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This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Fleetway trying to take Sonic's control of his body and Sonic's despair in trying to ignore. Lord X comes from the Sonic.exe PC port, which has themes of child abuse and other themes that may cause sadness or upsettingness. Sink is an EXE that is trapped underwater, eternally drowning and in a never ending state of pain, suffering, and loneliness. All of these "chapters" may be upsetting and saddening to some.


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Lord X's revealed appearence can be very unsettling. Fleetway's origin comic may disturb some people, and Sink's whole concept, lore and origin can be very unsettling too to some.

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Note: All of these mods have gained a lot of popularity, especially Chaos Nightmare, currently with 245 likes and counting.

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Upcoming: There's plans to combine, all these into one mod, with improvments, and feedback[1], aswell as another mod.[2]

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The Chaos Series[3] are a set of speed-run mods created by Garbie Pattie's team. There are 3 mods included in the pack.

Chaos Nightmare is a one-song standalone mod directed by Garbo, depicting Sonic struggling for control against his "inner demon," Fleetway Super Sonic from Fleetway Publications' Sonic adaptation during a nightmare.

Phantom Attack is also a one-song standalone mod directed by Garbo and his team, with Lord X disguised as Sonic battling Tails.

Below the Depths is the final one-song mod directed by the team, with it following Sink attempting to break free from the chains keeping him at the bottom of Labyrinth Zone.



See also Sonic the Hedgehog (disambiguation).

No... it's too late! The stress is making me change!... No!
― Sonic, Sonic the Comic, Issue 82

'Sonic is one of the playable characters and the protagonist of his games. This Sonic is based on his appearance in Sonic the Comic, where Super gets his name.


Sonic is a short anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue quills and peach skin. He wears red shoes with white bands on them and white gloves. Slight differences in the design only come to the shape of his eyes, which are more squared than his game counterpart. He's shown kneeling and holding his right arm in the mod and has a worried expression on his face. He also cries in his miss poses.


Fleetway Super Sonic

Not to be confused with his appearance in Vs. Sonic.Exe.

Don't worry, you are all protected by an energy shield... I want the pleasure of DESTROYING you all PERSONALLY! HAHAHA HA HA!
― Super Sonic, Sonic the Comic, Issue #8

Fleetway Super Sonic is one of the playable characters in this mod. Super Sonic is a psychotic demon-like entity who manifests himself in Sonic's body under conditions of extreme stress or exposure to chaos energy.

In this mod, he appears fighting Sonic for control of his body.


He has a similar appearance to Super Sonic in the classic titles, with yellow fur and spiked-up hair, but his eyes now consist of red and white spirals instead of the usual black irises. His fur is also somewhat more unkempt, and he has sharper teeth. During his miss poses, his hair looks frazzled and even more unkempt.


  • Fleetway has no idle animation. This is most likely because, without the use of debugging, he is never on screen long enough for an animation to play anyway.
  • Fleetway's voice comes from Vs. Sonic.Exe, specifically from the song "Chaos," where Fleetway is the opponent.
  • Both Fleetway Super Sonic and Lord X use vocals from the Vs. Sonic.Exe mod, where Fleetway made his first appearance in a mod.


Lord X

Not to be confused with his appearance in Vs. Sonic.Exe.

― Lord X, Sonic (PC PORT) Remake

Lord X is the main antagonist of OTH305's Sonic (PC Port), a game that reimagines the original version of Sonic. EXE. A remake was created by John-Kun and the PC-Port team is currently in development.


When disguised Lord X appears to look like Classic Sonic but has darker purple-ish fur and has his left hand pointed upwards. The most noticeable feature he has is that his mouth is constantly open and doesn't close.

When Lord X reveals his real self, he seems to only have his head. It appears that his quills are unkempt, he has yellow teeth and seems to pull blood. He has eerie red eyes with blood coming out of only the left side of his head.



See also Tails (disambiguation).


Alan is the main protagonist of Sonic.EXE PC Port, he appears to be a soul trapped inside the game, manifesting in the form of Tails. In Phantom Attack, he is a playable character for the song "Vessel". He is being hunted down by Lord X, just like in the original game.

Miles Prower, nicknamed "'Tails" by Sonic, is an anthropomorphic, two-tailed fox and The Blue Blur's sidekick himself. He can spin his tails like a helicopter's rotor to fly. He is the current vessel for Alan.


Alan/Tails is never seen in the mod, due to Vessel taking place in a first person perspective. However, in Sonic canon, Tails is a fox with yellow-ish orange fur and two large tails, that's the origin of his name. He has red and white shoes and white gloves, similar to Sonic. His icons show him being sad/scared.


  • Alan's name can be discerned from the name above the life counter in Angel Island Zone during Sonic.EXE PC Port
  • Alan appears to possess some form of self-awareness, as he will motion which way he wishes to move to the player by waving and pointing at them.
  • Tails's voice is deeper in Vessel than the regular Sonic games. This is due to Alan controlling him
  • Alan does not appear to always be in control of Tails, as they do not start showing signs of self-awareness until Lord X transports them to Angel Island Zone, furthermore, Tails appears to recognize Sonic, attempting to greet him when encountered with Lord X disguised, something that Alan would never reasonably do, as he knows the true nature of Lord X.



Not to be confused with the 16-Bit Reskin.

The water never leaves my lungs... my foot never breaks from the chain... the pain never stops... But I must stay strong. Somehow... sometime... something will bring me release...
― Sink, Mr. DJ's art

Sink is an EXE, and the protagonist/player character of his eponymous song, Sink, trying to get out of his horrible situation.


Note: Lore is taken from the Gamebanana page.

Chained for eternity, Sonic ponders...

"Sink is an 'EXE' who doesn't fall under the typical standards an average EXE comes down to. He's not corrupted or possessed by some demon. He's simply just a Sonic who got caught up in a series of unfortunate circumstances. Battered and bruised, got himself caught inside the chains of an underwater mine, trapped with no air insight. He drowned and sunk to the bottom of the Labyrinth Zone. Due to his sheer willpower, he can somehow still 'survive' much to his dismay. He's essentially like a zombified sonic, trapped inside a never-ending state of pain, suffering, and loneliness. He doesn't know how long he's been trapped down there, endlessly waiting for SOMETHING that can save him from his agony. Days, weeks, years, decades. All he can do is wait in pain..."


Sink for the most part looks exactly like Sonic, only his fur is dark teal instead of blue (Though this could be due to the lighting underwater), his glove and shoe cuffs are tattered, and he is constantly bleeding from the eyes and nose. He is also chained down, by a giant spiky metal ball, preventing him from swimming up.


  • Sink can't spindash out of the chains, because the story takes place in Labyrinth Zone, a level in Sonic 1. In Sonic 1, Sonic couldn't use the spindash because it didn't exist yet.
  • In the song, a sound effect from Carnival Night Zone is heard (1:22 - 1:24; 1:37 - 1:39), but it sounds like bones and organs being crushed, probably Sink's ankle, giving yet another explanation for Sink's inability to free himself from the chain.
    • However, it could also be Sink's lungs collapsing from the intense amount of water pressure.
  • If the chain is made from steel, It will take 200-500 years before it dismantles due to wear.
  • Sink appears to buoyant, this directly contradicts Sonic's inability to float in water.
  • Sink does not appear to think logically about his situation, even though he could potentially remove the chain if he slows down and dismantles it carefully, as he cannot drown, essentially giving him infinite time, he instead continues to thrash abut wildly. This mirroring how someone actually drowning does not think with reason, only trying to find the quickest way to air, this is shown via Sink’s Up and Right poses.
  • Inside the files of Below The Depths is a character file simply titled "dead." It uses Sink's icons, but it has no sprites, and it displays nothing but the death animation when observed in the character editor.
    • This was most likely going to be for a death animation, but was scrapped immediately in favor for the immortality mechanic.


Soul Sonic

Not to be confused with the 16-Bit Reskin.

Soul Sonic, otherwise known as Inner Sonic, The Sonic Ghoul or Ghost Sonic, Is a ghostly figure that sings along Sink in his eponymous song. It is unclear what this Sonic is or if he is the same person as Sink. Even his name is unknown. Theories circulate that this Sonic is Sink's inner consciousness keeping him "alive." Another theory suggests that it's Sink's soul calling out to anyone who can hear him. Another possibility is that this Sonic is Sink's "sheer willpower", that keeps Sink alive underwater, much to his dismay.


The Sonic Ghoul looks like a regular Sonic but instead has ghostly characteristics such as being transparent and having a ghostly trail instead of legs. He also appears to be green (though this could be from the water). His poses show him defeated, crying and screaming out to anyone that can hear.


  • Soul Sonic looks at Sink in his left pose, but it's unclear if the two know of each other's existence, since Sink seems to look in random directions.



  • The main plot thread of Chaos Nightmare comes from the Fleetway Sonic comics, where Sonic is constantly worried about his more chaotic "super" half (dubbed " Super Sonic") taking control of his body and committing various atrocious acts.
  • Phantasm seems to have a leitmotif of "Angel Island Zone 2" from Sonic 3.
  • Phantasm has the same key and BPM as Friday Night Funkin' Lullaby's Monochrome (A# minor, 160 bpm).
  • Vessel has a leitmotif of Execution and Cycles from the Sonic.exe mod.
  • The spiky and metal balls and the background of Sink come from Sonic 1's Labyrinth Zone. Labyrinth Zone is a maze-like cave filled with deep water areas. There are also spiked balls on chains that spin around, hurting Sonic if touched.
    • Labyrinth Zone is known as one of the hardest Sonic levels in Sonic history. This was due to narrow paths, tricky-to-avoid obstacles, difficult boss battles, and most importantly, the unavoidable, deep water areas that the player was required to navigate through, making it easy to drown if they weren't careful.
  • This mod is probably the first mod to have a song where you can't get blueballed unless you press R.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Note Lock: After Lord X reveals himself in Vessel, the notes will lock up, each one displaying a letter over it. To free the notes, the player must type out the letters in order from left to right.
    • If two of the same letter appears next to each other, you only need to press the key once.
  • Can't Die: During Sink, It is impossible to fail. You can beat the song without hitting a single note.
    • If your health does end up reaching 0, you can press the "R" button to restart the song. This is not required, however, as you can still beat the song after death. This is a direct reference to Sink's immortality, how he can't die due to his willpower.


BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (All Difficulties)
Maximum Score: 398300
Composer(s): Biddle3

BPM: 105 > 160
Scroll Speed: 2.9 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): Biddle3





Vessel Game Over
Warning Audio.png

BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (All Difficulties)
Maximum Score: 240800 (Hard)
Composer(s): METR0GARD3N

0:00: Sink regains conciousness, How long has it been?

0:57: Soul Sonic Appears

1:22: Please..

2:07: Waiting for eternity.

2:21: I'm still here..

2:34: I have to keep trying...

2:53: Sink drowns

3:00: It can't end, not like this..

3:38: Was it all for naught?
References Labyrinth Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), Carnival Night Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

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