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Upcoming: 3.0 is real apparently and will run on a modified Psych Engine 0.5.2h (With winning icons intact). Also, there will be a crossover with Cyber Sensation soon

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Reason: Most characters have disturbing appearances and the mod as well as Dusttale contains murder, torture, insanity, and body horror


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Reason: Murder Sans was trying to save anyone but ended up going insane trying, also his dialogue can make you feel bad for him. Also, the screen shakes in Hallucinations and in parts of Anthropophobia.

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Fan Favorite

So Modest! I for one think you're quite the pro at this already. - Venti

This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: Dusttale is one of the most well-known AUs in the Undertale community, and one of the first ones to actually get a full fangame.

Were you looking for the spinoff mod Best Friends?

Friday Night Dustin', formerly known as Friday Night Funkin' Dusttale: Remastered, is a remake of the Murder Sans fight created by the director of the original mod, WassabiSoja. The story remains the same as the original, only that it is more based off the Dusttale fan-game created by Evan Streblow. Sans is fought in three different locations, there are new mechanics, fully animated cutscenes between songs, and two different endings that will occur based on the player's actions.


Notice: This section mostly follows the dialogue and animations, not the opening cutscene, as that seemingly deviates from what happens in-game.

After enduring countless Genocide Routes caused by the human, Sans the Skeleton begins a war of attrition, to make a preemptive attempt to cripple, and soon overpower them. He has to kill fellow Monsters in order to raise his LV and EXP, gaining more HP, ATK, and DEF. The more he gains, the less the human gains. Nobody has to be left for the human to take. He has to kill all of the Monsters, his own brother, Papyrus included.

Soon after he begins, he encounters Boyfriend. Confused by the sudden and unplanned arrival of a human, he panics and teleports deeper into the Underground, to Waterfall. But to his surprise, Boyfriend is hot on his trail. Despite not having a significant amount of power yet, he is forced to battle against this human whom he doesn't recognize.

After finishing a rap battle, Boyfriend senses a foreign presence behind him, sending chills down his spine. Before he can act, his body is possessed and he is forced to attack Sans, dealing 20 damage to him. Retreating, Sans teleports away as a confused and scared Boyfriend regains control over his body. Girlfriend curiously stares at Boyfriend, as if questioning what had just happened.

Some time later, Sans is seen attacking Undyne, the head of the Royal Guard. After being blasted into a cave, she stumbles out, her body melting as it struggles to resist death through sheer determination. Turning around, Sans confronts Boyfriend and Girlfriend, who were observing from close by. Having no choice but to fight, Sans engages Boyfriend in another rap battle, leaving Undyne to melt as Girlfriend... takes a seat on her shoulder.

As Sans and Boyfriend finish another rap battle, Sans, seemingly talking to himself (really to Phantom Papyrus), insists he's doing what he has to do, and that he doesn't know what he's going to do after he's done. Not knowing who Sans may be talking to, a confused Boyfriend initiates another rap battle.

Sans sends a couple of bones towards Boyfriend, but before he can get hit, his body is once again possessed, and he finishes off Undyne with a knife. Sans teleports away, having failed to gain any LV or EXP from this encounter.

Eventually, Boyfriend strolls into the Judgement Hall, spotting an idle Sans. Alerting Sans, Boyfriend challenges Sans for yet another song. An enigmatic, yet familiar figure stands behind Boyfriend, watching, watching, waiting for the right opportunity. Sans' pupils light aflame as the final battle begins. Two rap battles ensue, with Sans mixing in increasing amounts of attacks into his verses. But even after all that, Boyfriend is still standing confidently. Sans looks down, almost amused, before Boyfriend feels that something is... off.

Boyfriend freezes as his eyes flash a crimson red, static filling his mind. Then he attacks Sans, manifesting a knife out of thin air. Boyfriend's mouth gapes to an inhuman level and his eyes are replaced with a vantablack void, a viscous liquid oozing out of his face. Caught off-guard, Sans' left pupil pulses an intense violet as he prepares for one last rap battle, this time putting more of his backbone into it.

Genocide Ending:

Despite his best efforts, Sans was defeated, his HP being slowly whittled down as Boyfriend sent slash after slash at him. Exhausted, Sans' eyes begin to close as his attacks cease, the familiar melody of his lifeless hometown quietly playing in his head. Boyfriend eagerly slashes at Sans, but he dodges once more, forcing his heavy body to sidestep another attack. Then Boyfriend suddenly appears behind him, the skeleton's eyes widening as his life is suddenly taken from him.

Satisfied with his efforts, Boyfriend smiles with content, but this is short lived. Another skeleton appears behind him, seemingly forcing itself into existence. This one is different; it possesses no body, or arms. It's just a floating skull and a pair of hands, wrapped with a blood-red scarf. A familiar grin sits on its face. It's Papyrus, Sans' late brother, come to avenge his late brother. He begins singing, and Boyfriend obliges. Reality itself seems to shake and dissolve as they battle it out, and it becomes difficult to find what sounds to utter, but Boyfriend forges on nonetheless, the "same" cocky grin on his face. After a brief rap battle, Papyrus seems to fade away as the hallucinations end.

Boyfriend smiles, knife in hand.

Pacifist Ending:

Even with the blade in his hand, the bloodlust in his eyes, the visible insanity, Boyfriend has yet to attack Sans once more. Not to mention, Boyfriend himself still alive and well. A perplexed and frustrated Sans stares down at Boyfriend as he suddenly halts, his expression rapidly swapping between that of struggle and genocidal lunacy. But deep inside Boyfriend's mind, he's fighting something, the very source of these impulses:

Chara, The First Fallen Human.

Blade in hand, Chara smiles wickedly at Boyfriend. There's one way to get this thing out of his head, and it's precisely what he does best: Rap. Microphone in hand, he sings as Chara strikes him again and again with their knife. Boyfriend does not falter, even if he gets terrifyingly close to being taken down then and there. And soon... he is able to force them out of his head.

Sans is waiting for Boyfriend back in reality, his vengeful pupils seemingly absent and with it, his insanity as well. He smiles at Boyfriend, not with a smile of pain nor murderous intent, but... just his usual big, dumb skeleton smile. Yes, the funni skeleton man-child has returned.

"see ya' in the next reset, kid"

After Match (Cancelled)

After the Genocide ending, Chara resets the timeline, but Sans still remembers what happened. Knowing that the only way to stop Chara, who is now permanently possessing Boyfriend, is by beating them in a rap battle, he grabs his purple mic and faces off once again.

(This is paraphrased from the description of the teaser for After Match which is the only place the story is mentioned so this is all the lore there will be.)



we're gonna have a MAD time!
― Murder!Sans, Anthropophobia

Murder!Sans, or simply just Sans, is the main protagonist of Dusttale. He has become aware of the genocide routes the human has taken, and so he went on his own genocide route so he could finally stop the human.


Murder!Sans is the same as his mainstream apperance from Undertale, however, his hood is up and his clothes are stained by dust. In The Murder, his eyes are small and red, not the usual white. He also has a depressed expression. In Red Megalovania, Drowning, and the first phase of Reality Check, his pupils have widened, and his left eye is blue encircled in red. He also has a black pupil on his right eye. In Psychotic Breakdown, D.I.E, the second part of Reality Check, and Wounded Shooting (a lot ik), he has an insane expression, with widened eye sockets and a wider grin. Finally, in Anthrophobia and the final part of Reality Check, Sans visibly sweats with a determined expression, and the red in his left eye has become pinkish-purple and glows brightly.


  • He likes to kill the human in very cruel ways.
  • Papyrus still haunts Murder!Sans as a hallucination, even if the latter was successful.
  • According to the creator of Dusttale, Murder!Sans is unable to fall in love with anyone in his universe.
  • The only monster he regrets killing is Papyrus, obviously since he is his brother, and all the strong relationship the have made across the years before the human came.
  • The creator of Dusttale has stated that Sans does in fact know that the phantom is not real, but still talks to the hallucination for sanity.
  • Much of the fandom confuses Sans for being the main antagonist of Dusttale. In reality, he is truly the protagonist of the AU, as Sans is the lead/main character and most of the AU is in his perspective.



Phantom!Papyrus is the deuteragonist of Dusttale. Although his appearance may suggest otherwise, he is actually a hallucination of Papyrus, not a ghost. He haunts and helps Sans on his mission to gain enough LV to kill The Human, by forcing him to continue killing.


Phantom Papyrus looks like the normal Papyrus, but with no body or legs, leaving him as just a floating head with hands. He still retains his scarf and gloves, but his eyes are red. Despite the images seen, Papyrus is semi-transparent whenever seen in the mod.


  • Since Papyrus is a hallucination in this AU, he cannot be killed due to already being killed by Sans.
  • He cannot be seen normally. The only ones that can see him are Sans, the human and Boyfriend (during Hallucinations, and only because Chara is in control).
  • In the non-canon fan-game, he is fought in the middle of the final Sans fight. In the mod, he is fought in the Genocide Ending after Sans is killed, but later disappears.
  • It is unknown how Boyfriend can interact with him or how he exists after Sans' death, due to being a hallucination.
  • The creator of Dusttale has stated that Sans does in fact know that the phantom isn't real, but still talks to the hallucination for at least the minimum of sanity.



Chara is the main antagonist of the non-canon Dusttale fan-game the mod is based on. They are the one who controls Frisk (or in this case, Boyfriend) and make them go on a killing spree.


Chara looks strikingly similar to the protagonist of Undertale, Frisk, sporting a green sweater with a cream-colored stripe in the center, black pants and shoes, and a hairstyle identical to Frisk's. They have peach skin, brown hair, rosy cheeks, and wide red eyes that accompany a wide smile. When Chara slashes Boyfriend, their red eyes widen while they open their mouth, boasting a distorted smile.


  • Chara hated humanity.
  • They died by buttercup poisoning.
  • They are the one who controlled Boyfriend during Anthropophobia (and Hallucinations if you choose to attack Sans).
  • Chara does not sing at all during their appearance in this mod, opting only to attack Boyfriend directly.



Fell!Sans is the main protagonist of Dustfell, which is a combination of the Dusttale and Underfell AUs. He's meant to appear in the upcoming extra song Veredict.

It is often referred to as Dustfell, but it is more accurately Felldust, since it is an AU where Dusttale events occurred in the Underfell world.The first time Dustfell/Felldust was posted was by Renmargo, but there is no established information because there is no official and various interpretations exist.


Swap!Papyrus is the main protagonist of Dustswap, a combination of the Dusttale and Underswap AUs. He's meant to appear in the upcoming extra song Homie-cide.


DustDust!Sans (or also Erect Sans) is the main protagonist of DustDust, he's a Sans that jumps to other alternative universes in order to kill other Murder!Sanses, and now currently resides in an empty Dusttale AU. He's meant to appear in the upcoming erect remix for Antropophobia.


Taeyai is a well known coder in the FNF Community and the self-insert opponent in Cyber Sensation. She will (likely) be playable in the upcoming crossover.


Taeyai is a white-skinned female with black hair. She wears a white hoodie, black pants, and a pair of grey and white shoes. She also has a light blue hologram floating on her right hand and a microphone on her left hand.

Want to learn more about Taeyai?

Gameplay Mechanics - Special Notes, Gaster Blaster, Screen Distortions, Attack, Slash

  • During Murder!Sans' songs, Dust notes and Karma notes will appear. Hitting a dust note will decrease 10% of the player's health and will also have dust that will gradually cover more of the screen the more dust notes they hit. The dust will go away shortly after. If you hit too many, you instantly get blueballed. Hitting a karma note will have the player's health gradually decreasing for about 5 seconds (this can blueball you).
  • During Hallucinations, Phantom notes will appear. Hitting a phantom note will reduce the transparency of the notes and health bar to 0.1 for 10 seconds.
  • Screen distortions will occur during every song except Last Hope. These can include the screen shaking and turning upside down.
  • During D.I.E, Anthropophobia, and Reality Check, a Gaster Blaster will appear and will decrease the player's health all the way to 1 point before death.
  • During Anthropophobia, the player can choose to attack Sans once the signal shows up. Pressing space will allow Boyfriend to attack, which will cause Boyfriend to gain the maximum amount of health. Doing this even once will activate the Genocide ending. Not doing this even once will activate the Pacifist ending.
  • During Last Hope, Chara will occasionally slash Boyfriend. Slashes can remove a varying amount of health from the player, ranging from roughly a measly 20% to nearly all of it. Also, throughout the song, the player will gradually lose health slowly. This is similar to Monster's gas mechanic in Friday Night Funkin' HD.

General Trivia

  • Chara and Taeyai both share a song with the same name, which is Last Hope.
    • This goes the same for Murder!Sans and Classic Sans, which is Reality Check.
      • To add irony to Chara and Taeyai's case, Taeyai will be added into Friday Night Dustin'.
  • The player can choose two routes during Anthropophobia, those being Genocide or Pacifist. These routes depend on whether you decide to attack Sans or not during the song.
    • The Genocide Route unlocks Hallucinations, where you face Phantom Papyrus, and the Pacifist Route unlocks Last Hope, where you face off against Chara.
  • Reality Check and Wounded Shooting are the only unlockable songs in the game. Reality Check is unlocked by clearing Story Mode, and Wounded Shooting is unlocked by unlocking both the Pacifist and Genocide endings.
  • "Anthropophobia" is the fear of people.
  • The Murderer and Red Megalovania are remixes of two fanmade Dusttale tracks from kartrina 130: The Murder and Red Megalovania.
    • Red Megalovania originates from a Megalovania remix of Trainer Red's Theme from Pokémon, hence the name and the identical beginnings.
  • Reality Check is a remix of Reality Check Through The Skull, a song closely associated with the infamously difficult fangame "Dusttale Murder!Sans Fight" by FDY, aswell as the theme that plays when Phantom!Papyrus appears in the Dusttale fangame.
  • Pressing 2 in any song will skip through some of the song. It'll kill you if you don't press it again quick enough.
  • This is one of the mods to have icons as a sprite sheet.
  • Unlike most other mods with gimmick notes, hitting the dust and karma notes during any song that has them will not cause a combo break, meaning that getting a full combo is still possible even if one of the two are hit at all. This is most notable during Anthropophobia, as it has a lot of dust and karma notes, and players may sometimes hit one on accident when trying to hit a normal note during certain segments.
  • Almost Literally every song references Megalovania. Do you know why?
  • There will be a crossover with Cyber Sensation in the future.


The Murder
BPM: 130 > 175 > 130 > 175 > 130
Scroll Speed: 2.4
Composer(s): Nathan S.
Red Megalovania
BPM: 200 (Charted at 220)
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Composer(s): Nathan S.
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 3
Composer(s): IceyNuDoir
Psychotic Breakdown
BPM: 220
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Composer(s): IceyNuDoir
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 3
Composer(s): Lemonemy
BPM: 230
Scroll Speed: 3.1
Composer(s): Lemonemy

BPM: 210 (Charted at 220)
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Composer(s): IceyNuDoir
To unlock this song and consequently the route, attack Sans at least once in Antropophobia.

Last Hope
BPM: 300
Scroll Speed: 3.2
Composer(s): IceyNuDoir
To unlock this song and consequently the route, do not attack Sans in Antropophobia.

Reality Check Through The Skull
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 3.2
Composer(s): Nathan S.
Wounded Shooting
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 3
Composer(s): IceyDuNoir.

Perseverance (Teaser)
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): Mar Mar
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): WassabiSoja ft. David0414
Cliffhanger (Teaser)
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): WassabiSoja ft. FPLester
Extinction (Teaser)
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): David0414 ft. WassabiSoja
Anthropophobia (ERECT)
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): Lemonemy
Veredict (Teaser)
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): FPLester
Homie-cide (Teaser)
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): WassabiSoja
The Uprising (Teaser) [1]
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): WassabiSoja
New Hope
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Composer(s): IceyDuNoir
Atrocity (Skeleton Bros Cover)
Warning Audio.png
BPM: 190
Composer(s): Saster (Cover by WassabiSoja)

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: uh, kiddo, you white as hell.

0:05 DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans Getting EXP? How 'bout you get some bitches. he ha ha ha ha UAHHH-

1:59 PhantomPapyrusIcon.png Papyrus: Sans, the human's cringe as fuck.

2:23 PhantomPapyrusIcon.png Papyrus: Now that we have that human dealt with... SANS WHERE'S MY CRACK?!

2:28 DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: listen, paps, i'll get you your crack in a minute. just calm down, sit the fuck down, i'm gonna beat the FUCK out of this toddler and then we'll get your crack. okay? okay.

2:39 PhantomPapyrusIcon.png Papyrus: (incomprehensible screaming)

2:41 DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ehh... sure?

2:45 PhantomPapyrusIcon.png Papyrus: Also, Sans, that pun that you made earlier was actually fucking gross. I-I- That was actually like the worst pun I have heard ever. "EXP, more like EXP get some bitches." Makes NO sense whatsoever! Ah, it makes me frustrated! Yeah, you know what I have an idea! How 'bout I kill you! (more incomprehensible screaming)

Red Megalovania (Old)
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 2(Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Reality Check Through The Skull (Old)
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
3.5 (Hard)
The Murder (Old Menu Theme)

Placeholder Used

End of Dialogue - Bob

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PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Many Genocide routes have passed.

The human killed every monster. Waiting for something to change.

Sans couldn't stand watching his brother and his friends die, over and over again.

So he decided to do his OWN Genocide route to overpower the human.

That means he would have to kill every monster in the underground.


His own brother.

Sans, consumed by his sins, started to repeat to himself.

It's the human's fault.

Until he became MAD.

But this time was... different.

We don't know his intentions.

Neither his thoughts.

What we did know,

Is that he wanted to battle.

Sans is shown at the beginning of Snowdin. Boyfriend appears from the ruins door, and he (Sans) teleports away to the Mysterious Door room. Boyfriend then finds him there.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: wh..-

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bep.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: who are you... you are not the human i know.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skeep bap.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: no no.. i can’t! i’m.. i’m not ready..!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skbeep?

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ..i..

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ...

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ...i... ...don’t have enough..

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...bop?

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ...i...

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ...

Boyfriend, scared, is possessed by Chara and forced to hit Sans. Sans takes 20 damage, and teleports away. Boyfriend regains control afterwards. The scene cuts to Girlfriend, who is confused.

Sans uses a Gaster Blaster to fire Undyne into a cave. Boyfriend sees that she has began melting due to determination. Boyfriend looks at Sans, who then opens his pupils.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: again?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: i...well..., guess i don’t got a choice.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ...i’m doing what i have to do.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ...leave... papyrus.. i already know.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop?

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: no, i don't know what i am gonna do next...

Sans, about to finish Undyne, fires bones. Chara possesses Boyfriend and they get the kill first. Sans teleports away.

Boyfriend walks into the Judgement Hall, where they meet sans, who gains a bigger smile. Chara can be seen faintly behind them, and Sans' eye flashes.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: heya.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ...i already know what you’re here for.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop beep?

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: but this time i have more XP and level than you.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: let’s just get to the point.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: not bad kid.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: He he he.....



DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: Get ready yourself kiddo...

Chara takes full control of Boyfriend, and Sans' eye glows brighter.

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: .... hehe

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: i guess i over did it huh?

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: hu-.......

Bf chara icon.png Boyfriend?: ....

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: although... i haven't got to this point just to give up here

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: i will kill you...

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: no matter the cost...

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: we're gonna have a MAD time!

Bf chara icon.png Boyfriend?: =]

Sans is apparently tired and falls unconscious while Boyfriend, who is controlled, tries to attack Sans. Fortunately, he avoids it. However, the possessed Boyfriend stabs him at the back, apparently killing Sans. Boyfriend smiles maniacally for a short period of time before realizing Papyrus to his right.

Both Sans and Chara, who is possessing Boyfriend, are battling. However, Boyfriend's soul awakens and we flash into his mind. There, we see Chara and Boyfriend.

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: hehehehehehe-

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: another human?-

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: well, kiddo, i didn't want to ruin your visit in the underground-

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: but you'll have to DIE

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *you tell sans you want a battle

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: hehehe....

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: sure, pal

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: you'll pay, kid...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *you tell sans you want to battle against all monsters

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: so, you want to kill everybody

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *you tell sans that that's not exactly what you meant by battle...

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: well, good luck, because I've already killed everybody

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A MAD TIME

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: huf... huf.....

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: I know paps...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *you look at sans confused

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: ok bro, this time we'll try your plan

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: you think you can beat me, kiddo?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *you look at sans with a strange face

DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: but that's impossible


DustSansIcon.png Dust!Sans: die and reset, kiddo.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *you don't know what he's talking about

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: hehehehehehe....

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: you really did it, huh?

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: ...

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: you...

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: hehehe...

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: heheHA...


DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: amazing kiddo...

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: but i am not done yet.

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: i really thought you didn't want to hit me...

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: but it was a trap, huh?

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: you dirty killer.

DustSansIconDefeat.png Dust!Sans: just like me.

Bf chara icon.png Boyfriend?: *=]

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