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Silence, vermin! - Marilyn Mairest

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This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Themes of domestic abuse, physical signs of domestic abuse, and PTSD. Soft Monster's design may look disturbing. Kolsan's expression in the background of Chapter 5 may look unnerving to some people. Also, the image hidden in the assets file, fatass2.png, contains a disturbing face on original Boyfriend's face. This mod also mentions Pico's School once, which is a game that contains gore.

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Upcoming: The next update (The "Glow-up Update") is coming soon, this update is going to have new original songs that will replacing all the base game songs, remastered sprites along with other art assets getting redone (dialogue portraits, icons, and other stuff), new and improved dialogue, exclusive bonus content (side stories, more original songs, etc), some bonus songs can be unlocked after completing a week which for this update is going to be for weeks 1, 3, and 5 for now, the next update will have bonus songs for weeks 2, 4, and 6[1], and more. Chapter 6 however is going to be pushed back for another update. [2]

We're you looking for bbpanzu's Soft mod one-shot?

Friday Night Funkin' Soft is an AU overhaul mod for Friday Night Funkin'. It currently overhauls the first 5 Weeks of the original game, labeled as Chapters, with a new and original Week having a new opponent to face. More updates are soon to follow, with Chapter 6 planned to have 5 songs as well as new songs to replace the vanilla songs.


Aspiring painter, Benjamin Fairest, and his boyfriend, graffiti artist and high-school dropout, Pico (known fully as Pico N. Grounds), have been on the run for several weeks in order to be free of the abusive tyranny of Benjamin's parents. It gets to the point where even his childhood friend, Grace Dearest, has tried to get him back! And in a world where status defines your fame, it doesn't really help the situation a whole lot. So it's up to the art-inspired lovers to make it through this alive and for Benjamin to achieve his dream of being a world-famous painter and escape the reality that was planned for him by his parents!


Friday Night Funkin': Soft, before, within and after its initial release, was massively praised for its charm, creativity, storytelling, songs, and character designs. A lot of its positive reception comes down to how the characters in the Soft AU are presented - for instance, Soft BF is a timid painter, owing to the fact that his parents are abusive, egomaniacal, and controlling - all of which is displayed to the player. Another example is how every little detail has tons of messages, like how Benjamin wants to live out his own life, despite many obstacles trying to bring him back down to a fabricated reality. The mod has generated tons of fan support via its contents and setting the tones for people to create Soft versions of other people characters. And although this is up for debate, some are even calling it "the greatest Friday Night Funkin' mod of all time". Even PhantomArcade, one of the developers of the original Friday Night Funkin', was proud of how far ShinyTama and the dev team came with this mod and gave them his congratulations. However, while the mod has it's fans, others have expressed distaste for the mod due to how much it "relies solely on its own concept", as well as being "extremely generic". Despite the negativity, it is largely overshadowed by the positive reviews and the large community within it.

Do not harass the developers because of this mod. If you do not like the mod, please respect other's opinions.



I told you running away wasn’t a good idea! I can’t do this. What if-
― Benjamin, Starcrossed

Benjamin Fairest[5] is the protagonist of the mod. Serving as this mod's replacement of Boyfriend He wants to be a painter instead of a musician, and runs away from his parents with his boyfriend Pico.


Benjamin has dyed cerulean blue hair. His natural hair color is blonde.[6] He wears a red beanie with green, red, and blue polka dots on its rim. He wears a periwinkle hoodie with a pale red caution sign on the center, navy blue jeans, and red sneakers with black laces. In his right hand, he holds a paintbrush. You can also see cigar burns on his neck in some of his dialogue portraits.

During Chapter 5, he replaces his hoodie with a red winter coat with white fur trim, and his sneakers are replaced with brown winter boots. He also wears dark brown mittens.

During Chapter 6, he leaves behind his beanie to show his long hair. He also replaces his hoodie with a gray shirt with a purple button on it and a white undershirt with the caution sign.



  • He was originally named Aaron Fairest, but his first name was changed to Benjamin.[7]
  • Benjamin is gay.[8]
  • Unlike the original Boyfriend's personality of fearless, stupid, and overconfident, Benjamin is soft-spoken and nervous.
  • A lot of his character is based off of Tamacoochi, the mod's creator.[9]
  • If he sees a bit of hair drying off, he dyes it blue as soon as possible.[10]
    • While it is unknown why he dyes his hair, it can be assumed that his parents forced him to do so.
  • Benjamin calls Pico "Toughie", while Pico calls him "Softie" due to how they both act.
    • It was later confirmed that they gave each other these nicknames long before they began dating.
  • Benjamin's favorite drink is hot chocolate.[3]
  • Benjamin enjoys singing somewhat, but only in private or with Pico willingly out of fear.[3]
  • Benjamin is sensitive to loud noises, explaining his fear of thunder.[3]
  • Benjamin's favorite color is green.[3]
  • Benjamin is friends with Neo Boyfriend and B3 Boyfriend and goes out with them for hamburgers every Saturday night.[3]
  • Benjamin enjoys pizza rolls.[3]
    • Another one of his favorite foods is sea salt popsicles.
    • He also likes chicken noodle soup and making lasagna.
  • Benjamin hates pickles.[3]
  • Benjamin genuinely cares about Grace and understands it's not her fault the ways she is, and wishes he could love Grace so he could make her happy. However, he knows that it would hurt for both of them.[3]
  • Benjamin has PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety with depressive episodes.[3]
    • Benjamin is also on the Neurodivergent Spectrum.
  • The arrows represent the colors on Benjamin's pins, except for purple.
  • Despite Soft BF being the first character ever designed, he was one of the last to be finalized and made into a sprite.
  • Benjamin and Pico's ideal date is McDonald's.
  • Benjamin and Pico take turns feeding the alleyway cat named Trashi almost every night.
    • They adopted the cat as their own.
  • Benjamin was put into home school when he reached sophomore year of high school.
  • Benjamin hates when he looks at his reflection in the mirror, as he sees his own parents on it.
    • To add fuel to the fire, in the banner for Chapter ???, his reflection seems to be that of the original BF, or in this case, what his parents wanted him to be.
  • Benjamin gets easily frustrated and worked up, but rarely partakes in arguments. In order to blow off steam, he screams into a pillow.
  • Benjamin often forces Pico to look at memes he finds on his phone.
  • On Twitter, it has been teased that Benjamin and HD Boyfriend would possibly have a chaotic friendship.
  • Benjamin and Pico's first fight was supposedly from playing Among Us. This is because Pico got Impostor and killed him.
  • His Chapter 6 attire concept art drew comparisons to anyone from Danganropa. However, this was quickly deconfirmed by one of the devs.
  • He doesn't like a lot of people talking at once.
  • He eats and/or drinks paint water. He does so either in a cup or from the whole can.
    • Sometimes, Pico has to swap out the paint water with actual water when Benjamin is focused on his artwork.[11]
  • In Chapter 6, Benjamin leaves his beanie behind so that he can look nice for the double date.
  • Benjamin uses L'Oreal Women's hair conditioner.
  • Benjamin's little ahoge on his hair wiggles when he's happy, flustered, or excited.
  • Benjamin has a tendency to get paint everywhere, such as the paint splatters on Pico's gun.
  • Benjamin does not play Fortnite, even when asked to by B3 Boyfriend and Neo Boyfriend.
  • Benjamin almost died doing the "[Character] Eats A Lemon & Dies" meme.
  • Benjamin knows French and can read it well, but struggles with using it in conversations.
  • He has to rely on tone indicators in order to translate Pico's Polish.
    • He does his best to act like he knows the language.
  • If Softie were to be a soda, he'd be his favorite soda, Ramune. He'd either be normal or blueberry.
    • For every Ramune bottle he drinks, he adds one marble to his marble plastic bag. He stores said bag in Pico's backpack. Pico helps him get the marbles out with brute force.
  • He would be the type of person to celebrate small victories.
  • His hands are smaller than the original Boyfriend's hands.[12]
  • Benjamin's favorite video game is Animal Crossing.
  • Sometimes, he wears reading glasses.
  • Benjamin's hair supposedly smells &/or tastes like cotton candy.
  • Benjamin loves Cookie Run.
  • Benjamin and Pico babysit Skid and Pump on Sundays as a way of making extra money.
    • They even accompany them when they go trick-or-treating.
  • Benjamin is notoriously bad at making decisions to the point where Pico sometimes just doesn’t bother asking him things because it’ll turn into a 30 minute ordeal.
  • Benjamin hates NFTs.
  • Benjamin always knew about Grace’s struggles in loving her body due to just observing her habits, especially at family dinners and talks in private. He drew her a lot and gave her the artwork in hopes of making her feel better.
  • Benjamin's favorite starter Pokémon is Oshawott.
    • When Benjamin and Grace were kids, they would always get the other copy of Pokémon that the other one didn’t get (ex: If Benjamin got Diamond, Grace would get Pearl).
  • Benjamin had a Sonic OC growing up. It's unknown if he still has that OC to this day.


You worry too much. I’ve got your back every step of the way.
― Pico, Starcrossed

Pico is this mod's replacement of Girlfriend, as in this mod's canon, he and Benjamin are dating. Pico gives the mod’s tutorial and stays by Benjamin's side throughout the whole story, supporting him.


Pico wears a dark green hoodie with denim blue pants and black & green sneakers. He wears black fingerless gloves, and carries a can of spray paint in his right hand. He wears a black bandana with a white "X" over his nose and mouth.

During Chapter 5, his hoodie is replaced with a green winter coat with cream-colored fur trim. His pants are now dark green instead of blue, and his sneakers are replaced with brown winter boots. His bandana is now red and sports a sideways gingerbread man.

During Chapter 6, he retains his fingerless gloves, but he now dawns a green v-neck sweater with a black shirt underneath. He also keeps a gun in his left pocket.

Next to Pico is a grey boombox and his paint-stained iconic UZI. During Chapter 5, the boombox is red and gold, with holly leaves and berries on the sides.



  • Pico is Polish, and can speak the language fluently.
    • Sometimes, he says cute lovey things to Benjamin in Polish, despite Benjamin not knowing much of the language.
  • His design is based off of how casual grafitti artists dress, with the mask preventing paint fumes to be inhaled.
  • His favorite drink is sparkling vodka.
  • Pico is bisexual.[8]
  • It seems that Pico was blamed for the school shooting that took place during Pico's School and Benjamin is the only one who realizes that he wasn't the attacker.
  • Pico calls Benjamin "Softie", while Benjamin calls him "Toughie" due to how they both act.
    • It was later confirmed that they gave each other these nicknames long before they began dating.
  • Pico used to draw on the walls a lot as a kid.
  • Pico had a bad smoking problem before dating Benjamin. He always tried to not smoke around him, and after they began spending more time together, it eventually went away without him realizing or really missing it.
  • The "N. Grounds" part of his name is a reference to Newgrounds.
  • Pico and Benjamin's ideal date is McDonald's.
  • Pico and Benjamin take turns feeding the alleyway cat named Trashi almost every night.
    • They adopted the cat as their own.
  • Pico dropped out of high school before his senior prom.
  • Only Pico knows what happened to the Fairest couple after Chapter 5.
    • It's currently unknown as to what happened to them, but possible ideas that fans have theorized include:
      • The Fairests were booed out of the mall.
      • Pico scared them away with his gun.
  • Pico doesn't know how to tie a necktie, nor does he want to learn.
    • Pico doesn't like tying his shoes either, considering that he wears velcro strapped sneakers.
  • Pico and Benjamin's first fight was supposedly from playing Among Us. This is because he got Impostor and killed Benjamin.
  • Sometimes, when Benjamin is focusing on his artwork, Pico has to give him a glass of water so that he doesn't consume paint water.[11]
  • Pico hangs out with Neo Girlfriend and B3 Girlfriend on Saturdays.
  • Pico is a very good dancer.
  • Pico calls Benjamin "Ben" more often than not.
  • Pico helps Benjamin take his collected marbles out with brute force.
  • Pico, on multiple occasions, has sprayed himself and/or Soft BF in the face with spray paint. He is very bad at checking where the can is facing.[13]
  • Pico doesn't like Benjamin hanging around other versions of BF due to conerns of them being a bad influence on him and potentially getting him into bad situations.
    • Neo and B3 BF are examples of this sometimes.
  • Pico and Benjamin babysit Skid and Pump on Sundays as a way of making extra money.
    • They even accompany them when they go trick-or-treating.
  • Pico's favorite starter Pokémon is Treecko.
  • Pico doesn’t like hot chocolate. The only reason he offers it at the end of Chapter 5 is because he knows it’s Benjamin’s comfort drink.

Father Fairest

C’mon, sport! Show me what you got!
― Father Fairest, Fresh

Father Fairest, real name Frank Fairest, is Benjamin's father, serving as this mod's replacement for Daddy Dearest and subsequently the opponent of Chapters 1 & 5. He is a retired musician, and wants his son to follow in his footsteps, but he is domestically abusive towards him in the process.


Father Fairest has navy blue hair, and match stubble on his chin. He has glowing yellow pupils, which change to a reddish orange when angry. He wears a salmon-colored button-up shirt with blue jeans, a black belt with a gold buckle, and black shoes. On his right hand, he wears a brown and gold wristwatch and a golden wedding ring whilst holding a cigarette between his middle and ring fingers.

During Chapter 5, he wears a Santa hat and replaces his shirt with a green jacket and dark green scarf. He also replaces his cigarette with a smoking pipe.



  • Signs of his abuse are clear from the cigar marks on Benjamin's upper body.
  • Frank Fairest has been regarded as "the whitest dad name".
  • His vocals in No Cigar and Hope (along with Soft Monster's vocals in Repressed and Genesis) are nearly the same as the original Boyfriend's vocals, but pitched down.

Skid & Pump

― Skid & Pump, Spookeez

Skid and Pump aren't much different from their counterparts in the original Friday Night Funkin', being two inseparable friends who love Halloween and Spooky Month. They are the opponents of Chapter 2.


Skid's skeleton costume is a shade of lavender instead of white, and his hands and head are adorned in stickers. He wears a cyan hoodie that says "Ayú" on it, with purple and blue shoes.

Pump's pumpkin costume is a lighter shade of orange, with yellow polka dots, and his hands are colored the same way. He wears a purple hoodie that says "Dalo" on it, and his shoes are the same as Skid's, but with the colors swapped.



  • Combined, the words on Skid & Pump’s hoodies respectively make the word ‘ayúdalo’, which translates to ‘help him’ in Spanish. This maybe referring to Benjamin.
  • Their favorite game to play together is Super Smash Brothers. They main Ness and Lucas.
  • When Lila's at work, they're usually watched over by Soft Tama.[14]

Soft Monster

Soft Monster is a demonic figure that is a representation of how Benjamin views his parents that serves as Monster's counterpart in this mod.


Soft Monster appears as a shadowy demon with Father Fairest's hair and outfit, but with some exceptions: the shirt is partially unbuttoned, slightly exposing its chest, it lacks a belt, and its boots split into two sharp toes. Its arms fade into neon blue hands, and it has glowing red eyes. It has horns which resemble cigars sprouting from its head, as well as salmon-colored smoke emanating from its arms, ears, and mouth.

During Chapter 5, it wears a Santa hat, its horns are decorated with Christmas lights, its boots are decorated with wilted holly leaves and berries, and its shirt is green with a torn teal scarf.



  • Soft Monster isn't an exact representation of PTSD. Instead, it appears whenever Benjamin faints and represents how he views his parents.
  • Tama has said that Soft Monster was more or less inspired by her own father.[9]
  • Soft Monster was not designed by Tama due to personal reasons.[9]
  • The blue on its mouth and hands are meant to represent the abuse Benjamin received from his mother and his father respectively.[9]


Heeeeeeey, you know what would be fun? A duet! Just like old times!
― Grace, Playdate

Grace Dearest[5] is Benjamin's childhood friend. She is this mod's replacement of Pico, still harboring feelings for him after all those years.


Grace has soft brown hair that is tied up in a ponytail with a pink bow. She wears a pinkish-red long-sleeved sweater over a black undershirt and brown boots.

During Chapter 6, she wears a pink dress with a black sweater and pink heels. She also has shortened hair this time around. She carries the boombox around as well.



  • Grace's favorite drink is a Shirley Temple.
  • In this mod, Grace was manipulated by her parents as well as Benjamin's parents into thinking that they were going to get married one day.
  • GF's name stands for Grace Fairest, but the Fairest part was meant to be her last name for when she was planning to marry Benjamin.
  • In Chapter 5, Grace seems shocked about Benjamin's statement about his parents. This could mean that she's finally become aware of why Benjamin wants to run away.
  • Grace spends an hour picking out a bow to wear in her hair, despite each bow looking the exact same.
  • Grace owns a dog named Debby. She used to feed him Little Debbie cakes as a kid.
  • Grace wears a necked leotard under her sweater.
  • Grace was never abused by her parents, but rather, was "overly sheltered".
  • During the events of the Soft version of Pico's School, Grace saw Pico with a gun, but didn't fully witness everything. This led to the assumption that he was the antagonist, and Benjamin couldn't convince her otherwise.
  • Grace is not a demon or anything evil, instead she is a human unlike her original counterpart.
  • Grace wants to be a singer like her parents.
  • Her name was originally Melody. It was changed to Grace so she could be referred to as GF.
  • Grace called Benjamin "Benji" back when they were childhood friends. Only she calls him that.
  • Grace knows some Japanese from watching a lot of anime. She knows basic words and phrases.
  • She has issues accepting her own body, so she wears the sweater dress in order to obscure her figure.
    • One person who knew about this just by observing her habits, especially at family dinners and talks in private, is Benjamin. He drew her a lot and gave her the artwork in hopes of making her feel better.
  • She was based off of a girl that Tama knew in her life.[9]
  • Grace and Sven video call each other on Discord every night.
    • They also watch anime such as Demon Slayer together.
  • Grace's favorite starter Pokémon is Chikorita.
    • When Grace and Benjamin were kids, they would always get the other copy of Pokémon that the other one didn’t get (ex: If Grace got Pearl, Benjamin would get Diamond).
  • Grace and Sven first met at the train station back in Chapter 3.
  • Grace's favorite holiday is Christmas.[15]

Marilyn Mairest

ZIP IT! There is nothing wrong with our family!
― Mother Mairest, M.I.L.F

Mother Mairest, real name Marilyn Mairest, is Benjamin's mother, and the opponent of Chapters 4 & 5. Similarly to her husband, she is trying to get her son to become a musician, being domestically abusive of him in the process.


Mother Mairest has light navy hair. Like her husband, she has glowing yellow pupils that turn reddish-orange when she is angry. She wears a light salmon dress with a light yellow collar, cuffs and a bow around the waist. She also wears light yellow heels and her fingernails are painted a light blue.

During Chapter 5, she wears a red festive dress with a white fur trim, gold buttons, and a black belt with a gold buckle. Her fingernails are painted red and green, and her heels are now black instead of yellow. She also has a red bow tying up her hair into a ponytail.



  • Marilyn's character was based off of Mother Gothel from Disney's 2010 film Tangled, Other Mother from Coraline, and a third unnamed person.
  • Marilyn is not a singer, instead working as an actress and a model.
  • When the redesign was first shown privately, all of the devs were "the baddest of down". [16]


bf noises
― Boyfriend, In Fighting

It's the original Boyfriend from the original Friday Night Funkin'. He serves as the opponent of Chapter ???.



  • Original Boyfriend "speaks" in beeps and bops, much like in the vanilla FNF (although canonically if he can speak only that he does not want to).
  • For some reason, Original Boyfriend does not have a losing icon.
  • Within the entire Chapter, he appears to be calm about the situation at hand. He's even seen accepting Benjamin's offer of being friends, despite Chapter ??? taking place in Benjamin's dreams.
    • This likely means that Original Boyfriend actually wants his soft counterpart to pursue his dream of being a painter instead of being a rapper/singer.
  • His hands are bigger compared to Benjamin's hands. This is likely because it is very strong, although it does not seem like it.


― Girlfriend (FNF), Envy

Girlfriend's original counterpart from the original Friday Night Funkin', who takes her usual spot on the speakers in Chapter ???.



  • Girlfriend is able to communicate in English, much how she does in her base game and her soft counterpart.
  • If the Dearests were to protect Benjamin, Girlfriend would treat him like a brother.
    • Obviously, this isn't canon, but the dev team have welcomed the idea with open arms.
  • Girlfriend has only one dialogue sprite in Chapter ???.


Sven is Grace's boyfriend, serving as the mod's replacement of Senpai. He is the opponent in Chapter 6, as he and Grace meet with Benjamin and Pico for a double date.




  • Unlike the original Senpai, Sven seems to be less harmful and more nice. (Subject to change.)
  • His full name is Sven Kai Iwata.
  • He is of Norwegian and Japanese decent.
  • Sven and Grace video call each other on Discord every night.
    • They also watch anime such as Demon Slayer together.
  • Sven treats gay people like a loving family.
  • Sven and Grace first met at the train station back in Chapter 3.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Both of Soft Monster's songs have the sides of the screen covered in a reddish mist. However, this is purely a visual effect and has no negative effects on gameplay.
    • This holds true to the white-colored sides of Original BF's songs.
  • When Benjamin screams in "Genesis", his health is fully restored.[17] This is easy to miss since its effect can't happen unless the player's health isn't full.
  • Every time Boyfriend sings a note in the ??? Week, Benjamin's health is drained, just like what the player character would typically do to their opponents. This cannot kill you, it only drains your health.

Trivia (General)

  • This mod was inspired by several other mods, most notably the Starcatcher mod.
  • Because of this mod, it spawned a trend for people to turn their characters or OCs into a Soft version of themselves.
  • During Chapter 5, when Benjamin calls out his parents' abuse towards him, the expressions of the crowd in the background go from happy and cheerful to hate and disgust.
  • Genesis was supposed to be in Chapter 2, but was later swapped to Chapter 5 so that it would make sense with Soft BF's scream.
  • Diplopia, one of the songs in Chapter ???, is a real-life condition which causes double vision.
  • Chapters 1 through 4 takes place in November, as evident in the dialogue of Chapter 2.
  • Benjamin's chromatic scale is just an edited version of the original Boyfriend's.
    • This holds true for Monster's chromatic scale too.
  • The chromatic scale for Grace is actually of ShinyTama, the creator for the mod.
    • It was revealed to be a last second decision as it wasn't decided between this, her mom's voice edited, Ariana Grande's voice samples or an anime girl's voice samples.
  • In the banner portrait of Chapter ???, there's a rare chance for Original Boyfriend's silhouette to contain the "Man Laughing In Darkness" meme.
  • During a Twitter Space, PhantomArcade, one of the devs of the original Friday Night Funkin', congratulated ShinyTama and the rest of the dev team on making the Soft mod to what it is today.
    • He also confirmed on that same Space that a woman would be in the next update for the vanilla game. At first, this was thought to have been a joke, but it was later confirmed true in a trailer set for Pico Day 2022 when Nene appeared alongside Pico and Darnell.[18]
  • In accordance to several pieces of dialogue, everything up to Chapter 4 takes places in November, while Chapter 5 takes place the following December on a Friday. Chapter ??? takes place later that night.
    • Chapter 6 takes place the day after the events of Chapter 5.
  • The upcoming update will replace M.I.L.F with W.I.L.P.O.C.
    • The acronym stands for "Woman I'd Like to Push Off a Car".
  • The photo of Benjamin hugging Pico in Chapter 5 was made in early-June and KOLSAN, maker of the Friday Night Funkin' HD mod, coincidentally made the same pose for BF and GF way later.[19]
    • It was almost changed, but was left as it was due to short notice.
  • Soft Mod is available on Funky Friday.
  • Mod cameos in the Soft mod aren’t canon to the Soft Universe unless it is a Softened version. Mod characters won’t be canonized in the Soft Universe without permission from their creator.[20]
    • For example, ShinyTama, one of the devs behind the mod, has a Softened version of her character, which makes her canon to the Soft lore.
      • One way to Soften a character is to take one small aspect of said character, make it greater and play around with personality values.[21]
  • In the next update, Benjamin is seen doing the Spooky Dance. This will mark the second time that a version of Boyfriend has done this in a mod, the first of which being in Friday Night Funkin' HD.
  • Aside from the Fairests, every character in the mod likes garlic bread.[22]
  • The song "Stay" was originally planned to be called "Don't Go".[23]
  • In The Present, the Epilogue from Vs. Static and Vs RidZak + Cybbr share a song name that being Genesis.
  • The song "In Fighting" references the word, well, in-fighting, the hidden conflict or competitiveness within an organization. This is because Boyfriend and Benjamin are the same person but in different universes or mods.
  • The song "It's Complicated" is shown in Starlight Mayhem as a secret freeplay song with different voices, and TheMaskedChris said that it should not go without mention.
  • Starcrossed was not originally made for this mod. It was originally made by Stardust Tunes as a remix of Pico for Pico Day.
  • During "Hope" and "Genesis", Benjamin's miss poses do not show him with tears in his eyes.

Cameos in other mods

Note: All of these cameos are not canon to the Soft Mod's story.

  • In Friday Night Funkin' HD, Benjamin can be seen on a billboard in Week 5. (FNF HD mod came before.)
  • In the 3.0 update of Friday Night Funkin': Neo, Benjamin appears during Week 5. (This one could be canon since the universes of B3, Neo and Soft were stated to be connected.)
  • In Date Night Masses,Benjamin can be seen in the background of Together.

Cameos in this mod

Note: All of these cameo character that exist in Soft Mod are not canon to their stories and are for decoration only. (Only showcased these who the Updater knows about, you can add more characters if you know their existence.)


NOTE: Only songs that are original will be included, Fresh, Dad Battle, Spookeez, South, High, M.I.L.F and Eggnog are almost the same as the regular versions of the songs, albeit with slightly altered vocals. So they will not be included.

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal & Hard)
Composer(s): Stardust Tunes

No Cigar
BPM: 100 > 120
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.6 (Hard)
Composer(s): hamm slamm

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Composer(s): StarrieBlu

BPM: 90
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): StarrieBlu
BPM: 110
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): StarrieBlu
It's Complicated
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): StarrieBlu

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Composer(s): hamm slamm

BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy & Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Composer(s): Ethan The Doodler
Warning Audio.png

At about 1:30, Benjamin screams really loudly.
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): StarrieBlu

BPM: 132
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): MegaBlade
In Fighting
BPM: 90
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): MegaBlade
BPM: 128
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): MegaBlade


Starcrossed Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The city of stars...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A place where the celebrities and rich live lavishly...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: and the not so fortunate struggle to thrive day by day.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Two boys who have been on the run for two weeks are spotted dashing into an alleyway as the sun begins to set over the skyline.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A high school dropout and notorious graffiti artist named Pico...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: and BF, a blue haired boy on the somewhat shorter side with aspirations of becoming a painter.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The two come to a halt, visibly out of breath.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Another close call.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Do you think he saw us...?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I don’t think so.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: This is the third time this week we’ve almost been caught.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I-I know...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: With them plastering your face all over town, it’s inevitable that someone will eventually find us.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: We both know how they settle things.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: We need to prepare for it.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I told you running away wasn’t a good idea!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I can’t do this. What if-

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: BF...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: When he-

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Baby Blue... You worry too much.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I’ve got your back every step of the way.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: How about we do a practice round?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Repeat after me.

Post-Starcrossed Dialogue

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: How was that...?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: You did great!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I knew you could do it.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Really?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Mhm!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Though...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: We should probably get a move on before-

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Footsteps could be heard at the entrance of the alleyway, interrupting their heartfelt conversation.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin:  !

???: There you are!

Fresh Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A man stepped out of the shadows...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: He goes by the name Father Fairest.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A retired rap battler whose name is as well known by the youth as it is by the generations before them.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: His voice was his claim to fame but nowadays he lives very well off with his beautiful wife...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: And up until a few weeks ago...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: His talented son.

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Sport!

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: We’ve been looking for you.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Hm. I see you’re running around with that street rat again.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...nice to see you too.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I-I’m sorry, dad, I can explain-!

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: So.

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You think you’re all grown up now?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: If you’re such an adult,

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Then you should have no problem beating me in a rap battle!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Huh?!

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: C’mon, sport!

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Show me what you got!

Dadbattle Dialogue

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You sound just as good as your old man!

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: It’s a real shame that you’re putting all that talent to waste...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Hey, don’t listen to him, Softie.

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Your mother and I built this perfect life for you so you could become a star...

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: And you want to be what?

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: A painter?

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Just listen to me for once-

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Speak up, I can't hear you.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It’s my life-!

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Oh is it now?

No Cigar Dialogue

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Hm.

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You know-

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: It’s been a real pain trying to find you these past couple weeks...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Let’s make a deal, hm?

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: If you can beat me in this next song, we can forget this all ever happened.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Really...?

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Really.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Don’t trust him B.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I-...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Okay.

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: I guess it’s time to finally whip you into shape.

Post-No Cigar Dialogue

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: You did it!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: yeah!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I guess I did!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: So, um… we’re free to go right?

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: ...

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: C’mon, sport.

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: We never raised an idiot.

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You didn’t ACTUALLY think I was leaving empty handed, did you?

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: !

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: !!!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: N-no... st-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: STAY AWAY FROM ME!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Keep your hands off of him!

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: !?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: PICO-

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Come on!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I know a place we can hide!

Spookeez Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The moon had risen over the cityscape after the sun went to rest it’s head for the night.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Clouds joined in to keep it company, creating a stormy ruckus to keep it awake.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Our protagonists found themselves taking cover in a building which was long overdue for a visit...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Or at least that’s what they thought.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: It was near impossible to see three feet in front of them when there wasn’t a strike of lightning to brighten up the room,

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: leaving the two on edge.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I don’t know about this place, Pico...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Well, you got a better place to hide?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ... no.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: But an abandoned mansion? It’s scary, it’s unsettling...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It’s... it’s...

??? & ???: IT’S-A SPOOKY!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Yeah, exactly, you took the words right from my mouth, Pico!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ... that wasn’t me.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: H-Huh?! Then who...?

??? & ???: Hi, misters!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Beep!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Relax, it’s just a couple of kids.

??? & ???: :3

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: What the hell are you two doing here?

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid: I am Skid and this is Pump!

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid: We are doing the spooky things during the spooky month!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Spooky month-

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: It’s November. Isn’t it a bit late-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Hush. Let them be.

SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: Hey, wait, you look familiar!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: O-oh?

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid: Yeah yeah! Your dad is super famous!

SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: Also we’ve seen your face on posters all over town.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid: My mom has tapes of Mr. Fairest singing!

SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: We watch them all the time.

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid: Hey hey hey! Can you sing too?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Uh, well...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Y-yes?

SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: Then let’s do a rap battle!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Probably not the best idea...

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid & SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: Pleaaaase?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Aw... alright little dudes.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ... you've got to be kidding me...

South Dialogue

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Wow... you guys are... waaay tougher than I thought.

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid: That was fun!

SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: Let’s do another!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Oh...? You wanna keep going?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: S-sure!

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid & SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: We can even show you the spooky dance this time!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Spooky... dance?

SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: Yeah!

SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: It’s where you kinda crouch and then you dance...

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid: We’ll show you!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I’m... actually not much of a dancer...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: But one more go shouldn’t hurt...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Are you sure about this, babe? You look like you need to sit down...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It’ll be fine, Pico...!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: They’re just kids looking for fun.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I don’t want to let them down...

SoftSkidSoloIcon.png Skid & SoftPumpSoloIcon.png Pump: Yay!

Repressed Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: In what felt like a blink of an eye, everyone disappeared.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: BF was alone with only the sound of raindrops hitting the creaky roof above him…

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Except for one other... thing.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A tall slender beast stood where the two kids once were.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: He looked... so familiar.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Probably because his visits were more than common.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: But... It was a lot more than just that...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Wha...?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: No...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Not you again...

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin Why are you here...?

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Why now...?

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: What do you even want...?

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I… don’t know why I bother asking anymore...

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Just leave me alone...

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Please...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I’m tired of this...

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

Post-Repressed Dialogue

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: !

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Softie! Can you hear me?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Y-yeah...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: BF, what happened? You were unresponsive...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It was him again...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: !

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Are you okay?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Yeah... it's over...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: At least for now.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Wait, where are the kids?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I don't know man. They said something about getting a "candy can"?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Don't worry though, they got a ride from someone in a white van.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: You know I'm not good with kids.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: They WHAT?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Did I say something wrong?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Let's just get out of here...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: This place gives me the creeps...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Beep!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: O-on second thought...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Maybe we should stay here until morning.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: (For clarification, no spooky bois were harmed in the creation of this chapter.)

Playdate Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: After what felt like a never-ending night...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Both BF and Pico were quite easily the opposite of well-rested.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The two did not want to overstay their welcome however, and left the house of horrors which was actually a lot less scary in the daytime.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: On foot, they spent the better part of the morning heading across town to a local train station.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The last thing they wanted to do was stick around long enough to get into even more trouble.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Where's that damn train!?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Relax... it'll be here soon, I'm sure.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: It better come quick...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: We've already been set back twice.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Yeah, I know.

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: BF!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ?!

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: I haven't seen you in weeks!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Heeeeeeeeeeeey GF...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: What're you doing here...?

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Oh, you know, just out and about.

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: ...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Heeeeeeey, you know what would be fun?

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: A duet! Just like old times!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: U-Uh, I'm sorry, I have to catch a train...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: We'll be done before it shows up!

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: I promise it'll be quick,

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: and you know how I feel about promises!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Okay.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Son of a-

Stay Dialogue

SoftGFIcon.png Grace Wow, you handled that first song like a champ!

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: You were always the better singer...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: You know...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Your parents and I have been worried sick about you.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: When are you gonna come back?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: You... are coming back... right?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'm... not, GF.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'm sorry.

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Oh, enough of that silly talk!

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Maybe this will change your mind!

It's Complicated Dialogue

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: A-Alright, I really should be going now...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: ...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: BF...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Tell me something...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Why are you so interested in this criminal?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Criminal-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Can we p-please not do this right now...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: It was supposed to be the two of us since the beginning...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: You promised...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Our parents promised.

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Why are you doing this to us?

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: To ME?!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: GF- you don’t underst-

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: You remember what he did… back in high school, right?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: He is the whole reason we had to get privately tutored.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: G...


SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You know damn well that’s not what happened that day!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Without him, you and I could have di-

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: NO!



SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Listen-

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: NO YOU LISTEN, YOU LIAR!


SoftGFIcon.png Grace: T O G E T H E R!

Post-It's Complicated Dialogue

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: ...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: This...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: This wasn’t how it was meant to go...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I’m sorry.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: That life we-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: THEY made for us doesn’t exist.

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: It’s not fair!

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Why...w-why him?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I can’t help who I love, GF...

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: Neither can I!

SoftGFIcon.png Grace: H-H-How... could you… d-do this to me...?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Oh man...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: G… don’t be like that...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: We are still best friends.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: We can still hug things out.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Right?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A white limo came to a screeching halt in front of them.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Uh, Softie?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Not to interrupt or anything, but we’ve got a problem...

High Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: While in the middle of a stressful conversation, our two boys are swept up from the streets faster than light.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Startled, they glance in all directions.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Yet they only find the wind in their hair, cars flashing by,

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: and an unwelcome, yet beautiful face...

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Mother Mairest...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Heh...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Hi, mom...

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: There's my sweet little baby!

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: We've been oh so worried about you!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'm okay. I swear-

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Oh darling, you know how mama worries!

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: You've had your fun, but I think it's time to come home, don't you?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: M-mom-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: no.

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: ...

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: But, honey, I need a yes...

M.I.L.F. Dialogue

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Hm.

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Sweetheart, you see how ridiculous this is, don't you?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ... what do you mean?

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Well, it's obvious!

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: My perfect little boy has had his mind tainted by that...

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: pest,

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: filling your head with all kinds of lies.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: You fucking whore!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: All I've ever done is love and care for him.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: That's more than you or your monster of a husband can say.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Pico...

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: ZIP IT!

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: There is nothing wrong with our family!

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: We love you so much, why don't you just come with me-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'm sorry, mom...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'm not going with you.

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Hm.

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Fine, be that way.

Spotlight Dialogue

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: ENOUGH OF THIS.

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: I have tried, and tried, and tried to make you see what a mistake you're making.

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Clearly, you're too stupid to see that...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ... stop...

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: You better drop this act and learn to respect your mother this instant!

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Or else.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: !

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Okay, I've had enough of this.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Softie-

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Silence, vermin!

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: You can't decide things for him!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: She's right.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: What?!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I have to decide for myself.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: And I've decided to live the life I want to live!

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: ...

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: You've always been such a pathetic excuse of a son.

Post-Spotlight Dialogue

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: ARRGH

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: You selfish little brat!

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: I'm gonna make you regret ever thinking you had a choice in all this!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Softie!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Huh?!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Jump!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin:

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Babe, I love you


SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ARE YOU CRAZY?!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Do you trust me?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I-

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: DO YOU TRUST ME?!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Yes?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Then on the count of three, close your eyes and jump!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: One...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Wait a minute!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Two...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Isn't there like a plan B or something we could try!?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: THREE!

Eggnog Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Despite being battered and bruised, Pico and BF find solace in one another's company.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: While healing, a treacherous month flies by, which they spend tending to wounds.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Soon, the boys feel well and brave enough to face the streets once again.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Signs of the holiday season litter the scene, with snowflakes dancing in the air, golden bells ringing, and children laughing.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A crowd of strangers whisper to one another in excitement, waiting beside a sign that reads:

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: "Annual Holiday Fairest Meet and Greet!"

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: The two boys enjoy the winter season with smiles, distracted by one another's company.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I can't believe you're actually making me wear this...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: What? You look adorable!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I know...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: That's the problem...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Come on Toughie, this is our first time out and about in a month. At least try to enjoy it-


SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ?!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Fuck.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: A crowd?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ... Oh no...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: What day is it?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: The 17th... why?

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: OUR SON!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ... that's why...

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: Just in time for the holidays!

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: We were beginning to fear the worst...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

FairestIcon.png Father Fairest: How about we celebrate, s p o r t?

MairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Aaaaaaand finally get you home!

Hope Dialogue

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: YOU LITTLE SHIT!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: !

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: !

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You know...

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: If you just did as you were told,

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You wouldn't need to wear that damn sweatshirt all the time.

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You'd have nothing to hide.

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest: You could actually call yourself a man.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: Now be a good son and listen to your parents this instant!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: DON'T CALL ME YOUR SON!

AbusiveFatherFairestIcon.png Father Fairest and AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: !

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You tried to make me a mindless slave!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Just like GF's parents did to her!

AngryMairestIcon.png Mother Mairest: SHUT IT-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: NO!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Parents are supposed to protect and care about their children.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You took away my dreams...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: My happiness...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: My trust in others...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: My childhood.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: For so long I thought that was what love truly was.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: But in reality...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You were never my parents...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: And never will be!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: (Happy about Boyfriend overcoming his fear.)

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Pico! Hit it!

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: You got it babe!

Genesis Dialogue

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ?!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: PICO?!

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: YOU!

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...


Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You know.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I really never understood what you were...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: But I know very well who you are.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Well... Who you're supposed to be.

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Anyways.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Things are different now.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You don't scare me anymore.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: THEY don't scare me anymore!

Softmonsterneutralicon.png Monster: ?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'm done letting you or anyone take control my life!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: This ends now!

Post-Genesis Dialogue

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: !

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Are you okay, Baby Blue?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It's over...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It's finally over...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: It's a long way from being over, sweetheart...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: But I think I get what you mean...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Where did they...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I don't even want to know.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Erm-

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Anyways...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: How about we grab some hot chocolate and find a place to rest for the night?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ... sounds like a plan.

Diplopia Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: After an emotional encounter with the Fairest couple.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Pico and BF seek shelter for the upcoming days.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Thankfully. they are able to find such comfort and relax in the company of each other.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: A weight feels as though it has been lifted from their shoulders and for once. they feel the slightest bit at ease.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: later that fateful night. BF decided to rest his head. Only this time, within the confines of his dream.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: he meets an oddly familiar face.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: H- Huh??

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Where am I?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: !!!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Who-

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: !!!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You're... We're...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: What do you want...?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skdoo bep!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: A sing off?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I mean... I guess?

In Fighting Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Hey! You're pretty good at this!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Really good at this.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Is... is this what you do for a living?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *bf noises*

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I see...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: And, let me guess, you two are together?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Mhm.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bep!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Right!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Heh...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You look so happy...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Good for you.

Envy Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Ska Bep!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Alright, I get it!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You're a singer, you get the girl!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Everything in your life is just so easy and you're exactly who I should've turned out to be!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I get it! I get it!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I get it... so why are you tormenting me like this?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bap beep do?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Well it's what you should be saying because its true!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: So why are you not saying it?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Why don't you throw it in my face that you are the perfect version of me?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bep?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Just do it already...

Post-Envy Dialogue

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I don't get it.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I just don't know why...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I wish you'd just tell me all the horrible things i don't want to hear.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I've been told my whole life that I should end up as someone like you.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: And now that I have a good look at you.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: the absolute embodiment of everything I failed to be...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ..You're not even who I WANT to be.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Hell, you're not even me, are you?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boo doo boop

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Yeah, sorry about all that...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I guess... I'm still getting over some things...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: You actually seem really cool...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Your girlfriend too.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: :)

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Maybe...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: We could even be friends...?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I understand if it's off the table after all that...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skdooby dooby doo!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Really?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'd... really like that-

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Boyfriend is awoken by Pico shaking him gently, appearing rather concerned.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: BF...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: BF! Wake up already.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: I know damn well you aren't a heavy sleeper.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Ugh...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Eh?!

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Pico? Where is?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Are you alright? You were tossing and turning

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: You looked and sounded upset.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I... oh...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It was all a dream...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: They... weren't actually...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: What were you even dreaming about?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I don't even know where to start.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: It felt so real...

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Fair enough.

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: Well... try to head back to bed alright?

SoftPicoIcon.png Pico: We have that double date with GF and her new boyfriend tomorrow.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Oh yeah.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: I'm glad she finally moved on.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Hopefully he treats her right.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: She deserves it.

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: ...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Now that I think about it...

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: What was his name again...?

SoftBFIcon.png Benjamin: Sen-

Gallery (General)

Version History

10 Aug 2021

Initial Release

v1.1 – 11 Sept 2021

  • Adjustment: Fixed Pico layering during Week 4
  • Adjustment: Fixed wrong Pico animation in Spotlight
  • Adjustment: Fixed Pico, Soft GF, and Christmas Parents offsets
  • Improvement: Fixed scroll speeds (Fresh, Spotlight, Diplopia, In Fighting, Envy)
  • Improvement: Updated Pico sprites (no tween) and OG BG sprites
  • Addition: Added FLA files
  • Addition: Added Soft BF, Soft GF, and Monster chromatic scales
  • Updated OG BF's sprites.[24]
  • Added Chapter 6 teaser in files.[24]

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