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Articles that could make readers feel uncomfortable, please continue at your own risk.

These essentially are the Wiki's equivalent of trigger warnings. If deemed unnecessary, the template will be removed.

Note: Please do NOT apply this template over relatively minor reasons as this is template abuse. Examples include: Tree's red eye, Hex’s eye outline, X-Chara's Face or Xigmund's skeletal form.

Here is a list of what IS considered unsettling:

  • Depictions of Self Harm, Suicide or Mental Issues.
  • Gore such as Gibbing, Visible Organs, or Heavy Violence.
  • Obsessive Behavior such as Stalking, Kidnapping, depictions of Yandere behavior, etc.
  • Trollges due to their disturbing purpose & meme.
  • Disturbing source media (Or Media with disturbing content) such as Madness Combat, DDLC, FNAF, Resident Evil, Happy Tree Friends, Hotline Miami, SMG4, Pico's School, the SCP Mythos, the Binding of Isaac, Learning with Pibby, Invincible, Madoka Magica, the list goes on.
  • Characters from Creepypastas due to how Creepypastas are intentionally made with horror in mind.
  • Anything that might trigger readers with Arachnophobia, Trypophobia, Pyrophobia, Coulrophobia, etc.
  • Sensitive topics that aren't related to the Saddening template, such as Mass Murder/Genocide/Omnicide, rape and child murder/slavery.
  • Jumpscares or disturbing visuals, such as photorealistic eyes, mouth or teeth.
  • Graphic descriptions in-game, such as Dr. Jack Springheel wanting to rip out Boyfriend and Girlfriend's hearts, or D-Side Monster's violent descriptions in his song.
  • Characters who come from unsettling mods, like Ron being from the Bob’s Onslaught Mod, which is fairly unsettling.

What is NOT considered unsettling:

  • Joke Kills, such as Boyfriend & Girlfriend being murdered in the Impostor mod, or Scooby being sliced in half by GF in Shaggy's mod. This extends to Momi getting roadkilled or Ron dying (in a cool way). unless there are notable amount of gore.
  • Rare phobias such as Nelophobia, Allodoxaphobia or Anatidaephobia.
  • Applying it over relatively minor issues can be seen as abuse of the notice for example Mild Violence and Minimal Blood extends to Everyone > 13+ in terms of ESRB and USA IMDb ratings. FNF is rated teen on Newgrounds and thus will be considered its target audience.
  • Abusing the template with themes that are not unsettling at all like "Kapi has a dance pad and the dance pad looks creepy to some" or "Pom Pom gets sad and cries which can be disturbing" like anything like that can't be tolerated has unsettling.
  • Depictions of other sensitive subjects, such as Divorce, Child abuse, Dementia, and so on. This is now for the Saddening template.
  • Weak or poorly written explanation.
  • Phobias that are related to animals

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