Funkipedia Mods Wiki

The Funkipedia Mods Wiki's Style Manual is a guide on how to properly edit, format, and create pages so that poorly done edits may get reduced. It is expected all users follow these as they are written, as these are the base standards for quality. If you see an edit or something similar on a page that violates these guidelines, don't be afraid to fix it.

It is important to note even if you don't know much about editing, we still suggest you try it out, as long as you follow these standards and the basic wiki rules that are set in place.

Despite these not being listed in the rules, they will still be enforced as if they were rules, which means warnings and even blocks may occur if these are violated.

P.S.A. regarding mobile users

A note for mobile users of Fandom: the limitations of portable Fandom can make it awkward and troublesome for anyone to make some of the more complicated or generally larger edits. If any editors are a mobile user, use desktop view to ensure that all features are available and try to limit edits to simple ones, such as grammar/typo fixes.

For the best experience, it is strongly recommended that edits are made on desktop platforms such as a PC or a laptop.

Language and Grammar

  1. This is a primarily English-speaking wiki. All pages must be written following the style of American English (apologies to British English writers). Writing words in the style of British English out of habit will not be punished, but it will be fixed. This is to ensure that the writing on articles remain consistent. Pages should never be written or changed to be translated in another language. This will be reverted. Users of other languages are encouraged to use translating tools such as a translation software to read the pages.
    • Examples: favorite over favourite, gray over grey, paralyze over paralyse, defense over defence.
  2. Remain in 3rd person. Do not use personal pronouns like "I" or "me" or any words that give attention to the editors. Do not use "you" or "we" when referring to readers either. When referring to people who play the game, simply refer to them as "the player/players.
  3. Slang words should rarely be used. In almost all situations, formal language is expected to be used when writing or describing things as the wiki aims to be informative. However, contractions are generally acceptable. Don't make sarcastic, joke, or generally satirical or informal edits either. This wiki is used by millions constantly and should keep it's writing understandable and professional.
  4. Keep it simple. Strive to make the wiki understandable for everyone without having to refer to a dictionary every other sentence. Use simple descriptions, understandable vocabulary and an easy-to-follow structuring that smoothly leads one sentence to the next. This does not mean editors cannot be descriptive or use synonyms to avoid repeating the same word over and over, but remember that word choice matters. Simplicity goes a long way to make reading through an article more enjoyable but variety helps make it interesting too.
  5. Keep a neutral point of view. All articles should remain as neutral as possible. Do not word anything in a page in a manner that could possibly inject personal biases or viewpoints to the subject. Remain objective as much as possible to present an article's subject fairly and reliably without editorial bias.
    • A bad example: Run is considered one of the most difficult songs to be modded in. (While it is arguable, the editor that wrote this should not be injecting that idea into a reader's mind when they should be discovering that for themselves. Considerations, theories, and other such speculation and opinions generally shouldn't be inserted either.)
    • A good example: Salty remains just friends with Itsumi in Salty's Sunday Night, but they are confirmed to be in a relationship in Salty's Sunday Night Peppered.
  6. Do not use profanities and foul language. Never use vulgarisms to describe things in an article. For example, just say, "a terrible situation," instead of, "a sh**ty situation." The only exception when such language is allowed is if it is relevant to the page subject. A prime example of this is cutscene dialogue, which needs to be transcripted accurately and faithfully to the game. In such specific circumstances, profanities can be left uncensored.
  7. Numbers do not need to be written out in full. All numbers should be written in numeral form.
    • Numbers that go above a thousand should have commas as thousand separators. Periods should be used as decimal points.
  8. Several ways of writing in a main article should be avoided. Writing like this diminishes the reading experience for users and makes the page look incompetent. Examples include:
    • Writing in all caps (Like, BOB IS MAD)
    • Using emoticons (Like, --> , - :) , ; ] , etc, etc)
    • Overusing punctuation (Like, this!!! or this???)
    • Abbreviations - (Like, "u r rly dum" or "srsly")
    • Starting with lowercase - (Like "pico is funny")
    • Starting each word with uppercase (Like This. Do Not Do This.)
  9. Lists of three or more things do not require the Oxford comma. The wiki chooses not to use it in most cases. However, if a list appears confusing due to its omission, then for clarity's sake, use it.
    • Example for a simple list that doesn't need it: One, two and three (no Oxford comma) instead of One, two, and three (with Oxford comma).
    • Example for a more confusing list that should use it: One and two, three and four, and five and six (with Oxford comma) instead of One and two, three and four and five and six (no Oxford comma).
  10. Dates must have the suffix written in superscript. Additionally, add a comma before the year if writing it.
    • Bad examples: 3rd November 2020. November 3rd, 2020. 3rd of November 2020.
    • Good example: 3rd of November, 2020.

Page Creation

When creating a page here, make sure it meets up to the following qualities. If not, it may be deleted. If you are worried or overwhelmed by page creation or editing in general, you are welcome to first use your Sandbox page beforehand.

  • Is the page about an existing and mod that has an active link on gamebanana to download it? If not, please make sure the page has substantial content upon creation.
  • Do not create a page with under 1,000 bytes. You can check byte count by going to the page history and checking the byte count for the most recent edit. If a page is found to be under 1,000 bytes upon creation, it will be deleted.
  • Do not create a page that is a duplicate of another.
  • Don't create a template that is not for personal use without administrator approval.

Page Titles

Please make sure your page title is the name of the mod, character, etc. If the title is already taken, and but is a seperate mod by a separate developer, please add the dev name in parenthesis at the end of the title.

Please make sure the first instance of the page's name on the article is in bold.


Links are what bring multiple pages and articles together. The can be added by putting two brackets at the beginning and end of what you want to be linked while in source editor. For example, if you wanted to make a link to Martian Mixtape, you would put [[Martian Mixtape]] while in source editor. If you wanted to make it say "Xigmund", but still have it link to the same page, you would put [[Martian Mixtape|Xigmund]], and it would come out as Xigmund.

If you wanted to link an external website, you would use one bracket on each end instead. For example, if you wanted to link the gamebanana home page, you would put [ Gamebanana], and that would come out as Gamebanana. (Make sure you put a space between the link and the text you want displayed.)

If you wanted to link a page on a wiki that lies within the FANDOM network, you would put [[w:c:communityname:page name]] down, and replace "communityname" with the wiki name provided at the beginning of the wiki URL. For example, if we wanted to link the Pico page on the main Friday Night Funkin' wiki, you would put [[w:c:fridaynightfunkin:Pico]] and it would come out as w:c:fridaynightfunkin:Pico. If you wanted it to just say "Pico", you would put [[w:c:fridaynightfunkin:Pico|Pico]] and it would come out as Pico.


Templates are pre-made pages that are designed to be included/inserted on other pages. They most often take the form of notices, such as the {{Stub}} template. Templates can serve a variety of purposes.

If you wanted to insert a template onto another page, you would put two curly brackets at the beginning and end of the template name while in source editor, as done above with the stub template. (except the template would actually appear). If the template has fillable parameter(s), you would put {{TemplateName|param1}}, and the parameter would be filled out with whatever you typed in.

Ripping Files

When taking files such as images, gifs, and music from mods, please make sure they are in high quality and function as intended. Music and audio should sound at least very close to as they do in-game, and don't have any "losing" sound effects.

Inserting a File

Inserting a file on a page is similar to inserting a link. For example, If you wanted to insert a gif of Feri at 100 pixels, you would put [[File:FeriAnim.gif|100px]].


Audio is inserted in the same way, but when it is music from a mod, it should have a way it is set up. For example, if you wanted to add the song "Little Man" (excluding lyrics, which have their own parameter) in a page, you would put the following:

{{SongInfo|icon=lil man and pizza guy.png|px=250|name=Little Man|file=Little Man.mp3|bpm=125 > 300 > 269|scroll=2.5 (All Difficulties)|bordercolor=#FFFFFF|maxscore=395,500 (Hard)}}

And it would come out as it is featured here.

Regarding Old Files/Versions

If a new version of a file, sprite, etc. exists, DO NOT upload over the old one or delete it. Instead, upload as a separate piece. This also goes for dialogue as well.

Other General Standards

  1. Do not attempt to bring a deleted, locked, or banned page back. Any attempts to do so will be counteracted and will result in punishment.
  2. Don't add "funny" or "troll" edits. It's not funny and serves no purpose. It will even ruin the page in many circumstances.
  3. Please don't add templates on pages that don't need them. For example, the "mature themes" and "disturbing themes" templates don't need to be on every page with even the slightest hint of maturity.
  4. Try not to repeat any information on any given page unless absolutely needed.