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Major Spoilers Ahead!

Let's end things off with a bang, Corruption. - Garcello

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: The page reveals the story.

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Saddening Themes

“Corruption’s... a long story.” One that I have to actively fight back the waterworks when bringing up. - Mano Aloe

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Topic: Skid is visibly seen crying throughout the songs Sanguine South and Chiller. This is notably seen to be saddening for pretty much every Youtuber (and user) who played the Demo. Daddy Dearest gets pretty emotional when Mommy Mearest appears in her corrupted state during Deathmatch. Also, in Neuroses, Soul BF disappears, and Boyfriend reaches out to him.

Flashing Lights

thank GOD we got away from that crazy Corruption dude - Boyfriend

This article/mod contains flashing lights that could be harmful to those with epilepsy or a condition of the sorts.

Reason: Treachorous Thorns.

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HIYA BITCHES WETTY TA LOOK DIED? you be delet ya know ya be fooked of cuz of saying dat fook memes. we disfuck memes you DEAD YOU BE-EST. Ya say bepies? well. I AM maddest. ad VOCK YEAH!!!! - Tree

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Reason: We don't have access to the other weeks' files. Until the full mod is released, this page is unfinished. We are all missing animated poses for Skid and Pump's first 2 phases and all week 6 poses.

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Work In Progress!


This mod contains in-development content that is subject to change. The contents of the mod may not be present in the final result.
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Reason: There is only a demo of week 2 and week 6, the full game is not currently complete

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He thought i was her... - Brian Stells

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Unsettling Themes

Leave now or face the consequences! - Tabi

This page contains imagery, themes, mod or character that either comes from something that may make the reader uncomfortable or appears unsettling, continue at your own risk!

Reason: The victims and general themes of the Corruption may be unsettling. Whenever the player misses the note, Corrupted Boyfriend will look directly at them, which might be unsettling to other individuals, The corruption faces and Spirit's icons might creep some viewers.

Fan Favorite

Now that was a sick performance, Corruption! - CJ

This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: The Corruption mod has a lot of lore and story to offer despite just being a reskin. Also, many, MANY people like Chiller, Deathmatch, Neuroses, and Discharge to name a few..

This really is the end of this world, isn't it?
― Spirit, Roots

Not to be confused with Corrupt.

Friday Night Funkin': Corruption is a mod created by Phantom Fear based on the Girlfriend decoration from Friday Night Funkin' Week 5's background during the song "Winter Horrorland." The mod is still being developed, with new videos being uploaded on Phantom Fear's channel showcasing the mod's (as well as the story's) progress.

The mod changes the appearances of Girlfriend and Boyfriend to look like the scary Girlfriend decoration on top of the tree that appears in Winter Horrorland from the main game.


Note: Pico's week goes first, So it's Week 1, then Daddy Dearest's week will be week 5.[1]

Girlfriend is infected with a disease that corrupts whoever has it with a purplish-black mass which forces the person infected to spread this corruption. She infects Boyfriend with this corruption which causes him to go out and spread it to all the week bosses from the game. As of now, all characters from weeks 1 to 6 were corrupted (excluding Monster, and to an extent, Senpai).

In "Week 3” (Which actually takes place as Week 1), the corruption faces Pico, who is already halfway corrupted during the first song. Due to the nature of the Corruption only spreading through sound and physical contact, it is possible Pico had attempted to physically fight Boyfriend, or some other corrupted being, before what happens on screen. In the first 2 songs Boyfriend is looking directly at the player. In the second song, the most notable occurrence is Boyfriend (part of his face and body) & Pico (a fraction of his body) having been partially uncorrupted. Boyfriend was likely uncorrupted due to having known Pico very well. The connection may have been effective against this corruption. However, Boyfriend was wearing his Christmas clothing when he was corrupted, so it is possible Boyfriend was not actually uncorrupted at all, and the Corruption was simply trying to trick Pico into lowering his guard.

During the third song, Boyfriend has been fully re-corrupted and is now looking at Pico, who is almost completely corrupted. His left arm, holding the gun, was shaking violently. Pico, exhausted and rapping for his life, inevitably loses to Corruption.

In Week 2 of the Corruption mod, the corruption faces Skid, with Pump having presumably already been corrupted by Boyfriend. He is still looking at the player. During the first song, Skid is quite noticeably frightened. During the second song, the corruption spreads to Skid, manifesting itself on his face while he begins to cry.

At last, during the third song, Skid has been almost fully corrupted, the only part of him remaining is a rather small chunk of his face. Skid has joined Pump in doing the spooky dance, which meant the corruption was taking control. Boyfriend is now looking directly at Pump, unlike the other two songs, where he was looking at the player. Somewhere between "Week 1” and "Week 4", Pico (possibly) tried shooting himself to stop the corruption from taking him over, but it was too late. He went rabid, attacking anyone and anything. He attacked a garbage dump and got tangled up in chains in the process. Afterward, he stumbles upon Mommy Mearest trying to evacuate. She notices him, and they fight.

In Week 3, The corruption faces Mommy Mearest. This time, Corrupted Pico is the antagonist. His fully corrupt form includes chains wrapped around his torso, as well as a splatter on the side of his head, (presumed to be blood). It is extremely likely that Pico shot himself in an effort to stop himself from spreading the corruption (in his right arrow pose, Pico is aiming the gun at his head.) Mommy Mearest, who bears no sign of the corruption, but appears noticeably distressed. Pico is looking at the player, like Corrupted BF, but when singing, he looks at Mommy Mearest. During song 2, A tiny area of his face has been uncorrupted, but Mommy Mearest's left arm all the way to part of her hip has been corrupted. This also happened when BF was partially uncorrupted in Pico's battle with him which hinted towards the nature of battling corruption.

During song 3, the background dancers appear, their eyes glowing as they twitch to the beat. Mommy Mearest has been almost fully corrupted. Pico has once more been fully corrupted and is now looking directly at Mommy Mearest. Like the rest of the others, Mommy Mearest has succumbed to the Corruption.

During Week 4, while Pico is fighting Mommy Mearest, Boyfriend's inserts his soul, along with "Girlfriend", inside Hating Simulator to confront Senpai. Nothing is out of the ordinary until Boyfriend starts to glitch as his soul is transferring into the game. His face disappears, and "Girlfriend" twitches ominously as her face is covered by a black box. During song 2, Senpai tries to be the "lover hero" and tries to take "Girlfriend" away. However, she shrieked in response. With that, Senpai loses hope as Boyfriends soul starts to transfer. The "bgfreaks" have been removed, and half of BF's face is blackened, revealing a sinister expression behind. Throughout the song, Senpai slowly starts to glitch. In song 3, half of BF's soul has been transferred. Senpai changes his mind about escaping the game. BF tries to delete him, but Senpai has admin rights to the game which overrode the command. Senpai, with a shadow over his eyes, engages in battle. During the song, Senpai and Spirit switch places.

In song 4, Spirit bursts out of Senpai. He notes that he was no longer satisfied getting BF out. Instead, he decides he wants to kill Boyfriend himself. Boyfriend's soul is now fully transferred, but "Girlfriend" seems to have disappeared. With the game falling apart, Spirit eventually accepts his fate and was thus deleted out of the game. Boyfriend says "One more."

In "Week 5”, The corruption faces Daddy Dearest, and Girlfriend is nowhere to be seen. In the first song, Daddy Dearest seems to show grief and sadness. At certain intervals in the song, his eyes light up, his pain and sorrow turning into anger at corrupt BF for taking everything and everyone he's loved. Like Mommy Mearest, he does not get corrupted after the first song. In the second song, the stage is starting to deteriorate. Daddy Dearest looks defeated, having been partially corrupted. As the song progresses, the corruption grows. Like his last song, his eyes light up again. It is revealed he has the power to undo his own corruption. The song ends with static and then Daddy Dearest says, "No more going easy on you, kid."

In the third and final song, the stage has crumbled, revealing a mess of corrupted characters (including a cameo appearance of Whitty.). Daddy Dearest is now unleashed, fiercely rapping against the different boss characters that have been fully corrupted, in the order of their corruption throughout the story. When Mommy Mearest appears in her corrupted form, Daddy Dearest's heart shatters, seeing his own wife corrupted. This weakens him drastically, and BF returns to finish him off. During the final phase of the battle, Daddy Dearest begins to succumb to the corruption. A message afterward says "The World Was Overpowered by Corruption."

Within Boyfriend's mind after Daddy Dearest falls to the corruption, A loud roar forcibly wakes Boyfriend up. Finding himself within the center of his mind, he meets the source of the roar - a black, demonic entity resembling him known as Soul Boyfriend - who immediately challenges him to a rap battle. At first, it would seem that Soul Boyfriend is fighting on the side of the corruption, not helped by his egotistical behavior: throughout the first song, he mocks and taunts BF, saying things like "too easy" and "not enough".

In the second song, Soul Boyfriend acts the same, but he briefly gains a white glow that flickers softly, revealing his horns. In this song, the corruption starts creeping into the room and he starts to tell Boyfriend to focus on the song instead of grow concern ("Ignore it.", "Focus on our battle.") while hinting that he isn't the cause ("Not again.", "This isn't my doing."), which implies something else is also happening. Boyfriend starts to grow weary from this, but Soul BF's guitar riff keeps him going for a while longer. Once the song has ended, everything fades out except for Boyfriend, who becomes progressively worried. The final notes are like a cry for help from Boyfriend. Then, as he reaches out, the screen fades black.

In the third song, Boyfriend, all alone, sings in desperation as a voice tells him to give up, revealing that the corruption is actually its own entity. Eventually, Soul Boyfriend appears from a crack, revealing that he actually wants to help him break free of the corruption. Seeing Boyfriend's depressed and weary state, he throws his guitar at him as he pulls out a bigger, black-colored guitar, leading to the start of the fourth and final song with the corruption speaking to either one of them about his betrayal (though, it could be Soul BF due to his existence being hinted in Week 6). Boyfriend starts to get weary again, but Soul Boyfriend reminds him about his friends and shows him a photo of Girlfriend, her parents, Pico, Skid, and Pump. This energizes Boyfriend and gets him to continue on. Eventually, the background shatters from the two's guitar playing. Back in the same place they were before, Soul Boyfriend shouts "Let's end this!" before he and Boyfriend throw their guitars onto the ground, causing an explosion and ending the song.

Coming soon.

(It's possible that BF has broken free of his Corruption and plans to get the others free.)


The Infobox icon for everyone is randomized since there are different sprites.

Just give up!
― Corrupted Boyfriend, Strength of Will

Boyfriend is the main protagonist for Friday Night Funkin' and the main antagonist for the Corruption mod.


This variation of Boyfriend puts him in a completely silhouetted figure of himself only given characteristics of hot-pinkish eyes, and a set of teeth while said eyes are bleeding out. His silhouette seems to be using his appearance in Week 5 being given a fur coat.
Whenever missing, Boyfriend lifts his right hand depicting blood-stained fingers on each finger and looks towards the player. Once getting a game over, his eyes disappear with any trace of blood coming out from his eyes is also gone.

In week 6, he looks normal at first, but later starts to glitch as his face is missing and his animations are glitched. In Dead Pixel, a small portion of his face is replaced with a black glitchy substance with half of a white smile on it.
In Treacherous Thorns, half of his body is replaced with a completely black shade as the bottom half is normal, while the white smile has extended to his entire face. In the final song, Roots, he is completely black with the smile, and he is floating. His hand is shown out of his pocket, and it has a light-grey outline with a black inside.


― Corrupted Girlfriend, Dead Pixel


This variation of Girlfriend has her head nearly immobile in the current version of Corruption. She possesses' the same characteristics compared to boyfriend, except she's given eyelashes as well as slightly larger pupils that stare at the player. She also appears to be sitting on the speakers as they appear in Week 5 And her had looks like the head decoration from Week 5.


This isn'ta spooky, it'sa scary!
― Skid, Spooky Month: The Stars

Skid, and Pump are the main antagonists for week 2.



The week starts off with Pump being completely corrupted, covering his entire body with a black silhouette given characteristics of giant eyes and a large mouth. The eyes appear to have dark-magenta pupils with evidence of cheekbones as well as sharp teeth with hot-pinkish outlines. They also possesses large blood-stained claws.


Skid retains his original appearance in Friday Night Funkin' except he appears to be more worried, or confused about the situation. During Sanguine South, Skid appears to be more frightened about the situation after transmitting corruption, his right body, face, bottom hands, and feet are all corrupted. During Chiller, all but his left eye is corrupted while also being forced to do the spooky dance. Both eyes are replaced with bleeding cross symbols as well as a stylistic mouth with blood inside, his left hand also seems to have a bloody 4-fingered hand mark on it.


I will keep her safe from your wretched hands.
― Senpai, Dead Pixel

Senpai is an antagonist in Friday Night Funkin and protagonist in Corruption.


Senpai appears as he is normally in the first half of the Glitch Remix version of his song, however he gets scared in the later half and Dead Pixel. In Treacherous Thorns, his expression become almost similar to Roses, but without the disgust on his face and red hole like eyes.


This really is the end of this world, isn't it?
― Spirit, Roots

Spirit is an antagonist in Friday Night Funkin and an anti-hero in Corruption.


Spirit also takes his appearance from the maingame, but however his face has turned into a much more manic and insane. He has instead a jagged smile, and two large eyes that have small pupils singling his loss of sanity and hope. Then in the later half of Roots, returning to his regular sprite in the main game.



  • Victims of the corruption have been shown to still be alive and conscious, however stripped of free will, while corrupted. Pico appears to be an exception to this rule.
  • Throughout Full Clip the sounds of Lasers can be heard.
  • At the End of Full Clip, clicking can be heard.

  • Despite Week 3 being made first, the demo currently first included Week 2. This is because the creators noticed that Week 2 was the most popular among users and that the mod would get much more popular if they released the demo with that week exclusively.
    • On the 26th of November 2021, the demo is scheduled to be updated to include the Senpai week, which is done last January 17.[1]
  • At the end of Chiller, a voice saying "Spooky Month" can be heard. This is speculated to be either Skid or Monster.
  • This is the first mod to add a third song for Week 2. The second was StarCatcher, the third was D-Sides, and the fourth was Hellbeats.

  • In MILF X Blammed, his down pose seems to only be one frame during a section of the M.I.L.F. drop. This may be a bug or glitch.
  • Evil Pico is confirmed to have been a "lil bit crazy"[2], as he is stated to attack everyone and everything. This includes a pair of chains which he accidentally tangled himself up in by the time the encounter with Mommy Mearest takes place.
    • A popular theory among fans is that Evil Pico is crazy due to Pico's long list of mental health issues, such as PTSD and untreated Schizophrenia.

  • During this week's dialogues, Corrupted Boyfriend is shown to enter commands to grant admin privileges, delete files and write messages in a console. these commands appear to show that the mechanics of Hating Simulator, the game that Senpai and Spirit reside in, might be running on the HaxeFlixel engine.
    • However, it is entirely possible that this is Boyfriend breaking the fourth wall in order to delete Senpai's assets, which explains the attempted deletion of the Weeb assets and FUNKIN.EXE.
  • The reason Corrupted BF decided to attack the game in Delete may be to corrupt/delete Spirit, as he was previously human and was trapped in the game by Daddy Dearest.
  • It is worth noting that Senpai and Spirit are treated as the same character in the corruption canon. This was later revealed to be unintentional, as pointed out by a user not involved in the development of the Corruption mod.
    • This was later de-confirmed by PhantomFear, stating that it was just Spirit talking through Senpai in some of his dialogue.
  • The sprites used for Spirit in Treacherous Thorns and Roots were created by NeatoNG, who had previously made a similar mod by the name of "Lemon Spirit" which used a similar sprite.
  • Senpai is currently the only character whose character icon remains unaltered from the original game.
  • The Corruption mod is one of a select few mods to show Spirit's expression changing from his default expression.
  • Dead Pixel, Treacherous Thorns, and Roots have the only dialogue that has the portrait change during dialogue.
  • After beating that week, it transforms to Week Null, whereas playing it will make the game crash. If you re-open it, an option options telling whether or not Soul BF would access your computer. Allowing it would instantly download some files, one of them being "GlitchBF.jar". With this, you can have Soul BF as your desktop pet, a notable first in the community's history.

  • During Deathmatch, Daddy Dearest undergoes several changes to his appearance. Apart from various levels of corruption on his body, his eyes start and stop glowing at several points throughout.
  • During Deathmatch, Corrupted Skid & Pump and Daddy Dearest sing a part of the Among Drip remix, as stated by Saruky on Twitter. It is unknown whether this is unintentional.[2]
  • At the end of Deathmatch's chart, the last section of the Tutorial's Hard Mode chart is reused.

  • Soul Boyfriend uses his tail to carry his Microphone in his Down and Left poses.
  • Pincer has stated that Soul Boyfriend loves playing guitars, and is very good at it. [3]
  • Every song in Soul Boyfriend's week uses Saster's signature motif, which he includes within all music he makes.[4]
  • In the background of Tormentor, Corrupted Boyfriend has 3 poses:
    • Pose 1 is his death animation
    • Pose 2 is his up miss pose
    • Pose 3 is him screaming
  • Discharge contains a multitude of motifs within it, including Chiller at 2:58, Neuroses at 2:54 and at 3:19, Tormentor at 4:13, and Deathmatch from 4:22 until the end of the song.
  • Neuroses is named after a symptom known as Neurosis. A simple Google search states Neurosis as "a relatively mild mental illness that is not caused by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (depression, anxiety, obsessive behavior, hypochondria) but not a radical loss of touch with reality."
  • Text appears in the cutscene for Tormentor, waking Boyfriend from his sleep-like state.
    • These messages in order are:
      • Confinement.
      • Paralysis.
      • Loss of control.
      • Is this where you want to be?
      • Wake up.
      • WAKE UP
  • Text also appears throughout Tormentor, talking to Boyfriend, either taunting him, or encouraging him to try harder. These messages, in order, are:
    • Not enough.
    • Too easy.
    • Again.
    • You.
    • Try this.
    • Useless.
    • These messages only appear whenever Soul Boyfriend's turn begins, implying that he is saying these things.
  • The starting and ending synths of Tormentor contain a slight leitmotif of the main menu theme.
  • Text appears again in the song Neuroses. two are to taunt Boyfriend, whilst the others are responses to something. These messages in order are:
    • Can you handle this?
    • I'm better.
    • Not again.
    • Ignore it.
    • This isn't my doing.
    • Focus on our battle.
    • I've got it.
  • Discharge is the second song in the modding community to utilize alternate note designs reminiscent of games such as Guitar Hero. The first is Marx from Vs Sunday.
  • In Discharge, the "Ready to ditch this joint?" The line doesn't appear in the music video for the song.
  • The music video for Discharge lists the intro as a completely separate song from Discharge itself, labeling it " Strength of Will"
    • Strength of Will starts once the Corruption says "Just give up!", all of the non-coherent single-held notes that BF does before in the official gameplay video do not get recorded as part of the song.
  • In Discharge, the Corruption and Soul Boyfriend take turns speaking through text, however Soul BF speaks through distorted audio later on. These quotes, in order, are as follows (Bold lines are spoken by the Corruption):
    • How long has it been?
    • Days? Weeks? Months? Years..?
    • And you are still awake.
    • Who are you waiting for? You don't even know...
    • Just give in.
    • Let us take over,
    • Go to sleep.
    • Why do you still try?
    • We'll make you feel alive. ALIVE AGAIN.
    • Just give up!
    • STOP
    • ABOUT
    • HIM!
    • Miss me?
    • Time for round 2.
    • You better keep up!
    • Come on! (speaking and text)
    • Your life is owed to me. Remember?
    • Don't forget. "'I spared you."" Your loyalty.
    • Keep your focus.
    • Remember them.
    • Your friends.
    • You will never see them again. They are gone.
    • You will regret this betrayal. YOU WILL DIE BY MY HANDS.
    • Planning on giving up?
    • Didn't think so.
    • Wake up! (speaking and text)
    • Ready to ditch this joint? (speaking and text)
    • This is more my style!
    • Let's end this! (speaking and text)
    • Pincer has stated that Soul Boyfriend is voiced by Saster/Sub0ru. (Soul Boyfriend use to voiced by Phantom Fear, meaning that he was British instead of Japanese)[5][3]
  • Discharge took 40 hours to make, according to the music video's description.

  • PhantomFear has not yet confirmed the origins of Corruption. A popular theory amongst fans is that Monster created it. This stems from the appearance of the head of Girlfriend placed upon the tree in Winter Horrorland, which bears strong similarities with the aesthetic of the Corruption. Additionally, Monster's silhouette appears when the lightning flashes during Week 2.
    • However, this theory is largely built upon coincidences, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • The mod has gained notable negative attention due to the community making mods where the Corruption affects other popular modded characters, such as Whitty.
    • These corruption add-ons tend to be of poor quality, resulting in the mod itself gaining large amounts of negative attention, with most dubbing them "MS Paint Black and Red."
    • It is widely accepted that Tricky the Clown is one of the few characters capable of resisting corruption due to his in-universe reality-warping powers. Other characters that are accepted as being immune or at least far more capable of fending it off are Shaggy from the Vs. Shaggy mod, Whitty from Vs. Whitty Full Week, and Matt from Wii Funkin'.
      • Despite this wide acceptance, Tricky, Matt, and Shaggy have been corrupted in fan-made mods, as well as a Corrupted Whitty making a cameo in Deathmatch's background as an easter egg. These have generally been accepted as not being canon.
      • Matt's fan-made Corruption spawned a short meme of a line from it "*crys* why....." even being referenced in Matt's 2.1 update where Boyfriend breaks the 4th wall and Matt is confused and scared.
  • Phantom Fear has stated that the infection spreads via sound waves from an infected party and by physical contact.
  • The designs used by Corrupted Boyfriend and Girlfriend are based on their canon designs from the base Week 5.
    • When Boyfriend is partially uncorrupted by Pico, the parts of him not covered in corruption show him in his normal outfit instead of the one from Week 5.
      • Pincer later confirmed this was because they were still working on the design.
      • The normal outfits in Week 6 from the base game on Week 5 are the same as usual without any changed design.
  • It is possible that Whitty was supposed to be included in the Corruption mod as well as other mods, as said by NateAnim8 in an update video, however, such plans were since canceled.
    • The devs, however, have stated they are more than willing to collab with other mods.
      • They are also supposed to collab with Bob & Bosip, but due to the latter's controversy, it's been scrapped.
  • The only characters are thus far known to be able to fight off their own Corruption are Daddy Dearest, Pico, and Boyfriend. This is shown in "Dusk" where, during his singing segments, the Corruption on his body visibly shrinks, during "Philly Nice Remixed" where Pico's left arm and part of his body has been uncorrupted offscreen, and after Tormentor where a small part of Corrupted BF's ear and a portion of his hat have been uncorrupted offscreen.
    • PhantomFear has stated that Daddy Dearest is capable of reversing the corruption on him.
      • Ironically, Daddy Dearest is the only character to go from almost no corruption to being defeated in a single song due to the fact he saw his wife corrupted, which broke his will to continue fighting it.
      • Additionally, Spirit is the only character who does not appear to be directly affected, and is instead dealt with by being deleted outright.
      • So far, Boyfriend is the only victim of Corruption to be able to fight off their corruption after being fully corrupted.
  • There are several mods that share a song name with the Corruption mod.
  • The corruption mod has official merchandise.[6]
  • The Corruption is the 7th mod to have the "3 2 1 Go" countdown play in the middle of the song. The first being Pompom and Mackie, the second being Majin Sonic, the third being Escape Convict, the fourth being Antipathy Hank, the fifth being Ink Bendy from Indie Cross, and the sixth being Cheeky.
    • However, this mod is the second to have the countdown play in the middle of the song, and use a unique countdown sound, the first being Antipathy Hank.
  • The Older Weeks of the mod Will be getting Remastered before release having their own songs.
  • The Development team has stated that they have a loose plan for incorporating Tankman into the mod.
  • Pincer has stated that “Corrupted people cannot open doors” in the Phantom Fear Discord Server, and that apparently, The corruption's IQ is a little under the Velociraptor's IQ.[4] This was later stated to have been a joke.[7]
  • In the Corruption canon, Boyfriend takes on four different forms: Normal, Corrupted, Pixel Evil, and Soul. Pincer has stated that Pixel Evil Boyfriend and Soul Boyfriend are the same entity, but later corrected herself.[8]
  • The Corruption Mod is unavailable in Gamebanana since it thinks of it as a virus.

  • Cameos in other mods

    Note: None of these cameos is canon to the Corruption's story.

    • In Friday Night Funkin: Hellbeats, Evil Pico can be seen at the far left of the background used during the Cocoa and Eggnog levels.
    • In Friday Night Funkin': Neo, Neo Monster is shown to have half of his body follow the Corruption's aesthetic. In Hallucination, Corrupted versions of Neo Pico, Neo Skid and Pump, and Neo Mommy Mearest can be seen.
    • In Vs. Monika, during Your Demise, Monika's down glitch is commonly mistaken for Corruption however it was simply based off Week 5's Horrorland Tree with Girlfriend's Severed Head on top, what the Corruption Mod was primarily based off.
      • However, in Vs. Monika Corruption, which is a fan-made crossover between the Vs. Monika mod and the Corruption mod, it stars Evil Boyfriend as the main character and goes against Monika, going through the same fashion as Week 4 as the game gets more corrupted.
    • In Corrupted Whitty Mod - The Chase, it stars Evil Boyfriend as the main character and goes against Whitty, corrupting him in the process.
    • In VS UniqueGeese - Feathery Fight, in UniqueGeese Week 2: AU Attack, Evil Boyfriend goes against UniqueGeese, who's already getting corrupted in the process.
    • In Spooky Night Funkin, Chiller from Skid and Pump's week in FNF Corruption makes an appearance as Week 2's 5th song.
    • In Artistic Altitude, in one of the segments of the song Fix the Broken that lasts 2:39 to 3:01. Evil Boyfriend, Evil Girlfriend, and an already corrupted Tossler can be seen throughout the song.
    • In the playable version of Blantados' Covers and Remixes, the Corruption crosses over Hololive Funkin' through a hidden song.
    • In VS. Hex (The Weekend Update), Daddy Dearest's Deathmatch pose is referenced in Detected's dialogue.
    • In VS. Retrospecter, corrupted BF's face can be seen during two songs.


    Loud Audio

    OW! Shit! - Sunday

    This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, beware!

    Reason: Most of the songs are loud (or have loud parts to them)

    Pico RetroSpecter Remix
    BPM: 150
    Composer(s): RetroSpecter
    Philly Nice Kamex Remix
    BPM: 174
    Composer(s): Kamex
    BPM: 103*
    Scroll Speed: ???
    Composer(s): SimplyCrispy

    Spookeez RenRenNumberTen Remix
    BPM: 150
    Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Normal)
    Composer(s): RenRenNumberTen
    Sanguine South
    BPM: 165
    Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Normal)
    Composer(s): SimplyCrispy, and Fluffyhairs
    BPM: 175
    Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Normal)
    Composer(s): SimplyCrispy, and Fluffyhairs

    BPM: 140
    Composer(s): SimplyCrispy (also applies to the below)
    M.I.L.K (Mother I'd Like to Kill)
    BPM: 160
    BPM: 137

    Senpai (Glitch Remix)
    BPM: 144
    Scroll Speed: 1.7
    Composer(s): DatDavi (Same applies to Treacherous Thorns
    Dead Pixel
    BPM: 172
    Scroll Speed: 2
    Composer(s): Jellyfish!
    Treacherous Thorns
    BPM: 190
    Scroll Speed: 2.6
    BPM: 100
    Scroll Speed: 1.8
    Composer(s): GRYSCL ._.

    BPM: 200
    Composer(s): DatDavi
    BPM: 123
    composers: DatDavi and Fluffyhairs
    BPM: 180
    composer: Saruky and DatDavi

    VS Evil BF Icon.png
    BPM: 165
    Composer(s): Saster/Sub0ru, SimplyCrispy
    VS Evil BF Icon.png
    BPM: 200
    Composer(s): Saster/Sub0ru, SimplyCrispy
    VS Evil BF Icon.png
    Strength of Will + Discharge
    BPM: 204 -> 190
    Composer(s): Saster/Sub0ru, Fluffyhairs

    VS Evil BF Icon.pngSoul Boyfriend:

    3 2 1 GO!

    Come on!

    Wake up!

    Ready to ditch this joint?

    Let's end this!

    Gettin' Freaky
    Composer(s): Squeak
    Gettin' Freaky (Pico)
    Composer(s): fluffyhairs
    Gettin' Freaky (Skid and Pump)
    Composer(s): fluffyhairs
    Gettin' Freaky (Mommy Mearest)
    Composer(s): fluffyhairs
    Gettin' Freaky (Senpai)
    Composer(s): fluffyhairs
    Gettin' Freaky (Daddy Dearest)
    Composer(s): fluffyhairs
    VS Evil BF Icon.png
    Gettin' Freaky (Soul Boyfriend)
    Composer(s): fluffyhairs

    M.I.L.F x Blammed Mashup
    BPM: 180
    Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Hard)
    Senpai (Glitch Remix) (Old)
    BPM: 144
    Dead Pixel (Old)
    BPM: 172

    • *Estimated BPM

    Week 6 Dialogue

    Senpai Glitched Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Ah, a new fair maiden has come in search of true love!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Be bo bop

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: A serenade between gentlemen shall decide where her beautiful heart shall reside.

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: void StartTransferal(Soul bf_soul){ switch (admin) { case "user": admin == "???" } GrantOwnership(admin) Console.Write("You are next.") }

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    Dead Pixel Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You're a right weirdo.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Keep your distance from my mistress.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I will keep her safe from your wretched hands.


    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    Treacherous Thorns Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You know what.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I don't care anymore.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Take the girl and get out of here.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I've seen the world out there, I no longer wish to exit this place.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Just.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Leave. Me. Alone.

    Boyfriend: delete("/assets/data/senpai"); delete("\weeb\senpai.png"); delete("\Senpai_Voices.ogg"); delete("FUNKIN.EXE");

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    Boyfriend: ERROR: UnauthorizedAccessExeption ("You do not have access to that command. Current administrator is SENPAI.DATA")

    Roots Dialogue

    Spirit: You know what?

    Spirit: I'm no longer satisfied with letting you leave this place.

    Spirit: I am going to KILL you myself.

    Boyfriend: Transferal Complete ("bf_soul is now present") Console.Write("It is only a matter of time. This is your fate.");'

    Spirit: ...

    Spirit: I understand now.

    Spirit: This really is the end of this world, isn't it?

    Spirit: Very well, if that is the case...

    Spirit: I will be taking you down with me.

    Post Roots Dialogue

    Boyfriend: Delete(SENPAI.DATA);

    Boyfriend: Request Accepted ("Successfully deleted (SENPAI.DATA)

    Boyfriend: Console write ("One left");

    Gallery (General)

    Download Link

    GameJolt (Note: The Week 2 and Week 6 demos are separate downloads. Week 2 is not included in the week 6 demo.) (Week 6 Demo)

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