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Upcoming: V2 is confirmed to be in development, along with it there is gonna be remastered versions of the songs It's-A-Me, I HATE YOU, and Powerdown.

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OH MY GOD, Friday Night Funkin': Mario's Madness!? - Grunko

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See Also: Mario (Disambiguation)

Mario's Madness is a mod created by Marco Antonio, Dewott2501, KINGF0X, Kenny1, and Ney. The mod is centered around Mario.EXE; a creepier version of Mario from a well-known piece of artwork from DeviantArt. It also features a few other appearances from other official and unofficial horror-based Mario characters.



― GB, Pre-GoldenLand

Mario.EXE is the main antagonist of the mod. He originates from an art piece on DeviantArt made by Shadow-Shana, with the name Super Horror Mario, which is commonly used for YouTube thumbnails about Mario creepypasta games. In this mod, he’s a demon who takes Boyfriend and Girlfriend into his world.

His second form, GB, is an original character made by Marco Antonio. He is based off of Mario's appearance in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Mario.EXE takes this form after It’s-A-Me by infusing with Game Boy code.


Mario.EXE appears similar to his standard counterpart, but with darker colors. He has blood leaking down his eyes and mouth; the former of which is an empty void with small red pupils, and the latter being fanged. He wields a sharp butcher knife in his blood-stained hand, and is also taller and paler than normal. His face contorts during his poses and when he laughs.

GB looks similar to the original Mario, albeit grayscale and pixelated. However, his eyes are covered by the brim of his hat.

In his true form, GB has a massive, disgusting smile, and his arms hang at his sides. His eyes appear as empty sockets with realistic eyes sitting within them. His mustache also bends more aggressively and extends all the way up to his cap. In his left and right poses, he lacks teeth, with fleshy tendrils connecting the top and bottom of his mouth. His right and up poses show that he has a long, thin neck.


  • The original artist of Mario.EXE (Shadow-Shana) is OK with their art being used, as long as credit is given. However, it sadly often isn’t.
  • Super Horror Mario is most often interpreted as Mario.EXE due to Sonic.EXE's fame for its similarities, however, the art was released months before Sonic's infamous creepypasta.
    • Although sometimes this is not the case, since many have adapted Mario as an EXE without taking into account the art and giving other versions such as Mr. Virtual and GB, where the influence of Sonic.EXE is taken into account.
  • He was made after Shana heard the ominous quote: "Okey-dokey! Mario will get you next time!" from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! This line inspired the artwork.
  • Mario.EXE (THE NAME) has no owner or creator as such unlike GB. However, the character / design of Mario as Horror Mario is owned by Shadow-Shanna which was later adapted as Mario.EXE.[5]
  • A similar artpiece was made by the same artist called Super Horror Peach, more commonly dubbed Peach.EXE. It’s likely she is a partner to Mario.EXE, as the description reads "Every Super Horror Mario needs a Super Horror Princess Peach!"
    • Peach.EXE is likely coming to the mod.[6]
  • Oddly, he wields a butcher knife in this mod rather than a kitchen knife like in the original artwork.
  • Mario.EXE’s beta normal icon resembles Speedrunner Mario.
  • Marco revealed some concepts of Mario.EXE that most likely will not make it to mod.
    • Although in the mod, the poisoned mushrooms that are from Coldrash's Mario.EXE were used.
  • The creator of Horror Mario has officially recognized the mod.[7]

  • GB is the only character in the mod (so far) who had no prior appearances in other media beforehand.
    • GB didn't exist before Mario's Madness.[8]
  • Although GB is the second phase of Mario.EXE, it can be interpreted as a separate version of it.
  • It was once thought that GB stood for Game Boy, but it’s since been confirmed that it is just GB, like how MX is just MX. [9]
  • GB was made because Marco Antonio wanted to make an EXE based on his favorite Mario game. He also comments that "GB was created while i was shitting lol".[10]
  • GB can travel to other Mario games and corrupt them.[11]
    • GB can even go to newer Mario games, which he will utilize for his third phase.[12]
  • GB and the Game Boy Cameraman are best friends. [13]
  • GB is more powerful than Mario.EXE. [14]

  • Gallery

    I HATE YOU Luigi

    ― Luigi's final words, I HATE YOU

    I HATE YOU Luigi is a character created by Slimebeast for the I HATE YOU creepypasta. In the original creepypasta, Luigi develops a hatred for Mario and joins Bowser’s side in order to kill him. However, Mario ends up killing Luigi by knocking him into lava, turning him into a living corpse.


    I HATE YOU Luigi looks similar to his appearance in Super Mario World, but charred beyond recognition. His hat is tarnished, having a large hole on its side. His skin is burned off as a result of him falling into lava, revealing his red, burnt flesh. His face is beyond unrecognizable, having only one sunken eyeball and no nose or lips. However, his mustache has somehow remained intact; only being somewhat unkempt. His overalls and shirt have slash marks, revealing more of his charred flesh.


    • The ROM hack based on the story became incredibly popular; far surpassing the audience of the original creepypasta. However, it should be made clear that the ROM hack is not the original version of I HATE YOU.
    • The original creepypasta was written to make fun of other pastas by overusing tropes, but it ended up being more popular than the author expected.
    • The lava that appears during his song is a reference to Luigi's fate in the creepypasta, in which he got knocked into the lava by Mario.
    • As the song progresses, eyeless Boos and drowned Mario corpses appear in the background. These are enemies that appear in the I HATE YOU creepypasta and ROM hack.
      • The "I HATE YOU!" text on the walls is also a reference to the original creepypasta.
    • Slimebeast has seen the mod and made a sequel to I HATE YOU in response to its new-found popularity, written by an AI. He even states in the video’s title "AKA That Mario creepypasta from Friday Night Funkin'".[15]


    Beta Luigi

    ― Luigi, Luigi's Mansion

    Beta Luigi is Luigi’s appearance in the Game Over screen for the beta version of Luigi’s Mansion.


    Beta Luigi has incredibly pale skin and soulless white eyes with dark bags. His posture is quite awkward, with his legs being crossed at all times. He holds a small, yellow flower in his hand.


    • When thunder rumbles during the song, Boyfriend’s shadow appears to be hanging from a noose. This is a reference to a lighting error in the original Luigi's Mansion that made Luigi look like his shadow was hanging itself.
      • This led some to believe Luigi was dead during the events of the game, but this has since been disproven.
    • The flower he’s holding references a piece of official artwork for Luigi’s Mansion, showing him holding the same flower while sitting down, miserable.
    • Beta Luigi is one of the only modded characters that only have a single icon.
    • Beta Luigi is the only character in the mod (so far) who’s not attempting to harm Boyfriend.


    Wario Apparition

    Obey Wario… DESTROY MARIO!
    ― Wario hypnotizing the viewer, Super Mario Land 2 Commercial

    Want to know more about the Wario Apparition?

    The Wario Apparition is a floating apparition of Wario’s head. It initially appeared during Nintendo’s “Focused on Fun” segment in E3 1995, preparing the audience for Nintendo’s main presentation. Many years later, it was popularized by the Mario 64 horror community due to a creepypasta based on the theory that every copy of the original Super Mario 64 is personalized, and that there exists a cursed beta version of the game from July 29, 1995. Allegedly, the Wario Apparition materialized in Mario 64 out of people’s desires to see Wario in the game, and it caused horrific mental trauma upon those who saw it.


    The Wario Apparition is a vision of Wario’s giant, floating, disembodied head. He has brown hair, blue accents to the sides of his eyes, a pink nose, a zigzagging black mustache, and wears a yellow hat with a blue W on it. In his left pose, his eyes turn into green hypnotic spirals.


    • Despite being created in a serious creepypasta, the Wario Apparition is more so remembered as a meme nowadays.
    • Wario Apparition's left pose is a reference to a commercial for Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, where he tries to hypnotize the viewer to destroy Mario.
      • This also coincidentally happens to be another official appearance of Wario’s disembodied head.
    • Upon losing in Apparition, the player is faced with an image of Mario.EXE smiling while Japanese text is displayed. When translated, this roughly reads "Nintendo does not allow unlicensed or pirated products. Remove the cartridge and contact technical support. Game Over"
    • There is another track for the Wario Apparition that can only be found in debug mode, which is called “Forbidden Star”. This song was scrapped[18] because Marco didn't like it.[19]



    ― MX, Mario '85 demo

    Looking for another MX? Check out MX (Disambiguation).

    MX is the main antagonist of Taco Games's Mario '85, a new take on the concept of Mario.EXE heavily inspired by Sonic (PC PORT). Sitting within an abandoned copy of Super Mario Bros., MX takes the souls of those who play the game so that he can “play” with them for all eternity.


    MX is meant to resemble Mario, but taller and wider with dark red trousers. He sports a black shirt and shoes, white skin, black hair and mustache. His teeth are long and lipless, and his eyes lack sockets. When combined with his skin tone, this makes him look almost skeletal.

    In this mod, the colors of his shirt and overalls were swapped, and small white pupils can sometimes be seen in his eye sockets.


    • MX's left pose is a reference to Mario's skidding sprite in Super Mario Bros.
    • MX is best friends with Lord X from Sonic (PC PORT), as they have a lot in common.[22]
    • When MX isn't trying to kill someone, he adopts Mario's mannerisms around others. So while he wouldn't be invested in a relationship, he would definitely be a gentleman.[25]
    • MX's clothes are flesh infused.[26]
    • MX's “WAHOOOOO!” originates from the chase scene in Level 1-1 of Mario ('85). When he falls into a pit, the game stops, leading the player to believe he died within the pit. However, MX then jumps out of the pit and continues chasing Lucas, screaming said phrase.
      • He does something similar during Powerdown; towards the end of the song, the music quiets down and fades to black as he says “INNOCENCE DOESN’T GET YOU FAR.”, before he shouts “WAHOOOOO!” once more and enters the final part of the song.
    • MX can use power-ups despite them being of little to no use.[27]
    • McDonald's Sprite is one of MX's greatest weaknesses.[28][29]
    • MX is miscolored in the mod, with his overalls and shirt being the opposite color then normal. It wasn't fixed, however, because it looked cool.[30]
    • MX's dodge mechanic is one of the few dodge mechanics to not instantly kill you, even from full health.
    • MX staring at the screen towards the end of Powerdown references the moment in Mario ('85) where he talks to Lucas after the player reaches the end of the level.
    • MX doesn’t wear gloves, but Mari0Bot doesn’t say anything about it because most fanart depicting MX with gloves “[looks] cool anyway”.[31]
    • Although many people consider MX as an EXE, Mari0_Bot clarifies that he is not. [32]


    Racist Mario

    Suck my mushroom-tip! You fucking son of a bitch!
    ― Mario trying to shoot Kratos with a gun, Racist Mario

    Racist Mario is the titular villain of the 2014 YouTube animation, Racist Mario, by Flashgitz. In the video, he has grown sick of non-Nintendo characters appearing in Mario Kart, and tries to murder them (and eventually everybody else) out of irrational hatred comparable to racism.


    Racist Mario looks almost identical to regular Mario, but with an absolutely furious facial expressions. He drives the Standard Kart as it appears in Mario Kart 8, complete with his emblem on it.


    • Racist Mario is the only character in the mod whose Freeplay icon is hidden before you select him for the first time.
      • In addition, Racist Mario is the only character to not surpass the boundaries of his Freeplay icon.
    • Racist Mario's vocals are sourced from various voice clips in Super Mario Sunshine.
    • Racist Mario is the only character in the mod (so far) who doesn’t originate from any horror-based media.


    Secret History Mario

    You don't think I knew about the Shenmue? You tried to FUCK ME.
    ― Mario to Sonic, Secret History of Super Mario Bros

    Not to be confused with Friday Night Funkin' Secret Histories’ upcoming Secret History Mario

    Secret History Mario is an upcoming character[33]. He originates from the Mashed video Secret History of Super Mario Bros. He is a cold-hearted dictator who rules the Mushroom Kingdom with a iron fist, having killed hundreds of innocents, enslaved thousands, paved over the natural lands and ruined countless people’s lives... of course, Nintendo's PR covers this all up.


    Unlike how Mario usually appears to the public, Secret History Mario wears a dark blue suit with a red tie, and his eyes have a yellow hue. He’s usually seen with a cigar.


    • His vocals seem to be from the animation, unlike Racist Mario's vocals.


    MARIO Character

    Want to know more about the MARIO?

    An upcoming character[34] from from the Super Mario World creepypasta ROM hack MARIO has been confirmed. As of yet, this character is unknown. Even though there is not official confirmation, there's a high chance it could be The Victim, due to them being only real notable character, in the ROM hack.

    Coronation Peach

    ― Coronation Peach, 'the

    Coronation Day Peach is an upcoming character[35], and is the main antagonist of the popular rom hack 'the also known as Coronation Day. One day, Peach wandered into the forest where she either killed herself or was killed by a mysterious entity. She, or an entity of unknown origin, now inhabits the forest.


    Coronation Day Peach looks similar to the original Peach, with black eyes, and a wide smile.


    • It’s unknown whether Coronation Day Peach is Princess Peach herself or another entity that inhabited the forest in her image (or perhaps took her body).


    L is Real Luigi

    In tears, we had to ask Luigi to leave
    ― Yoshiaki Koizumi, when discussing Luigi being scrapped in Mario 64

    Want to know more about L is Real?

    L is Real Luigi is a character based on a long-standing urban legend surrounding Super Mario 64. The L is Real rumors center mainly around the text on the fountain in the Castle Courtyard, which many interpreted as “L is Real 2401”. This lead many to believe there was a way to unlock Luigi in some fashion. With the rise in popularity of the “Mario 64 is Personalized” rumors, more horrific versions of the L is Real rumor were since created.

    L is Real Luigi is a confirmed character that was teased here.[36]


    Not much known about his design in this mod, aside from his hand reaching out from fountain. Luigi never appeared in Super Mario 64, but his model intended for his use in the multiple scrapped multiplayer modes was leaked years after the original game’s release, showing what he was meant to look like.


    • Luigi’s scrapped model was found nearly 24 years and 1 month after the original game’s release; coincidentally lining up with the fountain’s supposed message.


    Grand Dad

    Mario 7? This is the one I played? Let’s check it out.
    ― Vinesauce Joel, moments before opening 7 GRAND DAD

    Want to know more about Grand Dad?

    Looking for another Grand Dad? Check out 7 GRAND DAD (disambiguation).

    7 GRAND DAD is a bootleg NES title that is a reskin of the game The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy that replaces Fred Flintstone’s head with Mario’s head. It became a wildly popular meme due to Vinesauce Joel’s shocked reaction to its bizarre title screen, and is also an iconic fixture of SiIvaGunner’s high-quality rips. The Mario seen on said title screen (itself a reskin of another bootleg Mario named Fortran), often just called Grand Dad, is an upcoming character for the mod.[37]


    Mr. Virtual

    Whoops! It appears this is a pirated copy of Mario Clash. Don't worry though, there’s no need to report this copy. I’m already inside your head.'
    ― Mr. Virtual

    Want to know more about Mr. Virtual?

    Mr. Virtual is a Mario EXE take by Snart Studios and the antagonist of the analog horror series, The Virtual Files. He is an upcoming character for the mod.[43] He’s a malicious entity that resides within a Virtual Boy, causing those who play his games to go insane and kill themselves in gruesome ways. This has lead to many police investigations; the most notable of which being "The Heathers Investigation".


    Mr. Virtual resembles Mario in appearance, but with an entirely red and black color scheme. He’s rather rotund, and has a wide row of incredibly sharp teeth. His eyes are like voids, with his black and red pupils being barely visible. He also has a “V” on his cap instead of an “M”.


    • If it wasn't for Redbromer's Mr. Virtual video, he wouldn't be in Mario's Madness.[44]
    • Although he has no true form, he always assumes the appearance of Mario.[45]
    • He has no Luigi counterpart[46]
    • Mr. V, can take the form of any character on the Virtual Boy.
    • He cannot be killed for good. He can be erased for a while, but he will eventually return if that happens.[47]
    • Mr. Virtual cannot change his color scheme.[48]
      • Mr. Virtual can also only see in black and red, just like the Virtual Boy.[49]
    • His favorite color is red.[50]
    • Mr. Virtual hates animals.[51]
    • Despite taking his appearance, he doesn't care about the original Mario.[52]
    • His favorite video game character is Wario.[53]
    • He's a expert on a whole catalogue of games.[54]
      • His score on Mario Clash is maxed out.[55]
    • He is unaware of NFTs.[56]
    • He doesn't have a favorite show.[57]
    • He doesn't have a favorite food.[58]
    • If he saw another entity appear in his game, he would resort to violence.[59]



    We chose to rest, and were forced to linger. It isn't fair, but they didn't care. Do you?
    ― Stanley, SM64 Classified

    Stanley is the main anti-villain and protagonist of Greenio’s Super Mario 64: CLASSIFIED series; a series of videos based on the "Every Copy of Super Mario 64 is Personalized" creepypasta. He is an upcoming character for the mod.[61]

    Unlike other interpretations of the personalization A.I. from the original story, Stanley is a cynical, suicidally depressed intelligence acutely aware that he is being used to harm humans with a power that he cannot control, and who mourns the loss of his world's Luigi (stuck within the fountain that states L is Real). CLASSIFIED follows Stanley's awakening and his journey to find a human player capable of rebelling against Nintendo by destroying himself before their endgame can be set into motion - no matter the cost.


    Stanley's default appearance is the Textureless Mario Anomaly, a version of Mario's model in SM64 but with without his eyes and mustache. Owing to the analog horror nature of CLASSIFIED, he often appears oversaturated or with heavy amounts of chromatic aberration.

    Stanley also has the ability to use other models of Mario as vessels when necessary. His most common secondary appearance is an SGI model of Mario that resembles those used in marketing material for Super Mario 64, which shrouds itself in darkness and/or deforms based on his emotional state.


    • Stanley is seemingly haunted by the remains of an intelligence that once inhabited L is Real Luigi and was destroyed in an accident involving his powers. Though Stanley interred most of its data in the castle fountain as the titular monument, an incident in 1997 reveals its presence still lingers outside of the fountain.
    • Stanley's code is integrated into the default level geometry of Super Mario 64 and its gameplay, meaning that the only way to harm him is to bind a vital function to a destructible object (and is thus also why he cannot shut himself off without human assistance.)
      • Presumably, this is why the series treats his L is Real Luigi as a real person that died, as Luigi drowning would take the intelligence inhabiting his model with him.
    • Stanley never says his name explicitly in the series. His name comes from the end of the episode "Aftermath," where a single frame of a deformed Mario model appears with the text "my name is," followed by an animation of various button presses on an N64 controller. These button presses correspond to the letters "S-T-A-N-L-E-Y" when interpreted as a Bacon's cipher.
    • L is Real Luigi, the Wario Apparition, and Stanley are the only characters in the mod to have a pre-established connection to each other outside of gameplay.
      • In Luigi's case, an intelligence was inadvertently placed inside of Luigi by Stanley's powers, only for Stanley to lose control of them and accidentally drown "Luigi" to death. The L is Real monument was placed into the final game after the accident, stated by Greenio to be Luigi's remains but may also be a memorial created out of Stanley's guilt and grief. Episodes of CLASSIFIED set after the accident would depict fragments of this intelligence haunting Stanley and the human players present throughout the series for reasons unknown.
      • In the Apparition's case, it is a defective creation of Stanley that is so graphically demanding it cannot actually interact with players who encounter it. At one point in CLASSIFIED, the Apparition attempts to block an exit from one of Stanley's creations, but he quickly despawns it and tells the player "it's not real" in a futile attempt to get them to head for the door.

    Luigi’s Day Out Mario

    Anyway, keep your mouth shut, SCROTE. Here come the guys.
    ― Mario, Luigi's Day Out

    Luigi's Day Out Mario is one of the main characters of the 2014 YouTube animation Luigi's Day Out, by hotdiggedydemon. In the video, Mario is a rebellious teenager who is forced by his mother to take his brother, Luigi, to “save Peach from Bowser”. However, he instead decides to trick Luigi into dying in various ways for his own amusement. He is the opponent of the upcoming song Day Out.[62]


    Mario has his nose and mustache from his original counterpart, now he has the cap turned and instead of the m it is a pentagram logo, he has blue yeans with white shoes and with a perci on his nose, at a certain part of the song his face changes to that of an annoyed one and his eyes turn white


    Luigi’s Day Out Luigi

    Yay! I'm-a gonna go on an adventure!
    ― Luigi, Luigi's Day Out

    Luigi's Day Out Luigi is the other main character of Luigi's Day Out. In the video, Luigi is a mentally challenged 35-year old manchild whose mother forces Mario to take him on his “quest”. However, Mario decides to trick Luigi into dying in various ways for his own amusement; eventually leading to Luigi tripping him down some stairs as vengeance. He’s then taken on a wild drug trip by Daisy and Waluigi, ending in Daisy fucking him in a club and marking him as her bitch. He is one of the playable characters of the upcoming song Day Out.[63]


    Luigi has a cap with an L on it, a white and green shirt with a blue overalls and green shoes.


    • Day Out is one of the few songs where a separate character becomes the playable one mid-song, with Luigi getting a few turns as the player character.


    Currently unknown exe

    Nothing is known about them currently besides knowing there made by Marco Antonio.[65]





    Luigi Doll

    Luigi Doll is a possessed plush of Luigi. It originates from a video in which a Luigi plush placed on a pentagram slowly rises as if possessed; freaking out the people filming it. This isn't a upcoming character for V2, as it was only made for an April Fools prank. [66]


    • Luigi doll has no pose animation, possibly because Doll is constantly moving.



    Thank god…
    ― Lucas, artwork

    Lucas is the main protagonist of Mario '85. He is an 8 year-old human child who was brought into a cursed copy of Super Mario Bros. by his “playmate”, MX. Taking control of Luigi, Lucas has to survive in this demented new world before MX catches him. He appears during a cover of Vessel; as well as in the background of Powerdown as a head on a stake.


    • Lucas is immortal in the game due to MX giving him extra lives.


    Gameplay Mechanics

    • Poison Mushroom Notes: Hitting these notes will drain your health and count as a miss, but it will not break your combo. The health drain can stack the more Poison Mushroom Notes are hit. Appears in It's-A-Me and GoldenLand.
    • Health Drain: Near the end of Golden Land, GB will begin to drain the player's health.
    • Lava: During I HATE YOU, lava will begin to rise at the bottom (or top if using downscroll) of the screen, obscuring the player's view.
    • Lightning Strikes: During Alone, Lightning will occasionally flash in the background which will briefly obscure the player's view for a few seconds.
    • Ground Pound: During Powerdown, MX will jump up and cause the ground to shake. The player must press SPACE when the POW Block appears on the screen, otherwise they will lose a significant amount of health.
    • Item Roulette: During Race-Traitors, Racist Mario will grab an item to fight against Boyfriend. These include the following:
      • Red Shell: Hits Mario's side of the HP bar, causing the player's health to get pushed back. This attack is unavoidable.
      • Boo: Makes the player's notes translucent, making it much harder to see them.
      • Bob-Omb: Will appear on Boyfriend's side as notes. When hit, they explode and take away half of your health.

    Trivia (General)

    • The lava mechanic during I HATE YOU is designed to stick to the UI. As such, when using downscroll, the lava appears from the top instead.
    • The Poison Mushroom notes seen in It’s-A-Me and Golden Land are a reference to the Mario.EXE fangame made by CoolRash.
    • The mod was originally supposed to be focused on I HATE YOU, but then Dewott suggested adding MX, and soon the list of characters kept getting bigger and bigger until it became what it is today. [69]
    • The Magic Flute that allows access to the Warp Zone is a reference to the Warp Whistle from Super Mario Bros. 3 which was used for a similar purpose. The sound of the Warp Whistle is the same one used in the mod.
      • The sound is also used in the intro of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
    • The following characters are not planned for the mod currently:
      • Jumpm4n, another one of Marco Antonio’s Mario EXEs.[70]
      • Any EXE takes of Waluigi.[71]
      • Any version of Sonic, as to be expected.[72]
      • Speedrunner Mario from TerminalMontage’s Something About series.[73]
      • Super Mario on the PS4, a meme voiced by Germed.avi.[74]
      • Luigi from the music video Luigi’s Ballad.[75]
      • Mario (Five Nights at Sonic’s), because Marco hates FNAS.[76]
      • Evil Mario, from the bootleg mobile game; Super fighter M, won't be appearing for at least V2 of the mod.[77]
    • The following characters have been suggested to be coming to the mod:
      • Peach.EXE, Mario.EXE’s (presumed) partner from another piece of artwork by Shadow-Shana.[78]
      • Mario from the Five Nights at Wario’s series by WwwWario.[79]
      • Mario from the Power Star flash series.[80]
      • The Hell Valley Sky Trees from Super Mario Galaxy 2.[81]
      • The Starman, another of Marco Antonio’s Mario EXEs. It will not appear in V2, but it’s possible that it may show up in a later update.[82]
      • Emmet’s EXE; Funtendo, who Marco personally wants to see in the mod.[83]
      • SMG3 from SMG4.[84]
      • RTX Mario from a animation by Hoolopee[85]
      • Scrubbdubb’s EXE Turmoil.[86]


    Cutscene Transcripts

    • [Boyfriend and Girlfriend are sitting on the couch, playing with their phones. The doorbell rings, and upon hearing this, they look at each other excitedly. Boyfriend opens the door to see the mailman (Red) with a package in their hand.]

    ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: AMONG US

    • [Boyfriend takes the package and closes the door. After setting it down, BF tears off the wrappings as both he and GF to look at it with excitement, only for it to turn into disappointment. The package turns out to be a bloody cartridge with the word "MARIO" sloppily written on it, as the camera zooms in, the screen starts to turn red. Boyfriend picks up the cartridge with suspicion before looking at Girlfriend, who just shrugs. Boyfriend then puts the cartridge into Daddy Dearest's NES, and starts playing Super Mario Bros. However, it freezes almost immediately. After looking at Girlfriend, who is back to using her phone, the confused Boyfriend starts button mashing in an attempt to solve the issue. He does this to no avail, as the screen starts to show more and more static. Suddenly, a gloved hand reaches out of the TV and grabs Boyfriend's shirt before pulling him in.]

    Boyfriend.png 'Boyfriend': AAAAAAAAAAAA-

    • [Girlfriend looks up from her phone and at where Boyfriend was in shock, before the same hand grabs Girlfriend's shoulder and pulls her in as well.]

    GirlfriendIcon (1).png 'Girlfriend': Ooh?

    GirlfriendIcon (1).png 'Girlfriend': Blue?

    GirlfriendIcon (1).png 'Girlfriend': *Gasp!* Eeep?

    GirlfriendIcon (1).png 'Girlfriend': AAAAAAAAAAAA-

    • [The two scream as they fall into the dark abyss.]

    GirlfriendIcon (1).png 'Girlfriend': AAAAAAAAAAAA-

    Boyfriend.png 'Boyfriend': AAAAAAAAAAAA-

    • [Now inside the game, Boyfriend awakens before looking around his surroundings. When he looks up, he is greeted by the face of Mario.EXE.]

    MarioEXENormal.png 'Mario.EXE': Hello there!

    • [Boyfriend is shocked, while Girlfriend looks confused.]

    MarioEXENormal.png 'Mario.EXE': Oh no, don't-a be scared, I'm not-a-gonna kill you… YET. I want to have some fun with you two midgets before I end your lives. So, don't even bother using your powers here. I'm more powerful than you or your dad.

    • [As he says this line, Mario.EXE pokes the terrified Girlfriend, making a squeaking sound.]

    MarioEXENormal.png 'Mario.EXE': This is MY WORLD.

    • [8-bit music begins playing as Mario.EXE's grotesquely spasming hand comes into view.]

    MarioEXENormal.png 'Mario.EXE': So... would you like to play now?

    • [Mario.EXE then snaps his fingers, summoning a microphone from the sky and offering it to Boyfriend. After showing some surprise, Boyfriend accepts the challenge as he and Mario.EXE face off against each other. The camera zooms over to Girlfriend, who looks at them both in pure disbelief before mouthing a 'WHAT?!' in rage.]

    MarioEX3Lose.png 'Mario.EXE': Oh, so you want to play smart, eh? Then...

    • [With a snap of his fingers, Mario.EXE creates a hole for Boyfriend to fall into. As reversed music begins playing while Boyfriend falls into the void, the graphics change to resemble the Game Boy's black-and-white frames. GB's eyes, nose, mustache, and teeth light up in the darkness.]
    Golden LandLose.png 'GB': LET'S-A-PLAY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • [A chest is seen at the center of the screen. After a few seconds of tension, said chest opens up, revealing the Magic Flute from Super Mario Bros. 3 as a melodramatic version of its signature song plays.]




    • [The screen is abruptly darkened]
    • [Enter an Unknown Character]

    MXMMIcon.png 'MX': Impressive... You have gotten very far... Unfortunately...

    • [A pair of red eyes light up in the center of the screen]

    MXMMIcon.png 'MX': I can't let you go any longer... We've run out of games to play... But don't worry. The game isn't over. We'll be here... Together. Until me and my friends make new games to play with you... See you next time.

    (As MX begins to laugh, music begins to play as red text appears in the center of the screen, saying "SO LONG BOYFRIEND" in a manner similar to Mario '85's demo ending. The words "TO BE CONTINUED..." appear below the message as static proceeds to consume the screen. After a few seconds of silence, the faded words "DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE FREEPLAY!" show up for a few seconds before the cutscene ends.)

    • [Boyfriend and Girlfriend are driving down a racetrack, with Girlfriend bobbing her head. Racist Mario then pulls up beside Boyfriend, which causes Girlfriend to look at him in confusion. Then, Racist Mario begins to speak:]

    RacistMarioIcon.png 'Racist Mario': You're not Nintendo! You're... You're PRETEND-o! You're all... RACE TRAITORS!!

    • [Girlfriend stares in shock as soon as Racist Mario yells "Race Traitors".]


    BPM: 155
    Scroll Speed: 2.4
    Maximum Score: 113400
    Song Length: 2:23
    Composer(s): KINGF0X

    MarioEXENormal.png 'Mario.EXE': HAHAHAHAH̴̪̬̺̻́͑͗̉̎̓́̽ͅĄ̶̝̙̝͉͈̯̞̫̮̦́͒̑̐͘͜͝Ḧ̸̼͖͕͚͈̹̩́͒̑̌̔͗͛̂̓̎̕Ą̴̳̬͈̱̞͓̼̪̞͕̦̥̼̱͌͛̑͝H̴̢̝͇͍͂́̾͆͗̓̈́͑̎͑̏͛͝͝A̵͚͔̳̺͖̣̱̗̪̞̬̥̐̈́͂̇̕̕H̸̨̞͎̞͓̺̤̍Á̸͇̳̬͎̯̼̟̙͉̰̥̍Ḩ̷͙̻̱̖͛̿Ă̴̢̧̦̩̫̊̐ͅͅH̵̡̡̤̘̝̣̩̱̲̖̯̗̑̒̈́̍͛̑̕A̵͉̖̤̥͑̈̇̑̂̑̍͊͆͠͠H̴̢̨̜̦̹͖̮̱̩̫̲̓̓̈́̈ͅ!
    Golden Land
    BPM: 153 > 169 > 174
    Scroll Speed: 2.7
    Maximum Score: 126350
    Song Length: 2:16
    Composer(s): KennyL

    Golden LandLose.png 'GB': HAHA!

    Golden LandLose.png 'GB': HAHA!

    Mario.Exe Laugh
    MarioEXENormal.png 'Mario.EXE': HAHAHAHAH̴̪̬̺̻́͑͗̉̎̓́̽ͅĄ̶̝̙̝͉͈̯̞̫̮̦́͒̑̐͘͜͝Ḧ̸̼͖͕͚͈̹̩́͒̑̌̔͗͛̂̓̎̕Ą̴̳̬͈̱̞͓̼̪̞͕̦̥̼̱͌͛̑͝H̴̢̝͇͍͂́̾͆͗̓̈́͑̎͑̏͛͝͝A̵͚͔̳̺͖̣̱̗̪̞̬̥̐̈́͂̇̕̕H̸̨̞͎̞͓̺̤̍Á̸͇̳̬͎̯̼̟̙͉̰̥̍Ḩ̷͙̻̱̖͛̿Ă̴̢̧̦̩̫̊̐ͅͅH̵̡̡̤̘̝̣̩̱̲̖̯̗̑̒̈́̍͛̑̕A̵͉̖̤̥͑̈̇̑̂̑̍͊͆͠͠H̴̢̨̜̦̹͖̮̱̩̫̲̓̓̈́̈ͅ!
    Golden LandLose.png
    GB Laugh
    Golden LandLose.png 'GB': HAHA!

    BPM: 168
    Scroll Speed: 2.8
    Maximum Score: 145600
    Song Length: 2:13
    Composer(s): KennyL
    BPM: 128
    Scroll Speed: 2.4
    Maximum Score: 71450
    Song Length: 2:34
    Composer(s): KINGF0X
    BPM: 155
    Scroll Speed: 2.7
    Maximum Score: 121800
    Song Length: 2:15
    Composer(s): KennyL
    BPM: 173
    Scroll Speed: 2.8
    Maximum Score: 105000
    Song Length: 2:36
    Composer(s): KINGF0X



    BPM: 130
    Scroll Speed: 2.7
    Maximum Score: 88200
    Song Length: 1:31
    Composer(s): KennyL

    RacistMarioIcon.png 'Racist Mario':
    You're not Nintendo! You're... You're PREtend'-o! You're all...

    RACE TRAITORS!!!!!!!!
    Available at the end of the Freeplay menu once you complete the Warp Zone

    Forbidden Star
    BPM: 175
    Scroll Speed: 2.7
    Song Length: 1:59
    Composer(s): KINGF0X

    WarioApparitionMMLose.png 'Wario Apparition': WELCOME TO WARIO WORLD!

    WarioApparitionMMLose.png 'Wario Apparition': WA-HAHAHAH!
    Accessible through the debug menu, due to being scrapped[87].

    Menu theme
    Pause Menu
    Song Length: 1:00
    Game Over
    Wario Apparition Game Over
    Map theme
    Flute tune

    Placeholder Used

    - Caramel

    This article uses one or more placeholders. Placeholders are commonly used for when a mod or asset hasn't been released publicly. Placeholders should be replaced with official assets as soon as possible.

    Note: -Secret History Mario's icon was made by @ThanosBeatboxing06
    -L is real uses a icon by ENDEU2
    -Mr V's icon was made by Snart_Studios

    It's-A-Me (Remastered, Preview)
    Composer(s): Nova64
    Confirmed coming here[88]
    Golden Land (Remastered, Preview)
    Composer(s): KennyL
    I HATE YOU (Remastered, Preview)
    Confirmed coming here[89]
    Unnamed Secret History Mario Song (Teaser 1)

    Mario SecretHistories Icon.png 'Secret History Mario':
    Good bye.... Old friend
    This is for a collab with FNF: Secret Histories
    Unnamed Secret History Mario Song (Teaser 2)

    Mario SecretHistories Icon.png 'Secret History Mario': The game was-a much-a popular than people thought, Boyfriend. You tried to.. FUCK ME!
    This is for a collab with FNF: Secret Histories
    He's Real... (Teaser)
    Composer(s): Hazy
    Unnamed I HATE YOU Luigi Possible 2nd Song Teaser
    Composer(s): KennyL

    IHULuigiIcon.png 'I HATE YOU Luigi':
    This is for a collab with SMW: I HATE YOU!
    Unnamed MX Song Teaser
    Composer(s): Adam McHummus
    Unnamed Grand Dad Song Teaser[90]
    Note: EXTREMELY low quality
    Unnamed Mr. Virtual Song Teaser
    Day Out
    Composer(s): theWAHbox

    You gonna tell MOM I was smokin'?

    N-no, Mario...! I'm-a not gonna tell!

    Yeah, you BETTER not, or I'll kick your ass. Anyway, just keep your mouth shut, SCROTE. Here come the guys.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Yeah!


    You dumbass geek.

    1:39GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Why'd you bring the kid?


    I’m supposed to get Peach out of Bowser's shithole, but I'm probably gonna blow it off. I don't give enough of a fuck today.

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: You wanna jump the fence at the country club and use the pool?

    Eh, we did that two days ago.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bohp!

    Oh, Cody is a piece of shit! I am so tired of that asshole!
    Powerdown Remastered
    Confirmed coming here[91]

    It's-A-Me (Scrapped Remaster)
    Song Length: 2:48
    Composer(s): KINGFOX
    Scrapped as a better version was made.[92]
    Alone-Fi (Alone Lofi remix)
    Maximum Score: 71450
    Song Length: 4:56
    Composer(s): KINGF0X
    Also known as Alone L-Side[93]

    Note: These songs are by the devs, but aren’t gonna be in the mod.

    Placeholder Used

    - Caramel

    This article uses one or more placeholders. Placeholders are commonly used for when a mod or asset hasn't been released publicly. Placeholders should be replaced with official assets as soon as possible.

    Note: -Luigi Doll doesn't have a icon due to being a April Fools Prank, so the icon used for him is from VS. Mario Rebooted.
    -Vs. MX icons, for the Vessel cover, for MX's dialogue, as we may never get icons for the vessel cover.
    -Mr V's, and Red Velvet’s icon was made by Snart_Studios

    Vessel Mx.png
    Vessel Cover
    BPM: 105 > 160
    Scroll Speed: 2.9 (All Difficulties)
    Composer(s): Biddle3
    DewottDev (cover)

    IconmarioexeMX1Icon.png 'MX': L U C A S...


    Vessel is from the Chaos Series
    Unamed Luigi Doll song
    BPM: ???
    Song Length: 0:37

    LuigiDollIcon.png 'Luigi Doll':
    This is your end Boyfriend!
    While this is official, it's NOT something coming to atleast V2, of the mod, and was just done for fun, as a April Fools day prank.[94]
    but,, i love you, mario,,
    Cover of Airplanes
    best friends :D
    Cover of Kanaria
    Mr. Virtual and Red Velvet Atrocity cover
    Mr. Virtual and Red Velvet Atrocity cover (Old)

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