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Reason: Some aspects of old Monster Boyfriend, including the teeth and body horror in his death animation, may trigger some people. His third form (as seen in the gallery) might also be considered disturbing or unsettling by some. Some of the trivia may also be considered upsetting due to references to cannibalism and death.


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Meet Monster BF in the game!
― GameBanana quote from Old Modpack skin

Friday Night Funkin' Monster Version is a reskin modpack created by Korean user, FH_sister (Now named as FH_slster, with l) (꽃집언니). The mod is basically an alternative universe when Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Skid & Pump, and Pico have their own monster versions. The current modpack has all 1-5 finished sprites, with bonus packs of Monster BF replacing Monster, bonus sprites for the Carlos mod, and for Vs. Ben Drowned mod.


Monster BF[]

Monster BF is a version of Boyfriend made by FHSister which changes Boyfriend's appearance to make him look more like Monster (otherwise known as Lemon Demon).


Monster Boyfriend looks almost exactly like the original Boyfriend, albeit with a few major differences. He is much larger, has bloodshot eyes, and his hands and feet are black. His t-shirt also is changed to a sweater with the same logo as his old t-shirt. In Week 5, his regular hat changes into a Santa hat and is wearing Santa clothing, he’s also holding a bell.

During the drowning segment of Terrible Fate, Monster Boyfriend's entire body goes dark, and what appears to be a spiky halo is seen above his head, next to some unknown red object. His eyes and mouth are the only other things lit up in this sequence, being light blue.

Monster Boyfriend used to be a lot skinnier when the mod first came out. His mouth wasn't always visible, and the black segments of his limbs were a lot sketchier rather than the fully colored in. His game over sequence originally had mouths rested alongside his body.


  • Much like the original Monster, Monster Boyfriend eats people.[1]
    • Due to this, Monster Boyfriend is on the run from the police with Monster Pico.
  • Monster Boyfriend is very close to Monster Pico, and it’s entirely possible that they’re dating due to how affectionate they’re seen being with each other in the sketches, but this is probably not the case since Monster Girlfriend is seen deeply admiring Monster Boyfriend’s singing in the main menu background.
  • His drowning segment poses is clear references to Corruption/Soul Boyfriend from The Corruption Mod.


Monster GF[]

Monster GF is a version of Girlfriend made by FHSister that modifies her in order to fit with the mod pack's "Monster" theme.


Monster Girlfriend is relatively the same compared to her base game counterpart, being a light skinned demon girl with auburn hair and red clothes who sits on a pair of cartoonishly oversized speakers. However, Monster Girlfriend's face is replaced with a pink bunny mask with yellow accents. She wears a red hoodie and light blue jeans instead of just the red dress of her base game counterpart. Monster Girlfriend also has dark grey bat wings that jet out from her back. In Week 5, she wears a green overall dress with snowflakes and holly decorations. She also has snowflakes on her hair, a holly earring on her left ear, a black bracialet with a red rose decoration and a red ring on her left arm and hand, and her heels have red strings on them.


Monster Skid[]

Monster Skid is a maniacal murderer trying to avenge Pump, who has died.


Skid himself is relatively unchanged, being a boy in a skeleton costume. However, he now wears the bloody face of Pump on top of his own as a makeshift mask. The eye inside Pump's head is blue. Additionally, Skid carries a blue scythe in his right hand.


Monster Pico[]

Monster Pico is an additional character to the Monster BF mod. It is in the same mod by the same creator and, as the name implies, he replaces Pico.


Monster Pico's new design is a green-skinned "man" (or dinosaur) and has a dark-green shirt with light-orange shorts. He doesn't wear any shoes. He also has what looks to be an UZI on his back, and he has a bandage on his right eye (left if he is played as).

Monster Pico's old design is Pico but with a bandage (which visibly with a blood stain on it) on where his right eye is to be.


  • It's possible that Monster Pico came from the various sketches with Monster Boyfriend and Pico, which could in reality be Monster Pico.
  • In the original drawings, Pico was originally human, but was later on retconned to be a monster.
  • In the various sketches with him and Monster BF, it’s easily inferred that Monster Pico actually "takes care" of Monster BF and likes him.
  • In the lore of the AU, Monster Pico was a lab experiment.


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