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Tonight on Secret Histories...
― Every episode in Secret Histories

Friday Night Funkin': Secret Histories is a mod inspired and based on the youtube series "Secret Histories" created by the channel Mashed. As of now, the only entry of the series present in the mod is Secret History of Sonic & Tails. However, the mod will also featre characters that originate from other Mashed animations such as One Jump Man and Rap Battle Waluigi, who have been confirmed as bonus song opponents.

The mod's development can be checked here


SH Tails

What are friends for?
― SH Tails, There's Something About Amy (Part 3)

Secret History Tails is a more obsessive version of Tails, known to be a murderer in order to stay as Sonic's best friend.


SH Tails is mostly identical to Tails in appearance other than he's very spindly and menacing with obsession seen in his jagged teeth and layers of different colored eyes, such as being pink, blue and green. Near the end of his debut video, SH Tails has a grotesque appearance, stitches on his head, his fur slightly darkened and his body completely fat.


To the public eye, Tails is presented as being just the same as his game counterpart: Cheerful, smart and supportive. In reality, however, SH Tails is obsessive, insane and delusional. He believes that, as Sonic's partner, he is his one and only true friend and no one else could befriend him. This causes him to horrifically murder SH Knuckles and SH Shadow once they become close friends with Sonic, and he tries to do the same thing to SH Amy. He is shown to be intelligent, as he is able to tamper with devices and rig them to explode, which makes him all the more dangerous.


SH Sonic

I did what you said, Mario! The Dreamcast sucked.
― SH Sonic, Secret History of Super Mario Bros

Not to be confused with the other Sonic mods.

Secret History Sonic is a playable character in the song Confrontation. He is a blue hedgehog well known for his heroic achievements. After learning that Tails murdered his friends, Knuckles and Shadow, out of jealousy and intended to do the same thing to Amy, Sonic angrily lashes out at the fox, saying he never was and will never be his friend.


SH Sonic looks identical to his original counterpart, being a blue hedgehog, with white gloves, and red shoes. During the interview, he has vastly changed, with his fur being a darker color and he now has a faint beard. He has thin black eyes and a stressed face. In the mod, he also holds a letter in his right hand, which is somewhat hard to see (only visible in idle).


Unlike SH Tails, SH Sonic behaves mostly the same way as how the world sees him: Happy, confident, snide and cool. He is also notably disturbed by SH Tails' obsession towards him. However, Sonic is shown to be prone to lashing out whenever he's angry. An example of this was when he realized SH Tails killed SH Knuckles and SH Shadow, who were, unlike him, his genuine friends, he screams at him. Sometime after his last encounter with SH Tails, he is shown to be somewhat depressed, believing him to be at fault for the way SH Tails turned out to be.


  • SH Sonic also smokes now, most likely out of shame.
  • The creators of the mod confirmed that SH Sonic suffers from hallucinations due to stress (that is why the corpse of SH Knuckles appears in the middle of Confrontation).
  • The letter in SH Sonic hand could potentially be the letter from Sega Corp saying that he needed a sidekick.


SH Knuckles

(Shuttering) We could barely recognize him... They said it was some kind of freak battery malfunction, but even then.. I had my suspicions...
― SH Amy to interviewer, Secret History of Sonic & Tails

Secret History Knuckles was one of Sonic's close friends who got horrifically murdered by Tails.


SH Knuckles closely resembles himself in canon: red quills, spiked white gloves, and red shoes. The main difference between the two is that Secret History's iteration of Knuckles has his head mutilated from getting blown up (by SH Tails, who replaced SH Knuckles' phone with a bomb), with bits of his skull's interior exposed, as well as blood dripping down his upper body.


  • SH Knuckles’ appearance in Confrontation is caused by Sonic suffering a stress induced hallucination, as confirmed by the devs on Twitter.
  • SH Knuckles' animations notably have an appearance as if his dead body is about to topple over.



Different is good!
Different is AMAZING!

― TSAA Amy, There's Something About Amy Part 1

TSAA Amy is a upcoming character of the mod. Because of Sonic's constant rejections, Amy sought help from "Tails" to make her attractive to Sonic, although her mind was eventually blown. Sonic was terrified by Amy's new appearance and insanity and ends up rejecting her which led Amy to kill him in a fit of madness.


TSAA Amy has the same appearance as her original counterpart although she now has changes. Amy is a pink hedgehog, red dress, brown gloves, red boots with dark stripes. She is also taller than her original version.

SH Amy

We could barely recognize him…
― SH Amy talking about SH Knuckles, Secret History of Sonic & Tails

Secret History Amy is a upcoming character of the mod, know as her admiration for Sonic. She almost became SH Tails' next victim after Secret History Shadow.


SH Amy has the same appearance as her original counterpart, pink hedgehog, pink dress, red boots with white gloves.


  • SH Amyis seen with sad expression during the interview, as a result of SH Knuckles' and SH Shadow's death.

Secret History Shadow

The offical report was that Shadow's hover boots short-circuited.
― Narrator, Secret History of Sonic & Tails

Secret History Shadow is a upcoming character and was one of SH Sonic's close friends who got horrifically murdered by SH Tails


Before his death, SH Shadow was like his original counterpart.

After his death, his foot was the only remnant left ofSH Shadow that was not exploded. Ripped flesh with exposed bone, but with the boot remain intact, white and smooth with black heel regions.


  • Unlike in the mainstream games, where he has somewhat of a tense rivalry with Sonic, he is described as having a close relationship with the latter.
  • He will be featured in Confrontation as well.[2]

Mr. Sega

Sonic, relax... It's just for the public. Nothing's changed. Just do your "Sonic" thing and don’t even worry about Tails.
― Mr. Sega, Secret History of Sonic & Tails

Mr. Sega represents the SEGA company, well know for the creation of the Sonic the Hedgehog media franchise, as well their mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog.


Mr. Sega has an appearance of a tall, muscular, bald and dark skin man with dollar signs in the eyes. He wears a dark-blue suit jacket with light-blue shirt. Mr. Sega is behind a big table made of wood of the "SEGA" logo stamped on it.


Mr. Sega is seen as only interested in public reception and popularity.[3]. This causes him to come off as ignorant and selfish, as he hired Tails despite the latter's obvious insanity and Sonic's say in the matter. This in turn led to the deaths of two other SEGA characters. Rather than reveal the truth, he and the company cover this up and still present Tails as Sonic's sidekick, showing a complete lack of disregard for his employees.


  • Mr. Sega is one of two original character by Mashed, in the mod (the other being God Omnic), so far, as he doesn't show up in the source game, like the other Secret History characters.
  • Even after the events with Secret History Tails, Mr. Sega insisted in the idea of a sidekick[4].

SH Mario

You don't think I knew about the SHENMUE!? You tried to FUCK ME.
― SH Mario to SH Sonic, Secret History of Super Mario Bros

Not to be confused with the other Secret History Mario.

Secret History Mario is the owner of a corrupt corporation built with the sole purpose of industrializing the Mushroom Kingdom. Although no one knows why, or what he will do once he's done...


SH Mario, unlike his PR counterpart, is missing his iconic red cap, and wears a business suit instead of his red shirt and blue overalls. His hair and moustache are of a sluggish brown color instead of black. His eyes are yellow instead of blue, and is often seen with a cigar.


In stark contrast to how he is presented by Nintendo, Mario is heartless in every meaning of the word. He has committed countless atrocities during his time as the Mushroom Kingdom's dictator, ranging from child murder to slavery. He is also very psychotic and paranoid, given how he appears to worry about competition and murders Sonic after discovering the popular SEGA Dreamcast game, Shenmue. He is also implied to be a very domestic and abusive person, as he constantly lashed out at Peach whenever he "saved" her and, when realizing she had an affair with Bowser, performed horrific surgery on her.


  • SH Mario has a mid-song cutscene where, after he breaks his previous cigar, he takes out a new one from his pocket.[5]
    • However, since the old idle was scrapped, it's unknow if this applies for the new idle
  • SH Mario in his old idle is holding a remote behind his back.[6]


SH Blue

I have to know what's going on... The world DESERVES the truth.
― SH Blue, Secret History of Among Us

Secret History Blue is a former worker at 'Suscorp'. After exposing himself to a mutative virus in Polus, he becomes an Impostor.


Before getting infected, SH Blue looks like any normal crewmate with a circular-shaped helmet, a clear visor, and a blue spacesuit. After he's infected for a certain amount of time, his body would start to change certain parts of his body (such as his hands) into tentacles, and allows him to change his size entirely if provoked by others. He would also form multiple yellow eyes behind his visor, tentacles with teeth, and black bumps on him.


Before his transformation, Blue was a hard working man who loved his wife dearly. He was also very determined to expose Suscorp's true intentions. However, after being exposed to the crystals, he became a mindless, rampaging monster.


  • Like the Impostors in VS. Impostor, SH Blue has the same vocals.


SSH Mega Man

That blue abomination is NO son of MINE!!
― SH Dr. Albert Wily, Secret History of Mega Man

Secret History Mega Man is a former human turned into a cyborg. He was SH Dr. Wily's biological son, but after falling into a pitfall in Mega City, he is left paralyzed and falls into a coma. After an explosion occurs at LW Technologies, SH Dr. Light turns SH Mega Man into a cyborg in hopes of raising SH Dr. Wily's son as an apology for what he has done. Unfortunately because of the explosion, SH Mega Man suffers from memory loss.


Not much is fully known of his appearance other than he retains his classic look and armor, with the major difference is his dead cold eyes.


Not much is known about Mega Man's behavior, but as Rock he was shown to be a happy child who longed for his father's acknowledgment, although he rarely got it due to the latter's constant work. After the incident and being turned into a cyborg, he suffers memory loss, which seems to render him emotionless, as he blasts Rush with his arm canon and does not express sorrow.


  • SH Mega Man suffers from memory loss due to an explosion Dr. Wily caused in LW Technologies.
  • Unlike the official game canon, where Dr. Light is the creator and father of Mega Man, Dr. Wily is Mega Man's biological father.


SH Harry Potter

HAHAH- ack- I'm the chosen one Hermione.
― SH Harry Potter, Secret History of Harry Potter

Secret History Harry Potter is a confirmed character.[7]. He was the most beloved wizard, but the truth is that he is being manipulated by the most powerful wizards to make Harry with his impeccable image.





  • At some point, SH Harry will turn BF into Hermione[8].
  • Just like the video of Secret History Of Harry Potter says, it's unknown if SH Harry Potter is just a moronic egomaniacal bully, or if he is being manipulated by a group of powerful wizards.


God Omnic

In time we will capture them all.
― God Omnic, Secret History of Overwatch

God Omnic is an original character and a mysterious large robot coming soon to the mod who appeared in the Secret History of Overwatch.


God Omnic is a colossal robot sitting atop a large throne. He has a large bulky body with large shoulders with two spikes on them, three fingered hands with two spikes, knees, and feet with two toe-like studs. Behind him is a large bundle of wiring connected to the ceiling and a skull shaped head with a scar on the other eye.



  • God Omnic is one of two original character by Mashed, in the mod (the other being Mr. Sega), so far, as he doesn't show up in the source game, like the other Secret History characters.


SH Cuphead & Mugman

You know what they say, who wants to serve in heaven… when you can rule in hell.
― Cuphead and Mugman, Secret History Of Cuphead

'Secret History Cuphead & Mugman are upcoming opponents to the mod.[9] They are seen in the cartoon world as heroes that defeated the devil, In reality, they were once military troops that were sent to Inkwell Isle after falling through a portal that was under supervision and merged with their coffee cups/mugs while doing so. They eventually return to the real world, but they bring the devil with them and cause a massacre.


They both look similar to their original counterparts, the only difference is that they don’t have colored noses and their necks are more visible meaning that they can’t take off their heads anymore.


Before and after their transformations, Cuphead and Mugman acted like selfish and immature jerks who did not care about doing their jobs. They've proven themselves to be power hungry and heartless when they start working for the devil, who, after seeing potential within them, make them bring him into the real world to harvest the souls there.

One Jump Man

I'm hungry, let’s eat!
― Luigi, One Jump Man vs Shaggy Ball Z

One Jump Man is a planned[10] character to be in the mod, eventually. He's a parody of One Punch Man's Saitama, being pretty much all powerful, being able to defeat everything in one jump, with the exception of both Waluigi and Shaggy.




  • While he isn't completely bald like Saitama, he's actually balding under the hat, seen in One Jump Man vs Shaggy Ball Z.
  • One Jump Man is confirmed to have the hardest week[11], which is very in-character for him.



What you fighting for? For my legacy, revenge and pride, and more! My whole life been disrespected so after this, you won't forget him! I guess you never got the message so Waluligi made a entrance! My enemies got a death wish! IT'S WALUIGI'S ARMAGGEDDON!
― Waluigi, Waluigi vs Smash Bros BATTLE RAP Part 3

Waluigi is a planned[12] freeplay character to be in the mod, eventually. He's a extremely powerful genocidal character, who has murdered the entire smash cast, to finally be able to join.




  • Daisy appears as a servant, in the first rap battle, but is against him in the next one.
    • This may be because of how poorly she was treated in the first rap battle.
  • Waluigi only shows extremely slight sympathy for Wario in his bloodshed, saying, "Wario I like you, but today you get war, that's for sure."



Dinosaurs don’t sleep in eggs Mario, but do you you know what they do do... They get big! They get really goddamn big.
― Toad, YOSHZILLA! Mario Bros

Yoshzilla is a planned[13] character to be in the mod, eventually.







Tails icon 1.png
Secrets Histories Ahead!


Some cases might have disturbing content, proceed with caution.

Note: Histories like that are often avoid from the public due its horror nature.

To view the video, click here

Secret History of Super Mario Bros.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Mario, the loveable plumber and saviour of the Mushroom Kingdom, or is he?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Tonight on Secrets Histories, we reveal the shocking truth about the man behind the mustache and his ongoing reign of terror.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Here he is as you know him best, the smiling adventurer, saving the Princess, beating the evil Bowser, but not is all as it seems.

Bowser: Mario is a psychopath.

Bowser: For millenium my ancestors called this great kingdom their home, now I must endure the relentless humilliation as the fields my fathers tended for generations are used to race go karts.

Bowser:As my people are stripped of their dignity and left to starve in squalor.

Bowser: How many great men do you know who stomp baby turtles!

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: I did what you said Mario!

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: The Dreamcast sucked, Sega's done!

Mario: The Dreamcast was a-much a-better console than people thought Sonic, you don't think I knew about the Shenmue?

Mario: You tried to fuck me.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: What? No! Mario, please.

Mario: Goodbye old friend.

Peach: I don't think he ever loved me, he would lash out.

Peach: He couldn't accept the fact that I had been with Bowser, that's why he made me have surgery.

Peach: I think he wanted me to be someone else.

Peach: I'll never be free, he took too much from me for that.

Peach: I can't even smile anymore.

Bowser: Everything we need he has taken.

Bowser: He has stripped this great Kingdom to the bone.

Bowser: Brought it to it's knees and what no one really knows is...

Bowser: What will he do when it's finally destroyed.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: But there's still hope for the Mushroom Kingdom.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Talk even of reveloution.

Toad: This is our Kingdom too, man!

Toad: But these ass holes keep everything for themselves Nintendo's plumber PR bullshit has made our society into a one player game.

Toad: But it's a fiascos system that only benefits h- ugh.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The question citizens of Mushroom Kingdom must now ask themselves Will they tolerate another 30 years?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Or is it time to press start, and build a new world.

To view the video, click here

Secret History of Sonic & Tails

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Miles "Tails" Prower, lovable hero and insufferable sidekick to Sonic the Hedgehog, or so the story goes.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: But all tales have two sides.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Tonight on Secret Histories,we unravel the twisted tale of innocent infatuation turned deadly obsession.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Portrait of the perfect sidekick, famed partner to Sonic the Hedgehog, and renowned, mechanical wizard, or is he?

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Sega Corp. They were my sponsor.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: It's how everybody did it back then.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Mario, Pac-Man, that coked-up dog guy.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: So I do the hero thing, and Sega slaps their logo on it.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Eventually, I ran my course, and that's when word came down from the Sega suits.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: I needed a sidekick.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Game over.

Mr. Sega: Sonic, this is Tails, your partner, and your new best friend.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: I keep telling you, I don't need a damn partner!

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: He's just gonna slow me down.

Tails icon 1.png Tails: Sonic and Tails! Best friends!

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Really?

Mr. Sega: Sonic, relax.

Mr. Sega: It's just for the public.

Mr. Sega: Nothing's changed.

Mr. Sega: Just do your Sonic thing and don't even worry about Tails.

Mr. Sega: It'll be like he's not even there.

Amy Rose: He was always there.

Amy Rose: Anywhere Sonic was, Tails was just hovering around.

Amy Rose: It seemed so, uh, innocent at first, until the accidents started happening.

Amy Rose: Knuckles and Sonic had finally set their differences aside, and the team was better than ever.

Amy Rose: It wasn't long before they were like best friends.

Amy Rose: but then it happened.

Amy Rose: We could barely recognize him.

Amy Rose: They said it was some kind of freak battery malfunction, but even then, I had my suspicions.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Then there was Shadow, rivals, but like brothers.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The official report was that Shadow's hover-boots short-circuited.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Sonic the Hedgehog was devastated.

Amy Rose: We couldn't prove anything, and he knew it.

Amy Rose: That's when I decided I'd use myself as bait.

Amy Rose: There he is!

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Why?

Tails icon 1.png Tails: Why!? HAHAHAHA!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: They were impostors, Sonic!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: They didn't love you, I loved you!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: You think they were your friends!?

Tails icon 1.png Tails:I was your best friend, Sonic! Don't you get it!?

Tails icon 1.png Tails: Sonic's best friend is Tails! Me!

Amy Rose: Tails, please. Just give yourself up, you need help!

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: You have never once, ever could be, or ever will be my friend, ever, you sick, twisted, fuck!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: That's it. I get it now.

Tails icon 1.png Tails: If Tails is Sonic's best friend, and I'm not your best friend...

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Oh, no.

Tails icon 1.png Tails: Then you aren't Sonic!

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: It was the last anyone had seen of Tails.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator:Even so, Sega Corp tried to keep the wheels running.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic That was the last we saw of him.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Sega Corp tried to bring on new characters and sidekicks.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: It just wasn't the same.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Maybe he was right.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: For all the world knew, Sonic and Tails were best pals.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: That was the Sonic Sega sold to the public, the Sonic I could be.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Maybe he was right.

SonicSHIcon.png Sonic: Maybe I wasn't Sonic.

To view the video, click here

Secret History of Harry Potter

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Harry Potter.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The most iconic and beloved wizard in living memory.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A triwizard champion.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Multiple Quidditch cup winner.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: And the guy who took down Voldemort twice, once as a tiny baby.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator:He's perfect in every way, or is he?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Tonight on Secret Histories, we uncover the truth about the boy who lived, and the ancient circle of wizards.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Shrouded in mystery, working to maintain his flawless image and further their own foul ambitions.

Harry: This way come on, don't worry, don't worry, you're safe with me.

Harry: I'm Harry Po- *vomit sounds* Ughh!!!-hugh.

Unnamed hooker: Ewwww!!! What the fuck?

Harry: hehehe

Harry: *inhales* I'm the chosen one, Hermione.

Krystal: Um, stop calling us that, my name is Krystal.

Harry: Hermione! *trasforms*

Harry: Hermione! *trasforms*

Harry: Hermione, trasforms* Hermione! *trasforms*

Harry: *slurred* Who wants to go to Harry's house?

Unnamed hooker: No, this is weird.

Unnamed hooker: Woo-hoo! Harry's house!

Harry: All right, great, let's go.

Harry: Actually, it's not really a house, it's more of a flat?

Ronald: He's obsessed with Hermione.

Ronald: The only reason he went after my sister was to get back at me.

Ronald: He used to send me pictures, graphic pictures.

Hermione: He's disgusting!

Draco: Things only got worse after Potter left Hogwarts.

Draco: According to his PR, I was the bully. That's certainly not the way I remember it

Harry: Ohhh! That's gotta sting! Haha!

Draco: Harry... Harry, please!

Harry: Hahaha! Are you ready to find the Golden Snitch?

Draco: Harry, no, don't. Don't!


Hagrid: He was gonna unite us, to defeat evil for good,It was important that we "maintain his image".

Hagrid: But now there's a group of wizards going to him.

Hagrid: Manipulating him.

Hagrid: We don't know who they are or what they call themselves.

Hagrid: We've seen it before

Hagrid: We've never managed to track them down, but they've had a hand in every major tragedy in history.

Hagrid: And now they've got Harry!

Hagrid: They're up to something. And I fear that Harry will be their most devastating weapon.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: So the question is: Is Harry Potter just a moronic egomaniacal bully, with a taste for high-class hookers and booze?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Or is he being manipulated by the most powerful wizard cult the world has ever known?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: With the future of the Wizard and Muggle worlds hanging in the balance.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Only time will tell.

Gameplay Mechanics

Tampered Microphone

In Red Flag, Deadly Obsession and Dark Secrets, Boyfriend's microphone will beep, indicating that it's been rigged to explode, and his icon will turn red. The player must quickly press Space to discard the microphone or else it will explode and the player will get killed.

Trivia (General)

  • This mod is confirmed to crossover with Mario's Madness, Animation VS Friday Night Funkin', & Wednesday's Infidelity, with the latter's team Box Funkin' going through.
  • With joke characters One Jump Man & Rapper Waluigi joining the roster, it's likely that BF will battle more of MASHED's series of gaming characters.
  • The only Secret History currently not represented is Mortal Kombat, although Raiden has been teased for the mod itself so far.
  • This mod and the Nekofreak mod share a song name, that being Red Flag.
  • The old songs that were teased to the public used Tails Doll's voice as a placeholder, likely from Vs. Sonic.exe or any other Tails Doll mod.
  • The original voice actor of Secret History Tails, Ricepirate, has come back to voice the same character in the mod.
  • Surprisingly, what started the entire mod's production was a tweet that supposedly read "we need this mf in sonic exe 2.5" with a picture of Secret History Tails attached. One of the creators of the mod, muto157, replied under the tweet with the first ever known Secret Histories concept art.


Tails icon 1.png
Best Friends
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 3.2
Composer(s): muto157


Tails icon 1.png Tails: YOU AREN'T SONIC!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: BEST FRIENDS!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: DON’T YOU GET IT?!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: WHY!?

Tails icon 1.png Tails: THEY DIDN'T LOVE YOU!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: THEY WERE IMPOSTORS!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: HA HA HA HA HA

Tails icon 1.png Tails: I WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND!


Tails icon 1.png Tails: ME!!!
Tails icon 1.png
Red Flag
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 3.3
Composer(s): RandoHorn


Tails icon 1.png Tails: HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Tails icon 1.png Tails:I can't hear you...
Tails icon 1.png
Deadly Obsession
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 3.1
Composer(s): muto157


Tails icon 1.png Tails: YOU AREN'T SONIC!


Tails icon 1.png Tails: BEST FRIENDS


Tails icon 1.png Tails: That's it! I get it now! If Tails IS Sonic's best friend, and i'm NOT your best friend, then...




Mr. Sega: Best friends...~
Dark Secrets
BPM: 250
Scroll Speed: 3.8
Composer(s): SmokeCannon
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 3.4
Composer(s): SmokeCannon


Tails icon 1.png Tails: They were impostors, Sonic! They didn't love you! I loved you! You think they were your friends!? I was your best friend, Sonic! Don't you GET IT!? SONIC’S BEST FRIEND IS TAILS!! ME!!


Placeholder Used

End of Dialogue - Bob

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BPM: 100
Song Length: 2:53
The final version is being made.
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Control (Teaser)
Vocals are placeholder
Unnamed Mr. Sega Song (Teaser)
Composer(s): Donutty

NoAvailableIcon.png Mr. Sega

You play as Sonic in this song.
Confrontation (V2) (Teaser)
Composer(s): SmokeCannon


That's it! I get it now! If Tails IS Sonic's best friend, and i'm NOT your best friend, then...

Sonic:Oh no...




Sonic:You have never once, ever could be, or ever will be my friend, ever, you sick,



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Unnamed SH Mario song (Teaser)
Composer(s): RandoHorn
Unnamed Blue Impostor(?) Song (Teaser)
Composer(s): RandoHorn
Last one was too small.gif
Unnamed Blue Impostor Song (Teaser) (Inst)
Composer(s): muto157
Unnamed Impostor Tails Song (Teaser)
Composer(s): RandoHorn

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Unfinished/Not Started Song

Are you gonna start working or... ? - Cerbera

This mod has songs that haven't started or are unfinished.

Note: Beta Confrotation

Best Friends (Old)


Tails icon 1.png Tails: YOU AREN'T SONIC!


Tails icon 1.png Tails: BEST FRIENDS!


Tails icon 1.png Tails: DON’T YOU NOT GET IT?!
Deadly Obsession (Old)
Dark Secrets (Old)
DamnBroYouGotTheWhole Squad Laughing.png
Confrontation (Old)

Cutscene Transcripts

[The camera shows Boyfriend in front of Tails' office]

[The camera cuts to inside of Tails' office]

[Tails is seen modifying a microphone]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bap!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: Uh?!

Tails icon 1.png Tails: You!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bap!

[Boyfriend picks up the modified microphone]

Mr. Sega: Best friends...

[A flashback of Knuckles' death is shown]

Mr. Sega: Best friends...

[A flashback of Shadow's death is shown]

Tails icon 1.png Tails: HAHAHAHA!

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