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Indie Cross is on the golden throne! It's considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the FNF community!

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Golden Throne

I can do some COOL RAP! - Chick-fil-A Ron

This mod is on the golden throne! It's considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the FNF community!

Reason: This has to be one of the best FNF mods of all time due to its sheer amount of content, hard work and references to Indie Games. One could argue this isn't just an FNF mod anymore, but rather an entire crossover game by itself!

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Upcoming Content


This mod has upcoming content that is confirmed to be in development, either confirmed on a livestream, a tweet, or any other verified source of information! This article likely has placeholder content. Please refrain from adding any false or unconfirmed information. Remember to stay patient with the mod creator(s) and don't repeatedly ask them when the next update will come, since mods take time to make.

Upcoming: The credits say "Indie Cross will return." Immediately after that, the roar of The Radiance is heard, implying that one of the upcoming weeks will be set in the world of Hollow Knight. Weeks for Shovel Knight, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Henry Stickmin have also been hinted at/teased.[1][2]


This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Bendy and the Ink Machine is a horror game, and the content from it in this mod has various jumpscares and bloody violence. Undertale also has some creepy moments, especially in the Genocide Route; which is what Week 2 is based on. Like Week 3, it also features bloody violence; as well as a jumpscare. The ending cutscene of Week 1 is also pretty violent although not to the extent of the other Weeks. The Nightmare designs might also be unsettling to some. Also, the devil.mp4.


This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: During the second half of Freaky Machine, the background repeatedly flashes. The Nightmare songs are also very flashy and feature lots of screen shaking.

Resolved Controversy

I should probably calm down a little. - Kapi

This page contains controversial content which is solved or mostly solved. Due to different viewpoints, stories, and possible willingness to fix and change for people involved, please refrain from attacking people or starting witch hunts. Any attacks done to others does not reflect the Friday Night Funkin Community and/or FNF Mod Community; and does not associate with harassers and threatening people.

Reason: It had come to light that the mod's previous director, MORØ, was behaving immaturely behind the scenes during Indie Cross' production, treating other members of his team with considerable disrespect over matters regarding adding more coders to the team.[3] This led to the resignation of multiple team members, including BrightFyre, the mod's most dedicated coder.[4] That and the controversy led to MORØ announcing his own resignation, saying Indie Cross would continue without him.[5] BrightFyre and DAGames now have lead of the project.[6]

Major Spoilers Ahead!

You don’t get it, you don’t know the full story. - Omega

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: Satanic Funkin’, Sans’ Week and almost all of the Bendy content contain major spoilers for their respective games. Saness is also technically spoilers for Underpants.

Unfinished Page

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Reason: Missing the majority of static animations, the animations and death quotes for Saness. There are also new mechanics added in with the 1.5 update that have not been added yet, along with dark notes in sections of Nightmare Run and shadow notes.

Large Page

The main constituents of me are fat, milk solids-not-fat (skim-milk powder), sugar, gelatin (or other suitable stabilizer), egg and flavouring. A variety of milk products can be used: cream, whole milk, condensed milk and instant skim-milk powder. - Cream

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Copyrighted Assets

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This article contains copyrighted music, files, or other copyrighted assets that can claim copyright infringement.

Reason: Undertale is owned by Toby Fox, Cuphead is owned by Studio MDHR, Bendy is owned by Kindly Beast, and Untitled Goose Game is owned by House House. Not to mention all the upcoming characters too!

Indie Cross is a mod created by MORØ and directed by BrightFyre and DAGames featuring characters from Indie games. The main games represented in the mod currently are Cuphead, Undertale, and Bendy and the Ink Machine, with a bonus appearance from Untitled Goose Game. The streamer build was released on GameJolt on November 2nd, 2021, and was fully released on April 8th, 2022. More updates are to come in the future.


Intro Cutscene

In some sort of dark void, a glowing red portal opens up, and out pops Boyfriend. After looking around his new surroundings, another portal appears to whisk him away through several familiar lands. He ends up back in the void, where several other portals are waiting. Where will these portals take our hero next…?


Boyfriend falls from a portal into the Inkwell Isles, where Cuphead is wandering around trying to find a portal. He soon finds Boyfriend and challenges him to a rap battle, believing he was the one messing with their lands. Despite Mugman’s insistence otherwise, Cuphead turns increasingly towards violence as he starts attacking Boyfriend with his powers. At the peak of his rage, he accidentally knocks out Mugman with an EX Move. Undeterred, he forgets the rapping part and begins attacking Boyfriend relentlessly, eventually cornering him on a tree. Just as he was about to finish him off, another portal appears to whisk Boyfriend away once more.


The following week, Boyfriend is transported to the Underground. He falls into the Last Corridor, where Sans is waiting. He says that he was hired to destroy Boyfriend by someone unknown, but only after a friendly little rap battle. After their first song, The Human comes along ready to kill Sans, but is bewildered to see that he’s busy at the moment. They attempt to attack Sans, but a mysterious red barrier prevents them from going forward. Sans also tells Boyfriend that he knows what happened with him and Cuphead, and warns him to not try anything funny. From here, the following events will change depending on what the player does during Sansational:

Pacifist Route: Achieved by not attacking Sans more than twice during Sansational. After the song, The Human somehow gets past the barrier and charges at Sans. However, Sans dodges and kills them instead, which shocks Boyfriend. Sans admits to Boyfriend that he was surprised he had a change of heart, and they proceeded to have one more rap battle. Afterwards, the portal appears again to take Boyfriend to another new world, and the two part ways peacefully.

Genocide Route: Achieved by attacking Sans at least three times during Sansational. After the song, The Human, after fruitlessly trying to break the barrier, instead uses their SOUL to possess Boyfriend. With The Human past the barrier and in the body of Boyfriend, Sans had no choice but to go all out. Afterwards, Boyfriend tries to grab The Human’s knife, but Sans stops him with a circle of Gaster Blasters. As Boyfriend lies on the ground severely injured, The Human relinquishes control of him and lands a fatal blow on Sans, who kills them in response. With both Sans and The Human dead, Boyfriend is completely alone as the portal takes him to another new world.

Bendy and The Ink Machine

The portal has now taken Boyfriend to Joey Drew Studios, where he encounters a cardboard cutout of Bendy. After getting bored from trying to rap with it, he knocks it down with his mic; inadvertently alerting Ink Bendy of his presence. Ink Bendy himself soon appears before Boyfriend, and the two do battle. Sammy Lawrence, who’s been wandering the studio, notices this encounter and tries to attack Boyfriend, only to be stopped by that same red barrier from before. Despite the setbacks from Ink Bendy and the Butcher Gang’s attacks, Boyfriend manages to get out of the fight in one piece.

Only on Hard, Ink Bendy is enraged by Boyfriend’s survival and chases him throughout the whole studio. Boyfriend eventually finds a place to hide, but is soon surrounded by the Butcher Gang. As he’s fending them off, Ink Bendy finds him once again and brutally injures him. Just before he can go for the killing blow, however, Boyfriend lets out a powerful cry that sets him back, and the portal takes him away once more.



You know what I do when I'm not so sure? I double down!
― Cuphead, The Cuphead Show, Carn-Evil

Want to learn more about Cuphead?

Cuphead is the main protagonist of his titular game, and the first main opponent of the mod. He and his brother Mugman lived happily in the Inkwell Isles under the watchful eye of Elder Kettle, until they one day wandered into The Devil’s Casino. After an impressive win streak, The Devil himself proposed a deal - they win one more roll in a game of Craps, and they get all the riches of the casino. They lose, and their souls are taken. Cuphead, blinded by riches, failed the bet, and the two brothers were forced to track down The Devil’s runaway debtors if they were to keep their souls.


Cuphead, as the name suggests, is a humanoid boy with a cup for a head. He has two large eyes with big, black pupils, as well as a long, cheerful smile. The inside of his head has a white liquid (apparently his life-force) and a red-and-white bendy straw. His body is short and colored white, and he wears nothing but two white (sometimes depicted as yellow) gloves, a black, long-sleeve shirt, red pants, and brown boots; all with rather goofy proportions.

In his Nightmare song, Devil's Gambit, Cuphead's entire body is black, except for his un-emotive eyes, his outline and the liquid in his head, which glow bright-pink. His straw is also on fire.


  • MORØ made an animation showing the aftermath of Cuphead’s week and how he became Nightmare Cuphead. This is not canon to the mod’s current story.
  • Cuphead uses three different weapons (Peashooter, Chaser, and Roundabout) during Knockout, even though he could only equip two at once in the original game. He also uses the Charge shot in the final cutscene.
    • In his old sprites he also used the Charge shot in "Knockout" instead of the Peashooter.
  • In the original version of Technicolor Tussle, the song would slow down and stop before Cuphead begins attacking in order to explain the dodge and attack mechanics. This was removed in the final build.
    • He was also meant to do his signature intro animation from Cuphead at the start of the song (as seen in this video), which was also removed in the final build.
  • Nightmare Cuphead's icon is the only Nightmare icon that is not animated.
    • He also is the only Nightmare character that has no danger or winning icon.
  • Cuphead's microphone is unshaded in his idle and left pose.
    • This is likely because these sprites are completely new, unlike his other poses which were just reanimated.
  • Nightmare Cuphead's sprites are similar to his "Knockout" sprites.
    • The same could go for Sans's Nightmare sprites
  • Nightmare Cuphead initially used a Super Move during Devil’s Gambit, which would’ve forced the player to hold the dodge key until the attack finished.
  • Cuphead was initially meant to be a Pico reskin back when the mod was just reskins.
  • In the Devil's Gambit OST video on YouTube, the Cuphead logo shows the title “Cuphead: Deal with the Devil” instead of "Cuphead: Don't Deal with the Devil".[7]



The easiest enemy. Can only deal 1 damage.
― Sans’ Check description in Undertale

See also: Sans (disambiguation)
Want to learn more about Sans?

Sans the Skeleton is the deuteragonist of Undertale, and the second main opponent of the mod. A prankster and a bit of a slacker, Sans’ role in the story of Undertale changes drastically depending on the player’s actions. In the Pacifist Route, he’s a wise-cracking friend that makes several humorous appearances throughout the game. In the Genocide Route, however, he is the last stand against the player’s murderous rampage, and faces off against them in an effort to stop them before it’s too late to turn back.


Sans is a short, stout skeleton that wears a blue jacket with a hood and a fluffy white trim. He wears black shorts with white stripes, and also sports pink slippers. He wears white gloves in his official appearances, but is shown with his bare skeleton hands in this mod. He has small white pupils in his sockets, which change to a singular, larger, flashing blue-and-yellow eye when he throws around the player’s SOUL. He has a monochrome color palette during the battle portions of Sansational (if Sans is attacked) and Burning in Hell.

In his Nightmare song, Bad Time, he becomes completely black with bright blue glowing eyes, and his head is aflame with bright blue fire. The back of his head is also somewhat cracked.


  • MORØ has made twoS animations that show how Sans became Nightmare Sans at the hands of Ink Bendy. As with Nightmare Cuphead, this is non-canon.
  • Sans is the only character in the mod whose fate is determined based on Boyfriend's actions.
    • This is, of course, based on Undertale’s morality mechanics, where the ending of the game (as well as many other aspects) varies depending on how many (or what kind of) monsters the player has killed.
  • Sans acknowledges the events of Week 1 in the opening of Sansational, which references the fact that he (along with Flowey) has knowledge of the alternate timelines created when the player resets their Save File.
  • The blue and orange bone notes in Sans’ Week reference the Patience (Blue) and Bravery (Orange) attacks from Undertale, where you have to stop moving on blue attacks and move on orange attacks.
  • Sansational is written in lower-case Comic Sans, which is how Sans speaks in Undertale, and is also where his name comes from.
  • Sans' dialogue before Whoopee references the Undertale fan-song To The Bone, namely the memetic lyric "Welcome to the Underground, how was the fall?".
  • Oddly, unlike in Undertale, Sans doesn’t turn into dust when he’s killed by The Human in the Genocide ending of the Week.
  • The beginning of Whoopie being fast and filled with mechanics and the rest being slower and more chilled possibly alludes to Sans’ introduction in Undertale, in which he steps from the shadows and reaches for The Human’s hand in an intimidating fashion, only to be revealed to be a whoopee-cushion trick. The song’s name may be in reference to this.
    • It also may reference Sans’ line after surviving his first attack in his boss fight, in which he remarks why no one uses their strongest attacks first.
  • Bad Time was initially meant to have a battle mode, but it was scrapped.
  • Sans older sprite was basically traced over a PhantomArcade doodle.


Bendy Cutout

Who put this here?
― Henry reacting to a cutout, Chapter 1

Bendy is the mascot of the animation studio Joey Drew Studios. A cardboard cutout of him is the “opponent” of the first half of Imminent Demise. Afterwards, it serves as a recurring mechanic during the Week; blocking the visuals for a brief moment.


Cardboard Bendy is a cardboard cutout of Bendy as he appears in his cartoons and posters, with a large, black, crescent-shaped head and worn-yellow face, bowtie, and gloves; as well as large, black, oval-like eyes and a wide smile. The cutout is dirty and decrepit from the studio being long-since abandoned.


  • Its "vocals", which are just the piano in the instrumental, are represented by a completely empty chart on its side.
    • Curiously, the piano is not on the same file as the instrumental, implying that the piano is, in fact, its vocals.
  • According to Alice Angel in Chapter 3, Bendy hates having the cutouts be tampered with, likely explaining him immediately going after Boyfriend halfway through Imminent Demise.

Ink Bendy

Listen Tommy, I know you boys over at Gent are doing your best, but I'm paying for living attractions, not weird abominations! Whatever that grinning thing was I saw wandering around your office, you better keep it locked up tight!
― Joey Drew, Chapter 5, 4th audio log.

See also: Bendy (disambiguation)
Want to learn more about The Ink Demon?

Ink Bendy, also known as The Ink Demon, is the central antagonist of Bendy and the Ink Machine, and the third main opponent of the mod. A failed experiment created by Joey Drew Studios in an attempt make their characters come to life, The Ink Demon took revenge on his creators for his imprisonment. Afterwards, he ruled the ruins of the studio with an iron fist before his eventual downfall.


Ink Bendy is a large, humanoid mass of ink meant to resemble Bendy. He wears a worn-yellow glove on his left hand, with his right hand being bare. He also wears a worn-yellow bowtie. Dripping ink covers the top of his crescent-shaped head, and he sports a wide smile.

In his Nightmare song, Despair, he is now completely black with only one glowing yellow eye, a wide, monstrous gin, and hands burning in yellow fire.


  • MORØ’s non-canon animations about the origin of Nightmare Sans reveal that the form was born due to Ink Bendy killing him. The third part will likely show how Nightmare Bendy came to be as well.
  • The ink notes in Ink Bendy’s Week is a reference to the health system in Bendy and the Ink Machine.
  • Nightmare Bendy’s design seems to reference Audrey from the upcoming Bendy And the Dark Revival, as the glowing yellow spiral shape on the palm of his hand is similar to the shape on the back of Audrey's hand.
  • Ink Bendy gets closer to Boyfriend the lower the players' health is during Nightmare Run.
  • Nightmare Run’s name is a reference to Bendy in Nightmare Run, an endless runner mobile game.
  • The demo version of Last Reel can still be played when setting the song to Easy.
  • Last Reel’s name references the final chapter of Bendy and The Ink Machine, which is called “Chapter 5: The Last Reel”.
  • In the cutscene after Nightmare Run, a "See Something, Say Something" poster from Among Us can be seen.
  • The glowing eye seen on Ink Bendy’s old icons later became part of Nightmare Bendy’s design.
  • Despair originally had a mechanic where Nightmare Bendy would jump to either side of the screen to try and crush Boyfriend, but this was scrapped.
    • A similar mechanic was intended for the Giant Hand from BatIM in this song, but it was scrapped as well.
  • Halfway through Despair, Boyfriend would’ve originally gotten on a minecart as Nightmare Bendy chased him, but this was scrapped.


The Devil

Give me... your... Soul!
― The Devil, The Cuphead Show, Sweater Luck Next Time

Want to learn more about The Devil?

The Devil is the main antagonist and final boss in Cuphead. He is the opponent of the bonus song Satanic Funkin’. The ruler of Hell and the owner of The Devil’s Casino, he sends Cuphead and Mugman to fetch the Soul Contracts of his runaway debtors after they lose a bet with him.


The Devil is a large, black-furred demon with white horns, a pointed tail, and yellow eyes. He also wields a large golden pitchfork. He’s capable of transforming into various animals in Cuphead, though this is not seen in the mod.


  • His danger icon looks similar to his second phase in Cuphead.
  • The Devil's skin can be seen in the background of Devil's Gambit. This is a reference to how, when entering Phase 2 of his boss fight, his skeleton jumps out from his body and enters a hole into the lower levels of Hell; leaving his skin on his throne.
  • At the beginning of the song, The Devil shows his eye to Boyfriend, which visualizes his head being cut in half. He does the same thing before his battle in the original game towards Cuphead and Mugman.



― Papyrus, upon using his “Blue Attack” in Undertale

Want to learn more about Papyrus?

Papyrus is a recurring character in Undertale, and the opponent of the bonus songs Bad To The Bone and Bonedoggle. He is Sans’ energetic younger brother who loves puzzles and hates bad puns. He hopes to capture a human in order to join the Royal Guard of the Underground.


Papyrus is a tall, lanky skeleton. He wears big red boots and gloves, as well as blue shorts sporting a yellow trim. He also wears a large red cape and a big, white chest plate with a strange red badge on it. This is apparently called his “Battle Body”, which is usually the only thing he ever wears.


  • The badge on Papyrus's chest plate is very similar to the badge of the Starmen from the Mother series.
  • Along with Sans, Papyrus’ name comes from the font he speaks in in the original game.
  • According to Flowey, Papyrus's favorite food is "oatmeal with the dinosaur eggs".[8]
  • Bonedoggle is the fourth song to have two opponents sing simultaneously with two separate notestrums, with the first being Applecore, the second being Devilsknife, and the third being Astral Chaos.
  • Bad to the Bone is directly based on an animation by J-Bug, including the note shift mechanic.


Sammy Lawrence

Ah! You lied to me... you said I’d be free! Well, I’m going to free you now! Free your head right off your shoulders! Sheep, Sheep, Sheep... it’s time for... sleep.
― Sammy moments before his death in Chapter 5.

Want to learn more about Sammy Lawrence?

Sammy Lawrence is a minor antagonist in Bendy and the Ink Machine, and is the opponent of the bonus song Ritual. He also appears in the background during Terrible Sin and Last Reel.


Sammy Lawrence is a humanoid ink monster who wears off-white overalls, supporting off-white trousers which are covered in ink. He also sports an off-white, scuffed Bendy mask with a hole around the mouth area. His face under the mask is completely blank. He also has an axe, which he wields during Ritual.


  • Sammy's name could be a reference to Sammy Lerner, the composer of the Popeye theme song.
    • His name could also be a reference to Sammy Fain and Jack Lawrence, as his old partner in the Bendy and the Ink Machine is named Jack Fain.
      • Another person his name possibly references is Sammy Timberg, who is a music director for Fleischer Studios.
  • According to a Twitter AMA held by Sammy on the Hot Topic Twitter page, he apparently misses the hair he had back when he was a human, and he called it "splendid".[9]


Cartoon Bendy

You’ve got this!
― Bendy, Freaky Machine (1st half)

Cartoon Bendy is Bendy as he appears in his cartoons, and the opponent of the bonus song Freaky Machine. This version of Bendy is a mischievous little devil who gets up to light mischief; a far cry from the monster born in his image. This particular depiction of his cartoon form is in reference to DAGames’ Bendy music videos.


Cartoon Bendy has a large, black, crescent-shaped head with a white face. He wears a white bowtie and gloves, as well as black shoes. He has large, black, oval-like eyes and a wide smile. In the second half of Freaky Machine, he gains a top hat, and the upper half of his face becomes black with one glowing red eye.


  • Cartoon Bendy shares his icon with the Bendy cutout.
  • His top hat and glowing red eye halfway through Freaky Machine references his appearance in the music video for Gospel of Dismay by DAGames.
    • The eye is also similar to the one seen in Ink Bendy’s old icons.



― Saness, Underpants - Genocide Ending - SPARE, and April Fools

Saness is a joke version of Sans as depicted in Sr. Pelo's Underpants series. He is the opponent of the secret song of the same name.


Saness is depicted as a crudely drawn version of Sans, complete with the blue eye.


  • In the April Fools version of Underpants, Saness bounces uncontrollably, while his idle animation in the mod, he bounces normally.
  • Saness’ danger icon references Sans screaming after being stabbed by Frisk in Underpants.
  • The HUD during Saness is different from the other tracks:
    • "Score" is changed to "Social Credit Points".
    • "Misses" is changed to "Skill Issues".
    • "Accuracy" is changed to "Wackyness".
    • The NPS display and judgement are unchanged.
  • Saness’ vocals are various unedited clips of Sr. Pelo screaming.
    • There are also several moments where table slamming can be heard, which is a common gag in Sr. Pelo’s videos. Saness even has a separate animation for when it happens.
  • Saness is nearly impossible to beat, as the end of the song spams loads of orange and blue bone notes after a long, silent pause.
    • This is likely why the achievement for the song is earned when unlocking it rather then beating it.


The Goose

― The Goose, Untitled Goose Game

Want to learn more about The Goose?

The Goose is the main “protagonist” of Untitled Goose Game, and the opponent of the secret song Gose. It goes around causing endless amounts of harmless havoc for humans, for it is a goose.


The Goose is a white goose with an orange beak, webbed feet, and small, beady eyes.

During the second half of Gose, they sport a pair of pixelated shades.


  • The goose used by Player 2 in Untitled Goose Game’s co-op mode has a prominent knob on the top of their beak, which is mostly only present on male geese. This may suggest that the Player 1 goose is female.
  • The goose was apparently never intended to be in the mod; RiverOaken, NonsenseHumor and CrystalSlime just somehow snuck it in.[10]



Mugman is Cuphead’s brother, who adventures along with him in order to find those Soul Contracts so that The Devil doesn’t take their souls. In this mod, he shows up during the cutscene before Technicolor Tussle, where he offers to help Cuphead but is told to go find Ms. Chalice instead. He later returns towards the end of Knockout, where Cuphead accidentally knocks him out with a Mega Blast.


The Human

The Human (also known as Frisk) is the main protagonist of Undertale. They're a human that fell into the underground and embark on a journey back home. In the Pacifist Route, Frisk manages to save all of monsterkind and bring them back to the surface. In the Genocide Route, however, they kill each and every monster until only they are left; at which point the player is confronted by the first human to fall down: Chara.

In this mod, The Human arrives at The Last Corridor to kill Sans only to find him rapping against Boyfriend. In the Pacifist Route, they attempt to strike at Sans, but fails and is consequently killed themselves. In the Genocide Route, they use Chara’s influence to possess Boyfriend and face off against Sans; which they use as a distraction so that they may finally land a killing blow on him - though not without Sans killing them in return.


The Butcher Gang

The Butcher Gang is a villainous trio of ink monsters molded in the image of the titular trio from the old Bendy cartoons. Their members consist of Piper, Striker and Fisher; based off of Charley, Edgar and Barley respectively.


Jack CopperZ

Not to be confused with Stickman VS FNF

Jack CopperZ (also known as Stickman) is a regularly appearing protagonist in JzBoy's Vs Stickman Series. In this mod, he makes a small cameo appearance in the background of Last Reel at around 1:16, in which he stumbles across the action and subsequently runs away from it.


  • His appearance during Last Reel is a reference to the Stickman Vs. Bendy and the Ink Machine animation series by JzBoy, who also worked on the mod.



Never underestimate the cunning of a pirate. Or a fox for that matter!
― Foxy, Ultimate Custom Night

Want to know more about Foxy?

Foxy the Pirate is one of the major antagonists of the Five Nights at Freddy's series. He is a discontinued animatronic entertainer within Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza who is typically seen in his own stage: Pirate's Cove. Like the other animatronics in this place, he is possessed by the soul of a child killed by William Afton, and thus is seeking vengeance on him. In this mod, he appears during the intro cutscene after Boyfriend is transported to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza; at which point Foxy nearly ambushes him before he disappears.



I have seen this nimble little creature. I thought her prey and pounced at her, but with a flash she stabbed me with her flying stinger and darted away. Could she be... a Hunter?
― The Hunter, about Hornet, Hollow Knight

Want to learn more about Hornet?

Hornet is the mysterious princess-protector of the ruins of Hollownest; and a major supporting character in Hollow Knight as well as the protagonist of Hollow Knight: Silksong. She has been confirmed as the opponent of the Hollow Knight week in this interview.


King Dice

Now, a quick word from our sponsor! We'll be right back.
― King Dice, The Cuphead Show, Roll the Dice

Want to learn more about King Dice?

King Dice is The Devil’s Right-Hand Man, and an upcoming opponent for the mod.[11] The manager of The Devil’s Casino, he makes sure that the brothers fulfill their end of their contract with The Devil, and also serves as their last obstacle before confronting him.


Shovel Knight Character(s)

The world of Shovel Knight is briefly seen in the intro cutscene.

FNaF Character(s)

The world of FNaF is briefly seen in the intro cutscene.

Baldi Character(s)

A Baldi's Basics week has been confirmed. A Baldi’s Basics song can also be found in the files of the streamer build.

Isaac Character(s)

There's a Binding of Isaac song in the files of streamer build.

Celeste Character(s)

There's a Celeste song in the files of the streamer build.

Gameplay Mechanics

Each Week has their own unique mechanics, though all three involve attacking using Shift and dodging using Space. The mechanics have their own difficulty settings; being "Standard" and "Hell". Hell Difficulty uses the mechanics as they were in the V1 update. They can also be turned off altogether.


  • Super Meter: This appears right of the health bar and is filled as Boyfriend hits notes. Once it is full, Boyfriend can use one attack.
  • Peashooter: Throughout Technicolor Tussle, Knockout and Devil's Gambit, Cuphead will sometimes start shooting his Peashooter at Boyfriend, lowering his health over time. To stop this, Boyfriend must attack Cuphead.
  • Chaser: During Knockout, Cuphead will occasionally shoot his Chaser in conjunction with hitting his notes. This has the same effect as the Peashooter but with lower damage, and he doesn’t stop shooting it when Boyfriend attacks him.
    • Attacking Cuphead during this move is very costly, as it uses up the attack used to repel the Peashooter, which Cuphead usually uses immediately after the Chaser shots.
  • Parry Note: A special note that instantly fills the Super Meter when hit.
  • EX Moves: Throughout Knockout, Cuphead fires Mega Blast, a large blue fireball that will deal 75% damage to Boyfriend unless he dodges it. The one he uses as Mugman shows up will insta-kill if not dodged, however. Occasionally, he will use Jumbo Rebounder instead, which boomerangs back and forces Boyfriend to dodge it a second time. A sign appears right before he fires either attack that tells you to dodge them. In Devil's Gambit, there is no sign to help predict the attack, so you must rely on the sound cue instead.
    • Prior to the V1.5 update, Cuphead would hit Parry Notes to indicate his attacks. He’d hit four when using Mega Blast and two when using Jumbo Rebounder.


  • Different Story Routes:
    • PACIFIST: If Boyfriend doesn’t attack Sans more than twice during Sansational, the final song becomes Final Stretch. Completing Final Stretch unlocks the bonus song Bonedoggle.
    • GENOCIDE: If Boyfriend attacks Sans at least three times during Sansational, the final song becomes Burning in Hell. Completing Burning in Hell unlocks the bonus song Bad to the Bone.
      • Both routes must be completed in order to unlock Bad Time.
  • Bone Notes: These appear in Whoopee, Sansational (if Sans is attacked) and Burning in Hell. There are two versions: blue and orange.
    • Blue: If Mechanics are on Standard difficulty, these notes harm Boyfriend if hit. On Hell difficulty, they insta-kill Boyfriend if hit.
    • Orange: If Mechanics are on Standard difficulty, these notes harm Boyfriend if missed. On Hell Difficulty, they insta-kill Boyfriend if missed.
  • Bone Wall: In Whoopee, Sansational and Burning in Hell, Sans will occasionally summon a wall of bones that deal 50% damage and inflict KARMA on BF's HP unless dodged. A warning icon will appear in front of Boyfriend before the attack.
  • Orange and Blue Bone Walls: These only appear in Bad Time. They function similarly to the normal Bone Walls, except that they insta-kill Boyfriend if he is hit by them. The orange walls must be dodged, whereas the blue walls should not.
  • Attacking: Boyfriend can attack Sans throughout Sansational and Burning in Hell, which gives him a small amount of health.
  • Background Shift & Zoom: Midway though Final Stretch, the background will shift from the Last Corridor to Waterfall. The camera also zooms in during this part, making it harder to see incoming notes.
  • Battle/Bullet Hell: During Sansational (if Sans is attacked) and Burning in Hell, the background will occasionally switch to a fight UI from Undertale. During these parts, Sans will attack Boyfriend by firing Gaster Blasters from various directions, forcing Boyfriend to move his SOUL around using the arrow keys to dodge each blast. If Boyfriend is hit, he loses a chunk of health. If Mechanics are on Hell difficulty, Gaster Blasters do a LOT more damage.

Ink Bendy

  • Dimming Lights: Throughout every Bendy track (including Ritual), the whole screen will dim and brighten in a constant cycle, making it harder to see at times.
  • Health Drain: Ink Bendy's notes push back Boyfriend's health.
    • Disabling mechanics will not prevent this on some occasions.
  • Ink Notes: Special notes that appear in every song except Imminent Demise. If hit, ink will cover the screen, making it harder to see. The ink goes away after a while, but it can stack, clogging up more and more of the screen. If the ink stacks too high, Boyfriend will be insta-killed.
  • Shadow Notes: Special notes that appear in every song except Imminent Demise. If Mechanics are on Standard difficulty, then if these notes are hit, Boyfriend will lose a LOT of health. On Hell difficulty, they insta-kill Boyfriend if hit.
  • Bendy Cutout: Cardboard cutouts of Bendy will sometimes appear. It will cover the camera, but not the UI.
    • Disabling mechanics will not prevent this.
  • Butcher Gang: During Last Reel and Despair, members of the Butcher Gang walk in from both sides of the screen to attack Boyfriend with Piper attacking from the right side and Striker attacking from the left side. Piper jumpscare him and block the camera late into Last Reel. Boyfriend must attack the enemies using the left and right Shift keys to get rid of them, but these attacks are on cooldown. Thus, when waiting for his attack to recharge, Boyfriend must dodge their attacks instead. Despair adds a third enemy Fisher that runs past Boyfriend and damages him unless he dodges.
    • Disabling mechanics will not prevent the Butcher Gang from blocking your view.
  • Darkened Notes: In various sections of Nightmare Run, the notes take on a neon color scheme with only the outlines shadow. This makes the regular notes less visually distinct from Ink and Shadow Notes, which makes it harder to avoid them. The shadow notes can also be seen with a smile on them.
  • Final Rush: Towards the end of Last Reel, The Ink Demon will dispel any remaining Butcher Gang members for the rest of the song and drain Boyfriend's health to 1%. The Butcher Gang is also dispelled sometimes in Despair, minus the health drain.
    • Disabling mechanics will not prevent this.


  • Fire Notes: Special notes that appear in Satanic Funkin and Devil's Gambit. Damages Boyfriend if hit.
  • Health Drain: Boyfriend loses health every time The Devil hits a note.
  • The Devil’s henchmen: During Satanic Funkin, The Devil's henchmen will occasionally run across the screen. Boyfriend must dodge as they run past him, or else he will lose 50% health.
  • Note Shifting: During Bad to the Bone on Hell mechanics, Papyrus will shift some of his notes to Boyfriend’s side. Missing these notes kills Boyfriend.
  • Axe Throw: At the end of Ritual, Sammy will throw his axe at Boyfriend. This will insta-kill him unless dodged.
  • Anti-Cheat: Entering debug mode by pressing 7 in Nightmare songs will lead to a jumpscare before kicking the player out of debug mode.
  • Nightmare Mechanics Protection: It is impossible to disable mechanics for the Nightmare songs.