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This is an unofficial fan-made mod of a specific official mod! This mod is not canon to the official mod unless stated by the original creators of the official mods.

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Reason: The mod is like a Send-off for Whitty and Sarvente, both mods have been deleted. Garcello also fades away at the end of Fading. The Fading remix may sound very sad.

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INCOMPLETE - Tricky the Clown

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This place never gets old...
― Boyfriend

Smoke 'Em Out Struggle: The Return of Garcello is a mod created by Taeyai. Taking place a year after the original Garcello mod, Boyfriend returns to the alleyway where he and Garcello originally met, having brought Whitty, Sarvente and Zardy with him so they can meet Garcello as well. To Boyfriend's surprise, Garcello's ghost arrives, and is more than happy to see him again and meet his new friends.

The mod consists of the same songs as the original mod, only now they're covered by Whitty, Sarvente and Zardy in addition to Boyfriend and Garcello. They each also take turns singing with Boyfriend.


Me and the bois.png
Menu Theme
Me and the bois.png
Headache Cover
Me and the bois.png
Nerves Cover
Me and the bois.png
Release Cover
Me and the bois losing a real one.png
Fading Cover


  • Zardy's sprites are from SugerRatio's reanimated version of Zardy.
  • Whitty’s voice sample is slightly higher pitched then the voice sample from his Full Week mod.
  • Garcello’s voice sample sounds slightly different then his original mod.
  • When you complete the full week in Story Mode, the game opens a YouTube link that is unlisted, meaning only people with the link can view. It does not crash the game when this happens, unlike the Bob mod and Brightside mod.
  • As is starting to become a trend, the mod contains animated cutscenes. Unlike week seven, the cutscenes are just an iTunes video file being played by the computer, therefore, it can be played on almost any computer, even offline. Week 7 cutscenes can only be played on a high-quality computer, as it must go through the internet. And some computers can’t process fast enough.
  • This mod is made by the same person who made Taeyai

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