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Friday Night Funkin' Deep-Sea Date is a mod created by myosotisthyme, which consists of four battles against their characters in the lost city of the Atlantis.



Oh, visitors! It's been a while since we have had guests! Welcome to Atlantis! I hope you enjoy your stay! If you can survive, that is.
― Anchor, Pre-Sweet Waves, Deep-Sea Dates

Anchor is one of the new characters in Friday Night Funkin' Deep-Sea Date. They are the gatekeeper for Atlantis, and only appear for the song, "Sweet Waves", before passing the microphone to Roro.


Anchor is an anthropomorphized anglerfish with short and puffy seafoam green hair, light green cheeks, small light green skin and horns, two sets of gills on the side of the head, as well as a blue sailor outfit. They have a long dangling lure with two spikes near the end and instead of a light, the lure ends in a hole where Anchor can hold their microphone, acting like an appendage.



My, my, look what we have here! We finally got ourselves some new challengers! The infamous duo from land have finally arrived. Rumored to be the source to their opponents' troubles.
― Roro, Pre-Marine, Deep-Sea Dates

Roro is one of the new characters in Friday Night Funkin' Deep-Sea Date. She is the queen of Atlantis, and only appears for the song, "Marine", before passing the mic to Alya begrudgingly.


Roro is a mermaid with an ocean green, seashell-shaped fin tail that covers all of her waist and bust. She has long, wavy teal hair and wears a ton of golden jewelry such as: a necklace with a sharp pendant, two cuff bracelets on each arm, a tiara along with a head chain and a waist ring. She appears to be sitting on a throne, which is carried by two bipedal fishes, a green one, and a gray one.



Aight, 'K, sure. JK, no thanks. Y'know. This place is so weird. I can just take my helm off and breathe normally. What's up with that?
― Alya, Pre-Chill, Deep-Sea Dates

Alya is one of the new characters in Friday Night Funkin' Deep-Sea Date. She is a wandering tourist, who mysteriously ended up in Atlantis, and only appears for her song Chill, before handing the mic back to Roro.


Alya has green hair, wears a faded blue baseball cap, and a pair of brown headphones over the cap. She also has sunglasses, as well as a green jacket with white stripes, and a white shirt, with a pattern on it. She also has faded blue pants and sneakers.



Suvarna is a character created by myosotisthyme, added in the new update for Friday Night Funkin' Deep-Sea Date. She was added as part of the new update (alongside Roro's new song, "Trident"). She is a secret character with one song, just like Monster was before the Week 7 Update.


Suvarna is a pink, happy go lucky octopus mermaid with pink short hair. She wears a pair golden, broken handcuffs, a waist ring and a necklace (just like Roro) and a crown. In the middle of her song, she turns into a purple kraken with long violet hair and blank eyes.



  • In the background can be seen some character cameos, such as:
    • Fred from SpongeBob SquarePants
    • A Noob from the game platform ROBLOX
    • Oscar from the movie Shark Tale
    • A Dracovish from Pokémon
    • A Magikarp from Pokémon
    • Alya (first song only)
    • Undyne from Undertale (second song onward)
    • Gawr Gura from Hololive English (second song onward)
    • Nitori Kawashiro from Touhou (second song onward)
    • Tankman (second song onward)
    • Hatsune Miku (second song onward)
    • An Among Us Crewmate (second song onward)
    • Pompom (second song onward)
    • Cirno from Touhou (second song onward)
    • The Girl from Lagtrain (second song onward)
    • Kureiji Ollie from Hololive Indonesia (second song onward)
  • This is one of the few mods with alternative endings.
  • Anchor's icon, right and up pose are a reference to the "UwU", "^W^" and ">W<" emoticons.
  • Anchor's pronouns are she/he/they.
  • Despite being 148 cm (as proven by a hidden file), Anchor is actually taller than Alya.
  • Roro is inspired from Nyai roro kidul, an Indonesian myth.
  • Roro looks like "Princess Jasmine" too.
  • Both Roro and Alya are Indonesians/South-east Asians.
  • There exists an unused data file for a song named "queen", which has Roro being apprehended and arrested by police.
  • The conversation with Roro right before starting Trident is a reference to the famous Spongebob meme "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"
  • Alya was mostly thrown into the mod as a joke.
  • Alya was probably built off Pico, as despite being an enemy, her spritesheet shows her facing left and having miss animations.
  • Suvarna actually has lore, if you go into Kraken's data folder. This was found in the file named "a":

"Staying hidden under a bunker for █████████ years isn't so bad. I get a little anxious sometimes, especially that we're still in the enemy's territory. What if they found out? Ah.. I got goosebumps just from imagining it.

Roro plans on making Boyfriend her slave in Marine and Trident.

Accuracy on Trident depends on which ending you get.

How long has it been? And what date is it today, I wonder? I've lost track of time, unfortunately.

Where is sister? She's been out for too long. She told me she's going to check out the outside for a "little bit." It's been, what? 400 years? Oh dear, I'm really worried about her. Just because we're goddesses, doesn't mean she can do whatever she wants.. Sigh..

Maybe I should go out. Maybe the war has ended already. Maybe she's still out there, safe and sound.

  • Suvarna's song "Kraken" is inspired from Mope Mope by Optie Animation, as said by the creator in one of their tweets.
  • It is stated that Ninomae Ina'nis, a Hololive-EN member, was the only inspiration the creator had for Suvarna's design.
  • Suvarna's icon is inspired from Ninomae Ina'nis's mascot.
  • In one of the creator's tweets, both Roro and Suvarna are confirmed to be demisexual. While Alya and Anchor are both confirmed to be asexual. Anchor is also aromantic.
  • One of the text files hidden within the "eight" folder has dialogue intended for Suvarna. The dialogue seemingly implies that Roro is her sister from the Kraken text file.

Cameos in other mods

Note: All of these cameos are not canon to Deep Sea Date's story:

  • In V.S. Pompom, Anchor and Alya appear from outside a window in BARK! during Pom-Pomeranian.
  • In The Date Week, Anchor is one of the possible background cameos, getting pushed around in a fish bowl by Garcello.
  • In VS Fizz, Alya appears in the background during Tokens checking her phone.


Anchor Neutral.png
Sweet Waves
BPM: 138
Scroll Speed:
1.3 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2.1 (Hard)
Roro Neutral.png
BPM: 104
Scroll Speed:
1.3 (Easy)
1.6 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
Alya Neutral.png
BPM: 169
Scroll Speed:
1.8 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Roro Lose.png
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed:
2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Suvarna Neutral.png
BPM: 177
Scroll Speed:
2.5 (Normal)
This song in only available in the debug menu, play any song, replace the current song with Kraken, and then reload the json.


Sweet Waves Dialogue

Anchor Neutral.png Anchor: Oh, visitors! It's been a while since we have guests!

Anchor Neutral.png Anchor: Welcome to the Atlantis! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Anchor Neutral.png Anchor: If you can survive, that is.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop behp-

Anchor Neutral.png Anchor: Relax! I was just kidding! We don't bite.

Anchor Neutral.png Anchor Anyways, before you enter, you must fight for your worth against the gatekeeper

Anchor Neutral.png Anchor: Considering you don't have any tickets..

Marine Dialogue

Roro Neutral.png Roro: My, my, look what we have here! We finally got ourselves some new challengers!

Roro Neutral.png Roro: The infamous duo from land have finally arrived. Rumored to be the source to their opponents' troubles.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop skbeep

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Wait. How are you breathing with just a straw?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: :)

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Hm. No matter. Let the show begin! First to win two rounds will get a prize!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Excuse me your Majesty, but I hope you don't mind a quick question.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: How come this place looks less "Greek" compared to the outside?

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Greek?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Huh? Isn't this the Atlantis?

Roro Neutral.png Roro: It is. To your question, I only redecorated my throne room to my own liking.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I see.

Roro Neutral.png Roro: (..That's it? And here I am expecting at least a compliment.)

Chill Dialogue

Roro Neutral.png Roro: No.. This can't be happening. I'm supposed to win the first round..

Roro Neutral.png Roro: (And you're supposed to be my new slaves..)

Roro Neutral.png Roro: You may have won but obviously you're not prepared enough for the next!

Roro Neutral.png Roro: My loyal servants, start the music!

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Yo you suck.

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Pardon me? Who do you think you are?

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Another tourist. Whatchu think.

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Well, if you think you're so good then try-

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Nah.

Roro Neutral.png Roro: You literally have a mic in your hand.

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Aight K sure.

Alya Neutral.png Alya: JK no thanks.

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Y'know. This place is so weird. I can just take my helm off and breathe normally. What's up with that?

Alya Neutral.png Alya: I mean. That dude's snorkels ain't even working!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop boop skbeep

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Hey I'm tellin ya I ain't joinin. I'm not good at this-

Alya Neutral.png Alya: ...

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Aight y'know what fine. I'm in. Don't mind me stealin your song tho.

Alya Neutral.png Alya: (Why did the modder do this. I thought I'm just meant to be a background character?!)

Trident Dialogue

Roro Neutral.png Roro: I can't believe this. A random tourist... TOOK MY SPOTLIGHT?!

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Okay, Roro, calm down. It's just. A mere human.

Roro Neutral.png Roro: I wholeheartedly can't accept this defeat. I request I'll be your opponent once again.

Alya Neutral.png Alya: Phew, I'm finally outta here! Players thought I'm a dude and it's getting real tiring.

Alya Neutral.png Alya: See ya, fuckers!

Roro Neutral.png Roro: The audacity to call us the F word.

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Sigh. Please, human, accept my challenge again! I guarantee you the prize I've mentioned before.

Roro Neutral.png Roro: Even freedom to go wherever and do whatever here in Atlantis.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bep boop bip skop pa bop bee?

Roro Neutral.png Roro: No, you can't take more than just the prize we provide.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Be boop bi-

Roro Neutral.png Roro: No, you can't promote yourself as the new ruler of the sea, either.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: :(

Roro Neutral.png Roro: That aside, let us begin the final round!


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