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New mechanics, new layout, new everything. - Bob

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Golden Throne

Dude!!! that was sick! - Filip

This mod is on the golden throne! It's considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the FNF community!

Why do you persist, knowing you live behind this facade?
― Spirit, Thorns [B-Side Remix]

Friday Night Funkin': B-Sides is a mod created by Rozebud, with music and charting help from JADS and additional art by Cval. It overhauls a lot from icons to tracks, with all tracks from Weeks 1-6 (except for Monster) having B-Side remixes and all weeks having palette swaps, others include Redesigns for BF, new animations, and even upcoming previews of animations.


beep bo be ba skee
― B-Side Boyfriend, B-Side Roses

Color Differences

  • His hair is now bright pink instead of cyan.
  • His pants are now red instead of blue.
  • His sneakers are now purple instead of red.
  • His cap is now purple, and red instead of red and blue, respectively.
  • In Week 5, he wears black pants (instead of blue), lavender and black boots (instead of beige), and a purple parka (instead of red).

Appearence Differences (New Style)

  • His hair has changed, making the hair more smoothy
  • His sneakers have a golden part to it and the tie and tongue are more square like, and it his shoes are the SOAP brand.
  • His shirt is now purple and white jacket with a small red prohibition sign
  • He now has a golden earring in his ear


Color Differences

  • Her hair is now blonde instead of auburn.
  • Her dress and heels are now purple instead of red.
  • In Week 5, her gloves and the symbol on her stockings are purple (instead of red).

Appearence Differences (New Style)

  • Her hair has changed, making the hair more smoothy
  • Her mittens are attached to her hands, which is a working way to put them on the hands
  • In Week 5, her gloves are light blue, which has a light blue Christmas outfit
  • her style is different, similar to the classic version


Color Differences

  • His skin is now a light pink instead of lavender.
  • His hair is now dark brown instead of dark grey.
  • His shirt and pants are now a gold color instead of black.
  • In Week 5, his shirt and pants are gold like in Week 1 (instead of dark green) and his gun is gold (instead of steel). The throne he's sitting on is also now silver (instead of gold).


Color Differences

  • Skid and Pump's color schemes appear to have swapped with each other.
  • The bones on Skid's costume are now orange instead of white.
  • Skid's pupils are now green instead of white.
  • Pump's pumpkin head mask is now white instead of orange.


Color Differences

  • His hair and shoelaces are now gray instead of orange.
  • His shirt is now gray with black sleeves instead of green.
  • His pants are now desaturated pinkisk purple instead of beige.
  • His sneakers are now navy blue instead of maroon.
  • His microphone and his Gun are now gold instead of steel.


Color Differences

  • Her hair is now black instead of auburn.
  • Her skin is now pink instead of purple.
  • Her dress and fingernails are now violet instead of red.
  • Her jacket and thigh-high heel boots are now dark green instead of black.
  • In Week 5, her Santa outfit is now violet and green instead of red and white respectively.


Color Differences

  • His lemon-shaped head is now light green instead of yellow, making him look more like a lime.


Just who do you think you are?!
― B-Side Senpai, Roses

Color Differences

  • His hair is now white instead of strawberry blonde.
  • His shirt is now white instead of blue.
  • His tie is now gold instead of pink.
  • His jeans and shoes are now black instead of gray.
  • In his angry expression, his eyes are now gold instead of baby blue.


The worlds begin to collide.
― B-Side Spirit, Thorns

Color Differences

  • He is now blue instead of light red.
  • His icon is more detailed than the original spirit



  • In Week 5 some of the characters on the second floor have been changed to other popular modded characters and creators, while others stay the same. These are from left to right:
  • There is an alternate download of the mod that includes the remixes only so it is compatible with other mods.
  • At the end of Spookeez (B-Side), if you listen close enough, you're able to hear the "Past" sound from Sonic CD.
  • At the end of Thorns (B-Side), you will hear Spirit with a robotic voice saying , "Don't leave me here, I don't want to die.", with "die" being repeated and glitched.
  • Almost every first song of each week was remixed by JADS, only excluding Week 5 where Cocoa was instead remixed by Rozebud.
    • Week 6 is the only week with more than 1 remix by JADS. In fact, almost every remix in the week was done by JADS, with only Roses and the Game Over music being remixed by Rozebud.
  • Daddy Dearest's and Spirit's icons come from FPS Plus, only here it is recolored to resemble B-Side Daddy Dearest and Spirit.
  • Eggnog and Thorns are the only remixes to have the same BPM as their original version (excluding the non-playable songs).
  • This is the first mod to overhaul every week. The second is Salty's Sunday Night.
  • Ninjamuffin99 has said in Reddit AMA that he wants to include B-Sides in the official game in some form.
    • This probably refers to the Erect Difficulty, which is a new difficulty level that will come with a new remix for every track in the full game.
  • "Cocoa"'s B-Sides remix instrumental appears to use the drums from "Fresh"
  • B-Side Pico has some elements of Otis from the newgrounds game 'Picos Cousin'


Tutorial (B-Side)
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 1.35 (Easy)
1.6 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)

Bopeebo (B-Side)
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy)
1.5 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 33,950 (Easy)
38,850 (Normal & Hard)
Fresh (B-Side)
BPM: 132
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 37,100 (Easy)
54,600 (Normal & Hard)
Dadbattle (B-Side)
BPM: 187
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 58,100 (Easy)
60,900 (Normal & Hard)

Spookeez (B-Side)
BPM: 168
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 57,750 (Easy)
89,600 (Normal & Hard)
South (B-Side)
BPM: 184
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 62,650 (Easy)
70,350 (Normal & Hard)

Pico (B-Side)
BPM: 163
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 60,550 (Easy)
92,050 (Normal & Hard)
Philly Nice (B-Side)
BPM: 187
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 104,650 (Easy)
127,050 (Normal & Hard)
Blammed (B-Side)
BPM: 172
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 65,100 (Easy)
94,150 (Normal & Hard)

Satin Panties (B-Side)
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 67,200 (Easy)
109,550 (Normal & Hard)
High (B-Side)
BPM: 137
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 89,950 (Easy)
135,100 (Normal & Hard)
M.I.L.F (B-Side)
BPM: 196
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.75 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 137,550 (Easy)
178,850 (Normal & Hard)

Cocoa (B-Side)
BPM: 111
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 78,750 (Easy)
95,900 (Normal & Hard)
Eggnog (B-Side)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 80,850 (Easy)
107,800 (Normal & Hard)
Winter Horrorland (B-Side)
BPM: 166
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)

Main Game

Senpai (B-Side)
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 76,650 (Easy)
85,400 (Normal & Hard)
Roses (B-Side)
BPM: 127
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.75 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 67,900 (Easy)
103,250 (Normal & Hard)
Thorns (B-Side)
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 106,050 (Easy)
126,700 (Normal & Hard)


Lunchbox (B-Side)
BPM: 65
Game Over Chiptune (B-Side)
BPM: 199

B-Sides BF Icon.png
Gettin' Freaky (B-Side)
BPM: 102
B-Sides BF Icon.png
Breakfast (B-Side)
BPM: 159
Game Over (B-Side)
BPM: 100
Retry (B-Side)

Week 6 Dialogue

Senpai Dialogue

SenpaiBsideIcon.png Senpai: Ah, a new fa- hmmmm, you seem quite familiar. Have we perhaps met somewhere before?

SenpaiBsideIcon.png Senpai: Nevertheless, I shall fight for the hand of your beloved....

SenpaiBsideIcon.png Senpai: And win, of course.

BFBsidePixelIcon.png Boyfriend: skeeby dippy pop

Roses Dialogue

SenpaiBsideAngryIcon.png Senpai: Just who do you think you are?

SenpaiBsideAngryIcon.png Senpai: Whatever, I'll just make sure you're never able to walk again.

SenpaiBsideAngryIcon.png Senpai: And your girl...

SenpaiBsideAngryIcon.png Senpai: Will

SenpaiBsideAngryIcon.png Senpai: Be

SenpaiBsideAngryIcon.png Senpai: MINE

BFBsidePixelIcon.png Boyfriend: beep bo be ba skee

Thorns Dialogue

SpiritBsideIcon.png Spirit: You are living a lie.

SpiritBsideIcon.png Spirit: Why do you persist, knowing you live behind this facade?

SpiritBsideIcon.png Spirit: What is your ulterior motive? Are you after something?

SpiritBsideIcon.png Spirit: Either way, the fabric of reality will tear.

SpiritBsideIcon.png Spirit: The worlds begin to collide.

SpiritBsideIcon.png Spirit: And I will not let myself rot in here.

SpiritBsideIcon.png Spirit: Let's finish this.

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  1. Exclusive to FPS Plus (a mod developed by the same creator as the B-Sides mod)