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This is a list of FNF mod characters. They are for the most part sorted by GameBanana/Game Jolt views and downloads, then alphabetically for the less famous mods.

This page does not actually include every single character on this wiki, but includes most of them. If you want to see all the characters, go to the Characters category. If you want to see ranking go to Characters/Reskin Characters. If you want to see remixes, covers, Beta Versions, or whatever type of other mod go to the Mods page and see the Pounder Information. If you want to see the characters featured in the base game go to Characters on the Friday Night Funkin' Wiki.

Disclaimer: Some of these mods contain material that could make people feel uncomfortable or disturbed, such as flashing lights, screen shaking, sexual character design, controversial activity by mod creators and contributors, etc. Any notices are listed on the respective character pages.

Golden Throne

These mods are the most well-known out of the FNF modding community and liked out of all mods and have JUST A MILLION views or more on their GameBanana page! They are sorted by order of GameBanana views. It does not matter how this is achieved as long as it is (I.e having two mod pages that equal this).

NOTE: Sky's info was here due to her Ski Sings For You! appearance. Combine that with Bbpanzu reopening with her & we urge you to don't delete this legitimate pre-controversial Hall-of-Fame icon as well as not trying to do what got her page deleted in the first place.

NOTE 2: EXE was deleted from the Vs. Sonic.exe Round 2 update. Don't add him again, due to controversy surrounding Revie.

Icon Character (+1M Views)

Tricky The Clown is a terrifying, chaotic, hitman zombie clown and the secondary antagonist of Madness Combat. Welded in his skull is a device known as The Portable Improbability Drive, implanted in him by none other than The Auditor, this device grants him reality-altering, space-shattering, and physic-defying abilities! He's basically invincible!

While Boyfriend and Girlfriend were taking a relaxing stroll through Nevada, they inadvertently encounter this hellish beast, forcing Boyfriend to rap battle with him in order to escape! But what will happen when the Portable Improbability Drive is pushed to the limit? Or even worse, when Tricky's wrath is pushed beyond its limit?!

He also had Phases 0, 0.5, 1.5, 5, & 9.5. For his reskins, he has the incoming classic, a memetic TIKY, a HD version, & ton of reskins! He is also slated to appear in Cyber Sensation facing none other than Taeyai herself!

Whitty Icon.png "You're REALLY pushing my limits here, dude."

Whitmore, or Whitty for short, is a hot-headed ex-rock star who's running away from the attention of society, doing everything possible to remain unnoticed in order to escape from his longtime rival Updike, who wants to imprison him because of his explosive capabilities.

He was destined into this endless, stressful cycle of running and hiding thanks to Girlfriend's parents, who are responsible for shattering his rock star dreams and taking everything away from him. He seriously despises them for it.

One day, however, Boyfriend and Girlfriend encounter him and force him into a rap battle, remaining ignorant to the fact that his might ignite his fury! So get ready for a volatile battle with ballistic beats!

He also has a reanimated version, as well as a neo version and a fun-sized version (In fact, it was the first fun-sized version of a mod character). He also stars as the protagonist of The Date Week, where he goes out with his girlfriend, Carol.

He will soon appear in Friday Night Funkin' Boss Rush as one of the opponents.

(Replacement for Daddy Dearest in earliest version)

NeutralIconWhite.png "I have no money"

What's this?! Looks like we've got another Whitmore in town! Meet Julian T. Whitmore. Originally, he was going to be part of a retelling of Whitty's story, but now he's got his own groove. Think you can keep up?


Do you hear something leaking? Meet Nitty Gritty, He is a secret character based off a 4chan user's art recreating Julian from the leaks and is in Vs. Whitty Definitive Edition. Once you find out his riddle, he'll be there waiting with his middle finger up and all!

UpdikeNewNeutralIcon.png "This is for the greater good."

Gabriel Updike, or just Updike, was a secret character in the Vs. Whitty mod who could be accessed with a secret code, though now he has his own mod (Spoiler Alert: It's just a late april fools joke), he used to be a very wealthy weatherman, but quit his job for unknown reasons and decided to become the leader of a task force known as The Greater Good (TGG), with the objective of remorselessly hunting down anything that could pose a threat to society. He's trying to hunt Girlfriend as he knows she's a demon. Will our dear protagonist save his girlfriend from him?

Sarvente icon.png "May God forgive you... but I won't."

Sarvente is an unfortunate demon who was rejected from entering heaven by God himself, not wanting anyone else to experience the same fate as her, she, alongside her childhood friend Ruv dedicates herself to guiding everyone to a better place by pretending to be a humble nun in service of a church, accepting any and all members, religious or not, with open arms!

We really recommend you to not reject the services of this holy church, however, or else, a demonic fate awaits. May God have mercy on your soul... because she won't. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are about to find that out the hard way...

She also has remastered, genderbent, x-ray, minus, rework, HD, and young versions.

Ruv icon.png "I'd say break a leg, but I might end up breaking yours literally, I'm going to make this as painful as possible for you... and your little girlfriend."

Ruvyzvat, or just Ruv for short, is a Russian fugitive criminal with a sense of justice and a longtime friend of Sarvente. When things get stressful thanks to Boyfriend and Girlfriend, he steps in to help, so beware of him! His voice is powerful enough to quake the entire church... with his microphone turned off! Looks like Boyfriend needs to literally stand his ground, because Ruv shows no signs of holding back!

He also has reanimated, remastered, fun sized, x-ray, minus, rework, HD, and genderbent versions.

Selever Neutral.png "HAPPY APRIL FOOLS BITCHES!!"

Selever is Sarvente and Ruv's "non-canon" son. This guy lives in an empty void and he can't interact with his parents cuz he ain't canon, so he spends time jumping between universes with his sister Rasazy looking for a way to physically interact with their parents.

But now, you've stepped in his turf! And he's got some real beef with you for entering his world, roachy! Get ready, cuz he wants to destroy the void and take you down with him! Why? Cuz he just wants to.

He also has a remastered version, a genderbent version, a HD version, and a fanmade full week mod.

SonicExeLose.png "I AM GOD! HA HA HA HA HA!"

Sonic.exe is the main antagonist of his titular creepypasta, which revolves around an unfortunate soul by the name of Tom receiving a haunted CD of the original Sonic The Hedgehog through the mail.

One day, he encounters Boyfriend and Girlfriend as they commit the foolish mistake of challenging him to a rap battle! Do they not realize that he is Ģ̶͕͚̙̬̋̓͌̆͝O̸̡͇̞̲̳͓͚̞͚̜͉͋̈́͐̑̽̏͐͆̑͆͒͛͝͠Ḋ̴̫͍̲̙̠́̐͊͊̔̃̽̐͊ͅ? However, he accepts, so get ready to rap for your life! Because if you're too slow, your fate is sealed! You can't run from god now, can you? Oh, by the way, he is not alone...

TheTroubleTrioIcons.png "HELP US!, YOU HAVE TO SAVE US NOW!"


The Trouble Trio are the EXE forms of Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik, who are now mindless, reanimated corpses that serve Sonic.EXE, doing his bidding without question. Upon Sonic.EXE's second defeat, his anger gets the best of him, and he commands The Trio to kill him with an 8-minute-long showdown! Maybe Boyfriend can help to make them back to normal... and defeat Sonic.EXE for the third and final time!

MajinSonicNeutral.png "The fun never ends!"

Majin Sonic, AKA Mazin, is one of the many unnervingly handsome Sonics that appear in the infamous FUN IS INFINITE easter egg from Sonic CD that can be found in the Sound Test feature of both the mod AND the original game!

Boyfriend seems to have found himself in a forest, and has run into this specific Majin! However, unlike the other eldritch abominations hidden throughout this game, he actually seems, uh... friendly, but you probably shouldn't trust him that much, after all, FUN IS INFINITE!

He has a remastered version, and he also appears in Infinity and Boss Rush

LordXNeutral2.0.png "Once I have your soul, we will play...F̶̢̨̧͕͕͇̜̦̦̞̲̪͙̭͈̺̘͖̞̞̟̻̮͂̇͒́͂̈́̀̓̂̒̒̅͑̑̅̾̆͐̕͜͜ͅƠ̸̢̛̱̱͓͔͔͈͓̪̜̯̹̱̠̳̪̱͔̖̠̫͂͌̃͂̈́͛͛͐̔͊͋̿̑͆͐͛̔̂͂̍̃̀̋̍̀̓̒̀̚̚̕͝R̵̛͉̥̣͚̟͉͖̯̖͔͍̝̪̫̗͉͕͂̚ͅĖ̸̡̧̢̨̨̛̬̺̞͓̫͎̠̯̤̰͎̠͔̻͕̯͓̭̟̝̥͚̪̗̪̳̜͙̥̣̼̳̭̾͋̌͜͜ͅV̶̨̡̦͇̙͔̝͇̹̟̱̝̳̫͕̣͍̟͈͚̙̱͇̭͇̼̺͑͒̓̓̔͊͗̇̿̋̍͑̕͜͠Ë̷̡̢̡̧̛̥̥̭̮͕̜̪̘̜̝̩̖̙͚̤͇̮̟͉̳͉̖͍̙̠͉̳̘̹͓̦̜̠͈͑̌̎̏͊̑̀́̾̍̇̐̔͆̊̒̈́́͂̃́̈́̿̌̈́͛̃͛̀͂͂̓̕͝͠͝͠͝ͅR̶̨͙̼͇̙̖̻̺͎̉̀͗͑͊͌̄̾̕ͅ."

Lord X is the main antagonist of the Sonic.exe PC Port (both original and the remake), and can be unlocked through the Sound Test area of Vs. Sonic.Exe.

It appears that Boyfriend {OR SHOULD I SAY... Uhhh... Boyfriend?} has come across this abomination within the decaying, monstrous landscape of what once used to be the beautiful Green Hill Zone {REMEMBER THIS? WELCOME BACK!}, and now, Lord X, {ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION 000E0XE0} is inviting Boyfriend for a friendly little rap battle! {HOW ABOUT A GAME? FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE!} so will Boyfriend defeat this eerily familiar abomination, or will he be executed and forced into a cycle of infinite suffering like the rest who crossed his path?


Sunky.MPEG is a veri funi meme parody of Sonic.EXE. After forcing Tails to dance for almost 2 days, Boyfriend wanders onto the dance floor and challenges Sunky to a rap battle! Aww Yea! this is happenin! Will Boyfriend be able to fiddle the riddle or will he suffer the cruel fate of dancing with Sunky for all eternity with his only food being milk and cereal? You might not be able to run but I may need to double check that.

SanicExeIcon.png "We must embrace pain, and burn it as fuel for our journey."

Sanic.exe, the MLG legend himself, has come into the Friday Night Funkin' Mod universe in all his everyday-weed-smoking glory! If you're too slow for him, he'll gladly run you over with Gmod physics and festness, all while being FEST AS F BOI. Unfortunately for Boyfriend, he finds himself right in the middle of a Gmod map, and this dank horror won't let him escape alive.. Without le supah epic rap battle lmao xddd. *Insert giant MLG montage with Shooting guns, Obey Cap, Doge, Rainbow Dancing Frog and more*

TailsDollIcon.png "Can you feel the sunshine? Does it brighten up your day?"

The Tails Doll is one of the six unlockable characters of Sonic R. It's basically just a levitating doll that resembles Sonic's iconic mascot, Tails! It was built by Dr. Robotnik in order to defeat Tails, which it highly seeks to do! It is most certainly not a sociopathic homicidal maniac that lusts for the blood of anyone who performs the infamous Tails Doll Curse... right? Boyfriend happened to run into this doll, and is now about to feel a ray of sunshine that will NOT brighten up his day!

Not to be confused with any other tails doll

FleetwayIcon.png "Let's see how fast you can REALLY go!"

Fleetway Super Sonic is an alternate psychotic version of Super Sonic that originates from the Sonic the Comic series. It occurs when Sonic collects the Chaos Emeralds under stress or being exposed to Chaos Energy from its core. He's got an arrogant personality and a cocky attitude, and he's not particularly friendly to be around!

After Sonic falls into the Chaos Emeralds, he unleashes this psychotic form and decides to see how fast Boyfriend is, but he doesn't expect that BF has superpowers just like him! Now, a chaotic battle will start between the two!

NeedleM0use Normal Icon.png "I don't think so, Luther."

NeedleM0use is the ghost of a girl named Sarah who haunts a copy of the original Sonic The Hedgehog and becomes him after getting murdered. After she killed the murderers and her friends one by one they need a way to settle their differences and what better way than a rap battle? Xenophanes seems to agree! After you rap against this girl you'll see who the better rapper really is!

FatalSonicIcon.png "WE WILL SEE YOU ALL SOON..."

Fatal Error is an upcoming opponent of the Sonic.EXE mod in the song: "FATALITY". At first, they were a bugged servant to another AI, Fatal Prime, but used Sonic's body to escape their master. Now the demon has come up with his own scheme, which is Codename: EMPEROR. Kinda unrelated, BF has been spending too much time on the game that he made it crash & summoned this unlawful demon. Now he has to find a way to factory reset this game or suffer at the hands of this error. (no official icon yet so a fanmade one is being used.)

ColdsteelIcon.png "psssh...nothin personnel...kid..."

Coldsteel is a very edgy sonic oc (DO NOT STEEL!!!!!!11111!1111) and famous meme. After finding Boyfriend while in the ruined future (or something edgy idk) he is challenged to a rap battle to which he accepts because he is CLEARLY the best and will never ever ever lose. However, don't even think about insulting his finger gloves because they are super badass and punk (EAT SHIT KHAOSKID663)!!!

Starvedicon.png "i love that hedgehog"

Starved is a version of Robotnik who has a giant appetite for animals. At first, he just ate the animals he has captured to put into his robots, between the events of Sonic 1 and 2. But now, he became more insane, and he only wants to eat. He starts to capture larger prey, as he was able to catch and eat Sonic. And it seems that little fox is next on the on the menu. (no official icon yet so a fanmade one is being used.)

Garcello Neutral.png "Tight bars, little man."

Garcello who stars in his own mod, as well as Hazy River, is a homeless heavy-smoking junkie who simply cannot get enough of the stuff, relying on it to soothe his nerves. However, his cigarette is no ordinary ciggy, it's a magic cigarette that can change colors! However, it is extremely addictive.

Daddy Dearest wants to use it to his advantage, in order to get Boyfriend addicted to smoking! Why? I dunno, so he can die of lung cancer, I guess? But when the blue-haired midget refuses, he offers a friendly little rap battle, and if Boyfriend wins, he'll get off his case. However, when his chest starts to feel funny, he decides to still keep going... How will things finish? Could this finally be his huge release?

He also has a official Minus version.

NewAnnieNormalIcon.png "T H E L I Q U I D !"

Annie is a character who stars in her own mod, as well as Hazy River, made by the well-known YouTuber Atsuover, thrown into the bizarre music-centered world of Friday Night Funkin. Holding a bottle containing "The Liquid" (insert vine boom SFX here) in hand, how will she fare with the blue-haired gremlin?

She also has a remastered version, an HD version, and a minus version.

AnnieIcon.png At first glance Legacy Annie just looks like Annie's old design, but upon closer inspection, she's uh, something else that wants to kill BF?
HankAccIcon.png "Didn't I kill you once?"

Accelerant Hank is the protagonist of the Madness Combat series inside of the video game "Madness Accelerant". After running into Boyfriend in Nevada, he does the first thing he knows to do and attacks Boyfriend (while rapping, of course). But after Tricky shows up, things devolve into chaos. Will Boyfriend be able to beat this violent ninja grunt without getting shot, or will he be added to Hank's hitlist?

He also has a high effort and a reanimated Version.

EddOnlineVSIcon.png "It's pretty swell!"

Edd is the main protagonist of Eddsworld. When Boyfriend comes across Edd's house, the two of them start a friendly rap battle. And in case someone shows up to ruin their fun, they're ready to team up for a 2v1!

He'll also be seen saving christmas (sort of), chilling with Boyfriend and Girlfriend, watching shit go down between Tom and Matt, or even replacing BBpanzu's Tord.

EduardoOnlineVSIcon.png "Well Well Well!"

Eduardo is Edd's neighbor and rival in the Eddsworld series. He is shown to be rude, arrogant and confident most of the time. He believes that he is superior to Edd in every way, spending much of his life attempting to outdo him in everything. However, maybe BF can help prove Eduardo wrong! With a rap battle, of course.

TordOnlineVSIcon.png "What would I need friends for when I've got this? I'm unstoppable! HAHAHAHA!"

Tord is the main antagonist and formerly one of the protagonists of Eddsworld. He will appear in his giant robot during Challeng-Edd instead of Eduardo if the player chooses the Fucked difficulty. After popping outta the ground during Edd and BF's rap battle, the enemy changes, and the blue-haired gremlin and soda-lover have to face the nono addict themseves!

He'll also be seen in other mods by bbpanzu and Enraged Artist.

UberkidOnlineVSIcon.png Uberkids are robots created by Pico's school to replace the dead students, but after they go rogue and start attacking people on the streets, Pico and the gang have to go and take care of them!

They were also planned for a now-cancelled(?) update for the Martian Mixtape mod. On top of that, there's a full week mod featuring them.

DarneneIconDuo.png "I only have five years to live"

"Save me? Save yourself!"

Darnell and Nene are Pico's pals throughout the series. They are here to assist Pico on cleaning the Uberkids situation. Who knows, maybe they'll back him up when he goes funky...

The duo's also present in the AU Friday Night Shootin' while Nene has her reskin mod & Darnell can be either siding on BF to get Pico back, swapping Pico on the flip side, or be blammin in general.

Miku Icon (New).png "Pretty good little bro, I had no idea you were so good at performing!"

Hatsune Miku is a world-famous japanese 2D singer and the mascot of the voice synthesizer software, Vocaloid. Surprisingly, she also happens to be Boyfriend's CANONICAL older sister! After so many years apart, these two blue haired siblings finally reunite! And now, Miku wants to test Boyfriend's musical ability to make up for lost time!

But when they head up on stage, they're confronted by thousands and thousands of Miku fans, now having to face the daring task of impressing Girlfriend AND the fans! Boyfriend has to prove what he's capable of! Whether it be lights ON or OFF, this is a one-night-only event that you most certainly don't want to miss!

Bbpanzu also made his own Miku mod before working on this one and even replaced his little bro in one reskin.

HexNewIcon.png "I'm always ready."

Hextravaganza, or just Hex for short, is an athletic, basketball-loving robot with a wholesome demeanor and a really happy attitude! When Boyfriend and Girlfriend decide to relax on the rap battles and have a nice date in the park, Hex approaches them and requests Boyfriend a rap battle! Well then, what could possibly go wrong? Let's just hope that he doesn't suffer any... malfunctions.

He has a weekend week, which is named Weekend X.

He also has a reanimated version and a neo version. In addition, he also is stated to appear in Cyber Sensation!

(Replacement for Daddy Dearest in earliest version)

Aldryx Icon.png Aldryx Andromeda is the brother of A.G.O.T.I. and the 1st opponent of Friday Night Funkin': Entity.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend happen to run into him while grocery shopping and he challenges them to a rap battle! So let's see if your super hot fire beats can match the heat of his black flames!

AgotiIcon.png "I'm surprised someone as small as you didn't break anything!"

A Guy On The Internet, or A.G.O.T.I. is a pretty rude Digdevil and the 2nd opponent of Friday Night Funkin': Entity.

He was trapped in the void (which he refers to as his own "special prison") by Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest due to his popularity in the music department growing a bit too big for their taste. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend accidentally fell into this void without precaution and happen to meet A.G.O.T.I. in person. In order to escape, BF needs to out-rap him, or else they'll end up prisoners to this void as well! Can they break the seal trapping them in the void?

Solazar Icon.png "I WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!"

Solazar is the adoptive father of A.G.O.T.I and Aldryx and the 3rd opponent of Friday Night Funkin': Entity.

He is a Solarisapiens, a species that came from space! He is not happy about Boyfriend defeating both of his sons, Aldryx and A.G.O.T.I., so can you take him on?

NikusaIcon.png "The fact that you struck me... must mean you want to befriend me?"

Nikusa is the lonely queen of the void of outer space and one of the 4 main characters of Friday Night Funkin': Entity.

She's a 10 feet tall entity of immense power that seemed to take a liking to Boyfriend's musical taste, so she decides to put her vocal cords to the test! Just remember to not get too distracted by her nice, big... uh, what was I saying?


Tabi is a character created by Homskiy. Once seen as a rising music producer, he's actually the ex of Girlfriend and things were going smoothly for a year... Until her father, Daddy Dearest, caught wind of Tabi. He decided to use him for their benefits, while also trying to make GF do the same. As he was realizing what he got himself into, he had already lost his career and GF would break up with him not long after. As if that wasn't enough, he would be kidnapped by a couple of men that were hired by the two Dearests and turned his entire body (apart from his now-bony hands) completely invisible, as well as murdering his cat. Tabi had become a broken man, and he knew who was responsible for all of this... One year later, Girlfriend invites her new lover, Boyfriend, to a date at a restaurant reserved to meet up with her uncle. But when they get there, Tabi reemerges into her life! Now, he's hellbent on getting his revenge, and will do anything to get his way, even if it means having to kill a few people...

He also has a HD and neo version, and he will soon appear in Friday Night Funkin' Boss Rush as one of the opponents.

He will have an upcoming Love Week, which predates to before the betrayal.

BobandSipIcon.png "Aw, yeah! It's Minecraft time!"

"Hm... I wonder how my farm is right now. Let's see..."

Bob and Bosip are the personifications of [REDACTED]'s Geometry Dash Cube and Ship. One faithful day, they were simply playing Minecraft, about to jump into a portal to the End Dimension in order to defeat the Ender Dragon. However, upon entering, they wind up in a different game they don't recognize at all! They soon learn that they're trapped in a game called Friday Night Funkin', and that in order to escape back into Minecraft, they must encounter a couple known as Boyfriend & Girlfriend, challenge them to a rap battle and win! But where in the world could those two possibly be?!

BackgroundDevIcons.png "AYO WHAT DA DOG DOIN'?"

Blu, Mini, Jghost, Cerberus and Cerbera are all the self-inserts of some of the Bob and Bosip developers. Before Boyfriend fought Bob and Bosip, Blu met Boyfriend and asked him to sing a friendly little song, which he accepted. Afterwards, this attracts the attention of Mini, who sings with Boyfriend as well, Then Jghost and his dog, Cerberus, then Cerbera and [REDACTED]! Wow! look at that! They've attracted an entire crowd of people! Things are about to get a lot funkier!

Cerbera also has a playable reskin that replaces Boyfriend.

ImpostorsIcon.png "okay you crossed the line"

"god how actually fucking dense are you?"

Impostors are the villainous protagonists or the main antagonists of the 2018 video game Among Us and the opponents that appear in VS. Impostor. They are an alien species capable of shapeshifting and have the role of keeping their true nature hidden from the crewmates while murdering them and sabotaging their ship. Looks like Boyfriend is about to find out what happens when the impostor is sus...

TomongusNeutral.png "Tomongus was Ejected"

Tomongus is a character from the Rivals of Aether workshop made as an April Fools update. He is a hamster piloting a sussy shaped mech and appears as the third opponent in a pixel week of VS. Impostor. But why is Boyfriend acting more sus than usual? ...wait, is that a gu-*BANG* Well that explains it.

Anyway... He also appears in Hotline 024 as a guest opponent.

Loggo icon.png Loggo is the kind of guy to celebrate Christmas on Halloween. He is featured in a Halloween update for VS. Impostor. Boyfriend must face this Impostor's overwhelming Christmas spirit if he wants to make it out alive.
BobIcon.png "you look stupid"

Bob is a blob thingy with a mod that is a parody of fnf mods which was originally created by phlox as a joke tweet. When Boyfriend and Girlfriend find this dude, he is angy bro and you made him mad and he is so mad man, what did you do to make Bob mad? Honestly don't know I'm just a character description of a wiki of fnf mods, I dunno wtf I'm here for, but what is for sure is Bob is one scary blob when he is mad. But if you love dank memes, angry blobs that turn into demons, meme folders, crisp, funny as hell dialogue and comically small men who plays sounds of shattered glass way too much. well you are in for a wild ride!

He also stars in...Oh that's A LOT...*deep breath*, Bob's Onslaught, Bob's Trick or Treat, OpheeBob, The Bob Takeover week, Many remastered mods, VS Cheeky ,B-Side Bob's Onslaught, An incursion version (for Friday Night Funkin' Neo), and the upcoming FNFVR and also the Bob Manhunt *dies of asphyxiation*.

RonIcon.png "What's wrong with you? You lookin like a uuuhh umm you look like an uuuh you kinda look like an uhh ummm you kinda like an a unn uu uhh ummm wait you kinda uhhh hummnnn nnnn mmmmmmm hmmmmw wait let me think ummm hmmmmm uuuhh ummmmm ummmmmeeehhhh uhhhh ermmmmm uhhhh"

This is Ron. He is a living meme folder created by wildythomas as an OC and appears in Bob's Onslaught that is cool, in fact, he's so cool that he can COOL RAP, and he won't let you through his road if you can't COOL RAP as well. He also hates woman (cool guys hate wemen), and he probably has his own mod (vs ron) coming soon, where he'll be more famous and bacwk harder and less possible!

He also has a fanmade B-Side version and a fanmade full week mod where he comes bacwk harder and less possible (in a cool way). He then also stars with Bob in Vs. Bob and Bosip mod, specifically the Bob Takeover.

He will soon appear in Friday Night Funkin' Boss Rush as one of the opponents.

Little Man Icon.png "*glass breaking*"

What? It's just Little Man. After you beat Bob's full week and Bob V2, you unlock this song. Try and see if you can last the full 7+ minutes of 21st century humor and ear-grating sound effects, with a Spotify ad as your grand prize. Real helpful and not all annoying. He also has a mod of the sequel to his song in the Bob mod, where you can suffer and suffer experience at least 20 minutes of modern meme culture and glass breaking (remember, this is just one song), very nice. (insert way too many vine booms)

HDSonicNewIcon.png "Gotta go fast!"

You guys all know Sonic, the fastest thing to be alive and the legend of the 90s games? Well, one day in Friday Night Funkin' HD, Boyfriend randomly transports to his world, and challenges his idle to a rap battle. Let's see how fast things get...

He also had his reskin mod that has him go solo, his creepypasta alter ego as seen above, a guest cameo in Funk Mix DX, & even his Secret History self below, among others...

HDOmochaoNewIcon.png "I'm Omochao! I'll tell you anything you want to know. Look me up if you ever need some help!"

Omochao is one of those little robots Sonic can encounter throughout his adventures. Asides for being a kawaii companion for our blue hedgehog, he also appears as an exclusive freeplay character in Friday Night Funkin' HD.

MonikaRealIcon1.png "Ah, I haven't felt this happy in a while!"

Monika is an eccentric high schooler from Doki Doki Literature Club! and it's revamp, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! with a streak of being self-aware in anything she's in. FNF isn't an exception, and it won't stop her from having fun! One day, after Boyfriend wanted to test his luck in the virtual world again, and Girlfriend decided to bring along Monika and her files into Hating Simulator for some songs. However, things go from awkward to unhinged to the point where everything becomes corrupted. Can this mayhem be tamed or will everything crash to JuSt MoNiKa?

She also has a fan-made corruption mod.

She is also having an upcoming update called Doki Doki Takeover: Bad Ending, which it is a what if mod in an alternate universe and storyline to see what happened if she didn't save Boyfriend and Girlfriend from her crazy friends. In addition, she also appears as a guest opponent in Hotline 024.

(Replacement for Senpai in earliest version)

SayoriIcon.png "Here, I'll go first!"

Sayori is the cheerful high schooler from Doki Doki Literature Club and it's revamp, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. When Boyfriend and Girlfriend pop up in the DDLC universe, they meet the 3 girls and challenge them to a rap battle. Little do they know, things are about to get out of hand pretty quickly. Will Boyfriend manage to beat the 3 girls and outrun the horror?

She is also having an upcoming update called "Doki Doki Takeover: Bad Ending" which is a mod in an alternate universe and storyline where Monika didn't save Boyfriend and Girlfriend from her, Natsuki and Yuri.

She even appeared in her solo mod where things worsened when BF tries to pick her up at the Festival Week.

NatsukiDDTIcon.png "I’M NOT CUTE!!!"

Natsuki is a sassy and atrocious girl from DDLC and DDLC+. When Sayori loses to Boyfriend, she steps up to the challenge. And when it comes to her, she likes things cute, but she doesn't like being called it. But after Yuri's first song, it becomes clear that things are DEFINITELY gonna goooooooooooOOOOOOǪ̸̭͉͎̩͉̙̘͔͇̱͈̟̞͆͊̀̊̇̂̐͋̋̆̑̀̒Ố̴̡̱̥̩̠̰̫̕̕͠Ơ̴̢̝̗̼͖̤͇͛͗͗̒̏̀̄̑̏͐̒̿̚ things are DEFINITELY gonna go down...

YuriDDTIcon.png "First having to read my poems aloud to the club... now singing too?"

Yuri is a shy girl that appears in DDLC and DDLC+. After Natsuki falls victim to Boyfriend's impressive bars, she steps up to the challenge, but she seems to be feeling pretty nervous about it. Soon after Sayori leaves to take Natsuki to the nurse, the game's files begin to alter, resulting in her becoming insanely obsessive over Boyfriend. Will he manage to defeat the horror and save the girls from themselves?

She also appears as a guest in Hotline 024.


Sky is an obsessed fangirl of Boyfriend and has transported him and Girlfriend to her pocked dimension. Her goal: To kidnap Boyfriend so that they can be together forever! However she soon realizes, that he obviously isn't into her. She gets the idea that if she can get rid of his Girlfriend, then they can be together! Boyfriend better be ready, because Sky is about to manifest her true power...

1 year after her mod was originally released, she comes across NuSky in the Skyverse mod!

She also has an unofficial HD Version.

KapiNewestIcon.png "Nyaw."

While taking Girlfriend out on an arcade date, Boyfriend runs into Kapi, who is an anthropomorphic grey cat and one of Boyfriend's old friends. Kapi wants some of Girlfriend's love despite the two being completely different species, so he engages Boyfriend in a battle of rhythm for her heart. He uses a dance pad for extra cool points, but Boyfriend continues to show him up. Even with his failed efforts, Kapi still doesn't want to go down easily, but when his dance pad starts falling apart, how will things unfold? It's time for Boyfriend to show him who's boss and prove that Kapi isn't the one for Girlfriend!

He has also a HD form, and in one (apparently cursed) mod, he replaces GF.

PYOROicon.png Pyoro is a very popular in-game videogame mascot from the WarioWare series that loves eating beans. I suppose Boyfriend has gotten do something about this red feathered being.
Icon-pig.png "Oink"

Pig is a texture found on the ground in paperkitty's roblox game, but is seen as a blob at the beginning of sanctuary, but soon, becomes the pig we know and love. It's time to get those meat chips.

Icon-guest-71.png "pizza!"

Guest 71 is a guest from the well known game of roblox, in his world you play as him, versing a... pig? This battle might get a little strange.

Game N Watch Icon.png Mr. Game and Watch is the titular primary protagonist of the Game & Watch series. He is also the secondary opponent of the VS. Kapi. After finding an old, discarded Game & Watch console next to the arcade's trash can, Boyfriend and Girlfriend turn it on, transporting them into the console in the process. Don't let your guard down because Mr. Game & Watch moves at 2 frames per second though... or you might just get 0-to-deathed by his insane rapping combos (Seriously though, his Up-B still needs a nerf).
ShaggyIcon.png "Alright, alright... Here we go man!"

Shaggy is a popular character from Scooby-Doo. While portrayed normally as an easily frightened man who loves food, a meme that was made canon relatively recently depicts him as one of the strongest beings in all of the universe's existence, possibly even the entire multiverse, who can beat Goku himself in a fight. While looking for his dog Scooby in a haunted mansion, he comes across Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who challenge him to a rap battle. Shaggy accepts, hoping Scooby will be fine. But when things get hairy... he'll have to use 0.001% of his power... or maybe even more...?

He also collabed with one of his Mystery Crew friends, Velma in Shaggy X Velma.

RedShaggyIcon.png "Oh. So Shaggy was here. No, we're not the same person"

Red Shaggy is a non-canon iteration of Shaggy from another universe, with a few slight variations from his green-shirted counterpart. He was the one who originally told Shaggy about Boyfriend. He would then go on to train and assist his iteration of Matt in the crossover mod, Shaggy x Matt. Boyfriend appears to be bored, so now he's using his time-resetting power as leverage to force Red Shaggy to sing, or he'll delete him and his entire world... He really can't catch a break from rap battling, huh?He will soon appear in Friday Night Funkin' Boss Rush as one of the opponents.

WBShaggyIcon.png "Like, get over here man!"

WB Shaggy is yet another iteration of Shaggy, and while he can't match Shaggy or Red Shaggy's full power, unlike them, he doesn't hold back the still-immense power he does have! After Red Shaggy loses to Boyfriend, WB Shaggy manifests and pulls Boyfriend into what appears to be literal hell. Boyfriend is gonna have a rough time beating this guy!

ZephyrusShaggyIcon.png "I can CONQUER SOME UNIVERSES!!!"

Zephyrus is a sentient mask of unknown origin who was split apart and sealed away for unknown reasons, he convinces Boyfriend to put him back together and deliver him to WB Shaggy in exchange for 3000 rap battles. However, he only has time for one. But hey! He'll come back every 10 years for one... hopefully you don't die before you can do them all... eh whatever, you're best friends with a universe conqueror now!There's also a fanmade mod depicting a fourth iteration of Shaggy attempting to track down and recontain Zephyrus.

Zardy Icon.png "You should know it's dangerous to wander in the dark..."

Zardy, the main antagonist of Zardy’s Maze, is a living scarecrow that wanders his corn maze, sneakily able to turn invisible whenever he pleases and slaughtering any trespassers. While traveling through a corn maze late at night, Boyfriend and Girlfriend seem to have the most unlucky day to meet this scarecrow in person... Although he’s not here to scare them in the traditional way!

He also has a reanimated version, as well a fun sized version, a minus version.

CablecrowIcon.png Cablecrow is one of the secondary antagonists of Zardy's Maze. When things get really hairy for Zardy's rematch with Boyfriend, he steps in to take Zardy's place! It looks like Boyfriend is in for a stamina test, because Cablecrow won't hold back either!

He also has a reanimated version.

MiiMattNewIcon.png "This isn't training anymore, kid."

Matt is a famously powerful character from the Wii Sports game made by Nintendo, being sighted as a living meme god and a boxing champion. One day, Boyfriend tries to train with Matt, and he gladly agrees. Though, his speed might be something to look out for. Can he be able to hit a home run with the fast-paced beats, or will Matt prove to deliver the KO? And when Matt gets pissed off, will they be able to survive Matt's deathmatch? Or will they go down with Matt's failed opponents? He also has a semi-official 3rd Wiik approved by Sulayre, 2 un-official 4th Wiiks, another un-official 100th Wiik and an alternate universe version of him is trained by Red Shaggy, in a mod titled Shaggy x Matt. He also has a (kinda) discontinued expansion called Mii Funkin', featuring other Miis.

CupheadIcon1.png "Hey, busta! You got a lotta nerve messin' with our land! What say we settle this here and now?"

Cuphead is the protagonist of his titular indie cult sensation. While looking for a strange portal (For some reason), he comes across Boyfriend, who had just then appeared through such a portal. Let's see who'll be the first to get a KNOCKOUT! It's time to double down!

SansCrossIcon.png "well well... here we are."

Sans is notably famous for being the "easiest" boss from the indie game Undertale. After his battle against Cuphead, Boyfriend is taken through another portal and ends up falling into the Underground, soon encountering Sans. He was told to rap battle BF (For some reason). Just be careful not to swing mindlessly, or you're gonna have a bad time.

He also made multiple appearances in other mods.

BendyNewIcon.png Ink Bendy is the main antagonist of the horror game Bendy and the Ink Machine. After battling Sans, Boyfriend gets sent through yet another portal and finds himself in the studio Bendy was created in, but after he breaks the cutout, he dosen't realize WANDERING IS A TERRIBLE SIN because before long, the Ink Demon shows itself, and Boyfriend will have to rap as fast as he can if he wants to get out alive...

He even made an appearance in another mod

NewDevilIcon.png "I'll get that cup..."

The Devil is the soul-collecting main villain from Cuphead. Boyfriend must be in some hot water for him to be in kahoots with this big bad. He better rap for his life, because now the Devil and his henchmen are after it.


Papyrus is the brother of Sans, and one of the main characters from Undertale, a human-hunting fanatic set to prove himself worthy to join the Royal Guard by capturing a human! (Although he is rather incompetent and completely harmless.) And it seems Boyfriend is his perfect target!

SammyIconIC.png "Those who mess with the Ink Demon shall pay."

Sammy Lawrence is a minor antagonist from Bendy and the Ink Machine who praises Ink Bendy as his lord. Yet he is just another poor soul driven to insanity and corrupted by the mysterious ink. It seems he can finally have the fated face-off with Boyfriend he's been wanting. There's only one way this can go down, but be warned, it's not gonna be pleasant.

BendyIconC.png "Ugh, low blow..."

Well would you look at that! It's the titular troublemaker himself: Bendy! He's the cartoon mascot of Joey Drew Studios, and it looks like he wants to have some fun with Boyfriend too. What devilish antics will he be up to this time?


Saness is a joke version of Sans made by Sr. Pelo. He's usually seen bouncing violently and screaming a lot. Who knows? Maybe he'll get to do all that against Boyfriend. Hope you like the sound of table slamming... HOPE U READY 2 HAVE A BAD TOM?!?!?!?!?!111111?!?!?

GooseIconBadQuality.png "Honk"

The Goose is a normal goose. It enjoys tormenting villages and the villagers always hate this goose. Hm? The Goose looks like it wants to rap battle with you!
...shall you accept..? *mlg noises moment*

XChara.png "I will tell you a little secret... At some point, I considered becoming a singer."

X!Chara is XTale's version of Chara, he (not they in Undertale) appears in the comics and animated series Xtale and Underverse. He is also the first opponent in Friday Night Funkin': X-Event. During on his adventures, he always wanted to be a singer. Meanwhile, in the Overworld, Boyfriend is seen wandering around. That was when X!Chara encounters Boyfriend from nowhere, a perfect opportunity to be a singer with an expert here! Now he finds himself battling against Boyfriend, after encountering him at the Overworld.

Inkicon.png "They're going to forget you. They're going to replace you. Give up."

Ink!Sans is a character who originates from Underverse and the second opponent in the mod Friday Night Funkin': X-Event. The protector of the AUs and previously a happy-go-lucky skeleton, he is now a completely hollow husk... After a rap battle with X!Chara, Boyfriend randomly teleports to another location in the Overworld, encountering a Sans who isn't sans? that used to be so chill. Rumors from him aside, Boyfriend didn't care and starts another rap battle.

XGasterNormal.png "✋︎ 👍︎✌︎☠︎❄︎ 👌︎☜︎☹︎☜︎✋︎✞︎☜︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ✌︎👍︎❄︎🕆︎✌︎☹︎☹︎✡︎ 🕈︎☜︎☠︎❄︎ ✌︎☠︎👎︎ ❄︎☼︎✌︎☠︎💧︎☹︎✌︎❄︎☜︎👎︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎"

X!Gaster is the shadowy main antagonist in XTale and Underverse. He is also the last opponent in Friday Night Funkin': X-Event. He is the one who created the X-Event, and seeks to rule all AUs. As he plans to create a perfect world, Boyfriend interferes. He will not let a simple human foil his plans, so it's up to our Funkin' hero to stop this monster before his plan could be realized!

DuetIconNew.png "Say, you wanna go at them, Ruby?"

"W-what now..?! Are you... asking me to challenge t-them...?"

CJ and Ruby are part of the band "On Command", created by TheMaskedChris. BF and GF were going to a music festival when CJ spots them in the audience, and tells them to get up there! Whether it be 1V1 or 2V2... Well, there's only one thing to say... It's showtime!

They are also about to have a collaboration with a certian cute Programmer...

VadeIcon.png "Then, why did you put effort into this bonus week instead of my week sweetie?"

Vade will be a upcoming opponent for Week 2. She is part of the band "On Command", created by TheMaskedChris. There is not much information about her on the mod

TheSmilerIcon.png "No one helped me, no one was there for me, I was so alone. But there was something I was sure, I need to F̵̧̭̤̭̒̾̊́̋̃̉̓̋́̓̊Į̵̜͍͕̘̯͈̖̦̲̱̻̓̋̾̂̍͗̊́̚Ṉ̸̛̠̜̙͙͎̻̝̮̜̥͕̜̃͋̎̊̔̃̌̽D̶̡͍̲̖̫̮͍̩̀ ̶̳͚̹̥̏͐͐̊̿̉͗H̸̼̖̯͖̠͕͌̊͆̊̽̈́͆̿̽͘͜E̸̡̖͇̮̲̩͖̳͈̩͔̬̳̹͒̌̾̎́̀̓̓̂̆̑͂͆̊͘R̸̗̈́͊̾̀̂̚"

The Smiler is the first opponent of The Trollge Files mod, and the only opponent of its original week. The reincarnation of a man that owned a simple TV store, but commited suicide after his daughter was taken away... Depressed after the lost of his daughter (again...) and best friend due to his actions in torturing said friend, this being is found in an alleyway by Boyfriend, and just wants to be left alone. During Boyfriend's attempts to put him down on orders of the TCF, the being slowly goes more and more insane, until he begins to finally understand his purpose...

TrollPhobia.png "T̷̨͚̣̻̬̳̣͖̙̪̳̜̪̮̼̿̔́̋̎͠H̷̨̛͇̞̤̘͚̉́͗̾͑̑̇͌̉̚̚͘̚͘Ȩ̶͚͖̙̼̗̀̊͒͑͗̚̚͜ ̴̢̞͇̩̰͈͖͓̝̪̯̆̿͑͌̆̀̀̽̉̿̌̅͑͋̊̕͝R̷̨̡͇͉̙̃͗̃̓̃̈̂̇̃̔͊̌͝͝A̵̡͉̔͊͆͋̀̐͠͝͝͝Ỉ̵͎̫̥̫̪͚̹̼͉̗̻̼̳̝͖̖͆̈́̅́̐̇͂̇̽͘͘͠N̴̡̞̳̹͗̑͒͌̅́̈́̈̏́͝ ̷̠̳͔̭͙͉̗͈̹͈̉͑̋̿͛̿̇͛́͘ͅỊ̸̜̿̓̑͊͊̿̍͛͐̌̓͑͛̚͝Ş̵͍͓̩̏̿̈̈́̂͌̾̔̈͊̈́̕͠͝͝ ̷̨̢̧̛̣͔͖̞͖͖̫́̄̅͗̈́̅́̈́͑̃̍Ć̸̨̗̺̣͇̬͖̀͋̈́̇̚͘Ọ̴̧̢͚̜̙͔̞̟̜̻̊̀̀̾͒̑̈́͊̽̽͝͠ͅM̵̡̛̼̬͈̟̖̺̝̈̂̈̌̆̿̽͂͆̏̆͜ͅI̷͈͔͊̏́̒̐̊͌̍́̿̃̈̌͘͠ͅN̷̡̛̛̼͍̜̺͙̬̝̥̑͌̽̉̕͝G̸̝̪̠͚̻͕͉̪͙͓̝̦̣̬̬̀̐̾͜͜."

Stairway is the mastermind of the Heaven's Stairway Incident and the second opponent of The Trollge Files mod. A man that was influenced by the voices and made the "perfect plan". After Boyfriend accepts Legion's deal, he gets trapped in his own mind and encounters this very powerful and insane Trollge, who challenges him a rap battle in the middle of New York City during said incident. Will Boyfriend be able to survive this beast, or will he be forced to learn H O W T O F L Y  ?

JJIcon.png "I WILL AVENGE THEM... EVEN IF I HAVE TO BECOME A M̵̯̃̑̒͒͂̓̾͋͆͘O̸̡̧̦͇̗̗̬̖͕̙͗͆͜Ṉ̵͉͇̙̑̏S̸͕̭̦̤̹͌̔͐̀̃̍̇̈̾T̴͚̫̺͔̠̒͗̽̐̈̑͊̇͑͐̄͊̅͝ͅȨ̸̨͍͓̝̘̘͓̝͉̝̻̩̰̬̭̓̈́̋̓̋͂́̇̄̈́̕͝R̶̢̡͚̥͎̙̓."

James Jacob is the third opponent of The Trollge Files mod. Once a very popular clown adored by children everywhere, he's devolved into a deranged Trollge who kidnaps children in an attempt to "protect" them from what he perceives as "evil". After defeating Stairway, Boyfriend is then forced to confront JJ in a dark forest. He must stop this circus freak before he becomes his next victim...


The fourth opponent of The Trollge Files mod, Jhenkins once was a famous pianist, but was driven insane by the demands of the crowd and the loss of the girl he loved. But on second thought, his story parallels Boyfriend's in a few ways, and it appears he and Boyfriend know each other... whatever the case, Boyfriend must put this Trollge out of his misery before he accepts the inevitable. After all, the show must go on...

Everything is fine.png "*heavy breathing*"

The fifth opponent of The Trollge Files mod. Boyfriend's final opponent before he can escape from his mind is Derpy, a strange creature wearing the face of a dead man. This being raises so many questions: Just what is it? What happened to it to make it like this? Why does it resemble Derp so much? And... does anyone else hear that breathing?

LegionIcon.png "WE ARE... L̶̦̭͕̺̝͉̞̖͖̀͌͋̒̅͌̔̄̃̾̋́̒̒̅̚̚Ę̸̩̪̮̲̳͚̲̪̙͕̆͋̅̑͆͆̉̽̚Ġ̵͚̳̣̠̬̮̰̪͍͍̮͕͓͚̪̌̎͆̈́̆̀͆̃͘͠ͅĮ̵̧̫̱̱͇̹̺̳͚͎̯̻̮͍̞̋̌̑̍͒̒͌̀̇͂̐̏̃͘͜͝O̶͕̲͉̭͑̊́͂̾́́̑̌̅̈́̆̈́̐͘̚̚Ñ̷̡̡̛͖̦̠̰̲̩͈̫̫̙̑̽̔̅͌̿̃͒́́̎͘̕"

The main antagonist and final opponent of The Trollge Files mod. After the battle against Smiler, Boyfriend is sent a mysterious note to meet up at a stage with "his dearest friend". Upon arrival, however, he is instead greeted by Legion, a Trollge that seeks godhood by corrupting the world altogether. This Trollge proceeds to trap Boyfriend in his mind and force him to battle the other Trollges in an attempt to mentally break him down. After Boyfriend escapes from his mind, he must save Girlfriend and the world itself from this psychotic monster...

TrallfaceIcon.png "*FNAF screamer*"

HoLy shiD u jUst fuOnd le trallface from fnf!!!1111!! hhe waNt 2 rep battel with u but d0nt truSt him or eLsE hE will do ur mom!!!!!!!1111!!!!!

NonsenseIcon.png "Did you just default dance? OK, you have crossed the line, buddy."

Ok, so one day this dude named Nonsense was chilling in his living room when Boyfriend and Girlfriend bust through the wall and force him to rap. Everything goes downhill when Boyfriend shoots Nonsense with a gun, does the Fortnite default dance, and dabs (in 2022, no less.). Rumors also speculate Week 2's coming, for which he'll be more irritated on what Boyfriend will bring in store. Coming Spring 2022. (Aready a demo lol.)

Also Taeyai is about to bust into his house in the near future.

(Nonsense is based on the popular YouTuber, NonsenseHumor.)

Qt Icon.png "Oh hey cutie!"

QT is a female robot that Boyfriend meets in a strange pink alleyway. What fate will our protagonists meet with against this anonymous foe? Wait...Why is there a robot on a wanted poster in a back alley? And why does she look nervous? This strange girl raises many, MANY questions.

(Her sprite sheet is based on Pico)

Robot 404 Icon.png "Nothing personal kid."

Agh! There he is! What do you mean? Of COURSE it's not Robot 404, it's KB! KB is a very aggressive robot and the other robot that shares a body with QT that only lives to murder people. He led QT to Boyfriend for a rap battle and during QT's battle with Boyfriend, KB was inside her giving her advice to beat Boyfriend. After she fails, KB redirects power from QT, causing QT to power off. As a last resort he will now try to kill Boyfriend using QT's body to do so! Yeaaah, QT really needs a new friend... Siamese twin... Whatever KB is supposed to be.

They also had their bad luck Version which is more vibing and a bit chaotic.

AmeliaFanmadeIcon.png Not much is known about Amelia. She's a secret character in the QT Mod.
HypnoIcon.png "Maybe I can help you rest"

Hypno is a Hypnosis Pokémon and the main antagonist of the creepypasta, Hypno's Lullaby. It has been known to carry children into the night. After Boyfriend goes missing, Girlfriend goes looking for him in a dark forest at night and finds Hypno. He offers to help her find her beloved after a short singing match. He wouldn't do anything bad...right?

GoldIcon.png "I̵̤̻̻͚̤͈͊̍̑̈́̋́́̚'̴̪͔̝̠̓͐̚͠ͅM̶̛̛̤͔̩̟̩̘̮̐̈́̆̄ ̶̰͎̃̋Ḑ̷̡͇͈̳͐̚̚Ẽ̸̢̞͚̤̻͍͉̀̀Ą̴͓͎̰̒̅͐͋̽ͅD̴̨͈͇̠̲̰̱̝̃̈́."

Gold is the 11-year-old protagonist and victim of the creepypasta Pokémon Lost Silver. After the events of the mod's first 2 songs, the player is suddenly offered a free video game by a suspicious-looking stranger. Taking them up on their offer, they and Boyfriend are then forced to face the mutilated corpse of Gold, which immediately challenges them to a rap battle (who god knows why). Don't let your guard down just because although he died; he's not alone.

MissingnoIcon.png Missingno is a glitch that appears in Pokémon Red/Blue. After Boyfriend ends up inside a Pokémon game somehow, this glitchy abomination bursts out of an ocean to do a haunted rap battle with BF! What will Boyfriend meet inside this haunted Pokémon game, and who put him there in the first place?

Fan Favorites

These characters are really well known and liked, and favorited, and have more than 200k views and more than 200 likes on their mod page. They are sorted by GameBanana/Gamejolt views. It does not matter how this is achieved as long as it is (I.e. having multiple mod pages with one of each).

Icon Character (+200K views)
VSRetro Icon2 .png "Annoyed? No. I'M ALREADY PISSED!"

RetroSpecter is a fearsome blue dragon (technically not though) and represents the sin of Wrath. In Boyfriend's journey to get Girlfriend out of hell, Retro is the first person that he has to out rap. However, Retro is known to have a very short fuse when he doesn't get what he wants...

(Not to be confused with fun-sized RetroSpecter, who is a Boyfriend skin)

Sakuromanewicon.png "Ara Ara~"

Sakuroma is a moth and represents the Sin of Lust. After spying on Boyfriend during Ectospasm, the moth's up to be his next challenge!

(Replacement for Girlfriend in the full mod)

DaveNewIcon.png "You may think you're stupid, but at least you're not the people who got cryogenically frozen in my basement."

Dave is a Baldi's Basics mod character brought into the world of Friday Night Funkin'. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend come into his backyard while he's grilling some hot dogs, and now he's gonna rap battle Boyfriend just for fun! Because he's just a normal dude in a wheelchair, right? It's not like he's dangerous or anything, is he? ...Say, Dave are you alright? You're looking kind of rou-- UH OH! It's up to Boyfriend to win against Dave, or doom the world to remain three-dimensional forever!


Bambi is the angry, corn loving, phone breaking, MoldyGH opposing farmer (who may be a god) from Marcello's Fun House. After Boyfriend and Girlfriend get invited to his farm by Dave, he thinks they're trying to steal his corn, so he challenges them to a rap battle to settle things. If Boyfriend loses, he and Girlfriend will have to leave. If he wins, however, Bambi will BREAK HIS PHONE AND BLOCK YOU AND YOU NEVER GONNA COME BACK!

(Can be Replacement for Boyfriend)

TristanNewIcon.png "You have these number buttons, and you can arrange them in different orders to hear different things!"

Tristan is Dave's adopted son and playable character, as well as being the opponent of the upcoming 3rd week. He has no lore here. He's just kinda... there. Oh, and he's also got some really good excuses for getting out of homeschooling...

(Can be Replacement for Boyfriend)

ExpungedIcon.png [DATA_EXPUNGED]
TordIcon.png "I'm in your car, Edward."

Tord is a trigger-happy villain from the animated series Eddsworld. After leaving the main trio to "make it in the big city", he comes back to them to reclaim his giant robot. He runs into Boyfriend, who offers him a chance to rap, and when he loses, he resorts to using his giant robot. Why, you may ask? Well, I dunno.

He also has a Legacy Era, and an online cameo/playable role].

UnusedSundayNormalIconMaybe.png "Come to the garage. I'll show you."

Sunday may look like she only cares about sleeping and dreaming about being a massive Marxist, but when she gets on the mic, your ears will pop faster than a dog chasing after a squirrel! After Carol (Sunday's ex-girlfriend), Boyfriend and Girlfriend return from their golfing trip, BF accidentally wakes up the sleeping Latino rockstar while trying to take a seat somewhere. However, this actually gives her an idea. To summarize, her band has a concert tonight, and she needs a replacement co-vocalist after the original one broke their pelvis in a career-ending accident. BF accepts the offer, but he better be ready for a loud metal showdown!

CamelliaIcon.png "I didn't know Miku had a younger brother up until that concert..."

Camellia (かめりあ, sometimes romanized as Camelia), also known as Cametek and by his real name: Masaya Oya (大箭マサヤ; Oya Masaya), is a producer of electronic music who made his VOCALOID debut in 2010. A resident of Japan and born in 1992, he mainly uses Hatsune Miku and is best known for the song "Systematic Love". In the world of FNF, he's called up the blue-haired rapper and wants to drop some beats! Ready for a REAL challenge?

He's also going to have a guest appearence in Cyber Sensation in the future.

Flippyicon1.png "I swear that when you lose, you will be the first to die along with those at the bottom."

Fliqpy is a character from Happy Tree Friends, an adult animated show, and a very famous one among the show's fanbase. Previously a sergeant of a war, he now hangs about in the world of Happy Tree Friends as a troubled war veteran. He has said alt ego, that shows up whenever he "flips-out" and is known to attack anything and everything alive that crosses his sight. It's a true wonder why he decided to not kill Boyfriend and Girlfriend right away...

(Not to be confused with j0nnytest's Fliqpy)

FuzzeSansIcon.png "show me what you got, kiddo"

Our good pal Sans is one of the main characters in Undertale as the hardest boss, and he appears in Deltarune as well. Looks like Boyfriend is going to have a good time rapping with Sans!

(Not to be confused by his other incarnations.)

He also has a playable version straight from LitteralyNoOne which is one of the most used, he's also appeared in Indie Cross, Skeleton Bros., FNF Undertale & is getting an upcoming remastered version.

FuzzePapyrusIcon.png "NYEH HEH HEH!"

One day, while travelling through the town of Snowdin, Boyfriend encounters the great Papyrus, who challenges him to a rap battle. Will Boyfriend manage to surpass Papyrus' special attack?

FuzzeGasterIcon.png "👎︎✌︎☼︎😐︎ 👎︎✌︎☼︎😐︎☜︎☼︎ ✡︎☜︎❄︎ 👎︎✌︎☼︎😐︎☜︎☼︎"

🕈︎📬︎👎︎📬︎ ☝︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎ 🕈︎☟︎☜︎☼︎☜︎ ✌︎💣︎ ✋︎✍︎ ✋︎ ✌︎💣︎ ☠︎⚐︎❄︎ ☞︎☼︎⚐︎💣︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎ 🏱︎☹︎✌︎☠︎☜︎ ⚐︎☞︎ ☜︎✠︎✋︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☠︎👍︎☜︎📬︎ ✋︎ 🕈︎✌︎💧︎ ☼︎✋︎🏱︎🏱︎☜︎👎︎ ✌︎💧︎🕆︎☠︎👎︎☜︎☼︎ 👌︎✡︎ ❄︎☟︎☜︎ 👍︎⚐︎☼︎☜︎📬︎📬︎📬︎ ✋︎☞︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ❄︎☼︎✌︎☠︎💧︎☹︎✌︎❄︎☜︎ ❄︎☟︎✋︎💧︎📬︎📬︎📬︎ 🕈︎☜︎☹︎☹︎📬︎📬︎📬︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ☟︎✌︎✞︎☜︎ ✈︎🕆︎✋︎❄︎☜︎ ✌︎ 👌︎✋︎❄︎ ⚐︎☞︎ ❄︎✋︎💣︎☜︎ ⚐︎☠︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎☼︎ ☟︎✌︎☠︎👎︎💧︎📬︎ 💣︎✌︎✡︎👌︎☜︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ 👍︎✌︎☠︎ ☟︎☜︎☹︎🏱︎ 💣︎☜︎✍︎.

FuzzeFloweyIcon.png "In this world, it's KILL or BE KILLED."

Omega Flowey is the final boss in Undertale Neutral Route and the main antagonist in the whole game (in his normal version). After collecting the 6 souls, Boyfriend decides to challenge him to see if this power is enough for a good battle between the two!

FuzzeCharaIcon.png "There is nothing left for us here. Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.

Chara is the first human to fall in the underground and the "demon that comes when people call its name". Boyfriend ends up stumbling into them, and now he has a choice, accept or decline the deal to erase the world? Huh, of course he will rap!

They have other interpretations but we don't talk about the suggestive one since that mod is an (slight of) NFSW of a child

TomHoliday.png "Oh no! Which one do I shoot!?"

Oh no! Tom wants to destroy Christmas, and if he wins the rap battle, he gets to destroy the town, but if you win he... still gets to destroy the town? Boyfriend clearly doesn't know a bad deal when he hears one.

He also appears in VS. Eddsworld, EdSki Sings for You!dsworlds Funky Beats over BF, Tom over Tord and Tom which goes over the Legacy Tord and regular Tord mod.And also appears in Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS./Challenges

ZantaNeutral.png "And now, it's time to finish the job! Mwahahaha!"

Zanta Claws has seeked revenge on Santa so that he can ruin Christmas. But when those three came to the rescue (he still misses Tord though), a funky carol has ensued.

EddHolidayNeutral.png "You idiot, you shot the wrong Santa!"

Edd is the persona of deceased animator, Edd Gould. With his friends Tomska & Matt Hargreaves (the current showrunner), they'll do their best to save Santa.

Unhappyicon.png "The sights of hell bring its viewers back in."

Suicide Mouse (Sunday Night Suicide) is a popular creepypasta character about a much sadder version of Mickey Mouse walking down a street while he slowly loses his sanity. Why is he so sad? Well, his entire life has fallen apart: Minnie cheated on him, his dog and friends died, he had a major falling out with his older, and forgotten half-brother Oswald. Eventually, Mickey decides to buy an insta-kill drug and take a walk to make his final decision. What he didn't expect, however, was running into Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Boyfriend offers him a song to cheer him up. Little does he know how much of a mistake that truly is...

He also has a shitton of reskins. Um... hey, artists, are you all doing okay?

(Not to be confused with Wednesday's Infidelity's Suicide Mouse)

Icon-altsadmousenormal.png "TRUE SUFFERING."

Alternate Suicide Mouse is, well, an alternative version of Suicide Mouse. This version of Suicide Mouse shares the same story with the original, but with a couple of changes: Minnie still cheated on him, but with Mortimer instead of Pete. Goofy and Donald grew apart from Alt and moved on to Mortimer, and even Pluto ran away with him. Due to a currently unknown reason, the lines between the timelines are blurring, causing Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Suicide Mouse to be transported to Alternate Suicide Mouse's timeline, where Boyfriend challenges him to rap battle (of course).

Noise Icon.png "The darkest of secrets, lie within the brightest of smiles."

Beelzebub is a spiritual malediction that resides in the White Space (typically TV static) & is an incoming opponent of Sunday Night Suicide. No amount of horror will be specifically mentioned here, but if he's possessing GF to strangle you, you'll better do something fast!

Blindedbysin fanmadeicon.png "I don't know what's been going on with me lately. I might be going crazy. Because sometimes, when I can smell blood in the air... I smile."

Relapsed Suicide Mouse is a real different iteration of this lucrative creepypasta. After hearing that one of his pals, Daisy, had committed suicide, he went to a depression spiral so effective, he starts hunting down everyone in sight! Now BF has to calm the insane beast before he became a moving target. (no official icon yet so a fanmade one is being used.)

Hnte-icon.png He Needs To Eat is an upcoming character of Sunday Night Suicide, and his is gonna be the opponent in the song "Unsatisfiable Hunger".
Oswald Winning icon.png "It's all gonna be okay..."

Oswald is a classic Disney cartoon character, Mickey's precursor and an upcoming character for Sunday Night Suicide. He is going to be the opponent in the song "Really Darkened". (no official icon yet so a fanmade one is being used.)

BanduIcon.png "Holy shit, that was disgusting. Three hours... fucking... three hours. Thanks for watching... so like... don't try this at home... because, that's gross. Welp, goodbye!"

Bandu is a phone loving guy that lives in a strange 3D phone world. After streaming for 3 hours, he decides to face Boyfriend in a rap battle! This green-clad man loves candy and video games, and loves to get pizza from 3D hut, his all-time favorite pizza place. You'll face him multiple times in this mod, so ready yourself!

AlgebraIconGroup.png "People don't visit me that often, so I'm glad you're here!" "Give me drink NOW...!" "No running in the halls.""Let's play!"

We hope you had (no) fun going through The Fun Algebra Class! Garret, Playrobot, Diamond Man, and even an alien are ready to sing with you! Even Dave is here, but he looks and sounds unusual...

TrixGroupIcon.png The Trixes are a trio of horrific monsters created by Expunged. Their data is taken from, listed respective to their order of appearance in Deformation, Dave, Bandu, and Expunged himself. These nightmares won't go down easily.
DingleIcon.png "But enough of my rambling, let's get back to business!"

Dingle seems to be an extra-shiny, futuristic version of Bambi. In their song, The Big Dingle, they'll happily share their wisdom with you! Halfway through their song, they'll take you to the beach to meet their friends!

Donk-icon.png Donk is at the beach, waiting for Dingle and Boing Froing to come. When they do, Donk will start singing with them! They look like Dave, except they can stand and seem shiny and futuristic just like Dingle.
SartNormal.png Sart Producer is a genocidal mechanical Buizel who murders people who lose to her in rap battles by screeching real loud! She's actually really great at these kinds of battles, so defeating her is pretty difficult. As of right now, her primary target is... Bandu?! He'd better watch his back!
DaleNormalIcon.png Dale appears in the aptly named song Dale. This horrifying character's got some swagger, proven by his grotesque ability to reshape his body to take on multiple horrendous forms, such as ripping his torso in half, or replacing his eyes with mouths. Dale makes a difficult opponent as he really serves 'em up, and quick.
Davidicon.png David is Dave's rival and the Squilliam to his Squidward. This guy thinks he's better than Dave in every way. Appearing in the song Alternate, David has a bronze microphone and wheelchair, rather than Dave's standard metal whee-- what's that? David spat in Bandu's soup?? GET HIM!
FlumptyIcon.png Flumpty Bumpty is the opponent in the song "Ready Loud". Even though Bandu is playing One Night at Flumpty's 2, the jumpscare audio is from the original One Night at Flumpty's 1
DambaiNeutral.png Dambai is a good friend of Dambu. He is the first opponent in Resumed. He used to run the Dambu channel but did not think it fit for him.
DambuNeutral.png Dambu is a youtuber who reads trivia of Dave & Bambi mods. He is the second opponent in Resumed. He is a good friend of Dambai and is 19 years old. Dambu used to be associated with the FNAF community, then he left for a while and he came back when the help wanted game came out and was totally lost in history. Dambu liked to make music a long time ago, now he sees it as a silly idea.
Cellicon.png [File Name:ERROR]
RingiNormal.png Ringi is large and shiny. He has the incredible ability to turn anything into a marketable plushie! The horror!!! He's willing to do it to himself, however, if Boyfriend beats him in his song Tantalum. He is Bambon's best friend.
BambomNormal.png "STRAWBERRY!!"

Bambom is six years old and LOVES strawberries. Like, REALLY, REALLY LOVES them. She can never not think about their sweet, juicy insides, and their soft, cooling outsides... just like that, you've set her off! Ringi is her best friend.

BenduNormal.png "Look at my keyboard!"

Bendu is a mexican who enjoys playing on his keyboard! If you look at it like he's asking you to, you'll even see it matches the colors of the arrow notes! He's a really joyful guy and just wants to make music with Boyfriend! ¡Empecemos!

Blogblez neutral.png Blogblez is super cheerful and loves to tend to his garden. He appears in the song Sillier where he's more than happy to sing with Boyfriend! Oh yeah, he's also really tall.
Jambiconreal.png "Electrical powers"

Jambi is the red-clad boyfriend of Barbu and Brobgonal who's going to appear in the song Jambino. He's got a huge head of hair and electrical powers which he uses for evil... it's kind of hard to take him seriously, though, due to his extremely high pitched voice.

BrobgonalIcon.png "fuck you loser"

Brobgonal is a small and deceivingly adorable being who was brought to life by Expunged. Don't trust him though, because he won't hesitate to kill you or everyone you love in the blink of an eye. He's an extremely racist war criminal mastermind! He was originally slated to appear in the song Poopers, but was replaced by Dave's Awesome Son. Now, he awaits for his debut alongside one of his two boyfriends, Barbu, in the upcoming song Fresh and Toasted. Seriously though, don't get on this guy's bad side... or he'll piss his pants. And, sorry Brob, but that's just gross.

BarbuNormalIcon.png "I believe in you, Brobgonal!"

Barbu is the kindest character in the whole mod! He knows that one of his boyfriends, Brobgonal, is very evil, but he knows he has some kindness in him. Barbu has taken it upon himself to find the good side to Brobgonal because he believes there's good in everyone. Something to note: whatever you do, DON'T use him as a pogo stick.

GaryNeutralIcon.png "You're no friend, you're a FUCKING LIAR!!"

Gary is an upcoming character to Update 2 of Golden Apple and will appear in the song Jeez alongside Jeff. He's a major fan of Hypno's Lullaby and Baldi's basics, as hinted by his getup. Just make sure not to steal his work, or he'll be even more upset than he already is!

JeffNaturalIcon.png Jeff is an upcoming character exclusive to Update 2 of Golden Apple and will appear in the song Jeez alongside Gary. He's one of the very few DABGAE characters to appear in 2D in-game, and he's got himself some crazy colors as well!
BambopNormalIcon.png Bambop is an upcoming character of Golden Apple. Bambop appears to be a police officer. Bambop looks similar to Expunged during Cheating, but instead, he has a blue hat, blue police uniform, blue pants, thinner legs and he is holding a gun. His face appears to be angry at all times. Sammy Is Bambop's Cop Partner. Sammy's relationships with Bambop are not mutual, as Sammy is a slacker and does not follow up with Bambop during missions.
SammyNeutral.png Sammy is an upcoming character of Golden Apple and appears in the songs "Upcoming Cop", and "Enforcers". He also appears to be a police officer and is working with Bambop. Sammy is similar to Expunged during Cheating. He also looks similar to Bambop. He has a blue hat, blue police uniform, blue pants, thinner legs and he is holding a roblox taser. He is not as angry as Bambop. He also seems very childlike by looking at his poses. Sammy played Cart Ride into Applecore when he was commanded to tase a criminal, only a minute after did he respond to the command, however, the criminal had gotten away. Sammy's inspiration was a fan-OC that was vandalized into the Upcoming section, captioned 'sammy upcoming charater'
ZambiNeutral.png "Damn... okay, get ready for the next step."

Zambi is an upcoming character for Golden Apple and will appear in the song "Cooking Lesson". Zambi doesn’t actually have any eyes besides that glowing shiny star, despite this he can see normally. Zambi's favourite things are corndogs, M.U.G.E.N, sleeping, playing video games, the internet, and the VS Dave and Bambi mod. Zambi looks similar to Expunged during Cheating, but he has grey legs, dark blue torso and a blue hat with the letter "Z" on it. Zambi doesn’t actually have any eyes besides that glowing shiny star, yet he can still see normally. He has a great big smile across his face and also has one hand that is holding a corndog.


Chara also known as the fallen human, is the first human to fall into the Underground... but if you're familiar with the plot of Undertale, you already know that. They have also become an unofficial mascot of the infamous Genocide route. This time, it seems BF and GF have stumbled upon them doing the route themselves. Will they be able to defeat them, or perish like the rest of the monsters of the underground?

See also: Chara (Disambiguation). Most of the other interpretations seem pretty aggro as well...


eteled is the main antagonist of the Wii Deleted You series as a trapped soul. While he looks like just a regular old Mii, he hides some very dark secrets. Boyfriend and Girlfriend end up inside the Wii he resides in somehow and challenge him to a rap battle, which he accepts. They're not alone though, and whatever you do, Don't. Delete. Miis, especially eteled, or there'll be consequences...

He also appears in Boss Rush

AustinNormalIcon.png "Let's ĕ̴͇̒̄x̸̟͚̖͑͗̆ṕ̵͍e̸̛̮͌r̷̥̳̼̀͠͝iment with this new thing I fọ̴̾̑u̸͕͐͑n̸̲̘̼͒d̷̛̩̆ out..."

Austin, otherwise known as the Corrupted Mii, is the one that lives in the Wii with eteled after he is killed by him, and is his sworn enemy as well as his "therapist". After he frames Boyfriend for deleting eteled, Boyfriend must rap battle him in "The Hallway". But be warned that Austin is prone to glitch a lot!

DustSansIcon2.png "We're gonna have a MAD time!"

Murder Sans is the central character of the Undertale alternate universe (or AU) Dusttale. Having witnessed the Player kill his loved ones again and again throughout countless time loops, he steels himself to do the very same thing in order to strengthen himself and successfully stop the human. However, in doing so, he's gone mad; the funni skeleton man is gone, and in its place is someone who'll kill all his friends just to kill a human, Sans has become as bad as the human who caused the genocide route (not Chara) Boyfriend somehow finds himself in Murder Sans' universe after its most recent reset, and by proxy, its newest development. Confused by the appearance of a new human, yet foreseeing their inevitable sins, Sans' goal remains the same: Get as powerful as he can, and defeat the human however many times it takes. Will Sans' efforts be for naught? Doesn't look like it, since Boyfriend here can show him that not every human is a ruthless killer. Or will someone familiar prove otherwise?

He also appears in Boss Rush and (eventually) Cyber Sensation.

PhantomPapyrusIcon2.png DustSansIcon.png "alright bro, you can have a turn."

Phantom Papyrus is the ghost of Sans' brother Papyrus that has manifested after his own death. Whispering sweet encouragement into his beloved brother's skull, Papyrus accompanies him on his quest for power. Is he truly what remains of the formerly jaunty and innocent skeleton? Is he a byproduct of Sans' unstable magic? Or is he simply a hallucination? Whatever he is, he's clearly not on your side.

He also appears in Boss Rush with Murder Sans.

CharaIconDusttale2.png "It doesn't matter when. It doesn't matter where. Time after time, I will appear."

Chara (Dusttale) was the very first human who fell into the Underground after the Monsters were trapped there. It's been years since their untimely death, and yet, here they are. Even dead, their determination is strong. They are able to take control over any souls unfortunate enough to happen upon them... especially after their former puppet has gone missing. Be warned, in this AU this being of 'destruction' seeks nothing more than to enact death and despair upon the world.

TrollfaceIcon.png "end him"

Corruptus was wandering through his dimension as always when Boyfriend just showed up and challenged him to a rap battle, and so Corruptus tries to troll him. After Corruptus fails and realizes he got trolled instead, he gets mad. But when he loses again, he knows that it will take more than just simple trolling to deal with him.

FunkinPhysics SmileTroll NormalIcon.png Smile is a deformed trollge that has found Boyfriend inside a strange building. Nothing about it is known, but what is known is that you need to be careful!
FunkinPhysics HappinessTrollge NormalIcon.png "Ý̷̩̱̣͙̲͉̬͇̹͕̃̃͗̀O̶͕͚̪̙͎̳̱̞͚̅̽U̸̹͓͒̒͆̚̕͠R̴̥̥̾͂͝ ̸̧̧͍̦͇̣͔͓̥͐ͅS̸̛̬̔̃̚I̸͇̙͈͌͊N̸̢̡̥̗̘̰̣̺͈̱͗̊̚S̶̛̗̬̣̗͈͔̼̜͎̉̀̀̀͋͊̒̕͝ ̷̡̨͙̲͖̹̗̙͔̺̈́̓͒̀͠H̴̘͓̙̱̀̀̋̿̔A̵̺̰̬͆̏V̸̱̪͕̳̱͖̏̒̏̀͆̐̾̅͛̄Ȩ̵̮̯̞̻̯̗̬̀͆́͂̌͐͌͜͠͝ ̷̹̳̩̰̙̰͇̌Ç̴̨̧̧̪̜͎̩̺̓̂̂̐͘͘Ȯ̶͕̼͙̼N̴̤̻͇̬̈́̌͒̀͋̂̒͝S̵̡͈̊̾̍̿͐̈́͠Ę̶̨͇̝̮̙͙̀͛͊̆͂́̀̀Q̵̬͙͎̰̻̿̒Ù̴̟̓̾̀̽̋̿̐́Ȇ̶̡̮̜̞͇̪̭̙͍̜̂̽̈́́̾̀Ǹ̷̛̦̥͍̦̲̬̻̈͒̏́͗̄͌͠C̴̛̳̯̼̤̦͆͑̃̅͊̑̑E̵̲̹͍̠̣̥͆̄̋̽̓̀͛S̴̰̺̩̫̀͒ͅ"

Happy Trollge is an unfortunate vicitim of the cycle of the happiness, where you are called while in bed to go to a floating house to repeat the cycle of "happy". Boyfriend is next in line for this and he better not listen to this thing or else he will become yet another victim of this vicious cycle....

AFTrollfaceIcon.png "Come back!"

Lone World Trollge is a being from a bad timeline where a terrible event caused everyone except him to disappear. He now roams the world alone while growing taller and gaining more limbs, waiting for the day he finds someone again. When he finds Boyfriend he thinks he has a friend so maybe if they rap battle... He can earn it.

Funkin'Physics-ImpostorNeutralIcon.png Uuuhhhh... We have no idea who the actual fuck is Corrupt, however he seems to be an impostor of Corruptus somehow by stealing his life and what he does.
TrollisticIcon.png "Dude you do know that youre commiting a crime right?"

Jammedbone Trollface is the first Trollge mod ever being originally a skin replacement for Whitty, Zardy, And Tricky. Now he comes once again to do just a minuscule amount of trolling.

RagdollTFIcon.png "OH SHIT!"

Trollface Playermodel is a being that originates from the wonderful world of Gmod, and it loves to troll! Will Boyfriend be its next victim? I won't tell you, problem?

GrieferIcon.png "encase them in obsidian when they are afk"

Minecraft Trollface is like his name says... He's a skin for Minecraft, and like also his name says, he really enjoys griefing players in the servers by trolling in any way possible, even he stills finding new ways to troll more players.

TailsTrollIcon.png "I'm going home ill see you guys later"

Tails was walking aimlessly one day when two trolls came out of the shadows and called him a talentless noob. Now it's all-out war in this insane rap battle where Tails can show the trolls who's boss! Will he prevail, or will the trolls drive him to tears?

SonicNewTrolledIcon.png "I'm so mad. im gonna have sex with my girl friend so i wont be so mad"

After hearing about Tails getting trolled, Sonic decides reasoning with them is the best way to handle things. Shadow disagrees and wants to fight them, but Sonic does things his way, and I'm sure it will go well....right? N O P E.

ShadowTGTIcon.png "Useless as usual."

Shadow knows how bad trolls are, and after warning and roasting Sonic for failing to deal with the trolls, it's his turn and he won't be so nice, in fact he wants the two


KnucklesSmokingIcon.png "Why fight when we can get high?"

Knuckles is the opponent on the song High Shovel, after Shadow shoots some trolls with his gun, they get high while burying the troll's bodies, looks like things are about to get dizzy here...

ScourgeIcon.png "Evil-Sonic? Anti-Sonic? Old news. The new hotness is a real Scourge."

Scourge is the evil version of Sonic from the Archie comics. He is now in the world of TGT and is going to give an even harder version of No Villains so he can be the one to destroy the trolls!

TGTBrosIcon.png "I don't believe you, you liar!!"

Mario and Luigi were once apart of the Troll Slaiyers which Shadow formed before Luigi portrays them and fights Mario when Shadow's plan is in execution... then Mario portrays the gang and is the reason why Sonic, Bugs and Daffy are dead just so he can kill off all the trolls for his own gain and one particular troll we all know is in his way.

SilverTGTIcon.png "well unlike shadow said i am the smart guy"

THIS Silver DOESN'T come from the future but was rather born from Eggman as an experiment like his friends, after Sonic is killed he takes things into his own hands. He and the neutrals put on troll masks and went to sneak into Troll Town but after Alex catches them it's time for a troll-off!

PeashooterNormalIcon.png Peashooter is defending his owner's house against hoards of zombies including... Boyfriend and Girlfriend?!? How did they die? Either way, looks like we're against the plants this time. Who will win, plants or rappers?
FinnPIbbyNewIcon.png "QUIET!?"

Finn has been corrupted by the glitch and after Boyfriend finds him in the lab. He is very aggressive and violent and attempts to slash Boyfriend multiple times during their battle. If he wants to defeat this "Corrupted Hero", he must fend him off with rapping, or else he will be corrupted like the rest.

PibbyJakeTeaserIcon.png "YOU BETTER STOP!"

Jake, similar to Finn, has been corrupted by the glitch as well and helps Finn to rap battle Boyfriend! Will Boyfriend be able to survive the "Glitched Duo"?

PibbyBubblegumTeaserIcon.png "S-S-SUFFER"

Princess Bubblegum was the former princess of the Candy Kingdom, good friend of Jake and Finn's former love interest, and scientist/inventor from the series Adventure Time where she invented machines and aided the two heroes' adventures. Due to the corruption, she became a monstrous and terrifying zombie of what was once a great minded princess. Unlike the other opponents in this mod (Except Mordecai) Princess Bubblegum was only seen infected by the void in the poster, not appearing in the trailer.

StevenPibbyTeaserIcon.png "This isn't, a GAM̷̨̑̑E̷͉͚̅̀͆!"

Steven Universe was the titular main protagonist of the Steven Universe series. He was the son of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz and the only known hybrid of a human and a Gem and the first Crystal Gem of human descent. Due to the corruption however, he becomes a tainted and beyond-broken husk of a former savior, with his ability to summon his shield a distant memory of his past.

PibbyCorruptedSpinelIcon.png "The legend? S̷͙͛ẗ̸ͅẻ̶̲v̷̖͝e̴͕̓ṋ̸͂ ̶̙͝Ú̸̘n̵̻͗i̷̤̋v̶͚̂ȩ̶̐ř̴-͓̔m̪̂e?̮̔ Ah-hee-hee, Ah-hahahaha!"

Spinel was the main antagonist of Steven Universe: The Movie who was vengeful at Steven because Pink Diamond left her on a garden in space, alone. Due to the corruption however, she becomes an even more malicious and flexible gem zombie now siding with an assimilated Steven as they infect the inhabitants with a corruption more potent than her injector. Spinel's song, My Friends, has a leitmotif of Monochrome.

PibbyMordecaiIcon.png Mordecai was one of the main protagonists of the Regular Show series, where he'd go on weird adventures with his raccoon friend Rigby in the park where they work, often causing mischief. Due to the corruption however, not only did he crash the park's golf cart, he's become mindless, ready to assimilate anyone still alive in the park.
Neon Icon.png "Humans?! In Central District?"

Neon is the main protagonist of AdventNEON. For one reason or another, Boyfriend and Girlfriend have crossed dimensions in order to challenge Neon to a rap battle. So naturally, Neon would accept and put Boyfriend's skills to the test! How far will this interdimensional rap battle go?

JackStickmanNormal.png *Piano notes*

Jack CopperZ was working on something in his house when he he hears a noise coming from another room. He opens the door to find Boyfriend and Girlfriend have entered his house to challenge him to a rap battle! And while using his electricity! THE NERVE! He's not gonna take that sitting down, so if that blue midget wants a rap battle he's gonna be disappointed! (he's gonna be disappointed!). STOP THAT! (STOP THAT!) QUIT RECORDING ME YOU SITCK F- OW!

DaisyNormal.png Daisy is one of the protagonists for JZBoy's series, The Wrath Soul. Upon her life, she's a delightful android with a questionable origin. Tons of questions surround her, but only time will tell.
Rebecca Icon.png "I have to... keep going..."

Rebecca is a 24-year-old cartoonist who has been working on Stellapie, a far-from-noticed cartoon of hers, for 4 years in order to pay her bills, going as far as to do anything and everything to make ends meet. Boyfriend arrives at her house thanks to an ad he saw for a sing-off with her, but with her health pretty much deteriorating, how will Rebecca manage to take this one? This mod was meant to express the massive burnout and mental decay of a starving artist in debt, with the artist being RebeccaDoodles.

TariNormal.png "Oh no-"

Tari is an AI from the Hit Series Meta Runner (and is also one of SMG4's mascots). Facing off against Daddy Dearest, her new beats from Sunset Paradise will show her who's the boss.

(Replacement for Boyfriend)

BelleNormal.png "You'd be surprised what people would do to be number 1..."

Belle is a professional TASCORP Meta Runner from the same series (and also SMG4). Just after beating the father, Tari meets again with her assumed rival, with their song as the decider!

(Replacement for Mommy Mearest [Spritesheets])

MiaOsunaNormalIcon.png "I didn't think you'd make it this far."

Mia Osuna is an albino alien from Friday Night Funkin' B3 Remixed. Having heard of B3 Boyfriend's accomplishments, she's ready to challenge him herself, in front of an audience no less!

DSide MightyZIP MockUpIcon.png "In the notepad, fates are written 'cus Pandora didn't listen. Time will march, and here with me, THIS SCREEN'S THE LAST YOU'LL EVER SEE!"

Mighty.ZIP, aka. Zephaniah, used to be one of Sonic's best pals in the arcade cabinet. But when some sinister forces corrupt him & his hedgehog fellow, he'll be bringing a cold, yet intimidating mark onto those who came across him. Beware D-Sides BF, because this former Mighty armadillo will brace your doom.

OmegaIcon.png "Identify yourself! Friend or foe?"

Omega is a mercenary from the past who is protecting a cursed little girl named Mika. When Boyfriend and Girlfriend fall into a portal which takes them back in time to the medieval age, they get a request from Mika's parents, the King and Queen to get her back. And so, they run into Omega... But he won't go down without a fight!

MikaIcon.png "How could you?"

Mika is a little girl that is cursed according to a legendary prophecy, and was saved from a life of being locked in a prison cell by Omega. When the King and Queen ask Boyfriend to get her back, they must go through Omega to get her. But what happens if they actually go through with it...?

ArmyIcon.png "*SCREAMING*"

The King's Army are the King's loyal troops, that won't stop until Mika's returned back. Can Boyfriend and Omega defeat this massive hoard??

King OmegaIcon.png "... So be it."

The King is the main antagonist of the Omega mod. He requests Boyfriend to get his daughter, Mika, back from Omega for unknown reasons, presumably to lock her back in her cell. You do, however, have a choice... so, what'd happen if you say no...?

Brightside Icon.png "Okay, you've had your fun... Please go now..."

Brightside is a gothic-looking 23-year-old, who may or may not have something wrong with his brain... SOMETHING must have made him kill somebody... But what...?

Parasite Neutral.png "GET OUT."

Parasite, the true culprit behind Brightside's killing has reared its ugly head... blob... thing. When Boyfriend punches Brightside's mask and goes into his brain, he encounters this thing. Will he survive or will he face the consequences?

FreddyALTIcon.png "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's pizza, a magical place and kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun... .̷̨̢̛͍̖̲͍̺̯̝͇̬͜.̷̮͓͕̫͓͙̤̼̟̈̋̽̌̈́.̶̖̮̻͚͗̽͝C̵̫̰̤̬̯͖͙̳̤̖͚̰̳͓͔͊͑̔̿̿̉͛̒̚͝O̶̧̻̱̤̖̪͆̌̐͑͌̊̾̈́̔͘Ṁ̸̧̡̭͓̖̺̳̟̩̣͙̞͔̪̇̈́̍̎̎̂͌̽͘͝E̶̠͙̦̭̭͑́̏̆̆͋̐̈́̀̉͑͋͝ ̶̡͎̙̻̠̫͚̬̲͎͉̻̰̏̑̄͒͆̅̂̀͗̀̍̇̈́̚͝Ţ̷̨̯͓̲̺̻̟̩͔́̐̚Ȍ̶̥̝͙̝̞̻̘͘͘ ̵̞̙̼̣̤̲͖͙̯̦͍̗̱͒́̾̌͆͛̊̃͠͠L̶͔̱̹̯̪̦̮̺̜͙͇̜̹̯̋͝I̷̡̛̛̬̩̻̪̩̭̘̺͖̗͂͂̏̋́̾͑̍͜F̴̧̧̛̹̰͕̞̾̑̍̓͗̈͌̓̂͂͠E̵͕͓͋̐̐́̈"

Freddy Fazbear is the mascot of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria and a murderous robot possessed by a dead child. After Boyfriend and Girlfriend sneak into the pizzeria at night and challenge him to a rap battle. But they are the only ones there... right?

GoldenFreddyIcon.png "IT'S ME"

Well if Freddy can't stop Boyfriend, maybe the mysterious entity known as Golden Freddy can. The night isn't over yet, and this particular animatronic just so happens to be a very vengeful one.

FNAF-neutral-bon.png "What is this new prison? Is it me trapped, or is it you? Perhaps it's us both."

Bonnie is the guitarist of Freddy's band. After his moment of peace is cut short by BF, Bonnie decides to humor him for a rap battle or two. But it doesn't take long before he starts to get fed up with the midget. It'll take one final session of rocking out to calm Bonnie down, so be ready to shut the door on him.

FNAF1ChicaIcon.webp "Hey I'm Chica, the lady of the group my singing is a treat, but keep an eye on your pizza, 'CUZ I'M A BIRD WHO LIKES TO EAT!"

Boyfriend eventually stumbles upon Chica enjoying some pizza and offers to rap with her. But as the night goes on, Chica's hunger for pizza starts to kick in, and pretty soon she starts to see BF as one big pizza. If BF can't find more pizza for her to eat, she may try to eat him instead.

FNAF1FoxyIcon.webp "Ahoy! It's time that ye should be getting properly afraid!"

After his run-ins with the past few animatronics go south, Boyfriend turns to Foxy the Pirate for a rap battle. And although Foxy accepts his challenge, it becomes very apparent very quickly that this pirate intends to play a few games of his own. Literally!

PuppetNormalIcon.png "Seeing you powerless is like music to me."

Wait a second, where's the music box? Oh no! That music. That can only mean that The Puppet has left its gift box. It's too late now. There's no way that Boyfriend will be able to soothe it...right?

ShadowFreddyIcon.png "Follow me."

Shadow Freddy is a mysterious entity from Five Nights at Freddy 2 and 3. He's been watching Boyfriend during his time at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but it appears this shadow's finally stepping out of the shadows to confront BF himself. Who knows what he could even want with Boyfriend anyways?

Kou Neutral.png "Hey, friend?"

Kou is the android running a nearby observatory! While hiding away from Girlfriend's evil parents, they come across Kou, or the Kepler Observation Unit. Unlike the rest of their foes, he actually seems to be... friendly!

GSUIcon.png "Put your hands where I can see them."

After singing a song, a new character known as GSU appears and arrests Kou for spreading classified information, putting him in handcuffs and leaving him in shock. How will they do to get out of this situation?

KastimaginaIcon.png "Good response! Let's end the warm up and start the REAL game."

Kastimagina is an interstellar girl from In The Galaxy. She loves exploring the cosmos, but with Boyfriend involved, things will simply become more spectacular.

KalisaIcon.png "It's getting old just to sing faster. Instead, we're switching it up."

Kalisa is the Uber Rare Battle Cat (even though she isn't a cat). Upon knowing that boyfriend loves rap battle, she would give it a whirl. Be warned, you can see why she's uber rare.

FamilannaIcon.png "Don't blame me for being too easy for you."

Familanna is another character from the In The Galaxy mod, When Familanna was going to take a break, Boyfriend finds her, challenges her, and she accepts, hopefully the song is in easy difficulty... Right?

FATA StarecrownRemasteredSTAREIcon.png "Friend! Tis' not all about copying my rhythm! Make up your own, if you can!

Starecrown is... something. The self-proclaimed biggest fan of Boyfriend, who's made sure to never miss a single moment of his adventures, he decides to trap him in his own dimension to see him up close. Like the gentleman he is, he lets Boyfriend sing while he just stares... and stares... and stares. Unfortunately for Boyfriend, when he gets a bit too excited... shit really goes down. He's been waiting for Boyfriend for a long time.....

He also has an official christmas version as well as an official corrupted April Fools version.

Fred icon frogsong.png "IT'S ME, FRED THE FROG!!!"

Fred is the frog from Gatetail and an old friend of Starecrown. Don't be fooled by his small size because this frog has some INSANE bars! If you lose to him, you are gonna end "Too Bad!".

NikkuNewIcon.png Nikku is a lost space girl that's been subject to many horrific experiments & is now living in a secluded retro-themed mall. When BF & GF went for a place to hang out, only one word awaits upon meeting her: Interstellar.


Gogo & Momo are a dynamic lesbian power couple found in the Freeplay section. In their song "Soda Disco Funk", they had their usual chit-chat at the mall where Gogo suddenly wants Chicken Sandwich for some reason... I wonder where the nearest restaurant is?....
Rude1NeutralIcon.png "Fuck you!"

Rude#1 is Nikku's very agitative boyfriend. Though not related to the other bald white fella seen below (don't ask), nothing can withstand against their dynamic relationship. Not even anger issues in that matter.

ClipsIcon.png Clips is a free-flowing spage cowgirl & the incoming opponent of a long-prepared FNF mod, Moonlight. Since her mod is still in development, she passes the time by hanging out with Nikku once in a secret time. Let's hope she prepares her Western-Alchemic skills for when she meets BF in the far future.
ENAHotlineIcon.png ENA is Joel G's infamous iteration of Picasso portraits. She's given a Golden Ticket to join The Arena Challenge.
CharlieHotlineIcon.png "Look Pim. I know it's our job to help this guy and everything, but I think this guy's a lost cause. He's obviously made up his mind, why don't we just cut our losses and get outta here?"

Charlie is one of the main characters form the Adult Swim show Smiling Friends. After seeing Boyfriend in a distress state, he thinks that they should leave him be. However his friend Pim thinks that they should help Boyfriend out.

PimIcon.png "Oh come on, thats nonsense Charlie. We've never given up on a job so far."

Pim is one of the main characters form the Adult Swim show Smiling Friends. After his friend Charlie sees Boyfriend in a distress state, he thinks that they should leave him be. However Pim thinks that they should help him out.

Mazinicon.png Mazin Sonic is a recently different iteration on what BF encountered in the forest. Here, at a local TV store, he is here to show him how Fun is really Infinite!
AstralProjectionInfoboxIcon.gif Matzushii is the final secret opponent you'll face in Hotline 24. A simple talk at the receptionist isn't going to hurt anyone, right?
New Steve Icon.png "OUH!"

Steve Is the one of main Character from the well known game, Minecraft. He's not to happy to see that Boyfriend joined his world, after all he is a griefer.

AlexSIcon.png Alex is one of the other characters in Minecraft. After Steve's round, BF faces her on the Lush Cave/Mineshaft round. If that doesn't satisfy you guys, I don't know what is...
NotchIcon.png "I emailed a guy handing out minecraft for free and asked him to take down the site. He challenged me to Quake 3. THIS IS HAPPENING!"

Notch is the skin of the creator of Minecraft, when he encounters Boyfriend, he looks confused, probably because he doesn't remember putting him in the game...

Huggy-Netrual.png "*scream noises*"

Huggy Wuggy is created by Playtime Co. back in 1984, as a toy on which it'll hug you back. But after the years of staff absence, something went wrong, as BF & GF entered the facility & met him. Will a simple song be enough to get them out?

Big BrotherIcon.png "I still got- ugh.. plenty of oomph in me-"

Big Brother, also known as BB or Michael, is the Big Brother of Boyfriend (no coincidence there...) and appears in a mod made by The Savvy Peridot. While not much is known at the moment, it seems that he's been resurrected and reunites with his little bro! They decide to engage in a rap battle for old time's sake, but it might prove difficult with BB's new heart problems.

FallenAngelIcon.png "One down, one more to go!"

Fallen Angel, or Armaros, is BB's arch rival who botched his mission of killing Girlfriend in order to get to Heaven thanks to BB sacrificing himself to protect her and Boyfriend. Now eternally banned from ever entering Heaven and Hell, the banished killer has returned to settle the score and finish what he had started! Will he be able to complete his mission and escape his walking purgatory, or will BB put an end to his plans?

KittyIcon.png "Thank you, For everything."

Kitty Pop is not only the "big-shot" Youtuber, but also the creator of Vs. Big Brother. She'll be here in the credits, thanking those who wish their deepest gratitudes on playing this mod.

PhantasSonicIcon.png "You always were soft, Porker! We're probably better off without you anyway!

Fleetway Sonic is the main character of "Sonic The Comic" one of the playable characters in the mod. This Sonic is based off his appearance in Sonic the Comic, in this mod, Sonic fights Fleetway for the control of his body.

PATailsIcon.png Alan is a playable character of the "Phantom Attack" mod, he is shown fighting against Lord X in first person. Also a thing to clarify is that this is not Tails, it is the main character of Sonic PC Port so that's why he has a deep voice...
SinkNeutralIcon.png Sink is an EXE, but not your typical one, not being evil, just being Sonic in infinite torment. One day Sonic was travelling through Labirynth Zone until he got chained up by a under water mine chain, drowning him, but through his will power, Sonic "survived". He is now in a "zombified" state, constantly in pain and drowning over and over again. He still waits to be rescued...
Otherflippynormalicon.png "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Fliqpy is a character from Happy Tree Friends. Yeah... He's suffering from PTSD again, something MUST have triggered him this time. From the noise he heard, it's coming from Boyfriend's microphone making a buzzing noise. While Boyfriend is fixing his microphone, he encounters Fliqpy. Looks like he is going to rap battle Boyfriend instead of killing him.

(Not to be confused with miguel185's Fliqpy)

TigerSoldierIcon.png In the war of where we saw Fliqpy for the first time, a lone Tiger Soldier is getting himself ready to meet his maker. There's no escape through this war-torn new born psychopath now.

(Replacement for Boyfriend in one song)

Bro Icon.png "Oh, look who showed up to the party."

Beach Brother is (of course) the brother of Girlfriend, so you'll have to get through him first if you want to date his sister! Like father, like son, I guess. Surf's up, bro!

RonBSideIcon.png B-Side Ron is a recolor/redesign of Ron that appears in 2.0 and will appear in the full version of 2.5. B-side Ron's official name is Ronaldsonnyie Hamood Francisco BSides Junior IX.

(Note: B-Side Ron is a seprate character from Ron)

DefaultDemonRonIcon.png Demon Ron is a Version of Ron made by ArmandRonan. He was originally going to be the Bloodshed design for v1 but ArmandRonan thought it was way too bland (At the time, it was just Ron, but red). So he went with the better, more well known design for Bloodshed, but he goes more harder than ever in the Bloodshed Remix, So boyfriend should get ready because he isn't going easy on you.
DoyneDefaultIcon.png "Hello Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin"

Douyhe Doyne is a character that appears in "Pretty Wacky". There is almost no info about this character unlike other characters. Cheese is his favorite thing ever, as he likes to talk about it a lot.

DefaultBijuuRonIcon.png "These Stupid Frickin' Meme songs are gonna kill me"

Micheal Lucas is a youtuber known as Bijuu Mike who appears in VS Ron: The Resurrection as a gift for playing the mod in its V1 form, There is Really Nothing Else to it.

FLChanAzIcon.png FL Chan is the mascot of FL Studio, appearing in FNF as one of bbpanzu's earlier mods. She challenges Boyfriend to a sing-off on top of a moving train!

(Replacement for Mommy Mearest)

ScoutNormalIcon.png "Grass grows, birds fly, sunshines, and brotha? I hurt people."

The Scout is a fast-running scrapper with a baseball bat and a snarky "in-your-face" attitude. During a match at Teufort he encounters Boyfriend and gets challenged to a rap battle. He's the first of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

SoldierNormalIcon.png "If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!"

The Soldier is a crazed, jingoistic patriot from Midwest, USA. Tough and well-armed, he is versatile, capable of both offense and defense, and a great starter class to get familiar with the game. You better hope to have enough space to avoid his bullets! He's the second of the nine mercenaries of Team Fortress 2.

PyroNormalIcon.png "I fear no man. But that... thing... It scares me."

The Pyro is a mumbling pyromaniac of indeterminate origin who has a burning passion for all things fire related. Unfortunately, Boyfriend and Girlfriend have run into this thing while it is in attack mode... pray it has mercy on your soul. (S)he's the third of the nine mercenaries of Team Fortress 2.

DemoNormalIcon.png "One crossed wire, one wayard pinch of potassium chlorate, one errant twitch...and KABLOOEY!"

The Demoman is a self-described black Scottish cyclops and a scrumpy-swilling demolitions expert from Ullapool, Scotland. Our rap-loving duo stumble across him while he’s drunk, so now it's his turn to go up against the little man and see if he stands a chance. He's the fourth of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

HeavyNormalIcon.png "Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe... maybe. I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet."

The Heavy is a towering hulk of a man hailing from the USSR. He is the largest and possibly most dangerous class in Team Fortress 2. Boasting the most default health and devastating firepower from his trusty Minigun, the Heavy is no pushover. Scout told him about you, so he has agreed to little baby man's game, and he will show you how to fight like men! He's the fifth of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

EngineerNormalIcon.png I solve practical problems."

The Engineer is a soft-spoken, amiable Texan from Bee Cave, Texas, USA with an interest in all mechanical things. He specializes in constructing and maintaining Buildings that provide support to his team, rather than fighting at the front lines, making him the most suitable for defense. You challenged him to a rap battle, so be prepared for the hardest challenge you've faced yet! He's the sixth of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

MedicNormalIcon.png "Let's go practice medicine."

The Medic is a Teutonic man of medicine from Stuttgart, Germany. While he may have a tenuous adherence to medical ethics, he is nonetheless the primary healing class of the team. In exchange for healing Boyfriend’s vocal cords after dealing with Engi, you must rap battle him and Heavy and if you lose your soul is his! He's the seventh of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

SniperNormalIcon.png "Snipin's a good job, mate! It's challengin' work, outta doors."

Hailing from the lost country of New Zealand and raised in the unforgiving Australian outback, the Sniper is a tough and ready crack shot. After defeating Heavy and Medic, you're gonna fight him in close combat. He's the eight of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

SpyNormalIcon.png "Right behind you."

Hailing from an indeterminate region of France, the Spy is an enthusiast of sharp suits and even sharper knives. Using a unique array of cloaking watches, he can render himself invisible or even fake his own death, leaving unaware opponents off-guard. He was hiding in the final control point when Boyfriend and Girlfriend found him and caught him off-guard. He's the last of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

SaxtonHaleIcon.png "The name's Saxton Hale. Australian. CEO at Mann Co. and the man who's gonna burn this place to the ground."

Saxton Hale is a daring Australian, President and CEO of Mann Co., and the star of many Team Fortress 2 comics. He is considered the fourth richest man in America - he was the sixth richest man in America, but surpassed the fifth by wealth and the fourth by killing him in a harpoon duel. After fighting Spy, Boyfriend and Girlfriend receive a letter that was signed by Hale, saying that you have to fight him like a man in Mercenary Park. He's the boss of the nine mercenaries from Team Fortress 2.

Psychic Single Icon.png "I have a couple of questions I want to ask you, and you WILL answer them."

The Psychic is a mass of psychic energy that chooses to take on a masculine humanoid form. He is the subordinate of the Parents, and was recruited by Daddy Dearest during his time in Hell. Seems that you entered The Dearest's house, but something's wrong....

CheekyNewIcon.png "People like you bring me nothing but anger."

Cheeky is a weird sphere creature that comes from the world of Roblox. He comes from a game called M U G E N. After getting a call from Daddy Dearest to kill Boyfriend, he follows him into a forest and knocks him out with a bat and kidnaps him, taking him to his house. After finding out who he is, Cheeky asks him to rap battle, but how will he take losing being an assassin who owns a gun? And what would happen if Boyfriend were to jump in one of those paintings? Honestly, this is just bizarre. What an odd sphere...

(Replacement for Boyfriend in earliest version.)

OmenIcon.png "Ahh, potayto potayto, just fire it, Cyclops."

Omen is a sphere creature that comes from the world of Roblox like Cheeky. The largest of the bunch, this rock heard how you beat Cheeky at his game, and he wants a go! Just a simple tip. Omen doesn't play fair.

CyclopsIcon.png "Sir, this is a M-32 Grenade Launcher--"

Cyclops is an unused legacy edition character and one of the main spheres of VESZTESÉG. Cyclops has their own game, Ananasz, which is currently in development, about more than half done.

They are also an opponent in Final Contract

ChonkaIcon.png "are you into feet "

This is Chonka. He's so cool, he gets his own song "Paragon".

TreeNewIcon.png "Well well well, what a cute girl ya got there bud!"

Tree is... well, a tree. What else do you expect? One that wants Girlfriend for himself, but when Boyfriend beats him, it gets ugly real fast!

DuckIcon.png "Quack"

Duck is... well, of course, a duck. After beating Tree, Boyfriend is confronted by this little guy and a calm singing battle ensues!!

CassandraNewIcon.png "You're dating my sister..."

Cassandra is Pico's old schoolmate and main enemy, although she is not the same as she was in that game in this universe. After an accidental encounter with Boyfriend, she finds out that he's been dating her sister in this universe. Knowing the type of person that she is, Cassandra tries to talk some sense into Boyfriend into not going through with his relationship. Can Boyfriend withstand the Penillian to the point where she has to transform into her monster form? Only one way to find out

MarioSmbIcon.png "It's-a-me, Mario!"

Mario is the titular protagonist of the Mario series. He, along with his brother Luigi, goes on adventures and frequently rescues Princess Peach from Bowser, and he's also here to battle the Boyfriend. Can the new indie kid on the block beat Nintendo's Classic Jump Man?

LuigiSmbIcon.png "Luigi time!"

Luigi is Mario’s younger brother and one of the main protagonists in the Mario series. While he might not be as brave as his brother, that won't stop him from rap battling Boyfriend, just like his brother.

BobOmbSmbIcon.png Bob-Ombs are one of those common Mario enemies throughout the franchise, & when you ask how professional their rapping skills be, let's say they're surely explosive. (literally)
BowserSmbIcon.png "SHOWTIME!"

Bowser is Mario's archenemy & the final boss on his games, even this mod. If you need to save GF (your "princess"), you'll have to fare on this meddling Koopa.

He also had his own Cat Form.

SpikeSmbIcon.png Foreman Spike is a character from the Wrecking Crew series and confirms to return in the upcoming Super Mario movie. He’s a foreman for a destruction site that Mario and Luigi also work at, and attempts to hinder the brothers’ progress.
WaluigiSmbIcon.png "Time for Waluiiigi!"

Waluigi is a recurring antagonist in the Mario series. He is Luigi’s self-proclaimed rival and Wario’s partner-in-crime.

BulletBillSmbIcon.png Bullet Bills are one of those flying enemies that Mario can encounter. Just before heading to Bowser, one of those bullets goes en route to BF. & let's make sure this goes quick, because those things are really perseverent.
SonicSmbIcon.png "Blast away!"

Sonic was (and still is) Mario 's greatest gaming rival of all time since the release of his first game in 1991, Once both the NES and Sega Genesis is plugged to the same TV, It creates a Console Clash in the TV and well... let's just say Mario and Sonic aren't exactly on good terms and the only way to settle this, is a Funkin' rap battle!, Will Mario be able to handle the blast processing and the 16 bits of the Sega Genesis or is he too slow.

TailsSmbIcon.png Miles Prower is Sonic's Sidekick and best pal, he's always there for Sonic especially in the middle of Console Clash, where Tails was summoned to rap battle against Luigi but it seems that... he's actually getting along with Luigi compared to Sonic with Mario, that doesn't mean he's going to hold anything back.
CameramanSmbIcon.png "WHO ARE YOU RUNNING FROM?"

The Cameraman is one of the 5 faces you'll encounter in Game Boy Camera. Due to its freaky nature, it's long feared & well parodied. Better prepare yourself to either run or rap on this face-to-face bonus song.

BigBooSmbIcon.png "I may not be the king, but I sure am BIG!"

Big Boo is a Larger-than-usual Boo, which can sometimes be seen in Haunted Houses. Like their smaller brethren, they tend to get flustered easily if you look at them. Think you can keep up with this ghost?

BadPigIcon.png *Laugh*

Ross is the pig from Bad Piggies, a game about making wacky contraptions to try and reach the end. While Girlfriend and Boyfriend were minding their own business, this bad pig came rolling out of a bush. Can Boyfriend defeat this silly swine?



"Oh, so you want to play smart, eh? Then... LET'S-A-PLAY!"

If you ever receive a real suspicious Mario NES cartridge, then it's best to get rid of it, lest you face the Italian chaos that is Super Horror Mario, better known as Mario.EXE. BF and GF made the mistake of inserting the cartridge into DD's NES, and ended up getting pulled into this monster's world. After the first song, he sends the couple to a black and white Gameboy world, and takes the form of GB.


I HATE YOU Luigi is a jealous version of Luigi, tired of his brother getting all the credit, living in his shadow. He devised a plan to kill Mario, once and for all, but when executing his plan, he was killed by Mario, being burnt to a crisp, after being pushed into lava. He now appears zombified, with all his skin gone. A shell of his former self. How will Boyfriend fair against this envious plumber... will BF defeat this jealous zombie's ass, or succumb to the lava beneath him?

BetaLuigiIcon.png We come across Beta Luigi. A plumber who has surely lost it all, not being able to save his brother from the clutches of King Boo. He now just sits, looking at a flower, looking completely soulless, thinking of ending it all. Maybe a song will change his mind? Hopefully...
WarioApparitionMMIcon.png "You want fun? WARIO SHOW YOU FUN!"

The 1995/07/29 Build of the original Super Mario 64 was able to bring each player’s wants into the game due to an AI to tailor the game to you on a subconscious level, hence making it so that every copy of the original Super Mario 64 is personalized. The Wario Apparition is the wants of people wanting Wario in Mario 64 manifested in reality, but he was incomplete, causing the player stroke like symptoms... If you see him in game it is advised to immediately turn off the console, then surround yourself in a circle of salt and then burn the game, afterwards you won't have a memory of this horrifying apparition. Can Boyfriend outrun this monstrous head, or be eaten alive.


MX is the final horrific being BF faces on this mod, right now. With a hulking body & a sadistic ego, any weakness in front of him will be squished.

He also appears in ALOT of mods.

RacistMarioIcon.png "You're not Nintendo! You're... You're PREtendo! You're all... RACE TRAITORS!!"

Racist Mario just wants a humble day on the race track, right? WRONG! With non-Nintendo based characters going side-by-side, he gets real angry, so he'll do anything to take that form of racing seriously even if it means brutally mutilating the other racers including his own friends and family! Boyfriend better hope he gets lucky because his brother sure wasn't...

Secret History Mario
Mr. Virtual
Mami Icon 1 Normal.png "Say, do you want to do another? Then after that we can all have tea over at my place."

Mami is one of the magical girls from the Madoka Magica series. While she was with the other magical girls, Boyfriend walked up to her and challenged her to a rap battle. Mami was slightly suspicious of him, but she goes along with it and even has fun doing so. Little does she know the real danger is hiding right under her nose, which will make things end very differently...

CyrixIcon.png "You really are as good as they say...!"

As word spreads of your many adventures, a message comes in from the music producer Cyrix! He wants you in his studio, and is ready to mix up some new tracks! Ready to get funky?

GabeNormalIcon.png Gabriel Barsch is an animator that's most well known for creating Madness Combat animations with a hint of comedic intent. Right now, he doesn't seem to be in the mood for rap battling at all, but will that stop Boyfriend from encouraging him to do otherwise?
Demomaniconneutral.png "YOU GIVE WAR A BAD NAME!"

The Demoman is one of the nine playable classes in the game "Team Fortress 2". In this universe, they were comedically turned into a Madness Combat grunt and tasked with destroying Gabriel Barsch (yellow shirts were made illegal). However, he won't hesitate to eliminate anyone ELSE who gets in his way either, and that includes the Boyfriend from Friday Night Funkin'.


The Mag Agent V4 is the fourth installation of a series of ginormous, magnified LEET agents. They are specially known to trump over those who's shorter than them & BF will prove he's David to their Goliath.

TaeyaiIcon.png "Hey, what do you think if we have some fun? Bring it on!"

One day, Boyfriend had stumbled onto Tae Yai's control room who has the power to code characters to interact with her world and even alter certain things at any given moment. What was intended to be a simple rap battle will soon escalate to something she won't be able to handle so easily.

In an upcoming update, she will gain an EX appearence & go up against familiar foes. Oh and that includes Nonsense.

Icon.png "That was really fun!"

Tac is known as the nicest guy at school! With this information, Boyfriend tries to convince him to rap alongside him as an effort to get his desired attention of Girlfriend. Despite him not being good at rapping, (his words, not ours) he accepts! Time for a game of Tic-Tac-Foe!

Lucian icon.png "Listen dude, I don’t even know you."

Sadly, Boyfriend did not get Girlfriend's attention with his song with Tac. Oh no, looks like Lucian and Abby arrived! Boyfriend asked them if they could join in a rap battle. Although Lucian does not enjoy this 'center of attention' thing, when Boyfriend begs, he finally accepts.

Abby icon.png "Listen here you-"

Finally, Boyfriend got Girlfriend's attention! In a moment of the blue haired boy bragging and being cocky to Lucian, Abby doesn't approve of that at all and steps in. She decides to engage in a rap battle with him in an attempt to "finish this." How will things end?

NuskyIcon.png "I'm gonna beat box my way into your girlfriend's heart, loser."

NuSky is a version of Sky who's after Girlfriend instead of Boyfriend (Whom she has a grudge against). When BF and NuSky encounter, things quickly escalate, and after a rather one-sided argument, she decides to make BF pay for what happened back when she was more "normal"...

SkyblueSkyverseIcon.png "Ah fuck... why are you... Why are you so... so funkin perfect?"

NuSky isn't the only "Sky" around! As she begins her journey through the "Skyverse", Skyblue is the first "Sky" encountered.

She also shows up in Ski's own mod

SkyrukyIcon.png "Eat shit <3"

Sarusky,also known as Sora, is another "Sky" who takes NOTHING seriously. She wouldn't give a fuck about anyone except Rami (Her cat), and she likes annoying others. Thankfully, NuSky found Rami, and so won't have to deal with her roasts! Hope you're ready for Sarusky's beats!

FakerSkyIcon.png "Um, yes I am real sky, i am a very authentic true sky, stop all question s please now thanks"

Faker Sky seems to be a lovecraftian horror being posing as Sky. She is an upcoming character for the Skyverse mod who will fight NuSky and Skychi on top of a truck.

She also will soon appear in Ski Sings for You!.

NoobNEWESTIcon.gif "Alright, let's begin then!"

Noob is one of the default avatars for Roblox, and one of the most iconic ones. Boyfriend finds him in "Funky Friday" and challenges him in the song "Not A Noob".

(Not to be confused with J-Bug's NOOB)

CursedGuestIcon.gif Cursed Guest is an evil version of the guest, Guests were an anonymous avatar that the player receives if they choose not to make an account immediately. Boyfriend fights him in the song "Concerning Control".
BaconNEWESTIcon.gif "Can't keep the audience waiting!"

Bacon is the default skin that new roblox players have, in this mod, Bacon challenges Noob in the song "Ro-Bond".

ShedskyIcon.gif "Hi, I'm John Shedletsky, one of the first employees at ROBLOX. Twitter is the best way to get in touch with me - I almost never check messages on YT."

Shedletsky is an admin of the videogame Roblox, in the song "Funky Shedsky", Boyfriend challenges him in the roblox game: "Work at a Pizza Place".

BaldiUpdatedIcon.png "Now it's time for everyone's favorite subject, math!"

Baldi is the main antagonist of the famous Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning, and now he's gonna have a mod where he stars as the main antagonist of Baldi's Basics In Funkin', where Boyfriend and Girlfriend have found themselves in Baldi's Schoolhouse! How will they escape when Baldi can hear every door they open?

(Not to be confused with King Rice's Baldi which is a Senpai reskin)

Filename2RegularIcon.png "Destroy- destroy the game. Destroy the game... before... it's too late."



Paldo is a secret character in Baldi's Basics In Funkin', where he has a song named Piracy, that can be accessed on the main menu. After Boyfriend has been teleported into a glitchy world, he encounters him into a rap battle!

Jebus2Icon.png "Goodnight, Hank."

He purges the wicked. The impious Madness must end... Jebus Christ, it's Jebus! Once a scientist named Jebediah Christoff, he soon got caught up in an experiment, as well as another scientist, who became the well known zombie clown Tricky, and is now busting heads with his sniper! Can Boyfriend beat this scientist turned somewhat religious figure? (even if he's gone a bit crazy)

(Not to be confused with SMC5's Jebus)


Mag Agent: Torture is the first version of the Mag Agent series. He is a giant agent who appears as a minor antagonist in Madness Consternation and the protagonist of his own Incident.

After Boyfriend defeats Tricky and passes out, he finds himself captured by the A.A.H.W and forced to rap against the supersized agent. Better than just getting obliterated on the spot! Will Boyfriend survive?

(Not to be confused with Yetaloz's Mag Agent: Torture)

AndersIcon.png "I see this will be more difficult than I first thought."

Anders is a hitman agent. Looks like someone wants Boyfriend dead, and they want Anders to do the job. Of course, Boyfriend tries to get out of the situation by rapping. But as reality starts to fall apart, what will happen next?

SpinelIcon.png "Now for the main event."

One day in Beach City, Spinel had dropped by Boyfriend & Girlfriend while they were chilling in Steven's place. Left behind by Pink Diamond 6000 years ago and seeking for revenge, will BF manage to beat her, or end up like her OTHER FRIENDS?! No matter, Her injector will resolve this rap battle into a Real battle.

ChromaticalCassetteGirlIcon.png Cassette Girl is an incoming playable character of the base game made by SoftDon. While she's busy waiting for her time to shine, BF & GF gave her a smoking start, literally.
AuditorNewIcon.png "FINALLY..."

The Auditor is the overarching villain of the Madness Combat series created by Krinkels. For reasons unknown, Boyfriend and Girlfriend have infiltrated this shadowy menace's base, and now he's found them and wants them dead!


Satan needs no introduction. After pretending to be the angel Gabriel he tricks the shepherds and brings alternates into the world. Can anyone stop this force of nature?

NoahFunkdelaIcon.png Noah is one of the shepherds and was visited by Satan pretending to be an angel. Will he fall for his lies and doom humanity or prevail? I think you can guess what happens...
MarkNewIcon.png "I'm just gonna switch them on and get outta there, though. You know how I feel about your house..."

Mark Heathcliff is the main protagonist of the first volume of Mandela Catalogue. After receiving a call from his neighbor Cesar he goes to turn his camera on after some convincing but after a dark creatre fallows him home what will he do to survive this encounter?

CesarFunkdelaNewIcon.png "Yeah, that's fine... One last thing. Try to get a good view of--"

Cesar Torres was Mark's neighbor that was killed by alternates and replaced by one. He is trying to lure Mark to his home so he can follow him home. Can he do it?

IntruderFunkdelaIcon.png "Wake up Adam. Don't make me wake up the others."

The Intruder is an alternate that inaves the homes of children through their tv. He has visited a young Mark for an unknown reason but the little boy seems to take a liking to him. But, little does Mark know, he is going to ruin the lives of parents in the futre...

is an alternate in it's natural form. After following Mark home he stalks him for days waiting to give him a "gift". If everything goes it's way Mark will be gone and no one will come for him, depends on if he makes a bad decision.
Tails SecretHistories Icon.png "THEY WERE IMPOSTORS SONIC!!!"

Secret History Tails is a psychotic serial killer obsessed and with Sonic and convinced they are best friends. He will kill anyone who gets close to Sonic and after Boyfriend becomes his friend he rigs his mic with a bomb and challenges him to a rap battle so he will explode! Will he defeat this psychopath and escape with his life?...

SonicsecrethistoriesNormal.png "I keep telling you, I don't need a damn partner! He's just gonna slow me down!"

Secret History Sonic is SEGA's heroic video game icon. One day word came out from the SEGA suits. He needed a sidekick... Surely this didn't slow him down then and won't slow him down now, though! Right?...

Kunckles CorpseIcon.png Secret History Knuckles is one of Tails' many victims. When Knuckles and Sonic set their differences aside, and the team was better than ever! It wasn't long until they were like best friends... But then IT HAPPENED. All reports say his phone had some freak battery malfunction, but the truth is Tail's rigged it to explode. It's what happens when ever someone gets too close to Sonic, after all they were impostors.
Anchor Neutral.png "I hope you enjoy your stay! If you can survive, that is."

Anchor is the gatekeeper of Atlantis. Boyfriend and Girlfriend have to make it past them in a nice Funkin' battle since they don't have tickets! Luckily, the two aren't able to drown, considering they both have snorkels and plot armor.

Roro Neutral.png "My, my, look what we have here! We finally got ourselves some new challengers!"

Roro is Atlantis' queen. Upon seeing them, she recognizes them from the surface, before asking them about their snorkels, and how they are able to breathe through them. Yeah, me too, sister. She is also kind of a sore loser.

Alya Neutral.png "Y'know. This place is so weird. I can just take my helm off and breathe normally"

Alya is a tourist who ended up in Atlantis somehow. She begrudgingly decided to battle against the Boyfriend, thanks to some peer pressure from Roro. Despite her song name, she doesn't go chill on the mic...!

Suvarna Neutral.png Suvarna looks like a cute, happy kraken, right? They have a crown on their head, meaning that they are probably royalty? But, when she switches personalities, it's just FUNK GO BACK GO BACK. She is apparently looking for her sister, after years of being locked in a bunker.
AceNewIcon.png "Huh? Oh hey there! I'm Ace, what's up?"

Ace is the self-insert persona of Kamex who's brought some chilly notes with him in his own mod! As Boyfriend and Girlfriend wait for a bus to head to Manhattan, they and Ace pass the time by having a friendly rap battle!

Not confused with Fun-Sized Ace

RosieIcon.png "Can't you yahoos read signs?"

Rosie is the main antagonist of her mod. She has a bunch of weapons that were given to her by Daddy Dearest and some say she is equal to Pico in power when it comes to using these weapons. A very quiet but also beautiful cherry tree park can hide a lot of problems between the pink leaves of the friendly-looking place. Boyfriend and Girlfriend will have to face the consequences of their dumbness and fight the elf gang-leader Rosie! Will he manage to get out of this situation without getting shot in the balls?

AflacNewIcon.png "No more playing around."

Aflac is a Minecrafter that found at Boyfriend and Girlfriend joining on his server when he was unaware of their whitelist. After he begrudgingly rap battles them and loses, Boyfriend calls him, to which he responds "And?" and gets hit by Boyfriend's microphone, cracking his mask. After he loses another rap battle, his mask breaks apart, making part of his face visible, to which he snaps and activates creative and attacks Boyfriend with a sword while flying. Will Boyfriend beat this swore loser he clearly did nothing to enrage (sarcasm intended) or will he get destroyed and banned? Also, he is not the Aflac duck or Dream and no, you're not the first person to point this out, so stop.

AflacDaveIcon.png Dave (no not the one from Dave and Bambi) is a pretty crazy guy who you meet and do a rap battle for no reason. He for some reason can do reality bending flips and make the world look a poorly made MS Paint drawing. Oh, and he commits arson, can't forget that part.
GhostTwinsIcon.png "I have no idea how your parents named you that, but can you help us ascend?"
"Perhaps a song is in order?"

The Ghost Twins, Tanner & Marie, are a duo of opera-singing siblings who have been stuck inside an abandoned opera house since the 1900's, having died in an accident in that place and being unable to leave for any reason whatsoever. Feeling like they're doomed to be chained there forever, they manage to find Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who were just passing by the place and suggest a way to finally be free. The answer? Some songs! Seems...actually reasonable, in all fairness.

BenQuiverTeamIcon.png "Goodbye..."

Ben Drowned is a creepypasta legend coming from a haunted copy of Majora's Mask. After Boyfriend hears laughing emanating from a forest, this lifeless horror shows itself to Boyfriend and challenges him to a rap battle. Will Boyfriend defeat this lost soul who haunts a Nintendo game, or will he meet a terrible fate?

StaticIcon.png "What was that? Didn't quite catch that, dude."

BF and GF are on a late-night date when they get sucked into a TV and Static challenges Boyfriend to a battle!

OswaldIcon.png "I'M! NOT! THAT! OLD!"

Oswald is the good old lucky rabbit and a classic Disney cartoon character, he was the original mascot for Disney before even Mickey. One day on his mod, he auditions for a music gag, hosted by Boyfriend and Girlfriend! This proceeds him and Boyfriend into a rap battle! Who will win?

PipecleanerSpinel1Icon.png Pipecleaner Spinel is a secret character that got added in Vs. Oswald in the Halloween update. She can be found in freeplay and has a single song, Last Straw. So basically, Oswald rap battles this weird, fluffy version of Spinel. But will he be able to get away from her?
Nagatoro Neutral.png "You've been acting sus this whole time."

Nagatoro, or Hayase Nagatoro for her full name is one of the two main characters along with her senpai, Naoto Hachiouji in the anime, Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro. Both of them appears in their own mod with only one song, and that is Toyboy.

GachaIcon.png Gacha Girl is a default character on Lunime's infamous controversial yet lucrative series. When Boyfriend taps into the fanbase, those poses aren't the only things that BF's gonna worry on.
LokiNewIcon.png "Oh stop making up stories."

Loki (who isn't played by Tom Hiddleston) is one of Boyfriend's and Girlfriend's childhood friends! He invites you for a visit to play video games in this mod. He's also a cool therapist. Note: this mod takes place after garcello mod and before rebecca/starving artist mod

LukeIcon.png "What are you doing in vr?"

Luke is Loki's brother, when Boyfriend was playing in VR, Luke finds BF, and he challenges him, BF (obviously) accepts, so get ready to rap-battle with this E M O D O G

DonyIcon.png "ESTA VEZ IRE EN SERIO!!!"

Dony is Loki's Husband, BF was in Dony's VR concert, until Dony invites a lucky contestant to come and sing, but the contestant was BF himself, so Dony, knowing BF's skills to sing, challenges him, also he speaks spanish sometimes (for some reason).

WordIcon.png Word is the messed up meme version of Tord that comes from a troll demo. As you can imagine Boyfriend challenged him to rap thinking he was Tord but he is actually a living meme. Better prepare for this spamfest- JK THE SONG IS STARTING DO JACKS NOW NOW NOW!
VoidIcon.png "Alright, I'm gettin' bored. A.C. Void's got a show to do, we don't got all the time in the galaxy. Ya ready?"

Void is a cosmic pop star with a voice as smooth as the Milky Way and an ego as massive as a black hole. He's gotten wind of Boyfriend's musical ventures, and it doesn't look like he's gonna take that sitting down. So naturally, he's invited him to a battle at his next concert! He probably isn't as tough as he says, but he hasn't gotten all that fame for nothing...

VoidGuardsIcon.png "You don't not-pay us at all-....Wait..."

The Accretions are characters that appear in Void's Background. They are fought in "Security". Can they beat Bf in a Rap Battle?

StarbreakIcon.png Starbreak Music is the creator of Vs. Void, as well as the creator of the mod. To access his song, type the word "star" in the freeplay menu.

Honorable Mentions

These characters are relatively well-known and have between 100k-199k views (or more) and more than 100 likes on their mod's page. They are sorted by GameBanana/Gamejolt views. It doesn't matter how this is achieved as long as it is (I.e having two mod pages that have one of each).

Icon Character (100K+ Views)
Mommyicon.png "A new's been so long!"

After escaping the dreaded Huggy Wuggy, BF now has to face an unknown voice that later took the doll on his fingertips. She then reveals herself as the very extensive Mommy Long Legs. Oh she waited for a playmate, & now she had one.

BunzoUnusedIcon.png "I know when your birthday is! June 28. *giggle*"

Bunzo Bunny is one of the new antagonists of Chapter 2 and the mod. He is a bunny with a love for birthdays and is seen above the Musical Memory room with his cymbals, ready to embrace Boyfriend if he screws up the memory game.

Noob Revamp.png "Your about to be BLOXXED"

Roblox Noob is a mod based on the Noob, respectively. An old default avatar for Roblox that became both popular and criticized, one decides to try out the art of vocalization. Oof.

SketchyIcon.png "I'm sorry for drawing your girlfriend, I promise I won't do it again. Sketch's honor"

Sketchy is a sketch drawing appearing in her own mod. After drawing an exact replica of Girlfriend in her notebook world, Boyfriend somehow shows up as well to investigate, and he isn't too happy with Sketchy trying to simp over BF's GF, drawing or not. The luck of the "draw" hangs into balance and this might lead to a "crumbled" standoff!

She also has a redrawn version

KrisIcon.png "..."

Kris is the silent protagonist of Deltarune. Here they appear in their Dark World form, and Boyfriend's here to battle them! In this land, only eyes blinded by rapping can see the way...


Jevil is the secret boss in Chapter 1 of DELTARUNE. In this mod he is also a secret opponent in the song "THE WORLD REVOLVING".

PapyrusAnimIcon.gif "WHAT?!! a rap battle? I AGREE!"

Papyrus is a very expressive and loud skeleton. He dreams of becoming a member of the royal guard, to achieve this, he only needs to catch a person. After meeting with BF, he wants to grab the midget, but Boyfriend offers Papyrus a rap battle he can't refuse, since he accepts imediatally.

SansAnimIcon.gif "A thin man with holes in his hands? This is Undertale, not Slenderman boy"

Sans is the funny skeleton man-child of Undertale. You chose to rap against him and things went away. I'm not that creative so that's all that's gonna be here Don't rap against him, or you'll surely have a bad time.

SBCharaNeutral.gif "Unfortunately, regarding this... YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE LONG AGO."

Chara is wait, this is the fourth time we talk about them in this page and they are still EVIL, so you can already tell what they want. Seriously when will there be a mod featuring Frisk? and have a Chara mod that doesn't have them be evil After Sans sleeps, Gaster decides to bring Boyfriend to the start: the circle of golden buttercups, and that's the place where Chara is, shortly laughing. Oh, i forgot... chamoy.

DustAnimIcon.gif "I feel tired. VERY tired...."

Killer!Sans is the Killertale version of Sans, much like to a B-Side remix or an "common" AU. By going to freeplay, you see him lonely, smiling. Just don't expect a good pal, only a deceased brother in eternal agony.

Mokey Icon.png "OH, BOY!!!"

Mokey is the funni version of the very nostalgic, Mickey Mouse! But he looks poorly drawn and is also created by Sr Pelo, the one who created Skid and Pump. Surprised? One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend teleported into a blank white background and they encountered the one and only, Mokey! And then Boyfriend forces him to a rap battle, oh boy! I wonder what will Mokey do with the blue small guy?

Grooby Icon.png "Ahyug!"

After a quick rap battle with Mokey, his friends, Grooby and Dilan pay a visit to Mokey's house! Grooby is the funni and poorly drawn version of one of Mickey's best friends, Goofy! Girlfriend doesn't really look surprised at all. After that, Boyfriend literally forces Grooby to a rap battle, that's the second time BF... But still, things are gonna get interesting...

DilanIcon.png "gfonogfsdjbgfsdkjbsgbkjgsfbgjkdb"

Dilan is the funni and poorly drawn version of Donald Duck, who is also one of Mickey's best friends. After another quick rap battle with Grooby, Dilan joins in the rap battle and starts spitting real hard with Boyfriend!

WAAHOOicons.png "HEY MAMA ß̴̨̡̭͈̦̃͑̏̚͠Z̷̡̢̳͍̩̋͋̑̂̐Z̶̡̧͎̭̍̈́͆̓͂͜Z̷̝͈̝̙̾̓̈̏͜͝Z̶͈̖̩͕͇̀͊̒̿̎Ź̷̛̻̗͔̝͐̚͝ͅZ̸͕͎̞̣̗͐͗̊̅̐†̸̡̡͍̰̱̆̓̓̈́̎er come here and give me you liver waaeaeaaeeaae"

Waa Hoo and Josho are the funni and poorly drawn version of Mario and Yoshi created by Sr Pelo, they appear in the freeplay song WAAHOO.

KrampusIcon.png "D o n ' t y o u u n d e r s t a n d ? C h r i s t m a s i s D E A D."

Krampus is a skeleton-like species that appears in no more christmas episode and christmas hope as the main antagonist, also is known in real world as a leyend/myth who is said he is a demon who punish bad childrens during christmas period.

YekomIconAnimated.gif "I covered oil."

Yekom is a mouse-like species that was added by the developer of the mod. He is a twisted, dangerous, and bloody ruthless version of Mokey.

DoorStuckIcon.png "Your a genuine dick sucker!"

Door Stuck is a Counter Strike player that got stuck in a door. He needs Boyfriend to help him out before a bomb goes off, how will things go!

AsrielHead.png "You dare face me? It's HOPELESS!"

Asriel Dreemur is the GOD OF HYPERDEATH, hellbent on making sure you'll be with him FOREVER as his best friend


Omega Flowey is a horrific transformation of a flower after using the six humans souls, Now he will show you no mercy and will show the world the true meaning of this world

FNFUndertaleSansHead.png "heya."

Sans is a chill guy, he normally wouldn't fight but he's in the mood for one. Seems were in for a chill time! Right?...

NekoNormNeutral.png "You're fidgeting like crazy over there, hey tell you what."

Nekofreak, also known as Lia is based on a similar-looking unused character that can be found in the original game's files. About 2 months before meeting Girlfriend, Boyfriend tried his love luck on Quinder, an e-dating app. He meets up with her on a date, but when he arrives at her place, things are about to go south real fast. (Rejected because she's a serial killer and medical bills have been a pain in the ass.)

MiaIcon.png "Woah! Watch your step!"

12 days after things didn't go so well with Lia, Boyfriend tried his luck again with Mia, who gets nervous and mixes up her depressants with speed. Now, she's spazzing out as if she was at another rave party. This might get a bit ugly... (Rejected for drug abuse.)

KiaIcon.png "It really don't matter, your chances of making it are shorter than your height."

10 days after the incident with Mia, Boyfriend decided not to give up on Quinder, and went on a date with Kia, who decided to turn it into a competition to see who's the better vocalist. God, Boyfriend is not having a good time with these dates. (Rejected for being an asshole.)

SlendermanIcon.png "We are not your friends."

Slenderman is a character created by Eric Knudsen that originated as a creepypasta character. One day on a friday night, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were exploring in a dark forest, and they encountered Slenderman hiding on a tree. This is one of their biggest mistakes that they have ever done. Boyfriend must rap battle Slenderman to escape from him.

He even appears in Friday Night Trepidation with the other Creepypasta monstrosities.

CheeseIcon.png "Are you cultured?"

Cheese is the persona of BlueCheese, and the cashier of Restaurante de Fromage Bleu from Uniimation's Minecraft Hardcore series. As Boyfriend and Girlfriend make their way to the restaurant, it seems like BF doesn't have enough money to pay for it all and asks if there are any deals going on. Luckily, Cheese is able to offer them vouchers via a rap battle! If they win, they get free food! A win's a win, right? Well, unless you're the manager. Also, Cheese might mention a meme or two during the scuffle.

HerobrineALTIcon.png "Where is your God now?"

Herobrine is an infamous creepypasta originating from Minecraft, being an entity similar to Steve, but with eerie white eyes and the ability to alter the world at his will, destroying entire chunks at the blink of an eye, stealing loot, teleporting, leaving entire forests without trees, creating strange tunnels, and much more. Mojang claims he doesn't exist, and has "Removed Herobrine" in almost every update, but with his removal missing from 1.17 and 1.18, it seems he's risen from his grave...

DaBoisSandboxin.png "Expand Dong."

Boyfriend is gaming on a Friday night, playing sandbox games. That's it, nothing else, definitely no spyware or anything like that. Looks like these guys, Human, Ragdoll, G-Man, Interactive Buddy, and Bonzi, want to rap battle Boyfriend, what's gonna happen?

Icon TrololoPhase1.png "Ahh, this must be your Boyfriend that you've been talking about so much!"

Mr. Trololo, is another typical trollface in Russia that happens to be Girlfriend's uncle. She introduces her to Boyfriend and decides to take turns picking which song to play. It appears so that nothing bad will happen between the two...But I never said something bad wouldn't happen...

AuroraIcon.png Aurora is some malevolent version of Trollface you see after Mr. Trololo's week. This creepy fellows awaiting a lot of scares if you're not careful, but there is one thing he's scared about... something that barks onto the wrong crowd...
LizIcon.png "Woah! You have a great voice!"

016 and Liz were trying to head back to their own dimension when they accidentally teleported BF and GF to them. You can probably guess what happens next.

SpongNewIcon.png "Shut the fuck up I'm going to rip your spleen out of yo-"

Spong is a joke character who looks like the poor and png version of SpongeBob and plays the main role of his joke mod. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were wandering around under the sea and they found this guy. Will Boyfriend survive the spamming bs from Spong? He also has an unfinished/cancelled remastered version.

ViacomIcon.png "Fuck you."

Viacom (Now known as Paramount (yup, just Paramount, and no, not the namesake subsidiary known as Paramount Pictures) has targeted this mod by copyright infringement. Now Spong has to reclaim monetization in order for this mod to continue development. (It ain't)

(Replacement of Arch, as placed in this mod)

Spicon.png SP is a crazy deformed version of Spongebob and it is going to rap battle more crazy them even Spong can do!
AftonFAFIcon.png "I ALWAYS come back."

William Afton is the main antagonist of FNaF, and he is trying to have "fun" with Boyfriend. After he sings with him, he lures him into the need to save Boyfriend, but you can't.

ShadowBonnieFAFIcon.png RWQFSFASXC is a mysterious being that exists hiding in the shadows. After Boyfriend fell to Afton it's only goal is to give him his happiest day, a rap battle!
MatthewPatthewIcon.png "Hello Internet."

MatPat is the host of Game Theory and is known for solving most of FNaF's lore along with other games, though he has made some... poor theories to say the least. Either way, he has invited Boyfriend to do a theory after meeting Afton so he can help him solve the lore, and yes, there will be a rap battle! It's obvious who would win, but that's just a theory! A GAME THEORY! THANKS FOR WATCHING!

ScottCIcon.png "It's never enough for you people."

Scott Cawthon (AKA Animdude) is the creator of FNaF and was the puppet master during Boyfriend's journey. After defeating all of his creations, he reaches Scott, who realizes that Boyfriend is the overachiever and is the cause of his misery. He is gonna put the blue haired dwarf in his place in the final battle!

Fredbofazbaricon.png AW FUCK IT'S FREDDY FAZBEAR and he's is about to drop, some FazFucking Fazbars!1!! Get ready for a banger
Cye icon neutral.png Cye is a space cat that has been watching over the Earth for quite some time. After watching Boyfriend rap against many opponents, they decide to take their chance during a bright night!
PaySonginfoIcon.png "They're all gone."

"And I be so were all of you."

Pulp is the old design of the current Monster. During a Thanksgiving party at the spooky twins' house, this monster sneaks up and decapitates Pump, crawling inside his head and using it as some sort of protection. After a couple of battles with Boyfriend, it reveals its true form, Pulpon! Soon after their battle, Skid comes after Pulp to avenge his dead friend! He succeeds at first, but after it reveals it's true form what will happen next?

CoralieIcon.png "Can I help you..?"

Coralie, from Peculiar Colors, is a mysterious, quiet girl who is just waiting for her friend outside a coffee shop. For some odd reason, she seems to be in a hurry. Whatever the reason is, Boyfriend won't let her go until he has a worthy rap battle with her... much to her despite.

SixNormalIcon.png "YOU NEED THE DEVICE!"

19 years ago, a little experiment named 06 had broken out of the lab, but wait a minute, does this fellow seem familiar to you?

(Replacement for Boyfriend)

DaidemAnimatedIcon-normal.gif "Perfect! Incredible! After so long, a stable subject!"

Daidem has been experimenting for the perfect rapper, but when 06 got out, he likes to put it to the test.

Wiwistuflnesscropped.png "I have made many mistakes... I don't deserve this life..."

It was a normal cartoon. He was just walking past building after building, a never-ending loop. For some reason, he looked sad and disappointed. Then, he bumped into Boyfriend. Overtime, his vision became more distorted, his expression more twisted, and his world slowly being destroyed around him. If only Boyfriend knew the story beforehand when coming across Micky Mouse. But maybe he can save him

(Not to be confused with Sunday Night Suicide's Suicide Mouse)

JulianIcon.png Julian is an upcoming character for Wednesday's Infidelity, It is based off of a Mickey-lookalike seen in the 1934 film "March of the Wooden Soldiers".
Wednesday's Infidelity FatherICraveCheddar Icon.png "Father I crave cheddar..."

Cheddar is an upcoming character for Wednesday's Infidelity. They are based off of an infamous art piece found on display at a school.

Mokey W.I Fanmade icon.png Mokey.avi is an upcoming joke opponent in second part of Wednesday's Infidelity. Similar to Mickey Mouse in the mod, unlike his more well-known happy-go-lucky self, he is noticeably depressed.
KiryuIcon.png "Kid... I can't let you pass."

Kiryu Kazuma, coming from the Yakuza series, now appears in Friday Night Funkin'. He even has an alternate version with shades if you find that cooler. If you ever cross this guy, get ready for something unexpected, even if it isn't from him. (Replacement for Daddy Dearest in earliest version)

YukichiIcon.png "Anywho... What brings you all here?"

Yukichi is an alien who lives in Kepler 503 and is dripped in beautiful pink. During a space trip, Boyfriend and Girlfriend come across this fellow and, you guessed it, a rap battle ensues!

He also appears in Friday Night Fever as the final opponent in Week 5.

MaggieIconNeutral.png "This place gets kinda weird though. Just a heads up..."

Maggie Applebee is an original character designed by theycallhimcake. One day, during a trip to the constantly-changing Palm Plaza Mall, she stumbles across Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Thus, as per every FNF mod, a rap battle ensues! There's also a remix week available.

NewWeegeeIcon.png "You must DIE!"

Weegee (yes, THAT Weegee.) is an internet classic from the mid to late-2000's. One day at the Krusty Krab, Boyfriend attempts to kill Weegee for some reason, and caused Weegee to notice him. Weegee gets pissed off at Boyfriend and starts a chaotic rap battle as the memes begin to appear everywhere in the YouTube poop universe!

He also appears as an unlockable character in The Weeg Mod.

Icons kingHarkinian-Neutral.png "My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!"

King Harkinian is a character from The Legend of Zelda CDI, and is known to be Zelda's father. Link, minding his own business feels bored. While annoying King Harkinian, Boyfriend crashes the windows through Hyrule and appears outta nowhere. He then wants a rap battle with King Harkinian. Will Boyfriend have a chance to get away from scrubbing all the floors as his punishment?

MorshuIcon.png "Lamp oil, rope, bombs, you want it? It's yours my friend, as long as you have enough Rupees!"

Morshu is the shop saleman from Zelda CDI. After defeating the king, he is blasted by dinner blaster all the way to his shop and if Boyfriend can defeat him in a rap battle he can get free stuff!

DrOctagonapusIcon.png "Dr. Octogonapus! BLAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGH!"

Dr. Octogonapus is a character from the THE LAZER COLLECTION seen in YouTube, also being a popular character in YouTube poop. Boyfriend grabs a magic lamp and summons the man that is about to fire his lazer. Boyfriend then interrupts him by offering him a rap battle, forcing Dr. Octogonapus to not fire out his lazer, leaving him no other option left but rap battle.


BF has accidentally dropped into Dr. Robotnik's lair. Now he's suspected in spying for the enemy & he'll muster his innocence before being caught.

He even has a version made by The_Mayz.

SanicIcon.png "GOTTA GO FEST"

Sanic is poorly drawn version of Sonic The Hedgehog and part of the MLG memes, that caused mutiple memes of him spawning on YouTube. Boyfriend and Girlfriend found themseleves in a black background and saw Sanic holding a poorly drawn microphone, and started a MLG rap battle.


Dat Boi is an Internet meme originating from the clip art website Animation Factory. The meme garnered popularity on Tumblr in 2015 before gaining more recognition through Twitter in 2016. It is usually accompanied by a person saying "here come dat boi" to which they reply "o shit waddup!". Seems that his best friend, Sanic, has been bested... so he does what friends do, and stick up for the guy!

LoneWarriorIcon.png "I will never be afraid again

I will keep on fighting 'till the end I can walk on water, I can fly I will keep on fighting 'till I die" Lone Warrior is a character who originated from a popular Flipnote Hatena animation: I Can Walk on Water I Can Fly - Jerm.

WoodmangIcon.png "Nice >:]"

wood man is a boss from the Mega Man series and the personification of the "mm2wood" meme, and more generally the eponymous frequently-ripped "Wood Man Stage" track.

HumbaIcon.png "It's peanut butter Jelly time!"

Dancing Banana (also known as Peanut Butter Jelly, or Humba the Banana) is a popular emoticon, used on several forums. Seems Boyfriend doesn't know the dance that made him what he was... time to school him in some peanut butter and jelly.

YTPMarioIcon.png "Time to take a piss"

Mario Pissing is a poorly drawn version of the main protagonist from the Mario series. When he goes to take a piss, a little Goomba arrives... can't he see he's draining the snake? Maybe singing will get his mind off things.

YTPGoombaIcon.png "What the hell are you doing???"

The Goomba is a poorly drawn version of the enemy from the Mario series. When Mario goes to take a piss, the Goomba arrives, and wonders wot da hell he's doing... seems he's getting himself into trouble.

Oh No The Ship LOL.png "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?"

"I could really use a wish right now. wish right now. wish right now."

Mordetwi is your average ship, nothing to see here. However, recently, the ship has become quite popular, and that leaves the two just wanting to pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars. They could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.

SashaIcon.png "Oh, yeah? Well, I'm Sasha Waybright, captain of the cheerleaders, top scorer in Super Dance Fusion, and First Lieutenant to Captain Grime!"

Sasha Waybright is a human from the animated series Amphibia. She's got the stage booked from 1:30-4:00pm, but Boyfriend has been waiting hours for a song battle. It's about to get insane once Sasha's crew gets over.

By her next update, her pal Grime will drop in with his harp skills, & a Golden Guard will follow suit.

AnkhaIcon.png "You can't choose your family, but you can choose your furniture. And really, that's most important."

Ankha Is a popular character from the Ankha Zone I MEAN, Animal Crossing franchise. Boyfriend and Girlfriend break into her house, and they force her to sing... WAIT THEY ARE SINGING RIGHT?!

Peng.png "MRS. OBAMA GET DOWN!!!"

Skippa's log, number 32: Boyfriend has struck us out of the sky by saying the n-word.

TwoPlayersNormal.png Fireboy & Watergirl are the main protagonists of the mythical nostalgic game series called Fireboy and Watergirl! They are elemental humanoids that roam different temples together and solve puzzles along the way. When Boyfriend meets them in the forest temple, he (obviously) challenges them to a rap battle!
IrishIconlol.png "YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN, YA HEAR ME?"

Macy is a character from "The Weeg Mod". As Boyfriend and Girlfriend were hanging out in the big city to get some coffee together, they bump into Macy. This would lead to a test of skills as Boyfriend challenges Macy in a friendly face-off that might get off the rails with each passing song.

AthenaIcon.png "Asamiya Athena, ikimasu!"

Athena Asamiya, the main character of Psycho Soldier and a recurring character from The King Of Fighters, makes her appearance in "The Weeg Mod", sporting her original design. As the main antagonist in Week B, she performs a duet with Boyfriend, or whoever happens to accidentally crash her concert that night.

Zuki.png "All I want is one thing... for you to sing your heart out!!"

Kazuki is a robot waitress and the Week D "antagonist" from "The Weeg Mod". Wanting to test the limits of her jukebox, she enlists the help of whoever through the front door of The Cerulean to sing as long as the two of them can. Just mind her battery level, okay?

PhilipNormalIcon.png "Squeak!"

Philip is the beloved pet mouse of Macy, and the first hidden character in "The Weeg Mod". After running away with his owner's microphone, he (tries) singing with whoever he bumps into first!

AthenaNormalIcon.png "Hopefully they won't mind a little... divine intervention..."

Princess Athena is the main protagonist of her video game series, Athena. Another hidden character in The Weeg Mod, she's (once again) bored of her everyday life. Crashing a concert half-naked seems fun, right?

AdelineNormalIcon.png Adeleine from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards shows up as yet another hidden character in Weeg Mod (there's a lot of these, aren't there?). Just wanting a drink, she ends up getting a little bit more than she intended.
GumiIcon.png Gumi, the princess of the Andromeda Galaxy, is here in The Weeg Mod too, as the final unlockable character! She's not too happy about crash landing, though. Maybe a song will cheer her up?
KerolNormalIcon.png Kerol is an unlockable character in The Weeg Mod. She appears in one song found in Freeplay called, Hoppin'.
AlfieWin.png "You're pretty good!"

Alfie is a magical goat bard who is found by Boyfriend and Girlfriend in a mysterious forest. Their encounter leads to Alfie testing his new tunes! However, when night falls, Boyfriend might have to prove himself to more than just his opponent...

RalseiIcon.png "Don't worry... I am not your enemy."

Ralsei Is the Wonder Wizard of, no to Oz... The Wonderful Wizard of the Hero of the light! He also Appears from the game Deltarune.

See also: Ralsei (disambiguation). Some of the images go hard; feel free to screenshot.

Kenny normal icon.png "Oh my god, they killed kenny!"

Kenny McCormick is a kid from South Park that keeps dying all the time due to being totally poor, but he always comes back to live by some magic reason... He's a friend of Eric Cartman, even if he keeps sending him to go eat shit and vice versa. He also is the superhero "Mysterion".

Springheel Neutral.png "Both, and therein lies the issue at hand."

Dr. Jack Springheel, or more commonly known as "Dr. Springheel" is a plague doctor. He calls upon Boyfriend and Girlfriend to experiment with them. Boyfriend's brain is a bit smooth, so he does it the only way BF will get it, singing!

Beastie Neutral.png "If you want we can run a little practice song before everyone gets here. Loosen up those vocal cords a bit, y'know?"

The BSD Daemon, nicknamed Beastie, is the generic mascot of BSD operating systems.

Hexley and Gavroche neutral.png "I'm gonna cheat, is what im saying"

"Oh. Ok"

Hexley and Gavroche are two bumbling Henchman for Beastie, that don't play fair. Can BF win against this funky duo?

MomiIcon.png "oh dear. it seems you have seen it owo" -Post-Neko (FNF Mod)

Momi is a character created by bbpanzu for one of his videos, titled "Watch me make an FNF mod real quick." She's an artificially-created neko with a dust allergy who's on the run from the government after having escaped a lab. Now, she's your friendly neighborhood weeblit who's up for a rap battle with Boyfriend. Surely, this outta go well, right...? Until she gets spotted by a certain someone in a car...

UsagiIcon.png "Let's make it difficult, he will be fighting for his life indirectly and if he wins, we will forgive him."

Usagi is a female hitman and an ex-classmate of Pico. She and Pico were sent by Daddy Dearest to kill Boyfriend, but they just ended up rapping. Don't let her design fool you, because she can strike like a lethal weapon!

Flexy icon.png "C'mon, Boyfriend, can't get stage fright now! I might look scary, but it's just me! Let's give 'em the show of a lifetime!"

Flexy is a globetrotting bean, which means he has a passion for traveling the world. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are invited to his Fiesta de Fuego concert, but first, they must warm up!

Merchant icon.png Alonso (otherwise known as The Merchant) is a shopkeeper and also a friend of Flexy's. But you insulted him and his store, which was a huge mistake you have done...
JeffIcon.png "shhhh.. GO TO SLEEP"

In a dark forest, Boyfriend (totally lost) was wandering along with Girlfriend. She says she called someone to surprise her, and that someone is her old nanny, a totally normal guy, the well-known: Jeffrey D. Woods, or better known as Jeff the Killer. At first, he appears to be a bloodied nobody with a knife, but will things turn out that smoothly?

SlendermanNormalIcon.png After "something" happens following Jeff's date, Girlfriend quickly flees with BF to a seemingly abandoned house. All goes well, until they both hear a knock on the door. It is nothing but him, the slender man: Slenderman (creative name), along with his faithful proxies. Wasting no time, a new rap battle begins with the cult!
MaskyHoodieIcon.png Masky and Hoodie are the faithful representatives of Slenderman, who seem to have a bit of a sense of humor in their methods. With Girlfriend exhausted from having done "something" to help BF after Jeff's encounter, they tie her up with a rope (trust me, you won't want to know where they put that rope) so as not to use her powers and of course, mess up her leader. In the song "Trespasser", they seem to have let her go, but it doesn't stop them from wanting to fight BF.
GoldAliveIcon.png "Rap battle? Don't we battle with Pokemon dude?"

Boyfriend and Girlfriend finally have nothing to worry about anymore, but this generates immense boredom. As they walk, BF stumbles upon a Game Boy, with the cartridge of a Pokémon game that sends both him and GF out into the world there. Heading to a tower, they meet a trainer: Gold, who thinks BF is the legendary master Red. Another rap battle will ensue, but just because Gold is a young boy doesn't mean things will be peaceful, right?

ManIcon.png "EVER DREAM THIS MAN? every night throughout the world hundreds of people dream about this face."

This Man is something. An entity that appears in the dreams of several people in several continents of the world, with a smile and calm expression. It seems that BF met this man for the first time, but is it all a dream, or is something also affected (like LIFE?).

EminemTrepIcon.png "Look! He's nervous!"

Eminem is a hip-hop singer extremely famous for his speed when it comes to rapping, in addition to his iconic voice. In this epic rap battle of history, we will have two giants facing each other: EMINEM VERSUS SLeNDERmAN. BEGIN !

Myra Neutral.png "Back to studying! Now that you know the basics, let's practice some of the harder ones."

Myra is a witch who needs help conducting some spells so that she can pass the witch finals at her Witch Academy! She can be found in the graveyard, where ghosts of a long-forgotten past can be found. Thankfully, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were around these parts of the forest to help her out! Boyfriend won't chicken out! ...Right?

MattEdd Neutral.png "Not the face!"

Matt is one of the three main characters of Eddsworld, and he doesn't care for much. He mostly cares about his face more than anything else. He then becomes the king of...everything? WAIT WHAT-

He can also be seen... Getting trolled by BF!?

BigChungusCrystalSlimeIcon.png "Yes, it's Big Chungus."

Big Chungus is an infamous meme of a fat Bugs Bunny (ooh nah nah). He shot your girlfriend, so... I guess we're rap-battling him now for revenge? Listen, what more do you want us to say? It's literally Big Chungus.
🎵Chunga Chunga Chuga Cunga Chunga, Chunga Hoot ChungaHoot Chungahea chungahoot🎶

PapyrusIconFlipped.png "Nyeh heh heh!"

Papyrus is a human catching skeleton who always wished he was a royal guard. After (miserably) failing to capture Frisk though befriending them, he finally found another human, but he had to drop some sick beats, down to the bone.

IndlieIconNeutral.png Indie is a character created by Amazeing666, which can be accessed in debug mode of Friday Night Funkin' Boss Rush. He is a tar creature, and he has a sister called Mel.
Ridzak-Icon-V3.png "Pretty good for a kid. But you are in my city, and I will win."

RidZak is the main antagonist of VS. RidZak. He is an apomorphic demon-like creature. With no arms but floating hands. He seems to be a very timid and egotistical person. Ridzak is tasked by his boss Mr. Cash Money to make Boyfriend leave Club City by any means necessary and is given a mysterious drug called "B.A.D.". He starts a rap battle with Boyfriend to try to get him to leave, but after RidZak takes it too far, how will he fix this sticky situation?

Icon-cybbr-V3.png "How about you guys try to go against me and my DJ skills??"

Cybbr is a secondary antagonist of VS. RidZak. He is a ghost wearing a top hat and headphones. He owns a club in Club City and takes matters into his owns hands after RidZak fails to get the lovey-dovey duo out of his beloved city. But if RidZak fails, will he suffer the same fate?

LaneIcon.png "Yes I am playing that music, now please get out of here!"

Lane is a street-cleaning robot from the Night of the Funky Bot mod. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend arrive to a weird place called "Jet City" and they find a strange robot named Lane who is listening to some funky fresh beats, except the robot is the one playing them, so, naturally, Boyfriend challenges her to a rap battle.

PathIcon.png "Stupid robot, you will no longer get in my way!"

Path is a robot who's creator replaced her with Lane. She ends up thrashing Lane, Boyfriend, and Pico before Girlfriend destroys her.

LanelleIcon.png Lanelle is a character from Night of the Funky Bot and also known as the inventor of Lane. After the events of Lane getting hacked by Path, she was worried about Lane as she was completely destroyed. She is the main opponent on Week 3 of Night of the Funky Bot, rap battling the minus version of Lane.
HenryNewIcon.png "What the-!?!?"

Henry Stickmin is a stick-like character from PuffballsUnited's infamous Henry Stickmin series. True to his series, he's a stick man who's trying to rob a bank and won't let anyone ruin it for him. He's not known for talking much, but if he's on the mic, watch out! He also has a remastered version.

CharlesNewIcon.png "This is the greatest plaaaaaaan!"

Charles Calvin is the beloved pilot from the Henry Stickmin series. After a 1v1 with a Toppat goes awry, Charles finds himself needing to cool down, leading to an epic showdown with Boyfriend. You could even say that this battle will be...the greatest.

EllieNewIcon.png "Henry and I make a pretty good team too! Don't count me out!"

Ellie Rose is the tritagonist of the Henry Stickmin Collection. Following a prison escape, she decides to rap with Boyfriend while her and Henry are waiting for a rescue. It should be a good way to kill time, provided Ellie doesn't kill Boyfriend herself. She's currently a freeplay opponent who'll be getting her own week in the next version.

ReginaldIconNew.png "Well... you got us. Was it... worth it?"

Reginald Copperbottom is the leader of the infamous Toppat Clan, which has just abducted Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Dave Panpa. What nefarious schemes could Reginald be plotting? We're not sure, but like all things, it must be stopped with the power of some sick beats. He's currently a freeplay opponent, but will soon have a week of his own.

RealHenryIcon.png "Have fun..."

There's far more to Realistic Henry than meets the eye. He first appeared as a creepy redesign by merrygoat, but was brought to the world of Funkin' as another entity entirely. He's Henry's biggest fan, and just so happens to have an endless amount of power and abilities. BF is in for a surreal experience as these two will be singing endlessly.

Xigmund Neutral.png "unintelligible stock scream"

Xigmund is an alien whose UFO crashed into a park. Boyfriend is trying to take Girlfriend out for a walk (on a Friday night, of course) but they come across Xigmund, and he is not too happy about it. Rather terrified of them, actually.

He also appears in Hotline 024.

RudemundIcon.png "unintelligible stock scream"

Rudemund is an (another) alien whose UFO crashed into a park, who's quite similar to another alien except much ruder. How will Boyfriend do against this mean foe.


AgentSprinklesIcon.png AgentCuddlesIcon.png


Agent Cupcake, Agent Sprinkles and Agent Cuddles are FBI agents hailing from Alien Hominid, who are all looking for a certain alien. Unfortunately they get caught up in the situation with Xigmund and somehow all end up in a rap battle with Boyfriend.

HaroldIcon.png "Ach..."

Harold is a conspiracy theorist who's been trying to prove the existence of aliens for a while, so when he hears about Boyfriend and Girlfriend encountering one twice, he pulls them in for a little interview... But in case Boyfriend refuses to say anything, he has his double shot coffee on standby...

XigmenIcon.png "I don't feel safe."

Xigmen is a clone of Xigmund, who may not be all right in the head...

MooninitesIcon.png "I hope you can see this, because I am doing it as hard as I can"

Mooninites are characters from the adult swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

HThagomizerIcon.png "Why’s your hair like that? Are you trying to make a statement? The only statement you're making is an incredibly stupid one!"

Harris is the best, no questions asked.

DSonicNormal.png "Huh, neat."

Dorkly Sonic is the protagonist of Sonic for Hire, Old Man Sonic and many other various Dorkly shorts. The once video game star, is now washed up and always down on his luck, usually taking odd jobs, just to survive. Don’t feel too bad, though. He’s kind of a dick. He will cheat, lie, and even kill to get what he wants, with little to no remorse. He and his ragtag team of friends, always seem up to something illegal. Whether if he’s frying and buying, with Knuckles, or dealing with Mario’s mafia, this hedgehog just can’t get a break!

YIcon.png "Yoshi!"

Yoshis are small, colorful dinosaurs that live on a large island. Go read the Mario wiki if you want the full story of the game this mod was based on, Yoshi's Island. Anyway, since you're caught up by now, in an alternate timeline Magikoopa/Kamek also kidnapped the Girlfriend and Boyfriend consults a green Yoshi for help, and they're just as confused as we are when BF thinks rapping will do any good. Yeah I'm stopping before this description gets too long.

Gamma Icon.png "We now find ourselves battling for control inside of you once again."

Gamma is what Rebecca doesn't like about herself, manifested... That drive her back to a dark place. Can Rebecca defeat them... or possibly come to an understanding.

WakeupIcon.png "While the others eat, how about I jam with you to thank you for being so chil about all this?"

Giz is one of Rebecca's friends. After Rebecca passes out and wakes up in the hospital, Giz gives her a visit, along with Seberster. He has a friendly rap battle with Boyfriend, for being so chill about the situation.

SebersterIcon.png "And you didn't fuck it up."

Seberster is one of Rebbeca's friends.

RSBenIcon.png "Well I guess you were just destined to fail."

Ben is an insane cannibal stalker that admires Rebecca. He just comes to the point he doesn't accept her change, so it's love or death for our creator.

AxelIcon.png "Yo."

Axel is lost. Can you find him?

ChipsIcon.png "meow"

Chips is a cat featured in the song Lost Axel who apparently found the titular character, what are the odds?

Patrick icon.png "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

Patrick Star is one of the main characters in Spongebob Squarepants and also the main antagonist of Bikini Bottom Funkin', well, according to the description of this mod. Once upon a time in the Bikini Bottom, Boyfriend and Girlfriend have found themselves under the sea (For some unknown reasons, they can breathe). SpongeBob and Patrick were hanging out in the town of Bikini Bottom while Patrick tries to open a jar, taught by SpongeBob. Meanwhile, the two of them encountered BF and GF. Boyfriend then challenged Patrick to a rap battle, as he is literally holding a microphone (Where did he even get it from?). Patrick then accepts Boyfriend's request, how many nostalgic references can you deal with?

Spongebob icon.png "I'm ready!"

Spongebob Squarepants is the main character in Spongebob Squarepants and also the second opponent of Bikini Bottom Funkin'. After a chill rap battle with Patrick, SpongeBob returns to the town of Bikini Bottom. While Patrick is ready for another round, the krabby patty that SpongeBob bought distracted him! Patrick then tossed the microphone to SpongeBob. Boyfriend is now ready to face the enthusiastic yellow sponge friend! He also appears in the cancelled update of Vs. Spong, where he finds his imposter.

Do you watch another SpongeBob?

SquidwardIcon.png "I guess I can show you three what REAL music looks like."

Squidward Q. Tentacles is one of the main characters in SpongeBob SquarePants and the final opponent of Bikini Bottom Funkin'. As usual in the nostalgic show of SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward wanted the four of them to be quiet, due to disturbing his peace that he couldn't enjoy. After a fun rap battle with SpongeBob, Boyfriend wants Squidward to be his next opponent. This time, Squidward will show what music really is. (Sucks that his clarinet doesn't sound that good in the original show, while it sounds REALLY good in this mod)

Do you watch another Squidward?

Tconormalicon.png The Chosen One is a stick figure drawn by Alan Becker and the main antagonist of Animator Vs Animation II, later being the anti-hero of the Animator Vs Animation series. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were randomly teleported into Adobe Animate by The Second Coming and Boyfriend offers The Chosen One a rap battle, which it accepts. Will they be able to have a chill rap battle without destroying Alan's PC again?
DarkLordIcon.png The Dark Lord is another stick figure drawn by Alan Becker and the secondary antagonist of the Animator Vs Animation series. It was originally created to destroy The Chosen One, but it then joined sides with The Chosen One, until they had a solo fight with each other. After spying on The Chosen One, he then gets his own turn to rap battle Boyfriend. Careful, though, it can literally destroy things violently.
Alannormalicon.png "It talks?"

Alan Becker is a YouTuber and the creator of the Animator Vs Animation series. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were taking a look at Alan's PC until, uh, a computer cursor shows up. Alan seems to be not happy getting his PC ruined again by some blue midget. Looks like Boyfriend's starting another rap battle, but with a computer cursor.

BabyblueIcon.png One day, Boyfriend is busy babysitting his baby bro, Baby Blue Brother (by force) and he messes with him out of boredom but them he starts retaliating back. Not long after, he transforms into different people overtime. Will this babysitting mayhem ever end?! No, no it will not.
Runninggoblinicon.png "BABA!"

Running Goblin is Baby Blue Brother's best friend and has dreams of becoming a track star. After BBB is defeated, he steps in for his pal and 1v1s BF for a chaotic finale!

WindowWatcherIcon.png "Ive been watching you 3 all along. everywhere youve been, in each window... I've been there..."

The Window Watcher has freezed BBB and The Running Goblin into windows, so Boyfriend needs to beat that thing to free his brother and his friend!

KobeniIcon.png Kobeni Higashiyama is a character from the Chainsaw Man manga series. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were just hanging out, but Boyfriend was asked to a DDR battle! How will the dance battle go as Kobeni suffers through dancing?
TinkyIcon.png Tinky Winky is the famous purple teletubby from a popular Teletubbies creepypasta game, Slendytubbies. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were wandering the woods (with microphone and speakers of course) and find a Tubby Custard and a thing teleports behind them, so....they rap battle it.


"Please, Let me have my account back, PLEASE!"

"arch is back babyyy."

Arch, the man behind the September 3rd Gamebanana Meltdown, has risen from hell and has taken down many well-known FNF mods and accounts, just so that he can see the fandom collapse on itself (Even though it already did multiple times). It also has appeared that BBPanzu got his account stolen from Arch, so he sorrowfully begs Arch to let him have his account back. Will he get his account back from Arch, or will he fail and watch the community go down in flames as Arch intends?

BB also appears as his own opponent in The BBBeats mod.

KartNeutral.png "Its-a-me! Mario! Lets a go!"

Boyfriend and Mario sing while being in a friendly Super Mario Kart race! They don't seem to be focused on the road, but rather singing with each other.

RedTrainerIcon.png "You are challenged by PKMN Trainer Red!"

Trainer Red is the famous Pokémon trainer from Red/Blue, and he is battling Boyfriend to become the best there ever was (and as revenge for hitting him with a mic).

21KidIcon.png "21?"

Azavier is the 21 kid that was previously a meme called, 9+10 Vine. His meme then came back again in popularity due to those dates, 9/10/21 and 10/9/21, as they were supposed to be a meme. One day, Boyfriend was forced to rap battle with the 21 kid. Let's see how much 21's Boyfriend can deal with.

GorefieldPhase1Icon.png "H I J O N"

Hey look it's the Orange Cat Garfield but something doesn't feel right ever since T H E I N C I D E N T, that's because it isn't Garfield, it's Gorefield!

BerzerkIconNew.png "Could you leave me alone?"

Berzerk is a mysterious creature that lives in the 4th dimension. However, everything goes downhill once he encounters Boyfriend.

AshtorethIcon.png Ashtoreth is the Hebrew goddess who isn't what's discussed about her. When Boyfriend & Girlfriend got into Tartarus, her homeland, a surefire inhumane rap battle ensues. Can the couple survive this battle, or will they be turned into sacrifices for Ashtoreth's freedom?
SlaughterMeFunkin123Icon.png "GREET, FOLLOW, WAIT, REPEAT."

The Foggel Friends are a set of three puppets, The Greeter, The Follower, and The Waiter. Boyfriend is willing to challenge all three to a rap battle, but how is a scenario between the four going to work out?

JebFNMIcon.png "Goodnight Hank..."

Jebus is the lord and savior, and has just killed Hank. After finding Boyfriend he is his next target and after starting out slow a mysterious shadow infects him with a virus. Now he is getting serious and won't have any mercy on the blue rapper! Will he survive, or did he make a mistake by angering this god?

ScrapefaceFNMIcon.png Scrapeface was the answer to a question that shouldn't have been asked. After Jebus falls to the virus, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are captured by agents and thrown into Scrapeface's cell, to which he attacks them. Will Boyfriend get out of this situation, or will this inquiry erase him from existence in it's overlaying pain?
ChrisIcon .png "What a weird reason to be summoning demons..."

Chris is a demon that was summoned by Boyfriend to rap battle. Luckily, he is a friendly creature that doesn't mind taking up BF's challenge.

ChromeDinoIconConnectionDef.png Chrome Dino is the Dinosaur from the hidden Dino Game on Google Chrome's Internet Disconnected page. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were searching the internet, when suddenly, they lose their connection and come across the Chrome Dino. Now that he's come into contact with the couple, he's downloaded all the needed information about them and is ready to lay down some wireless tunes!

Boyfriend finds himself inside an old Zelda game and wonders into a temple where he finds Ben. At first bf thinks it's just a statue and attacks him but he just made the biggest mistake of his life. But he's probably friendly. But BF finds out very quickly he's not.

He also appears in another mod called Funkin' Drowned.

SkullKidIcon.png BF Continuing his Journey In this weird Zelda game he finds Skull Kid. BF thinks he looks cool so he Rap Battles Skull Kid and Things take a Insane Turn.
MattHubrisIcon.png "I understand your anger, but isn’t it misplaced?"

Matt Hubris, also known as Ifrit and Rodney R. on, is a member of the Moon Children foreshadowed in jadusable.wmv, and first encountered during the First Cycle. Prior to his disappearance, he was a moderator on the Moon Children website. When Boyfriend encounters a strange potion seller, he chooses to bug him until he finally notices him. How will this narcissistic potion seller react?

JadusableIcon.png After Matt got very Angry He Tried to kill BF but BF got Transported to a White Room full of Nothing, then Bf sees Jadusable. So BF decides to Rap Battle him (Because he's a dumbass). But he knows real quick he's very Dangerous.

Kelbris, AKA "The Father" is the current God of World άλφα and founded The Moon Children Cult off his teachings. Kelbris was also one of the first to successfully ascend and digitize his soul in World άλφα, essentially becoming a god.

DeadHandIcon.png "Watch out for its infinite hands! Aim for its head!"-Navi

Dead Hand is an enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Although not related to the BEN Drowned ARG, it was still included due to its unsettling and horrifying appearance.

OmniLadIcon.png "Why did you make me do this? You're fighting so you can watch everyone around you die. Think, Mark!"

Omni-Lad has a beeg dumpy. That's all you need to know.

Goves and Hell Neutral Icon.png "You’re the one who needs to shut up for once."
"My style is way better."

During a trip to a small store, Boyfriend wants the Twinkie that Goves bought. Soon, they rap battle for said Twinkie. After that, Hell teleport them to Hell fight with Boyfriend, but after that, Hell and Goves fight for the microphone.

Twilight SparkleIcon.png
"Clock is t-i-ticking Twilight-ight. Clock is TICKÌ̵̥͓͝Ï̵͈I̵̧̖̾Ị̸̄I̷͔̓Ȉ̶̜͘Ì̶͎--"

The Darkness is seeping everywhere, infecting everyone it touches. Boyfriend & Pibby have taken refuge in a worn-down castle, and wouldn't you know it? They've found the resident survivors of this realm, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie! Surely, if they work together, they just might be able to find a way to stop- aaaaaaand Twilight got infected. Rats!, Though maybe the power of music will help!

JavaIcon.png Java is the first half of the Funky Friday directors. Recently, his game has achieved A BILLION viewers & he felt like it's time to meet with BF himself with the rest of his gang!
Lego555444Icon.png Lego is Java's greatest pal from the development circle. Bringing his Shuba duck, he'll be spittin' code & mode onto his song "Dancing".
AussiIcon.png Aussi, aka. aus_si from his roblox username, is the head charter of the game. He has gained massive amounts of knowledge doing tons of note patterns from countless songs. Can you see some of his favorites when he busts some beats?
SunIcon.png Sun is not only one of the most experienced members of the devteam, but also the head manager of "Funky Friday". When the servers overload onto this massive celebration, he'll do whatever it takes to maintain balance on this game before it spirals into madness.
NyanCatIcon.png "meow meow meow"

Nyan Cat was a once popular internet meme about a domestic house cat with a Pop-tart as a body who flies throughout space leaving rainbow trails behind it with a looping song playing in the background. Nowadays, it looks kind of different compared to the last time you've seen this pixelated feline fly through space. Wonder what it's been up to...

SpringbonnieIcon.png "Male? Female? It’s a rabbit, Who cares."

Spring Bonnie is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's and is a springlock suit of Bonnie. After Boyfriend finds it luring children into the backroom, it challenges it to a rap battle for whatever reason, and it is cheery about it (it probably thinks BF is a child).

DoomIcon.png "You can’t."

Purple Guy, also known as William Afton, was the one inside the springlock suit, and is the man behind the slaughter. Boyfriend has struck nerve with this killer after beating him, so he ends the games and does a real battle! Will Boyfriend escape the haunted arcade before getting stabbed, or will he expose him for the evil he is?

TheShadowIcon.png "SAY MY NAME!"

RWQFSFASXC, is an unspeakable lore animatronic only seen in darkness. BF has gotten a glimpse & now he's gotta pay with musical beats.

DnmkikyoneutralIcon.png "*GASP* BUFF...*GASP* BUFF? BUFF! Buff? Oh my god. Oh my- This is the best day, of my life guys. GUYS guys AT LONG LAST BUFF!"

Kikyo is a V-Tuber and secret opponent in Date-Night Masses. When Sticky check to find Sarv in her home, he instead finds her asserting dominance over a table. They ended up getting their own weeks in thanks for the streamer builds, so enjoy her ruling over everything >:D

KingIcon.png King is the CEO of Limbo who rather wants to sit back and relax rather than rule the dead. After the events of Week 4 end in total disaster, Boyfriend and Girlfriend wake up in Limbo to find out that they are dead. In order for BF and GF to return to the living realm, they must use the power of rapping to escape.
PinkieNewIcon.png "Everypony in this town has had a Welcome to Ponyville party! and it is now your turn."

After Boyfriend and Girlfriend getting thrown out of a portal, they found the Village of Ponyville, and they meet Pinkie Pie, who wants to sing with them.

DiscordMLPIcon.png "I'm not playing fair? Perhaps we haven't met. I'm Discord, spirit of chaos and disharmony. Hello?"

As BF & Pinkie have some Fun, chocolate rain falls on herhead. That can only mean one thing: The embodiement of pure zaniness Discord has arrived in Ponyville. Just one more song's needed before the rest of Mane 6 arrives. I mean, how much insanity can he possibly squeeze in?

Mxicon.png MX is an evil version of Mario from the game Mario 85' that captures and "plays" with anyone he deems too innocent. After Boyfriend entered the world of Mario he became his next target. Will BF survive or is it game over for him?
Hj1Icon.png "Youre all shit!"

Highjinks is a fnf subreddit that hates the Soft mod and many other mods. Their mascot has captured Soft Pico and Shaya, another character they hate but after Ben comes to save them it all goes down hill!

OmoriIcon.png OMORI is the titular silent protagonist/deuteragonist of OMORI. He's been living in WHITE SPACE for as long as he can remember. Boyfriend and Girlfriend just showed up there one day (how they invaded SUNNY's dream world is a mystery) and wanted to rap battle. I don't think he's too HAPPY with your GF crushing his laptop, though. And he's definitely not HAPPY after thinking that you insulted him. Heck, he's FURIOUS, even...
GOCNewIcon.png "Suck my dick."

Agent Sammy is an agent of the Global Occult Coalition (GOC) assigned to terminate SCP's. After he finds D-BB in a control room during a containment breach, he attempts to kill him, but D-BB’s powers activate and force him into a rap battle. I'm sure nothing bad can hap- oh...

049NewNeutralIcon.png "My cure is most effective."

SCP-049, aka The Plague Doctor, escaped during the containment breach and killed Agent Sammy after his rap battle, turning him into an instance of SCP-049-2 (basically a zombie). He tries to kill D-BB too, but his effect activates and the SCP is forced to rap as well. Shall D-BB defeat the bird-man doctor, or will the other anomaly become another test subject?

ValerieNeutralIcon.png Valerie is a D-Class, one of many convicts held by the SCP foundation and used essentially as guinea pigs. Having escaped from her cell, D-BB will have to re-contain her, or die trying. (Codenamed D-8008)
LarryNewNeutralIcon.png SCP-106, aka The Old Man, is a walking rotting man that takes its prey into its own pocket dimension and leaves behind a corrosive black mass that's capable of breaking down anything. The chaos had led it right to D-BB - will 106 get its prey, or can the anomalous rapper escape it?
2521NeutralIcon.png ●●|●●●●●|●●|● 🗣️❌💀
Banjo Icon.png Guh-huh! It's Banjo, the banjo-playing bear, staring in his very own mod with his Breegull pal Kazooie! They hail from the classic gaming series, Banjo-Kazooie! Instead of using his banjo to play a song, he's come here to sing on the mic in order to help Boyfriend save Girlfriend from the evil claws of Gruntilda!
HellbreakerIcon.png *presses the keys at an abnormal speed*

Hellbreaker is a character that appears in the song with the same name. He also is the only original story mode character in Vs. Bambi Strident Crisis. Just make for sure that his song will break your fingers after you have spent some of the same scale with Expunged.

Potent Icon.png Potent is the opponent in the song of the same name and he also is the first freeplay antagonist in Vs. Bambi: Strident Crisis. It is an inverted bambi and his skin appears to be covered in television static.
Bamb Icon.png Bamb is the antagonist of his song "Ether". Heis very similar to Expunged, but it is completely black, you will find it in the freeplay of Vs. Bambi Strident Crisis, are you ready for its intense amount of Mini Ripples?
Icon-degnupxENeutral.png degnupxE is the main antagonist of his bonus song "Metaphysical". His torso and hat is a glitch/semi-kaleidoscope colored sprial. Also, his name is the word Expunged but spelt backwards.
Icon-bumbolmao.png Bumbo is an extra character from Vs. Bambi: Strident Crisis, and the main antagonist of the song "Automation". Unlike other bambisonas, he is made up of cubes and rectangles with Simon's arms and squinting eyes.
Linbi icon.png Linbi is the main antagonist of the song "Flip-Phone", he appears to be a 2009 FlipNote animation version of Bambi, and he does not understand anything that happens, except for anything within the years 2009-2012.
Icon-banbiSCNeutral.png Hjoim is the antagonist of the song "Hjoim" and "Fucked", he has a 2D form that he resembles a pitch black version of joke bambi and an origin 3D form. Also, his full name is: "hjoim, .o;iklpjnmkl,o,m bh bnmv, mghn,b c".
Nampiiconnew.png Nampi is a hidden antagonist in Vs. Bambi: Strident Crisis and the main antagonist of his bonus song "Ornery". He is a 3d entity wearing a red and blue hat followed by a yellow torso and blue legs. Also, he has an IQ of -2.
Icon-benson.png Benson is a hidden antagonist in Vs. Bambi: Strident Crisis and the main antagonist of the song "Golden". He is a version of Expunged Bambi consisting of Yellow-Orange and Black clothing, with an odd face that's too big to fit in his own head, like Unfairness Expunged.
Beepie Neutral Icon.png "Rock me, baby~"

Beepie is a fangirl who is obsessed with Boyfriend and will do anything to make him have her children and keep Girlfriend away from her plans. When BF and GF head up to the stage at the Anime Expo to challenge anyone to a rap battle, Beepie takes this opportunity to finally get her hands on her idol! Despite the sense of déjà vu, Boyfriend better prepare to try and talk some sense into this empanada-storing rocker! Also, she wants HOW MANY KIDS?!



"Reading my awful hate comments!"


Oh dear! One of the most controversial PNGTubers Jellybean was starting another round of spammed hate comments, only to be tackled by her accompanied meme, the Berzerker Skeletons. It's no time to be funny as she stands her guard against those menaces.

Staff Picks

Characters that the staff likes, but aren't popular enough to be on Honorable Mentions. They are sorted by alphabetical order.

Icon Character (Staff Pick)
Abigali neutral.png "Fine! You want a challenge? Then you'll get one."

Abigail is a space-traveling punk girl starring in her own mod. She comes from Otherwordly, an RPG game being made by the mod creator. During one of Boyfriend and Girlfriend's usual strolls, they come across her ship, which is pretty wrecked. Abigail emerges out of the rubble, and she doesn't seem too happy. Maybe a rap battle will get her in a better mood? It's worth a shot!


Bogus is a representation of a Redditor who lives in a textureless 3D landscape being held by...a giant version of himself....(WHAT?!). Boyfriend and Girlfriend somehow stumble upon him and upon seeing women Bogus fools simp mode trying to get girlfriend by beating bf in a rap battle. However, after he loses he gets kind of angry and- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!



Cabinet Battle is a mod made by BBPanzu. This is a mod based around Hamilton (Carol's favorite musical) and has Jefferson and Hamilton!
CalliopeIcon.png "I can fly."

Calliope is a girl from another dimension with the power of flight who travels with Boyfriend through the multiverse so she can get back home. When they meet up with Theo, she is scared of him, but goes along with it so they can get it over with, but when things go south, what will she do to save her and Boyfriend from certain death?

TheoIcon.png "*Psychotic Laughter*"

Theo Acrabell is a mentally unstable cultist who was inducted into said Monster worshipping cult as a child. After Boyfriend and Calliope fall out of a portal into this world he is aggressive at first, but after Boyfriend tells him they need to rap for their lives, he accepts under the condition, they get this "thing" out of him. However, the duo were not prepared for the horror and dread that would await them...

GeneIcon.png Gene may look like a familiar Mario character, but he's an outright chip-loving fellow who wants to rap it out. He joins Calliope & Theo in Friday Night Mashup.
FNCrunchinCerealGuyIcon.png "He will never be funkin."

Cereal Guy is a famous rage comic character and after attempting to record himself eating cereal...for some reason Boyfriend drops in and forces him to rap. Everything seems to be going well but after Boyfriend gets scared of his spoon he laughs so hard he might...choke a lot...

Fncrunchin legacy-song collageIcon.png Trolljak and Ifu are two prisoners of the degrading prison known as Ifunny with Trolljak being the most dangerous of them all! When Boyfriend encounters them it's a life a death situation. Their legacy is forever but will Boyfriend stand the test of time?
Chira Icon.png Just what's behind that door? Surprise! It's a toon that goes by the name of Chira, debuting in a Funkjam event. She transformed the surrounding area, and by extension, Boyfriend and Girlfriend into 1950's caricatures. Our blue haired hero soon challenged her to a musical bout. Will he best the mischievous toon, or will everything remain a product of the classics?
CobyNeutralIcon.png Coby is an interdimensional being that wants to invade Boyfriend's world and Boyfriend challenges it to a rap battle, to which it accepts. But after it loses too many times (literally 2) it doesn't go over well with a certain someone it knows.
CorruptIconNormal.png "I'll fight you, end you, and then I'll end that pathetic friend of yours."

In the future, a terrorist named Felix Josiah is executed, and his soul is put in a USB stick, which, 49 years later, is then put into the robot that became Corrupt. He plans to get revenge by cloning his robotic body and destroying all humans on Earth. After a short period of time, only a few thousand survivors remain, leading to Boyfriend and FireIce showing up to stop his sick, twisted plans, much to Corrupt's annoyance. Who will win in this life or death situation, and will Corrupt succeed in his plans to wipe out all life on earth?

Suspected low quality.png "We had fun together, but now...."

FireIce is a cat icon from Geometry Dash who is an antagonist of his own mod and a protagonist in Corrupt's mod. Pretty Simple if you ask the man that they have their own character as an antagonist of their own mod and a protagonist in another mod.

YakobIcon.png Yakob is a joke character in PWYL and is a gang leading aggressive terrorist. After Boyfriend finds himself in a strange 3D place, his is met by Yakob's gun barrel pointed as his head ready to fire! Will BF survive this shot onslaught, or will he come on top once again?
CyclopsSIcon.png Cyclops (Also known as Speed.GIF) is a faceless version of Sonic with one eye that as the ability to control people's minds. When Boyfriend encounters him he think he found Sonic but he is very wrong...Now inside his domain, Boyfriend must escape his clutches before he is put under his control!
DerkerNormal.png "Soy Derker Bluer del Yutu y quiero salir en Escuela de Influencers, avísenle a Edo ."

Derker Bluer, or El Drukis if you're feeling odd, is a Chilean Youtuber who happens to compose music from time to time, and apparently, he's attempting to steal your girl! Can't have that now, can you?!

DetraIcon.png Detra is a hungry dream eater, and Boyfriend is next on their list of dreams to eat. They eventually leave him alone, but later teams up with him to fend off Vagrant.
VagrantIcon.png Vagrant is a being compelled by music, and is also very dangerous. Boyfriend and Detra team up to fend this dangerous thing off.
FilipIcon.png "Did you know ska came before reggae?"

Filip is an anthropomorphic cat who wants to revive the ska genre of music, and Boyfriend is the right person to help him out! Fun fact: Did you know that ska came before reggae?

KiyaIcon.png Kiya is a mummy from whatever movie Boyfriend and Girlfriend went to watch at the movie theater. Daddy Dearest, like the maniac he is, pulls them out of the screen to give Boyfriend a little test. Will the mummy be able to stop BF and GF from trying to get their "alone time" or will the blue-haired hero prevail?

Koi is a light orange (and sometimes purple) fox who appears in Weeks 1 & 3 of Fuckin' Funkin' W/Koi. Prepare for a massive nostalgia airdrop now that Boyfriend has befriended her!

(Replacement for Monster in earliest version)

Newcaraneutralicon.png "There. Can you leave now?"

Caramel is a light orange bunny who appears in Week 2 of Fuckin' Funkin' W/Koi.

LuneIcon.png "runeri rune ra ree gus rune"

Lune is a Runerigus, which is native to the Pokémon series. It challenges Boyfriend to a rap battle. However, as it evolves, things might get a little rocky from there.

MarkusIcon.png "Haha!"

Markus, most commonly known as Mouse is a lab rat who is designed to look like Mickey Mouse. After Boyfriend and Girlfriend accidentally find themselves in the lab, Boyfriend challenges Markus to a rap battle, and well... Let's just say Markus isn't as humble to loss as Mickey Mouse, once he loses he becomes furious and deforms. Markus is sure he will win but once he goes for the final low on Boyfriend he is gonna learn the hard way...

CrisisIcon.png Crisis is the reborn version of Beta Mouse and is the final opponent of Disc-1 and is a friendly character that saves Boyfriend and Girlfriend from Markus and wants to help them.
ExperimentNewIcon.png "Get back here! HRGHHHHHHH!!!!""

Experiment is one of the many scrapped versions of Mouse. After Boyfriend escapes from Markus, they found Experiment searching for food ina a strange building. If they can't beat him they will be his next meal!

SuicideMouseIcon.png "Can you hear the screaming? It goes on and on and on, over and over and over and over again, and again. It never stops. It never... never ever stops!"

Suicide Mouse is a version of mickey mouse from the 30s. Once Boyfriend and Girlfriend escape Experiment they are convinced they are safe when they are dropped into a portal and bf finds himself face to wit him. Where will he lead bf and what will his depression cause the encounter to end up as? Only time will tell...

FNATIGroupIcon.png "Hey Boyfrieeeeeeeennd, I WILL EAT YOU!!!"

The Toons are a series of monsters (More specifically, Toons) from Treasure Island. When Boyfriend encounters them in the void, he may be making a mistake, because who knows what they can do to him.

CostumeNewIcon.png "We are but puppets, nothing more than a test for what's to come."

Costume is a floating Mickey Mouse head encountered in the void, he is based on a Disney creepypasta, It's Just A Costume. When Boyfriend encounters it, he may be in big trouble. Rap with caution.


MaavoNormal.png IvetteNormal.png

Prepare the spotlights, because it's Showtime!!! Featuring the eponymous trio of Maavo, Maritza, & Ivette, they are ready to put their hand-drawn melodies to the best. Plus, Maritza herself had once celebrated the Viernes Noche Webiando' with the likes of Shaggy, Matt, & even BF's big sister, Hatsune Miku!
MeltyIcon.png "FUCK YOU!!"

You and your Girlfriend go out for ice cream. But you run into the evil ice cream demon named Melty, who is able to shift through dimension at will. He takes you to a twisted version of your own reality for a rap battle. If you win, he will spare your life. If you lose, he'll cut you up into a thousand pieces.

Merellheadnew.png "I'm gonna turn you into a red streak in the pavement!"

Merell is a feisty robot cat was in the middle of a race until Boyfriend threw garbage at her as she was racing and that didn't go over too well with her. Later making amends with him after cooling down.

CT icon.png "I can take myself apart and put myself pack together again....let's see if you can"

Click-Tick is an insane robot built out of random scrap and parts that attacks you and Merell after the events of the first Week in Circuit Breaker.

FlowerIcon.png Well wouldn't you know, it's that cute flower from もぺもぺ (Mope Mope)! And it wants to sing with you too! ... What? What do you mean "scary"? It's just a flower! I mean sure there was Flowey from UNDERTALE but-
SnokeIcon.png "Why'd you throw your microphone at me?"

Noke is a miner that Boyfriend and Girlfriend encounter while looking for an emerald. Now, BF has to rap battle him in order to grab the emerald away from him! How will they hold up against this mysterious thief?

Phil icon.png "On second thought, lets not get into how dumb our names sound."

Phil Eggtree comes from the nostalgic Riddle School series. After Phil escapes class, he sees Boyfriend with the key to the school's exit and Phil must rap battle him to get the key and escape school...unless everything isn't as it seems.

Red neutral.png "So you have came through that door despite the warnings."

Red has been hired by Daddy Dearest to test Boyfriend and see if he's good enough. However, Boyfriend gets bored quickly and so a full week ensues! He also has a remastered version.

Ruria Normal Update.png "Her father has sent his Regards."

Daddy Dearest sent a skilled Mercernary to eliminate Boyfriend during your trip with his lovely girlfriend! Ruria takes her job very seriously and won't back down, so does Boyfriend think you got what it takes to fight for your life?

ScottIcon.png "Hey all, Scott here! And DAMN IT, I'm in Friday Night Funkin'! I know it's a pretty popular game, but I don't wanna be known as the guy who was in Friday Night Funkin' when I die! Well despite that this game gives a way to destroy my enemies with singing just like I always wanted, clearly! The small blue haired guy Boyfriend wants to rap battle me and that is how you solve all your problems in Friday Night Funkin' instead of something logical like y'know? First fighting. But wait, this guy just copies everything I do! How is that fair? I think my metal feeling headache I got when I woke up is making me go crazy, but is it a little...overly blue in here? Wait- WHAT AAA-"
Shroom Neutral.png Shroom is a mysterious figure in a green shirt with a pink tie. One question, though... who exactly are they? Are they a backup dancer? Why are they trying to catch the Philly Train? This man leaves us with more questions than answers. But they might be answered as Boyfriend takes him on in a rap battle of life and death!
SkiNewIcon.png "Pow!"

Wow, the Ski! This adorable little "Sky" appears in some of Bluefrok's videos, getting herself into all sorts of zany misadventures. Why don't you take a look at what she goes through on a typical day?

She also appears in the Skyverse mod as "Ski 64".

FlipSideStalker-Icon.png Stalker Girl is.. well, a stalker. Originally found in the files for the Mom, this lady knocked out Boyfriend and brought him to her bedroom. Will he be able to convince this psycho lady that kidnapping is wrong through Funkin'? Only one way to find out... Though, why does this feel familiar...?
FlipSideRoy-Icon.png Roy is one of those bullies featured in the Spooky Month series. Looks like this fellow had found another junior to pummel, but only on beats.
FlipSidePumpkin-Icon.png Pumpkin Monster is a scrapped concept design of Monster.
FlipSideDarnellIcon.png Darnell is a character featured in the Pico's School series.
CarlosIcon.png "C'mon!"

Carlos is your average henchmen who serves for Mommy Mearest. This time, instead of dancing in the background, he takes his moves to the foreground!

EtaNeutral.png Ethan: The main coder of the mod, and a god among them.


EJIcon.png EJ is here to remind you, that Kitty Killjoy is NOT Nekofreak!!!
SuctionCupMan Neutral.png "F*** YOU, YOU CAN'T KILL SUCTION CUP MAN, LOOK AT ME GO!"

Suction Cup Man is a character created by Piemations, where he is inspired by a real life incident of a man climbing up with suctions cups at Donald Trump's tower. He also likes to climb to towers since he thinks it's funny himself. One day, Boyfriend walks through the business tower and sees the legend himself climbing the tower with suction cups. Boyfriend wants him to leave the tower alone, but he can only go up for some reason. Boyfriend then asks him for a rap battle, and he accepts it.

Torrent Icon.png Torrent.xml is a hardcore computer virus that won Funk Jam. He meets BF after baiting him on free audio samples & is ready to loot his info. But seriously, he's the least popular winner among the three best chosen, why didn't they notice him?

/v/-tan is the personification of the "/v/ - Video Games" board of 4chan. Fraught with anger and contrarianism, he proclaims other rhythm games to be superior to Friday Night Funkin' and vulgarly engages Boyfriend in a battle using a DDR pad.

CancerIcon.png "You're an energetic fellow, /v/... But that cost will slip ya."

Cancer Lord is the personification of the cancer that is killing the "/b/ - Random" board of 4chan. Adept in horribleness, just like the board is, Cancer Lord challenges Boyfriend while his underlings destroy /v/-tan's house.

SneedIcon.png "Well, well. Look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy German car."

Chuck & Sneed are two farmers that work at Sneed's Feed and Seed, a convenience store close to the farm where Homer Simpson grew up. Boyfriend drops by for some batteries to recharge his mic, but he's still not prepared for another rap battle (at low batteries, nonetheless).

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro is the main villain in Vibrant Venture, and who decided to lock Boyfriend behind bars for committing the most serious crime in Australia according to Bing, unless Boyfriend beats him in a rap fight.
ViolastroBotIcon.png ViolastroBot was created by the magnificent villain himself. As a bonus freeplay character, this bot does more than his master can do.
VenturersIcon.png The Vibrants are a team of protagonists straight from Vibrant Venture. When BF & GF joined Violastro's side, it seemed natural they'll do whether it takes on saving.
WiiManNormal.png Wii Man is the persona of SuperWiiBros08, which is notably infamous for its Among Us Kills and even a big commenter on SiIvaGunner. He wants to give in a funky shot just like KadeDev, & he sure has some friends along the way.
BooLumNormal.png Boolia & Lumee are the impressive ghost pair that aren't siblings (like Tanner & Marie), instead are dating. With a knack for scares, they bop into BF's friendly beat.
HornsBoyNormal.png Horns Boy is a diligent demon with hollow eye sockets. If BF wants a well-deserved challenge, he follows the demonic greats by bringing in a song so painful, it shows him no mercy.
FuzzyFluffyNormal.png Fuzzy Fluffy is your standard cooling fuel after all these tough battles. After dealing with this horned demon, we all needed a break for hardcore singing & just bring in a breather. Luckily, that bunny's the right one for the job!
FunkelionIcons.png "What's wrong with running away from reality if it sucks?!"

"It is simply the duty of the elite to protect the ignorant masses."

"I am neither false nor fake. I am simply me."
Well, this is most certainly unexpected! Its the cast from Evangelion! When Shinji boards a train all by himself, he finds that he is (not) alone, and is accompanied by Boyfriend and Girlfriend! Shinji... doesn't seem like the type of person who likes this kind of company very much, though. In fact, he might even find it cringe.


These mods aren’t famous enough to be with the rest, but they do have their own mods/revamps. They are sorted by alphabetical order

Icon Character


"Mira niño esto es un canal de tv. U n C a n a l."

"Tulio, ellos estan de vacaciones."

While looking for Girlfriend, Boyfriend stumbles upon the studio of Chilean TV show 31 minutos. And just his luck: someone's accidentally left the door open! Now he's trying to get an autograph from Tulio Triviño, the conductor of the show.

Oh, and there's also Bodoque, the program's star journalist.

AdamIcon.png "Then we shall commence, Sir XML. "

One day, Daddy Dearest got sick of Boyfriend once again. This time, he sent him to a dimension where only permitted can use their powers. While walking around, they see Adam. A Starlin trapped by Daddy Dearest after some mistaking. For fun, Adam and Boyfriend decide to rap battle.

ChosbyIcon.png "heyo!"

After Adam was passed out after some tingling, he comes back into his homeland dimension. Unfortunately, he has become a black hole, so he doesn't have that much time left. But then he stumbles upon Cosby, a friendly little Starlin who challenges Adam to a rap battle. (Wow, this feels very familiar...)

Akali Icon.png Abandoning the Kinkou Order and her title of the Fist of Shadow, Akali now strikes alone, ready to be the deadly weapon her people need. Though she holds onto all she learned from her master Shen, she has pledged to defend Ionia from its enemies, one kill at a time. Akali may strike in silence, but her message will be heard loud and clear: fear the assassin with no master.
AlexBirdIcon.png There is only one thing Alex Bird loves, and it's being legal. He is an Angry Birds OC from AlexR2012. Boyfriend was on a holiday trip to piggy island, just to enjoy himself from the stuff he's been through. But wait, Alex Bird appears and challenges you to a "legal" rap battle. I'm pretty sure it's gonna go fine!
AlexiaIcon1.png "Now's your turn!"

A long time ago, BF used to be great pals with a crimson girl named Alexia. But when a freak accident made her subject to cybernetic experimentation, she had escaped & turns to her former friend to help get out of misery. Just as soon as she doesn't go berserk & destroys the entire town in the process...

AllegroIcon.png "My name is ALLEGRO! METRONOPOLIS' Street performer!"

Welcome, welcome! As Boyfriend enters the mysterious music city of Metronopolis, he soon encounters Allegro, who intends to give him a tour. Of course, Boyfriend's still only interested in music battles, and Allegro is willing to oblige. Just make sure you have enough time left over for the tour. Visitors have to leave by evening, after all.

AmalgamateJevilIcon.png "WHAT... WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, ME?"

The adventures of Boyfriend & Girlfriend have led them into the depths of Card Castle, where they encounter Jevil, everyone's favorite indie game jeste– Jevil? Everything okay there, buddy?

Ball Icon.png One day, while Boyfriend & Girlfriend walked among the street, an Animated Ball stood on their way. It sounds a bit stupid, but it can challenge them to a rap battle. Boy, that ain't the only thing BF's forced to fight inanimate things...
AntipathyPaledIcon.png "Feeling tough, midget? Do you think I have the patience to deal with your shit?! GET OUT OF MY WAY."

Antipathy Hank is very, VERY angry after Boyfriend rap battles him. Maybe he will calm down a little- WAIT, nope, seems Boyfriend just hit him with his mic. Does he have a death wish?!

ASCIIIcon.png Well, what do you look about that? There's an another screen-faced character around here & his name's ASCII. Though less popular than the others (eg. Hex, Corrupt, NDXL), he still brings up a familiar beat.
Atlanta Neutral.png Upon the shore, BF & GF had encountered a sophisticated mermaid named Atlanta. BF wants to know more on this fishy fellow, but when she brings in her bass, let's hope she ain't turned into fish sticks.
Avenue Neutral.png Avenue is a hybrid vulture who was formerly associated with Daddy Dearest, but now spends his days as a debt collector. As Boyfriend and Girlfriend enter a seedy bar, this guy catches their attention and proceed to talk to him. Who knows what could happen when he's around?
Tile000.png Bamding is a Bambi inspired character and is the main character of the VS Bamding mod. After rap battling Boyfriend (and losing), Bamding and Boyfirned meet other Bambis in the the dimension they are in...
BananaslammaIcon.png Bananaslamma is a monkey who lives in the Australian outback. While Boyfriend and Girlfriend were going on a trip to the Australian outback, they spotted a monkey that wanted a rap battle with Boyfriend. How will Boyfriend deal with Bananaslamma himself?
Baphicon.png Baphie is a cultist goat who did nothing wrong (so to speak). While awaiting the devil's return, he spends some time by rapping against BF. I mean, a goat that tries to contact to Satan, what can possibly go wrong???
Barbarian Champion Neutral.png The Barbarian Champion is the first boss character in Castle Crashers, and as well as Boyfriend's first opponent that he's facing. He is the only character finished in the cancelled and discontinued mod, Castle Crashers Boss Rush, as the rest of the Castle Crashers bosses aren't finished yet.
The Baron's neutral icon (better version).png "Okay, enough is enough."

The Baron just received a distressing call coming from Tankman about "two teenagers", said teenagers immediately show up in Major's vision, and The Baron will fight against them in the honor of Tankman.

BasicCatIcon.png Basic Cat is well, a basic cat from The Battle Cats series. It does grow muscular arms and a mohawk later on.
Berry normal icon.png Berry is a Hispanic angel and a hidden character that can be accessed in the freeplay menu.
Bean neutral icon.png Bean is a sentient moon rock piece that is looks like a cheese with a top hat, legs, and eyes. Bean also happen to be in a clan with other sentient moon rock pieces on the Moon. Oh, you wanted to ask how Boyfriend and Girlfriend got onto the moon to have a rap battle against Be- SHUT.
BeebzNormal.png Beebz is an incoming protagonist to the developer's upcoming game. While busy traversing the town, she encounters BF & is ready to break it down.
BeegieIcon.png Beegie is Girlfriend's pet bunny with a short temper and a funny appearance! While waiting for Girlfriend so that they can go to the skate park, Boyfriend wants to have a rap battle to pass the time. Nate Anim8 declines, but he lets Beegie step up and rap!
Bendycart icon.png Bendy is the adored-turned-forgotten cartoon of his eponymous series, Bendy and the Ink Machine. As one of the other plans by Daddy Dearest, he apparently locked BF in the old Joey Drew Studios, where Bendy is. Do you think he'll get out of here?

Aside from the entire reskin mod that's still in the works, he also appeared in Indie Cross.


Benson is one of the main characters from Regular Show and he is the park manager of Pops' House. Boyfriend decides to slack off one day while Benson is around, angering him. He then wants to rap battle instead of going back to work. Will he get fired?

He also has a mod over BF

BerdlyIcon.png Berdly, the top rival, has gotten more than his head when Boyfriend dropped by. Those smart bars he'll whip out might be a bit more than school work, considering he used to fued against Kris.
BlackjackIcon.png Blackjack is a professional gambler that simply couldn't lose. Learning the demonic arts of high stakes gambling, this demon's about to make his next big win! Not for Boyfriend's case.
BlenderMonkeyIcon.png Face off against Blender Monkey, also known as Suzanne, in the third dimension! Blender Monkey has a monkey head that's affectionately referred to as Suzanne, a reference to the ape in two of Kevin Smith's films: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Mallrats (close to the end). In fact, the annual awards festival at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam is called the Suzanne Awards.
CubeIcon.png Shortly after BF had beaten Suzanne (as noticed above), the Cube congratulates his efforts, then rap battles him anyway. After that, he considers dealing against his other friends in this TOO HIGH QUALITY mod.
BlueberryIcon.png Itsumi's cousin, Blueberry, has been looking for her for so long, and one day, they finally reunite after what felt like a lifetime. Some time later, they encounter Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Blueberry is a fan of the couple and asks for a rap battle! With Salty and Itsumi exhausted from their long adventure, it's time for Blueberry to take the wheel!
Icon-bolbo.png Bolbo is another Bambi/Expunged based character, who enjoys facts, and living in the 3D world! What happens when a new challenger from the 2D world appears, though?
BossJSABIcon.png Boss is the primary antagonist of Just Shapes & Beats. BF likes to be aware of his gaming surroundings by dealing with this bopping warhead. Just Rap, Rap, Rap to the beat, or you'll be shattered blueball meat, meat, meat.
BrodyIcon.png "Yo mama!"

Brody Foxx is the guy who makes Yo Mama jokes in the Yo Mama channel itself! After witnessing the craze in a Friday Night, Brody has finally come up with some jokes so savage, it'll risk blueballing Boyfriend. Will you last this roasting sensation?!

IconBooQueen.png Brooklyn, the Boo Queen, has trapped GF inside of the portrait! Now BF has to reclaim her back. Does anyone notice that she's inspired from that familiar king?
She also has a neo version.
CarmenIcon.png "She was pushed."

While scrolling through the internet, Boyfriend stumbles upon the tale of an unfortunate soul named Carmen Winstead. It comes with a warning you'd expect to see in a chain e-mail: share it with 15 people after reading it, or get sent to the grave. Boyfriend, of course, disregards the copypasta's warning. You might already have an idea of what happens next.

Cc icon new (keneth).png The Cartoon Cat is a terrifying and immensely powerful humanoid cat coming from the strange world of Trevor Henderson. For some reason, he's now here modded into Friday Night Funkin! Boyfriend will have to Run Away fast if he wants to Outrun This Cat... thing!
CatIcon.png Cat is, well... a cat. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were invited at an Italian place where cats usually go by, smelling some good lasagna. Did this cat invite you for lunch or a... rap battle?
Cherry icon normal.png Cherry is an undead woman with an amazingly strong & stretchy set of hair. When BF was buzzing by, things will surely get tangled from here.


One day, BF & GF went to the Land of the Rising Sun, where they cool down in a cat patissiere after some hair mishap. While awaiting for their orders, the two cat maids Chocola & Vanilla want to reach their orders, only to end up rap battling him. But that's a scratch minimun to what Patissierre la Soleil will expect with their unique selection of cats.
Icoguard.png When BF & GF got warped into Squid Game, he stops by to deal with Circle Guard to know what's going on. What follows will leave him in Red Light, Green Light.
ClipIcon.png Clip is the one that has been ordered to guard the door for his town on this particular Friday night. Boyfriend and Girlfriend end up here via boat, and Clip gives them a little visit. He seems to remember them from somewhere.
ConicIcon1.png Clone Sonic is one of the main characters in a fan made FNAF game, Five Nights at Sonic's, and also the main antagonist in his own mod. One night, Boyfriend explores the Arcade Room and encounters this familiar guy. Alright! It's time to rap!
CloudIcon.png Cloud is an obsessed fan girl of Senpai, a Friday Night Funkin' character from Hating Simulator. One day, she was desperately looking for a game, which is again, Hating Simulator. Boyfriend and Girlfriend were about to trash the game, but were interrupted by Cloud, asking for a rap battle on who gets to keep the game. That would be pretty pointless at this point for Boyfriend but will Cloud get the game to simp hard?
Clownso Neutral.png Clownso is a cute clown. They entertain themselves by causing havoc for others, and they're the mascot of the local fair.
Buzzcut Neutral.png "Today we're going to be talking about..."

Coach Buzzcut is a character from Beavis and Butthead. He is one of Beavis and Butt-head's teachers in their high school and was known for the We're gonna be talking about meme that got popular. Boyfriend and Girlfriend wanna get freaky on a Friday night, Coach Buzzcut stops them and instead teaches them about sex education. How Boyfriend get through this, education thing, when he's about to burst out his laughter in a rap battle?

Codisticon.png One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend appear out of seemingly nowhere and into Codist's bedroom. That's the plot. Have fun.
ColinIconNew.png Colin is a character from the changed mod. He is a survivor of the infection and is very apathetic. After a run in with a monster, he meets up with Boyfriend in his lab and has a rap battle him, even though there could be monsters coming at any moment.
PuroIconNew.png Puros are characters from the changed mod. The infection caused a group of these creatures to be created, and Boyfriend ends up rapping a very lazy one. But don't touch the crystals behind them. EVER.
DrKIconNew.png Dr. K is a character from the Changed mod. He is an infected mad scientist that meets up with Boyfriend for a rap battle after beating Puro. Unfortunately, after a gas leak, Boyfriend gets infected as well and umm... I think I'm getting flashbacks.
Djicon.png "Hello! Old friend!"

Conner is a white cat that was friends with BF when he was young. They get to reunite when one day, Boyfriend was performing on stage and Conner challenges him to a rap battle. Who will take the stage?

CrashIcon.png "WOAH!"

Crash Bandicoot is the main character of his video game series, named Crash Bandicoot which is just like his name. He encounters Boyfriend by hearing his rapping skills according to Aku Aku, and wants to have a few rounds with Boyfriend for fun! Let the rap battle begin!

CaddicarusIcon.png "Greetings and salutations my beautiful people and welcome to the Caddicarus show where I have to do the dirty deed of deciding whether things deserve to be slaughtered or salvaged."

One day, Caddicarus decides to look through the world of Friday Night Funkin' mods, when he meets the big cheeses themselves and is forced to rap battle him.

Creamicon.png "rap me, or noob"

Cream is a living soft serve ice cream that is comedy 100. While Boyfriend and Girlfriend were literally "gettin' freaky on a Friday night, yeah" in a public park, they came across this dude. I don't think Cream should be out here on such a hot day though, or he might reach his melting po- Oh god oh fuck oh shit are you ok bro

Well, that's how it feels to drive a Ford-F250.

CubIcon.png Cub is the default cube from Geometry Dash. When BF & GF entered his realm, he has to funk to the beat to avoid being spiked.
CyanNeutral.png You go into among us again, get killed, and find Cyan! Be careful to not piss him off, because he can get very angry and will try to disintegrate you.
DeimosAIconNeutral.png Deimos is a character from Madness Combat and plays a role in Madness Combat 9: Aggregation. In this mod, he rap battles Boyfriend while someone is driving the car. How will things go while chaos happen?

He also seemed to have a mod that reskinned Garcello, but kept his voice...

DeliriumIcon.png Delirium is a manifestation of the white light at the end of the tunnel when you die. It seems to have moved on from his former host, Isaac, and moved on to Boyfriend. Will Boyfriend get past death, or will he be forgotten forever?
DemetriosIcon.png Demetrios is a four-eyed creature found in a vaporwave-like realm. Because of reasons, he is now battling with Boyfriend to see who's the best at rap!
DevNewIcon.png Devin Action is a superhero who defends his town and saves te world. After his last battle, he decided to hit up Boyfriend for a rap battle.
Displo Neutral.png "You know I wasn't designed to work like this, right...?"

Displo is a robot, who is running "Displo's", a bar! While the Girlfriend is sitting on a piano, the Boyfriend is pushing this robot solely made for bar-tending to its breaking point with music! Will the two manage to make it out alive? Kidding, it's just a bartender. Unless...

DogeIcon.png Doge is a Shiba Inu that is best known for being a reaction meme. One day, Girlfriend decides to adopt Doge as her and Boyfriend's pet. Though the doge actually plans to be who GF truly cares about, his and BF's rap battle could prove a change of heart!
WalterIcon.png Walter is a Bull Terrier, also best known for being a reaction meme. He challenges BF and GF to an arena-sized rap battle... TO THE DEATH!
DoorIcon.png *door noises*

Ok, this is just stupid, because a simple Door came to life and battles Boyfriend. Is he ok?

DoorSalesmanIcon.png Door to Door Door Salesman is your typical door thie— I mean, a guy who sells doors that he claims are his own (ignore the screwdriver). Will you take his offer?
DoxxieNeutral.png After getting killed by Boyfriend in a first person shooter, Doxxie tracks down his home address, comes over to his house, and raps against Boyfriend in order to get revenge.
DraculauraIcon.png Draculaura is one of the main characters of Mattel's barbie supernatural clone, MONSTER HIGH. BF has wandered onto the halls of this class & encountered this vampire.
Drx (2).png DRX-49 is a hitman from the year 2075. The thing about DRX-49 is that he will stop at nothing to finish the job. Even causing the universe to collapse on itself. He is one robot you don't want to mess with!
Dunkneutral.png "Don't mess with this dino, dork!"

Dunkin is ready to rap battle whoever steps in his way, and Blue Boyfriend and Girlfriend are the unlucky ones. Will you prove this big bully who's boss?

EmmiIcon.png One night, BF & GF had wandered to a distant haunted house for something to drink, but they had awakened the spirit of Soda Drinks, Emmi. In order to pay for that soda, BF has to rap battle it out. This will get a bit thirsty.
EnysmoIcon.png Enysmo is here, and don't confuse him with Hex... or Static or Displo or Cyrix- okay, he's another TV head. Well, at least he's got a gun this time! ... Wait, what?
EscapeConvictNeutral.png An Escape Convict has one desire: to experience pain. Having others suffer pleases him even more. So BF has to keep his chill to get out of this maniac.

Next stop: the arcade. Your next opponent is Evil Otto. Hmm... doesn't seem too threatening. Surely, you can get out of this one alive, right?


Roy has led BF & GF to the haunted house, where they met a dazzling encounter to the Eyes of the Universe. As one of Skid & Pump's friends, he surely can pass up a song or two. But when the duo arrives, EVERYONE has to bring in the Spooky Dance.

FancyIcon.png Fancy Pants is the protagonist of the popular game series, The Fancy Pants Adventures. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are trapped inside the notebook by Daddy Dearest (He seems to really like trapping people in stuff), and apparently they can get out by rap-battling Fancy Pants...? I don't even know how that works, but let's just roll with it.
FARADEY Icon Neutral.png Faradey is a Russian Fenech Youtuber who guides BF & GF to the land of Yellow Hills. I mean, is it ok to make a rap battle out of a tour throughout the lands???
BravuFastToonIcon.png FastToon is one of those Among Us Youtuber Beans with questionable content. Being chosen as Crewmate, he taps in with BF to get the beat going.
FaxNeutral.png Rapping against the door's merely the tip of the iceberg because a fax machine became sentient & raps at him for 3 songs straight.
FearIcon.png Fear has reached his ultimate form of being sentient, & the first person to experience it is BF himself.
Fire IconNormal.png Fire is a Ghost Plantoid from Advendure. He doesn't seem so fond with Boyfriend attempting to challenge Feri during one of her concerts.
Kaleigh IconNormal.png Kaleigh is a Banshee Plantoid from Advendure. She's very angry that you defeated her boyfriend (not that it matters cause she's dead lmao), and is going to try to stop you from reaching Feri out of revenge.
Feri IconNormal.png Feri is a Plantoid from Advendure. One day, Boyfriend wants to challenge the Plantoid Pop Star during one of her concerts. This leads to him causing a ruckus that really shouldn't have happened, especially with a pop star like Feri. Better hold on to something, then.
Fidget icon regular.png Fidget Spinner is an anthropomorphic red fidget spinner. He exists in the object show universe. In the mod, Boyfriend enters a random portal that appears and finds Fidget Spinner.
Jakefinn.png Corrupted Jake and Finn the human They are the protagonists of the Cartoon Network series "Adventure Time" but with Pibby's corruption. They are the opponents at CN Takeover.
FizzIcon.png Fizz is a spirit that resides in arcade machines, like the one BF plays on. Trapped upon demon contract, she spends her time recently by rapping with him as the arcade goes on. Who knows when she overheats herself...
Flatline head.png Flatline is a robot built by Daddy Dearest to rival Boyfriend in rap battle! Used with materials made from hatred and old things that could be found, he's built to overpower him vocally! As BF and GF were about to leave for a vacation, Flatline challenges him to a rap battle. The only problem: He's managed to fall in love with Girlfriend at first sight. So instead of doing the job at hand, it now becomes a duel for the girl! Time for Boyfriend to kick the buckets off of this moving contraption!
DooplissIcon.png Welcome to Friday Night Foldin', where Boyfriend will face... Hmm. That's odd. The database doesn't have a name for this guy.
FFGICONSMALL.png French Fry Guy is a singer turned police officer. He appears in Friday Night Funkin': Beach Brawl. Boyfriend takes a stroll along the boardwalk and encounters him! Wondering what to do, he challenges him to a rap battle! How will things end?
FridgeIcon.png Boyfriend feels a bit tired after going through a lot of opponents, he winds up hallucinating a rap battle against a Fridge! Yeesh, looks like he needed a break.
Fueg0Icon.png "Yeah, I've been meaning to show this song to someone for a long time, so let's rock."

After Boyfriend and Girlfriend leaves an unspecified club, they encounter a man by the name of Fueg0, who was sobbing about everything being lost and ruined. The two of them attempt to cheer him up by singing a song that he wanted to cover a long time ago. Surely, this worked out at the end, right?

FunkIcon.png Funk is a grey humanoid who let themselves into Boyfriend's house for a rap battle. It seems inviting... but do you really trust them?
FunkyKongIcon.png Funky Kong is a groovy ape hailing from the Donkey Kong series. Daddy Dearest has thrown Boyfriend and Girlfriend into the virtual world once again, but what he didn't realize is that they were sent into Mario Kart Wii! After strolling down Coconut Mall, they encounter this cool dude with cool shades and a rap battle commences! Watch out for those shells, though!
Furcorn Neutral.png Furcorn is a character from the hit 2013 mobile game My Singing Monsters. Heralding from Plant Island, Furcorn would be as happy to sing along with Boyfriend along with its monster friends!
PibbGarcello.png "I haven't experiencied something this tragic in a while"

Pibby Garcellois the corrupted version of the original Gracello. After being corrupted, his right hand becomes a cigarette butt and he has a long smile. Not to be confused with the original Garcello.

Glitchy icon remastered.png
Glitchardo is a character created by Glitchy ツ, he hates among us and will kill anyone who says amogus.
GokuIcon.png "Hey! It's me, Goku!"

Goku is the strongest Super Saiyan in all of the Dragon Ball series (but not as strong as Shaggy, lol). Boyfriend wants to know what that felt like, & so the will of powerful strength begins.

GingerNeutralIcon.png "Haha!, adventures await!"

GingerBrave is the starter cookie of his franchise, Cookie Run. As his kingdom got even bigger each month, it started to attract unexpected visitors. The only way to brace this encounter is only forward, as he said it.

CorruptLilyIcon.png "P̴̰͈̼̓̋u̷̡̓͝p̴̮͐̌̽ͅp̸̦̚͝i̴͓͚̔͆̿e̴̞̹͝s̴̝̋ ̵̡̣̦̃á̵͔̗̃n̵̪̞̪̎̑d̶̫̗͍̄̈̓ ̴̙͓͎͊k̶̼͖̹̏̐i̷̬͗͊t̷̮͊͗͘t̵̡̘̩̐̈ẻ̶̩̟͈̐n̴̲̈́s̶̡̯̪͠!̴̧̃̒̄ ̶̤̜̩̓͝Ť̶̢͍h̷̨̭̀e̵̺͗͜ ̶̊̋ͅp̷̗̓o̵̤̖͒̉w̸̺̘̚̕e̵̲͚͋r̴̤͇͒͝ ̵̤͖͚̈͊̔o̵͍̝͆̑f̵̡̭͓͆͛̀ ̸̺͙̐l̶̫͙̂͘̚͜ȯ̶̬́v̴̧̢̏̾͐e̵̥̓͋!̸̗͎͚͑͠ ̴̢͈̑̂I̶̥̟͂'̵̜̮͋̏̕m̷̳͙̖͒ ̷͚̬̼̔́̕G̴̱̽l̴͚̲͊̀̕ỉ̸̝̒̀͜ť̵̟ṯ̴̙̀͘e̸̞̽͆r̴̡̲̝̈́ ̷̛̭̣̎P̷̠͛͌e̶̻̮̳̍ą̶̝͉̑c̸͕̮̒͑͝e̴̱̝̰̐̌̈́!̷̱́̊̄"

Glitter Peace was next to fall to the Pibby corruption, and now Boyfriend must reverse the effects of the corruption on this victim. Will Boyfriend succeed on this perilous task that is nothing new to him, or... no?

MoonRabbitIcon.png "Oh, ya like wice cakes too?"

Moon Rabbit Cookie is a special Harvest Moon Festival cookie that brings a lucky vibe. With an addiction for rice cakes & a puffier marshmallow-esque body, she braces on the new visitor BF on this second week.

SquidNeutralIcon.png "Just a little... Cookie..."

Squid Ink Cookie is once seen when the team braced through the depths of the Tropical Soda Islands. Now free from the curse, this sorrowful shiny lover takes after Moon Rabbit's spot in the limelight. Now all it wants to do for us is to give shinies...

TwizzlyNeutral.png "Which world should I port over to next?!"

After a splendid performance, Twizzly Gummy Cookie gives BF a truly electrifying performance. Having recently broken out of the Time Balance Department, she leads a horde of misfits to cause chaos between worlds. Now where's Croissant cookie when you need him...

RascalsGorbiniIcon.png "Okay, you're pretty good. How about we try something a little new?"

Gorbini is a teenager who lives in a house. One day, Boyfriend went to his house to impress Girlfriend he shows up and catches boyfriend in the act. To prevent him from calling the cops, Boyfriend must defeat him in a rap battle, but Gorbini has some tricks up his sleeve! ...Wait a minute. Does he live alone or was that another person you saw not there? Do you hear footsteps?

RascalsQuiltIcon.png QU1LT is Gorbini's roommate and is to say the least not happy you broke in... Shortly before he showed up, he ate his glow sticks he was holding and went crazy, busting in and smashing glow sticks on the walls. And now, Boyfriend must face him for the finale since Gorbini just... uh... left... or something.
Gregs.png "OK, let me get something straight: This is a JOURNAL, not a diary. I know what it says on the cover, but when Mom went out to buy this thing I SPECIFICALLY told her to get one that didn't say "diary" on it. Great. All I need is some jerk to catch me carrying this book around and get the wrong idea."

Greg Heffley is the main character of the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid franchise. Boyfriend comes to challenge him in a wimpy day and a wimpy way

Susan.png "Greg!"

Susan Heffley is a character of the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid franchise. Boyfriend comes to challenge her in a wimpy day.

SporkIcon.png "Look I know the idea sucks, but it's for the sake of a semidecent plot."

Grunko is an alien who may seem threatening at first, but just wants to do some singing with Boyfriend! In fact, he wants Boyfriend to write a song for his planet's anthem. Of course, it isn't all happy-go-lucky rapping...

GruntGamingIcon.png Hey guys *coughing*, welcome back to another Grunt Gaming video. so uhhhh, today we're gonna be fighting the boyfriend from friday night funkin because he uh broke into my house and he won't fucking leave until I rap battle him so uh yeah."
GunterIcon.png "wenk."

Gunter is one of the penguins from the nostalgic Adventure Time. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend found themselves in Ice King's castle and, errrrrrr, they found a penguin that Boyfriend wants to rap battle with. How will things go with this cute fella?

H-4CKIcon.png H-4CK is the specialist when it comes to breaking through anything technical. His latest target is this game, & Boyfriend ain't be happy about it.
HatKidKokoroIcon.png After Boyfriend and Girlfriend has curiously touched a time rift in an untold location, they were transported to a spaceship and then later met Hat Kid. They later have a rap battle, until..
Singleicon.png "i found a way to cheat in Kahoot" -Smartest Way to Cheat in Kahoot

Hecker is one of professional hackers straight from Beluga. Calling in from Discord, this lab experiment wants to take things to the next level. How you ask? By using voice chat to rap Boyfriend, that's what!

NEWHeptaNormalIcon.png "Finger breaking time."

Hepta is a Roblox Character that lives in Funky Friday. Boyfriend and Girlfriend fell through a portal and met him! He appears in the Mod "Vs Hepta"

PatrickSandyIcon.png "Hey SpongeBob!"
"*laughing noises*"

Hey SpongeBob is a mod based on a meme named Hey SpongeBob itself. When Sandy and Patrick enters SpongeBob's house and sees Boyfriend, Patrick begins to laugh real hard while having a seizure and rap battles Boyfriend.

Homer icon.png "D'OH!"

Homer Simpson is the father of the Simpson family from... well, The Simpsons. However, he wants to rap against Boyfriend just because either he didn't like the beer, or something about Barney Gumble laying down there.

HoodIcon.png Hood is a mysterious enigma that roams around in his mod. Boyfriend wants to know what deal this figure's handling with.
EpsilonIcon.png Epsilon appears alongside Hood, but this almost monochromic fellow had other plans.
Hotdogfirsticon1.png "just take the hotdog, dude."

Hotdog Vendor is the friendly Hot Dog Vendor from Madness Combat, in the mod by Dup and various others, Boyfriend raps against him in hopes of getting a free hot dog.

ImpostorBFIcon.png "I came here to replace you."

Jack, or the Impostor Boyfriend, is an alien imposter and bounty hunter set on replacing Boyfriend and sending him to the Zero Zone after being bribed by Daddy Dearest. After failing too many times in rap battles against him, however (in part due to his terrible singing skills), he would eventually end up on good terms with Boyfriend. He has four mods featuring him as the opponent, with the second mod having Boyfriend fight a shadow version of him in his dreams. Jack also has a friend named Javier.

Isaac Neutral.png "No, no, Mom, I just-"

Isaac is a lonely child from the Binding of Isaac series. Having gone through many hurdles in his life, including hellacious dungeons and nearly being sacrificed, an encounter with Boyfriend should be no different!

BBIconIsaacsolo.png The Blue Baby is the undead corpse of Isaac after his suffocation in his toy box. After his encounter with Boyfriend in The Chest, naturally, they rap battle.
Avariceiconiguesssolo.png The Shopkeepers are corpses with one job: to watch their shop. This one, however, seems to still be alive, and wants to rap with Boyfriend while trying to, perhaps, strike a deal.
Deliriumisdying.gif Delirium makes his return, attempting to kill Boyfriend through a rap battle. Using Boyfriend's old foes to his advantage, could this really be the end for Boyfriend?
IscreamNewIcon.png Boyfriend was just jumping through dimensions to find somebody to rap with, until Boyfriend found a blank dimension. After a while of exploring, Boyfriend found Iscream talking to a few of his friends. 5 seconds later, Iscream notices Boyfriend and has a rap with him.
JavarehabNormal.png Boyfriend and Girlfriend went to a honeymoon at Paris after fighting a whole army with a ginger kid, but they got bored and decide to rap battle Javarehab!
Javier icon.png "ho sorry, am I interrupting something?"

One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend went to the park so GF could show BF the new radio Daddy Dearest bought for her! Not long after, they run into Javier Juckestoon, who is a megafan of Friday Night Funkin' (and close friend of the Imposter Boyfriend) and wants to get the Boyfriend's autograph!

JebSMC5Icon.png Jebus, also known as Jebediah Christoff, is a godlike character from Madness Combat. Somewhere in Nevada, he attempts to snipe Girlfriend just to exterminate her. Boyfriend heard something and notices Jebus trying to kill his girlfriend. And as usual, Boyfriend wants to rap battle. Oh boy.

(Not to be confused with Astact's Jebus)

NewJennyIcon.png Jennifer Jenny Wakeman is a special robot girl created by Dr. Nora Wakeman. Throughout her consistent adventures, she would end up going through different forms, from going bulk, to having a failed doll experiment. There's one thing she can't change: She'll always bring the beat with her!
Jerri just needs some inspiration onto what to draw next, so he asks a nearby bystander BF to cahllenge him for a rap battle. I swear this is his way on finding ideas.
Jester Redesign Neutral.png "And remember... DON'T screw this up."

Jester is a mod created by Sector03, in which Jester wants to put on a big show, showing off the Boyfriend's skills! Can the Boyfriend not be afflicted by stage fright? Who knows~?

(Also, he’s commonly mistaken for Jevil from Deltarune...)

JevilNormalIcon.png Jevil, the secret boss of Deltarune Chapter 1, awaits the Lighteners at the bottom of King's Castle. While passing the time, Boyfriend actually found him first. It ain't the fight our jester's expecting, but as long as The World Revolves around him, it will be a fight to remember.
JohnnyIcon.png Johnny JellyJaw is a cowboy slime whom Boyfriend and Girlfriend encounter during a trip to a carnival. After a bit of miscommunication, a rap battle ensues, but can it even be possible to outrap a cowboy made entirely of jelly?
Jonnhynormal.png Jonnhy is a Trollge from the Vs Trollge mod showcased in a freeplay song, with Boyfriend singing with him outside at nighttime.
JTC Icon.png Joul The Cool, also known as JTC, is a blue-haired cool guy. After encountering Boyfriend, he challenges him to prove that there is only room for one blue-haired dude! Who will survive and who will fail?
KadeDevNormalIcon.png KadeDev, the frog that created his infamous engine, has decided to join the rapping bandwagon. With a ton of modders by his side, it's up to Boyfriend to go face to face with one of the community's best known amphibian.
KaiNeutralIcon.png "She destroyed EVERYTHING I had. I'm simply returning the favor~ And it all starts... WITH KILLING HER DAUGHTER!!"

Kai is a character created by MayMays4Days. After a fun filled day at the amusement park, Boyfriend and Girlfriend notice someone in a private area. Little do they know that he has a story to tell. And it's one they may not expect.

KatelynIcon.png Katelyn is a character made by PuppyRelp. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend were at the beach one day, but as BF was about to take a dive into the ocean, Katelyn recognizes him and challenges him to a rap battle! It's time to sink or swim, buddy!
KemoIcon.png Kemo is the true hacker of sport, & the 1st ever Mod Jam winner on Game Jolt. With the ability to turn into different characters, Boyfriend's got his hands full dealing against this maestro of breaching.
KermitNeutralIcon.png In tonight's Muppet Show, Kermit, the host of this successful comedic variety show, introduces to the audience this night's guest star: Boyfriend! Together, they battle each other in several rap battles, alongside battling other familiar foes.
Big sis normal.png Khole is Boyfriend's big sister, who's excited to see him again after so many years apart! Perhaps even an opportunity for Boyfriend to show how much he's improved in regards to singing since she last heard him sing!
Kirb.png "Poyo!"

Straight from the Game Boy, HAL Laboratory's Kirby is one of the most powerful (and hungry) beings in existence. But, he loves passing the time rapping against BF. Who would be mad with that (dead cold) cute face?

KK Neutral.png K.K. Slider is a white dog from the popular Animal Crossing series, and a traveling musician. One day, Girlfriend surprises you with tickets to a K.K. Slider concert! You fly out to the island where the concert is hosted and sit in your front row seats. During his performance, K.K. Slider looks into the crowd to choose somebody to go up onstage with him and "groove" alongside him. After scanning the crowd, K.K. picks you!
KOicon.png "Um, sorry Mr. Gar."

K.O is the main protagonist of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. He appears in the VS. K.O mod, with 1 song called Knockout.

Icon-larry(new).png *Twitter notification sound intensifies*

Larry is the iconic mascot of the popular(and yet sometimes toxic) social platform Twitter. He was once a very wholesome birb(not to be confused with Bird), but then one day, Friday Night Funkin’ gained a huge community, and he became a very toxic and tempered birb. Nowadays, he cancels anything that he dislikes even the slightest bit, even things that everyone likes. But when BF and GF arrive(in a dream, but still somehow physically there), there is no telling what this birb can handle before cancelling them. Or if he can at all!

Not to be confused with Friday Night Clownin'(No page yet).

LavPhase1Icon.png Lav is a character from OhSoVanilla's story titled "Flourish". Lav is looking for her best friend and asks Boyfriend to help her! He promises to help her after some rap battles, but what will happen when she's too tired to continue?
LesterGTAIcon.png "Yeah, well, I don't think I've ever had something I'd drop an H-bomb for, except these chicken wings I had once."

Lester is one of the fellow NPCs (and criminal masterminds) in GTA 5, crippled by a disease that eats away at his muscle. We only got a quart of his power in Funk Jam, but it will only be the matter of time before he goes all out. Be careful not to get Wasted.

LexiIconNeutral.png Our resident gal pal, Lexi, is here to gawk at BF again. But no, she isn't part demon this time like Sky or Beepie. She's just a leader of the infamous Unofficial Boyfriend Fanpage for which her clan assembled by the next day. Wait, what?!
Lily Icon.png We know two things about this fallen idol:

1. She ain't the Zombie Lily you expect in Zombie Land Saga. 2. When she came back as a zombie, she desired that if she ate brains, she might regain more of her memories. For Boyfriend, that also means rap battling her to keep his dome safe. It looks like we're gonna be in a mind numbing ride.

Lofigirlicon.png Going to college and not being a burden to society, Boyfriend becomes friends with the one and only Lofi Girl. Let's sit back and relax in the study session to hear what she has to offer in her own lofi beats to study to.
LuxidoorIcon.png After being knocked out and thrown into a portal by Daddy Dearest, Boyfriend finds himself in the land of Polytopia, and Luxidoor isn't too happy about him trespassing on their territory... Unfortunately for them, they've got a much larger problem than some cyan-haired child to face...
MariahCareyIcon.png For all we want this Christmas is none other than Mariah Carey to sing us her festive tunes. While she goes on her Christmas tour, she likes to bring in one festive song to BF, the one that really brings in the Christmas spirit.

MX (Plague hol) is the antagonist of Mario '85, a creepypasta-based horror game created by Taco Games, which revolves around Lucas, an 8 year old boy trapped within the confines of a haunted NES.

Whilst crossing through dull, bleak, and lifeless open paths, our short-tempered, gun-wielding hero, Pico, seems to have stumbled upon "Mario", the lovable plumber and savior of the Mushroom Kingdom! But... something doesn't feel right about him, he seems to be acting out of the ordinary. Surely it is not another horrifying pretender attempting to deceive him, right?

MeatBoyIcon.png Meat Boy is the meat cube protagonist of the Super Meat Boy series. As Meat Boy was trying to find his wife, Bandage Girl, he stumbles across Boyfriend and Girlfriend and a rap battle ensues!
MegaMogusIcon.png Mega Mogus is a Comedically large Crewmate starring in his own mod. His temper is definitely something to worry about, as his stomps can cause a lot of trouble. But it seems someone else is watching.
SusergionIcon.png "..."

Susergion suddenly appears, interrupting Mega Mogus' stomping rampage(?) and getting all eyes on him. He's no impostor, but he's not someone here for a good time!

Mel icon.png

Bana icon.png+ Peri icon.png

Here comes Fruit Medley! Consisting of Mel, Bana and Peri, the trio manage to encounter Boyfriend & Girlfriend. This sparks a niche sidewalk battle in the hopes the trio prove their worth to Mommy Mearest.
Meow.png The Koopa King has taken a bit too far, and uses the Cat Bell to turn himself into a furry dubbed Meowser! An odd fusion between a tiger & a Koopa, he's ready to tear Mario & BF to shreds!
MeriIcon.png "(insert neutral face emoji)"

Ron has a fangirl named Meri and he doesnt like wemen soo... You can see then problem here.

MettatonIcon.png Mettaton is a special robot created by Alphys. When Boyfriend stumbles onto her lab, the first thing this robot can do is to give it an audience! Through song after song, Mettaton simply wants to blow the viewers away with his sick moves, but he always has the final switch when it's too much.
MischiefIcon.png Mischief is a banished demon turned-famous DJ/performer that admires Boyfriend as a rockstar, but has unknown settlement with Girlfriend's parents (at this point, who hasn't?). With the voice of a smooth electric guitar flowing on a hard microphone, this going to be a wild storm!
MLG-Tan.png "1v1 me m8, I'll k1ck ur ars3"

MLG-Tan is the personification of the "MLG/Montage Parodies" era of memes, created by Forsaykn. After Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves almost 7 years in the past, they barge into the nearest apartment in hopes of getting back to 2022; however, the apartment's resident doesn't appear to be the kind of person they'd be looking for. Why is he wearing pixelated sunglasses indoors? How does he manage to stay at his desktop playing games and making videos all day? And how has the joint in his mouth not reduced his lungs to ash? Who the hell even is this guy?! Guess there's only one way to find out...

Monokuma Neutral Icon.png Monokuma, the bear of despair has invited Boyfriend to be the Ultimate Rapping Student in his academy of killing. Along with that, he has also challenged Boyfriend to a rap battle. I mean, this isn't Among Us, its Danganronpa!
BeastIcon.png Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is helping out with the #TeamSeas campaign. And Boyfriend and Girlfriend are here to lend a hand!
Napstablook normal icon.png Napstablook, the sad ghost you'll encounter at the Ruins, had desired for someone to be with. Boyfriend & Girlfriend are busy wandering onto the Ruins when they met this ghost. They'd be sure to make a perfect melody in order to satisfy them.
CloudyNDXL.png NDXL is a talented musician who's ready to put on a show, but when Boyfriend appears to screw things up things don't quite go as planned for either of them
CloudyFork.png Okay mayyybe you went a lil too far there bub. Oh great now you've got to deal with NDXL's assassin best friend. Fork too. Maybe think before you mess up someone else's concert next time. The nerve of some people...
NefariousCrowIcon.pngNefariousBeckyIcon.png "Stop me if you've heard this one before: Bad guy crashes party, kidnaps princess, makes dramatic exit. Plucky, handsome hero gives chase. Epic quest ensues. But, funny story… Yeah, I'm the bad guy!"

Welcome to the world of Nefarious. Designated Macro City villain Crow, with the assistance of his secretary Becky, plans to use Girlfriend to power a new dastardly invention. (Girlfriend doesn't seem that impressed, though.)
It's your job to help Boyfriend save the day... or is it? Choose your side, and find out whether the bad guy's gonna win!

Vs nick used icon alive.png Nick is a stickman with a crack across his head, and is known to be quite the "Memer". In this mod, the only reason Boyfriend started rap battling with him in the first place is just cause "Yes".
Nikocado Avocado Icon.png "IT'S! YOUR FAULT!"

Nikocado Avocado, also known as Nicholas Perry is a Youtuber who does mukbang videos. He ended up being known for his current weight gain that spawned multiple memes of him, which caused people on the internet to grow concerned for his health. One day, Boyfriend yet again teleports to a random location. But this time, he spawned near Nikocado's house. Nikocado Avocado starts to rap battle Boyfriend after he sees him in his house.

Orlinwin.png "DON'T TOUCH ME!"

Orlin Home is another Youtuber who does mukbang and was previously Nikocado Avocado's friend. Well, their relationship right now is, you know, complicated. He appears in Nikocado's mod with only one song, being named "Caretaker".

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis is a member of the first generation of Hololive English (Holomyth) and is also the main antagonist of Hololive Funkin': Non-Canon Ina Week. One day, Mano Aloe and Momosuzu Nene met up with Ina, and it seems that it's the end of the world if Aloe doesn't beat Ina in a rap battle. What will happen to the three next?

She appears in canon version of Hololive Funkin', taking Santa's replacement in Week 5. Where instead, Mori Calliope attempts to shoot "Santa".

NovaNormalIconHD.png Having a rap battle concert and having the time of your life! Beating everyone else coming your way, however... uh oh! A robot who calls herself Nova comes and crashes the party! Can you stop her and bring the party back?
NewNKNeutral.png A Shy Gal named Novanomikon came one day to challenge Boyfriend for the sake of his soul. It may be troubling the first time, but on her second bout, things can go a bit more... extensive...
NUGGET.png NuggetMan is a nugget with mutated arms and legs, he looks cute but he is a racist, scumbag, vulgar, antipathic personality.
OlderBroIcon.png Older Bro is (obviously) Boyfriend's older brother. Having grown concerned for his brother with his rise of popularity after defeating Mommy Mearest, Older Bro wants to ensure him that he mustn't be so reckless all the time! How so, you may ask? By a rap battle! Sometimes, you need to fight fire with fire.
Olivia Neutral.png Olivia is a cute-as-a-button origami girl from Paper Mario: The Origami King! Boyfriend runs over to her one day, as Girlfriend has been turned into Origami by her tyrant brother, King Olly! Will the two of them save her, or turn into origami trying?
OMFGIcon.png OMFG, also known as Happytoast, is the signature character of the music producer of the same name, known for songs like Hello, I Love You and EZ. One day, he sings a remix of all his most popular songs with BF in front of Everybody.
JellyIcon.png Jelly is OMFG's best friend, known for having presumably died in his second appearance, albeit revived later on and starred on two songs of his own. Though unlike his pal OMFG, he never encounters BF, weirdly enough.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend have come to the Society of Truth Believers, and meet Ood, the leader of the Society of Truth Believers. What will happen next?

GhostbunbunPacmanIcon.png waka waka waka waka waka waka waka waka Pac-Man
Paddlebyteicon.png "Hey, new fella! Quite the fall ya took there."

Paddlebyte is one of the few opponents BF faces in Byte Funkin'. A master of ping-pong, he braces onto the blue-haired fellow with some sick beats.

Skatebyteicon.png "Details, Sour Patch Kid. Details."

After beating Paddlebyte, BF then learns how to shred notes hard against SkateByte.

Boxbyteicon.png "I've got no pleasantries for an outsider like you."

If you think BF has enough boxing from Matt, then Byte Funkin's BoxByte will straighten him out.

Shufflebyteicon.png "Easy, Bytefriend. You've already been ballsy as hell."

Once Paddlebyte, Skatebyte, & Boxbyte are down, BF has one more opponent to face, Shufflebyte!

PatchworkXmasIcon.png Patchwork is Brightside's girlfriend, and she was introduced in A Very Brightside Christmas mod.
Fnfawooeverypet.png When Boyfriend and Girlfriend are sent to Paw-Tucket, they come across some of the most well-known pets in the city: Savannah Cheetaby, Quincy Goatee, Petula Woolwright, Roxie McTerrier, Jade Catkin, Trip Hamston, Austin Goldenpup, Edie von Keet, and Bev Gilturtle. Boyfriend ends up befriending and singing with all of them-- well, almost all of them.
Pedroicon.png pedropaulo25471 is an innocent Murder Mystery 2 player, corrupted by an unknown force, causing him to violently transform into his alter ego, Pedro.EXE. This time, Boyfriend comes across him, but is it too already late to save poor Pedro?
Peppa PigIcon.png "i'm peppa pig *oinks*"

Peppa Pig is a joyous british icon/memetic junior. When BF drops by to cheery ol' England, she'll be happy to see the sights around town. Little to her, she also had some dark & glitchingly twisted versions of herself...

PennyNormalIcon.png BF is busy investigating a run-down house for the whereabouts of George when he stumbles on Penny, a popular rip-off from an elusive hit Granny. With a mic in hand, he has to escape this close encounter while trying not to get bonked.
PerryNeutral.png "*platypus chatter*"

Perry is the secret agent of the Organization Without a Cool Acronym (O.W.C.A.) and pet of the Flynn Family. After a round with Doctor Doofenshwirtz, Perry passes the time for rap-battling against BF.

PiccohoeIcon.png Piccohoe is a Dragon Ball YouTuber and Namekain who lives on Planet Namek to protect the Dragon Balls in the name of Grand elder Moori. What he didn't realize is that Boyfriend and Girlfriend were hunting down the Dragon Balls themselves to summon Porunga and get their "desired" wish. Piccohoe tracks them down and a musical brawl ensues!
FFPiconjo Neutral.png Uh oh! You and your girlfriend are trying to spam Teh Pr0tal with badly recorded Let's Plays and memes featuring you, but someone is standing in your way! Are you going to die? Or fall in love!?
IconNormalCropped.png The Piglin is a known Minecraft Mob From the Nether. It loves to collect gold and it seems like this on found his own mic, not only that, Boyfriend & Girlfriend Arrived to the nether with no gold armor, which means one thing: rap and win or get stabbed!
PikachuIcon.png "Pika!"

Pikachu is the mascot of the Pokémon franchise. As a wild Pokémon in the mod, BF challenges it to a rap battle. Will BF successfully defeat the Pokémon, or will Pikachu knock him out with its thunderstorm?

WhiteFaceIcon.gif "I need a Heart in order to open it"

White Face is the main anagonist of IMSCARED. It takes on other forms, but it usually depicts a floating skull with a cracked right eye. Boyfriend is up to the challenge to rap battle White Face!

FurretIcon.png When BF came to the Johto region, he found a wild Furret walccing around. Maybe it wants to rap battle too..?
PouIcon.png Pou is a harmless little pet that you can play on your mobile devices. Looks like Boyfriend now has to play with him, but that was only scratching the surface for what's to come.
Proto icon.png "Antivirus is not enough, you need Protegent."

Proto is an antivirus software (actually a virus) that became popular in 2017 due to its advertisements. After Boyfriend gets a virus on his laptop, Proto teleports to him and Boyfriend challenges him to a rap battle.

ProtoBFicon.png "Whoever gets landed in this hellhole can't leave..."

Not to be confused with the person above, Proto Boyfriend is a scrapped variation of Boyfriend, and was left in his universe for a pretty long time. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend accidentally get into his dimension. You can probably piece together what happens next.

PsychoRedIcon.png Psycho Red is a diligent hitman that follows DD's orders, like the others above him. Alright BF, you know what to do.
RaffIcon.png BF and GF are on a date, and they need to take the elevator. While waiting in the elevator, they meet Raff, a BF fan that wants to rap battle him. Also, he is a Mimic, or whatever.
RaynaIcon.png Rayna is a slender girl with pink skin and thick and fluffy pink hair with a small ahoge and pink streak on her bangs. Instead of normal hands, she has hot pink claws.
RuvStyleIcon.png RuvStyle is a peruan cover maker youtuber Which appears in Vs. Rayna. He appears in the cover: Soda Disco Funk with his friend, Ranya.
ReggieNeutral.png "Would you like to help me cool off?"

Hi. This is Reggie. He likes guys. He...really likes guys. Boyfriend and Girlfriend have broken into his house and are forcing him to sing. Yep. That's all he wants to do. Sing. Nothing else.

RichardIcon.png Richard Gyro is a rich businessman that teaches BF about crypto businesses. Make sure to not get on his bad side when it comes to talking economics.
RinnazIcon.png Hey! Wait a second... didn't we already see this character 2 entries ago? Oh wait, scratch that. This is Rinnaz, a mouse who is tired of humans because they always think that she is Reggie the Rat. Boyfriend just wanted to rap battle her, but Rinnaz don't see it that way.
Robaire 1.png Upon getting to the bus stop to go home after a rap battle, you end up meeting Robaire, who has no other priority but to wait for the bus, and also maybe sing a song or two.
Gokuicon.png "You stupid."

Robloxian Son Goku is not a version of Goku, but instead an impersonator that found a way to inherit Goku's abilities, making him the strongest force in the Robloxian universe. How did he do this? No one knows.

Toast.png Toasty was a great, but not very well known chef. That was until he created the game "Toasty's Pizzeria," which kick-started his career. But he couldn't handle his new-found fame, so he renamed his game and decided to build a bakery, where he could make whatever he wanted, not just pizza.
RIV HHIcon.png hhhgregg, Panasonic Blu-ray $99, 32-inch LCD TV $299, LG 42″ HD TV $489, everything's on sale during Christmas in- ♫

...oh, right, I should probably explain why this fella is sorted with the R's.

The Rozebud Idea Vault! You remember who Rozebud is, right? The person who "caused the '-Sides' epidemic"? TL;DR: they made some one-off songs and decided to put them all into one mod. Have fun!

SaladFingersIcon.png "Hello..."

Do you like rust? No? Well, we're afraid this guy likes it a bit... too much. Salad Fingers is a presumable human, who is living in a post-apocalyptic world (Or is he?). Despite his looks, he means well, even if he ends up killing someone by accident... Boyfriend has to be careful here! He might end up becoming the next Milford Cubicle if he doesn't!

SanfordNormalIcon.png Sanford is a Grunt (with a lip, mind you) and one of the main characters from Madness Combat, here he wields his signature hook. After boyfriend catches him sneaking around, he won't leave him alone until he has a rap battle with him. How will it go?
Sark Icon.png Sark is a watcher Droid in this RPG BF plays on. What other special characters will he encounter on this massive quest?
SashaNeutral.png Sasha is a lazy bunny villager from Animal Crossing who got a lot of popularity online after being added in the game's new 2.0 update. For whatever reason, Boyfriend and Girlfriend have broken into his house for a casual rap battle, y'know, as neighbors do.
ScrapefaceIcon.png Somewhere in Nevada, some experiment went wrong and the result was Scrapeface, a faceless grunt whose hands were separated from his body and can glitch and warp the reality to kill everyone on his sight. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are invited to a laboratory in Nevada, but they find nothing but this aberration.
ScratchCatIcon.png After Boyfriend got added as a new sprite in a new project, he is encountered by a friendly orange cat: the Scratch Cat! Being most likely a "mascot in training", the face of MIT’s Scratch programming language and lovable cute cat battles him in a friendly rap battle.
NewShardIcon.png Shard is a Crystalline God who wishes to destroy a mysterious foe, who he is willing to destroy the universe to find. Boyfriend may get caught in the crossfire, though!

hey shitass, wanna see me rap battle?

ShowcasterIcon.png "Let's see what you got Boyfriend!"

Ladies & gentleman, prepare to be amazed for Showcaster's performance! And in tonight's episode, he's facing Boyfriend in an all-out rap battle! This be a night you'll never forget!

DeniCasterIcon.png "Well, guess you should be glad I jumped in!"

Joining Showcaster's side is the equally gorgeous Denicaster as a bonus fuel for giving Boyfriend a hard, yet rewarding time! It is one night only, so you'll better tune in!

Icon Shuri-Ken.png Shuri and Ken are lesbian kunoichi who live in a secluded ninja hideout. When Boyfriend and Girlfriend get lost in the rain while on vacation in Japan, they mistake their hideout for a hotel and are in turn mistaken for intruders! Can Boyfriend smooth things out with the duo through the power of rap?
Singe-Icon-Normal.png Singe is a 19-year-old girl who claims to be a big fan of Boyfriend. After sending an anonymous text to him so that they could meetup at a nearby bar alone, they decide to sing their hearts out. Considering that Boyfriend can't turn down an offer of a rap battle, things seem to go pretty normal. But without Girlfriend at his side, it may prove to be his undoing. To make matters more compelling, Singe may have some feelings towards the blue-haired idiot.
Sear-Icon-Normal.png Sear is an entity stuck to Singe due to a curse that attached her to Singe's soul some time after Sear's death. Pissed off that Boyfriend rejected Singe's offer of them dating due to BF already dating Girlfriend and making her curse continue to be unbroken, Sear takes matters into her own hands and wants to go ham on BF! Can the small, cyan-haired hero survive?
SlyIcon.png Sly is a fan of Boyfriend, and after meeting him in the mall, he starts a rap battle with him and they attract a crowd. After losing to Boyfriend too many times, he becomes more and more aggressive to the point where his hair emanates static. And as usual, like many others before him, he's trying to steal Girlfriend away from Boyfriend... Can people just see that she's taken by BF?
SmileyFace-Icon.png Smiley Face is the DJ of the party. Will you be able to take the heat of the crowd? Will you be able to beat them? Let's find out!
SnoopyNeutralIcon.png Snoopy is one happy-go-lucky beagle: He pretends to be a World War I Flying Ace, he finds himself in numerous tales of mischief, and this time he's now getting his chance to fight against Boyfriend. Your beagle can spit bars, Charlie Brown!
SonicSezSonicNormal.png "That's no good!

Sonic Sezaka Sonic Says is a Sonic variation. That appears in an classic TV show, The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog. where at the end of the episode, the usual Sonic Sez plays, this time talking about sexual harassment and how it's not OK for others to touch your body in places you feel uncomfortable with people touching. Will BF heed his warnings?

SVNewNeutral.png BF and GF go to a city, after having a hard time in Nevada, what they don't know is that there is a demihuman species in that city, and they found one of them, Soul Venom.
SpamtonIcon.png "YOU'RE LIGHT neR< AREN'T YOU? YOU'VE GOT THE [[LIGHT.]] WHY DON'T YOU [[Show it off?]]"

Spamton G. Spamton is your friendly neighborhood spam e-mail, once looked over by the Lightners for decades, until in 1997, he met a man that would change his life forever. He became a big shot, the biggest, in fact, until he left, taking all of Spamton's sales with him. Now, he lives alone in a garbage can, desperate to take any deal he can make for that "DELICIS KROMER." Boyfriend seems to have encountered him in his renovated dumpster bin. Will Boyfriend take the deal? Or will he fall victim to [[Hyperlinked Blocked]]? Not to be confused with Scaneade's Spamton.

SpeedrunnerIcon.png So, Speedrunner Mario was travelling into universes and he ends up meeting Boyfriend, he eventually challenges him to a rap battle, and Mario needs to use his speedrunner skills to beat him.
Springtrap Neutral.png Springtrap is the antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and stars in his own mod FNAF 3: Nightmare. Boyfriend and Girlfriend decide to test their willpower, by going into the newly opened Fazbear's Fright, but what do they find waiting for them? Basically a corpse in an animatronic rabbit outfit that the sands of time didn't like at all.
Squidwardsnfneutral.png Squidward Tentacles is a character from the famous show, SpongeBob SquarePants. One day, he meets Boyfriend and Girlfriend in the bikini bottom, and wants to rap battle Boyfriend on his own mod!

(Not to be confused with the other Squidwards from The Squidward Tricky Mod and Bikini Bottom Funkin)

StairsIcon.png "Stairs"

Boyfriend goes out on a walk and find this weird spherical guy but then some Stairs decide to challenge BF to a rap battle out of nowhere! And uh... why is it armed with guns..?

StalkerNormal.png Oh no, there's another one? Wait, this one's different. After seeing the events of Week 3 on TV, Stephanie just couldn't wait to meet her new potential lover. After meeting with the one who paid Pico to "kill" BF, she's given some demon powers in exchange for killing the gremlin. Now at the New Years at Time Square, things will go bloody real fast if she can't keep her cool.
CasanovaIcon.png After the rap situation go horribly wrong (& bloody), a sole man named Casanova steps in to stop the ensuing threat that is the Stalker. The entire scuffle goes that hard, it's even taken to thhe highway. Surely enough, when all this is over, he'll cool down & enjoy f**kin' his GF Jasmine.
100px BF & GF are reasonably playing an online game with Cassette Girl joining in, but when too much ping causes some malfunctions, a single Cassette Goon drops by to ruin the fun. This session will have to end soon since it will crash at any moment...
Jasmine.png Surely, in-between the events, a suave lady that goes by Jasmine is ready to get further in the Friday Night. with some Taquitos nonetheless
StampNormalIcon.png Stamp is an awkward Crewmate notable on the Parasite AU. He just wants to show them the ropes on The Skeld, but he ain't be ready for this.
Stan Neutral.png Stan is one of the main characters of the Nightmare Cops series. He and his fellow cops are out to try and stop from Freaks, but they come across Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who happened to appear for unknown reasons. BF wants to rap battle him, so... We all know how this ends, right?
NeonNormal.png Subject 93 is a Lab Assistant who has a very intense personality and sticks to his points very strongly. He manages to discover Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who were both trespassing in a containment unit that he appears to be working at, but something seems off about this new foe...
SuicideMouseIsolationneutralicon.png Suicide Mouse is the main opponent of the mod and main protagonist of the creepypasta of the same name.

Mickey was always busy with work. Minnie taking notice, decides to ask Mickey about it, upon asking him, Mickey lashes out and screams at Minnie and eventually escalates to Mickey slapping Minnie and a heartbroken Minnie runs away. Mickey, Filled with regret, tries to apologize, but can't find Minnie. Mickey stayed up all night until he became exhausted. meanwhile, disgusted with mickeys actions, Minnie makes a deal with the Devil to curse Mickey's soul. when Mickey woke up from his nap, he was quick to notice that the house was abnormally silent. running outside, he realizes there is only an empty street and a depressing gray sky. He walks far down the street but it appears to be looping, growing more hopeless as time passed, and despite his efforts, he couldn't escape. For 3 months he's in this loop, The isolation has begun to decrease his sanity, he couldn't handle the loneliness anymore. until out of nowhere, a blue-haired boy showed up, requesting to sing with him, confused, Mickey agrees.

Not to be confused with Sunday Night Suicide's Suicide Mouse or Wednesday's Infidelity's Suicide Mouse

Icon-goofyneutral.png Hunter Goofy is a crazed version of Goofy who hunted down Donald, turning himself into a serial killer. He is an opponent in the song Hunted.

One day, Goofy and Donald decide to go on a hunting trip. Eventually, Donald splits up with Goofy, wandering on his own. Goofy, not paying attention, doesn't realize Donald leaving, and as Goofy was hunting, he hears something approaching from the woods, and without thinking, Goofy shoots not realizing it was Donald. After realizing and finding out what he did, he seemingly goes insane, blaming everyone for his death but himself, and vows revenge on the world wanting everyone to feel what Donald felt.

  • "Hey man, what's wrong?"
  • "Sans Undertale fucked my mom..."
  • "Aw c'mon you know better..."
  • "Sans Undertale isn't real..."
  • "Kris? You're sweating really bad..."
  • "I fucked your mom, Shit Lips!"
SusieIcon.png "Hey. Let me tell you a secret. Quiet people piss me off!"

Susie is among the characters in Deltarune. When BF stumbles upon her, this non-Barney will show him some DEADLY manners!

TCIcon.png Tactical Cupcakes, or T.C. is the selectively mute creator of the little-known LORE series of silly stories. Whilst trying to find their way over to a friend's house, BF and GF accidentally knock on her door instead. Not one to pass up a chance at a song, BF issues a challenge to T.C.. After a fun time singing, T.C. herself goes out into the world on a quest for YouTube content.
TCBroIcon.png ...
DripSenpaiIcon.png DRIP SPIRIT is an evil spirit born from the raw CLOUT bestowed by THE DRIP. They despise T.C.
TailsCDicon.png Tails (Dorkly) is depressed because all his friends and family are dead, and because of his invinciblity, he may never see the end.
TaraIcon.png Meet Tara.
Some say that this android is the embodiment of beauty to her creator.
That creator may well love her fully, perhaps more fully than any of us could ever hope to be loved.
How does that kind of unconditional love feel?
Well, how does she feel?
TaylorrIcon.png You're in a library, but by accident you end up meeting Taylor, she wants to be friends with you and you rap battle her, also she loves anime.
Boss icon.png After walking for a while, BF and GF trespass into an oil factory where they meet a funny little man (omg bob reference!!!) called The Boss, in which they challenge him to a rap battle, I mean, what's the wor̴̗̻̾͝š̵̡͙̄ṫ̸̯̭͝ ̷̤̗̽̆t̴͈̻̔̇h̶̦̓a̸̖̿̆t̴̰̊ ̶̬́͆c̸͕̐ǭ̷̚u̴̞̼̐l̶̼̂̇d̶͎̲̓ ̴̡͐̉ḫ̵̀ạ̷̼̍͋p̵̣̣͛̕p̸̖̿e̸̤̾͝n̶̲͖̓?̵̮̭̈́
ThisGuyPhase2Icon.png ThisGuy. The... um... when you... yeah, no, I got nothing. I think this one speaks for itself.
TinkyWIcon.png Tinky Winky is an opponent in the Slendytubbies Funkin' mod.

(Not to be confused with this Tinky Winky)

LAA LAA NEUTRAL ICON.png LaaLaa is an opponent in the second week of the Slendytubbies Funkin' mod.
TMEIcon.png TME is a character created by TME_YT. He is not happy with Boyfriend and Girlfriend being not safe on a dangerous place and wants them to immediately leave, or things could get worse for the three of them. Looks like Boyfriend wants a rap battle with TME, but will Boyfriend actually care for his safety, perhaps?
FoldedToadIcon.png BF & GF are visiting the Mushroom Kingdom when a folded Toad comes in, bringing horrible news (just after a steady rap battle). King Olly has ruled over the land & starts turning everyone, including GF, into origami. Following Mario's footsteps, the duo gets ready for a paper-thin adventure.
TomatoDudeIcon.png Tomato Dude is a humanoid tomato who encounters Boyfriend and engage in a singing battle! As they rap one song after another, it could put Tomato Dude's career in jeopardy!
Toxic HaterIcon.png Toxic Hater is no more than just a random person on the internet who likes to cancel mods and is very toxic. This time he sees a mod and tries to cancel it, but unfortunately for Toxic Hater, Boyfriend is there to stop him. Looks like Toxic Hater is going to go all out on Boyfriend just to cancel this one single mod, even if it means he transforms into an entity of toxicity.
Trollgeoseenormal.png Trollgeosee wants you to participate in an miniscule, small, unavoidable amount of trolling.
TroyrIcon.png "It's mine!"

Boyfriend took a walk on the streets, until he ran into Troyr, a man carrying a body pillow. Boyfriend asks him to give the pillow for a rap battle if he wins, he agrees.. but he's not going to give it that easily.

657619Demo SansIcon.png
657619Demo PapyrusIcon.png

"Anywho, you two must be new around here."
Oh, boy, it's time for more Undertale! What say we meet back up with our old friends Sans and Papyrus? Except... they don't really seem to be acting themselves. If anything, they've switched mannerisms with each-other!

So, yeah, welcome to Underswap. How was the swap-fall?

ValerieIcon.png Valerie is a delightful singer that came from the seas. When Boyfriend overhears her humming, not even the elements dare to keep her down. As her singing continues, the storm starts brewing, & will you embrace it?
VeinadyIcon.png Veinady just recently escaped from a mad scientist, who turned her into a anthromorphic bat fursona. What do you think if BF were to find her?
Dr. LinoadoIcon.png Dr. Linoado just really needs to get Veinady back after she escaped. After BF made a few rounds with her, she left just in time for the scientist to start questioning him. At least he'll stay his cool keeping his secret, right? RIGHT?!
VetarIconWrath.png "Leave it to me, Dad. I got this."

Vetar Maykr is the daughter of Davoth, the Dark Lord of Hell, and Lilith Maykr, a fallen archangel turned high-ranking succubus. After a rap battle ends horribly, Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves in a different Hell from the one they know. Once they are brought to the Dark Lord himself, Davoth, she takes matters into her own hands to confront the blue-haired midget on her own! Does Boyfriend have the bars to take on the daughter of evil incarnate? Or will all hell break loose?

Drawing-7.sketchpad (1).png Waluigi has to win at all costs. Dreaming to get into Smash Bros., he has to face one of 2021's most infamous characters. Feels like he needed to impress Mr. Sakurai, would it?
TankmanSmile Icon.png Warvester is a Filipino Twitch streamer, impressionist, and Friday Night Funkin' Mod.

The icon used for this table slot will be Tankman for now, Since he does Tankman impressions.

Icon-xp.png "It was enough for me that you get out of different situations dry. So you still want to sing!"

Girlfriend and Boyfriend get into this world and get acquainted with Windows XP, which is trying to bring them back through a rap battle.

WiseBug normal icon.png "If you beat me in a rap battle, I'll fly you out of here for free!"

Well, it appears that Boyfriend fell down a hole at a pretty high ground level. Afterwards, he meets a gigantic flying insect that goes by the name of WiseBug. In order to get out of the situation he's currently in, he must challenge him to a rap battle. Will he succeed?