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This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: In Zavodila Ruv makes the whole screen shake every time he hits a note.

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Lost Mod

Once I'm faded and gone take the final step... - Garcello (RecD)

This mod is currently lost media, as the download is no longer available. We will still record what is left of what we can access, but as of the time being, you can no longer get and download this mod.

Note: The mod has been privated on GameBanana and does not seem to have any intentions of returning.


Looks like your fun was limited! - Fleetway Super Sonic

This mod's development is permanently halted and is no longer planned of getting a release, or another update. The reason for this may vary, such as controversy.

Reason: See above.
Golden Throne

Wow... So that's how that turned out! This whole passage is just... extraordinary! - Xingqiu

This mod is on the golden throne! It's considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the FNF community!

Reason: This was the third most viewed mod on GameBanana before it was privated.

Were you looking for the genderbend version? Or the Minus version?

Mid-Fight Masses, also called by its full name Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses, was a Friday Night Funkin' mod that adds in two weeks with 5 songs in total, cutscenes, and various other features, such as a remix of the Tutorial. In this mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are trying to look for a bathroom, but manage to stumble into a church. In the church, they end up rap battling the "nun", Sarvente.


  • Sarvente, the "nun" who sings in Parish, Worship, and Gospel.
  • Ruv, the runaway criminal, and friend of Sarvente who takes over in the third song, Zavodila.
  • Selever, the non-canon son of the two meant for a late April Fool's update who appears in Casanova.
  • Rasazy, the non-canon sister of Selever who appears at the ending of Casanova.


Tutorial Remix
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1 (Easy, Normal & Normal-Old)
1.5 (Hard, Hard-Old & Alt-Old)
2 (Alt)
32550 (Hard)
108 notes | 37800 (Alt)
Sarvente icon.png
BPM: 111 (112 in game)
Scroll Speed: 1 (Easy-Alpha & Easy-Old)
1.3 (Easy, Normal-Alpha & Normal-Old)
1.5 (Normal & Alt-Old)
1.7 (Hard-Alpha & Hard-Old)
1.8 (Hard)
2 (Alt-Alpha)
2.2 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 64750 (Hard)
72450 (Alt)
Sarvente icon Danger.png
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy-Alpha & Easy-Old)
1.9 (Normal-Alpha & Normal-Old)
2 (Easy)
2.1 (Hard-Old & Alt-Old)
2.2 (Hard-Alpha)
2.5 (Normal & Alt-Alpha)
2.6 (Hard)
2.8 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 104300 (Hard)
104650 (Alt)
Ruv Icon.png
BPM: 132 (135 in game)
Scroll Speed:
1.9 (Easy-Alpha & Easy-Old)
2 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal-Alpha & Normal-Old)
2.2 (Alt-Old)
2.4 (Normal & Hard-Alpha & Hard-Old)
2.5 (Alt-Alpha)
2.6 (Hard)
2.8 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 171850 (Hard)
168700 (Alt)
TrueSarvente icon.png
BPM: 141
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy, Easy-Alpha, Normal & Normal-Alpha)
1.8 (Easy-Old, Hard-Old & Alt-Old)
2.1 (Normal-Old)
2.2 (Hard-Alpha)
2.6 (Hard)
2.7 (Alt-Alpha)
3 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 216650 (Hard)
233100 (Alt)
Selever Neutral.png
BPM: 131
Scroll Speed: 1 (Easy & Normal)
2.1 (Hard)
2.4 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 254100 (Hard)
331800 (Alt)


Tutorial Remix Dialogue

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Hey puppie, nice beatboxin' skills.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: But how about we take it up a notch? I hope you will still keep up~

Parish Dialogue

???: ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: Come on! It's gonna be a big night!

???: ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: This time I really want you coming, I know our differences are a huge gap but...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: I really want to spend time with you today!

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: So you should really get here!

???: ... ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: EXCUSE ME, DON'T BE SALTY

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: ...That was very unholy of you.

???: ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: *sigh*You know what? Just get here, okay? I'll see you soon, I have some guests over.

(Sarvente hangs up her phone)

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: Greetings! Sorry for the inconvenience, are you interested in joining?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep beep boop ba

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Me and my boyfriend were just looking for the bathroom.

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: Awh but it seems like you two seem really good for this place. I'm sure of it!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep ba bop beep!

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: Huh? ...I didn't quite understand what you said but let me show you why it's really good to join!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skbeep?

Worship Dialogue

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: I see... I see how it is...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: It's always kids like you who assume you can enter this sacred place freely, just to make fun of it.

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: This time, I'll give you another chance to take my offer. I'd really love for you to join us.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop Beep!

Zavodila Dialogue

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: You finally came by...

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: I'm sorry for the trouble, Ruv... But looks like you have to see me like this...

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: ...

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: It's k.

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: It's my job to handle this kind of stuff too anyway...

(Ruv faces Boyfriend)

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: You've pushed quite a lot of buttons while I was away, huh?

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: Well you really should've just ran away or just joined the church while you could.

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: But you decided to pull a struggle. So here we are.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bop bop bee pa?!

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: Name's Ruv by the way. But that is the last name you will probably be hearing after this.

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: I would be too tired to do these kind of stuff, but...

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: ...I have to do what I'm meant to do.

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: I'd say break a leg but I might end up breaking yours literally, and I'm going to make this as painful as possible for you...

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: ...and your little girlfriend.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: !!!

Gospel Dialogue

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: Sorry Sarv.

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: It's fine. It is really.

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: ...

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: I'm quite tired of this cat and mouse chase y'know?

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: So I want to let out a little secret of mine. Let's keep this between the four of us okay?

Ruv Icon.png Ruv: ...?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ...?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...?

Sarvente icon.png Sarvente: May God forgive you...

(Sarvente transforms)
TrueSarvente icon.png Sarvente: But I won't.

Casanova Dialogue

Selever Neutral.png Selever: HAPPY APRIL FOOLS BITCHES!!.

Selever Neutral.png Selever: I Felt like I needed to say that before ya start whining over the smallest shit

Selever Neutral.png Selever: LOL yes, I see YOU

Selever Neutral.png Selever: LOL yeah, that's Fine. Expect me to talk a lot but y'know I don't care if it annoys you a lot.

Selever Neutral.png Selever: So, let's have some Fun!

(Scene appears with Selever, Boyfriend, and Girlfriend)

Selever Neutral.png Selever: Huh...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ...?

Selever Neutral.png Selever: I see...

Selever Neutral.png Selever: Tampering with my own parallel world...

Selever Neutral.png Selever: Lol, look dude, I don't know how the Fuck you got here...

Selever Neutral.png Selever: But the Demon and Criminal you're searching For are probably making out right now

Selever Neutral.png Selever: The Name's Selever by the way!

Selever Neutral.png Selever: No need to introduce yourself, <username>. I've looked through your files to Figure out your name.

Selever Neutral.png Selever: So in the mean time, I'll call you "Roachy"!...

Selever Neutral.png Selever: I'm kinda pissed you entered my parallel world, I made this temporarily so my sister can at least feel the warmth of our parents...

Selever Neutral.png Selever: ...Even in this parallel universe I made, it's not the real them.

Selever Neutral.png Selever: So, while my power can keep this place together...

Selever Neutral.png Selever: ...I'll end y'all along with this place!!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ...Ah shit here we go again

Post-Casanova Dialogue


Selever Neutral.png Selever: It's as iF you Forgot what I said the First time you entered my game LOL!

Selever Neutral.png Selever: Anyway! Thanks for letting me waste your time! Have fun collapsing with this Universe!

Selever Neutral.png Selever: Quite sad to see you die like this but I couldn't care less.

Selever Neutral.png Selever: BYE!


RasazyIcon.png Rasazy: ...

RasazyIcon.png Rasazy: Maybe next time... I will be allowed to meet real Mama and Papa...

RasazyIcon.png Rasazy: ...

RasazyIcon.png Rasazy: ...Someday...

Version History

Version 1 (Released On March 20, 2021)

Initial Release

Update 1A (Released On March 26, 2021)

  • BugFix Fixed Dialogue Box Spam Bug
  • BugFix Fixed Freeplay Bumpin Scroll Bug
  • Addition Recharted all the Week+ songs
  • Addition All old charts are now a seperate difficulty
  • Addition Added Sarv Engine 0.1.3
  • Improvement Sarvente's Idle sprites reanimated
  • Optimization Boyfriend's crossfades have been set to 1 for now
  • Removal Removed Echo Notes in all charts except old charts
  • Tweak Health gain/loss has been set to same as vanilla
  • Feature Added Thicc Ruv
  • Adjustment Zavodila has been set to 132BPM, its rightful bpm
  • Improvement Added DFJK, QWOP, IJKL support

Update 1B (Released On March 26, 2021)

  • BugFix Fixed Floating Pillars
  • BugFix You can now REALLY select Thiccer Ruv

Update 2 (Released On April 30, 2021, 8:13 AM Philippines Standard Time)[1]

  • Addition Added Selever and Casanova
  • Addition Stage Tints Added
  • BugFix Fixed doubles and triples issue on Sarv Engine (hopefully)
  • BugFix Boyfriends Crossfades fixed a lil bit
  • Optimization Crossfade's Optimised


At its release on March 20, 2021, the mod received criticism due to its poor charting and Sarvente's idle animations. After the update, the charting of the mod is still receiving some criticism, especially when the input system does not react to the double notes. Double and triple notes will be fixed sometime in the future. There have also been slight improvements to Sarvente's idle pose animations. Dokki.doodlez claimed that she and her developers were rushed when recharting the mod which is why the inputs for the double and triple arrows are buggy. She recommends that the players must wait until the charting is fixed.

On April 30, 2021, 8:13am PST, Dokki.doodlez released an update to the mod that added Selever, a non canon child of Sarvente and Ruv, and one new song, Casanova. The update was first released as a Mediafire file due to GameBanana's sluggish decisions with updating and accepting mods along with their updates. After a few days with enough people playing the mod, the game has received more criticism than its initial release due to people misunderstanding the concept of the update's intentional bad charting as a late April Fool's Joke.



The Characters

  • Sarvente and Ruv are not Countryhumans contrary to what some think. Similarities between them are purely coincidental. They are stickmen OCs with face paint.
  • It is unknown how long Ruv and Sarvente met, it is most likely that they live with each too long to even count.
  • The way Sarvente and Ruv play rock, paper, scissors is different. When one of them loses, they get punched in the face so they must dodge the impact as fast as possible to avoid impact. It is their way of having fun and training their reflexes.
    • The score currently is 43/41. The winner and loser is currently unknown.
  • Selever and Rasazy are non-canon to the mod despite appearing in it, because they reside in a void called the Nothing World.
    • The Nothing World is a place created by Dokki.doodlez herself where she can place OCs and decide whether they should be canon or killed off.
    • In a deleted drawing it's confirmed that Rasazy's voice is apparently 5x stronger than Ruv's which might explain the "FEAR HER" poster that was inferencing Rasazy.
  • Sarvente's birthday is on March 23, Ruv's birthday is on March 25, Selever's birthday is on April 1, and Rasazy's birthday is on April 7.

The Church

  • The church also has a huge greenhouse located at the back. It is full of many plants and beautiful flowers. It is also the place where Sarvente and Ruv usually socialize most of their time.
  • The church does not have any wifi or internet connection at all. Instead, the church has a library where books centuries years old are kept, all of them either being the original copies or from the authors themselves.
  • Not that many people would often visit the church anymore which is why not that many people visit Sarvente's church.
  • There is a secret spot in the church which serves as Sarvente and Ruv's home.
  • There is a washroom in the church.
  • The Zavodila level is actually an illusion world set up by Sarvente as a gift for Ruv for his mastery of singing Zavodila.
    • Sarvente was not able to afford the repairs, so she made an illusional copy of the church to the aesthetic of Ruv's liking. Ruv appreciates Sarvente's gift.

The Mod

  • The Story Mode is an open-ended story so it has no official ending.
  • Zavodila as a level has a LOT of scrapped details. From animations of a pillar falling down to Sarvente cheering Ruv on from the back.
  • The Mod uses a completely new engine built from scratch, it is known as the "Sarv Engine." Kuroao_Anomal is the only developer in the team to code and made the Sarv Engine from scratch in a few days.
  • The people in the banned poster could possibly be the developers of the mod as their appearance resemble the drawings of their personas.
  • In the Church interior during the Zavodila level, the symbols above the cross now resembles something similar to the Hammer & Sickle.
  • The colors of the Church's interior in different levels matches the opponent's color scheme.
  • The term "Sarv" in "Sarv Engine" means Sarvente, ironically Sarvente's short name (like Ruvyzvat's short name is Ruv) is Sarv.
  • In the Church exterior at the mod's tutorial level, there is a poster on the left that crosses out a bomb, a television, and a microphone. These may be references to Whitty and Hex.
  • A major update was released for the mod that introduced a new character and week.
    • This update originally served as an April Fool's joke.
  • In the files of the recharts of the original Mid-Fight Masses songs, an angry DatExpandingFuto put this message: "What the fuck are you doing? Please make songs that are hard and fun to play instead of whatever the fuck you did for your original charts. This is no longer Ballistic type shit, you've gone way beyond that. Are you lucifer? did you rise up to torture FNF players with these songs and charts"
    • This lead to Dokki.doodlez putting in a cheeky retort to that, with the file named "charted by the devil", which can be seen in the gallery.
  • In the Church interior in Casanova, the right half of the side is almost identical to Sarvente's Church while the left half of the side is almost identical to Ruv's Church. The difference is that the posters have changed and Selever's glyph is on the Church.
    • The poster on the left side shows the developers of the mod in a different pose. The poster reads: "GET PRANKED."
      • The developer in the middle appears to be Dokki.doodlez sticking up the middle finger on both hands with a grin, the developer on the right appears to be Kuroa_Anomal posing with both thumbs up while winking at the viewer, and the developer on the left appears to be electro_mike holding up a pair of gang signs while squinting.
    • The poster on the right side is damaged, but not completely, with a different character. The poster reads: "FEAR ER"
      • This poster most likely reads "FEAR HER", and it might inference Rasazy.
  • After the April Fools update, when you play the first week of the mod, Sarvente appears to be blue and less joyful as she used to be.
    • Dokki.doodlez stated that Selever has purposefully messed up the files as an April Fool's joke.
  • Apparently, the sounds that Sarvente makes when transforming into a demon are "Gospel" but distorted and sped up.
  • Dokki.doodlez has charted Cassanova herself in the Selever update.[2]


  • The developer of Roblox Funky Friday and Dokki.doodlez were planning about adding the Mid-Fight Masses mod in the game. It is now playable.
  • This is the first mod to use and abuse double notes, especially Zavodila.
  • A new mod called Date-Night Masses is currently in the works. Said mod will be Sarvente and Ruv going on a date, and is set to serve as a final send-off for the original Mid-Fight Masses in the same way The Date Week was a final send-off for Whitty.



  • Dokki.doodlez first drew Sarvente and Ruv when she was either 9 or 10 years old.
  • Dokki.doodlez loves both Sarvente and Ruv so much that she cannot choose between them.
  • Dokki.doodlez finds drawing both Sarvente and Ruv not challenging. She claims that they are just stick figures with clothes on them.
  • Dokki.doodlez allows other people to draw themselves with Sarvente and Ruv AS LONG AS IT IS NOT CONTROVERSIAL OR PROBLEMATIC!
    • Dokki.doodlez allows people to ship others with Sarvente. SAME RULES APPLY!
  • Dokki.doodlez does not like the fact that her characters are being sold as merchandise and marketing purposes.
    • So it will be unlikely, if not impossible, for her to make merchandise of Sarvente and Ruv.
    • Dokki.doodlez only allows small accessories in Roblox, such as Ruv's hat and Sarvente's clothes. Anything else is unacceptable.
  • Dokki.doodlez is considering making Selever and Rasazy canon, but not at this moment.
  • Dokki.doodlez has stated that her followers and any fan of her content should not take her Alternative universes of the Mid-Fight Masses mod seriously. They are just ideas written and recorded down for the sake of kicks-and-giggles.
    • The only particular universe that is the closest of having a connection to the canon universe is the broken vow timeline.
  • Dokki.doodlez is not and never comfortable with shipping Sarvente and Ruv with other popular mod characters or any modded character in general.
    • This is because she is not closely affiliated with the creator of the mods and she finds it extremely weird to pair them up with strangers.
  • Recently, Dokki.doodlez has received death threats and other threats on Twitter in regards to the Selever update.
    • Dokki.doodlez has stated multiple times that the Selever update was meant to be a JOKE despite being uploaded at the last day of April.
  • On May 10, 2021, Dokki.doodlez stated she will be less active in May 2021 due to heavy workload and health, she will do her very best to upload doodles from time-to-time.
  • Although it is common sense, certain people chose to ignore the following: Do NOT ship nor make NSFW content of Selever and Rasazy with their parents or with each other, they're family member and incest content will not be tolerated.
  • On May 18, 2021, 9:29 PM EST, Dokki.doodlez deactivated her Twitter account due to the constant spamming she is receiving and people invading her private life. For now, she will focus on her health and spend more time with people closer to her.
  • On June 11, 2021, 4-5 PM EST, Dokki.doodlez had given an update on her Instagram post in terms of her inactivity. She informs her followers that she will be leaving the community, most likely the Friday Night Funkin' community, and wanted to address this after weeks of inactivity. Her intention of returning after weeks was to address this and state that she will no longer return.
    • She also mentions that some people were impersonating her with fake accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, Tiktok (websites she doesn't use or she doesn't use anymore) when she was inactive these weeks.
    • Despite addressing this, she mentions fans can continue liking the characters. She thanks everyone and hopes that she will see us someday.
  • On July 25, 2021, 4 Days After The Date Week Released and Vs. Whitty was officially Discontinued, Dokki.doodlez had given an update on her Instagram post was officially Discontinued and dropped project.
    • Any accounts that claim that they are her are fake until listed otherwise here.


  • On May 5, 2021, 2:31 PM, electro_mike made a tweet regarding Rasazy's song. If Dokki.doodlez replies to electro_mike's tweet, then they will consider making a music for Rasazy. Dokki.doodlez has 24 hours to respond.[3][4] Unfortunately, Dokki.doodlez did not reply in time.
  • Electro_mike has made multiple songs for other songs than Mid-Fight Masses.
  • Whenever Electro_mike attempts to make new music, he bases it off of his emotions.[5]
  • According to Electro_mike, the name "Mid-Fight Masses" was thought up as a fight at midnight.[6]


  • Kuroao_Anomal is considering adding the Kade Engine to the mod.[7]
  • On July 26, 3:44 PM, Kuroao_Anomal officially discontinued the Mid-Fight Masses mod. However, she will remain in the modding community.[8]


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