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On Hold

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This mod is currently on hold. This may either mean that development is temporarily halted, or that the mod is temporarily unable to be downloaded to fix one or more issues that may be present, or the mod is on a long hiatus. More information can be found below.

Reason: Kolsan has gone on an indefinite hiatus away from HD due to controversies and lack of motivation for short times: (NOTE: Kolsan deactivated his Twitter account)


This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Girlfriend's breakdown in the dialogue before M.I.L.F. can be saddening. Also, Nene's running gag/hobby is suicide (As she dies twice in the mod).

Major Spoilers Ahead!

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This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: Spoilers to the story in HD's and potentially the offical full game's story as HD does feature some plot elements of FNF's original story. Also, Sonic Week is here too.

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Let's give the crowd somethin' to scream about.
― Daddy Dearest, Dadbattle

If you are looking for standalone "HD" mods, check HD (Disambiguation). Also, check for Friday Night Funkin' HD Expanded.

Friday Night Funkin' HD is a mod made mainly by KOLSAN aka. KOLSIN5, that adds new dialogue, new cutscenes, new animations, new songs, and new gimmicks. The art-style follows KOLSAN's style of art. It currently goes up to Week 5 and a Sonic week, with a Week 6 update currently being in indefinite hiatus. It's going to be in an anime style.


  • Almost everything in the mod has been redone in the style of the creator, as they are more realistic with some small features. Such as Girlfriend's dress showing a bit of her Nipples, Skid and Pump's mask eyes glow, Mommy Mearest having yellow buckles on her garter belt straps and presumably abs, Pico missing 2 of his teeth, and Monster dripping blood from his mouth and having reindeer antlers instead of his Santa hat. Another thing is Girlfriend's Week 5 outfit, this one is the same as her original counterpart but this one involves a cut-out heart shape Boob window in her dress that exposes some cleavage, a necklace with a bell, and knee-high socks instead of thigh-highs.
  • There are now "HD" icons that feature winning icons. These can be toggled off in the options menu.
  • Boyfriend now sweats as the player's health goes under 50% along with his animations being slower depending on how low it is.
  • Every week now has opening cutscenes, with Tutorial, Week 3 and Week 4 getting special illustrations.
    • These cutscenes have options for where they appear these options include Story Mode, Everywhere Mode, and Diaper Mode which disables them entirely.
    • They can also be skipped by pressing "Space".
  • Dialogue is added for every week. This means that every week except the tutorial has an ending cutscene.
  • Boyfriend has a more defined personality unlike the canon FNF and it's mods, making him have a stereotypical 90s kid like personality, he expresses more emotions than his canon self, he isn't stupid and he cares about Girlfriend a lot but dislikes her parents.
  • The stage of Week 1 slowly gathers an audience.
  • Daddy Dearest is visibly sweating during Dadbattle.
  • Boyfriend does the Spooky Dance during South.
  • Girlfriend and her speakers now disappear during the song Monster.
  • Pico's down animation in the original Friday Night Funkin had his gun aimed at the speakers but in the HD mod in his old design his gun is aimed Boyfriend in his down animation which could signify on how he is More intent on killing Boyfriend In this mod.
  • Blammed has a mechanic where Pico fires his gun, as signalled by a caution sign. Missing these notes will take away 50% of the player's health, often leading to instant death, especially if it is their first try. Caution notes appear in the down lane and therefore otherwise function identically to down notes.
  • "M.I.L.F" and "High" has a new mechanic where Boyfriend dodges streetlights on the road that are signalled by a Caution Sign where the player needs to press Space at the right time, Failing to do this will make the streetlight hit Boyfriend with a text that tells the player to press Space next time.
    • In M.I.L.F, Mommy Mearest shoots lasers at Boyfriend, trying to disintegrate him. These are signalled by yellow lightning bolt-shaped notes. Missing theses notes will cause an instant death, and the player will know exactly why they lost through a new death screen where Boyfriend turns to ashes and his blue balls and the Retry button are on the floor. Laser notes appear in the up lane and move slightly (but noticeably) faster than other notes, but otherwise function identically to standard up notes.
    • Also in M.I.L.F, Boyfriend does the groove that the henchmen would do.
    • While all of the bottomBop references for Week 5 remain the same, nearly all of the upper bop references were changed, the only sticklers being Pico, Hatsune Miku, and Monster. In place of others are some of the HD team (Rozebud, JADS, and Cval from left to right), but also prominent mod original characters like Whitty and Carol, as well as other miscellaneous Newgrounds reps, such as Nene from Pico's School and Dad n' Me.
  • Winter Horrorland now creates a much darker tone than the OG, with Girlfriend and everyone else presumably dead except one person, and Boyfriend is brutally saddened and terrified at this, even though the music's instrumentals and even the lyrics still sound unfittingly lighthearted carolling.
  • In "Winter Horrorland", Girlfriend is now decapitated, with her head gruesomely on display instead of it being a silhouette.
    • Also in Winter Horrorland, Boyfriend now has a terrified and saddened expression on his face. Because during the song, he was heartbroken and suffered PTSD over the death of GF.
  • Winter Horrorland is now much harder thanks to a gas mechanic which gradually depletes health. Normally, low note density can reduce the difficulty of a song, but with so few notes to extract health from here, missing notes can lead to a much harder challenge. In an older version, the mechanic started immediately, pushing the player to near-loss before their first note even comes onscreen, which left recovery nearly impossible. The mechanic was nerfed in an update which made the mechanic start when the first notes arrive.
  • Monster now wears reindeer antlers instead of a Santa hat.
  • There is a brand new Date Week, not to be confused with the mod of the same name.
  • Week 6 will be themed around an anime OVA rather than a dating simulator.
  • Japanese VAs on Twitter will also be involved in this week for the voices of BF, GF, Senpai, Spirit and (possibly) the background girls.
  • While possibly a joke, it was "confirmed" in a KOLSAN Twitch stream that HD Senpai is racist.
    • Confirmed in an FNF HD lore tweet by Kolchan8, and one of them being Senpai's design, he does say the N word, which confirms that he will be racist.
    • In another KOLSAN Twitch stream, he has confirmed that HD Boyfriend and HD Senpai will definitely have a feud and clash due to their personalities in the HD universe.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog is featured in his own week.
    • A song featuring Omochao in the Chaos Garden is also available in Freeplay.
    • Go fest. Follow dreems.
  • Boyfriend and Sonic can be seen running parallel to one another in the songs "Boom" and "Racing".
  • Boyfriend can be seen stopping himself while losing rings if the player misses a note during the last 2 songs of the Sonic Week, much like Sonic does in his own games.
  • Each week has remixes of every song from the original game, excluding Tutorial and Monster. They're composed by Jellyfish, who made the remixes for Neo.
  • Pretty much everything scrapped in vanilla FNF but old designs and attack animations are used.


The mod received quite the amount of positive reviews by fans and players alike for its outstanding visuals, creative designs, and usage of dialogue and cutscenes. (most of these people just like when boyfriend lowers his hand down on gf in week 3.) Many have praised those who have worked on it for its creativity, dynamics and overall appeal. It was so well-received that ninjamuffin99, one of the main devs behind the original Friday Night Funkin', tipped his hat off for KOLSAN and the other HD mod developers. Many people saw this as a potential move up the ranks and some have even predicted that he could be hired to work on the full version of FNF because of this mod.

Others claimed that it was going too far with what it was trying to accomplish, innuendos and such, all while purposely making the players feel uncomfortable and stressed. KOLSAN has denied trying to deliver any bad messages with the mod on multiple occasions.


You NOT touchin' my balls. I'll merc you on errythang!
― HD Boyfriend, Week 5 Trailer


  • His hair at the back was designed to mimic Sonic's. It was a last minute decision by the creators. This also may be one of the reasons why the Sonic week was made.
  • Boyfriend's mental state after dealing with Monster made his anxiety and paranoia shoot up, finding solace in music-making.
  • During Date Week, Boyfriend takes Girlfriend out on a date to the beach underneath a night sky and a gazebo in order to take their minds off the events of Week 4.
  • He likes money.
  • Immediately after the events of Week 5, Boyfriend and Girlfriend had sex at the back of an IHOP. It didn't make him feel better due to what he went through nor did it help that they didn't end up buying anything, but being with GF was good enough for him at the moment.
  • On Twitter, it has been teased that HD Boyfriend and Soft Boyfriend would possibly have a chaotic friendship.
  • He is a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • He is friends with D-Sides Boyfriend and Hellbeats Boyfriend.
  • He sights Sonic the Hedgehog as his childhood hero and has a hyper-fixation on the series.
  • He owns a GameCube system and a copy of Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.
    • He brought it with him to Girlfriend's house upon the Sonic Week.
  • For whatever reasons, he had used a condom referred to as a "cock ring".
  • BF's favorite Sonic game is Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. There is no reason as to why.
  • BF has depression and PTSD during Winter Horrorland.
  • Since the Sonic Week took place in his dreams, Boyfriend is shorter than Sonic. From a lore stand-point, this is because BF looks up to Sonic (both literally and metaphorically). In reality, their heights would somewhat be reversed.
  • Boyfriend is sleeping with Girlfriend after the events of the Sonic Week because her parents finally "accepted" him, meaning they're willing to keep him around so they can torture him, hence why this week leads up to Week 6.


BF? I'm not sure you wanna do this here!
― HD Girlfriend, Week 5 Trailer


  • Her hair is designed to indicate horns.
  • Girlfriend is a succubus, like her mother. She is experienced in the act, but she stopped when she got to BF cause she really likes him.
  • Her chubbiness is due to stressing over the pressure of one day having to take her mom's place as the most powerful succubus, despite her not wanting to.
  • She works as a model/celebrity for plus-sized women clothes among other ventures.
  • She also works as a babysitter for free unless Boyfriend comes along.
  • Immediately after the events of Week 5, Boyfriend and Girlfriend had sex at the back of an IHOP. It didn't make Boyfriend feel better due to what he went through nor did it help that they didn't end up buying anything, but being with GF was good enough for him at the moment.
  • Girlfriend isn't really into video games as much as Boyfriend, but she does enjoy watching him play them and have fun regardless.
    • Before the events of the Sonic Week, she fell asleep watching him play SADX.
  • The reason as to why Girlfriend and Boyfriend are sleeping together after the Sonic is because GF's parents have finally "accepted him", meaning they're willing to keep him around so they can torture him, This is why this week leads up to Week 6.
  • HD Girlfriend would be a closeted Cookie Run fan.[1]
  • Girlfriend uses she/they pronouns[2].


HD Daddy Dearest

If you wanna get with my daughter, you gotta beat my ass first.
― HD Daddy Dearest, Bopeebo


  • He was once one of Mommy Mearest's victims. He used to be an imp, but worked his way up to become Mommy's sort of king. However, he isn't the first Daddy Dearest and won't be the last.
  • He is willing to let Boyfriend sleep at his house under the ruse that he's accepted him, when really he wants to torture him.


HD Skid & Pump

You don't know 'bout espooky month!?
― HD Pump, South


  • Pump's eyes are glowing due to the events of "The Stars". Skid's are glowing for reasons unknown.
  • Skid and Pump use Spanish words in their dialogue. This is most likely a reference to their creator, Sr. Pelo, who is Mexican, as Spanish is the main language used in Mexico and other countries in Latin America.


HD Monster

you ask too many questions, big fella! just chill and hang out with a new pal okay?
― HD Monster, Monster


  • He was once a human that made a pact with a demon for more power, but the fusion went terribly awry, causing him to become a husk of fat and bones with no muscle.
  • In FNF canon, Monster has the ability to alter someone's perception. In this mod, he has the additional ability to emit pungent poison gas.
  • During Cocoa and Eggnog, Monster appears in the crowd wearing a trenchcoat, which may be a reference to Spooky month where a 'candy dealer' who was theorized to actually be Monster in disguise wore a similar outfit.


HD Pico

Don't care, changed my mind, suck me.
― HD Pico, Blammed


  • He hates Monster yellow.
  • Like in the original base game and in most mods, Pico's sexuality is still unknown.
  • His hair is now similar to his original haircut in the original Pico's School series. However, his old icons keep the original FNF haircut.
  • He killed 81 people in Stress


HD Mommy Mearest

BUT, we like messin' with you! It's hilarious how you can do little to stop us, too!
― HD Mommy Mearest, Cocoa


  • She is a succubus and is trying to raise Girlfriend to follow in her tracks. Week 4 is just her doing her job, while also testing Boyfriend.
  • It was confirmed that after the events of Week 4, she grew bored of BF due to him wanting to be with GF instead of succumbing to her and becoming the new Daddy Dearest. (This is subject to change.)
  • In HD High, Don't Forget leitmotif from Deltarune may be briefly quoted.



Wanna learn more about Sonic the Hedgehog?

What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!
― Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2


Sonic appears as a blue hedgehog with peach skin, green eyes, a black nose, white gloves, and red and white shoes with gold buckles. Due to his confident nature, he is seen smirking a lot of the time.

In Racing he is running with his hand behind his back and is spinning in a circular motion while he is looking at Boyfriend.

In his super form he has gold fur, red eyes, a more reddish peach skin tone, a gold aura around him, and he is leveltating off the ground.


  • Sonic has an additional freeplay song, where you play as him facing Omochao.
  • Sonic's spritesheet while he is running inside Boom, and Racing has two different spritesheets. Those two spritesheets are separated between his head and his body. This also goes for Boyfriend while he is running.
  • Inside all of Sonic's songs, there are multiple references to multiple of Sonic's songs in previous games.
  • Sonic's eyelids are the color of his skin rather than his fur, unlike how he currently looks in the recent Sonic games.



Wanna learn more about Omochao?