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(...keep calm Macy, Hotdog Vendor's only like, 2 feet tall they can't hurt you.) - Macy

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Joke Mod

Shut up, it's not simping. - Thicc Ruv

This mod is or contains content that was made with comedic intent!

Note: Hot Dog Vendor is a character who is played for comedy in the Madness Combat series. The mod contains comedic references to Nonsense.

Unsettling Themes


This page contains imagery, themes, mod or character that either comes from something that may make the reader uncomfortable or appears unsettling, continue at your own risk!

Reason: The Hotdog Vendor is one of the many grunts in Madness Combat. Although no actual gore is shown, threats of physical violence do occur.

  1. Vs. Hotdog Vendor is a mod created by Dup4life, Shokora, Drrink, and Atanon in which Boyfriend battles against the Hot dog vendor from the Madness Combat series.


In the first cutscene, Hot Dog Vendor is shown at his hot dog cart, commenting on how it is a great day to sell hot dogs. He then realizes nobody is in sight, and is discouraged. He gets startled by Boyfriend, who points at Hotdog Vendor, presumably asking to rap in exchange for a hot dog. Vendor refuses, which leads Boyfriend to point a gun at him, convincing him. The mod's two songs then play.

After the second/final song, Vendor tells Boyfriend to just take the hot dog. Boyfriend then looks over to see Sanford and Deimos, who are confused as to what they just saw. The credits then play.


Hotdog VendorIcon.png
Calliope Remix
BPM: 200
Hotdog VendorIcon.png
Order Up
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 1.7
Maximum Score: 41650
Hotdog VendorIcon.png
BPM: 315
Scroll Speed: 2.4
Maximum Score: 61950
Hotdog VendorIcon.png
Madness (Bonus Song)
BPM: 212
Scroll Speed: 3
Maximum Score: 187600
Hotdog VendorIcon.png
Unnamed Teaser
BPM: ?
Scroll Speed: ?
Maximum Score: ?



  • The Hot Dog Vendor is one of the only characters in the Madness Combat series to appear more than once, without killing or being killed.
  • In the story mode menu, the new week is labeled as "Week A". This is a reference to Madness Combat 6: Antipathy, which was Hotdog Vendor's first appearance.
  • The Vendor's voice is taken from the StrixGuitarPack soundfont, the "Overdriven Guitar", to be exact.
  • Order Up, Grilled and the Calliope Remix were all composed by Drrink. However, the bonus Madness cover was made by Shokora, the mod's programmer and charter.
  • The mod's director Dup stated on Twitter that Vendor’s real name is Jerry.[3]
  • On Twitter, Dup showcased an early version of the mod, featuring a much earlier stage, blurrier sprites for Hot Dog Vendor, and running on Kade Engine 1.5.4, instead of 1.6 like the final build uses.[4]
  • An update for the mod has been confirmed by Dup, but the exact contents are unknown.
  • In the first cutscene there is a reference to the nonsense cutscene as which boyfriend pulls out a gun and holds Hotdog Vendor hostage.
  • Hotdog Vendor and Manager.exe share a song name, being Order Up!
    • Coincidently, the currently upcoming mod Hotdog Madness (Another. unrelated mod based off of the Hotdog Vendor) has a song called Order Up! as well.

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