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This mod is currently lost media, as the download is no longer available. We will still record what is left of what we can access, but as of the time being, you can no longer get and download this mod.

Note: Gamebanana is Privated, Drive Link and Source Code Link got Deleted

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Fridge is a character modded into Friday Night Funkin' by DavidPootis and helped by Oliver Adams, DragonForce, and FlakyMC_YT. Having the codes of the alternate, 6k, and 9k notes inserted into the mod by DavidPootis and owned by srPerez.


Fridge appears as.. well.... a fridge. Fridge also has two gray hands with a mic in its left hand.


Gameplay Mechanics - 6k, 9k, and Alternate Notes

  • During Spoiled, there will be six notes instead of four as usual. The keybinds for these notes are S, D, F, J, K, and L.
    • This code is used in the Shaggy mod.
  • During COUNTDOWN, there will be nine notes present. The keybinds for these notes are A, S, D, F, space, H, J, K, and L.
    • Previously said in the first bullet, his code is also used in the Shaggy mod.
  • While playing fridge's week, there will be alternate notes, one being caution notes and the other being fire notes.
    • Caution notes need to be caught, or you die and get the game over screen.
    • Fire notes are needed to be avoided being caught, if you catch any fire notes, you also die and get the game over screen.




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