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This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: The background in all of the songs flash, more so in Manifest.


Huh, pretty UGH! - Tankman

This is an unofficial fan-made mod of a specific official mod! This mod is non-canon to the official mod unless stated by the original creators of the official mods.

Note: A mod which is fan-made within the Friday Night Funkin' Minus mod.

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(...keep calm Macy, Minus Sky's only like, 2 feet tall they can't hurt you.) - Macy

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Reason: All poses (including normal and Manifest, and animated and static) are missing.

Minus Sky is a fan-made Minus mod, changing Sky to make her look like her icon.


Minus Sky appears to be wearing a bluish green sweater, white socks and red slippers. Her hair and skin are amethyst color. Some parts of her cheeks are also white. She also has black eyebrows.

In her Manifest form, her skin, hair and sweater are black with red edges. Her eyes are completely red and she appears to have a broken red heart shown on the center of her torso. Her hands become claws and she has no legs and is instead floating with a red fog under her torso. She also has no eyebrows.

Cameos In Other Mods

NOTE: None of these cameos are canon to Minus Sky's story.

  • In NuSky + Skyverse in the song Sky Forever, she appears in the background as one of the dancing Skys.


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