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FNF: Impostor at the Danceclub, is a mod that was first announced on February of 2021, themed around the youtube channel "ElpingumanyaYT" and it's characters

Currently the mod is out as a beta including the first 3 weeks, as well as Week 7 and the Carol mod, and it's just downloadable through mega.



"Well... i have my good and trustworthy buddy Pancho Lopez keeping me company so... imma go and do my tasks"

-Mat on the episode 1 of Mamong Us

Mat is the main protagonist from "Mamong Us", an animated series being worked by the developers of the mod. He takes the role of Boyfriend.


Mat looks just like a normal red Crewmate from Among Us, except for the fact that he is always seen carrying a little Mini-Crewmate on his head, who he calls Pancho Lopez.


Mat is not too smart, which often makes him get into trouble; however, it's shown on several ocassions that he isn't as dumb as Boyfriend, and still has sense of fear. On the other hand, his mini-crewmate is shown emotionless most of the time, and stays completely still, however is known that it is alive, even if it barely moves or doesnt emit any noises.



"Hello, ¿How are yall? Nice to meet you. My name is Sophie"

-Sophie introducing herself to the other crewmates on the episode 1 of Mamong Us

Sophie is one of the protagonists of Mamong Us and one of the main characters on the mod. She takes the role of Girlfriend.


Sophie looks like a regular cyan Crewmate from Among Us, but with eyelashes.


Sophie is shown to be enthusiastic and cheerful, even being compared with a sugar lump by her brother. On the Mamong Us preview it's revealed that Sophie and her siblings are the crewmates from the Card Swipe picture, and that she is the youngest of them. The episode isn't complete, but judging by the preview, the plot will be themed around Sophie, as the new member of the crew, being guided by Mat through the rooms of the Skeld. This implies that the events on the mod happen after this episode, and therefore, she and Mat are already close friends at this point.

Its hinted several times that Sophie may have a crush on Mat, but it's been stated that they're nothing more than friends.



Elpingumanya (Or simply Pingu.) is the avatar of Elpingumanya Youtuber, the main developer of the mod. He takes the role of Daddy Dearest.


Pingu is a red penguin, who is drawn in the same style of the Club Penguin characters (Mostly the redesigns from 2013). He has light brown hair and wears green headphones.


Little is known about Pingu, but judging by his videos, he seems to have a similar personaity to Mat's



"BRING SOME HAY, B*TCHES!!" -Erick during the Stress cutscene

Erick is one of the protagonists of Mamong Us. He takes the role of Pico.


Erick looks like any Among Us character wearing the lime color, except that he carries a gun and a knife, this because he is the impostor.


During the cutscenes it's shown and mentioned that Erick is quite sadistic, to the point of even enjoying the opportunity of causing a massacre. He also swears a lot both on the mod and on the series.


Foam & Bubbles

Bubbles is one of the characters from Rovio Entertainment's game "Angry Birds", while Foam is a fanmade OC made by the main dev of the mod. They take the place of Skid and Pump


They both look the same, except for the color scheme, and the fact that Foam has eyelashes and thinner eyebrows. Bubbles is orange with a yellow beak, a couple of dark purple rings surrounding his eyes, and a belly of the same color; Foam on the other hand, is light gray, with a dark gray beak, green rings surrounding her eyes and a dark red belly.


While they just appear during the first two songs of week 2, their sprites shown them both happy, meaning they are cheerful and child-like. Bubbles is also known to be kind of a mischievous character on the Angry Birds series, who is willing to play pranks on their friends and scare them just to get candy, which would match with his personality on this mod.



"I don't understand what you're saying but let's rap you little overused memes"

-Seba during the Stress cutscene

Seba is an OC created by "The Seba Hat 430" (one of the devs of the mod), and the main character of "The Cipher" an upcoming Gacha Club series. He takes the role of Tankman


Seba is a character made on Gacha Club, he has brown hair and light skin.

His clothes are an orange hoodie, black pants, and gray shoes, he also wears headphones and a green top hat.


Seba is shown to be pretty calm, but also sort of a wacky character. He also seems to hate the among us memes, as it can be seen on LV 7.



"Oh come on, don't be shy and just talk to her, just be yourself"

-Zachie encouraging Mat to talk to Sophie

Zachie it's one of the protagonists of Mamong Us, she comes as a bonus character on the mod, taking the place of Carol.


Zachie looks like a regular yellow Crewmate from Among Us, the only difference being that, just like Sophie, she has eyelashes


There isn't too much to say about Zachie's personality based of what is shown on the mod, but it's shown on the Mamong Us preview that she seems to be quite friendly, in fact, she seems to be very close friends with Mat, as they are together on almost every scene. Zachie also encourages Mat to not be shy and talk to Sophie on the preview, meaning that she is a supportive friend.



Most of the weeks were renamed to LV, followed by a number and a name. Weeks 4 and 5, along with Monster are the same as the original game but with Sophie and Mat reeplacing Gf and Bf (Same case with Week 6, but the dialogue also changes)


Promotional image posted on youtube

FunkyTeam is an upcoming bonus song where the playable characters and opponents will constantly change, this song is going to be featuring Mat, Erick, Sophie and Zachie rap battling against Boyfriend, Pico, Girlfriend and a new character named Fishy, who is apparently getting her own mod on the future. Barely any info has been shared about this song at the moment.


A cover of the song Zanta from Bbpanzu's Holiday Mod was uploaded to Youtube, and it's confirmed to be on the next update. The cover features Erick as Edd, Sophie as Tom, and Red Impostor from Vs Impostor as Zanta (and also Zachie as Matt and Mat as Santa Claus)


Moni is a rose crewmate with the heart pin that has been teased for the mod several times, she is supposed to be based off Sky



  • Even though Mat and Sophie have spritesheets for the week 4 and 5 variants of Boyfriend and Girlfriend, they don't change on anything
  • The arrows on this mod were changed to the Dance Contest ones, making it one of the few mods that change the arrow skin
  • The memes and joke files from the original game were also modified on this mod
  • Even though Sophie is a Girlfriend reskin, she has a losing icon
  • Senpai and Spirit have losing icons on this mod for some reason
  • This is the first mod featuring among us characters with actual names, the second being Loggo's Halloween, a minimod that serves as a halloween special for Vs.Impostor V3
  • During a twitch stream, PhantomArcade made an sketch of Boyfriend stabing a crewmate with a mini-crewmate on his head, similar to Mat. Oddly enough, this sketch seems to have been drawn after the mod was already on production.
  • Even though the mod is called Impostor at the Danceclub, both main characters seem to be crewmates
  • Moni looks really similar to Pink from the upcoming Triple Trouble update of the VS. Impostor mod, as both of them wear the heart pin and share a similar facial expressions and poses.
  • The light blue crewmate with the crown that was originally going to replace Miku it's most likely Mat's sister that he mentions on the credits, as Mat and Pingu are confirmed to be sort of the same entity but from different dimensions and Miku is now gonna be replaced by Pingu's sister.
  • On his new sprites Mat makes his microphone spin, similar to Cesar Fever from Friday Night Fever
  • TheSebaHat430 (one of the devs) made a series with the characters from the mod as humans on a highschool, this being a parody of "FNFHS" and "FunkinHS", two hispanic series about the Friday Night Funkin characters assisting to a highschool
  • Seba breaks the fourth wall on some of his game over lines, similar to Tankman on the original game

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