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Reason: The content of the mod contains heavy gore and body horror, alongside general horror themes. The creepypastas themselves also contain these topics. Oh, and curse word.



This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!


  • Hypno will periodically use Psyshock, causing pink screen flashes.
  • The distortions in MissingNo's fight causes the screen to change rapidly.
  • The jumpscares in Monochrome will cause an image to flash on the screen, often numerous times in succession.


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Reason: Pokémon as a whole belongs to Game Freak, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo. All fan work copyrights go to their original beholders, and will be linked in their respective character pages.


Golden Throne

Dude!!! that was sick! - Filip

This mod is on the golden throne! It has more than 1,000,000 views on its download page and can be considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the Friday Night Funkin' community!

Reason: The mod was, and still is well received among the community.


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Upcoming: Mod is back in development and now being directed by Scorch.


Unfinished Page

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Friday Night Funkin' Lullaby is a mod created by Banbuds and currently directed by ScorchVx and SimplyCrispy, that revolves around Pokémon creepypastas. The main weeks are inspired by Hypno’s Lullaby, Easter Egg: Snow on Mount Silver, Lost Silver, and Buried Alive. MissingNo. is also present, being one of the only characters in the mod to not originate from a creepypasta.

There are also several bonus songs that can be bought from the Shop. These are inspired by DISABLED, Strangled Red, Hell Bell, Glitchy Red, and a Jigglypuff image of unknown origin. There are also a few bonus songs based on original material made for the mod.

This mod was released at approximately midnight on Halloween, 2021, while the unfinished V2 Update prematurely released on October 22, 2022.

The latest Funk Kast direct has revealed that this mod is back in development, with no set release date as of now.


One night, Boyfriend mysteriously goes missing; prompting Girlfriend to try and find him. She soon encounters a strange, yellow humanoid near a bloody trail leading into the woods. This creature beckons GF to follow him into the woods, for he says he saw BF there. But she had no idea what he has in store for her…

Gameplay Mechanics

Pendulum: During Hypno’s week, Monochrome (Hell Mode) and Pasta Night (as Lord X or MX), Hypno's Pendulum will swing throughout the entirety of the song. The player has to press the spacebar with each time the pendulum is at it's lowest point (the easiest method is hitting spacebar to the metronome/beat). If the player does not keep up with the pendulum, the screen will slowly get redder and the humming noise in the background will become louder until GF (BF in Monochrome, MX and Lord X in Pasta Night) becomes completely hypnotized; resulting in a Game Over. Continuing to press spacebar with the right timing can reverse this effect. Hypno's songs in Hell Mode has the pendulum swing faster. In V2, a green checkmark appears when the player times the space bar correctly, and a red swirl appears if timed incorrectly.

Psyshock: In addition to the pendulum, Hypno will regularly attack GF using Psyshock during his week; causing the screen to flash pink and furthering the hypnosis. If the player is hypnotized enough, Psyshock can cause a game over. In V1, Left Unchecked will end with Hypno using Psyshock multiple times until the screen goes red; this is simply a jumpscare and will trigger the next cutscene.

Unown: During Monochrome and Missingno (Hell Mode) , the screen will occasionally go red and display a string of Unown text, which the player must spell out on their keyboard before the timer ends or else a Game Over will ensue. This sounds easy, but the text is in a very weird font. Missingno (Hell Mode) in V1 only had one instance at the start, which was always MISSINGNO. This was changed in Version 1.1.0, where multiple phrases can appear and at multiple points during the track (though the first one is always MISSINGNO). The Unown also at one point in the song appear just before the player's turn, which can make an FC incredibly difficult, especially when combined with the jumpscares obscuring most of the last part of the song. The timer's length in beats is:

  • 16 (most of the time)
  • 6 (late in Monochrome, two codes are given to the player in one turn)
  • 8 (a few times in MissingNo)
  • 32 (long question mark code in MissingNo)

Perish Song: During Monochrome, Celebi will appear 3 times. Whenever Celebi appears, it uses Perish Song; decreasing the player's maximum health (first decreasing to 66%, then 50%, and finally 40%).

Jumpscares: During Monochrome, Gold frequently jumpscares the player; briefly covering the screen. Distinctly, these are counted as notes in the song.

Strum Glitches: During Missingno, the player's strums teleport around the screen randomly every time MissingNo. makes a low droning noise. The game will switch between upscroll and downscroll depending on where the strums shift to. MissingNo.'s notes and strums will also become invisible to make room for this. The strums' left-to-right order always remains the same. The notes also tilted at random angles during Hell Mode in V1, but this was removed in Version 1.1.0. In exchange, Hell Mode now causes upscroll and downscroll to occur randomly regardless of where the strums end up (to the point where the arrows will use upscroll and downscroll at the same time). If the mod is played in windowed mode, the game window will teleport whenever Missingno. glitches.

Cold Meter: During Frostbite, a meter to the left of the screen slowly fills up. If it fills completely, the player will get a Game Over. The fullness of the bar also determines the health drain used when Red sings. The player must prevent the meter from filling by pressing spacebar, which causes Typhlosion to warm them up and lower the meter. If the player use the ability 10 times, Typhlosion will die, dooming the player to freeze. The more the ability is used, however, the less heat will be given.

Feraligatr: During Insomnia, having below 90% (85% as Banbuds said) accuracy will cause the camera to zoom in on Feraligatr, with a heartbeat sound playing. If the player's accuracy does not rise above 90% within 5 seconds, Feraligatr will awaken and kill Boyfriend. In Hell Mode, the threshold for Feraligatr beginning to awaken is increased to 98% (99% as Banbuds said), requiring near perfection from the player.

Sludge Bomb: During Brimstone, only when Muk is singing. He will use Sludge Bomb, making the screen cover in sludge briefly, making it difficult to see the notes.

Pow Block: Only when playing as Lord X or Hypno during Pasta Night, MX will cheat by hitting his POW block switching Hypno or Lord X's note bar from top to bottom or vice versa.

Chart Movement: In Amusia, the notes will wobble and spin around to distract and disorient the player, similar to NotITG. This is purely cosmetic, and does not affect how notes are perceived or hit.

Decay: After Glitchy Red's monologue in Isotope, glitches will fill the screen. This has no effect on the strumline and is purely cosmetic.

Hell Bell's Chime: In Death Toll, a fifth note is present on the strumline. Whenever it strikes the strumline, Hell Bell will ring, damaging Dawn or BF if they do not cover their ears.

Contract (Unused): This was a mechanic intended to be used in Death Toll (Hell Mode) where missing a note would slowly spell BF's name in the top right, making it so that getting 9 misses would lead to an instant death.[1]

Ear Ringing (Unused): This was another unused Mechanic for Death Toll (Hell Mode) Where missing the 5th note (Hell Bell's chime) would cause Dawn/BF's ears to ring as a result of not covering them in time. This mechanic was likely intended for visual or audial purposes rather than to disorient the player.[2]

Pain Split: In Frostbite, Freakachu uses Pain Split and bites itself, splitting the pain with Gold and harming Gold's health. This looks to be intended to be a reference to how Freakachu killed Typhlosion in the creepypasta Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver since the song is based on the story.

Health Drain: In Frostbite and Dissension, the opponent will continuously drain the player's health, regardless if they're singing or not. This gets stronger with the Cold Meter in Frostbite, and when Steven switches to his third phase in Dissension. However, in Frostbite, losing your health to the drain will cause you a game over, but in Dissension, it does not, simply just giving less room for error. Uniquely, in Dissension, when Steven sings his last hold note, the players' health will instantly reduce to 0 without fail. This does not result in a game over, and it is purely cosmetic.

Varying scroll speed: In Bygone Purpose , notes will come with different scroll speeds. Notes can spawn at the same time but be hit at different times and vice versa.

When Pussy Mode is turned on, every mechanic except for Gold's jumpscares during Monochrome is removed. It also says it "certifies you as a pussy", but this has zero effect on the game

When Hell Mode is turned on, the mechanics become much harder, and extra mechanics are added to Monochrome and Missingno (the Pendulum and the Unown respectively).

Game Over Screens

  • In Safety Lullaby and Left Unchecked, Girlfriend is shown fully hypnotized while Hypno reaches out to grab her. When pressing "RETRY?", she shakes off the hypnosis.
  • In Lost Cause, Girlfriend collapses onto the ground. Hypno's head looms over her, shaking and cloaked in darkness.
  • In Frostbite, the simple "RETRY?" message appears. The unfinished animation shows Freakachu tearing into Gold's back and bursting out of his chest. His intestines spell out the "RETRY?" button.
  • In Insomnia, Feraligatr roars and rips his eyes open. Boyfriend beeps and turns to run before swiftly getting his head bitten off.
  • In Monochrome, Gold fades away into the darkness. The song restarts automatically.
  • In Missingno, the default Week 6 animation plays. Boyfriend then glitches out and a Windows error message appears.
  • In Brimstone, A black screen is shown. Buried Alive says:
  • Buried Alive I'm lonely...
  • Buried Alive So very lonely...


  • Buried Alive Finally...
  • Buried Alive FRESH MEAT!

Buried Alive drags Boyfriend into its grave. It endlessly chews on Boyfriend's exposed brain.

  • In Amusia, the default "RETRY?" message appears. The unfinished screen would have DISABLED jumpscare the player the second they lose, before kicking them back to the menu screen.
  • In Dissension, Steven chokes out Mike, before staring at the player. The reanimated corpse of his Charizard, Miki, fades in. Upon retrying, everything fades out except for Steven's glowing red eye.
  • In Purin, the default "RETRY?" message appears. The unfinished animation would show static, before revealing Pico's horribly disfigured corpse with Purin standing over him. Upon quitting, Pico would sit up before jumpscaring the player.
  • In Death Toll, Boyfriend is possessed by Beelze, with him slumping over and his eyes rolling back in his head. Upon retrying, the symbol of Hell Bell's letters appears on the Bimbembo DS.
  • In Isotope, the animation is broken and only shows Boyfriend's idle flipped. The unfinished animation would show both Boyfriend and Girlfriend trapped inside the Game Boy, before Red stomps on it. Blood leaks out from the Game Boy, forming the "RETRY?" message.
  • In Bygone Purpose, losing as Hypno causes the screen to flash red before the "RETRY?" message appears. Losing as Alexis causes her ghost to fizzle out. Retrying in both scenarios shows Hypno reverting to his younger form.
  • In Pasta Night, losing shows the character select screen with the chosen character falling out of sight. The curtains then close and show the "RETRY?" message.
    • MX is shown reaching out to the player, Lord X does the classic Sonic death pose, and Hypno is shown with his head detached like in "Left Unchecked". He also drops his pendulum.
  • In Shinto, losing shows Shinto laughing at the player before swiftly running away.
  • In Shitno, a black screen appears before a jumpscare occurs. The player is kicked back to the Freeplay Menu after.

List of Unown Codes

Gold's Unown Codes

NOTE: Codes that are purposefully misspelled will contain "[sic]" right next to them.

  • BOO!
  • DONT BELONG[sic]
  • GOLD
  • HELP
  • IM DEAD[sic]
  • RUN
  • WHERE?
    • NOTE: This code only appears once, after Gold transforms

Rare Codes

  • SUS AF
    • NOTE: This code does not check if the player has streaming software open, as confirmed by Yoshubs.
  • GOO!

Codes with 0.1% Chance, but 1-50% on first appearance


Hell Mode Exclusive Codes

These messages may only be encountered while having the Hell Mode option enabled in settings. In V2, Hell Mode for Monochrome sadly doesn't work.

  • KEK
    • NOTE: While this code exists in the game's code, it is a comment, so it remains unused.

"Harder" Codes (V2)

These are the harder codes from the second V2 leaked build. These will commonly appear in the second half of Monochrome, and can rarely appear in the first half.

    • NOTE: The second half of Monochrome will always start with this code.

Missingno's Unown Codes

These messages may only be encountered while having the Hell Mode option enabled in settings. Like Monochrome, this song does not work with Hell Mode.

    • NOTE: This code will always be the first code to appear in the song
  • BIRD
  • ??????????
  • ?
  • BIND
  • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    • NOTE: This code can only appear once at the set point of Beat 320




The Shopé menu listing the items, with all of them being unlocked.

The Cartridge Guy's Shopé (pronounced "shop") is a shop that is unlocked after playing the Hypno's Lullaby Cartridge and entering the Freeplay menu. In there, the Cartridge Guy appears, selling varying items. On the menu, there's three option choices, being "Buy", "Sell", and "Exit". The player cannot sell anything to him however, and the option is just there for cosmetic purposes. Moving to the right, the player is directed to the Freeplay menu.


The freeplay menu after the player goes to the right from the Shopé menu.

The money system from the mod, also known here as Pokémon Dollars, can be gained after playing any song. The amount gained depends on how well high the player's accuracy is in a song. If the player doesn't have any money to buy anything from the shop, the player will have to re-play the songs that are available or that were purchased by them. The maximum amount of money that can be won from a song is 250 Pokémon Dollars, given for getting about 100% accuracy.

Prices Lists
Image Item Name Cost Unlocks Cartridge Guy lines Cartridge Guy lines (clean)
Pokemonsilver Pokémon Silver Cartridge Free
Lost Silver Week/Cartridge "Oh now you want it? Make up your mind, you freak." "Oh now you want it? Make up your mind."
Gameboyadvsp Game Boy Advance SP 300PokedollarAnimated "Isotope" "Stupid thing does nothing but make annoying noises. Fuckin' take it." "The thing does nothing but make annoying noises. Just take it."
Pokemonred Pokémon Red Cartridge 288PokedollarAnimated "Dissension" "Looks ordinary, no?" -
Blueflame Lit Candle
Blue & White Flame Tipped Candle
200PokedollarAnimated "Purin" "The fire won't go out no matter what you do"[sic] -
Ihatemail Mysterious Letter 666 PokedollarAnimated "Death Toll" "This envelope has your name on it." -
Bloodynote Broken Note
Broken Bloody Musical No
425PokedollarAnimated "Amusia" "She can't sing..." -
Pastamorshom Pasta Night Mushroom
Power Mushroom and Ring
500PokedollarAnimated "Pasta Night" "Even monsters sometimes need some time to relax." -
Trainerbow Trainer Bow 600PokedollarAnimated "Bygone Purpose" "Dont feel bad for him. Bastard doesnt deserve an ounce of symphathy."[sic] "Dont feel bad for him. He doesnt deserve an ounce of sympathy."
Hypopleropople Broken Vinyl
Disc 11
999PokedollarAnimated "Shinto"
"I don't want this. But it's funny to make you pay for it." -




A screenshot displaying the main menu of the Pokédex.

The Pokédex can be found in the main menu after completing the Hypno's Lullaby Cartridge. The Pokédex, just like its original depiction, is a tool that gives information about the majority of the characters from the mod. It lists said character's height, weight, description, and more. The characters are only unlocked in the Pokédex after beating the song that they are featured in. (For example, Glitchy Red is only unlocked in the Pokédex after beating "Isotope").

The style of the Pokédex references the Game Boy's Gen 1 Pokémon games' iteration of the tool. The Pokédex itself doesn't features all of the mod's characters, with the exception of Girlfriend, White Hand, Boyfriend, Mike, Pico, Dawn, Hypno (Bygone Purpose), Alexis, PLEASE, and AWAY.

No. Image Description
#1 HypnoSafetyLullabyArt Hypno (Safety Lullaby)
The Hypnosis Pokémon
HT 6'05” WT 26.5 lbs
Hypno holds a pendulum in its hand. The arcing movement and glitter of the pendulum lull the foe into a deep state of hypnosis. While this Pokémon searches for prey, it polishes the pendulum.
#2 HypnoLeftUncheckedArt Hypno (Left Unchecked)
The Hypnosis Pokémon
HT 6'05” WT 26.5 lbs
When it is very hungry, it puts humans it meets to sleep, then it feasts on their dreams.
#3 HypnoLostCauseArt Hypno (Lost Cause)
The Hypnosis Pokémon
HT 6'05” WT 26.5 lbs
Avoid eye contact if you come across one. It will try to put you to sleep by using its pendulum.
#4 GoldMonochromeArt Gold (Monochrome)
The Tortured Trainer
HT 5'06” WT 114 lbs
With Unowns as his puppeteer, his groans are pitiful sparks of hope that Gold is possibly still alive.


Gold (Frostbite)
The Tortured Trainer
HT 5'06” WT 114 lbs
Determined and filled with hope, this trainer's ignorance gets to him and the Pokémon he loved. His Typhlosion's last breath will be Gold's burden of thinking before acting, even in death.
#6 DeadRedArt Red (Dead Red)
The Frozen Trainer
HT ??? WT ???
The Kanto Regions[sic] Greatest Champion, residing in isolation with his Pokémon at the freezing top of Mt. Silver. What a fool he was.
#7 FreakachuArt Pikachu (Freakachu)
The Mouse Pokémon
HT 1'04” WT 13.2 lbs
It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you.
#8 SilverArt Silver
The Silenced Trainer
HT 5'07” WT 116 lbs
Certain Pokémon have been able to hear the muffled screams and wails this trainer does. When they hear it, their faces are filled with fear.
#9 FeraligatrSleepyArt Feraligatr
The Big Jaw Pokémon
HT 7'07” WT 195.8 lbs
When it bites with its massive and powerful jaws, it shakes its head and savagely tears its victim up.
#10 MissingnoArt Missingno
HT 10'0” WT 3507.2 lbs
MissingNo. is a glitch type Pokémon in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. The glitch occurs due to a bug in the game's programming from the Old Man battle, and others.
#11 BuriedAliveCoArt Buried Alive (+ Co)
The Imprisoned Half-Man
HT ??? WT ???
Buried at the top of Pokémon Tower, his attempts to break free from his grave causes subtle but noticeable rumbles throughout the whole tower with anyone inside.
#12 StevenArt S!3V3N
. . .
HT ??? WT ???
After the tragic events of his beloved Miki, he wanders from town to town in sorrow and anger. Any Wild Pokémon he comes in contact with completely ignore him.
#13 GlitchyRedArt Glitchy Red
The Sentient Glitch
HT ??? WT ???
A misfortunate trainer designed to be wronged by his creator, forever trapped in a box, to be forgotten and replaced by the next generation.
The Balloon Pokémon
HT 3’03” WT 26.5 lbs
A Wigglytuff received through trade, with it's name in all capital letters. It only knew four moves, but all of them were disabled. And so it struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles, and struggles.
#15 PonytaArt Ponyta
The Fire Horse Pokémon
HT 3'03” WT 66.1 lbs
It is a weak runner immediately after birth. It gradually becomes faster by chasing after its parents.
#16 BeelzeAndHellBellArt Hell Bell (+ Old Man)
The Bronze Bell Pokémon
HT 666’ WT 666 lbs
A Bronzong with all its stats saying 666. Upon receiving it through trade, a piece of mail was attached from it, the owner’s name being “Beelze.”
#17 PurinArt Purin
The Balloon Pokémon
HT 1'08” WT 12.1 lbs
This unknown form of Jigglypuff appears to have a far deadlier Sing ability than usual, be cautious.
#18 NurseJoyArt Nurse Joy (+ Co)
HT 5'05” WT 120 lbs
This kind-hearted Nurse Joy is a Pokémon caretaker found in an abandoned Pokecenter. She'd do anything for her precious little Pokémon... Anything at all.
#19 ShintoArt Shinto
The Bootleg Pokémon
#20 GreyArt Grey
The Bootleg Trainer
HT 5'07” WT 116 lbs
Rumors say the developers that created this character couldn't be bothered to code him, so they trapped the soul of a dead kid in it and called it a day.
#21 ShitnoArt Shitno
. . .
HT ??? WT ???
Her name is actually Shinto, but due to the fact that it's not possible to beat her in the game she's from, players nicknamed her 'Shitno.' The only way to capture her would be to use a hacked copy and go beyond the glitched difficulty cap. But you don't want to do that...
#22 HypnoPastaNightArt Hypno (Pasta Night)
The Hypnosis Pokémon
HT 6'05” WT 26.5 lbs
Hypno holds a pendulum in its hand. It refuses to let go or put anything else in its hands, so it uses to psychic abilities to lift other objects


Lord X
HT 3'03” WT 77 lbs
A sinister entity comprised solely of VOID energy, doing whatever it likes so long as it satisfies them. Seems like an innocent game of cards, but things are sure to turn deadly.
#24 MXLullabyArt MX
HT ??? WT ???
This maniac version of Mario resides within an NES Mario cartridge with the sole purpose of torturing the soul of an innocent child. Although today he's just here to play some cards.

Separated Sprites

Trivia (General)

  • It is possible spell out the phrase "DIE ADAM" with the Unowns in the banner of the mod, Or maybe it just spell "I AM DEAD".
  • Lullaby is the fifth noted mod logged on Funkipedia to play in Boyfriend's perspective. The mod uses this perspective in the songs Monochrome and Insomnia.
  • In Safety Lullaby and Left Unchecked, White Hand will occasionally appear behind Girlfriend, which could be a reference to dialogue from an NPC in Lavender Town, in which they say, "Teehee! Of course! That white hand on the player's shoulder, It's not real."
  • Banbuds stated in a QnA that Buried Alive was going to be a part of V1, but didn't make it due to time constraints.
  • All secret songs will only appear in Freeplay after the first time they are accessed.
  • The pendulum's timing is based from the metronome's BPM (similar to the health icon's beats). Normally, the pendulum's timing is delayed for two metronome beats, if Hell Mode is enabled, the pendulum's timing will be the same as the metronome's BPM.
    • A simple strategy to learn this mechanic is to press the space bar at the same time as the beginning of either Hypno's or Girlfriend's idle animations, or to hit the space bar when the pendulum reaches the middle of the screen.
  • Gold's unown phrase, "IM IN A FUCKING WHEEL CHAIR" may relate to a voiceover of Jevil from Deltarune being in a wheelchair.
    • Interestingly, the thumbnail of Banbuds QnA shows Gold falling off a wheelchair.
  • Safety Lullaby is inspired by a song called Hypno's Lullaby made by TrainerDerek.
    • TrainerDerek has also played and reacted to the mod, which can be seen here.
  • In Safety Lullaby, the instrumental seems to be Lavender Town, a track in Pokémon Red/Blue that plays when the player reaches Lavender Town. This track is infamous for it's unnerving nature fitting the haunted town, resulting in it being nigh-omnipresent in horror-based Pokémon content.
    • This can also be heard in the background of Monochrome.
  • Left Unchecked (Legacy) has a leitmotif of Meltdown from VS Impostor, during the song's first 10 seconds.
  • Left Unchecked (Legacy) also features a leitmotif of Defeat from VS Impostor at around 2:10.
  • Monochrome has a leitmotif of Sussus Moogus from VS Impostor in the first 10 seconds of the song and Endless around 40 seconds.
    • AdamMcHummus composed Sussus Moogus, Meltdown, Sussus Toogus, Reactor, and Ejected from VS Impostor, as well as the v1/Legacy versions of Left Unchecked and Monochrome, which explains the similarities.
  • At the 1:04 second mark of Monochrome, the Gadget Room theme from Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force can be heard
  • If the player have a Nordic keyboard, they are unable to type in ? in Monochrome, and will instead lower the volume.
  • In Lost Cause, before Hypno appears, Girlfriend sings three leitmotifs from the base game. In order, these are Pico, M.I.L.F., and Dadbattle.
  • At the beginning of Amusia the cries of both a Wigglytuff and a Ponyta can be heard.
  • It's in Freakachu's nature to tear things apart,[3] which is what it would try to do to Purin if the two ever met.[4]
  • Freakachu's jumpscare at the end of Frostbite is likely a reference to Mibevan's short film based on the creepypasta, specifically its ending. Note that the original film had flashing lights, which the mod lacks, so the film should not be viewed by those prone to epileptic seizures.
  • Hell Bell has an unusual colorization and appearance, being purple and monstrous, as opposed to the regular shiny green Bronzong it is in the original story. This was due to the artist preferring the purple aesthetic.[5] The design was also seemingly inspired by a well-known depiction of it by Urbinator17 on DeviantArt.
  • In Death Toll, the game over screen depicts Boyfriend wearing earbuds. However, when the Bimbembo DS turns off at the end of the song, revealing Boyfriend's dumbfounded reflection, he lacks any earbuds. This is likely an error.
  • When Cartridge Guy is looked directly at the screen when they show the player the game, he has one realistic eye showing. This is not present in the Shope.
  • Banbuds has confirmed UHCAKIP from theohmguy's Pokémon Death Version series, will never be in the mod, due to the creepypasta games being too trashy.[6]
  • The only characters without Pokedéx entries are Alexis, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Typhlosion, Mike, Pico, and Dawn.
    • Gengar and Muk technically don't have entries either, since they are a part of Buried Alive's entry.
    • Hypno's look in Bygone Purpose also doesn't have a Dex entry, despite him having one for each song he appears in.
      • These characters could have gotten Dex entries in the final update if it hadn't been cancelled.
    • Despite this, Freakachu, Feralisleep, and Nurse Joy got entries despite not singing in any of the songs.
    • Hypno and Ponyta's Dex entries are mostly taken from the base Pokémon games.
    • Oddly enough, White Hand doesn't appear alongside Gengar and Muk in the Pokedéx. Whether or not this was because it would've gotten its own entry or if it just wasn't finished is unknown.
    • Lord X and MX are the only two characters without nicknames. This could be for two reason, one: the characters don't fit the Pokémon style since they're from different games or two: There nicknames weren't made yet due to the mod not being finished.
  • Insomnia was originally a scrapped song (for unknown reasons) before it got released, but it is restored in V2.
  • Data for a Nurse Joy character was found in the mod's files, specifically for the Pokédex. Nurse Joy was originally appear in Purin in some capacity, but was unfinished before the mod was completed.
  • Before the final build (AKA the bug fix), it was possible to skip a song by pressing "1".
  • This is the fifth known mod where Boyfriend flips someone off (this is done during Isotope, specifically in his right pose), the first being Tails Gets Trolled during Die Batsards, the second being Funkin' At Freddy's in You Can't, the third being Indie Cross during Nightmare Run and the fourth being Vs. Door Stuck
  • This mod shares song names with Vs. Auditor: Gateway to Hell, Vs. Ace, and Motion Has Been Detected (Vs Ring Cam Mario), those all being Dissension, Frostbite, and Death Toll respectively.
    • If the song wasn't scrapped, then it would have also shared a song name with Vs. Dave and Bambi, that being Cheated.
  • For some odd reason, Playing Amusia on Downscroll with Middlescroll enabled, in the part where DISABLED and Ponyta switch sides the strmlinee will break, making it appear to be upscroll. But in reality, it's just downscroll with the strumline moved to the top of the screen, making upcoming notes nearly impossible to hit.
    • This isn't fixed in the latest build.
  • Frostbite, Death Toll, and Pasta Night were the only three songs that were not able to get official pause arts, this was most likely due to the mod being cancelled, however content does show that these respective three songs were intended to have one.
  • One of the jumpscare's noises at the end of Lost Cause may have been ripped from FNAF 3's jumpscare and pitched up, however this might be a coincidence and its just the sound that sounds similar.
  • Starved from Vs. Sonic.Exe had concepts of him appearing in Pasta Night created, but this obviously never progressed into an actual appearance for him.[7]
  • In the background of Brimstone, there are gravestones saying the following names:
  • The melody of Brimstone repeatedly references the battle theme from the Gen 1 Pokémon games.


Idle Lines

  • Cartridge Guy Your nose is weird.
  • Cartridge Guy Don't worry, I got eternity. Can you say the same?
  • Cartridge Guy Ever heard of NFTs? The suits are really out of line nowadays, huh?
  • Cartridge Guy Pokemon? I just sell shitty games to snot riddled twerps like you. I don't play them. (I just sell crappy games to people like you. I don't play them.)
  • Cartridge Guy Is it fun just sitting there like the fat lard you are? (Is it fun just sitting there, doing nothing?)
  • Cartridge Guy Don't sympathize with evil. Understanding it may be of use, however.
  • Cartridge Guy Speaking ill of another man's hat is dishonorable. Yes, even the red man's.
  • Cartridge Guy Sorry, I don't rap. Try your luck on someone else.
  • Cartridge Guy No, you can't drink from my head. I know you see the handle but I'm not a mug.

Sell Lines

  • Cartridge Guy [After hitting the "Sell" button] Why would I buy your shit back, I'm trying to get rid of it you moron. (Why would I buy your stuff back, I'm trying to get rid of it here.)
  • Cartridge Guy [After hitting the "Sell" button without having bought anything] Sell? You have literally nothing on you, what the hell is wrong with your brain (Sell? You have literally nothing on you.)

Pussy Mode Enabled Lines

  • Cartridge Guy gonna turn off pussy mode or...???
  • Cartridge Guy .........Coward.
  • Cartridge Guy You smell weird, did the mechanics make you piss yourself? (You smell weird, were the mechanics too much for you?)
  • Cartridge Guy It's alright kid, not everyone's a champ.
  • Cartridge Guy You'll be a man one day, just not today, I suppose.

Hell Mode Enabled Lines

  • Cartridge Guy Interesting.
  • Cartridge Guy Nice knowing you bub, say hi to my mom when you're dead.
  • Cartridge Guy I'd say you got this, but you probably don't.
  • Cartridge Guy Ha ha... this should be fun to watch.

Not Enough Money Lines

  • Cartridge Guy Come back with more green, chump. (Come back with more green, bud.)
  • Cartridge Guy You tryna rip me off here, buddy?
  • Cartridge Guy Count your money again, dipshit. (Count your money again, kid.)
  • Cartridge Guy This ain't a charity, pal.
  • Cartridge Guy I'm trying to run a business here.
  • Cartridge Guy You're joking, right?

Amusia Dialogue

  • Wiggle1 DISABLED I just wanted to sing...
  • Wiggle1 DISABLED Why...why...why can't I sing?
  • Wiggle1 DISABLED Just... Sing... Sing...
  • Wiggle1 DISABLED Why can't I sing? Why? Why?
  • Wiggle1 DISABLED Can you sing?
  • [YES]
  • [The "confirm option" sound is heard, but no dialogue appears.]
  • [NO]
  • Wiggle1 DISABLED You're lying.
  • Wiggle2 DISABLED You... can sing.
  • Wiggle3 DISABLED Give me your sing.
  • Wiggle4 DISABLED Give me your sing.

Safety Lullaby Dialogue

  • [BF is missing, GF went out by herself looking for him worried sick...]
  • LullabyGFIcon Girlfriend BF?
  • LullabyGFIcon Girlfriend BF!!!
  • LullabyGFIcon Girlfriend Man, where's that cute blue dwarf and his magnum dick...
  • HypnoIcon Hypno You're looking for a blue dwarf, child?
  • HypnoIcon Hypno Follow me into the forest, I saw him in there

Monochrome Dialogue

  • ??? Hello player,
  • ??? Want a free videogame?
  • [The player is given the option of Yes or No]

  • ??? Totally a normal game I got here.
  • [The mysterious figure runs away and the song, Monochrome, starts]

  • [The mysterious figure runs away and the player is taken back to the Main Menu]

NOTE: The following lines will keep repeating themselves in random order until the player selects either Yes or No.

  • ??? Wrap it up stalling Staniel
  • ??? Totally a normal game I got here
  • ??? Take it you weirdo (Take it)
  • ??? You're ugly
  • ??? Show your shitty viewers your skills (Show your viewers your skills)
  • ??? I'm looking sus out here, take it
  • ??? Might as well throw it out instead
  • ??? [Wanna listen to some tunes?]

Gallery (General)

  • Depending on which song (except Frostbite, Death Toll and Pasta Night) the player pauses on, certain artwork in the left and right corner will be shown of the 2 or more characters in the song.

Post-Left Unchecked Cutscene
The scene opens with a flash of red static accompanied by a twitching graphic of Hypno's head. The screen flashes again multiple times and fades to show Girlfriend, fully hypnotized, being dragged through the woods by Hypno.
This was initially supposed to be the game over animation in V1, however it was relegated to a teaser for V2 and, finally, used as a cutscene in the update.
Insomnia Game Over Cutscene
The scene opens on Feralisleep's sleeping face, who's eyes quickly snap open. The scene then cuts to Boyfriend who beeps and looks around confusedly before Feralisleep bites down hard on his head, killing him and spurting blood everywhere. The blood then forms into the word "Retry?".
Pre-Monochrome Cutscene
The scene opens on a cemetery with twelve blocks in the center, arranged in a square shape with total darkness inside. The camera quickly zooms in on the square, engulfing the screen in black.
Pre-Shitno Cutscene
The scene opens on a patch of ground with a pokeball rolling around on it, Shinto trapped inside. The pokeball suddenly stops rolling.
Shinto: no.
this isn't supposed to happen...
this was NEVER supposed to happen!
The screen begins to glitch, and the pokeball begins to jump around more frantically.
Shinto: you... WHAT DID YOU DO?!
The screen stops glitching, and the pokeball rolls to a stop facing the camera.
Shinto: you cheated.
The screen resumes glitching at an even higher intensity as the word "cheated" begins to flash around repeatedly. The pokeball begins to crack and distend, bursting open to reveal one of Shinto's limbs. The screen glitches to black.

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