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Geo is Ami's bodyguard and love interest. Geo is a character who originates from Gwain Saga and appears in Friday Night Funkin as a replacement for Boyfriend.


Geo has a white hair with completely black eyes. This wasn't the case for him on earth, since he drastically changed his appearance after being transported to Teora. He has a black and yellow hoodie with shoes of the same color, called Omega Suit. He also wears a MoonTech made EXEVisor, so his eyes are covered, since humans seems to be recognisable due to their eyes, and a dangerous species on Teora. In this mod, Geo also wields an EXEMic, which looks identical to the default microphone.


  • Geo is not inspired by Salty, though it is often speculated that it might be the other way around.
  • Geo's original hair color is black. It changed to white after being transported to Teora.
  • Many episodes of the original series has shown Geo to care about Ami's well-being, not only because of being his bodyguard, but as a genuine feeling. It has been shown to also have romantic feelings towards Ami on episode 008.
  • Geo's design will be changed on Update 2.0 of the mod.




Ami Heddaviand Le'Viand AKA Ami is the princess and heir apparent of Queen Gwain's kingdom. Ami is a character who originates from Gwain Saga and appears in Friday Night Funkin as replacement for Girlfriend.


Ami has long pink hair and pink eyes.. She wears the EXE Arc as life support due to a strange yet extremely fatal illness that causes her life energy to quickly deteriorate over time. Ami wears this most of the time; the only exceptions being in the morning, during sleep, and when she is using it as a bow. Since she doesn't always have to wear it, it could be possible it functions similarly to Tracer's Chronal Accelerator, where as long as she's close to it, she's fine. The EXE Arc also looks similar to cat ears, but an earlier model of the EXE arc had them as bunny ears instead. Ami also wears a white dress, which has the royal symbol on the shirt.


  • Ami is the first Teoran to meet Geo.
  • Ami understands more than 12 different languages.
    • Two of the languages Ami knows are Aurebesh and Dovahzul, languages from Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls.
  • Ami has shown feelings towards Geo since episode 005, but has recently shown her feelings towards him on episode 008
  • Ami has knowledge of how to play the electric guitar, as shown on a flashback on episode 003.




What's going on? I can tell you can fight, why are you holding back?
― Gwain, after knocking down Geo, Gwain Saga 003

Gwain Le'Viand AKA Gwain is a character who originates from Gwain Saga and appears in Friday Night Funkin as a replacement for Daddy Dearest in Week 1. It's the adoptive mother of Ami and Queen of Teora. She has put Geo on the duty of being Ami's bodyguard, and has shown hate towards the human race, since she has explicitly said that if Ami was harmed in any way, she would kill Geo.


Gwain is a tall woman with long, golden hair and golden eyes. It also has her own custom armor for when she is on royal duties


  • Gwain has been shown to know Luna Moonlight, a character that acts as the antagonist of the Gwain Saga Series. It has been shown that she has done many deals with her, one of them being the development of Ami's EXE Arc
  • Gwain hates Geo.




Agni is an upcoming character for Week 2, so there is no info about him yet.


Deva is an upcoming character for Week 2, so there is no info about her yet.


Marlow is an upcoming character for Week 3, so there is no info about her yet.




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