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Reason: This mod based on Five Nights at Freddy's, a horror game series with SEVERAL themes of child murder. There are also flashing lights. Also the bloodied background of the song "You Can't" and its ending may frighten some. And there are jumpscares. (not many in the mod, but that's pretty much what FNaF is known for). Some of the characters and variants of them in the original series can be unsettling to some.

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Reason: This page shows how to unlock the extra songs. Elements of the mod may also spoil the story of FNaF.

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Sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing all day, I'm here with all my friends, we're at Pissville, we're gonna sing all day. Wake up! It's time to sing! Let's sing! We're gonna have a great time, you and me, we're gonna be best pals, we're gonna be buddies forever. - B-Side UniqueGeese

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Upcoming: Old Man Consequences, The Crying Child, Freddy Fazbear (NOT the one in Fazbars), Mendo, Balloon Boy, Ennard, and Michael Afton, are all confirmed to be upcoming characters! There is also a trailer for the next update on the owner/directors YouTube channel

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Funkin At Freddy's + Afton Full Week is a mod created by JcJack777 and stars Boyfriend facing many various characters from the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise. The main week of the mod features Boyfriend and William Afton engaged several in rap battles, ending poorly for the both of them.

The Story

Note: Most of this information seems to come from BlueStopSign's video on the mod, mainly gained by interviews from the directors of the mod.

Unaware of certain rumors, a hungry Boyfriend decides to visit the critically acclaimed restaurant Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for a quick bite. He there encounters a glitched Freddy Fazbear before entering. However, upon finishing, he's approached by a seemingly innocent staff member who kindly invites him for a rap battle, to which Boyfriend happily agrees, and the two put on a show for the children of the restaurant! This can't possibly go wrong... right? After the show, our violet fellow lures Boyfriend to follow him into the backroom of the restaurant. Innocent and curious, Boyfriend does as told, naively unaware of how things are about to go wrong in the worst way possible...

Years later, William is magically reborn in the same animatronic rabbit suit of which he was crushed inside. And Boyfriend, now appearing as a horrific phantom hallucination, is now hungry for something other than pizza, vengeance. He invites our aubergine friend for round 2 of the rap battle that ended his life, to which the sick sadistic bastard responds in agreement, ready to kill him again. After their battle, Boyfriend burns the place down and has one last battle with Afton while he tries to kill him.

Boyfriend gets teleported away before it finishes burning thanks to the help of RWQFSFASXC who was watching him, and after giving him his happiest day, sends him back to before his encounter with Afton. But he keeps his memory of the entire experience, so he goes to tell local conspiracy theorist Matthew Patrick about it. He explains the FNaF lore to him, but while doing so, he gets teleported away.

He gets taken to Scott Cawthon himself, who is furious with Boyfriend for telling MatPat his secrets, and after he attempts and fails to deal with Boyfriend, he gets fed up and sends Boyfriend to the pond where he meets Old Man Consequences as a punishment.


William Afton

I always come back.
― Scraptrap, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator

William Afton is the main antagonists of the FNaF series and is the main opponent of the mod.


William Afton appears as a lanky, purple-colored figure drawn in a crude, pixelated style. He holds a purple mic and wears a yellow security badge.

In Midnight, he has a slightly shiftier looking expression on his face, and he also moves a bit slower.

In You Can't, Afton wears a yellow bunny springlock suit with a missing ear depicting the character Spring Bonnie. Later in the song, he has a slightly more panicked expression, with visible sweat around his head, and holds a bloody knife.

In Salvage and Nightmare, Afton appears in the form of Springtrap, his now mangled corpse trapped in the springlock suit as a result of the events of You Can't. The springlock suit itself is now in a state of severe disrepair, now having a dull dark green coloration to it, and several tears in it.




RWQFSFASXC, also known as Shadow Bonnie or RWQ for short, is a mysterious shadow counterpart of Toy Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and the main opponent of Umbra.


RWQFSFASXC appears as a glitchy (shown in its singing poses) humanoid dark purple bunny drawn in a crude, pixelated art style.


  • Aside from Debug, it is not possible to see RWQFSFASXC's icons, as the health bar is obscured during Umbra.
  • RWQFSFASXC's left pose is very similar to Withered Bonnie.
  • Despite holding a microphone in their idle animation, the mic disappears in all of their note animations.
  • The name of RWQFSFASXC's song, Umbra, is literally defined as "shadow or darkness."
  • Despite their official name being a big 'ol jumble of nonsense letters, many people know the character as Shadow Bonnie, or use that name as a reasonable nickname.


But hey, that's JUST A THEORY! A GAME THEORY. Thanks for watching.
― MatPat, End of every Game Theory

It's MatPat from the YouTube channel "Game Theory"


MatPat is a human with beige skin and brown hair. He wears a beige shirt, brown pants, black shoes, and a purple lanyard around his neck.

In some sections of Just a Theory, he appears in a pixelated artstyle, and wears a different outfit consisting of (what appears to be) a black jacket and pants, a black cap with a green underside, green shoes, a white shirt, and sunglasses.


  • Matpat's outfit and idle pose in the non-pixelated parts of the song are based on a photo of him that is very frequently used to represent MatPat in Game Theory videos.
  • The cartoony shocked face MatPat makes in his left singing pose is also based on Game Theory episodes, where Patrick's shocked face from the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is frequently edited onto the aforementioned photo of him to convey shock.
    • Similarly, the smug face he makes in his up pose uses the same cartoony eyes and is edited onto the photo to show smugness or pride.
  • Just a Theory uses a frequent leitmotif of Science Blaster, the song used in the intro for Game Theory.
  • Due to the fact that Freddy Fazbear's is real in this universe, MatPat is a conspiracy theorist.
  • His song is the third mod to be pixelated mid-song. First being in Doki Doki Takeover and second being in Vs. Sonic.Exe.


It was fun being the puppet-master, but now I grow weary. It's time to put you in your place. Now let me show you how this game ends.
― Scott Cawthon, FNaF World

Scott Cawthon (otherwise known as Animdude, The Storyteller, or Omega Scott in the FNaF World files, and The Puppet-Master by 8-Bit Fredbear) is the main antagonist and final boss in FNaF World. In this mod, he has an unlockable song, that being Fourth Wall.


His appearance is the three-dimensional representation of the developer's icon (who shares the same name) avatar which originally came from one of his previous games, There is No Pause Button!, appearing as a couple of cubes in the form of a figure. He is glowing entirely light blue.


  • Scott's voice comes from one of his old Christian cartoons, specifically the David and Goliath one, because it's the cleanest thing they had of his voice. His samples are taken from the line "Um, we really do! We need... We really need three.", as proven by Jacaris.
  • Scott's "Ya know?" line comes from his interview with Dawko.
  • The name of Scott’s song, Fourth Wall, is a reference to Animdude's signature move, 4th Wall from FNaF World.
    • It could also be seen as a meta joke due to the fact that this character is quite literally the creator of Five Nights at Freddy's put into his own game, which would be defined as breaking the fourth wall.
  • On September 3rd, 2021, a person going by the name Arch compromised many accounts on platforms such as Gamebanana and Game Jolt. Scott was one of his victims.
  • Scott's winning icon has a gold trophy on it. This is another reference to There Is No Pause Button!, in which a similar trophy is at the end of each level.


Freddy Fazbear

When you wake up, just remember friends are forever.
― Freddy Fazbear, Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Freddy Fazbear is the mascot of the Five Night's at Freddy's series. He currently only appears in Fazbars, a satirical parody of poorly made Friday Night Maker levels and within 1UP Cartoons' vs. Freddy Demo . However, there are plans to turn him into a more serious character by merging this mod with 1up's Freddy Fazbear mod.


Freddy Fazbear is a brown bear wearing a black bowtie and top hat. His sprites consist of official renders of him, some of which being poorly edited.


  • After beating Fazbars, the mod will display a randomly generated fake IP address before opening this link on your default web-browser.
  • His alt poses in Showtime are references to Golden Freddy.


Old Man Consequences

Come and sit with me a while. Leave the demon to his demons. Rest your own soul. There is nothing else.
― Old Man Consequences, Ultimate Custom Night

Old Man Consequences was a character that was supposed to appear in the song "Consequences" in a later update but was left in the files accidentally according to AquaThatOne.


Like many of the other characters featured in the mod, Old Man Consequences is drawn in a crude, pixelated art style. He is a anthropomorphic red crocodile and is always shown fishing in the nearby pond.




BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Composer(s): Punkett
Follow Me
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Composer(s): Punkett and Cval
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Composer(s): Punkett
You Can't
BPM: 195
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Composer(s): Punkett

BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.6
Nightmare (Purple Mix)
BPM: 142
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Composer(s): Jacaris


SpringtrapFAFIcon.png Afton: Let's get this over with... so I can kill you again.

SpringtrapFAFIcon.png Afton: Give up your soul to me.

SpringtrapFAFIcon.png Afton: Now let's see if you can handle this!

FAFSpringtrapWin.png Afton: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

SpringtrapFAFIcon.png Afton: I've been living in the shadows.

FAFSpringtrapWin.png Afton: HA HA HA HA HA HA...

SpringtrapFAFLose.png Afton: I'm going to kill you, and I'm going to make it HURT.

SpringtrapFAFLose.png Afton: You are STAYING! Burn. With. ME!


SpringtrapFAFLose.png Afton: Don't leave me here, Michael... Michael!
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 2.9
Composer(s): Punkett
Just a Theory
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Composer(s): Punkett and EthanTheDoodler
Fourth Wall
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.7
Composer(s): Jacaris

ScottCIcon.png Scott Cawthon: Y'know?
BPM: 150 (149 in-game)
Scroll Speed: 1.6
Composer(s): EthanTheDoodler
Joke song

Salvage (Old)
Nightmare (Original Ver.)
BPM: 142
Composer(s): Jacaris
Originally made as a concept before getting remixed/remade for this mod.

BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 2.4
Confirmed to be coming in a later update, accidentally left in the files.
BPM: 105
Scroll Speed: 2
Composer(s): 1up Cartoons

0:00 I bet you didn't expect me to show up. D-did you now?
After Hours (Preview)
BPM: Unknown
Scroll Speed: Unknown
Composer(s): 1up Cartoons
Third Freddy Song Preview
BPM: Unknown
Scroll Speed: Unknown
Composer(s): 1up Cartoons
Celebrate (Remastered)
Composer(s): punkett

Gameplay Mechanics

Phantoms: In Salvage, 3 phantom animatronics will distract the player while singing: Phantom Puppet will obscure the player's strikeline, Phantom Balloon Boy will cover the screen and laugh before fading away, and Phantom Chica will jump scare the player at the end of the song.

Ventilation Error: In Nightmare, the screen flashes red in time with beeps from the music.

ERROR: In Umbra, the background rapidly changes while RWQFSFASXC is playing, which serves as visual distractions.

There Is No PAUSE Button!: In Fourth Wall, it is impossible to pause the game, a reference to an earlier Scott game called "There Is No Pause Button", from which the AnimDude character originated.

Song Unlocks

  • To unlock Salvage and Nightmare, you simply need to go into freeplay after beating the main week, where you will see a new song unlocked.
  • To unlock Umbra, click the RWQFSFASXC plush next to BF during Nightmare.
  • To unlock Just a Theory, type 395248 in the main menu. You can find this code by playing Umbra, which has the numbers in some of the background changes.
  • To unlock Fourth Wall, beat all the other songs in the mod (excluding Fazbars and Umbra) and it will appear in the extras menu, showing as a new challenger, similar to Salvage and Nightmare.
  • To unlock Fazbars, click on Afton 1987 TIMES in the Main Menu. An Autoclicker is heavily recommended.

Trivia (General)

  • Fazbars will not appear in the extras menu after completing it, meaning you will have to click on Afton 1987 more times to play it again. However, in the assets folder where the extras icons are stored, this seems to originally have not been the case, with an icon for the song that references Mario Pissing.
  • Consequences was intended to be left for a post-launch update for the mod, but all the files for the song were left in the initial release by mistake. To unlock it, after beating Fourth Wall, you would have to catch a fish in any song, like in Ultimate Custom Night.
  • An image in the files labelled "STRATEGY_GUIDE_FOR_UNLOCKS_READ_IF_STUCK.png" gives the methods on how to unlock each of the bonus songs mentioned above aside from Consequences.
    • This same image is a reference to a fake magazine excerpt of a method to unlock Waluigi as a playable character in Super Mario 64 DS.
  • Girlfriend only appears in one song, being Just a Theory.
  • In Just a Theory, Boyfriend's pixel design seems to be directly taken from Funk Mix, except the colors have been replaced by Boyfriend's usual color scheme.
  • The code to unlock Just a Theory is a reference to FNaF 3, where you have to put in the same code in a 3x3 grid of wall tiles to access a mini game.
  • This mod is the third known mod to tamper with the pause feature, as seen in Fourth Wall. The first mod to do this is Wednesday's Infidelity, and the second mod to do this is Speed.GIF.
    • However, Wednesday's pause disabling can be circumvented, while Fourth Wall's cannot.
  • Fazbars has the third longest period of time between the beginning of the song and the first note seen in any known FNF song, lasting 51 seconds or nearly a third of the song's length. This length just barely beats Moderato’s start, which lasts 48 seconds.
  • The image that appears on the main menu changes with the opponents you beat. After completing Afton's week, he will show up by himself on the main menu. Completing the respective song(s) for each character (aside from Old Man Consequences and Freddy) will add them to the main menu.
  • At the end of Umbra, Boyfriend sings a portion of The Living Tombstone's Five Nights At Freddy's 1 song.
  • In multiple of the backgrounds displayed during Umbra, the code 395248 is shown, most likely hinting to the player that they should enter the code in the main menu.
    • Doing so unlocks the Just a Theory song, as previously stated.
    • The code itself is the exact same code used to unlock the State-01 minigame. Inverting the code and using it as a hexidecimal will reveal itself to be one of the shades of purple used for William Afton.
  • In the character files of the mod, there is a Photoshop file called "nightmare.psd".
    • When opened, its just the Nightmare freeplay icon.
  • A few game files are misspelled, possibly as a reference to a meme.
    • Scott's full sprite sheet is named "scoot", Springtrap's reference photos are named "spingap" and his sprite sheet is named "spingtap"
  • Springtrap's song, nightmare, games files are named "frightAAABURN".
  • Nightmare as a song, and as far as knowledge is concerned, went through two iterations just six months apart. The previous iteration can be seen here.
  • In the images folder, there's a image of the Fredbear plush, but instead named "psychic_friend_fredbear" referencing one of MatPat's jokes. Watch it here.
  • During the end of You Can't, The Springbonnie suit William is wearing most likely kills him due to sweat as no water is seen leaking like it does during the original mini-game.
    • The Springlock suits fail when in contact with water, and spring the locks back into place. This is a Springlock failure.
  • In the cover art for NIGHTMARE: Purple Mix on YouTube, the upper part of the microphone appears to be angled towards the screen, despite the the mic’s handle being angled away from the screen. This could mean the microphone Springtrap uses could be bent. However, it is most likely just a mistake on the artist’s half.
  • Springtrap's lines "I'm going to kill you, and I'm going to make it hurt." and "Don't leave me here, Michael! Michael!" during Nightmare are both in references to Finale by Squimpus McGrimpus.
  • You can't use the debug menu.
  • In the original Five Nights at Freddy's, entering 1987 will instantly trigger Golden Freddy's kill screen, which will then close the game This was added by Scott Cawthon to cease false rumors about entering 1/9/8/7 (a reference to The Bite of '87) into the difficulty settings to get an alternate ending. That’s why you have to tap 1987 times. It’s copying off of Golden Freddy's kill screen.
  • The letters at the end of Follow Me spell out "S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M-S-A-V-E-T-H-E-M", similar to the FNAF 2 death minigames.

Gallery (General)

note: The FLA files aren't released, I have no idea why people are saying these are hidden in the FLA files.

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