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Reason: This mod is based off multiple Creepypastas. As for the demo, the mod is focused towards Cupcakes, a very gorey Creepyasta.

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Let's end this! - Soul Boyfriend

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Ah...? Who...? Or... T-that's right... Elements Of Insanity... - Boyfriend

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Elements of Insanity is an FNF mod based around the many Creepypastas and parodies of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, such as SHED.MOV by hotdiggedydemon, Cupcakes by Sergeant Sprinkles, and other non creepypasta/parody My Little Pony media such as TheLivingTombStone's Discord remix.


This is your time to pay
This is your judgment day
We made a sacrifice
And now we get to take your life

― Andrew WK, "Ready To Die", the song in Cupcakes

Pinkie Pie is one of the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and the main antagonist of the Cupcakes fanfic, as well as of this mod. In said fanfic, Pinkie Pie is depicted as a psychopath who tortures ponies and makes cupcakes from them, and now she intends to incorporate Girlfriend into her next recipe!


Pinkie Pie is a pink pony with a curly magenta mane and tail. On her flank, she has a cutie mark of three balloons side by side, being two blue balloons with yellow strings and a yellow one with a blue string in between. She wears a doctor's head mirror and wields a red chainsaw with a grey grip in her left hoof.

For a brief section of "Cupcakes", Pinkie Pie's mane and tail go straight and droop downwards. In the original show, this is how she used to look like before she got her cutie mark, and can end up in this state if extremely upset. She also becomes slightly desaturated.


  • Pinkie Pie is one of the few opponents in a Friday Night Funkin' mod to kill Girlfriend, as after her brief bit of sadness, the screen cuts to black and Pinkie can be heard revving up her chainsaw. Once the lights go back on, Girlfriend has been gutted open and her pupils are skulls and crossbones.


Boyfriend is the protagonist of the mod. Like his counterpart from the original Friday Night Funkin, he's up to rap against anyone no matter how dangerous (mainly because he's too stupid to comprehend the danger of the situation), and now he's rapping against Pinkie for Girlfriend's life.


In this mod, Boyfriend is a pony instead of a human. He's colored light cyan with a darker shade of cyan for his mane and tail, and has blue eyes instead of beady black eyes like his original counterpart. He wears a red cap with a blue brim, and on his flank is a cutie mark of a microphone, befitting his profession as a rapper.

Girlfriend is Boyfriend's, well... girlfriend. She's been strapped to a table by Pinkie and is in danger of being turned into cupcakes, but much like her boyfriend, she fails to comprehend the danger of the situation and is in a constant state of bliss.


In this mod, Girlfriend is a pony instead of a demon. She's colored red with an auburn mane and red-orange eyes instead of beady black eyes liker her original counterpart. In "Cupcakes", she appears to lack a tail, as well as a cutie mark, but "Shed" reveals that she does have a tail, said tail being auburn like her mane, and her cutie mark is a speaker.

Rainbow Dash is one of the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and a victim of Pinkie Pie in Cupcakes. Here, she's observing the rap battle from the foreground, looking on in complete horror.


Rainbow Dash is a cyan pegasus with a rainbow-colored mane and tail and pink eyes.

Hey, hey, hey! Stay out of my shed!
― Fluttershy, regularly

Fluttershy, voiced by Max Gilardi, or HotDiggityDemon is a pegasus who is proved to be very timid and shy, but is really a psychopathic serial killer. As a sign of foreshadowing, her cutie mark consists of a bloody dagger. Though most people think that she's ugly and scary, she has made cute and kind compliments to people and that's mostly just to hide that she's a serial killer to anyone who enters her shed.


Fluttershy is a light yellow pegasus with a light pink mane and tail and teal eyes. In the original show, her cutie mark is three pink butterflies, but in the PONY.MOV series her cutie mark is a bloody dagger.


  • Fluttershy's voice and mannerisms are obviously based off of Fat Albert.
  • She talks like Fat Albert in reference to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode, "Bridle Gossip", where the blue flowers causes Fluttershy to talk in a deep voice.
  • Most fans of the PONY.MOV series also call her Murdershy or Fluttershed; Max Gilardi calls her Flutterguine.
  • At MLP: FiM voice panel at Equestria LA, one of the fans got Andrea Libman (the actual voice of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) to say her catchphrase in Fluttershy's actual voice.
  • The only times she didn't say, "Stay outta my shed," were in APPLE.MOV and Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon 2 (she said, "Stay outta my video feed," instead).
  • Even though she's obviously a female, the document papers shown at the beginning of SWAG.MOV confirmed that her gender is unknown (possibly due to her voice).
  • Fluttershy is one of the few opponents in a Friday Night Funkin' mod to successfully kill Boyfriend, as at the end of "Shed", his corpse can be seen on the floor.



BPM: 220
Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)
Song Length: 3:41
Based on the Cupcakes creepypasta.

BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 2.7
Song Length: 1:22

SheddershyIcon.png 'Flutterguine':

SheddershyLose.png 'Flutterguine':

NoAvailableIcon.png 'Police Ponies':
Alright, alright, what's going on here?!

SheddershyIcon.png 'Flutterguine':
Ummm... this isn't what it looks like?
Based on the song Fluttershy sings in SHED.MOV, which, in itself, is a parody of the theme song from Fat Albert.

Eye Candy
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.6
Song Length: 1:18
Remix of Pinkie's Brew that also quotes Gypsy Bard.
BPM: 105
Scroll Speed: 2.2
Song Length: 3:15
Was originally made by Eurobeat Brony, which got remixed into the song which this is based on.

Trivia (General)

  • The song for Pinkie Pie is based on the animation "Cupcakes".
  • The next update containing Twilight Sparkle appears to either be Lesson Zero or Scissors Twilight, according to the post from the director of the mod Blueby87 on a Twitter post.[1]
  • The following MLP creepypastas that might join the mod:
    • Luna Game
    • Dreamy Rainbow
    • The Spell
    • Rainbow.EXE
    • Lil Miss Rarity
    • Flutter Island
    • Rainbow Factory

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