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Reason: This mod contains themes of depression. Also, Hex's biography has themes of loneliness and death, and in Starlight Mayhem, Ruby's backstory depicts child abuse. In addition to that, During "Last Hope" the screen will ocassionally have light blue static

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Reason: There is going to be crossovers with Tricky, Bob, and Friday Night Dustin'. Those mods are unsettling due to Tricky coming from Madness Combat, Bob has photo-realistic eyes. Dusttale contains murder, torture, insanity, and body horror. Also Pico comes from Pico's School. What more can be said?

Upcoming Content

Ahh, Cyber Sensation... These are the utmost grand of days! This is going to be so, so...! - ENA

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Upcoming: A LOT OF THINGS ARE COMING UP SOON, including EX Remixes, as well as many crossovers. Also an early release of an upcoming song known as "Virus" was added to Funky Friday.

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Fan Favorite

It's pretty swell! - Edd

This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: The mod is made by Tae Yai, a famous programmer in the community.

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Oh, what's that? Sorry punk, couldn't hear ya. You see, if you haven't noticed already, I've only got one good ear. By the way, in case you were wondering, its 'cuz like, I lost in battle one time, so yeah, that's the reason why, so stop asking me about it already, it's been like ten fucking years, also shut the fuck up, earrings aren't girly, they're super badass and punk, eat shit khaoskid663, give me back my fucking shiny Moltres, you fa-- anyways, check this ouuuut~ - Coldsteel

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Were you looking for Tae Yai's Remixes/Covers?

Cyber Sensation is a mod made by a Thai YouTuber, FNF Mod Developer, creator of "Dating Night Funkin'" and "The Return of Garcello", Tae Yai and on the new update, be run by the dedicated CyberFunk Team. The main week features her self-insert character as the main opponent of the mod.

This mod has joined the F3 FunkJam with the theme "Breakout".


Cyber Sensation is about a programmer hoping for success who stumbles upon a piece of code that allows game characters to interact with her world. When testing the code, she finds that Boyfriend came out of the portal from her code. They decided to rap battle to pass the time until she finds a piece of code that works.



Oh nice! I just made a character come outside the game!

― Taeyai

Taeyai is a self-insert of the mod's creator. She's a programmer hoping for success, and ends up pulling Boyfriend out of Friday Night Funkin' using a code that allows game characters to interact with her world, and replaces him with Pico as Girlfriend's love interest. From there, rap battling ensues.

She will also be an upcoming playable character that will replace Boyfriend as the protagonist in various Weeks, including several Mods.


Taeyai is a white-skinned female with black hair. She wears a white hoodie, black pants, and a pair of grey and white shoes. She also has a light blue hologram floating on her right hand and a microphone on her left hand.

In Last Hope, She has an angry expression, has no microphone, beings flying and more light blue holograms appear around her.




Guest Characters are opponents that Taeyai will face off against. Note: Outside of Nonsense and StickyBM, none of the characters will get any changes to their appearances. This may be subject to change.

Daddy Dearest

Not too shabby boy.
― Daddy Dearest in Fresh, Friday Night Funkin'

Daddy Dearest is the antagonist of Week 1 in Friday Night Funkin', and he can also be seen as the overarching antagonist of Friday Night Funkin' as a whole. He is an ex-rockstar who does not approve of Boyfriend dating his daughter.

Want to know more about Daddy Dearest?

Skid & Pump

― Skid & Pump, It's spooky month

Skid & Pump are the titliar protagonists of Spooky Month and appear as a guest antagonists in Week 2 of Friday Night Funkin'.

Want to learn more about Skid & Pump? (See also: their Friday Night Funkin' Page)

Want to learn more about Spooky Month?


Hey man, I'm gonna eat your girlfriend.
― Monster in Monster, Friday Night Funkin'

Monster is a secondary antagonist in Week 2 & 5 in Friday Night Funkin'. In those weeks, he takes over the last songs.

Want to know more about Monster?


Society sucks, but you don't have to kill your classmates to stand out.
― Pico, Pico's School

Pico is the protagonist of the Pico Series and appears as a guest antagonist in Week 3 of Friday Night Funkin'.

Want to know more about Pico? (See also: their Friday Night Funkin' Page)

Want to learn more about Pico's School?

Mommy Mearest

Mommy Mearest is the antagonist of Week 4 in Friday Night Funkin'. She is the wife of Daddy Dearest.

Want to know more about Mommy Mearest?


Not bad for an ugly worm. But this time I'll rip your nuts off right after your girlfriend finishes gargling mine.
― Senpai in Roses, Friday Night Funkin'

Senpai is the antagonist of Week 6.

Want to know more about Senpai?


I'll beat you and make you take my place
― Spirit, Friday Night Funkin'

Spirit is the secondary antagonist of Week 6 in Friday Night Funkin'. He forcefully takes over Senpai in Thorns.

Want to know more about Spirit?


...Ow. Mr. Dearest, that punch hurt, you know?
― Hex, Post-Detected

Hextravaganza, better known as Hex, is a really chill Basketball playing AI created by YingYang48. He is a robot with a monitor for a face that can replicate various images. He appears in his own mod, VS. Hex, as a main opponent.

Want to know more about Hex?


― Tricky the Clown, Madness Combat 11: Expurgation

Tricky the Clown is the secondary antagonist of the Madness Combat series, once an assassin hired by the Sheriff and later the primary antagonist of the Tricky Saga, however becoming the primary antagonist briefly during the Auditor Saga. He is Hank's nemesis throughout the series.

Want to know more about The Full-Ass Tricky Mod?

Want to know more about Tricky?

Want to know more about Madness Combat?


(JP / EN) Freelance composer SDVX / IIDX / DDR / BEMANI / HoloEN / MADRATDEAD / BeatSaber / MuseDash / Arcaea / Chunithm / maimai / Nirado Anime / Lapis Relights / Yuruyuri / PriPara beatnation RHYZE
― Twitter bio

Camellia is a fictional character designed by SugarRatio, which is based on a real life musician Masaya Oya (大箭将也) known by the same name (かめりあ), also known as Cametek. The real person he's based on is a producer of electronic music, with Vocaloid music back in his starting days. He is also popular in rhythm game due to notable charts given to his songs, an example being the Expert+ difficulty on his song GHOST in a popular rhythm game, Beat Saber.

Want to know more about Camellia?


I never thought that I'd be getting to meet up with the big dudes so soon.

― CJ, in Inverted Ascension cutscene

CJ is the first and main opponent of Starlight Mayhem.

Want to know more about CJ?


Man, there's so many people watching. I hope I don't screw this up..

― Ruby, before Echoes

Ruby is the second opponent of Starlight Mayhem.

Want to know more about Ruby?


― Nonsense, in trailer

Nonsense is the persona of NonsenseHumor and the star of his own mod, Friday Night Funkin': VS Nonsense. Until now, his basic and EX design have been shown to appear in a future crossover.

He is a Filipino guy with fully white skin, tall brown hair, cyan T-shirt, brown pants and shoes. In the EX Remix, he wears a black glasses and a white T-shirt says Supreme.

Want to know more about Nonsense?


we're gonna have a MAD time!
― Murder!Sans, Anthropophobia

Murder!Sans, or simply just Sans, is the main protagonist of Dusttale. He has become aware of the genocide routes the human has taken, and so he went on his own genocide route so he could finally stop the human.

Want to know more about Dusttale Sans?


Phantom!Papyrus is the deuteragonist of Dusttale. Although his appearance may suggest otherwise, he is actually a hallucination of Papyrus, not a ghost. He haunts and helps Sans on his mission to gain enough LV to kill The Human, by forcing him to continue killing.

Want to know more about Phantom!Papyrus?


Dusttale Chara, or simply just Chara, is the main antagonist of the non-canon Dusttale fan-game the mod is based on. They are the one who controls Frisk and make them go on a killing spree.

Want to know more about Dusttale Chara?


I don't know I'm good at singing, but I do know i'm good at entertaining. Let's go.
― Sticky, in trailer

StickyBM (or just Sticky for short) is a popular youtuber. He streams a lot of games, but he mostly streams Friday Night Funkin. He's also a voice actor and has voiced various mod characters, including Antipathy Hank, and Shadow from Tails Gets Trolled. In his mod, he is an upcoming oponent, and replaces Boyfriend[citation needed].


Unlike his typical Boyfriend reskins, StickyBM here is depicted to be more taller then BF.

Main article: StickyBM


Someday you're gonna forget me. As for me... I ' L L N E V E R F O R G E T Y O U .
― Bob, Post-RUN

Bob is a drawn creature that stars in his own mod, parodying the stereotypical Friday Night Funkin' mod.

Want to know more about Bob?


Want to know more about Ron?

*dead* (in a cool way)
― Ron, Trouble

Ron is a character made by wildythomas that appears in Bob's Onslaught.

Little Man

Want to know more about Little Man?

Little Man is a small dude (Perhaps the smallest in modding history), appearing in the Bob's Onslaught mod and the Little Man 2 mod.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • During Last Hope, various things will happen to Boyfriend's strikeline:
    • The strikeline will start spinning,
    • The screen will look glitchy,
    • The screen will rotate and flip, and while this happens your keybinds will be flipped,
    • Your notes will be placed in Taeyai's arrows and Taeyai's in yours,
    • The screen could turn black for a split second,
    • It will suddenly remove one arrow in the strikeline,
    • Pop ups temporarily appear, similar to Bob during Onslaught, and Cheeky during Devils Jello and Bedrock.
    • You won't be able to access the pause or the debug menu. (upcoming)[11]
    • If you try and quit the game during the song, you'll just go back to Last Hope. (upcoming)[12]
  • During Blammed, different colors flash during "that sick part" of the song. (Which became a meme in the community.) This is purely aesthetic. (upcoming) [13]
  • During Liquidated, the camera may zoom in on Camellia, or the screen may be blurred slightly. This may be purely aesthetic. (upcoming) [14]

Trivia (General)

  • The "Special Message" that appears in the ending cutscene is gameplay of "Dating Night Funkin'", another of Taeyai's mods. Said mod is Neonight's multiple-character-covers of "Lover" from the Annie mod and "Heartbass" from The Date Week, made into playable mods, not unlike Blantados' BETADCIU songs.
    • More information about this mod here
  • Taeyai and NonsenseHumor are good friends, they're such good friends that they even play Tug of War with a Future Space Bean (you will probably refer to it as Among Us).
  • After Wear A Mask, Taeyai will crash the game, making a Windows error message box appear which says " COME AGAIN WHEN YOU'RE READY."
    • It will also open a notepad file saying the following:
      • If OBS is open after the game crashed, it adds "OBS OPEN? Huh" on the error message & the Notepad expands following this text:
Use OBS? Are you a streamer?
Or just a youtuber?
What a hopeless dream you got there.

  • If you open the game again after this, the game will put you in a cutscene before Last Hope, instead of going to the normal menu. This is a notable first on the community's history of heading straight to the song upon opening.
  • Taeyai and Chara both share a song with the same name, which is, indeed, Last Hope.
  • Initially, the mod was intended to collab with the Vs. Bob and Bosip mod, but this was later canceled due to the AmorAltra controversy. [15]
    • EX was almost renamed as Taeyai thought it was Amor's idea, but Ash replied that it was their idea instead.[16].
    • One commenter wanted him to collab instead with Starlight Mayhem. TheMaskedChris' natural response is him blushing (or at least the emoji), with the commentator asking to make it happen. Nevertheless, it became a reality.
  • Multiple scenes and people can be seen in the background of Open System and Wear A Mask, including:
  • Most of the Cyber Sensation Crossovers are small collabs, since the mod owners could not be contracted. The only official collabs are with Nonsense & Starlight Mayhem.[20]
    • It's possible that the crossovers with Friday Night Dustin', StickyBM, and Bob are official as hinted in the first trailer.
  • Taeyai's Week 6 sprite was made by IGJHSpritin on Twitter.[21]
  • All of Taeyai's Miss Sprites are missing the holographic screen.
  • Tae Yai voiced Conner in his titular Mod, as well as A.G.O.T.I. in Absolute Rage But Bad (You can tell with the Holographic Screens).
  • Hex, Tricky, Camellia, and Friday Night Dustin' will only have 1 song, Bob Manhunt, Starlight Mayhem, and SickyBM will have 3 songs, and Nonsense will have a total of 11 songs, which includes 4 EX Songs.[22]


Open System
BPM: 128
Scroll Speed: 2.5
Maximum Score: 133700 (Hard)
Wear A Mask
BPM: 134
Scroll Speed: 2.2
Maximum Score: 84000 (Hard)
Last Hope
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 2.6
Maximum Score: 151900 (Hard)


These songs are likely coming soon. If they get teasers through any official media, they will be added to Teasers.

Open System (EX Remix)
Wear A Mask (EX Remix)
Last Hope (EX Remix)

These songs are coming soon, as confirmed by looking at the teasers and the songlist.[24]

Common Sense (EX Remix)
Context (EX Remix)
Nonsense (EX Remix)

Song Dialogues

Note: The cutscenes featured in this mod are fully animated and voice-acted. Taeyai occasionally ends up saying words/sentences that aren't grammatically accurate. This is probably because English isn't her native language.

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: I think it should work now. [Gasps]

(A portal opened as a result of Taeyai testing the code. Boyfriend has stepped out of said portal)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Oh nice! I just made a character come outside the game!

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Uh, I still need to fix it...

(Boyfriend pokes Taeyai's leg to get her attention)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Oh Boyfriend, what do you want?

(Boyfriend pulls out his mic)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: You want to rap, right? [Chuckles] Um, I'm bad at singing. Hmmm, well, I think, umm... if you give me a little time, I'll send you back...

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Huh? Not working? Why? But I'm sure I already fixing the code, why didn't it work-

(Boyfriend throws his mic at Taeyai, hitting her in the face)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: OUCH!

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Yeah, your right. [Sigh] I need to take a break from coding and have fun. Hey, what do you think if we have some fun?

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: (Pulls out her mic) Bring it on!

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Well, you are pretty good than I thought. I'm so bad at it [Chuckles]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Are you cheering me up?

(Boyfriend shows the peace sign)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Thanks! Hey, do you want another song?

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: So yeah. Let's start!

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: I... I lost again, huh? Like always, yeah, because I'm a loser, and I CAN'T MAKE ANYTHING SUCCESS IN MY LIFE!

TaeyaiDanger.png Taeyai: [Sniff, followed by a chuckle] Funny, right? Who in the world can make anything successful? [Cries]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

TaeyaiMadIcon.png Taeyai: You don't understand anything? You just only can say "Beep boop". YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW I FEEL! You just like them, that keep humiliating and bullying me. You are just like my family that keeps looking away from my dream, but NOW...., I I'M GOING TO END IT NOW!

(Taeyai causes an explosion and crashes the game)

TaeyaiMadIcon.png Taeyai: Welcome back, to the final song of your life.

(Boyfriend looks around in confusion, before looking at Taeyai, who is now floating, and has gone off the deep end)

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

TaeyaiMadIcon.png Taeyai: [Mocking beeping noises] No one cares about you, Boyfriend! Even your Girlfriend didn't care about you!

(Boyfriend's eyes go blank white with shock at what he's seeing: Projections showing that with him not in the game, Girlfriend is now dating Pico.)

TaeyaiMadIcon.png Taeyai: Ooh... Oh! Surprise? Yeah, look at them! Kissing each other, and they did it without YOU! [Maniacal laughter]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Gets mad)

TaeyaiMadIcon.png Taeyai: Oh, are you angry Now? [Chuckle] Well, you can't do anything now, because you are here, with me, in this glitched room, FOREVER! [Maniacal laughter]

(BF hits Taeyai in the face with a mic.)

TaeyaiMadIcon.png Taeyai: OUCH!!

TaeyaiMadLose.png Taeyai: GRRR!

TaeyaiMadIcon.png Taeyai: Still have a hope? Well, I'm GOING TO MAKE YOU LOSE ALL YOUR HOPE!

(Taeyai's holograms disappear, and she stops floating)

TaeyaiDanger.png Taeyai: [Gasps] You and I used all my power, but I still can't beat you! How failure am I, right? [Cries]

(Boyfriend looks at her with pity)

TaeyaiDanger.png Taeyai: I'm sorry for everything! I will send you back to your game.

(Boyfriend shows visible concern for Taeyai)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Don't worry about me, I will be fine. [Sniff] Okay, I think everything should work now.

(Text reading "Special Message" appears on her screen, with a play button

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Special Message?

(The message proceeds to play. Taeyai makes noises of confusion)

(The message consists of comments under CommunityGame's showcase of one of Taeyai's previous mods, "Date Night Funkin'" {Neonight's multiple-character-covers of "Lover" from the Annie mod and "Heartbass" from The Date Week, made playable}. The comments are positive. It then cuts to Sticky playing the aforementioned mod on stream. He also praises it. It then cuts to a text saying "YOU MAKE AN AMAZING JOB TAEYAI... WE WILL ALL SUPPORT YOU. WE ALL LOVE YOU.)

TaeyaiDanger.png Taeyai: [Cries with joy in response to the message]

(Boyfriend smiles)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Thank you, thank you so much!

(Hugs Boyfriend)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Thanks for everything, Boyfriend!

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Ok, time to send you back home. Are you ready?


TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Great. 3, 2, 1, GO!

(The portal opens)

TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: [Gasp] IT WORKED!


TaeyaiIcon.png Taeyai: Well, it's time to say goodbye. [Chuckle] Bye Boyfriend!

(Boyfriend shows her the peace sign. And Taeyai waves back in response.)}}

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  5. The Auditor refers to him with he/him pronouns in the Expurgation posters
  17. Laibath Old Profile Picture.
  18. (JzBoy & PryRyoukio part) YouTube Rewind 2020 Animator's Edition Collab