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Major Spoilers Ahead!

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This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: This is a whole new re-make to the original game so look out for spoilers.

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Reason: The triple notes in Crucify, The end of the Post Spice and Post Chicken Sandwich dialogues shakes the screen when hit.

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Note: Friday Night Fever is basically a re-make of the original game, of course it's a fan favorite.

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Reason: The song "Bad Nun" is a remix of "Bad Apple" from Touhou. The song's lyrics originate from IOSYS's version and are made with Vocaloid.

Upcoming Content

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Upcoming: Fever is getting a redesign with a demon tail for him and the mod's getting more Weeks possibly. What? Also another update?

Friday Night Fever is a mod made primarily by Helloitsmako and CesarFever, with 6 weeks, with each opponent being a Resident of FeverTown.

When Fever was drunk, he put down a law saying that anyone who beats him will be able to become mayor. This leaves shapeshifters, cats, weird killer nuns, and even bunny ladies to try and take the title of mayor!


WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead!

Tutorial: Sweet Service!

Go to Dialogue below.

Week 1: Sticky Situation!

Go to Dialogue below.

Week 2: Sweet and Sour!

Go to Dialogue below.

Week 2.5: Taki's Revenge!

Go to Dialogue below.

Week 3: Meloncholy!

Go to Dialogue below.

Week 4: Bunni Murder!

Go to Dialogue below.

Week 5: Dinner Time

Go to Dialogue below.

Week 6: God Damn!

Go to Dialogue below.



I’m about to send you back to the pound! Come on Tea, let’s show them how strong my flow is!
― Fever

Fever is a 23 year old demon who is the mayor of ‘’Fever Town’’. He is the main protagonist of the mod, over Boyfriend.


Fever is a Hispanic demon. His human and demon form both have puffy black hair with an irremovable star in it.

In his human form, he is holding a gun in his right hand. Said gun is a grayish-purple color with a small star attached to it. In his human form, he has brown skin and white eyes. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a light blue tie, a black jacket, black pants and lavender shoes with white soles and light yellow lines. His shoes also have miniature planet symbols on the sides of them. In his demon form, he has pink skin with pointy ears and bluish-purple horns, as well as sharp teeth. As shown during Week 6 his demon form has red eyes.

During Week 3, he wears a maroon red long sleeved shirt, an unbuttoned short sleeved black jacket, black jeans, and maroon red shoes.

During Throw it Back, Fever wears a set of yellow star sunglasses.

Fever uses his 'human' form commonly as a disguise, and every third song of a week he reverts back to his demon form.


  • As seen in the dialogue before Milk Tea, it is most likely that Fever escaped a jail before going to Earth.
    • This is proven in the cutscene before Party Crasher.
  • He has a sister for his real-life counterpart.
  • Fever has a cold variation called Cold Cesar.
  • Fever makes a cameo in The Weeg Mod as a playable character.
  • For some reason in Fever's demon car idle he doesn't do his signature mic spin, he also doesn't smile while on the car in his demon form idle.
  • The mic Fever uses in his unused Christmas sprite resembles a Chain Chomp from Mario
  • Canonically, Fever and Cesar are both different people
    • Proven by Cesar himself
  • In the cutscene of Week 4, after Throw-it-back it is hinted that Fever might be bisexual.



― Tea

Tea is a female bunny who is Fever's girlfriend. She is the deuteragonist of the mod, who is over Girlfriend.

During Week 4, Tea is not present and is replaced by Impy, who will make you lose health when Hunni is singing.


Tea is an anthropomorphic bunny with white fur and red eyes. She wears a yellow seater with a light pink jacket, along with dark blue thigh-high sock, a cyan and blue hat, and light pink and white shoes.

In her old appearance, she wears darker and longer socks with another kind of blue color and a yellow sweater, along with a cyan hat. Strangely, her shoes are absent, so her feet are somewhat visible with three toes on each foot.


  • Tea is from a planet where the dominant species is giant anthropomorphic rabbits. teabunnies02 calls it "Big ol' Bunny planet". [2] She is small compared to other people on the planet. [3]
  • Tea decided to go to Earth because she didn't really fit in on her home planet with how different she is to them. That is the reason why she loved going to an intergalactic school. Her family was holding her back from living her own life so she chose Earth because it looked pretty, peaceful and it hardly had any visitors.[4]
  • Tea and Fever met each other when Tea first came to Fever Town when it was still new. Fever couldn't see her very well because it was night time and he thought she was some bad guy so they fought on her first day. They used to not like each other because of that encounter.[5]
  • Tea's father is a bunny and her mother is a bat. [6]
  • Her cap was a gift from one of her little brothers when she left home.[7]
  • Tea does a lot of exercises since she is on Earth. Now she has gotten strong legs. [8]
  • Tea is not so strong among her species, but she can lift a car. [9]
  • Tea's bat-like features are following: having bat teeth and good hearing, staying up at night a lot and sleeping upside down sometimes. [10]
  • Tea likes most of the residents of Fever Town, especially Fever.[11]
  • Tea likes exploring and gardening as she loves finding out how Earth works compared to her home planet. [12]
  • Tea's favorite outdoor activities are hiking and foraging.[13]
  • Tea likes anything with science and writing.[14]
  • Tea's favorite colors are yellow and pink.[15]
  • Tea's favorite dishes at Opti's Diner are burgers.[16]
  • Tea loves anything banana, especially banana chips.[17]
  • Tea likes fruit flavored candies. [18]



People will surely begin to understand that we’ll have a lot more fun when I’M ruling over.
― Peakek

Peakek is a male/non-binary shapeshifter who is the antagonist of the first week of Friday Night Fever, he is shown to be transforming into a Star and a Goth for his idle and transforms into Fever and a clown version of Fever during dialogue.

Peakek is the mod's Daddy Dearest.


Peakek has two different forms he shifts between. The first one has cotton-candy blue and pink colored split hair in twin side buns with strands of hair on the sides, purple eyes (shown in his dialogue appearance), along with a matching cotton-candy pink skirt and a matching cotton-candy blue blouse with a white line in the middle with lavender buttons with a collar and a lavender button on it, he has a pink choker and a blue square in the middle (also shown for his dialogue appearance, but could be different for the collar and button on it.) He also has white socks that go up to his knee, along with lavender shoes. His other idle form has black hair with a blonde fringe, 2 different earrings (the color being mainly purple), a long sleeved shirt with black and white stripes, along with dark-grayish pants pants and black socks that go up to his knees with black garter straps and a pair of white shoes with a blue, purple, and pink rainbow on the sides, maybe referencing the bisexual flag.


  • Peakek has other transformations, but the two forms featured in the mod are their favorite.[19]
  • His Goth form is his neutral appearance, while his Star form is his alternative appearance.
  • His favorite bands are Mindless Self Indulgence, They Might Be Giants, and 100 gecs. They also love Vocaloid and Touhou music[20]
  • Peakek goes by he/him and they/them pronouns.[21]
  • Peakek believes making people groan in annoyance is funny.
  • According to Peakek's official ref sheet on his creator's twitter account, they are PeakekArts' sona.
  • As seen in his horny down pose (look at his right shoe), he is likely bisexual.



Afraid that I'm gonna destroy you in front of your girl?
― Wee

Wee is a black 3D cat and is the antagonist of Week 2. He is present during the first 2 songs of Week 2. In version 1.4, Wolfie was removed because they have broken up.


Wee is a black cat with unusually rich shading, which makes him look 3-dimensional.



You will meet God.
― Taki

Taki is the secondary and main antagonist of Week 2. She appears to be a psychopathic nun, who wields a chainsaw as a weapon. She is present during the last 2 songs of Week 2 and is the main antagonist of Week 2.5.


Taki is a humanoid with white skin and no pupils. However, those little black lines below her eyes are actually his pupils. She wears a nun's hat with a floating little crown on her left, a black nun's dress with white socks and black nun shoes. His primary equipment is a chainsaw.


  • According to a Q&A:
    • Taki is actually not referenced off of Sarvente as some people think. The creator of Taki had her before Mid-Fight Masses existed, and the nun clothes she has come from one of CesarFever's streams.[22]
    • Taki is bigender, which means he goes by both he/him and she/her pronouns. [23]
    • Taki is bisexual. [24]
    • While it is unnecessary for him to eat, she likes candy a lot. [25]
    • She likes vanilla, original, and mint Oreos. He is still exploring other flavors. [26]
    • His favorite snacks are lychee jelly and Laffy Taffy. [27]
    • Taki was born on a different 'planet.' [28]
    • Taki is not a ghost, but a living being. [29] That being said, she is not human, as she was born in a different place. [30]
    • Taki was given permission by Cesar to FeverTown church, which is how he became a nun, but for some reason, the two don't recognize each other in this mod. [31]
    • The creator stated if Taki were to ever meet Sarvente in person, he would still treat her like how she treated everyone else. [32]
    • Taki prefers and/or enjoys attacking someone in the middle of the torso. [33]
    • Taki was born with the little crown on his head. [34]
    • Taki's favorite animal is a hamster. [35]
    • Taki uses a chainsaw as a weapon because he finds it fun and messy. [36] Following this, she also finds chainsaws to be cool-looking. [37]
    • The only friends or relatives Taki has are only inside FeverTown. [38]
    • Taki is capable of fighting. [39]
    • Taki's alignment is chaotic neutral. [40]
    • Taki can move his pupils to stare directly at a target, however she likes keeping her face the way it is. [41]
    • Taki is bald. [42]
  • Taki's vocals / sound was taken from a character in MARIKINonline4, specifically Gou Kirimi.[43] However since it is against the guideline of the game, Taki's vocals / sound has been replaced in Version 1.4.3.[44]
    • Nakasago, who voiced Gou Kirimi, has provided new voice lines.[45]
  • In one of RecD's streams featuring CesarFever, Fever confirmed that Taki is still alive after the events of Week 2.
  • The Beaded Necklace with the cross on it that Taki is seen wearing is known as a Rosary, which was a Roman Catholic prayer tool.



― Mako

Mako is the antagonist of Week 3. He appears to be a sentient watermelon that owns the melon patch near Fever Town. Although characters joke that he is British in the mod, he is canonically Australian.


Mako appears as a 3D melon with limbs and a face. During Farmed, his skin color becomes a bright yellow with neon eyes, he has a demon horn with leaves surrounding it, and a part of him is visibly bitten.


  • When Mako says "CURSE YOU, CURSE YOU AND THE FILTH THAT BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD" before Farmed, it is a reference to Whitty, a humanoid bomb (which everyone has known) who also said that line before Ballistic.
    • His farmed icons also resemble Whitty's Ballistic icons
  • Similar to Daddy Dearest, Mako's farmed sprite sheet only has one note frame.
  • Him and Prototype shares a song name, being Retribution.



Hunni is a pop idol and model who appears in the 4th Week of Friday Night Fever. She replaces Mommy Mearest's spot in the mod.


Hunni appears to be a tall, anthropomorphic brown bunny with white bunny ears, a white bunny tail, and light brown hair. Her outfit consists of a pink crop top with jean shorts, a fishnet that starts from her stomach to her feet (which makes fishnet stockings), and white thigh-high boots. In the update, Hunni now wears a pink hood with white lines going down the sleeves, a pink tube top, black yoga pants with pink and white lines going down the thighs, white thigh-high boots and two earrings on each bunny ear.


  • During the cutscenes in Week 4 (Version 1.4.3.) it shows that Hunni and Fever were friends once, but now Hunni doesn’t like him because he didn’t show up to one of her concerts. Although Fever keeps telling her the true reason (he was arrested on the way to her concert), she believes that he is lying about why he didn’t show up.
  • Hunni's bunny henchmen are more like family to her rather than pets: she rescued them from being experimented on in captivity.[46]
  • Her favorite drinks are cream soda and coffee.[47]
  • Her original color scheme was going to revolve around Blue instead of Pink.[48]
  • She simps for characters in other mods (and the original game), including Aldryx, A.G.O.T.I., Pico, Zardy, Tabi, and Minus Girlfriend.



Cherry appears to be an angel/demon hybrid who is a friend of Hunnii. In the 4th Week of Friday Night Fever, she is in Tea's spot as she is absent. She has Girlfriend's place during Week 4 of the mod.


Cherry is a pink-skinned angel/demon hybrid with short pink hair and white horns sticking out of her hood and a halo floating above her horns. Her outfit consists of a green hoodie that exposes a black bra, gray pants, and green sneakers with untied laces. She leans onto a speaker during Week 4.


  • In the early development phases of the mod, Cherry was supposed to replace Girlfriend for the whole mod, and Tea was originally going to appear in the background of Week 5.
  • Cherry is ImpyIsCool's old alias/sona. Cherry and Impy are different characters!
  • Cherry seems to be neutral towards Fever in Week 4, as it seems that she doesn’t hold any sort of grudge against Fever unlike Hunni.


Pepper Demon

Try to keep up!
― Pepper Demon

Pepper Demon is a Young Pepper-Demon hybrid who has the place of Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest during Week 5. He appears to think that Fever is their Father (and he eventually is).


Pepper Demon has some similarities to Monster, With a lemon shaped head, black body, and bloodshot eyes. His lemon shaped head is red, and he has sharp teeth. He also has a large stem, and what appears to be purple and yellow stars or spots. He is holding a balloon in his hand.



Which of you are evading your taxes?
― Yukichi

Yukichi is a young police officer Hypernoid and the supreme leader of Kepler 503.[49] He appeared originally in Cosmo Calamity mod. He has the place of Week 5's Monster.


Yukichi's appearance in this mod is different from his appearance in his original mod. In this mod, he now has a star eye patch, a pink police officer hat with a crewmate symbol, and hot-pink shorts. He sports multiple pins resembling stars, a crescent moon, and planet Saturn. Yukichi also wears white socks and dark-purple shoes.




Mega appears to be a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is seen wearing red glasses, a black hoodie, blue jeans, and black shoes.

In Chicken Sandwich, she has a nervous expression on her face with a dark shade on her face similar to Senpai in Roses.


  • In Ur Girl, at about 1:03, Fever's vocals have the leitmotif of Dead Pixel from the Corruption mod.
  • In Ur Girl, you hear sussy baka.


Trying to make good content and failing!
― Flippy’s channel description

Flippy is the internet persona of Flippy, a popular YouTuber known for his Perfect Combo/Full Combo Mod videos. He takes place as Week 6's Spirit.


Flippy appears to be a tall gray cat, with a white jacket over a grey undershirt and a belt. He wears dark brown long pants with yellow boots. His "matt" is the Worm from a 1999 UK MSN advertisement, better known in the Vinesauce community as Meat, in reference to Flippy's Discord profile picture before he was a person.


  • Due to being the persona of Flippy, he is likely bisexual. Flippy himself has stated this multiple times in his Discord server[51].
  • Flippy uses any male pronouns[52]


― Hallow

Hallow is a ghost who wreaks havoc in Fever Town, wearing and stuffing others into paintings as a hobby.


Hallow is a white ghost with detachable hands, white eyes and a wide smile. They are seen in Friday Night Fever holding a painting of Taki and using it as a face in-battle.


  • The Taki painting that Hallow uses during their week does not physically contain Taki: it is an already-existing painting of him.
  • People are able to escape Hallow's painting if they are powerful enough.
  • Hallow is the leader of a group of ghosts: the other ghosts power them in-battle.
  • Hallow's design is inspired from a Mother 3 Ghost enemy called an Artsy Ghost.
  • They are a higher-ranked ghost in Fever Town.
  • They have the ability to possess things that contain pictures, like paintings, photos, or even phones.
  • Their voice likely comes from an Earthbound voice sample.


Original Fever

The original Fever is Fever's countpart where you fight against him in Space Demons.

Robot Fever

Robot Fever is a secret character in Friday night Fever that can be seen by pressing 354 in the freeplay menu on any song.


Robot Fever appears to look like Fever, except for having a metal and pointy face. He has a star and a circle on the sides of his 'hair'. He wears rather large shoes and has puffy/rolled-up pants. Like Fever, he is holding a gun in his left hand and a microphone in his right hand with a star below it.

Wolfie with Wee

Afraid that we’re a better couple than you?
― Wee

Wolfie is a Void, Human or nature who is the first antagonist with Wee of Week 2. They are present during the first old 2 songs of Week 2. (Note: Wofie was removed)


Wolfie is a young adult with blue hair that has a plant from his head with a star sticker, along with a red bunny shaped sticker, a blue heart sticker, and a purple clip under the stickers. He also wears a purplish-blue jacket/hoodie and black pants.


Menu screen and Difficulties


in the main menu, there is a jukebox button. In the jukebox menu you are able to listen to any song in the mod of your liking.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is where you can see most of the concept art/references for each character of the mod.

Baby Mode

Baby mode is a special difficulty in the mod. When the opponent sings, you will gain health as well.

Hard+ Mode

Hard+ mode is a special difficulty in the mod. You will lose more health when missing notes.

Note/Screen Mechanics

Note Effects

  • In the late part of Milk Tea, the Note Scroll will start to move in a smooth wave pattern, making it a bit harder.
    • This does not happen if the player is playing on Hard+ for some reason.
  • In Peakek’s note scroll in Down Bad, his notes will move in a fast, unsteady wave platform, this may make it hard to notice the pattern in the notes of the opponent.
  • During the start of Legendary, the notes will become wavy/move up and down before the vocals start.
  • During Bazinga and Crucify, Taki’s note scroll will move in slow waves.
  • At one Point in Bazinga, Taki’s note scroll will be invisible and Fever’s note scroll will move in slow waves instead. After that verse, both opponents note scrolls will move side to side. After those verses, Taki’s note scroll will move in slow waves but more faster. Then it will repeat with the side to side moving note scroll.
  • At a later point in Bazinga, the health bar will disappear and the note scroll will move side to side, this will make it harder to see how much health you have left.
  • Before the first verse and after the final verse of Crucify, the note scroll will violently move in waves.

Hallow Notes

  • During all of Hallow's songs, empty portraits will constantly swoop in from the right and attempt to capture Fever. You can avoid this by hitting the gray, slimy notes.

Screen Effects

  • After the final verse of Down Bad, the health bar along with the note scroll won’t be present, this will happen until the instrumental ends. Note: it will do that in some songs such as [add songs]
  • Before the first verse of Bazinga, the health bar and note scroll will be invisible.
  • After the final verse of Bazinga, the note scroll will be invisible but the health bar will still be visible.

Health Bar effects

  • During Taki’s, Hunni’s, Hallow's, and Flippy's songs, they will take down the health bar during their verses, meaning that one single missed note can spell doom for you.

Trivia (General)

  • The mod could get more weeks soon.
  • The Halloween Update is currently the update to remaster the most amount of characters and also add new ones, being Fever, Tea (her bat form in Hardships), Taki, Wee, Hunni, Cherry, Hallow, Original Fever, and Robot Fever.
  • This mod, like the The Weeg Mod has a guest character, the guest character being Yukichi from Cosmo Calamity (Vs Yukichi), appearing in Week 5.
  • Taki's new design looks taller than the old design, possibly because Taki is actually 11 feet tall.
  • Fever is a playable character in The Weeg Mod.
    • He also appears in the Funkin' Forward Neo trailer, as well as in the Neo mod itself as his Neo counterpart.
  • There is a rare jumpscare that replaces the jumpscare for week 2, it appears to be buff Cesar turned around, with his ass out. This is a reference to a meme image of Broly from Dragon Ball Z, named Broly Culo.
  • In the files, over Boyfriend's christmas sprites, an edited old/early version of Fever's sprites can be seen.
  • Flippy, who appears as the replacement for Spirit, has Meat from Vinesauce as a close companion. Meat originally came from a commercial, before the creator posted themselves screwing around with the puppet, where it then became a meme for fans of Vinesauce.
  • In the Party Crasher dialogue, Pepper Demon says “ Huh, so it happens to you guys too.” Signifying that Pepper Demon might rap battle others.
  • Hunni's danger icon is similar to Carol's and Sunky's, by them having their tongue out.

Version History

Version 1.0

  • Initial release.

Version 1.1

  • Main menu now has new effects and transitions.
  • Fixed some week 4 dialogue expressions not working.
  • Removed base game songs / characters from the files.
  • Optimized gallery images to not freeze the game on certain images
  • New images in gallery.
  • Fixed track list problems after completing a week.
  • Fixed Funkin' God not having the correct game over animation.
  • You no longer have to beat the tutorial for the credits to appear at the end of Week 6.
  • Jukebox code reworked.
  • Ending dialogue no longer plays in freeplay.
  • Skip and Main Menu buttons have been turned into keys you press, instead of clickable buttons.
  • Added something to "Crucify" on HARD PLUS.
  • Fixed icons.

Version 1.2

  • Added FLAs.
  • Removed Crucify Mechanic Test.
  • Changed Tea's Sprites.
  • Added Fan-Art to Gallery.
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Removed Fevers's Screaming at me Rights.
  • Removed Mako's Screaming at me Rights.
  • Fixed Party Crasher not having the BG.

Version 1.3

  • Mako's sprites in Farmed were changed.
  • Flippy's sprites were updated.

Version 1.4

  • Added Week 2.5
  • Added Week ???
  • New Week 4 Effect
  • Hunni's sprites were changed.
  • New Party Crasher Effects
  • New Story Mode Menu
  • The sprites for Taki, Peakek, Cherry, Demon Fever's idle animation, and Hunni were all updated.
  • Week 2 Overhaul
  • New Week 3 BG
  • (Not listed) Removed Wolfie

Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed all the bugs
  • Anime intro on startup


  • Removed Hard Plus
  • Fixed Anime Intro


  • Added a new menu theme
  • Added new voicelines in Bazinga
  • Removed Farmed from Story Mode and added it to Freeplay
  • New 3rd song for Mako
  • Tweaked the charting for Bazinga

Cameos in other mods


Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: Taki laughs REALLY loudly in Bazinga. Taki's vocals may be loud too. Also, Run (Fever Cover) is VERY loud due to extreme note spam.

Milk Tea
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
Maximum Score: 61650

BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal and Hard)
Maximum Score: 45150
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal and Hard)
Maximum Score: 53550
Down Bad
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.2(Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 130650

Star Baby
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
Maximum Score: 128900
Last Meow
BPM: 195
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
2.9 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 144900
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 193650

1:57: Taki:
(God is watching your battle)
Bazinga (Old)
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 193650
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy and Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 186300

BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 203450
Bad Nun
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 139350

3:43 Cesar: Taki, we officially welcome you to Fever Town Church.

BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Very Important Melon
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (All Difficulties)

0:08: Mako:
You're really gonna regret biting my head off.

0:49: Mako:

1:00: Mako:
Fuckin' asshole.

1:10: Mako:
You cunt.

1:27: Mako:
Why are you so short, you 5'3 havin' ass?

1:39: Mako:
You son of a bitch...

1:47: Mako:
*siiigh* Well played, Fever. Urrgh, my head fuckin' hurts though.

BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Throw It Back
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal and Hard)

BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Party Crasher
BPM: 98
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.1 (Hard)

Ur Girl
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal and Hard)
Chicken Sandwich
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.6 (Hard)
Funkin' God
BPM: 128
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)

BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Easy & Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Easy)
3 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)

BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Space Demons
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 3
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (All Difficulties)

BPM: 230
Scroll Speed: 3.2
Run (Fever Cover)
BPM: 200

CesarFever Icon.png
Main Menu
CesarFever Icon.png
Pause Menu
CesarFever IconDefeat.png
Game Over

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy and Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (All Difficulties)
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (All Difficulties)


Milk Tea Dialogue

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: How long have I been here?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Days are getting longer. I can't tell how much time has passed.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Physically, I'm fine besides a few scratches.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: But mentally? I think I'm going insane.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: They force us to withstand extreme conditions everyday, but it's never consistent.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Some days I'm sweating my ass off. Other days, I have to deal with the harsh cold.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Oh good, just as I was collecting my thoughts, here comes one of the guards.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I thought I asked you "kind" folks to stop bothering me. I can hardly understand a lick of what you guys are saying.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Doesn't help either that everytime I think about escaping, the chains around my wrists send a very painful electric shock.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: You guys sure know how to keep prisoners from having an opinion.

???: Bahaha!

???: You forgot the part where those handcuffs of yours are ready to administer a very strong sedative if you so much as TRY to take them off.

???: We wouldn’t want you to get hurt struggling to get free. That’ll look bad for us on the news.

???: Speaking of, tomorrow’s your trial. And I gotta say, it’ll be quite the interesting case.

???: I mean, we’ve never had a trial where we don’t even know the NAME of the defendant! Honestly, I thought we’d torture that out of you quickly.

???: Come on, how about you just tell me? I won't bite.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: There's a special place for you. Hell is too much of a paradise for your kind.

???: You demons are a nasty folk, aren’t you?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever:

???: I hurt your feelings didn’t I? Don’t worry, I'm sure what they'll do to you tomorrow will make me seem like a slap on the wrist.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever:

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I've been in this prison for... a while now. I was caught doing the usual activity, but whoever brought me to prison REALLY must hate me, cause I don't even remember doing HALF the things I'm here for.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: My name? I've kept it low, I don't want any of them to run it on their tongue.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: But, I have to keep it close to me... my name... is...

???: Fever.

???: Fever...

???: FEVER!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Hey, wake up!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Huh? What?-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You were having a nightmare. These have been ramping up, haven't they?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh. Right.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Thanks for waking me up, Tea.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uh, where was I?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: We were heading to bed?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: No no, I should finish this work, Keeping this shit piled up will annoy me.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: What, so you can drool on those papers some more? I can barely read whos name this is. You drowned them.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uh, oops...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Ugh.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: There’s no need to rush things, you know.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah, yeah, I know. I wish I could sleep without jolting awake a few minutes in.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: And I still wish you’d tell me more.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I will, soon. Sorry, it’s just annoying.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Well, I can think of a way we can help you relax.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh yeah? It's been a while since we've done this, huh?

Metamorphosis (Old) Dialogue

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Nice Job! You haven’t lost your touch, it seems.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Sweet, I still got it.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I’m surprised my vocal cords aren’t fucking shattered after-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Hm?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uhm- oh. uh…

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: It’s nothing, really.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: It’s ALWAYS nothing with you, isn’t it?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe I should cut that shit out a bit. like right now...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: But hey, I’m just glad I can still sing without getting too tired.

???: Yeah! I’d say that was really cute!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Aww. Thanks ba-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Huh? You heard that too?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: …Hey, WHAT?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Pea? What are YOU doing here? And HOW did you get in here?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: What does it look like I’m doing? I’m doing my own insurrection to usurp your position as mayor of Fever Town obviously.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Like I’d ever let you do that!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: psst, tea. What the fuck did he just say?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I think he said he wants your title as mayor of Fever town.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: That’s stupid! Why would I ever give up my title to you?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Well, it’s a rule that you’ll need to accept any and all challenges related to your title.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What a dumb rule! Who came up with that shit?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You did, Dummy,

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh, yeah.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I need to stop drinking while writing up shit.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: But that’s besides the point! How’d you even get in here?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Through the same hole I use to peep.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So that’s where the mosquitoes are coming from.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: We have MOSQUITOS?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: By far the worst bug on this planet.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Whatever, back to you? What do you mean you wanna take my position?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You’re too laidback to even handle a position like mine. Unlike you I’m-

Peakekicon.png Peakek: A furry.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: He’s not wrong.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Besides, things have been boring ever since I got here… This place needs more chaos like the old days I already have the perfect smear campaign ready.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You’ve only been here for like a month-

Peakekicon.png Peakek: People will surely begin to understand that we’ll have a lot more fun when I’M ruling over.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I think the suit fits me a lot better than it ever will on you, wouldn’t you agree?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: just look at how silly you are, doesn’t looking into a mirror hurt?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Man, that’s racist as hell!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: What- I’m literally Black.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah well, so am I!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You’re not black, you’re Hispanic.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Not true, I’m a demon.


CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Not now babe!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: This dude copied my hairdo and made fun of it, and for that they have to learn who's in charge around here!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: They also gave me a headache just by talking.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I could say a lot more if you want~.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Just gimme the mic and let's hurry up!

Metamorphosis Dialogue

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Nice job! You haven't lost your touch, it seems.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Sweet, I've still got it.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I'm surprised my vocal cords aren't fucking shattered after-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Hm?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uhm- oh, uh...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: It's nothing. Really.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: It's ALWAYS nothing with you, isn't it?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah, yeah, I know. Maybe I should cut that shit out a bit.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: But hey, I'm just glad I can still sing without getting too tired.

???: Yeah! I'd say that was really cute!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Aww. thanks ba-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Huh? You heard that too, right?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ...hey, WHAT?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Pea? What're YOU doing here? And HOW did you get in here?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm doing my own insurrection to usurp your position as mayor of fevertown obviously.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Like I'd ever let you do that!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: (Psst, Tea. What the fuck did he just say?)

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I think he said he wants your title as mayor of Fever Town.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: That's stupid! Why would I ever give it up to YOU of all people?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Well, it's a rule here in town that you'll need to accept any and all challenges related to your title.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: That's a STUPID rule! Who came up with that shit?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You did, dummy.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh, yeah.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I need to stop drinking while writing up shit.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: But that's besides the point! How'd you even get in here?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Through the same hole I use to peep.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So that's where the mosquitoes are coming from.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: We have MOSQUITOES?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: By far the worst bug on this planet.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Whatever, back to you! What do you even gain from trying something like this?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You're too laidback to even handle a position like mine. Unlike you, I'm-

Peakekicon.png Peakek: A furry.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: He's not wrong.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Besides, things have been boring ever since I got here... this place needs more chaos like the old days. I already have the perfect smear campaign ready.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You've only been here for like a month-

Peakekicon.png Peakek: People will surely begin to understand that we'll have a lot more fun when I'M ruling over.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I think the suit fits me a lot better than it ever will on you, wouldn't you agree?~

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Just look at how silly you are, doesn't looking into a mirror hurt?~

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Man, that's racist as FUCK!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: What- I'm literally black.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah well, so am I!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Barely. You're mostly hispanic.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: babe I love you but you're saying too much again.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ANYWAYS!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: This fucker copied my style and made fun of it, and for that they have to learn who's in charge around here!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: They also gave me a headache.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I could say a lot more if you want~.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Just gimme the mic and let's hurry, dumbass!

Void (Old) Dialogue

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Hey! hey! you're a lotta fun to play with~! But...

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I want to get a bit more serious...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Would be a nice change of pace!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: This is probably the most fun I've had since I got to this damn place.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: There needs to be more excitement around here!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Can’t agree, I’d say I’ve been having a lot of fun.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You’re Lame.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I know, I’ve watched you two.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ?!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: HUH?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: well, obviously I needed some pics for my smear campaign

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Remember? the peep hole?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: that’s a invasion of Privacy!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: you guys didn’t seem to hate it too much.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: BRUH.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I’m gonna beat your ass if you don’t shut up and start singing.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: you guys don’t know how much I’m loving your embarrassed faces

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: you can’t embarrass us anymore than how you’ve embarrassed yourself today!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I don’t see this as embarrassing!

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Yeah? well, how about you fall off a cliff you shit-faced cu-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ow. ow. Shouldn’t do that for too long.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: was wondering when that’d show up.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Huh? What was that?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Do you really care? I’m just gonna beat you and kick you out.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Just start the next song, Tea!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Bet.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Interesting…

Void Dialogue

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Hey, hey! You're a lotta fun to play with than I thought you'd be! But...

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I think it's time to get a bit more serious. . .

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Would be a nice change of pace!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Gotta say, I'm more happy harmonizing with you than other people.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Most people would've threatened me instantly. That or curse me out-

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Though, your whole work vibe is still SUPER boring.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Can’t agree. I’d say I've been having a lot of fun~.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Pffft, you're lame.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Oh, I know. I’ve watched you two.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ?!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: HUH?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Well, obviously I needed some pics for my smear campaign.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Remember? The peep hole?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: That’s an invasion of privacy!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: You guys didn't seem to hate it too much.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: BRUH.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I'm gonna beat your ass if you don't shut up and start singing.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: You guys don't know how much I'm loving your expressions right now.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You can’t embarrass us anymore than how you’ve humiliated yourself today!

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I don’t see this as humiliating!

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Yeah? Well, how about fall off a cliff, you stupid fu-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Ow. Ow, shouldn’t do that too fast

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Was wondering when that’d show up.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Huh? What was that?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Do you really care? I’m just gonna beat you and kick you out.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Just start the next song, Tea!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Bet.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Interesting . . .

Down Bad Dialogue

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Huff…Huff…this is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Especially compared to my days at the lab…

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Lab?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: (Psst. A lab is a type of dog, they’re cute, four legged creatures that run around and wag their tails.)

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Oh, I think we have those back home, too.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Truth be told, I didn’t even care about being mayor of this boring ass town. I’m not much of a leader anyway.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You don’t say?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I just wanted to fight, and you entertained that urge well enough.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: How fucking annoying.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Eh?-

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: What makes you think I have any FUCKING time for your shenanigans?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: you peep and invade our privacy, you don’t know how to SHUT the fuck up-

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: And worst of all, you’ve got me all pissed off, Go annoy some other bitches and get the fuck off my property

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Hijueputa

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Woah, Fever, maybe we should just-

Peakekicon.png Peakek:

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever:

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: What the-?

Peakekicon.png Peakek:



Milkteaicon.png Tea: What the fuck is wrong with him?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: did he just stub his toe or some shit?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Your insults are so violently sweet. Fever! I can feel the disgust in both of your eyes burning a hole into me.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: And you’re a demon, too, so it hurts even more…~

Milkteaicon.png Tea: What’s with people and bringing up race on this planet?



Milkteaicon.png Tea: I want to go back home.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Your words wound me so~! This is all so…

Peakekicon.png Peakek: THRILLING!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Fever…

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Fine, I’m on it…

Post-Down Bad Dialogue

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Huff…thanks for the beatdown…I really Needed that.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Bruh…you need to leave right the fuck now.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: you’re only encouraging me! By the way, you fight really well.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: it’s a dirty type of style. I sensed the feelings that you had for tea every note.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Even if you beat me, I’m still way hotter than you’ll ever be.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Bitch if you don’t shut the fuck up~~

Peakekicon.png Peakek: And, tea…

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ?

Peakekicon.png Peakek: You’re really lucky to have Fever in your life, I can only hope that I’ll have someone that cares for me the same way you do.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: And if not…

Peakekicon.png Peakek: I’ll fucking kill them and take their identity like I did with the last person I made the mistake of trusting.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Get out before I kick you out. Edgy piece of garbage.

Peakekicon.png Peakek: Fineeee, I bid you adieu. Until next time, Fever…

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Seriously, is everyone on earth an idiot?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I know, right? It’s a good thing I’m not like that.

Milkteaicon.png Tea:

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I said, right babe?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Uhm…uh…hmm…

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: let’s just go to bed.

Star Baby Dialogue

Milkteaicon.png Tea: so, there a reason why we’re in the shady part of town?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I mean the SHADIER part of town.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Actually every part in town is kinda shady-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: we’ve been getting strange complaints.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Supposively, there’s been word of a ‘monster’ lurking in some of the decret…

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Decrent…uh…Decrept…

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I think the word you're looking for is "decrepit."

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah that! The decrepit buildings on this side of town.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Luckily, there’s no such thing as monsters, so I’m guessing it’s just some silly rumor created by the kids on the playground!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You…do realize I’m from space…right?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: And…you yourself are a demon. In fact, last week we had an encounter with a shapeshifter.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Your point?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Ugh, nevermind, Let’s just get this over with. You sure this the right building?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I can’t say for sure. Every building on this side of town looks the goddamn same. Is there a light switch?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Can’t you summon some cool demon fire or something?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: The only fire I can summon is from my love for you.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: "I dunno... probably not as hot as actual fire...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I can prove it.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: "Here we go

WeeIcon.png Wee: Did someone say Fire?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: HUH? it’s-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: oh, it’s just some kid.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Or a cat. A kid cat

WeeIcon.png Wee: Sup.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uh,hey,you uh,live here?

WeeIcon.png Wee: Maybe I do. Why, you here to kick me out?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Nah, that's not my job. My job is to just beat up people if need be and kick them out of town.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ...oh wait, that kind of is my job.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uh, I also respond to challenges for my title.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Proud of you babe.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Hey, don't I know you?

WeeIcon.png Wee: ?

WeeIcon.png Wee: Oh, shit- Tea? I was wondering if you were actually in this town or not.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Huh? You know the cat?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Yeah. Wee and I used to hang out whenever I visited the space hubs.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: If I remember correctly, that was a LONG time ago.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Space hubs? That's like the space customs right?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: (Fuck, I hope he doesn't recognize my face...)

WeeIcon.png Wee: So you're the guy dating Tea?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uhm.

WeeIcon.png Wee: ...

WeeIcon.png Wee: You seem okay

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Well, if I were to guess, whoever made the report must've mistaken Wee for a monster or something.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Makes sense, I thought Tea was a monster when we first met in town.

WeeIcon.png Wee: A monster? Oh yeah, I think I've seen something like that around. They're cool. I think.

WeeIcon.png Wee: But uh, yo, that a microphone?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Hm. I already see where this is going.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I dunno... I'm kind of on a schedule here...

WeeIcon.png Wee: Afraid that I'm gonna destroy you in front of your girl?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh nah-now you you’ve said too much!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I’m about to send you back to the pound! Come on Tea, let’s show him how strong my flow is!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: …bruh.

Last Meow Dialogue

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: That all you got?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Why the fuck are you so loud for?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh. oops. Guess I was getting into it.

WeeIcon.png Wee: You've got pretty great flow.

WeeIcon.png Wee: I guess that's all we could do for now.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Feeling confident? Bring i-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Hey, what? That's it?

WeeIcon.png Wee: Yeah, that's it.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You haven't changed much over the years, huh?

WeeIcon.png Wee: What's the point of doing more than one song? I'm really feeling a nap right now, honestly.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh... okay, then.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Well, I gues we should... leave? Sorry, I'm not used to this.

WeeIcon.png Wee: Yeah, it's all good.

  • Fever walks away, stepping on Wee's tail in the process.
  • ...
CesarFever Icon.png Fever: AH-

Bazinga Dialogue

  • Taki jumpscares the player.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: HUH?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What happened to-

Takiicon.png Taki: .

Milkteaicon.png Tea: W-where did Wee go?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: H-Hey! The fuck do you think you're going here?

Takiicon.png Taki:

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Fuck.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: any bullets in that gun of yours?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Sadly no, I think I ran out when trying to shoo away Pea.

Takiicon.png Taki:

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Fuck.

Crucify Dialogue

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ....

Takiicon.png Taki: .

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Ha… well, that wasn’t bad at all. Seems you’re all talk and no bite-

Takiicon.png Taki: You will meet God.

Post-Crucify Dialogue

Takiicon.png Taki:

Milkteaicon.png Tea: what the FUCK is wrong with people on this planet??

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Hey, listen to me! I kind of get the feeling that you’re some crazy religious nut-

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Okay, MAYBE we got off on the wrong hand…

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Yeah I don’t think they can understand you, FEVER.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I mean, seems you’re pretty adamant on… bringing me to heaven?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: But, before you do anything you might regret…

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: How about…

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I take you…

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: To meet… God with me?

Takiicon.png Taki:

Takiicon.png Taki:

Takiicon.png Taki: ... :)

Milkteaicon.png Tea: D-did she stop?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I can’t believe that worked…

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Looks like my big brain saved out asses again.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Okay, but what the fuck are you going to do now?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: they’re just staring… it’s creepy…

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Well, they just want to meet god, right?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I’ve got… some kind of idea.

Prayer Dialogue

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Well. This is it.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: This... is Fever Town Church.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Or at least what's left of it.

Takiicon.png Taki: ...

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Hey. I never said it would be pretty.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: This place is creeping me out.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I feel like someone's watching us...

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Well, we ARE in the presence of God.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Speaking of, aren't you a demon? Shouldn't this place be burning you alive or something?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: You'd be surprised how many demons choose to have God as who they follow.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I don't really understand it, but I guess I'm in no place to judge.

Takiicon.png Taki: ?...

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: This place has been run-down for a LONG time.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: When I first came to Fever Town, it was... empty. Abandoned buildings everywhere, a ghost town. Hell. I had no idea why I stayed.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: But I did, and after some cleaning up, more and more people came. And let me say, back then, it was barely as pretty as it is now.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I kinda miss those days.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So, what WAS the reason for you coming to some random spot in the middle of nowhere?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: ...

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: It's a long story. Weird, too.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Yeah. I'm beginning to realize that's common here huh?

Takiicon.png Taki: ...

Takiicon.png Taki: ~

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: See? I knew she'd like the place.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: "Oh sure, what isn't there to like? She'll have plenty of company too.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: "Like that roach over there. And that one. And that bird carcass.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: "...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Y'know, when she isn't yelling about sending us to the Front gates, she's kind of cute, in a way.

Takiicon.png Taki:

Milkteaicon.png Tea: HEY. OKAY I TAKE IT BACK-

Takiicon.png Taki:

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Oh, he just wants to sing some more.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You got that just from her expression? And why are you so calm about all of this?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: I mean, I had the feeling he wasn't all that bad from when we sang earlier.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: She... tried to slice you in half.

Bad Nun Dialogue

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: MAN. I really dig your flow. How do you manage to keep such a steedy voice while holding a chainsaw?

Takiicon.png Taki: ...

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Yeah. I figured that.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So... you're just... gonna leave her here?

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Why not? It's obvious that she'll do a lot more good here than terrifying random people in some far off building

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: What do you say, uh- did I ever get your name?

Takiicon.png Taki: ...

Takiicon.png Taki: Taki. My name is Taki.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: !

Milkteaicon.png Tea: !

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Oh. I wasn't expecting that.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Well anyways. You want this church?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Wait. you're just gonna give her the WHOLE church

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Yeah. Why not.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: If she can take it from me.

Takiicon.png Taki: ...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I steel don't like this feel of this.

FeverDemonNeutral.png Fever: Things should be okay. You know Taki. you aren't that bad honestly.

Makomelon Dialogue

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Is there any reason why we're in a melon patch?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I'm hungry.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: That's a lie.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What? I've never lied before in my li-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: We've been walking through this melon patch for minutes.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: You could've easily picked the first few we've seen.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: But you decided to keep walking. So lemme ask again-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: What's the reason for bringing us here?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Okay. So maybe I'm a bit tired.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Aww.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Bruh- you wouldn't even imagine the fucking week I had.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: 2 weeks, actually.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh yeah, right. You were there, Looking all hot and shit.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Bruh.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: It's true! You're super hot!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: No you-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: We're not doing this.


CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Though. There is something else that we could do...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Oh yeah?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: No one's here to bother us, too.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Annoying pendejos...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Now~.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: How about we-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: AH?

(Fever trips on a melon.)

Milkteaicon.png Tea: BRUH. You okay?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Fucking- yeah I'm fine. Stupid ass melon...

Makoicon.png Mako: Yo!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Huh? Was that you?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: What? I thought that was you.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Do I look BRITISH?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: British?

Makoicon.png Mako: Yo! Down here!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Is that a fucking talking melon?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: The fuck is British?

Makoicon.png Mako: Yeah! This is where I live. The hell were you guys boutta do?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Probably make out.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Is no one gonna tell me what British is-

Makoicon.png Mako: Ya'll doin that kinda shit in a melon patch?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Where we do that is NONE of your business!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Wait this is stupid- WHY THE FUCK IS THERE A TALKING MELON?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Wouldn't be the weirdest thing that happened to us.

Makoicon.png Mako: Dudes, this is MY melon patch.

Makoicon.png Mako: Anyways, I see you have a microphone. Wanna sing with me?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Why DID you bring that here?...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You sing?

Makoicon.png Mako: Yeah. It can be boring here sometimes, so I decided to pick up a hobby.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Well then, fine. Just one song- after that, I'm getting back to HER!

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So no one's gonna answer my-

VIM Dialogue

Makoicon.png Mako: Aight, I see you. You're pretty skilled.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: For a melon, that wasn't too bad!

Makoicon.png Mako: Huh?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh, uh- y'know, cause I wasn't aware that... you guys could talk and all.

Makoicon.png Mako: Nice save.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Haha, you were about to lose your title.

Makoicon.png Mako: Title?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Tea...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Oops.

Makoicon.png Mako: Fever... Town?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Uh, don't worry about it. Just a place nearby...

Makoicon.png Mako: Huh. Maybe I'll check it out after this. Anyway, you ready for another song?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Wait... you're not gonna-

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: (Oh yeah! He doesn't know about the rule. This'll be a calm day for once!)

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Ahem, I mean, let's go for another song!

Makoicon.png Mako: Try to keep up with me! You were super slow last song!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What do you mean? I thought I did fine-

Makoicon.png Mako: Pfft, you call those rhymes fine?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Out of all people, I didn't expect a talking melon to make fun of your flow.

Makoicon.png Mako: You mean lack of flow.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You're lucky I'm just...

Makoicon.png Mako: Just what?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Really...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Hungry...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ...

Makoicon.png Mako: Yo! Snap the fuck out of it!

CesarFever Icon.png Fever:

Milkteaicon.png Tea: What's up with you today?

Retribution Dialogue

Milkteaicon.png Tea: F-fever... did you...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I was hungry.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So, you took a bite out of him??

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I don't see why not.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Little shit kept talking, I was getting annoyed

Milkteaicon.png Tea: That's not a fucking good excuse-


CesarFever Icon.png Fever: What-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Huh-

FarmedMakoIcon.png Mako: LOOK AT ME.

FarmedMakoIcon.png Mako: I'M MISSING PART OF MY HEAD.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh, my bad, I was hungry.

FarmedMakoIcon.png Mako: SO YOU TOOK A BITE OUT OF MY HEAD.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: I can do it again.

FarmedMakoIcon.png Mako: FINE



CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh shit.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Yeah, you see what you've done now??

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oh no, I just thought that line was raw as fuck.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Fucking-

Post-Retribution Dialogue

Makoicon.png Mako: ...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: ...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ...

Makoicon.png Mako: Well, that was fun.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah, same to you.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: What.

Makoicon.png Mako: What, you thought i'd still be mad afterwards?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: He...took a bite out of your head.

Makoicon.png Mako: Well, yeah.

Makoicon.png Mako: It hurt like hell.

Makoicon.png Mako: But I can just grow it back.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Everyone knows that, Tea.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I'm so tired.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah, i'm hungry too.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Let's go to Opti's Diner and pig out.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: ...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Yeah, kay.

Makoicon.png Mako: Ay, what ya'll gonna get me?

Makoicon.png Mako: Hey! Don't just walk away!

Honey (Old) Dialogue

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So, what's the schedule for today?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: This one's new. Someone in town gave me a letter, and told them to go to this spot at this time.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: So, you're just gonna do it?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Might as well.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Seems like a challenge.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: That rule where you HAVE to accept all challenges is pretty lame.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Yeah, yeah- I know, God. I'll change it soon.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Let's just go.


CesarFever Icon.png Fever: There's a lot of limos in this parking lot.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Maybe someone famous is in town?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Oddly enough, Fever Town IS a hot vacation spot...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Probably cause rules are so scarce here. Anyone can come into Fever Town, do shady shit, then probably leave without any repercussions.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Thanks for making me feel better about the way I run things.

???: If you're tired of running, how about we give you a ride?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Huh?

Hunniicon.png Hunnii: So, you're the mayor? I've seen your face around, but you're a lot shorter than I expected. I'm Hunni, but there's no need to tell you my name.

Hunniicon.png Hunnii: Cause after I beat you, the rest of the world will know soon.

Impy: Hey I'm Impy. You are pretty short.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Not fair to say that when you're on top of that limo.

Hunniicon.png Hunnii: Then why dont you two hurry up and get on already? Unless you're already intimidated by my aura?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Pfft, intimidated? As if! Tea and I are a power couple, there's nothing that could-

Milkteaicon.png Tea: EUGH.

Milkteaicon.png Tea: WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Huh? What are what?

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Those... large, fluffy, white things. They look like...

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: You mean the bunnies?

Hunniicon.png Hunnii: You mean my babies? Aren't they beautiful? Every single one of them answer to me, and me only.

Hunniicon.png Hunnii: I guess you can say I'm their mama in a way.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: That's cute. In a weird, giant bunny kinda way. Which reminds me...

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Why do ya'll have my ancestors enslaved???

Milkteaicon.png Tea: Yeah, no, I'm out.

CesarFever Icon.png Fever: Tea? Hey, wait- where are you going???

Milkteaicon.png Tea: I'm gonna be sick. I'll see you back home, Fever.

(. . .)