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Reason: Azavier poses needed.

FNF: The End is a mod created by Tsuraran and Clockwork that features the kid from popular "9+10=21" vine.



― Azavier

Azavier is the 21 kid and main opponent of the mod.


Azavier is an african-american kid that is shirtless. He has what appears to be black pupils.


Gameplay Mechanics - Health Bar Drain

Health Bar Drain: Boyfriend slowly loses his health over time due to 21 Kid’s power.

Cameos in other mods

  • In Trouble Double, the vine that serves as the context for this mod is referenced as a bad ending.
  • In Vs. Impostor, the vine is referenced in the background for Reactor, with the text "9 + 10 = 21? U stupid."


Azavier is an african-american that originates from a Vine Meme that was made in 2014. The vine itself shows a 6 second clip of Azavier’s older brother telling him that he is stupid, then Azavier replies with "No I’m not", Avazier’s older brother asks him to answer the math question "9+10", then Azavier replies with the wrong answer of 21.

Trivia (General)

  • FNF: The End is based off the vine, "What's 9+10?".
    • This mod was released on September 10th, 2021, or rather, 9/10/21, jokingly regarded as Judgement Day or the end of the world.
  • The Scroll Speed being 2.1 is a reference to... well, 21.
    • The BPM could also be a reference to this.
    • The song also ends with 21 seconds.
  • This is the first mod to have a first-person perspective of Boyfriend (2nd being Minus eteled, 3rd being FNF: Lullaby (Monocrome) The others being the Inkwell Hell Bendy mod and and a FNF Minus version of Huggy Wuggy.


BPM: 121
Scroll Speed: 2.1

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