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is it just me? or is (insert something here) looking kinda.......... T H I C C
― Dani

Dani is a YouTuber and game developer. He is known for liking milk, and his unfinished game KARLSON. Oh, you don't know what KARLSON IS? KARLSON is just a little game Dani is working on, currently the 15th most wishlisted game on steam, SO SMASH THAT WISHLIST BUTTON!

Dani is also mostly known of his "They said I couldn't, so I" and playable recreations of popular games, such as Fall Guys, Among Us, etc.


Dani appears as a blueish-purple humanoid figure with a smile and black sunglasses on.



  • Just like Daddy Dearest, Dani's left pose only has 1 frame. This is because his spritesheet is based off of Daddy Dearest.
  • Dani's only song, Karlsonvibe is being used for one of his games.


BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)


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