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Reason: During Breakout, multiple Xigmen can be seen running around wearing dismembered human limbs on their heads.

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Major Spoilers Ahead!

However during the last song I researched Martian Mixtape, and to be honest I found some...unsavory things. - DRX-49

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

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This mod's development is permanently halted and is no longer planned of getting a release, or another update. The reason for this may vary, such as controversy.

Reason: The team didn't want to bloat the mod[1].

Martian Mixtape is an overhaul mod created by HThagomizer. The mod currently features five full weeks, one bonus week, and many extra songs.

After Boyfriend and Girlfriend find a crashed UFO, they encounter Xigmund the alien, and later run into a cast of unique characters that are all related to the extraterrestrial, including a conspiracy theorist and the FBI.



*unintelligible stock scream*

― Xigmund Xigmund Neutral.png, upon seeing Boyfriend

Xigmund is a character made by HThagomizer. In the mod's first week, he crashes his UFO in the park, where Boyfriend and Girlfriend find him. When encountered, he screams in fear and surprise at Boyfriend, but then begins to rap battle him. He faces off in three songs against Boyfriend, but begins to grow frustrated at his losses by his third song. His frustration overwhelms him in Annihilation LOL and he overexerts his brain in an attempt to levitate his microphone and sing a flurry of notes. He begins to miss notes and "red brain"s himself, ending the song and the week. Xigmund is also the opponent of Week 3, where he appears in a graveyard as a skeleton. In Pelvic, the second song of the week, he summons many skeletons from their graves to dance along the groovy song. But the funky vibes turn sour when a bone falls on his head and enrages him in Spinal Tap. After Spinal Tap, he is mysteriously "beamed up" and taken from the graveyard. His whereabouts after the song are currently unknown.


Xigmund is a green headed alien. He wears a purple jumpsuit with yellow pauldrons, bracelets, and belt. He also wears a grey pair of shoes.

In Brainfuck, he appears to have a vein on his forehead, and starts to use some psychic power to hold up the mic. In Annihilation LOL, he uses these psychic powers to cover himself in the red energy. He begins to float and successfully levitate his mic.

In Marrow, he is now a skeleton. His jumpsuit is now ripped on the sides, revealing his ribcage and his left leg. He is also missing a shoe. For Pelvic, he gains a snazzy pair of shades. For Spinal Tap, he gains a red glowing eye through his rage.


  • Xigmund is one of the only characters who have gotten too far into their routine and blue-balled themselves.
  • This is the first mod to have the enemy miss notes, poking fun at the song's intentionally spammy charting and the general trend of spammy charts.
  • Xigmund, despite having being red brained, is revealed in the files to still be alive.
  • In earlier versions of the mod, the UFO that Girlfriend sits on would be flying in Brainfuck. However, these assets are no longer used in the song, and Aerodynamix uses them instead.
  • Not Funny is a unimplemented song, but can be accessed in a similar manner to Monster before the Week 7 update for the original game.
  • Xigmund's favorite color is purple.[2]
  • Xigmund's "balls" are not in his head, what's shown in his "game over" screen is actually his brain.
  • Xigmund really likes pushpops.[3]
  • Not Funny was one of the first in-development songs (albeit in an unfinished state) for Xigmund, revealed in a Reddit post by HThagomizer alongside his Brainfuck poses.
    • Not Funny was named for the feel of the song by HThagomizer's friend, describing the feeling of the song as "doing a joke with your friend, but going too far and they start getting annoyed at you."
    • The reason for Not Funny's scrapping is seen in another Reddit post by HThagomizer in the comments, the reason being that their friend who was making the music did not like the final outcome and ultimately decided to not use it.
  • Xigmund loves murder.[1]
  • Annihilation is directly taken from a "what if" video, showing off what Annihilation LOL could sound like if Xigmund didn't red brain himself.
  • According to a picture telling us about the release of Martian Mixtape 2.0, the Xigmund Skeleton's name is Xigbones.
  • All of Xigbone's week's song names are directly based on bones. Marrow is a soft fatty substance in bones, otherwise known as "bone marrow". Pelvic is named after both the pelvis bone, otherwise known as the crotch, and the dance move, the "pelvic thrust", which Xigbones' can be seen doing for his right pose for this song. Meanwhile, Spinal Tap is named after a procedure where a doctor removes a sample of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the subarachnoid space in the spine.
  • Marrow references Lazerz and Brainfuck, as well as Spooky Scary Skeletons.
  • HThagomizer confirmed in the comments that "Pelvic was originally gonna be called "Chiller" and be a LOT more derivative to "Thriller" by Micheal Jackson, but the Hideki Naganuma (who is famous for making the Jet Set Radio and Lethal League Blaze OST) style music was too funky for that title, so we changed it."
  • Xigmund's voice is sampled directly from Hiveswap's The Grubbles - Broom Temperature.



*unintelligible stock scream*

― Rudemund RudemundIcon.png, upon seeing Boyfriend

Rudemund is a character made by HThagomizer. In the mod, he crashes his UFO in the park one day, less than pleased with the perdicament. He spots Boyfriend and screams in terror. He then faces off against Boyfriend in a series of songs, but gets a bit too angry in Aneurysmia, causing part of his brain to blow up from how angry he was.


Rudemund is a green headed alien. He wears a purple jumpsuit with red tailcoats, belt and bracelets. He also wears a grey pair of shoes.

In Craniotomy, he appears to have a vein on his forehead, and doesn't even use the mic anymore. Meanwhile, in Aneurysmia, he is now floating, the red energy making a mic for him.


  • Xigmund (and Rudemund)'s voice is sampled directly from Hiveswap's The Grubbles - Broom Temperature.
  • Rudemund is actually Xigmund from an alternate timeline, except he's more rude.
  • Rudemund's shades bear a bit of a resemblance to Demetrios's shades in his first phase's icon.


Agent Cupcake


― FBI FBIIcon.png, Hey

Agent Cupcake is an FBI agent from Alien Hominid, and is the first antagonist of Week 2. As Boyfriend and Girlfriend are wandering around, this agent is looking for a certain alien. (Not Xigmund, but another one.)


Agent Cupcake looks like a standard FBI agent, with a megaphone and a gruff expression. However, when he gets anxious, his shades raise up, revealing a more scared expression.


  • Agent Cupcake is one of the first characters to change expressions/forms when their HP gets pushed to the danger zone.
  • Similarly to Omega and Genocide Tabi, Agent Cupcake will drain the player's health whenever it is above 50%, and will stop when the player's health is at 50%. When doing this, his sunglasses pop up, revealing his eyes and showing his nervous expression.
  • FBI Agents are common enemies in their source game, Alien Hominid, because they are trying to capture you.
  • Cupcake's old sounds were taken directly from a music-making plugin named Delay Lama. His new voice is directly taken from the band "Smash Mouth", mostly from their song All Star.


Agent Sprinkles

Hes kinda built though
― Freeplay Blurb, Aegis

Agent Sprinkles is a character from Alien Hominid and is the secondary antagonist of Week 2. After the fight against Agent Cupcake, Agent Sprinkles tags in, with the hopes of crushing BF like an egg and taking him in to be interrogated.


Agent Sprinkles looks like a standard FBI agent, except that he wears a black cap and some brown bands around his arms. He is also holding up a massive riot shield. He is much taller and buffer than the other agents in the week.


  • Similarly to Izotope, the player starts at 100% health when singing against Agent Sprinkles, but they cannot regain any health they lose it.
  • FBI Agents are common enemies in their source game, Alien Hominid, because they are trying to capture you.
  • Sprinkle's voice is directly taken from the band "Smash Mouth", mostly from their song All Star.
  • Agent Sprinkles does not have a losing icon.


Agent Cuddles

Like hacking or like drugs?
― Freeplay Blurb, Crack

Agent Cuddles is a character from Alien Hominid and is the third antagonist of Week 2. After the fight against Agent Sprinkles, Cuddles decides to step in, using his technology and skills in hacking to give Boyfriend a difficult challenge during his song.


Agent Cuddles looks like a FBI agent, wearing a purple hoodie and having a set of servers on his back. He also seems to be carrying some kind of interference transmitter with a purple knob and three prongs.


  • Cuddles is able to "hack" the player's interface, moving it around, causing static to fill the screen, and even turning down the in-game volume.
  • According to HThagomizer, The set of servers on his back consist of the entire internet.
  • He likes grape juice.


FBI Robot

Everything is fine and aliens are not real
― Freeplay Blurb, Enforcement

The FBI Robot is the first boss from Alien Hominid and is the final antagonist of Week 2. After the alien they were looking for shows up after the battle with Agent Cuddles, the FBI Agents go into attack mode, bringing out the FBI Robot.


The FBI Robot has massive tank treads and a steel plated torso with a head connected by wires. It has a caution sign on its chest, warning you not to hit its head, as well as an arrow pointing to the head. Strangely enough, it also has a tongue.


  • Out of all the opponents from Week 2, the FBI Robot is the only one that does not have a gimmick.
  • The FBI Robot's voice is directly taken from the band "Smash Mouth", mostly their song, All Star.


You can have my ice cream if you want :)
― Freeplay Blurb, Buddy Buddy

The Fat Kid is a character created by The Behemoth, and modded in by HThagomizer. Seems today was "bring your child to work day" at the FBI Bureau, and so, Agent Sprinkles brought this little guy.


The Fat Kid appears a small, well, fat kid. He wears an orange cap, a green long sleeve shirt with what appears to be a trident, blue jeans, and carries a large backpack


  • In Alien Hominid, the fat kid appears and gives you power-ups
  • In this mod, the fat kids were supposed to replace the FBI Guys in the ALT version of Week 2, although only this one is finished (who replaces Agent Cupcake)




― Harold HaroldIcon.png, Tinfoil

Harold is a character, created by HThagomizer. After coming back from beating Xigmund in the graveyard, this strange man kidnaps Boyfriend and Girlfriend to conduct a crazy interview. Beware of when he drinks his coffee, as it makes him a bit crazy.


Harold has purple hair and light purple skin. He wears a tinfoil hat on his head and circular-rimmed glasses. He has a visible white undershirt beneath his dark blue sweater vest. He also wears brown khaki pants and black shoes that are always untied. He usually holds a radio-like device in his hand, but when he gets the jitters, it's usually replaced with coffee.


  • As shown by the various boards, pictures, and objects in his room, it is clear that Harold believes in a wide array of conspiracies and the extraterrestrial.
  • Harold seems to know about Xigmund's existence, as he has a drawing of him on the whiteboard. However, the drawing has large googly eyes similarly to the Xigmen. Under the drawing, he has written the words "GOVEENMENT BAD", "FUCK", and "FLAVOR TEXT???", with arrows pointing to the Xigmund drawing. Also on the whiteboard is a drawing of a flat Earth, labeled "FLAT?". Other text on the board reads "GREEN BODY SUIT?" and "SKELETONS ARE REAL?", referencing Xigmund and Xigbones respectively.
  • On the wall of his room is a pinboard with a whole bunch of red lines connecting to different people. The board has photos of Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Skid & Pump, Tankman, and the FBI. There are also vague photos of Xigmund, including his UFO, the UFO's crash site, and his skeletal hand from the cutscene before Marrow.
  • Harold desperately wants to find Xigmund for money, according to a poster on the right side of the screen and a graph showing his harshly tanking finances.
  • On the ground, there's a picture of the Loch Ness Monster with an X on it, implying that before Xigmund, Harold believed in or tried to find other things, but ultimately gave up on them.
  • Although it is not seen in the gameplay, it is seen that under his desk Harold keeps an Illuminati book on the floor.
  • According to an official upload of Tinfoil, one of Harold's major inspirations was Dib from Invader Zim.
  • Harold is a trans guy[5]



I don't feel safe.
― Freeplay Blurb, Breakout

Xigman is a character created by HThagomizer. After being taken in by the FBI for questioning, Boyfriend comes across a strange set of tubes. Soon, a Xigman opens up its eyes before breaking out of the tube, wanting to sing against Boyfriend (and cause havoc, whichever comes first.)


Xigman is a green-skinned alien, wearing the same attire as Xigmund. Its eyes fluctuate from being really big to really small.


  • Xigman is the name of the specific clone rap battled during week 5, but the collection of clones are refferred to as "Xigmen".
  • According to HThagomizer, Xigman can purr and "only bites the people they don't like". They will also kick their leg like a dog when scratched or petted.
  • The Xigmen were originally meant to be in a later week, but got pushed earlier because HThagomizer wanted to do them sooner.
  • The Xigmen were based on a sleep-deprived sketch made by HThagomizer.


You guys have heard of the Human Genome Project, right? These kids are superior to you in every way imaginable!
― Mr. Flacit, Pico vs. Überkids

The Überkids, Übersam, Überjon, and Überfred, are characters created by Tom Fulp, and modded in by HThagomizer. After stopping by a nearby ice cream place, Girlfriend and Boyfriend notice that its run by Überkids, Pico's old arch nemesises.


The Überkids appear has short light brown hair straightly cut down the bottom, and white eyes. They wear blue shirts, blue pants, and light blue shoes.


  • When their stats are shown in Pico vs. Überkids, all the Überkids' blood type is A, and their birthdate is seen as "today", meaning they are all around a day old.
  • The word "Über" is in German, which translates to "above", meaning they are above the average kid.
  • According to the Martian Mixtape Twitter account, there would have been a Rock, Paper, Scissors mechanic placed into the Uberkids' songs.


The Mooninites

I hope you can see this, because I am doing it as hard as I can.
― Ignignokt, flipping the earth off, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The Mooninites, Ignignokt and Err, are pixelated, two-dimensional, and video game-like inhabitants of the Moon who see Earth primitive in every way.


Ignignokt and Err are green and purple pixelated masses respectively.


  • Even though Err is the smaller one, his eyebrows are formed by five pixels, while Ignignokt has four-pixel eyebrows.
  • They are said (by the original creators) to be the ghosts of "E.T for the Atari 2600" and all of its copies, which due to the game's failure critically and commercially, the company was forced to simply bury in a landfill in New Mexico.
  • Despite being the Mooninites, Spacecataz demonstrates that due to their pixelated nature, they are actually quite poor at the art of mooning.
  • Their song, Spacecataz, is named after the failed spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, centered around an ongoing feud between The Mooninites and The Plutonians.



What's your voice so high-pitched for, anyways? Do you make your girlfriend stomp your balls before every rap battle?
― Harris, Egomania

Harris is a self-insert character made by HThagomizer. Boyfriend somehow ends up in his lair, to Harris' delight. All Harris wants to do is talk, and talk, and talk... even during the rap battle, too!


Harris wears a blackberry-colored suit, has sunglasses that his eyes can be seen behind, and he has a red pompadour which kind of looks like a swiss cake roll. When he gets mad, his skin becomes red, his hair gets messed up, and his glasses break.


  • Harris is likely a joke character made to poke fun at long dialogue segments from other mods. This can be inferred from his song's Freeplay blurb and the song's dialogue-based gimmick.
  • According to HThagomizer, he is "so fucking cool"
  • Harris' spritesheets are named "hank" and "hank-RAGE", referencing the fact he is HThagomizer's self-insert character.
  • Harris only got mad because, according to the devs, he couldn't understand what Boyfriend was saying. In his infinite wisdom, he filled in the blanks on his own, and what he filled in was what angered him.
  • Due to the look of his hair, and the fact that he says "The fuck did you say about my hair?", many people have compared him to the character Josuke Higashikata.
  • Harris can break the fourth wall and knows you shouldn't read his dialogue.
  • According to one of his mid fight dialogues, he spent more money on making his teeth pearly white than he did on his parent's retirement home.
  • Harris hates conspiracy theorists and does not believe in aliens. (more than likely referencing Harold.)


Gameplay Mechanics

  • Health Drain: During Confidential (as well as Hey and Shades in earlier versions), if the player's health is above 50%, Agent Cupcakes will panic while singing. While panicking, Cupcakes will slowly drain your health, similarly to Tabi and Omega. This effect only applies when your health is above 50%; once your health returns to 50%, Cupcakes will return to his calm state, and the health drain effect will stop.
  • Unwavering: During Aegis, the player starts with full health, but cannot gain any health by hitting notes.
  • Interface Screw: During Crack, the UI and volume are "hacked". With the UI Moving to a corner of the player's screen and the game's Volume lowering to silence slowly. Static also occasionally blocks the player's view.
  • Mid-Song Dialogue Blocks: During Egomania, Harris will talk mid-song, causing the play area to be obscured by his dialogue boxes. The player can skip through his dialogue boxes like normal, but after a certain point, he will begin to randomize which button must be pressed to skip it. Towards the end, he will move his dialogue boxes to the opposite side of the screen, obscuring the player's strike line.
  • Change in Scroll Speed: In Jitter, the scroll speed gets increasingly faster throughout the song. Meanwhile in Exclusion Zone the scroll speeds up when Harold drinks coffee and slows down when he's no longer under the effects of the caffeine.


  • All the Freeplay blurbs are jokes and references to the song names.
    • Probed's blurb is joke on the fact probing is essentially poking around someone's body.
    • Lazerz's blurb is play on the song's theme.
    • Brainfuck is a joke on how ridiculous and disgusting the title is.
    • Annihilation LOL is a joke on bad "hard" charts.
    • Rude's blurb is self-explanatory.
    • Extermination's blurb is just Yoshubs saying the song is a banger.
    • Craniotomy's blurb may play on Rudemund's throbbing head.
    • Aneurysmia's blurb is based on the same joke of the opponent losing being used twice.
    • Confidential's blurb is based on REDACTED information, a way of keeping information secret.
    • Aegis' blurb is a joke on how the FBI Guys are massive in body shape, even being the same size as the shields they use.
    • Crack is a blurb on hacking, or "cracking" info, and the drug crack.
    • Enforcement's blurb is denying the existence of aliens, despite the entire mod being based on the theme of aliens.
    • Marrow's blurb is marrow being bone juice, as marrow is found within bones.
    • Similar to Lazerz, Pelvic's blurb is based on the theme of the song.
    • Spinal Tap's reference is this.
    • Tinfoil's blurb is an ironic description of Harold.
    • Jitter's blurb is a play on jitter being small shaking, thus justifying screen shake.
    • Exclusion Zone's blurb is a reference to "LoFi Beats To Study To".
    • Boing's blurb is a description of Xigman's appearance.
    • Freak's blurb is referring to the fact that the Xigmen's teeth are incredibly tall.
    • Breakout's blurb is based on the fact that the Xigmen have broken out, thus creating everything unsafe due to how they can spread.
    • Annihilation's blurb is based on the commonly used idiom, along with the frequent requests for a full version of Annihilation LOL.
    • Aerodynamix's blurb is referring to the fact that Xigmund is not driving his UFO, and the driver being unknown.
    • Spacecataz's blurb refers to a quote said by Err in the ATHF episode "Mayhem of the Mooninites".
    • Egomania's blurb is referring to the common requests for dialogue in the mod, parodying them with the absurd amount of it in the song.



This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: Some of the songs are pretty loud.

Psychic Single Icon.png
Unfinished/Not Started Song

You're telling me Martian Mixtape was JUST here? - Criador

This mod has songs that haven't started or are unfinished.

Note: Annihilation LOL isn't broken, Xigmund makes too many misses during his first turn and loses almost instantly, causing him to get "red brained". Check the end of the freeplay catalog for a more serious version. Also, like his other version, Aneurysmia has Rudemund just straight up die at the end. And not in the cartoony blueball kinda way. (We mean part of his head fucking explodes.)

Week 1 (Xigmund)

Xigmund Neutral.png
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy & Normal)
1.4 (Hard)
"Lets hope it doesn't go THERE"
Xigmund Lose.png
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.6 (Normal)
1.7 (Hard)
"Cowboy alien music"
PSIXigmund Neutral.png
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
2 (Normal & Hard)
"Saying what the masses are afraid to"
PSIXigmund Lose.png
Annihilation LOL
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 5 (All Difficulties)
"This is top notch charting"

Week 1.5 (Rudemund)

BPM: 214
Scroll Speed: 2.3 (All Difficulties)
"Why are you being mean to me"
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (All Difficulties)
"Official Yoshubs statement: Banger alert"
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (All Difficulties)
"Maybe some aspirin would help"
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 6 (Rudemund)
2 (Boyfriend)
"We did the same joke again"

Week 2 (Agent Cupcake, Sprinkles, and Cuddles)

BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.3, (Easy)
1.5 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
"Hes kinda built though"
BPM: 135
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
"Like hacking or like drugs?"
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
"Everything is fine and aliens are not real"

Week 2.5 (Fat Kids)

Buddy Buddy
BPM: 108
Scroll Speed: 1.6
"You can have my icecream if you want : )"
BPM: 118
Scroll Speed: 2.2

Week 3 (Xigbones)

BPM: 115
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.5 (Normal)
1.7 (Hard)
"Like bone juice"
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
"Jet set who?"
Spinal Tap
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)

Week 3.5 (Zombiemund)

BPM: 108
Scroll Speed: 2
"Don't let him bite you"
BPM: 132
Scroll Speed: 2.2
"The whole gang joins in"
BPM: 142
Scroll Speed: 2.4
"It's party time"

Week 4 (Harold)

BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.6 (Hard)
"He seems like a well adjusted individual"
BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy)
1.2 (Normal)
1.6 (Hard)
"Wheres the screenshake"
Exclusion Zone
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
"Unchill beats to evade the FBI to"

Week 5 (Xigmen)

BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy)
1.6 (Normal)
1.8 (Hard)
"Google eyed weirdo"
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.9 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
"Those teeth could bite someones head off"
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
"I dont feel safe"

Week 6 (Überkids)

BPM: 138
Scroll Speed: 2.3
"My name is Überjon and I am here to engage in rap"
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2.4
"My name is Übersam and I am here to engage in rap"


Xigmund Lose.png
Probed (Old)
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy & Normal)
1.4 (Hard)
Confidential (Old)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy)
1.5 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 1.5 (Easy)
1.7 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 1.8(Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)


PSIXigmund Neutral.png
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 3.5 (All Difficulties)
"You asked for it"
Xigmund Neutral.png
BPM: 152
Scroll Speed: 2.3
"Wait who's driving"
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.2
"Jumping... is useless"
BPM: 172
Scroll Speed: 2.6
"An r/paranormal encounter FT. Bogus"
BPM: 140 (Part 1)
150 (Part 2)
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Part 1)
3 (Part 2)
"You got your dialogue alright"
Not Funny (Scrapped)
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
The Test (Hidden)
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (All Difficulties)
Extrication Prognostication (Hidden)
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)


Egomania 2

You think you can defeat me, you stupid BIIITCH?!?!

No... but "he" can, though.

EthanIcon.png Ethan: Hey piggy :)


EthanIcon.png Ethan:


Harris fucking dies, thanks to Ethan's sandal

Did you have ta... throw that at him? We were just gonna-- like, delete him...

EthanIcon.png Ethan: :D
(Pissed Harris icon by Salted Beef)

Miscellaneous Sound Effects

Xigmund Neutral.png
Xigmund Intro
PSIXigmund Neutral.png
Xigmund Charge
Xigmund Rise
Xigmund Neutral.png


Note: Every song with the exception of Egomania doesn't include dialogue.

Egomania Dialogue

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: So!! You finally found my lair!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. Take a look around if you want.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: be be po beebo

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Huh? The statue?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Oh, the statue! I have no idea what's up with it. Looks cool though, right?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Mostly because it has my face on it.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Does it look like your girlfriend? That's flattering.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Say, you like to rap, right?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Okay! Cool! I guess I can do that, if you want!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I'm much more of a speaker, though.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: And a gambler, too.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Say, how about a wager?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I'll rap battle you. Here are my terms.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: If I win, you never rap again. And you have to sit down and talk to me for a week.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: And if YOU win...

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: You get nothing.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: LOL

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: So what about it? I doubt you could beat someone as cool as me.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bopeebo

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Great! Be careful, though!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I don't go easy!

Egomania Distractions

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Oh, also! Are you fine with me talking while we rap?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: No answer? I take that as a yes!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris:You're skipping through my dialogue?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: How about I just make the 'skip' key random, then? Have fun!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Look, now I'm everyone's favorite lovable green martian! Look at me go!!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: ...That's what we call a joke. You laugh at those.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: You probably shouldn't read everything I say here.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Just a hunch, but I'm pretty sure it'll make you lose faster. Not that I mind.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: What's your voice so high-pitched for, anyways?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Do you make your girlfriend stomp your balls before every rap battle?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I've never heard of 'madness combat'. No idea what it is.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Who the hell is Hank Wimbleton?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Why's your hair like that? Are you trying to make a statement?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: The only statement you're making is an incredibly stupid one!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Who would wear a stupid shirt like that, anyways? A stop sign?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Maybe that's a SIGN you need to STOP rapping!!!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I ONLY get freaky on friday nights.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Any other weekday is off-limits in my eyes.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: It was a pain to get that statue in here. Most places don't deliver to lairs.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I actually look like that, y'know. It's real!

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Have you noticed how pearly white my teeth are yet?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: You know, I spent more money on them than I spent on my parent's retirement home.

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: Why are you tampering with my dialogue?

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: Stop cheating and play the song correctly!!!

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: Are you listening to me?? Y'know, it hurts my feelings when you ignore me!

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: You better not be skipping through all of this text.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I HATE conspiracy theorists. All they EVER do is point at their whiteboard and make STUPID nerd noises.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Just SHUT UP already, aliens don't even EXIST.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Sometimes I wonder if the world really is a simulation...

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: ...What am I even saying? I really need my coffee.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: MY NAME IS HARRIS. OR HANK.


HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I'm getting in the way of your song?

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Maybe you should've thought a bit more about letting me talk so much, then. You could've just said no.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Hey uhh, do you speak English? I haven't learned dial-up speech yet.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: It's not a big deal if you can't, my guesses are probably close enough anyways.

Post-Egomania Part 1 Dialogue

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: Okay! Uhh... I ran out of verses.

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: I guess that kinda means you win, then. Cool...

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: You can leave now

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop beep be be skdoo bep

HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: ...

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: The fuck did you say about my hair?

Egomania Part 2 Distractions

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: You have NO IDEA how mad I am right now.

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: Maybe you do, because my skin is red, but FUCK YOU!!!

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: I HATE RAP BATTLE RULES!!!!!




HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: GOD DAMN IT!!! GOD DAMN IT!!!

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: THIS SONG ISN'T FAST ENOUGH!!!!

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: NEXT TIME I'LL BRING A BASEBALL BAT!!!


HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: JUST BECAUSE MY HAIR IS RED

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: DOESN'T MEAN I'M A GINGER, MORON!!!


HThagomizerIcon.pngHarris: ...Felt good to let that out. But I'm STILL ANGRY!!!

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: With my face plastered over this place, you could've GUESSED that INSULTING my HAIR wouldn't go down well.

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: And you STILL DID IT!!! IMBECILE!!!

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: My rage is like SWEAT. It SEEPS through my PORES.

HThagomizerLose.pngHarris: TASTE THE RAGE SWEAT!!!!!!

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