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Reason: BonziBuddy says Expand Dong. Also some of these character's sources are rated M games. G-Man's movements could possibly be unsettling to certain individuals. People Playground and Mutilate-a-Doll 2, the source games for the human and the ragdoll, are gory. Finally, BonziBuddy is a spyware.

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The mod, Friday Night Sandboxin' adds characters from sandbox games into Friday Night Funkin', which includes: Ragdoll (from MaD2), Bonzi, Interactive Buddy, Human (from People Playground), and G-Man (From Half-Life). The Difficulties are swapped from Easy to Hard from Hard to Easy.



Human is a character that originates from the sandbox game, People Playground.


Human appears as a slightly darkened pale-colored rig with a head with dotted eyes floating over a torso and arms.

Other than that, it's just an ordinary rig holding a mic.



Ragdoll is a character that originates from the sandbox games, Mutilate a Doll, and Mutilate a Doll 2. Bonkers profile is this too.


Ragdoll appears as a rig with a light brown head, floating over a torso and arms covered in stone gray clothing. He has dark blue pants, covering the whole bottom part of the body, similarly to the stone gray clothing.

In his right and down poses, the mic is in his left hand. In his up, idle, and left poses, the mic is in his right hand.



Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise... and shine.
― G-Man, Half Life 2

G-Man is a character that originates from the Half-Life series. However, here G-Man is a representative of the sandbox game Garry's Mod.


G-Man appears as he does in Half-Life 2: a realistic man with pale skin and black hair. He also wears a blue button suit and pants, a pinkish purple tie, and carries a gray briefcase. Unlike in Half-Life 2, where he has very subtle movements and is not very expressive, his body language is very exaggerated, with cartoonish facial expressions, much alike what players can do with character models in Garry's Mod by posing ragdolls.

His song is set in the iconic Garry's Mod map gm_construct.



  • His sprite sheet is based off of Daddy Dearest's. This is why he has only 1 frame in his left pose animation.

Interactive Buddy

Interactive Buddy is a character that originates from the sandbox game, Interactive Buddy.


Interactive Buddy appears as 6 grey spheres, 2 for the hands, 2 for the legs, one for the torso, and one for the head. They hold a shockingly realistic mic in their hand.



Good evening, Expand Dong! Hope you've had a nice day!

- Bonzi, Windows XP Destruction

Bonzi is a character that originates from BonziBuddy. He was a free desktop virtual assistant made by Joe and Jay Bonzi back in 1993. Depending on a user's choice, he would share jokes and facts, manage downloads, sing songs, and talk, among other functions. Some versions of the software were described as spyware and adware. Unfortunately, BonziBuddy was discontinued back in 2004 due to the company behind the software facing lawsuits, etc. Bonzi's website remained open after the discontinuation of BonziBuddy, but was shut down at the end of 2008.


Bonzi appears as a purple gorilla with white eyes, black pupils, light purple palms, a light purple mouth and belly, and has purple arms, legs, feet, ears, and a purple head.

His song is set in a Windows XP desktop, with the iconic Bliss wallpaper.


Cameos In Other Mods


  • Spyware has the second highest scroll speed across all mods, with a whopping 10 on Pain mode, being matched with Brightside's Personal Fuck You, Pou's Murder, and Mr Trololo's Evacuate on Troll Mode, only being beaten by Corrupt's Fuck You Bitch.
    • PFU, FUB, and Murder aren't serious, however, tying Trololo and Bonzi. Additionally, Evacuate on Troll Difficulty's chart isn't even finished, making it impossible due to the fact that you die from HP drain due to not being able to hit any notes, making Evacuate impossible, and making Bonzi the winner in serious terms so far.
  • The first song of the sandbox week, Faraday, is based on the song "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Johannes Brahms. This is a reference to a song in People Playground played on the jukebox, which is why it is the People Playground Human's song. Faraday is also a German unit of power, which could be a reference to the many German items in People Playground or the achievment called "Faraday Malfunction".
    • The instrumental of Faraday is ripped directly from this remix.
    • The last song of the sandbox week, Spyware, references Faraday at the beginning of the song.
      • Also in this song there is a reference to the old song Insanity
  • The beginning of Interaction is based on the radio music in Interactive Buddy, which plays when giving the Buddy a radio.
  • Bonzi Buddy's voice is used from is a speech to text.
  • Various songs in this mod, particularly when involving Bonzi Buddy, reference internet memes:
    • The game over screen plays an arrangement of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, implying the player gets "rickrolled".
    • The pause screen music also references an internet meme, playing a MIDI arrangement of the "Among Drip" theme by Leonz.
    • Spyware includes the motifs of both Megalovania and Ugh.
    • Interaction also includes a slight leitmotif of Megalovania as well.
  • Human's microphone is made up of the People Playground items "Industrial Gyroscopic Stabilizer" and "Flashlight".
  • In Spyware, Bonzi is heard saying "Expand Dong" which is a reference to Windows destruction series by Vargskelethor in which Vargskelethor inputs his name in the Bonzi Program as, "Expand Dong".
  • The beginning of the song "Dollhouse" references Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart.
  • The window when playing the game reads "fiday niht funin" for some reason.


Menu Theme
Pause Menu
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Hard)
1.5 (Normal)
3 (Easy)
4.3 ("Pain")
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.7 (Hard, Normal)
3.1 (Easy)
5 ("Pain")
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.7 (Hard)
1.8 (Normal)
3.3 (Easy)
4.6 ("Pain")
Maximum Score: 78050
IB icon.png
BPM: 220
Scroll Speed: 2.7 (Hard, Normal)
3.4 (Easy)
5.5 ("Pain")
BB icon.png
BPM: 300
Scroll Speed: 3.5 (Hard)
3.4 (Normal)
4 (Easy)
10 ("Pain")

2:49 Bonzi: Expand dong.

Version History

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

Version 1.1

  • Scroll speeds are fixed.

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