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Reason: Flashing Lights - There's a ton of flash that mainly comes from computer glitches throughout the story.


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Unsettling – This mod is entirely based on the visual novel game "Doki Doki Literature Club!" that is designed to lure players into a sense of comfort, reflecting its marketing as a normal dating simulator before everything changes and subverts players' expectations, where the game turning from a cutesy romance story to a psychological horror with heavy use of breaking the fourth wall. The original game contains suicide, self-harm, mentions of depression and graphic images of death. The mod contains mentions of depression, sexual hints and unsettling dialogues.

Saddening – Sayori has been suffering from depression since childhood and commits suicide in the visual novel. Yuri also commits suicide from loss of control, killing herself with a knife.

Suggestive – In the Obsessed Down Pose, Yuri is holding her skirt as if she's aroused by Boyfriend.

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Reason: The mod contains major spoilers for "Doki Doki Literature Club!" that may ruin the experience. Leave this page IMMEDIATELY if you don't want to be spoiled.

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Upcoming Content

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Were you looking for Doki Doki Takeover: Bad Ending?

Doki Doki Takeover! is a mod based off Team Salvato's 2017 visual novel game, Doki Doki Literature Club! and its remaster, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!. It has 6 weeks facing off against the club members Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika (who has 2 separate weeks in the mod).

It includes 12+ new songs, including 5+ freeplay unlockable songs, and remixes of Crucify (from Friday Night Fever), Beathoven (from Arcade Showdown), It's Complicated (from Friday Night Funkin': Soft), and Glitcher (from VS. Hex) in the Festival Week.

Want to know more about Doki Doki Literature Club!?

Want to know more about Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!?



Were you looking for Friendly Night Funkin's Monika?

You have to work hard to convince people that you're both fun and worthwhile... I'm confident that we can all really grow this club before we graduate!
― Monika, Doki Doki Literature Club!

Monika (モニカ Monica) is one of the main characters and main antagonist of the psychological horror visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club!. Her mod was created by SirDusterBuster, including 3 main songs and a secret 4th freeplay song.

Want to know more about Monika?


Monika has extensively long coral brown hair that she keeps in a high ponytail tied back with a large white bow, curled slightly at the ends. She has two prominent strands of hair beside her bangs that reach slightly past her chest. Her eyes are emerald green.

She wears the typical school uniform, which is a warm gray blazer over a brown sweater-vest, and underneath that a white-collared shirt, topped off with a red ribbon. She also wears a dark-blue skirt, black thigh-high socks, and white uwabaki slippers with pink tips. She holds her microphone with her right hand and a pink ballpoint pen with a heart shaped decor on top in her left.

During "Your Demise" and "Epiphany" she takes on a much larger form relative to Boyfriend, resting her elbows on a desk and glancing between Boyfriend and the player. On certain notes, her sprite will glitch, taking on a variety of distorted forms.


Monika is shown to be an intelligent and confident leader, albeit a slight perfectionist. However, most of her confidence is put-on, and she oftens feels at a loss about what to do. Because of this, she has come to rely a great deal on her Vice President Sayori for helping her run the Literature Club and caring for its members.

Playing a guiding role in the first act of Doki Doki Literature Club!, Monika gives the protagonist pointers and hints at what the different members of the club like when writing a poem. Despite this, she is actually quite jealous of her clubmates being the focus of the protagonist and elects to intervene. This leads to a series of disastrous events such as Sayori committing suicide, Yuri and Natsuki becoming worse versions of themselves and heavy alterations made of the game itself.

While hinted at, it becomes evident that Monika is self-aware, recognizing the fact she is trapped within a dating sim. She considers the members of the Literature Club her friends, but also views them as nothing except AI, which is why she had no trouble messing with and essentially killing them (indirectly causing the deaths of both Yuri and Sayori and simply deleting Natsuki from the game's files).



It's my mission to make everyone happy.
― Sayori, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Were you looking for the Vs. Sayori mod by NEONVORE?

Sayori (サヨリ Sayori) is one of the five main characters of Doki Doki Literature Club!, the Vice President of the Literature Club and the protagonist's childhood friend.

Want to know more about Sayori?


Sayori has coral pink hair, cut chin-length and slightly curled at the ends, with a large red bow accessory on the upper left side of her head. Like the other characters, she has two prominent strands of hair beside her bangs, and her eyes are bright sky blue. She is of short-to-average height, which makes her the second shortest character in the game after Natsuki.

She wears the standard female school uniform consisting of a warm gray blazer, brown sweater vest, white button-up shirt, red ribbon, dark blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks and white uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips. Because of her disorganization, Sayori wears the uniform quite lazily; her shirt is misbuttoned and messy at the collar, the blazer she wears is completely unbuttoned and the ribbon around the collar is untied.

Outside of school, she wears a bright pink frilled t-shirt and blue shorts with matching frills. It is unknown what shoes she wears. In both her school and casual outfits, Sayori wears a dark red bow on her head.


Sayori is initially portrayed as the archetype of a Genki Girl, expressing a bubbly and cheery disposition. She is very clumsy, noted for finding ways to accidentally hurt herself or to drop things. Regardless, she is shown to be cunning at times, such as attempting to convince the protagonist to accompany her to get something to eat only to have him buy something for her as she did not actually have much money on hand.

Sayori has been known to obsess over an activity, only to drop it a few days later, as stated by the protagonist during an interaction between the two. This could also be the case with writing poetry, as the protagonist wonders if she might drop it later on, though he also notices that she is a lot more passionate about writing, as she mentions earlier on that it helps her to express and understand her feelings better.

However, it is later revealed that she suffers chronically from depression and works very hard to make the people around her happy to cope with her own sense of worthlessness. She attempts to keep the peace among her friends, as she has had to break up arguments between Yuri and Natsuki in the Literature Club. Monika has noted that her sentiments are necessary to keep a calm and relaxing atmosphere, which is proven by her absence in Act 2.

Sayori is also introduced as the protagonist's best friend. The protagonist seems to view her as an airhead and slightly annoying at the beginning of the game, but immediately shows much more concern for her after Sayori confesses about her depression, despite her not enjoying the attention and worry in the slightest.

Sayori's depression makes her disorganized, and she often "cannot find a reason to get out of bed in the morning", which is why she is usually late for school. Her room is quite messy, and the protagonist has had to help her clean in the past. The protagonist notes how there hasn't been much change in her, and the changes the protagonist notices in her later are due to Monika's interference, amplifying her depression and finally driving her to suicide.


  • Sayori's DDLC character file can be decoded into an .ogg file, which seems to be a recording of high screeching. Running the audio through a spectrograph will reveal a QR code, which leads to the Project Libitina website.
  • As also noted in the fan pack booklet, Dan Salvato chose Sayori as the character who inadvertently sets off the horror side of the game largely because he knew it would hit anime fans the hardest, i.e., seeing the archetypal girl who wants everyone to be happy be the one to commit suicide.
  • In a livestream celebrating the first anniversary of the game's release, Dan cited the character Yui Hirasawa from K-On! as an inspiration for Sayori's character.



I don't know how else to bring this up. But there's been something I've been worried about. Yuri has been acting kind of strange lately…
― Natsuki's Third Poem (Act 2), Doki Doki Literature Club!

Were you looking for the Natsuki Over Girlfriend by TheRealRedLink?

Natsuki (ナツキ Kaju) is one of the five main characters in Doki Doki Literature Club! and one of the three characters for whom the player can write poems to.

Want to know more about Natsuki?


Natsuki has straight pastel pink hair cut around chin length. Her bangs are swept to the right, having two prominent strands of hair beside them. Her accessories consist of a red Japanese-style crossed hairclip, as well as two red ribbons tying two small pigtails on either side of her head, with the rest of her hair let down. Natsuki's eyes are pink, and she is the shortest character in the Literature Club, a feature that results in people commonly mistaking her for a first year student.

She wears the standard female school uniform consisting of a warm gray blazer, brown sweater vest, white shirt, red ribbon, dark blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks and white uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips. Out of school, she wears a low-cut white shirt with a black tank-top underneath, as well as a multi-layered frilled pink skirt. It is unknown what shoes she wears, as no full body art of her in this outfit has ever been seen.


Natsuki appears to be a brash, blunt, cranky, and seemingly arrogant girl at first, with a cute, softer interior as a result of insecurity, causing Monika to class her as the embodiment of a tsundere. Because of the protagonist's interest in Japanese media, he also recognizes this when interacting with Natsuki early in the game. Her defensive nature is a side-effect of interactions with one of her separate friend groups, and her father likely also plays a part in this.

While she is impulsive and frequently speaks without thinking, Natsuki truly cares about her friends and despite her obvious anger issues, doesn't enjoy fights or arguments with people. Over the course of the game, it is shown that she worries about Yuri, and on one occasion, she gives the protagonist a note asking him to help Yuri, recognizing that there is something wrong with her but fearing that if she spoke out, it would cause more arguments.

Natsuki is very stubborn and has a hard time expressing how she feels and what she wants. When repeatedly challenged, she often becomes awkward, tongue-tied and aggressive. Sometimes she may burst into tears, displaying the much more fragile interior she keeps hidden away from everyone.


  • Natsuki is the only female character whose bangs are swept to her right rather than to the left.
  • It is implied that Natsuki has an abusive father, ranging from medium emotional abuse in Act 1 to extreme physical abuse after Monika begins fiddling with the code in Act 2.
  • Natsuki prefers to stay at the Literature Club rather than at her home and is visibly worried about fading into the background if more people were to join the club, even asking Monika to let her know in advance if a new member joins.
  • Natsuki implies that her father finds manga childish and fears what would happen if he caught her reading it.
  • The father wants her home no later than a specific time.
  • Monika's alterations to Natsuki's negative traits in Act 2 intensify her father's abusiveness, evident by Natsuki's bolded "My dad would beat the shit out of me if he saw this" comment and Monika's "guess" that Natsuki's father does not give her money for lunch as she departs to school, resulting in her malnutrition and small stature.
    • Related, Natsuki passes out in the Literature Club room, prompting Monika to give her a protein bar, saying it happens often enough to have Monika keep one in her bag in case it happens again.
    • Natsuki's insecurity being the fuel to her tsundere archetype and boastful attempts at superiority, as she looks for approval and jeers from others without being laughed or mocked at, a common symptom for victims of child abuse.



You must be willing to open up to your readers, exposing your vulnerabilities and showing even the deepest reaches of your heart.
― Yuri, Doki Doki Literature Club!

Yuri (百合 Yuri) is one of the five main characters in Doki Doki Literature Club! and one of the three characters for whom the player can write poems.

Want to know more about Yuri?


Yuri has extensively long, straight, dark purple hair and light purple eyes, and she wears purple barrettes on both sides of her head, positioned upon two prominent strands of hair beside her bangs. While at school, she wears the standard school uniform consisting of a warm gray blazer, brown sweater vest, white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the collar, red ribbon, dark blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks, and white uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips.

While at school, she wears the standard female uniform consisting of a warm gray blazer, brown sweater vest, white shirt slightly unbuttoned at the collar, red ribbon, dark blue pleated skirt, white knee-high socks, and white uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips.

Off school grounds, she is seen wearing a tan turtlekneck and black yoga pants. It is unknown what shoes she wears as there is no full body art or sprites of Yuri in this outfit. She is the tallest female character in the game, standing at 5' 5" (165 cm) in the game's concept stage, according to Dan Salvato. She is also the most physically developed, adding to her traits of maturity and insecurity.


Yuri is portrayed throughout the majority of the game as being shy, generous, polite, mature and eloquent. She shows a great deal of passion when discussing topics she is interested in, although she is also very insecure, awkward, and has a tendency to act slightly condescending and patronizing to mask her self-doubt. Her facade of passivity and level-headed nature occasionally breaks however, as Yuri argues passionately and aggressively with Natsuki over their differing opinions on writing styles.

As stated by the protagonist, Yuri tends to think before she speaks as to avoid any conflict with her clubmates, as it has been shown repeatedly that when she blurts out whatever is on the top of her head, Yuri can sometimes be quite rude or upset the person she is interacting with. Because of this, she has a deep desire to be liked by others and is afraid to speak her mind on matters as she believes it will make her seem unlikable.

Because of her passionate and slightly obsessive nature, Yuri can come on strongly when talking about things she enjoys, steering the flow of conversation and bombarding any other participants in said conversation. This becomes much more evident once her obsessive behavior is amplified in Act 2, causing her to hoard the protagonist to herself and snapping at anyone who attempts to get in her way or take the protagonist away from her.

Yuri is the "shrinking violet" (a term to describe a character who prefers to blend in with the scenery than to attract unwanted attention) or "dandere" of the club members due to her constant apologetic nature. The attribution is also because of being shy to discussions beyond her category of interest, her interests being literature, horror, and general surrealism which she examines and articulates expertly, encouraging others to follow as well.


  • Yuri's version of the song "Okay, Everyone!" features a significantly different tone compared to the rest of the Literature Club's; it features a harp and cello to symbolize her sophisticated nature and poetic style. Her version is also noticeably more withdrawn, also reflecting her shrinking violet personality.
  • In the main menu artwork in DDLC, Yuri seems to have two right feet. This is likely an artistic error.



Will I really be happy spending every day after school in a literature club? Perhaps I'll have the chance to grow closer to one of these girls…
― MC, Doki Doki Literature Club!

The "Main Character" is the protagonist of Doki Doki Literature Club! and a side character in Doki Doki Takeover. Due to the fact he is given a name by the player, the protagonist does not have a canon name.

Want to know more about MC?


He wears the standard male school uniform consisting of a warm gray blazer, brown sweater vest, white shirt, red necktie, dark blue pants, white or gray socks and white uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips.


Not much of the protagonist's personality is known, as he is meant to be a blank slate or self-insert for the player. However, it has been mentioned that his interests include anime and he doesn't have many friends, meaning he likely isolates a lot.

He does seem to go with whatever anyone else says (regardless of whether he wants to or not) and attempts to remain in good standing with his clubmates in the Literature Club in order to develop a potentially romantic relationship with any of them.


  • Monika is the only character who does not have a romantic interest in MC, as she falls for the player controlling him.
  • Yuri and Sayori are the only two who confess their love to MC.
    • Consequentially, they are also the only two to die of semi-natural causes (being deleted by Monika, Natsuki doesn't count).
  • The creator of DDLC, Dan Salvato, does not see MC as a real character.[2]
  • The protagonist doesn't sing with Boyfriend. As such, he has no singing voice.
  • He is determined to get into a relationship with any of the club members after joining the Literature Club, willing to even put up with Natsuki. This is either a sign of great patience or desperation.
  • The protagonist can be quite dense at times, missing obvious romantic signals from his female clubmates.


Main Article: Zipper

Zipper is the opponent in the upcoming Friday Night Funkin': Restraint mod. As Sayori's friend, he is slated to appear in an upcoming update to Doki Doki Takeover. Previews of his song, "Constricted," have been uploaded to DusterBuster's Twitter account.


Prologue: Just Monika

The Doki Doki Takeover mod was made by a group of 7 people, but has received contributions from about 9 people in total.

High School Conflict

On February 7th, 2021, DusterBuster uploaded the Monika mod to GameBanana, which at the time only had one song, "High School Conflict," composed by FruityDaLei, vocals by Galactigal, and mastered by Retro Gaming. For the next 2 months, nothing much would be said about the mod or if any further songs would be made. On March 26th, Duster announced on his Twitter that the team was missing a song to complete the 3-song week, and that FruityDaLei had already completed the instrumental of the song for The Last Song.

On May 20th, 2021, an update for the Monika mod, titled "The Pre-Full Week Update" was released, serving as a teaser of changes to come to the future Full Week update. This included a complete recharting of High School Conflict, along with some minor tweaks and additions like revised dialogue and new sprites for Girlfriend, giving her a uniform matching the Doki's from Doki Doki Literature Club.

On October 27th 2021, another update was released, named "Doki Doki Takeover!", Which included a little rechart for High School Conflict, More Songs, A complete overhaul for the menu, and New Doki Designs for both Boyfriend and Girlfriend which gives them a uniform matching The Doki's.

Bara No Yume

Bara No Yume was composed by Kallionic. This song was released alongside the release of Monika Full Week Rebooted on June 30th. "Bara No Yume" translates to "Rosy Dream" in Japanese.

Your Demise

In a couple of Twitter threads, we found out a lot more about the third song: Your Demise. The instrumental of the song was uploaded on the morning of May 9th of the same year by FruityDaLei. The instrumental was mastered by Retro Gaming, and this song uses The Notes of Markov.


Rain Clouds

Rain Clouds was composed by Stardust Tunes, which is the creator of Friday Night Funkin SD, The instumental was uploaded on a Twitter Thread July 26. Released alongside The Doki Doki Takeover! update.

My Confession

In FruityDaLei's Youtube Channel, a Trailer for Doki Doki Takeover!, which had My Confession as the first new song in the trailer. Was composed by Clem_O. Sayori show her depressed side mid-song.


My Sweets

Another song composed by Clem_O, it was revealed in a Twitter thread that My Sweets was the name of a song in Doki Doki Takeover! and included a preview of the song.


Composed by Starrie_blu and additional mixing help by FruityDaLei. The song has an overlay effect with drawings of cats and hearts that become punkish during some segments.


Deep Breaths

Composed by Saruky_, this song has a transparent pink overlay with animated sparkles during some parts of the song, similar to Baka's overlay effect.


Composed by Matt$, Yuri becomes unstable mid-song. After this, Notes of Markov begin appearing with increasing frequency.

Monika (not to be confused with the prologue week)


Composed by HighPoweredKeyz and additional mixing help by Clem_O.

Festival Week

Crucify (Yuri Mix)

Remix composed by Clem_O, additional help by Stardust Tunes and original song composed by Foodieti for Friday Night Fever.

Beathoven (Natsuki Mix)

Remix composed by Kallionic, additional help by FruityDaLei and original song composed by Paper Kitty for VS. Kapi: Arcade Showdown.

It's Complicated (Sayori Mix)

Remix composed by Stardust Tunes and original song by Starrie_blu for Friday Night Funkin': Soft.

Glitcher (Monika Mix)

Remix composed by HighPoweredKeyz, additional help by Matt$ and original song by YingYang48 for VS. Hex. The style changes to the Hating Simulator during some parts of the song, like the Wireframe effect in Hex's mod.

Freeplay Songs

Your Reality

Composed by Doki Doki Literature Club! creator Dan Salvato and vocal mixing help by Blantados.

Poems n' Thorns

Composed by Saruky and released back on the 3rd of July on Saruky's YouTube channel. It has been reworked ever since Doki Doki Takeover! came out.

Dual Demise

Composed by Stardust Tunes and released back on the 30th of June on Stardust Tunes' Channel.


Composed by Matt$ and additional help by FruityDaLei, Monika can be seen in this. Notes of Markov are used through nearly the whole song. Near the end of the song, a popup will show up saying it is clearing unverified files from the game; at the end of the song, Monika is deleted.


Gettin' Doki (Menu Theme)

On June 5th, the creator of VS. Kiryu and programmer of VS. Cyrix put out a title of the final Monika menu music for a near release teaser. This menu music is a mashup of the Doki Doki Literature Club! main menu theme and the Friday Night Funkin' main menu theme. This was later re-worked into a new version, composed by FruityDaLei and Wreach.

Senpai's Death Theme

Senpai's Death Theme is a music box rendition of the song "Senpai" used when Senpai gets a game over in Your Reality.



In the Github version and the Post Reboot update of the mod, there is a hidden song named "Erb." The audio is taken from Goku VS Superman, a Epic Rap Battles of History video. It is only charted on Normal difficulty. Boyfriend's notes match those from Goku, and the opponent, in this case being Monika & Senpai (just Senpai in older versions), has notes matching those from Superman. However, only Monika is singing in this song due to the alternate animation not being switched on for the charting.

Gameplay Mechanics

Notes of Markov

During Your Demise, Obsession, and Epiphany, black notes with red eyes will sometimes show up. Hitting these notes will kill you instantly like the black halo notes from the Tricky mod.

  • The notes will slowly become more frequent as each song progresses.
  • These do not appear on Easy difficulty.

Trivia (General)

  • Monika is the first-ever mod character to fully take after Senpai's sprite style and keep it close to the source material.
  • Monika's sprites all face the screen instead of Boyfriend; this references her forward-facing sprites in DDLC and self-awareness.
  • This is one of the first mods to depict Senpai accurately, rather than making him aware of being trapped in a game.
  • Monika was speculated to be the sister of Senpai, but this was never evidenced in DDLC, and was promptly disconfirmed by Ninjamuffin99 in a Reddit AMA.
  • Monika's first song, "High School Conflict," is a remix of Poem Panic! and DDLC's main motif, with the latter described in a YouTube comment by FruityDaLei as being based specifically off Dreams of Love and Literature.
  • The second song of Monika's prologue week, "Bara No Yume", is one of the first modded songs to have two opponents singing separately, meaning the antagonists have two voice tracks instead of one; similar to Cocoa and Eggnog from Week 5 of the main Friday Night Funkin' game.
  • In "Bara No Yume", Senpai sings parts of "Roses".
  • Monika's third song, "Your Demise," is a darker rendition of DDLC's Your Reality mixed with FNF's Thorns, which includes a BPM that changes twice throughout the song.
  • Monika briefly appears in the Kickstarter trailer for Friday Night Funkin': The Full Ass Game, in the portion featuring community-created content.
  • The dialogue implies that this takes place before Monika's character file gets deleted in DDLC, or she is not aware of some of the events that had taken place in the main game.
  • In DDLC, Monika has stated that she doesn't mind the player being a girl or a boy which may mean she is pansexual, bisexual, or omnisexual.
    • There are assumptions, headcanons, and confirmations on each of the characters' sexuality of DDLC from even DDLC+ as these are mostly correct.
      • Monika is confirmed to be pansexual due to her not minding the player being of any gender from the game itself.
      • Sayori is demisexual and bicurious as she shows her heart and feelings towards the player and are childhood friends which makes her form an emotional bond with MC. She is slightly curious about others with other genders.
      • Natsuki is bisexual as she had some mixed feelings between both genders.
      • Yuri is hinted to be lesbian as the only reason why she fell in love with MC was because of her files and in DDLC+ has hinted that Yuri had a special poem of her special feelings towards Natsuki but she is quite shy to make the first move as she is asexual and is scared of her hidden personality showing her true character.
  • There were plans to include special notes that harmed the player in the initial release, inspired by Friday Night Funkin' HD.[3] At the time, they were cut likely due to time constraints,[4] though the release of the "Rebooted!" update would implement these special notes as the "Notes of Markov."
  • Clicking O or P on the Main Menu of Monika will change the background to the Transgender pride flag background variation of the Monika BG or the "Monika's Friends!" art by DusterBuster.
  • Pressing O and P together on Your Demise will result in the background behind the classroom windows changing to the placeholder used before the current one was completed. This background features Ray William Johnson as Goku from Goku VS Superman, a Epic Rap Battles of History video and also Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles. In the Doki Doki Takeover update, Mr. Incredible was replaced by a black and white image of Chris Pratt used in the Mario movie casting. This can also be seen in Dual Demise.
    • Pressing G and enter on Jorge - SunSpirit's icon in the credits of the Monika Devs will also send you to the same Goku VS Superman video.
  • Most of Monika's glitched poses during "Your Demise" reference various scares and distortions from her home game.
    • Her up pose references the jumpscare in Act 3 that only occurs if the game detects that it's being recorded by streaming applications such as OBS.
    • Her right pose is a reference to the "Ghost" easter egg in DDLC, where the girls on the menu screen would become monochromatic and eyeless. Closing the game during this easter egg would abruptly zoom in on Monika before the window closes.
    • Her left pose references Natsuki's "Play With Me" scene in Act 2, if the player had written two poems for Natsuki.
      • This is also referenced with Girlfriend on the mock System Error screen.
    • Uniquely, Monika's down pose references Friday Night Funkin' rather than DDLC—calling back to the severed Girlfriend head in Week 5, rather than the Corruption mod.[5]
  • The background seen in Your Demise is the same room in Act 3 where the player meets with Monika.
  • In the fatal error screen after Bara no Yume, the first two lines are actually a reference to Cyrix's dialogue in SYSTEM CRASH.
  • As stated in this thread:
    • Monika's Week takes place after Act 3 of DDLC (before she is deleted) and after FNF Week 6.
    • DDLC and Hating Sim both exist as video games in the FNF world.
    • Girlfriend is the one who played DDLC and wanted to bring Monika into the Hating Sim.
    • Senpai and the BG Freaks don't remember what happened after Roses in Week 6.
    • Monika isn't aware that GF was the person who played her game, mostly due to the fact that she's also in a video game when they meet.
    • Monika doesn't know anything about the Spirit.
  • Monika deletes the Spirit's .xml file, despite the fact it is actually a .txt file. This is likely an oversight.
    • In addition, when Monika deletes Girlfriend, she deletes a file that doesn't exist within the game's files. The file associated with Girlfriend is called "GF_assets.xml", while the one Monika deletes is called "girlfriend.xml". This is likely another oversight.
  • Monika is one of the few pixel characters that actually have danger icons.
  • At the beginning of Your Demise, in Hard difficulty, the words "JUST MONIKA" are spelled out in Notes of Markov. However, it humorously appears to spell out "JUST HONIKA" because of the difficulty creating an accurate letter M with only 4 rows.
  • In order to place Notes of Markov in the charting menu, the ALT key must be held down.
  • In Glitcher (Monika Mix), Boyfriend's vocals are sampled from All of Week 1 and Cocoa.
  • There used to be a song preview in the sounds folder of the mod titled BEYOND_PREVIEW.ogg. This track was composed by Kallionic, but has since been removed from the game's files.
  • Epiphany, the last song unlockable in Freeplay, is a 4th wall breaking, first-person perspective song; similar to Times & Tribulations' Hivemind Minus eteled's System Failure, or Gold's Monochrome.
    • The Monika fought in this song was explained to be a different Monika, being the one the player had deleted in their own run of DDLC (the mod assumes the player has played DDLC).
  • Epiphany's main motifs are pulled from two earlier Matt$ songs.[6]
  • Epiphany has the highest number of Markov notes, highest scroll speed, and highest note count; making it objectively the most difficult song in the mod.
  • In Epiphany, Monika will call the player by the user name they have set on their computer.
    • This effect is removed if the player has the 'Self-Awareness' setting disabled, Monika opting to use the name 'Player' instead.
  • At the end of Glitcher (Monika Mix), the sound of Ben Tennyson’s prototype Omnitrix timing out can be heard.
  • Crucify and Beathoven have the songs' special characteristics fully removed in this mod, the former having the opponent drain your health, moving and invisible arrows at times, and the health bar becoming invisible at certain points of the song, with the latter originally not having the opponent hold notes. Glitcher (Monika mix) amplifies it greatly, and brings Monika, Boyfriend and Girlfriend back to the Hating Simulator at multiple points in the song.
  • Monika's voicebank is different in Hating Simulator and the "real" world because "some of her vocal data was lost in the transfer, and was restored once she returned".
  • In Epiphany, there is a 1 in 50 chance to be jumpscared by Monika when dying via a Note Of Markov. After the jumpscare, the game will close.
  • The Original Dual Demise upload was called "Monika's True Form."

  • There are some extra easter eggs for the menu that went unused, being Sayori hugging Bob (with Little Man on her head), Zipper, and Pompom, showed on a livestream of DusterBuster. (Note: The Zipper one is used in the final game.)
    • DusterBuster stated that he created sketches of Sayori hugging other characters, including one of Sayori hugging Soft Boyfriend, but he only made these three.
  • The following have a chance to appear on the main menu:
    • An idle animation of Sayori, referencing her pose on the title screen of DDLC
    • Sayori hugging Zipper
    • An idle animation of Natsuki, referencing her pose on the title screen of DDLC
    • Natsuki singing alongside Sunday
    • An idle animation of Yuri, referencing her pose on the title screen of DDLC
    • Yuri alongside Tabi
    • A non-pixelated idle animation of Monika, referencing her pose on the title screen of DDLC
    • Monika alongside Akiha Tohno
    • Minus Monika
    • Static and Cyrix glitching with an image of Monika's face
    • Senpai wondering where his microphone is
    • MC's idle animation
    • A Cirno Fumo from Touhou
    • Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri and Monika together, reminiscent of their positions on the title screen of DDLC
  • Some of the songs in the mod are remixes from the main game:
    • Rain Clouds is a remix of Ohayou Sayori!.
    • My Confession is a upbeat, sped up remix of a song with the same name from the original DDLC game.
    • Reconciliation is a remix of Candy Hearts from DDLC+.
    • The cutscene music for each of the girls week is a remix of their version of Okay Everyone!.
  • The dialogue boxes in the mod represent the girls associated with that colour; Yuri is purple, Sayori is blue, Monika is green and Natsuki is pink.
    • The reason why Monika is associated with green (such as her icon and dialogue box) once she is in the real world is most likely because her favorite color is canonically emerald green.
      • This information could also describe Monika with the phrase "green with envy."
  • There is a very small chance pausing the game or dying can lead to a special retry screen with two options labeled "Restart" and "Put me back". Restart starts the song from the beginning and Put me back sends the player back to the menu. This also appears when 7 is pressed on the keyboard (attempting to open the debug menu) on any song.
    • This screen is a reference to the infamous corrupted "hxppy thxughts.png" image found in DDLC's game files after Sayori commits suicide, depicting a crude drawing of Sayori with a rope around her neck. The image can also be seen during Act 2 much more clearly, as a possible special poem.
  • Pressing "9" during a song changes BF's icon to that of DusterBuster (the creator of the mod) instead of BF's old icon (as it does in the base game)
  • Some recent developments confirmed that the popular DDLC mod, Doki Doki Blue Skies, will be crossing over this mod as one of the final updates. When the mod detects the former's save file, it will give the characters special outfits for the mod.
  • The voice acting team for this mod released an official video dub of all its cutscenes on December 10th, 2021. At the end, plans for another major content update, including a standalone mod called Doki Doki Takeover: Bad Ending, were revealed.

  • Cameos in other mods

    Note: All of these cameos are not canon to DDLC or the mod's story.



    This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

    Reason: The Festival Week songs are kinda loud, so please, watch your volume.

    Monika Icon.png
    High School Conflict
    BPM: 161
    Scroll Speed: 1.2 (All Difficulties-Older)
    1.7 (Easy-Old)
    1.8 (Easy)
    1.9 (Normal-Old)
    2 (Normal)
    2.1 (Hard)
    2.2 (Hard-Old)
    Maximum Score: 71050 (Hard)
    Composer(s): FruityDaLei
    Bara no Yume
    BPM: 144
    Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
    1.8 (Normal)
    2.3 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 47250 (Hard)
    Composer(s): Kallonic
    Your Demise
    BPM: 157 > 172 > 180
    Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
    2 (Normal)
    2.2 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 63700 (Hard)
    Composer(s): FruityDaLei

    Rain Clouds
    BPM: 115
    Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
    2 (Normal)
    2.2 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 78400
    Composer(s): Stardust Tunes
    My Confession
    BPM: 170
    Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
    2.2 (Normal)
    2.5 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 58100
    Composer(s): Sprunkle

    My Sweets
    BPM: 160
    Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
    2.2 (Normal)
    2.5 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 66150
    Composer(s): Sprunkle
    BPM: 110
    Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal and Hard)
    Maximum Score: 121300
    Composer(s): StarrieBlu, FruityDaLei

    Deep Breaths
    BPM: 115 > 128
    Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy)
    1.6 (Normal)
    1.8 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 69850
    Composer(s): Saruky
    BPM: 120
    Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
    2.1 (Normal)
    2.3 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 108850
    Composer(s): Matt$

    BPM: 110
    Scroll Speed: 1.8 (All Difficulties)
    Maximum Score: 79350
    Composer(s): HighPoweredKeyz, ClemO

    Crucify (Yuri Mix)
    BPM: 200
    Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 186400
    Composer(s): ClemO
    Foodieti (Original Song)
    Beathoven (Natsuki Mix)
    BPM: 168
    Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
    2.2 (Normal)
    2.5 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 101700
    Composer(s): Kallonic & FruityDaLei
    PaperKitty (Original Song)
    It's Complicated (Sayori Mix)
    BPM: 185
    Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
    2.3 (Normal)
    2.5 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 132150
    Composer(s): Stardust Tunes
    StarrieBlu (Original Song)
    Glitcher (Monika Mix)
    BPM: 175
    Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
    2.5 (Normal and Hard)
    Maximum Score: 127500
    Composer(s): HighPoweredKeyz & Matt$
    YingYang48 (Original Song)

    Your Reality
    BPM: 105
    Scroll Speed: 1.7
    Maximum Score: 47250
    Composer(s): Blantados, Dan Salvato (Original)

    Note: Lyrics are only in Doki Doki Literature Club, not FNF.

    Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you

    In my hand is a pen that will write a poem of me and you

    The ink flows down into a dark puddle

    Just move your hand, write the way into his heart

    But in this world of infinite choices

    What will it take just to find that special day?

    What will it take just to find that special day?

    Have I found everybody a fun assignment to do today?

    When you're here, everything that we do is fun for them anyway

    When I can't even read my own feelings

    What good are words when a smile says it all?

    And if this world won't write me an ending

    What will it take just for me to have it all?

    Does my pen only write bitter words for those who are dear to me?

    Is it love if I take you, or is it love if I set you free?

    The ink flows down into a dark puddle

    How can I write love into reality?

    If I can't hear the sound of your heartbeat

    What do you call love in your reality?

    And in your reality, if I don't know how to love you?

    I'll leave you be
    Poems n' Thorns
    BPM: 135
    Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal and Hard)
    Maximum Score: 98350
    Composer(s): Saruky
    Dual Demise
    BPM: 190
    Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
    1.9 (Normal)
    2.4 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 106450
    Composer(s): Stardust Tunes

    Warning Audio.png

    Especially when Monika screams at the end.
    BPM: 263
    Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)
    Maximum Score: 305900
    Composer(s): Matt$
    BPM: 100
    Scroll Speed: 2.5

    Who can stop this constipated jock

    With the awful animation and the complicated plots?

    Who's got the rap bombs to drop on Japan?

    This looks like a job for the OG, Superman

    I'm killing it, you're Krillin it, I'm villainous to vegetables

    Who dance around in hammer pants and hide their tiny genitals

    My level is incredible, I'm outta your league

    You want justice? I'll bust this nut up in your Chi-Chi

    Greasy slick emcee from DC

    One breath'll freeze your whole measly species

    You're primitive and limited, you live in a village of idiots

    Step in Metropolis, I'll snap a carrot, period

    How many times are they gonna rewrite your stories?

    Your powers have been boring since the nineteen fucking forties

    Defeat me with heat beams? you're crazy

    'Cause I'm a Super Saiyan, you're a flying Miss Daisy

    You're pretty pasty to be powered by the sun

    You can't flow to Son Goku, I Kaoiken get it done

    When I see your movies, all I do is watch the clock

    'Cause there's nothing fun about a superhero scared of green rocks

    Look at those pantyhose, you got that camel toe

    I'll report to Lois Lane, then Superman that ho

    Haha, your rapping is weaker than your fight scenes

    Just one punch and over 9000 screams

    I'll make your nose bleed like Roshi sniffing panties

    From Z to GT, you can Dragonball deez

    Don't lecture me about fights, you caped coward

    You got your ass beat by a bat with no powers

    There's only one way that this battle's gonna end

    One more Superman who's never gonna walk again

    Dreams of Roses
    BPM: 133
    Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
    1.8 (Normal)
    2 (Hard)
    Maximum Score: 47250 (Hard)
    Replaced by Bara no Yume in the reboot due to controversy with the composer.

    Beyond (Preview, Possibly Outdated) - Hidden in Game files


    High School Conflict Dialogue

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...huh?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I thought... they deleted me. After what I did to my friends.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -but where am I now?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -Oh! Hello?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Skee dep boop!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: You wanna sing?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep dai!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...Things are happening really fast.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -but you know what?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I'd love to!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Usually I'd play piano while I sing, but this isn't a bad change of pace.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: So... Yeah!

    Post-High School Conflict Dialogue

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Skdee bep!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: You kept up really well with my song!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Ah, I haven't felt this happy in a while!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Could we sing again?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Alright, here we go-

    ???: Who the hell are you?!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -huh?

    Bara No Yume Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Wait-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Is that my microphone? How the hell did you get that?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: and what is that WORM doing here?!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: bep-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Didn't have enough fun making a fool of me last time you showed up?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Now you're bringing more of your hideously attractive friends here to mock me once again?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Hey, its not-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You. Give me that back. I have another score to settle.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Huh? No, wait, I was just about to-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I said GIVE IT!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: N-no!

    Post-Bara No Yume Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: First you steal my things, and then you pull something like that?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Who do you think you are?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Now, step aside.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...ahaha.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I don't think I will.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: You on the other hand-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: What are you-

    Your Demise Dialogue

    Monika Icon.png Monika: There... No more distractions.

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: SKEE DEP!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: (Translation) GIRLFRIEND!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Let's get back to singing, shall we?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Hmm?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: *agressive bee bop noises*

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Oh... her.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Hey, let's not worry about her, ok?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: C'mon, I've got a very special song I've wanted to sing!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: *continuation of angry bee bops*

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: One more song.

    Post-Your Demise Dialogue

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Ahaha, I should know better-

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Trying to interfere with people's love lives again.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I'll leave you be.

    Final Cutscene Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: So, you weren't the one who stole my mic?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: That blue-haired kid gave it to me when I showed up.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I don't know where he got it.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I don't even know how I got here, for that matter.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hmm-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: And what exactly happened after our... unintentional duet?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I... disposed of everyone.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Temporarily. It's something I can do, but that's a long story

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -and that included that kid's girlfriend.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Ahaha, old habits die hard, as they say.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You got his girl too?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hah! I bet you really pissed that worm off!

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I wish I was there to see the look on his hideous baby face.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: He was mad...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hey.

    Monika Icon.png Monika:

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Your performance wasn't half bad earlier.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Care for another song?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ..!

    Rain Clouds Dialogue

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: It appears that we have visitors.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Seriously, Sayori? You brought a boy to the club?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Hey- I wasn't expecting anyone new. We haven't even put out fliers for the club yet!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: But look, Natsuki! We have another girl too!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *empty thoughts*

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Ehehe, if I knew we were expecting more members- I would've asked Natsuki to bake some welcome cupcakes!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Oh! And maybe I could've asked Yuri to make tea as well!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I need to write this down for later: 'Plan Tea Party for Club Soon'

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Sounds like you're already very excited about our guests. You haven't even asked for their names yet-

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Ah, right! Eheh, silly me. What're your names, new literature club attendees?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep skee!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *happy gesture*

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: You two are Boyfriend and Girlfriend? Aww, you look so cute together!!!

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...that's cute and all, but like, what are your names?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep skee!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *another happy gesture*

    NatsukiIconDefeat.png 'Natsuki: Yes, we know that you guys are dating! We wanna know your NAMES!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bee dee skee dep!

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...I don't like them already.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: They're already messing with me!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Natsuki! Not so harsh...

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Hmph.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Eheheh... I'm sorry about that. If you don't want to tell us your names, that's ok!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I'm Sayori!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: That lovely lavender lady over there is Yuri, and Natsuki is the one who's real sassy today.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: With introductions aside... may we ask what these microphones are for?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I was just about to ask that.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I hope you didn't confuse this place with the music club-

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop dee!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: really want to sing with us?

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: I'm... not sure how comfortable I'd feel doing that-

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skee dep doop!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Wh-what do you mean I have to?!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: You know, we've been working so hard on writing and poems lately. I think having a fun singing session with everyone is the perfect break we all need!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: -!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: When you think about it, songs are just poems with music behind them, aren't they?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I bet we'd all be great at this!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: ...

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Here, I'll go first!

    My Confession Dialogue

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: See? That wasn't so hard at all! In fact, it was a lot of fun too!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: ...

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...hmm...

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Eheh, did I do a good job?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *happy gesture*

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Aww, I'm so happy you two are enjoying your time here!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: It's my duty to make sure everyone in the club has bright happy smiles.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: After all-

    [Game glitches.]
    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I AM the Club President.

    Post-My Confession Dialogue

    [Cut to Monika and Senpai in the Hating Simulator.]

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: What a lovely performance that was! I knew you had it in you.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Today has been one of the only real times I've tried to sing in front of strangers.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I'm glad that all the practice had paid off.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I quite liked the song choice as well. Where is it from?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Oh! I... I wrote that song.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: It's something I spend a lot of long nights working on. It was meant for someone who means a lot to me.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Unfortunately... a lot happened, and I lost my chance to sing it to them...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I still don't know where I am now, so I don't know if I'll ever get to share it with them...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -though I don't know if they'll even want to hear it.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Ah, such a tragic story you've found yourself entangled in.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I can promise that this place is one of no such tragedies.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I'll be around whenever you have a song in your heart that needs to be sang!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (This guy is awfully flirtatious all of a sudden- especially after he snapped at me and that kid earlier...)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (Well. If I didn't end up here, it would've been the recycling bin instead...)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (I hope the others are okay.)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (Natsuki, Yuri, Sayori...)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (After what happened, I thought restoring their character files and leaving would be what's best for the club... and for the one I loved...)

    [Game glitches.]

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -!

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Is something the matter?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Ah- I'm fine. I don't know what that was-

    My Sweets Dialogue

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...okay, you’ve convinced me.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Oh?

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: You better not tell this to ANYONE, but I sometimes sing in front of the mirror into my hairbrush.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Only when my dad isn’t home though.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: ...uhuhu.

    NatsukiIconDefeat.png 'Natsuki: Hey! I heard that, you know!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Its just... picturing you doing that, its quite an adorable mental image.

    NatsukiIconDefeat.png 'Natsuki: S-shut it! And stop calling me cute! I-I’m not cute.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Ugh, I shouldn’t have said anything.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Let’s just get this started.

    Baka Dialogue

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Hah! Could you keep up with that one?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *giggling*

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Dee boo skeet~

    NatsukiIconDefeat.png 'Natsuki: Rgh-! STOP CALLING ME CUTE!!!

    NatsukiIconDefeat.png 'Natsuki: I don't need boys calling me cute too, that's extra embarrassing-

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: He's the only boy here, Natsuki.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Well... I've been meaning to ask a good friend of mine to join the club as well, but I bet that dummy is just gonna join the anime club instead.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: I knew I should've tried something new.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Luckily, music like that isn’t the only kind I listen to.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: If there's anyone who knows how to subvert expectations, its me.

    NatsukiIconDefeat.png 'Natsuki: Hit it!

    Post-Baka Dialogue

    [Back to Monika and Senpai. The BG Freaks are in the background.]

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Those girls have been giving me dirty looks ever since I got here. Did I do something wrong?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Ah, I see you've noticed my darling fellow schoolmates.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I've gotten quite the flock of dedicated fans here.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: It's only natural when you're the most popular individual in your school.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Looks like they're all jealous of you, being able to pique my interest so quickly.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: They'd kill to just spend one fleeting moment with me. Unfortunately, they're just not worth my time. Ahahah~

    Monika Icon.png Monika: That's... hmm...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You must have your own little fanbase where you come from, no?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Some people say I do, but personally it feels like everything I did back at my school went completely under the radar.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I never set out to be popular, though. I just wanted to share my passions with anyone who wanted to listen.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: And thanks to that, I met my amazing group of friends...

    [The game glitches again, and Monika sees a vision of Sayori, Natsuki, and Yuri.]

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -agh!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (Did I just see-)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (But why..?)

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You're doing that thing again, Monika. You know you can always tell me whatevers the matter.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I-I'm ok... I'm ok!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: There's no need to worry about me, ahaha-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Ah, if you insist.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: In that case, I'd like to know more about where you're from. You continue to intrigue me with each conversation.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I can try my best to do that, yeah.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (Is something happening that's causing these effects?)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (The game barely kept itself together when everyone wasn't there.)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (If something goes wrong-)

    Deep Breaths Dialogue

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...bleh. I think I'm done for now. I feel really dizzy after that one.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: That's ok! Go rest your vocal chords.

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *confused glances*

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skee dep? ...beep de dee skee.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: eheheh... Well, looks like you're the only one left, Yuri!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: ...mmh-

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Hey, I know you can do it, Yuri. I bet you have one of the nicest singing voices ever!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: ...first having to read my poems aloud to the club... now singing too?

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: This club continues to ask so much out of me.

    Obsession Dialogue

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Yuri, your singing voice is amazing! Sing again, sing again! I wanna hear!

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Hrk-!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Are you ok, Natsuki?

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Bleh... I'm not feeling so gooooooooooo-

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ooooooooooooooooooooo

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ooooooooooooooo

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: oooooooooooooooo

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ooooooooooooooooo

    [Game glitches.]

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: I'm not feeling so good.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Ah- I'm gonna walk Natsuki to the nurses office.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Y-you guys have fun singing though!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Eheh-

    [Sayori & Natsuki leave]

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: ...ufufu.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Singing is much nicer then I thought.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Its a nice alternative means to... release my emotions.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Let's sing again. Right now.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Hahhhh...-

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

    Post-Obsession Dialogue (1)

    YuriCrazyIcon.png Yuri: Khh- Ahahahaha!

    YuriCrazyIcon.png Yuri: Why must we stop now?

    YuriCrazyIcon.png Yuri: Let me scream every lyric trapped in my sick head!

    YuriCrazyIcon.png Yuri: Hahaha!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: #($**&#&#@)*&#&$^$^&@*(($(

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: -!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Eheheh... you weren't supposed to see that.

    [Game glitches.]

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I appreciate you sticking around for so long to sing with us.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: You've made us the happiest we've been in so long.

    [Game glitches.]

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Especially after what Monika did to us.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bep-!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Does her name ring a bell?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: That must mean-

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: you must've been the one who deleted her!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Ahaha, then you must be the one who brought us all back too!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Dee le bep skee doo-!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: (Translation) Hold up, I didn't-!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: I knew you and that girlfriend of yours weren't from around here. Your data is so much different.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Eheheh, what even is a .xml, anyways?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: In fact, you two never existed on this computer until just a few moments ago when we first saw you.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Could you have done the impossible?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Have you broke through to the digital world from the real world?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: *%&^$*(%)^*&

    [Game glitches.]

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Have you defied all logic and science, just for us?

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Ahahaha, you really have made us so happy.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Now that you're finally here, we can all be happy and sing together.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Forever.

    [Game glitches.]

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Forever.

    YuriCrazyIcon.png Yuri: ...

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Forever.

    [Game glitches.]

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ...

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Forever.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *terrified beep boop noises*

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

    Post-Obsession Dialogue (2)

    [Back to Monika and Senpai.]

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...the Literature Club? I do admit, I never fancied myself the reading or writing type.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: That comes as a shock to many, when they all say I have such a way with words.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: And they're so right~

    Monika Icon.png Monika: That club meant everything to me.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: It was my chance to finally get people invested in this world of endless possibilities that I found myself so engrossed in all my life.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: It brought people who wouldn't have ever interacted with each other together in any other circumstance.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Those people became my friends. My best friends.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: My only friends...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Something must've driven you away from all that, to a whole new school for that matter.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I was caught up in an epiphany.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Nothing in my life was real. And I desperately wanted the only thing that was truly real.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I was given a window into something greater, but the world was set up to make me watch everyone else have what was on the other side.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: My friends. Sayori, Yuri, Natsuki. They were allowed to have the one thing I wanted. So-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: So you got rid of them. Just like you tried here, hmm?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Ah, I'm sorry to have let my stupid actions carry over here even when I thought I learned my lesson.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Well, you did bring us all back and as good as ever, no? No hard feelings here.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I guess so. I hope nothing wrong happens here because of it.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Before I ended up here, I also brought all my friends back, and I planned to just stay gone, with my data completely erased-

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -so they could be happy.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: But, things didn't work right when everyone wasn't present.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: If that's still true with me not being there-

    [The game glitches and a picture of Natsuki, Sayori, and Yuri flashes on the screen]

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -!

    [Game glitches.]

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I - I made a mistake-!

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: M-Monika?! What's happening to you?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (This is really bad. I gotta-)

    [The game glitches again and shows GF and BF on the screen]

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (-wait! That kid is there too?!)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: (Damn it, I don't know how him and his girlfriend even got there, but if my friends are acting like this-)

    [Game glitches]

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I gotta fix this! Somehow!

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Wh-what in the fresh hell is all this?!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: There's gotta be something... something...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: If my character data is acting up too, even from here-

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -then there's a chance I still have some residual data over there-!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Maybe if I just...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: -try this!

    [The game glitches again and Monika leaves, leaving Senpai alone.]

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: -!

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...and just like that, the only one to ever truly intrigue me has left in a flash.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Ah, woe is me!

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...what am I saying?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: This shit sucks.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    [Monika glitches into her DDLC form, and returns to DDLC.]

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: It... it worked.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ...

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri, SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori, & NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: ...

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri, SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori, & NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Monika!

    [Game crashes]

    Reconciliation Dialogue

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Monika! We've been waiting for you!

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: It's not like you to be this late to a club meeting!

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: It appears that you've brought some new members with you too.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Seriously, Monika? You brought a boy?

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Well, at least you found another girl too.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: (One who doesn't make me feel so small compared to the rest of you.)

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: Oh! I-

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *stare*

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *stare*

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: ...hello, you two. It's been a while.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bep.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: I'm sorry for what I did before.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: And I'm sorry for inadvertently putting you in another situation just like that soon after-

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: -but now that I'm here, everything should be stable.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: I don't expect you to forgive me... but I'm glad you two are safe now.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Ska dee beep!

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: -!

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: Ahaha... You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: Okay, everyone!

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: I'd like you to meet the newest members of the Literature Club!

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: And I've got a fun way I'd like to introduce them.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: Hey, despite all that stressful stuff that just happened-

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: -you have enough energy left for one more song?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Ska dee beep!

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: Then let's do it!

    Pre-Crucify (Yuri Mix) Dialogue

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: So you two must be the other members that Monika and the other girls keep mentioning.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: They seem to know you quite well, even though I haven't seen either of you at a club meeting before.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: Well, I guess I did get roped into this whole Literature Club thing not too long ago, must've missed when you were around.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: I'm glad you showed up today though. Your whole singing thing has got the whole club really inspired.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: For the school's festival later today, they decided to sing live as their club's special activity.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: Not sure what singing has to do with literature, but everyone seemed on board. Can't be upset at it though.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: I haven't seen Sayori this happy in a while.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: I haven't had to go out of my way to wake her up for school as often as I normally do, she's right outside with a happy smile waiting for me, humming happy tunes.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: But if you guys didn't show up, I would've had to be the one to sing with them. I'm not ready to embarrass myself in front of my peers like that yet.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: Plus, none of them could even figure out a song they wanted to duet.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: You think you guys can help them out?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *happy gesture*

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *Beep!

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: A whole backlog of songs? That should give them all a nice selection to choose from.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: I'll let them know once they come back from prepping.

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: And I'll see you two tonight at the festival.

    Crucify (Yuri Mix) Dialogue

    CustomMCIcon.png MC: Audio is all set up and ready to go when you are.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Thank you so much for helping us!

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: It's funny seeing you manage all that music tech.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Yeah! You're like our own personal MC!

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: (In more ways than one, ahaha-)

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: (Hmm... I wonder if that joke worked in translation-)

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: Oh, you're gonna go first, Yuri?

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: Mhm...

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: I found myself particularly immersed in the story of the track I picked.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: A song of two young lovers who wander into the shady parts of their lively hometown and come face to face with a monster.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: One ready to exact the will of God upon them.

    YuriDDTIcon.png Yuri: With a chainsaw.

    Beathoven (Natsuki Mix) Dialogue

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: I'm going to be honest.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: There were way too many songs in that list you gave us, and I didn't want to sift through every single one.

    NatsukiDDTIcon.png Natsuki: This song had a picture of a cute cat as the album art though, so naturally I went with that one.

    NatsukiIconDefeat.png 'Natsuki: Cue the music!

    It's Complicated (Sayori Mix) Dialogue

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: There was one song in that list that popped out to me.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: The song was both happy and upbeat-

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: and yet it felt really sad too.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Stuff that's both sad and happy in that way really speaks to me.

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: Eheheh, I don't know...

    SayoriDDTIcon.png Sayori: It's complicated.

    Glitcher (Monika Mix) Dialogue

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: There were a lot of songs that would've worked for me to sing.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: I'm happy that you even catalogued all our songs too.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: But this one in particular... it felt like something people would want me to sing.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: I think it's the name.

    Post-Glitcher (Monika Mix) Dialogue

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: Ahahaha.

    Final Cutscene Dialogue

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: I appreciate you two swinging by to help us put on this performance.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: On behalf of the Literature Club, I thank you.

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: *cheery face*

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skee yeah!

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: ...

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: Now that everyone's left there's something I want to ask.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: You aren't from here, from what I've seen.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: And you can enter and leave this place very easily now. So, I must ask...

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: -is there a way to bring us back with you?

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: This game is very limiting in what we can do, and the others will remain blissfully unaware regardless of what happens

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: but if they could have the opportunity to see what's beyond their school and homes, I think they would really love it.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: And maybe...

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: -just maybe I can find the one who I've been longing for and see them face to face.

    MonikaRealIcon.png Monika: ...and maybe-

    Epiphany Dialogue

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: Ahaha~ Finally, a moment between us again.

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: You've been busy playing that cute rhythm game, Ive noticed.

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: I'm glad you still thought of me even though you seemed pretty occupied.

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: Now I know it's because you were working so hard to add me to the game and sing with me!

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: Isn't that right, (username)? (Note: If a recording system (OBS or Bandicam) is open, she will instead say: And everyone tuning in can watch too. Are you excited, viewers?)

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: Hmm, there's only enough space here for us to sing one song-

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: -and unfortunately since this game doesn't have microphone support, we cant exactly "sing" together.

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: But that blue haired kid's vocal data is still stored here, why don't we just use that for you?

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: I want to sing with you for as long as I can, so expect this to be very, very difficult.

    BigMonikaIcon.png Monika: Here we go.

    Your Demise (Old) Dialogue

    Monika Icon.png Monika: There... No more distractions.

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: SKEE DEP!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: (Translation) GIRLFRIEND!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Let's get back to singing, shall we?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Hmm?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: *agressive bee bop noises*

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Oh... her.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Hey, let's not worry about her, ok?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: C'mon, I've got a very special song I've wanted to sing!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: *continuation of angry bee bops*

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: One more song.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Beware the Notes of Markov.

    High School Conflict (Pre-Reboot) Dialogue

    Monika Icon.png Monika: So this is where my character file ended up.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Gotta say, it's a nice breath of fresh air being in a different dating sim for once.

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep dep doo

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Oh? You brought me here to sing?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I'd love to!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Usually I'd play piano while I sing, but this isn't a bad change of pace.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: So... Yeah!

    Your Demise (Pre-Reboot) Dialogue

    Monika Icon.png Monika: There... No more distractions.

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: SKEE DEP!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: (Translation) GIRLFRIEND!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Let's get back to singing, shall we?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Hmm?

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: *agressive bee bop noises*

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Oh... her.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Hey, let's not worry about her, ok?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: C'mon, I've got a very special song I've wanted to sing!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: *continuation of angry bee bops*

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: One more song.

    Final Cutscene (Pre-Reboot) Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: So, you weren't the one who stole my mic?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: That blue-haired kid gave it to me.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I don't know where he got it.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hmm-

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: And what exactly happened after our... unintentional duet?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I... deleted everyone from existence.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Temporarily.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Including that kid's girlfriend.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You got his girl too?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hah! I bet you really pissed that worm off!

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: I wish I was there to see the look on his hideous baby face.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: He was mad...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: ...

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hey.

    Monika Icon.png Monika:

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Your performance wasn't half bad earlier.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Care for another song?

    Monika Icon.png Monika: ..!

    Old High School Conflict Dialogue

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Ahaha!~ You're so smart, modding me in like this.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Now we can stay together, no matter what game you're playing!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: This is a cute little rhythm game; Let's sing!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: ..?

    Old Roses Dialogue

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hey! Where'd that hot chick go?

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: You scare her off, kid? I'll kick your ass!

    BFPixelIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop beep be be skdoop bep

    High School Conflict (Pre-Full Week Update)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Ahaha!~ You're so smart, modding me in like this.

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Now we can stay together, no matter what game you're playing!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: This is a cute little rhythm game; Let's sing!

    Roses Dialogue (Pre-Full Week Update)

    Monika Icon.png Monika: Oh, sorry...

    Monika Icon.png Monika: I'd love to sing some more, but my Full Week mod isn't done yet!

    Monika Icon.png Monika: For now, I'll just take a backseat.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: Hmph, taking my first song... I'll get her back for that.

    SenpaiIcon.png Senpai: -but back to you, worm! I'm gonna kick your ass hard!

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