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  • The scene which Unload-EDD is based on is pretty violent
  • Pico & Nene comes from Pico's School which is based off school shooting
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Silence, vermin! - Marilyn Mairest

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With great power comes great irresponsibility!
― PowerEdd descrpition

See also: Covers and BETADCIU (Disambiguation)

nicomon2007 is a YouTuber who is well known for creating Covers featuring Eddsworld characters.

nicomon2007's current profile picture.


No Villains
Unload-EDD (Old)
BPM: 156
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Easy & Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Composer(s): philiplol (Original composer)

(1:22) Tord Clone: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
ChallengeEDD but Hammer & Fail.png
Challeng-EDD (NeighBORES Mix)
BPM: 186 (All)
Scroll Speed: 3 (Easy)
3.3 (Normal)
3.6 (Hard)
Composer(s): philiplol (Original composer)

(0:00) Eduardo: Well, well, well.
(0:02) Edd: Eduardo...
(0:56) Eduardo: You lowlife garbage. Such an idiot. Never liked you.
Song Name in-game: Well Well Well
Eddsworld Ectospasm.png
Eddsworld animal.png
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Composer(s): atsuover (Original Composer)
Chaos but PowerEDD.png
BPM: 189
Scroll Speed: 3
Composer(s): Jacaris (Original composer)

(0:01) Eduardo: I'm Numero Uno!
(0:10) Eduardo: Well, well, well.
(0:15) Edd: What is your problem?
(0:19) Eduardo: The problem? I don't have any problems!
(0:30) Eduardo: You're a loser!
(0:39) Eduardo: Eha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
(1:01) Eduardo: Face it, Edd!
(1:10) Edd: Seriously! What is your problem!?
(1:31) Eduardo: I'm Numero Uno!
(1:40) Eduardo: You're the one who's coming in 2nd place!
(2:12) Eduardo: I'm better than you!
(2:33) Edd: Seriously! What is your problem!?
End mix the end.png
Challeng-EDD (END Mix)
Warning Audio.png
Missile sounds may be loud
BPM: 186
Scroll Speed: 3.4
Song Length: 1:39
Composer(s): philiplol (Original composer)

(0:00) Edd: TORD! What's going on!?
(0:02) Tord: Hey, Edd! Sorry! I just couldn't leave this behind!
(0:05) Edd: I thought we were friends!
(0:07) Tord: NO! What would I need friends for when I got this? I'm unstoppable!
(0:32) Tord: Oh shut up!
(1:21) Tord: So long, old "friends"!
(1:28) Tord: Oh...
(1:36) Tom: I told you the harpoon gun would be useful.
Song Name in-game: End Mix
Confronting Yourself WTFuture.png
Confronting Yourself
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 3.6
Song Length: 3:06
Composer(s): Saster (Original composer)
Phantasm tom.png
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.8
Composer(s): Biddle3 (Original Composer)
ChallengeMatt Neighbors icons.png
Challenge-MATT (NeighBORES Mix)
BPM: 186
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Hard)

(1:15) Narrator: Dun Dun Dun!
ChallengeMatt Fucked icons.png
Challenge-MATT (END Mix)
BPM: 186
Scroll Speed: 3 (Hard)

(1:20) Tom: You know what? It's my turn to enjoy! AH-HAHAHAHAHAHA
(2:42) Tom: Oh no...
(2:47) Tord: (Drinks from flask)
New Unload-Edd.png
Unload-EDD Remake
BPM: 156
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Easy & Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
Composer(s): philiplol (Original composer)

(1:22) Tord Clone: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

(1:52) ZantaNeutral.png Zanta: How can you defeat somebody you CAN'T... *switch* RECOGNIZE!?
(1:58) MGT TordIcon.png Tord: What?! This means war!
(2:21) MGT MattIcon.png Matt: OH DEAR GOD-
(2:23) MGT TordIcon.png Tord: AAAHHHHH!
(2:25) MGT MattIcon.png Matt: TORD!

BPM: 204
Scroll Speed: 3.4 (Hard)
3.8 (Fucked)

See also: Matt Gets Trolled

MGT MattIcon.png
Talentless Fox
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 1.305 > 2.9
Composer(s): Hooda the Antagonist (Original composer)
MGT TomIcon.png
No Villains
BPM: 180 > 200
Scroll Speed: 1.395 > 3.2
Song Length: 2:45
Composer(s): Hooda the Antagonist (Original composer)
MGT TordIcon.png
Die Batsards
Warning Audio.png
Gunshots are loud
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 1.35 > 3.2
Song Length: 2:51
Composer(s): Hooda the Antagonist (Original composer)

(2:24) MGT TordIcon.png Tord: Oh SHUT UP!
MGT HighShovel Icons.png
High Shovel
BPM: 152
Scroll Speed: 1.215 > 2.7
Song Length: 2:24
Composer(s): philiplol, Hooda the Antagonist (Original composers)
Taste for Blood
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 1.575 > 3.5
Song Length: 2:55
Composer(s): longestsoloever, Hooda the Antagonist (Original composers)

MGT MattIcon.png
Composer(s): CryptoBit (Original composer)
MGT TordIcon.png
Warning Audio.png
Gunshots are loud

(0:18) MGT TordIcon.png Tord: I'm unstoppable!
(0:59) MGT TordIcon.png Tord: Ha ha ha!
(1:36) MGT TordIcon.png Tord: Oh SHUT UP!
(2:05) MGT TordIcon.png Tord: Ha ha ha!
MGT NoHeroes Icons.png
No Heroes
Composer(s): Ayybeff (Original composer)
MGT Paralysis Icons.png
Composer(s): Cmyth (Original composer)
MGT ZombieMattIcon.png



I think it's safe to say that was the best film EVER!
― Edd, Spares

Edd is the protagonist of Eddsworld, the playable character in most of the covers, and the opponent of High Shovel.


  • Edd's favourite drink is cola.
  • Edd was the artist.
  • Edd loves cola.
  • Edd's always trying to make a pun.
    • This might be due to his linguistic EDD-ucation. (EddOnlineVSIcon.png Edd: That's terrible.)
  • Edd may or may not know to draw a pineapple.
    • This caused a major issue on Tom's lore, as in "25ft Under the Seat," Tom is shown having a watermelon as a father. However, in "Fun Dead," Tom is shown having a pineapple as a father, causing many fans of the Eddsworld series to be confused.
  • Edd has a lucky can, which is just a random cola can he found with a chain impaled through it.
  • He met Matt in primary school. Matt and Edd were both bullied, but they loved drawing.
  • High Shovel is the only time where Edd is the opponent. In all of his other appearences, he is a playable character (in the case of Die Batsards and Honrobound, he is a background character).



Wait a minute! How can a car fly?!
― Matt, Zanta Claws II

Matt is a protagonist in Eddsworld.


  • Matt has a formidable chin
    • But he doesn't know that word because he has the intellicgence of a kitchen shelf (OnlineVSMattIcon.png Matt: Hey!)



Were you looking for a different Tord?

Oh yes definitely.
― Tord, Spares

Tord was a protagonist, later an antagonist in Eddsworld.


  • Tord's Pickelhaube comes from the eddisode "Moving Targets".
  • Tord hates the song "Sunshine Lollipops".
    • This was first seen in "Hello Hellhole", when Tord goes to his personal hell.
      • It was seen again in "Ruined", after Tord says "Ok how could THIS get any worse?!".
        • It was also seen in "The End (Part 2)", after Tom says "HEY! SUNSHINE LOLLIPOPS! TAKE A SEAT!", with Tom throwing a sofa.
  • Tord likes cigars.
  • Tord is supposed the leader of the Red Army or become him in the future
  • Tord is a Norwegian Communist.



― Tom, The End (Part 2)

Tom is a protagonist in Eddsworld.


  • Tom's rudeness comes from either his smart or his 'tude
    • Tom doesn't make sense
      • It's because he's either gibberish or ingoobelyblench (OnlineVSTomIcon.png Tom: What?)

Sure. Yes. Please.
― Tord Clone, Spares

Clones are well, Clones of the main Eddsworld Protagonists. They were created by The Evil Director so that they can watch his movie.


Were you looking for his Online Vs. appearence or 3mans_banana's Eduardo?

Well, well, well.
― Eduardo, Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders)

Eduardo is Edd's rival in Eddsworld.



  • Eduardo hates Edd by a lot, to the point of where he tries to out-do everything that Edd does.
    • Eduardo is somewhat friendly to Edd after the events of "PowerEdd". After Edd apologized for making fun of him when he got 2nd place in an Art Contest back in school.
      • Additionally, PowerEdd is where the satellite on Eduardo's house comes from.
  • Eduardo's favourite drink is diet cola.
    • This has to do with why they started hating each other,since the cola delivery man mispelled the order,giving Eduardo regular cola and Edd diet cola.
  • Even though it's shown that Eduardo hates Jon, his has been shown to care for him, as seen in The End: Part 2, after Tordbot destroys Eduardo, Jon and Mark's house, leaving Jon injured, dying after Jon saying "something" in response to Eduardo saying "Say something! Say something youy idiot!"
  • As of mid-late February 2022, Eduardo has been appearing across the internet as the subject of a meme. The meme usually consists of a clip of a specific song from a mod, then usually before the beat drop, the opponent turns into Eduardo and says "Well well well", mirroring Eduardo's unexpected entrance during Challeng-Edd.
  • In contrast to Edd's affliction to broccoli, Eduardo is shown to have a fondness for avocado.

After several years I realized there was only one choice, I must travel to the past to... Kill my past self to spare me from such a grim future!
― Future Edd, WTFuture


Anyway, Edd, we're here to stop you before you destroy the future for your selfish needs.

― Future Tom, WTFuture

Society sucks, but you don't have to kill your classmates to stand out.
― Pico

Pico is the protagonist of the Pico Series adnd the playable character of No Heroes & Challeng-Matt


Took us what? A couple oh hours? It probably what inspired you to do it
― Mark, Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders)

Mark is a minor character in Eddsworld and the NeighBORE counterpart of Mark.


Zanta Claws can you defeat somebody you can't..RECOGNIZE?
― Zanta Claws II [2] and "ZANTA" (The "well" is not included in "ZANTA")

Zanta Claws is a reoccurring antagonist in Eddsworld, and reappears as the main opponent for Zanta.


Zanta retains his normal appearance during his song, that being a green skeleton with a beard and glowing red eyes, decked in a Santa Claus outfit. Halfway through the song, Zanta replaces his traditional hat with that of the real Santa's, which is much lighter and fluffier in comparison.


Phht. We did that last week! Didn't we, Mark?

― Jon, Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders)


Todd is the NeighBORE counterpart of Tord


Protect me? Protect yourself!
― Nene, talking to Pico in Resident Pico

Nene is a character in Pico's School and one of Pico's friends alongside Darnell.


Angry Tabi.png
My trust, my feelings, my love, and my heart. I've lost everything! Now look who I am, because of her!

― Tabi, Last Chance

Not to be confused with Tari or Taki.

Tabi is the main antagonist of V.S. Ex. He was created by Homskiy and he is an ex-boyfriend of Girlfriend.

He was originally a successful music composer before realizing he was being used by Girlfriend and her father for their own gain, until later being kidnapped and leaving him as the way he is now. He comes back a year later to settle the score with them, even if it means wiping out anyone in between.


  • Tabi's head is reminiscent of a goat's skull, which is a goat headed skull that Daddy Dearest forced Tabi to wear, and he also has skeletal hands. He wears a dark bluish-gray/grayish-blue worker's hat (or a cap to be exact), a grayish-blue/bluish-gray hoodie with a pale blue symbol on the front, bluish-gray/grayish-blue fingerless gloves, dark gray sweatpants, and black sneakers with yellow soles, yellow parts, and a golden triangle symbol on each side. His eye right socket also has a glowing yellow shine of light.

In Genocide, he holds a tactical airstrike (bomb detonator), and his pants, jacket, and hat have some scratches, tears, rips, and holes. He sports many cracks and crevices throughout his body, and having a broken lower jaw, multiples of cracks on the goat headed skull, left hand, and right horn. Also, some of the parts that were on the top half of his left horn are missing.


Tabi is shown to have extreme hostility and anger issues, given that he has been holding a grudge against Girlfriend and Daddy Dearest for a year. He also seems to have a merciless attitude after blowing up the restaurant, killing multiple people and severely injuring most of them just to kill Girlfriend. Surprising or not, he does not hold a grudge against Boyfriend. In fact, he tries to persuade him into leaving Girlfriend behind, as he thinks Boyfriend is just another "victim". He holds that mindset until his second song, Last Chance, when he realizes Boyfriend was not allowing him to hurt/injure Girlfriend, no matter what. He is also close friends with A.G.O.T.I. and his older brother Aldryx. When Girlfriend was still dating Tabi, he was a normal human, and also a music producer who had passion for his work. His relationship to Girlfriend was very strong, until Daddy Dearest decided to use him for his own benefit, and Girlfriend had no intention of doing this. While Tabi was a normal (and visible) human, he was known to be really kind and nice.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Most of the covers feature Health Drain, which in some cases, can make the songs harder than normal.
    • In High Shovel, however, Edd cannot drain Tord's health past 50%
  • Chaos is made much harder than the original due to the Green Notes, which act similar to the Fire Notes from The Tricky Mod.
  • In Challeng-EDD (End Mix), Tord will (presumably) fire rockets at Edd and BF, if the space bar is not pressed, they cuase an instant game over.
  • In Die Batsards and Honorbound, Tord will fire bullets at BF, if missed, they drain 50% of BF's health.


  • Several of the Eddsworld covers are references to various Eddsworld Episodes.
    • Unload-EDD is a reference to Spares, where The Evil Director creates a bunch of clones in order to make money from his movie, but the clones leave after the movie ends and eventually get killed by Edd and the gang after the clones take all of Edd's cola cans.
    • Challeng-EDD (NeighBORES Mix), is of course, a reference to Hammer & Fail (Part 1, Rival Builders), which is also the debut of Eduardo.
    • Chaos is a reference to PowerEdd, where both Edd and Eduardo get superpowers from the latter's Nuclear Satelite and clash after Eduardo destroyed Factories which manufactured things Edd liked.
    • Challeng-EDD (End Mix), is of course, a reference to The End (Part 2), which is the Season Finale of Eddsworld: Legacy.
    • Confronting Yourself is a reference to WTFuture, where Edd's future self attempts to assassinate him so that he does not have to live in a future where cola is banned.
  • Challeng-Matt is based on a swap AU, being Mattsworld.
    • Matt swaps with Edd
    • Tord swaps with Tom
    • Mark swaps with Eduardo
    • Todd swaps with Jon
  • In Challeng-Matt, the arrows also switches colors depending on who is swapped with who.
    • The purple left arrow and green up arrow switch to signify Matt and Edd swapping
    • The blue down arrow and red right arrow switch to signify Tom and Tord swapping
  • Challeng-Matt is the first fanmade mod to feature a design for Todd; the NeighBORE version of Tord. However edits for a Todd have been made by other swap AU channels in the past.
  • The are a couple of notable errors in Challeng-Matt:
    • Eduardo is completely static during the NeighBores mix
    • Mark randomly grows a mustache when he punches Todd
    • The giant robot Tom attacks the gang with is identical to the Tordbot, even though Tord isn't evil in this universe and thus doesn't have a giant robot.
    • Instead of Matt and Pico, the playable icons in the Challeng-edd END remix are Edd and Boyfriend just like in the original.
    • The animations for Tom firing rockets are either out-of-sync, or missing
  • The instrumental of the Unload-Edd remake features sounds from the instrumentals of the base game songs. For example, "South" can be heard in the beginning, and "M.I.L.F" can be heard at the end of the Tord and Edd duet.
  • The characters in Unload-Edd have different voices depending on who's singing.


Download Links

Unload-EDD Gamebanana.png
Chaos Gamebanana.png
Animal Gamebanana.png
Challeng-EDD (NeighBORES Mix) Gamebanana.png
Challeng-EDD (End Mix) Gamebanana.png
Confronting Yourself Gamebanana.png
Matt Gets Trolled Gamebanana.png
Phantasm Gamebanana.png
Challeng-Matt Gamebanana.png
Zanta Gamebanana.png

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