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Basic Information

Not many people make it out alive. Are ya ready?
― French Fry Guy, Friday Night Funkin'

French Fry Guy is a former singer turned Police Officer. He has a short temper, like Whitty. He works under the Vero Beach Police Department, or the V.B.P.D, and is found over on the boardwalk from the hotel. He has no previous beef with previous mod protagonists. He is a orange, crispy like human "mutant". French Fry Guy is a mostly friendly protagonist, but will fight back if provoked.


French Fry Guy's first appearance was in a comic titled with the same name. It is not available online, however. You would need to ask the creator, [1]Cipherz Gaming YT, for a copy of it. The comic goes as follows, "A plain, run of the mill lookin' guy is trying to get a job at the V.B.P.D, but things turn south when he is straight up completed rejected. Whilst he was inside, toxic waste removers left a barrel full of it out, and someone left their fries on top of it. When he walks out, he slips, and the fries and him mutate together, and the rest is history."

He was born on March 18, 1994, in Pennsylvania. He is 27 years old, male, and is single. French Fry Guy has been around since 2017, but only in the form of physical paper copies of comics. This mod will mark the first time he has technically made an appearance online, as a character. The artwork provided was made by [2]caffinated.sam on Instagram. The mod is still currently in development, but will be releasing soon, but at least the end of May 2021.

The week is titled "Beach Brawl ft. French Fry Guy", and the tracks, which are not yet completed, are called "Vero", "Riptide", and "Brutality". There is an extra bonus track, titled "Fired".

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  • He works with other characters that have not yet made an appearance, such as Cap'n Cup, and Hamburger Boi.
  • The artists who made the comics and the character is Ryland Lenahan
  • The comics belong to a company under the name "Riptide Comics International".
  • This mod marks the first appearance of French Fry Guy ANYWHERE on the internet.
  • Like his creator, he enjoys Friday Night Funkin' and DOOM (1993).
  • There are technically 2 original comics, but the 3rd is unfinished and unreleased.
  • The lead artist is actually his sister.
  • The original idea for the comic was him being a superhero, but after the creator had read Dav Pilkey's "Dog Man", he was inspired and changed the idea.
  • Riptide Comics International does technically NOT exist yet. But a logo and comics have already been made.
  • Technically, French Fry Guy has made ONE other appearance, that being a HUD mod for Classic DOOM. All can be found on the creators website, [3]found here.
  • The character and creator share the same birthday!
  • The way he got accepted into the department, was "Chief" asking him "Do you like donuts?"
  • There's a series of quick comics, titled "French Fry Guy: Small Fry Comics", but it seems most of them have been lost to either time or damage, or other reasons.
  • The original 2 comics have been remade, twice.
  • Lots of the attributes link back to the original creator
  • French Fry Guy has beaten DOOM: Eternal and DOOM: 2016, 3 times over.
  • His favorite website is Newgrounds, and his favorite series being Tankmen.
  • He actually has a completely fleshed out typed novel, despite it not actually being released yet.
  • His favorite songs include ¨Grabbag¨ from Duke Nukem 3D, ¨Kitchen Ace and Taking Names¨ from DOOM (1993), and ¨Guns¨ from Friday Night Funkin'
  • His favorite books are ¨Maniac McGee¨ and ¨The Outsiders¨

General Gallery

General Gallery


Madness Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Huh? Where are we?

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: Welcome to my arena.

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: Not many people make it out alive.

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: Are ya ready?

Riptide Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Hey, that wasn't so bad! Pretty easy if I do say so myself!

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: Well, you weren't entirely wrong.

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: So, let's do something more chill, aye?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Fine by me.

Brutality Dialogue

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: DAMN YOU! HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: HUH?

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: So you really like rapping, huh, BF?

FrenchFryGuyNeutralNEW.png French Fry Guy: How about something...faster?


BPM: 212
Scroll Speed: 3
Maximum Score: 186200
Composer(s): Rozebud
BPM: 178
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 157,150
Composer(s): Kawai Sprite
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 2.5
Maximum Score: 156,800
Composer(s): Kawai Sprite


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