears extremely similar to his base form in Castle Crasher, with the only noticeable difference being the point of his hat being more round.


Trivia (General)

  • The Barbarian Champion is currently the only boss with a gameplay teaser due to his charting, background and poses being the most presentable.
  • The Cyclops and Groom will alternate between 2 independent sprite sheets depending on who is singing, similarly to the parents as seen in Week 5.
    • As a result of this, the duo's sprites have preemptively been deemed the most time-consuming to make.
  • The red music notes appearing next to the Groom while he sings are reimplemented from Castle Crashers, specifically from when he is pursuing the player in his undead form.
    • Additionally, the church organ noise heard from these notes is likely the inspiration for his voice within the mod.
  • Different guest composers have been brought on to create the song for each boss. YingYang (known for Hex), will do Painter, RetroSpecter will do Necromancer, so on and so forth.
  • The songs Bashing Drums and Smudgy have sampled from the original themes of their respective bosses, the Barbarian Boss and Painter.
  • When fought in Castle Crashers, the bosses included in the mod are the ones that reward Boss Chests, aside from the Necromancer who drops his sword instead and a fake chest that spawns prior to a surprise second half of the Evil Wizard fight.
  • The bosses for the mod were selected due to their major story significance within Castle Crashers. The Barbarian Boss, Cyclops, Ice King, and Evil Wizard are the bosses from which the princesses are rescued. Likewise, the Painter and Necromancer are endgame bosses encountered within the Evil Wizard's fortress, in addition to a rematch with the undead Cyclops and Groom.
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend will be given appearances that better fit the mod's atmosphere in the final release.
  • A full week mod for Necromancer by Phantom Fear (creator of Corruption) is being produced with assistance from the original composer of his theme, which is unrelated to Boss Rush's own incarnation of Necromancer.
  • Since development of the mod is currently on hold, the Barbarian Champion will be released early when time allows.[4]
  • The Painter’s mic has a scribble effect referencing the enemies he draws during his boss fight
  • As of now, this mod has been cancelled, though its most likely an indefinite haitus.
  • Despite Banbuds dubbing him as the "Ice King", his real name appears to be the "Frost King", according to the Castle Crashers Wiki.
  • Bashing Drums' chart has a few missing notes for Barbarian and Boyfriend respectively, due to it being cancelled and also a work in progress.
  • The barbarian crowd cheers when you miss a note, making it block your view of the chart and possibly making you fail the entire song if you don't pay close attention to the chart.
  • Barbarian Champion's notes are spliced into different assets, similar to how Phase 3 Tricky's sprites are. This may be due to the size of the character.
  • The Painter and the Ice King weren't actually going to be animated by Banbuds, as the Painter would be animated by Mr. M0isty and the Ice King would be animated by SugarRatio
  • On the 29th of June, Banbuds posted a link to a google drive folder holding all of the finished assets for the Castle Crashers mod. All characters have individual folders. Clip Studio Paint files can be found inside the Ice King and Evil Wizard's folders holding all sprites for the Ice King and Evil Wizard. The Evil Wizard's unedited and edited vocals can also be found but they are outside of his folder for seemingly no reason.
    • For an unknown reason, the Necromancer's folder within this folder is empty, and nothing relating to them can be found in the folder aside from the folder with their name.


The icons for Painter and the Cyclops/Undead Groom were made by Froggy.xml on Gamebanana! Go and give them a follow! These icons are really just for immersive purposes.

Barbarian Champion Neutral.png
Bashing Drums
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
Memory Replevy
BPM: 172
Scroll Speed: ?
PainterFroggy Neutral.png.png
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: ?




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