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Upcoming: We're about to get a 6.0.0 update here![1]

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Week 2's first two songs, which were composed by Camellia and are property of the real Gawr Gura and Watson Amelia, will trigger copyright on YT uploads if not cut, even with covers. Also, Week 1 songs are owned by Mori Calliope (in her channel of course).

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However during the last song I researched Hololive Funkin', and to be honest I found some...unsavory things. - DRX-49

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Reason: Concerning unlockable songs and the plot of every individual week so far.

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Note: Some documentation related to the 5.0 lore has been deleted without backup, as Keaton plans to retool them into original FNF content.


Outdated Page

fattest blunt of 2021 - Ralsei smoking a fat blunt

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Were you looking for the Non-Canon Ina week?

Hololive Funkin', or just HoloFunk for short, is a mod created by Keaton Hoshida, where the characters of Friday Night Funkin' are replaced with VTubers both currently and previously associated with Hololive Production.

There is an alternate version that stars Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio "for those more interested in a pure Hololive experience than in the lore that's slowly being built up" to quote the creator.

This mod has become less of a basic reskin and more a full mod, including new songs and all of the sorts related. It currently goes up to Week 5, with plans for more weeks in the future. The mod is still ongoing, either follow Keaton's twitter and/or join the official Discord server for updates.

On January 7th, 2022, publication of the sidestory The Dragon's Pizzeria began, expanding on the background of several characters in the mod and a connection to Kiryu Kazuma hinted at in Week 4's dialogue. It was later deleted in March, however, as it is fundamentally incompatible with rewrites introduced in 6.0.

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Mano Aloe

みんな聞こえておるか〜、人間たち〜! (Can you hear me, humans?!)
― Mano Aloe

Mano Aloe (魔乃アロエ, Mano Aroe) was a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, as part of its fifth generation of VTubers. She is the protagonist of the mod's main campaign, replacing Boyfriend.

Want to know more about Mano Aloe?


Aloe has long, pink hair with a blonde inner side, black eyes (jade green in portraits and CGs) and fair skin. She has two horns, one of which is smaller than the other. She wears a white top with a medium purple colored jacket draped over, and matching skirt and pink shoes. Her tail holds a demon-styled microphone. Around her neck is a heart-backslash necklace, along with a pair of black and white headphones with multi-colored highlights. She also wears 2 star shaped hair clips in her hair and 2 bows around her larger horn. She wears a large, smug grin on her face, and has a suitably smug, crossed-arms idle pose to go along with it.

During Week 4, her hair partially-obscures her left eye, and she wears the same headphones along with a black tank top with white-outlined circles representing a speaker, black shorts with a white hem, a long, bright purple jacket with a fur-trim and black belt, and white and hot pink boots with a high heel design that connects the heels to the soles.

During Week 5, she goes with the holiday theme by wearing a Santa dress, white boots, and white ear warmers.

Her joke design is the same as her normal one, but she has a worried expression in place of a confident grin.

Her beta design was a close approximation of her VTuber outfit, complete with chest harness, skull pendant, heart-shaped waist accessory, and other such details. Like with several other FNF characters both vanilla and modded, the whites of her eyes were also not colored in.


Her character profile description before getting deleted.

A headstrong, mischievous succubus-in-training who dreams of becoming the Diva of the Demonic Realm. Can dish it out, but can’t take it. After learning of hololive from an acquaintance, she decided to come test out her charms in the human realm.


  • Aloe's current left and up animations bear a striking resemblance to Tankman. Whether this is intentional or a mere coincidence is unknown.
  • Rather than using her real-life voice, she instead uses the voice of Boyfriend.
    • As such, she is the only character to not use their real-life voice.
  • All of Aloe's relatives mentioned in her bio are exclusive to the mod's interpretation of her character. While both the previous Daddy Dearest and Mamoru are dead due to the current Daddy Dearest killing them both, her brother became estranged after he disappeared following the aforementioned events. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but he is strongly implied to be the person resembling Aloe and standing directly to the left of Daddy Dearest (his right) in Week 3's flashback.
  • Aloe puts honey on nearly everything. The sole exceptions are drinks and pizza, the latter partly because she has a surface-world identity at in-universe pizza joint Pizza Shark and partly because she considers pizza to be serious business.
  • Like her real-life counterpart, Aloe likes Darling in the Franxx, but in this reality, she has that fixation on honey that stems from before the anime first aired.
  • Aloe has been noted to have one of, if not the biggest appetite in holofunk's cast.[2]
  • Despite being nineteen years old in this canon, the shorter one of Aloe's horns has always lagged behind in terms of growth, which lead her to be insecure about it to the point of initially claiming to be younger than she was in her debut profile.
  • Aloe and Nene are "just friends". Both girls secretly long for something more between them, but their own fears stop them from letting the other know of their feelings.
  • Aloe's living situation and human credentials were accidentally taken from a girl who committed suicide. When her father mistook Aloe for his daughter, she was guilted into taking over her life.
  • Several months after Aloe's retirement at the end of August 2020, Nene reunited with Aloe after stumbling upon her human identity by chance and immediately recognizing her.
  • Aloe is Half-Irish in the mod's continuity, but doesn't know this since she was born in Japan and adopted by a Japanese parent early in life.


Momosuzu Nene

Boing boing is justice.
― Momosuzu Nene

Momosuzu Nene (桃煤ねね) is an active member of hololive's fifth generation alongside Shishiro Botan. A cheerful and upbeat yet also somewhat childish and perverted girl who came from another world to chase after her idol dream, she is the deuteragonist of the mod's main campaign, replacing Girlfriend.

Want to know more about Momosuzu Nene?


Nene has blonde hair with pink tips, and her current design in the mod has her wearing a white-and-yellow bear-print cap, a white crop hoodie, black pants, and a pair of similarly black sneakers with white laces.

The grille of her microphone in the note animations has a silver ring around the middle and a golden-yellow base connecting it to the handle.

Her previous spritesheet prior to the Coco Update featured her wearing the same bear cap from her current outfit, but also the white jacket from her redesign, a pair of cutoff shorts, and brown boots with yellow laces.

Her first spritesheet prior to the AmeSame update featured her old design's attire from before January 31, 2021.

During Week 4, she is seen riding in a motorized shopping cart alongside Botan, Yukihana Lamy, and Omaru Polka. In this week, she wears a close approximation of her current VTuber outfit, key features including white dress underneath an orange jacket, white flowers around her twintail-buns, and the same brown boots from her second primary design for the mod.

During Week 5, her holiday outfit features a Santa dress, along with red pumps, white tights, and a holiday-themed capelet, bun covers, and gloves.

In the April Fools 2021 assets, Nene's face is on the speakers, with the rest of her body absent. A purple crewmate with a halo can be seen mimicking a gif of a yellow crewmate twerking on top of the speakers.


  • Nene owns plush toys of herself and her friends in varying sizes, the largest ones being of herself and Aloe.
  • Her freeplay exclusive song is "iCarly", the theme song of the American teen sitcom show of the same name; doubling as a reference to iCarly being Momosuzu Nene's favorite show and her source of inspiration for online streaming.


Mori Calliope

私ね!森カィオペデス (Hey, I'm Mori Calliope, I bring death.)
― Mori Calliope

Mori Calliope (森カリオペ) replaces Daddy Dearest in this modpack. She is Grim Reaper's first apprentice, and a member of the first generation of Hololive's English branch of VTubers.

In week 1, Calliope meets Aloe in person after being drawn to the dance room by the music of the tutorial, and seizes the opportunity to challenge the could-have-been-senpai to a rap battle. Although she's currently not on-the-clock as a reaper, she isn't one to hold back as a rapper.

According to her testimony in the associated cutscenes, she never got any presents for Christmas despite being a good girl. So in Week 5, she goes to the mall to track down Santa Claus and deliver some retribution to him... if only there wasn't a slight roadblock. She easily mistakes genmate Ninomae Ina'nis for Santa Claus himself, based only on the santa hat and fake beard she has on as part of her Mall Santa costume. In order to buy enough time for her and Kiara to convince Calli that her retribution is misplaced, it's up to the protagonist to engage Calli and Kiara in a holiday-themed rap battle! August.

After the songs Hinotori and Krispy Fry-Fry Party (Fry-Fry Party in-game) in Aloe's campaign, Aloe successfully manages to convince Calliope of her mistake, who only realizes she has the wrong person after ripping off Ina's fake beard and slowly connecting the dots. She runs off in regret, dropping the Evoker with which she used to threaten Ina under the wrong assumption that she was Santa in disguise. In Fubuki's Campaign which takes place a week behind that of Aloe, Calliope repeats the same mistakes after IRyS, a junior of hers in holoEN who also hates Santa Claus, talks her into pursuing Saint Nick yet again. Only after Fubuki sings the same songs with Calli and Kiara does Kiara finally lose her patience and set the record straight - Santa Claus never existed to begin with. After realizing her mistake for the second time (only without any beard ripping), Calliope peacefully backs down and goes home with Kiara.

As of 4.0.0 and onwards, her songs in Week 1 include Live Again, replacing Bopeebo, 失礼しますが、RIP♡, replacing Fresh and Off With Their Heads (Callibattle in-game), replacing Dadbattle. The songs she shares with Takanashi Kiara are the previously-mentioned Hinotori and Krispy Fry-Fry Party, along with freeplay extra song Lively Bopping to Death's Knocking (Lively Boppin' in-game) accessed via the freeplay menu.

Want to know more about Mori Calliope?


Calliope has long, pastel pink hair tied in a ponytail. Her current appearance in the mod is based off of her alternate outfit introduced in May 2021, wearing a black cap with a golden demon design, a white crop top with a fishnet undershirt, a golden keychain necklace, a black and magenta jacket, black pants with two magenta stripes on the left side and grey, white and magenta sneakers.

In an older version of the mod, Calliope used to wear a close approximation of her typical VTuber outfit, key features including her scythe, tattered cape with shoulder spikes, dress with a side slit, and veil and crown.


Gawr Gura & Watson Amelia

See, sometimes, in life, you try and hit life with a 'hoocha!', but then life decides to hit you with a 'hoocha!'. You know what you do, in this predicament? When life hoochas you? You go AGAIN!
― Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura & Watson Amelia (がうる・ぐら), (ワトソン・アメリア) replace Skid and Pump in this modpack. Their songs in this month are Sharkventure and Misteavous Myth-Buster, replacing Spookeez and South, respectively.
They are two close friends under Hololive EN, the same branch of hololive as Mori Calliope.
Gura is a friendly but also somewhat airheaded descendant of the Lost City of Atlantis who swam to the human world in search of a more interesting life, while Amelia is a sweet but also eccentric detective who decided to become an idol after hearing strange rumors surrounding Hololive online.
In Hololive Funkin, they and Aloe meet for the first time after heading into the same house for shelter from a thunderstorm. In the ensuing rap battle, nobody seems to realize just who the house they're in belongs to...

Want to know more about Gawr Gura?

Want to know more about Watson Amelia?


Gura in this mod wears simplified versions of her shark-themed hair ornaments, along with a baggy cardigan and black and blue sailor fuku. Amelia in this mod wears a simplified, backwards version of her deerstalker cap, a white hooded sweatshirt dress, a grass block necklace, and brown shoes. The joke version converts them into the lower quality version of themselves that appears when they miss, a possible nod to popular fan designs by Walfie.


  • Exclusive to their HoloFunk depictions, Amelia is cracked at Fortnite and regularly forces Gura to play duos with her. Coincidentally, the IRL duo would later play Fortnite together officially, two months after this was shared by Keaton.
  • Though never referred to explicitly by name, Gura's role as the Pizza Shark CEO can be inferred through the following details:
    • Darnell refers to the CEO and their associate as a "boing-boing dragon" (Coco) and a "little shark" (Gura.)
    • Gura's favorite food is pizza.
    • The black-boxed full name used in place of the co-CEO's actual full name is four letters long in both the first and last name.
    • Pizza Shark's claim to fame is "Atlantis-style" pizza; Atlantis is Gura's place of origin.


Akai Haato

You won't forget me!
― Akai Haato

Akai Haato (赤井はあと) under her Haachama (はあちゃま) persona replaces Monster in this modpack. Akai Haato is one of hololive's Generation 1 talents, who debuted with the character of a tsundere schoolgirl before making a pivot towards chaotic, crude and sometimes dark content unusual for an idol under her Haachama alias on early 2020. Around mid-February 2021, it was revealed that Haachama is a split personality of the "original" Akai Haato who is able to communicate with the latter (and vice versa). She is the first non-tutorial opponent who is not part of hololive's EN branch, although she has some basic knowledge of English and sometimes proclaims to be a member of "the 0th generation of holoEN".
Her currently sole song is the eponymous Haachama (-chama), which begins with the intro of Akai Haato's first single "Red Heart" before abruptly cutting off and turning into a remix of the music used in Haachama's infamous cooking streams. In the latter half of the song, the music incorporates scare strings reminiscent of the ones used in Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho, hinting at Haachama's unhinged nature. Motifs from "Red Heart" can be heard again in the latter part of the song, especially the outro. Her voice in the mod consists exclusively of samples of Haachama saying her name.

Want to know more about Akai Haato/Haachama?


Akai Haato wears the usual attire of her Haachama persona: a black and red gothic dress, with a chuunibyou-style white eyepatch bearing the image of a red heart. She wears a bow-shaped ribbon in her hair and her twintails are also decorated with many small red hearts. In her right hand, she wields a frying pan, while in the left she holds a pink stirring tool (used to be a microphone prior to the 5.0.0 Update), a reference to her cooking streams (where she displays her atrocious cooking skills).

The Joke Version of her hidden in the files is simply shown as Monster with various artwork of Akai Haato / Haachama sloppily pasted on top, predominantly on his face.


Shishiro Botan

― Shishiro Botan

Shishiro Botan (獅白ぼたん) replaces Pico in this mod. An active member of hololive's fifth generation alongside Momosuzu Nene, Botan is very laid-back in her streams despite her cool appearance, aptly described in her profile as "the mind of a lazy house cat in the body of a fearsome white lion." She was the first character in the mod's history to use her own vocal samples rather than borrowing from the character she's meant to replace.
HoloFunk specific version of Botan is hired by Daddy Dearest to kill "a certain demon from an opposing clan" after the events of Week 2. In a similiar case to Pico and BF, Botan was given a location and only a name. When Botan finds ex-genmate Aloe and realizes she was the target, she decides to spare her and instead challenges her to a friendly rap battle.

Want to know more about Shishiro Botan?


Botan's appearance in this mod features her having long silver hair with bluish shading, and wearing a black tracksuit over a white shirt and white and black shoes. She also wears a cat mask, and in her right hand she holds an SSR-47, a lawyer-friendly adaptation of the AK-47 (a combined reference to Botan's fondness for FPS games, and a popular meme based on a quote by hololive's CEO, Tanigo "YAGOO" Motoaki, who initially described hololive as "an idol group like AKB48"; it then morphed into "like AK-47" by fans when more new members joined and become chaotic).

Her joke design rapidly changes between expresions and images.


  • A younger Botan (back in her hitman days as "Leone") once taught Pico how to handle firearms for amusement when she took up a side-gig as a babysitter. This knowledge later helped him survive the events of Pico's School years later, but would get him thrown out of Heaven and disgraced because of mistaken identity in a manner similar to his counterpart in Friday Night Funkin: Soft.


Kiryu Coco

Good morning, Motherf**kers!

― Kiryu Coco

Kiryu Coco (桐生ココ) replaces Mommy Mearest during Week 4 in this modpack. A millenia-old dragon (but still young in dragon age) with an wild sense of humor yet also a distinctly-outgoing nature and sense of justice, she arrives backed by a group of ":^)"-faced fans prepared to show off not one, not two, not three, but four songs picked from her loading BGM and the Yakuza franchise she is a fan of, with an extra fifth one available in the Freeplay menu.
She debuted as part of hololive's fourth generation on December 28th, 2019, yet in June 9, 2021 unfortunately announced her graduation from hololive Production effective July 1 of the same year, with no further details officially given. She has a considerably large fanbase among English-speaking VTuber community due to her being a fluent English speaker, as well as her fondness for memes.

Want to know more about Kiryu Coco?


Coco has long orange hair with a single yellow strand near her forehead and a side braid, and two dragon horns, one decorated with a ribbon and the other exposing a yellow, shining crack. She has a purple tail usually kept behind her. Her outfit in the HoloFunk mod depicts her wearing a white, red-striped open hooded sweatshirt with a white camisole underneath as well as a white skirt with red stripes and a hololive branding, black thighhighs, and white sneakers with red stripes.


  • Her vocals for "Cinderella" are sampled from one of Kiryu Coco's un-archived karaoke streams, where she sung the Yakuza song "24-Hour Cinderella" while intoxicated.
  • The Kiryu Clan Coco operates and the Kiryu Clan from Yakuza 6 are one and the same. Coco herself is a protege of Kazuma Kiryu who passed the clan down to her after the above game's ending.


Takanashi Kiara

Destiny has its ways of repaying me for all the pain.
― Takanashi Kiara

Takanashi Kiara (小鳥遊キアラ) is an active member of hololive English, having joined as one of five members of -Myth-, EN's first generation. An energetic and extroverted yet infamously perverted phoenix who is fluent in Japanese, English, and German (Specifically Austrian German, her native language), she joins her close friend Calliope as one of the opponents of Week 5, taking Mommy Mearest's and Daddy Dearest's respective roles in aforementioned Week in the vanilla game.

In Week 5, Kiara ends up in a scenario where Calliope mistakes Ninomae Ina'nis for Santa Claus, the man whom she wants vengeance against. To prevent her from doing anything drastic, the protagonist in both campaigns engages her in a rap battle. Kiara, while also trying to convince Calliope of her mistake alongside the chosen build's protagonist, only plays along just so she can get to sing with her while being in close proximity.

She shares main songs Hinotori and Krispy Fry-Fry Party (Fry-Fry Party in-game) along with freeplay extra song Lively Bopping to Death's Knocking (Lively Boppin' in-game) with Mori Calliope.

Want to know more about Takanashi Kiara?


Uruha Rushia

― Uruha Rushia

Uruha Rushia (潤羽るしあ) is a former member of hololive's third generation - Fantasy. A sweet-natured and soft-spoken yet surprisingly short-tempered necromancer who is more than a bit self-conscious concerning her chest size, she appears as a hidden opponent in Hololive Funkin', functioning as an independent character not replacing anyone else in the code.

The protagonist and their partner of the chosen campaign head to a hidden grotto to practice singing and assume they're alone, only to be proven very wrong when Rushia shows up and informs them they're trespassing on sacred grounds belonging to her. Quickly set off at first, Rushia is soon negotiated by the protagonist into a rap battle over her sole song, Killer Scream, unlocked after beating Week 5 and accessed via the Extras section of the Freeplay menu.

Want to know more about Uruha Rushia?


Shirakami Fubuki

こんこんー!白上だよ!(Foxy Day! 'Tis I, Shirakami Fubuki!)
― Shirakami Fubuki

Shirakami Fubuki (白上フブキ) replaces Boyfriend in the alternate campaign. An easy-going but somewhat shy fox girl with remarkable gaming skill and love for crack jokes, Fubuki quickly gained popularity in the VTuber community soon after her debut, and has become perhaps one of the most, if not all, popular hololive member as of today, along with Gawr Gura, Kiryu Coco, and many others. A few weeks after the start of Aloe's campaign, Fubuki was hired by a disguised Daddy Dearest to track down a burglar who apparently stole something precious from his wife, and is following the footsteps of Aloe and Nene to do so.

Want to know more about Shirakami Fubuki?


  • Unlike most other characters, who were animated by Keaton, Fubuki is instead animated by GGalactigal, the primary musician of the mod.
  • Originally making her debut under the 1st generation, Fubuki was eventually dubbed the leader of hololive GAMERS for her gaming skill. This places her in the unique position of simultaneously being a part of two separate divisions.
  • Fubuki's facial expression in her right miss pose is possibly a reference to a similar face Henry Stickmin makes after a cluster charge detonates on him in Completing the Mission, which Fubuki re-drew on the spot to superimpose over herself in response to the scene while streaming the game.
  • Fubuki decided to start a secondary career as a detective after being inspired by Persona 4, with her operations being a newly-formed subsidiary of the Oozora Police Department. However, despite her apparent prestige in her line, her actual detective skills are quite lacking. She usually unwittingly ends up relying on help from the more level-headed Mio to get anywhere in a case.
  • Fubuki's bowler hat dispenses hamburgers from a pocket dimension if no other food sources are available to her.


Ookami Mio

こんばんみぉーん! (Konbanmion!)
― Ookami Mio

Ookami Mio (大神ミオ) replaces Girlfriend in the alternate campaign. A close friend of Fubuki with motherly personality, she acts as the companion for Fubuki, having been asked to keep the more-easily-excitable fox in check.

Want to know more about Ookami Mio?




Gameplay Mechanics

  • Nene Mode- In the Aloe campaign in the freeplay menu, there is an option to change between playing as Aloe and Nene. This feature doesn't exist in the Fubuki campaign.
  • Broken Heart Notes-In Red and Black and Haachama EX, black notes that look like broken hearts with colored outlines according to the strum line they are in will appear. They do not instantly kill the player, but decrease the maximum health the player can get. Your screen will turn black for a moment when hit. They appear more frequently throughout the song.
    • During Red and Black, if modcharts have been enabled, the strum line will start to move around, messing with the players ability to read the chart.
    • After calling you a degenerate near the end of Haachama EX, Haachama gets a red afterimage effect, and will drain the hp bar while singing. This will guarentee a loss if you have pressed more than one heart note.
  • During RIP and Mythbuster, if modcharts have been enabled, the notes will be pushed into the middle of the screen at certain points.
    • In Mythbuster, the notes will be pushed into middle scroll specifically at the duet part where they sing together four times, every time ending in Aloe singing a few more notes.
  • During Glasses, at approximately 1:14, Fubuki begins to ascend. This is a reference to the Tankman Ascends meme due to the song being a Guns cover.
  • During Killer Scream, Rushia will drain your health while she is singing. There are also "scream" notes on only Rushia's side that turn the screen red for a second. They also drain the player's health more than a regular note.


Tutorial (Nene)
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1.1 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.7 (Hard)
Tutorial (Mio)
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1.1 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.7 (Hard)

Live Again
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2 (Hard)

"Otsukari it's the end of the party, let's hit the road

Before I have to flash back to Shinigami mōdo

Shinu hodo isogashikute, gotta run

But thanks for watching what I put out, though, it's not a ton

'Cause every closed door is just the intro of a brand new story

One wish, that I can't pretend I don't wanna see come true

As much as I think about you

But maybe it's deliverance?

From the pain I know is coming on when my old soul's finally gone

Sorosoro say, "Goodbye, the end"

I'm not sorry, but I wanna see you again sometime

A song in my heart, a world of worry falling on your mind

Why don't we leave it all behind?

To ittara, shiawase (Signing off)

Sorosoro say, "Goodbye"

See you again, sometime

A song in my heart

Kono shunkan ga takaramono

`Mata kiminiaitai`

To ittara, shiawase (Signing off)"
BPM: 124
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.1 (Hard)

"Fuck it

Modern-day killers really must hate fun

More often, people takin' lives rockin' knives and guns

The real murder connoisseurs in the ruins of hell

Got used to luring the audience with moe that sells, 'cause

If you take my advice, you'll get killed by what'cha don't know!

But the other saying that I like so much more

Is along the lines of "you reap what you fuckin' SEISO"

I'm not asking for much: do me a favor and die?

Gomen, shitsureishimasu ga shindekudasai❤〜

Kill ‘em with the bass

Korosu no koto ga TANOSHII

Kawaī, ne!

Shinigami sensei + Calliope!

Alright! "YAY! Sutekina ansatsu~"

So it goes:

Dead Beats, listen up! It's what'cha want?

Me comin' in the night for ya!

Bass high enough to exterminate ya

You'll dance anyway, 'cause it's human nature

Demo, sono zen nantonaku issho ni tanoshimou〜

Anata no shinu hi made!

Dead Beats, listen up! It's what'cha want?

Me comin' in the night for ya!

Bass high enough to exterminate ya

You'll dance anyway, 'cause it's human nature

Demo, sono zen nantonaku issho ni tanoshimou〜

Anata no shinu hi made!"
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.1 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 86800 (Hard)

"Dead Beats, swinging now

Grab the scythe and show them how

Welcome to the mountaintop

Waiting 'til the fight calls

I hope you're ready to be swinging 'til the night falls

The flame that faintly wavers

Stains the brain with flavor

The kinda pain that you complain about then learn to savor

Sadistic Sakura

Kinda wished to talk ya

Bore me and it's off with your heads

I'm not a "Sensei", but I been saying sense

Since I began this soul sentence centuries of repentance

And guess the fuck what, ladies and gents?

I'm not even spent

I'll gladly live inside ya head

But who the fuck pays my rent?

It ain't me, right?

You wanna stake your life on any of this?

There's plenty of spite to steel your nerves

And feel the burn the training starts tonight

Welcome to the mountaintop

Those your fans you're counting? Stop

Throws my hands up and stating the obvious


I'm only asking, 'cause truthfully

Y'all lose the heat when seeing no traction

But it must be how you're waxin'

So trust me, start relaxin'

Silent will, strike to kill, shinobi-like technique

Pride or skill, what's the deal?

Those hands are already weak?

Those with devotion to the mission straight devour the weak

An ocean full of competition, get your actions to speak

You can't be strong if you give up from just a miss in ya streak

I'll say so long with a slight of the scythe

And a light kiss on thy cheek


Send them away, Death Sensei

No ambition

Try again next week

Welcome to the mountaintop

Waiting 'til the fight calls

I hope you're ready to be swinging 'til the night falls

The flame that faintly wavers

Stains the brain with flavor

The kinda pain that you complain about then learn to savor

A mystic walk beside the Sadistic Sakura

Kinda wished with talk ya

Bore me, and it's off with your heads"
RIP (Old)
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy)
1.3 (Normal)
2 (Hard)

"Hajimemashou ka?

Fuck it

Modern-day killers really must hate fun

More often, people takin' lives rockin' knives and guns

The real murder connoisseurs in the ruins of hell

Got used to luring the audience with moe that sells, 'cause

Jealous haters out there, high-five! I see you

"No one's gonna buy this." Bitch, I bеlieve you!

Cute as all hеll, in a literal sense

A bitter pretense

But the views are all tell, no show, dollars and cents

Kill ‘em with the bass

Korosu no koto ga TANOSHII

Kawaī, ne!

Shinigami sensei + Calliope!

YAY! Sutekina ansatsu~

So it goes:

"Dead Beats, listen up!" It's what'cha want?

Me comin' in the night for ya!

Bass high enough to exterminate ya

You'll dance anyway, 'cause it's human nature

Anata no shinu hi made!"

BPM: 118
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy)
1.5 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BPM: 150 -> 155 -> 160 -> 170 -> 175 -> 113 -> 60
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 58100 (Hard)

Lioness' Pride
BPM: 152
Scroll Speed: 3.2 (All Difficulties)
2.5 (Easy, Camellia)
2.8 (Normal, Camellia)
3.1 (Hard, Camellia)

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.6 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 32200 (Easy)
47600 (Normal)
61250 (Hard)
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 1 (Easy)
1.3 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 33600 (Easy)
53900 (Normal)
78050 (Hard)
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy)
1.5 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 35000 (Easy)
45850 (Normal)
68600 (Hard)

Friday Night
BPM: 126
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
Cinderella (Chromatic)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
BPM: 172
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)

BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.6 (Hard)
Fry Fry Party
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Red and Black
BPM: 117
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 58100 (Hard)

BPM: 110
Scroll Speed: 2.1
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 2.5
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 2.5
Haachama EX
BPM: 180 -> 113 -> 60
Scroll Speed: 3
Weather Hackers
BPM: 172
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.1 (Hard)
Lively Boppin'
BPM: 176
Scroll Speed: 2.6
Killer Scream
BPM: 90.5 -> 214
Scroll Speed: 3.2

Hololive Logo.png
Funky Freaky Story
(Gettin' Freaky x Shiny Smily Story)
BPM: 102
New Aloe Icon.png
(Pause) (Aloe Mix)
New Aloe Defeat Icon.png
(Game Over) (Aloe Mix)
(Pause) (Fubuki Mix)
(Game Over) (Fubuki Mix)

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2.2


Haachama Taunt 1

(Ha! What a degenerate.)
Haachama Taunt 2

Suck. My. D***.
Haachama Taunt 3

Are you kidding me?
Haachama Taunt 4

This should be it, bye.
Haachama Taunt 5

Haachama Taunt 6

Haachama Taunt 7

Degenerates! You guys are degenerate!

Trivia (General)

Note: All of the information here and in the Characters section applies only to the version of the characters seen in the mod:

  • The Mano Clan was one of the demon-Yakuza "families" that sided against the Dearest Mob. Aloe had secret ties to them via adoption by their patriarch but had no interest in the "family's" unsavory operations, instead pursuing a career in music and later fleeing to the surface to assume a human identity.
  • The original Friday Night Funkin' is a PS1 game in this universe. The reason there wasn't a sequel is because Ninjamuffin Games made the mistake of basing the game's Daddy Dearest off of the real deal in this universe. They quickly filed for bankruptcy due to the Dearest Mob pulling a number of strings.
    • Despite this, there are several implications that this version of FNF is not analogous to reality, with several plot points like Pico's entire character and Week 7 only occurring in Kenji's real life. As a result, this technically makes HoloFunk a fan sequel to vanilla regardless, only with the entire setting shifted to an alternate Japan.
  • Through the mod's extended universe, it is revealed that a total of seven separate continuities (not counting FNF and Hololive) are merged together to create the story of HoloFunk:
    • Pico's School is referenced as a school shooting that happened while Boyfriend/Kenji, Kanata, and Uto were still students.
    • Kiryu Kazuma is an important background character who retains his experiences from the original Yakuza video game series and uses them to guide Aloe, Kenji, and several other lore characters before the events of the mod.
    • Western VTuber agency VShojo is canon to the mod as the origin of Nyakemi Nyamada, a lore character cloned from a fragment of Nyatasha Nyanners' true form.
    • Amatsuka Uto is a third-party VTuber appearing as a lore character in the form of one of Kenji and Kanata's fellow alumni.
    • Dancho Tsume is another third-party VTuber appearing as a lore character, mentioned to be another victim of Daddy Dearest.
    • Carol is one of Hana's friends, and appears at the same time the latter meets Kenji.
    • Tabi is an angel who used to perform with Hana as part of a four-man band. The events of his mod are heavily implied to be involved in its dissolution.

Note: All of the information here and in the Lore section applies only to the version of the characters seen in the mod:

  • Daddy Dearest as we know him is a notorious crime boss in the Underworld. Many in Underworld Japan are wary of the foreign organization known as the Dearest Mob.
    • The name "Daddy Dearest" itself is just a title bestowed to the boss of the Dearest Mob. The real first name of the current Daddy Dearest is a developer secret as of yet, only known by his last name Kurayami to most.
  • Despite Pico's traumas, he is portrayed in supplementary material in an unsympathetic light, similar to how the original Pico hates Boyfriend and isn't actually on friendly terms with him despite fanon depictions. Kenji explains that Pico is seemingly racist towards succubi (Aloe's species of demon) and is too egotistical to work his problems out, both of which contributed to them breaking up.
  • The Boyfriend interacting with other characters in the mod's lore is in fact a completely different person named Kenji Tensei, who assumed the original Boyfriend's hairstyle and a variation of his attire to reinvent himself and to spite his Girlfriend's father. Despite this, it is repeatedly implied several of Kenji's experiences that mirror vanilla FNF do not happen with the "original" Boyfriend, making him the real counterpart of the canon Boyfriend by definition.
    • Kenji exists as a headcanoned cousin to Amane Kanata, which is an inversion of the usual trope with Boyfriend that instead headcanons other characters as his relatives.
    • Unlike Boyfriend, Kenji has roughly-average intelligence along with Girlfriend's counterpart (named Hana) and, while introverted, does not speak in "beep-boops" towards strangers.
    • "Tensei" is Japanese for "heavenly star," reflecting the star motifs present in both Kenji and Kanata's appearances.
  • The mod's version of Tokoyami Towa is Girlfriend's younger sister, who ran away from the Dearests to pursue an idol career.
    • Towa's hair is not naturally purple in the mod, but is brown like the rest of the Dearests. The purple color came from an attempt to dye it blue, only to botch the job while bleaching and instead creating the color most are familiar with.
  • Unlike most iterations of Daddy Dearest, the mod's version of him does not have a stable relationship with Girlfriend/Hana. It is heavily implied that due to Kenji and Hana's heightened intelligences compared to canon, Hana became fed up with the repeated attempts on Kenji's life from vanilla FNF (with Tankman/Week 7 being the last straw) and moved out to get away from her father and closer to Kenji.
  • Kanata runs a trafficking front named "hologrub" before Coco's retirement promotes her to fifth chairman. This is a reference to the real Kanata's playthrough of an early version of the mod, which at the time had Week 6's dialogue swapped with the script of the infamous Grubhub commercial as a joke.

  • On June 7, 2021, Keaton tweeted about the mod's progress, showcasing Kiryu Coco being the opponent on Week 4.[10] Two days later, Coco would make an announcement about her graduation (retirement), which would take place on July 1, after her final livestream. Keaton would later make a tweet, stating the crew's dedication on honoring the Vtuber through the mod.[11] Another tweet showcases a banner that reveals the release date for the update, being on June 17, which is Coco's official birthday.[12]
  • The outfits of many talents depicted in the mod tend to differ from their official costumes in varying amounts, from minor inaccuracies and adaptational liberties in cases such as those of Mori Calliope and Akai Haato to almost-entirely-new costumes in cases such as those of Mano Aloe, Momosuzu Nene, and Gawr Gura.
  • This mod is the second after Martian Mixtape to have an opponent intentionally miss in their songs, with Gura and Amelia doing so at scripted points in their songs. When this happens, Gura audibly says "a" while Amelia hiccups in place of the standard record scratch.
  • Originally, during Week 3, Uruha Rushia's scream can be occasionally heard when the train passes through the background.
  • There was originally a "Boyfriend Mode", which replaced Aloe and Nene with Boyfriend and Girlfriend. This was replaced with the alternate version with Fubuki and Mio in 4.0.0.
    • Interestingly, Boyfriend had a new spritesheet that had him in a new outfit, and different lore, to quote Hoshida Keaton, "The Boyfriend is not only living in the same world as the HoloFunk girls, but also an angel that dropped out of Heaven University. Usually spending his days living on Earth as a human, he has a tendency to whip out his true form on what he deems special occasions."[13]
    • The outfit used for Boyfriend in this version of the mod has since been redesigned to resemble Kanata and given to Kenji, who also possesses a human disguise resembling the original Boyfriend as well.
  • During the last few moments of the song "Haachama", it uses the same sound effect as Touhou's last 10 second countdown for a spellcard.
  • During the last few moments of the song "Killer Scream", you can hear the leitmotifs of Madness from Tricky. It's a reference to the fact that Madness was the first ever song the composers ever tested on Rushia's spritesheet. [14] (check at the pinned comment below the video).
  • hololive's 5th Generation was formerly known as holoFive (ほろふぁいぶ) before Mano Aloe's retirement, and are now known as NePoLaBo (ねぽらぼ).[15] hololive's 4th Generation is also known as holoForce (ホロふぉーす)[16]. Lastly, hololive English -Myth-, holoEN's first batch of VTubers, are also known as holoMyth and informally as holoEN 1st Generation.[17]
  • This mod's version of "Live Again" is based on the SiIvaGunner rip "Joy - Persona 3".
  • In Week 5, there is a poster of the 2nd Hololive English Generation known as Holocouncil; this asset is directly lifted from Cover's promotional material.

Cameos and Appearances in Other Mods

Note: All of these cameos, with the exception of Vs. Camellia, are not canon to Hololive Funkin's story:

  • In Friday Night Funkin' Deep-Sea Dated, Gawr Gura appears in the crowd that can be seen in the background from the second song onwards.
  • In HEARTBREAK: VS Girlfriend, Akai Haato appears in the crowd that can be seen in the background during Date Night.
  • In Camellia, there is an entire collab between it and Hololive Funkin'. Shishiro Botan recieves her own song, Lioness' Pride, and Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio can be seen in the crowd during it.
  • In Hololive Funkin': Non-Canon Ina Week, Ninomae Ina'nis appears as the star of the week "Eternal Phantasm", but with different characterization than when seen as the Mall Santa in the main mod.


Tutorial Dialogue

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I'm not sure about that, Nene-chi...

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: What do you mean, Aloe-chan? I thought you loved music!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Well, yeah, but it's been over eleven months since I've really sang.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: My voice has gotten pretty rusty since then.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Besides, I didn't even think to bring my-

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Oh, that reminds me! Here you go!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: -...microphone. Do you always bring that with you wherever you go?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: No, today's a special occasion - the day we start working towards your re-debut!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Ahh...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I guess your enthusiasm can't be helped, huh?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: But don't expect Synthesizer or anything that tough on the cords, okay?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Several months spent working at Pizza Shark doesn't give much room for practice.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: That's fine!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Least I can do is help you to brush off the dust.

Post-Tutorial Dialogue

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: See, Aloe-chan? You still got it!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I guess you're right!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Yeah! At this rate, you'll be back to your peak in no time!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Hey, Nene-chi?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: What's up?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Uh... Thanks. For, y'know, havin' me get out the house again.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Actually feels pretty good to sing again.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: That's what friends are for, dummy! I'll always be there for you!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Yeah, of course!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Yeah... just friends, huh...

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: What was that?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Nothing.

Live Again Dialogue

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Whew! Those were some sick beats I heard here. Was that you, Nene-senpai?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Ah...?

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: No way. Aloe-senpai, in the flesh?

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: I haven't seen you around for almost a year!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: You're Calliope-san, right? What brings you here?

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Nothin' much. I was down the block and I heard some fresh beats, so I thought I'd check it out.

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: What's got you kicking up those beats?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I thought I could get some practice with Nene.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Just trying to get back into the flow, you know?

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Then how about rapping against ya boy for some practice?

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: It might bring back some of your spark!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Are you sure? I don't think I could really...

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Come on, just a little bit? Do it for your Mori?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Well...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Alright, I'll do it. Nene, you ready?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Ready as I'll ever be!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Remember what I told you, okay?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Heh, I wouldn't ever forget it.

RIP Dialogue

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Nice job keeping up, Senpai!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Not one for pulling punches, are you, Calli-san?

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Nope. It's tough love, but if you can't keep up, you won't be able to make it out there!

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Entertainment's hard, being a drop of talent in an ocean of candidates.

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: You really gotta be able to set yourself apart from the rest.

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: But I know you have what it takes, Senpai! Just need to stay confident and show 'em what ya got.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Huh, you might be right on that.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I'll keep that in mind, Calli-san.

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: All right, enough chit-chattin', on to the next track!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Give me your best shot!

Callibattle Dialogue

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: You okay there, Senpai? You're not too tired for one last song, right?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Pause, please! I need a break, at least let me get some water.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Wow, you two have been on fire! Just look at what the viewers have to say!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: EHH?! Viewers?!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: I maaay have started an impromptu stream.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: But don't worry, they can't see you, look!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: But aren't you worried about what management would say?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: No worries; I'll deal with it later!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: I wanted everyone to be able to watch you shine again. They're all supportive of you!

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: I don't mind either, and besides, getting used to an audience is all part of the job.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Eh? R-right, I knew that, but...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: O-on second thought, I've still got one more song left in me, tonight!

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Good, because it's time to get serious!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Wait a second - you were still holding back?!

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Welcome to the mountaintop, Senpai.

Post-Callibattle Dialogue

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Hell yeah! That's what I like to see out here!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: You did GREAT, Aloe! Let me just end this stream real quick -- Until ne-next time, guys!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Need... water... Almost died...

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Hey, like what Nene-senpai said, you did great. You've got potential, y'know?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Seriously? You gotta be joking...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Right?

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Hey, have I ever been wrong before?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: ...

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: Don't answer that.

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: But I know music like the back of my own hand.

MoriIconNew.png Mori Calliope: You've got what it takes, Senpai. Don't ever forget that.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ... Thanks, Calli-san.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: (This was all so sudden. I didn't even give my fans any real warning.)

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: (And yet, the reception was really warm.)

Sharkventure Dialogue

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Ugh, do we really have to stay in this house of all places?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: This place is giving me the creeps...

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Come on, relax a little!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: The rain's starting to slow down; we'll be outta here in a--

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: !!!!!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: !!!!!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: *snicker*

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Come on, Aloe-chan! That was just bad timing!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Well, now that we're stuck here, what do you want to do now?

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: I told you we're lost. This isn't the office at all!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: What are you taaaalking about? It's fiiiine!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Look, Nene-senpai and her friend Aloe are here!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Wait, Mano Aloe? Is that really you?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Nice to meet you two...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Nene-chi, who are they?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: More HoloEN members, and they're great friends of mine!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: How've you been, Aloe-senpai? Everything okay?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Oh, I've been alright. Been nudged into starting up a rap career in light of--

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Aha, rap, huh?

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Funny you mention that, because there's no better rapper in the idol business than me!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Except for Calli.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: And Fubuki-senpai?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Maybe Korone-senpai too?

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: ALRIGHT, I GET IT!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Point is, why don't you rap battle with me and Gura?

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: We're all stuck here till the storm blows over in a few hours.

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Uh, why am I getting roped into this--

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: I hear no complaints, so let's get this going!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: You're on! Nene, get the speakers ready!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: You ready, Gura? Let's show 'em what we've got!

Mythbuster Dialogue

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Shoot, you're pretty good, Aloe-senpai.

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Not bad, not bad! But now, it's my turn!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Just don't get too toxic if we lose again, Ame!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: What makes you think I'll get mad?

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Awww, is the detective getting salty now?

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: You're really pushing my buttons Gura...

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Gonna say it's a skill issue, huh, Saltson?

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Gura, I'm making an appointment with your mom after this.

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Hey, leave Nacho-mama out of this!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: If only we streamed this...

Haachama Dialogue

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: You weren't kidding about being skilled on the mic.

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Ha, that's more like it-!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: But you're still not better than Calli-san.

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: AW COME ON! Not even a little?!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Not even a little.

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Argh, fiiine...

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: We put up a good fight though, Ame!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Well, we're fresh out of songs right now. Unless, you wanted to sing some Country Roads-

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: No thanks, I'll pass.

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Well, what do you want to do now, Ame?

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Ina should've been here a long while ago. What's taking so long?

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Y'know, I would've gotten us back to the office in a jiffy if we had just turned at that corner!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: No way, I totally knew where we were going!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Come on, Wats--

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Visitors?

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: a

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Welcome, welcome! We hardly ever get visitors here!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Um... hold on-

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: So rarely do we ever get guests who bring such delicious ingredients too!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Ingredients? What are you talking about?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Food for dinner tonight, silly!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Detectives don't quite compliment the taste of shark stew as well as I'd like...

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: But I suppose it'll do!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: WHAT?!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: What's wrong? Such a stew would be wonderful, don't you think?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: And then there's you!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Me?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Of course! A succubus would make for a great side dish!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: HAH?!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: But you need to be prepared properly -- a rap battle is needed!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: You'll agree to this, right?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: RIGHT?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Go for it, Aloe-senpai. We know you can do it!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: You CAN beat her, right?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: A-Alright. If I win, then you'll let us go?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Of course!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: But if I win...

Post-Haachama Dialogue

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: P-Phew... there, I won.

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: You'll let us go now, right?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: ...You know what?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: *she drops the mic like a champ*

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Forget the rules! I'll just eat you all as is!!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: AAAAAAAAH!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I CAN'T DIE NOW! I haven't confessed yet!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Huh?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Nothing!

???: Ugh, where is all that noise coming from?

???: What the-

???: Who let you all in?!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Hmm?

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Ah, I left the door unlocked!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: You never know what new ingredients will walk right in after all.

???: I'm not paying you to use my home as some kind of hunting grounds.

???: Get back to your work station NOW!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Oh well, time to try out my new tarantula miso recipe!

AkaiIcon.png Akai Haato: Bye bye!

???: And as for you runts.

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: a

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: Uh, hi?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I-I'm sorry! We seriously didn't mean to intrude!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Yeah, don't you see the rain?

???: I could care less why you're here.

???: GET!

???: OUT!!!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Y'all heard him - let's get out of here!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: That sounds like our ride Ame!

Amelia SoloIcon.png Watson Amelia: You don't have to tell me twice!

Gawr SoloIcon.png Gawr Gura: Hey, wait for me!

???: Hmph, unbelievable, in my house of all places...

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Hmm? A necklace?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Wow, this looks super cute! Aloe would love it!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: What are you doing, Nene?! We need to get going NOW!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Coming!

Botan Dialogue

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Nene-chi, now that I think about it, this necklace you gave me has something in common with the moon.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Hm? What do you mean?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Both are as beautiful as this view...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I mean, the moon *is* beautiful, isn't it?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Eh?

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Aloe, the sky looks pretty, but I didn't know you loved stars that much!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Huh?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Oh, right! The stars - of course I was talking about the stars!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: (Stupid, stupid! Why do I always get flustered around Nene?)

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Sorry to burst your bubble, lovebirds, but I got business with the one that's got the necklace.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: E-eh?! Lovebirds?! We're nothing like that!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Wait a minute... That voice...

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Birds? I don't see any around here.

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Very funny. Now then,

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Hand over that necklace before someone gets hurt.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: H-Hey, can't we just talk things out--

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: 'fraid not. Dearest sends his regards.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Wait a minute, I'd recognize that silver mane from anywhere!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Botan, is that you?

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Wait, Nene, what are you doing here?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Botan, you're a merc?!

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: *sigh* I was.

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: I didn't plan on coming back into the business, but I got blackmailed into doing this.

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: He didn't even tell me who I was going after -- just a vague description and to grab the necklace at all costs.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: (So this necklace belongs to HIM, huh? Nice going, Nene...)

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: What are you going to do now?

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Well... nothing, I guess.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Huh?

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: You heard me; I'm not hurting a friend, no matter what.

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Since I'm already here, I did hear you're starting to make waves in the music world again. Mind letting me test your skills?

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: I'd be using some tracks from an old colleague of mine, though. My first original solo is still in the works.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Sure thing - sounds fun!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: At least moreso than getting blammed, that is.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Show me what you've got, Shishiron!

Lalion Dialogue

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: You both did amazing!

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Yeah, no kiddin', you sure you just got back into singing?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I swear, I only just got back into it because of Nene here.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Heh heh!

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: But that does beg the question: why did you leave? You could've gone to insane heights with your voice!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Oh... I guess you're right, haha.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Can we, uh, go on to the next song? I'll tell you after.

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Sure thing.

Poi Dialogue

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Alright, you got some explaining to do.

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: Aloe, why did you leave?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: *sigh* I had no other choice.

ShishiroIcon.png Shishiro Botan: What?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: It was the only way t