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Singing Ninomae Ina'nis's favorite song might call out their attention and stuff. - Shaggy

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Oh please, you don’t even know the full story. - Abby

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Reason: After Ina became an eldritch octopus, she was left all alone after her friend the goddess of Space, Tsukumo Sana, left her be all alone for 10 years and had no friends to play with after Sana went to buy milk and she came back as she forgot about the milk to buy from the Milky Way, Ina felt rather sad about this.

Live without regrets.
― Ninomae Ina'nis

Ninomae Ina'nis (一伊那尓栖 / にのまえいなにす) is the antagonist of Hololive Funkin': Non-Canon Ina Week and is a member of Hololive EN's first generation of VTubers, the same generation as Mori Calliope, Takanashi Kiara, Gawr Gura and Watson Amelia.

Her main tracks include Weight of the Universe, Unravelling Distortion, Radiant Heaven, Our Nonstop Story, Bordering Final Story, and Stand by Me, with the freeplay exclusive tracks Inapurgation, Eldritch Phantasm, & Inaposter.

Want to know more about Ninomae Ina'nis?

Game Mechanic - Sanity & Nightmare Notes, and Takodachi

In Unravelling Distortion onward, Ina's charts will begin including "sanity" notes, marked by purple arrows with gold highlights (white with blue highlights if extra visibility is turned on in settings.) These notes permanently lower Aloe's maximum health unless she herself hits her own sanity notes, which reverses this.

Inapurgation and Eldritch Phantasm use "nightmare" notes, which function identically to the Halo notes in the original Expurgation sung by Tricky the Clown and will thus cause an instant game over if hit. For added difficulty, they use the same color as sanity notes if extra visibility is not turned on. Additionally, Inapurgation retains the other mechanics of the song it is based on, with Ina's Takodachi mascots attempting to block the screen and pull down Aloe's health in the same manner as Tricky's stop signs and HP gremlins respectively.

Due to the absurd length of "Eldritch Phantasm" and the very tight placement of its halo notes throughout, Aloe is given three extra lives, allowing her to hit three halo notes without consequence. The fourth hit will lead to a game over as usual.


  • Prior to an update for Shaggy, Ina was tied with Cye for the most amount of playable songs tied to a single character and mod, at nine total.
    • Discounting harder remixes of songs already present in the mod, Ina would have instead held this title alone, as four of Cye's songs are remixes of their other songs.
    • Discounting remixes and covers of songs from other mods, Ina would have fallen short of Cye by one song due to Inapurgation being an Expurgation remix.
  • On release, Eldritch Phantasm was the third longest modded song at 8:53, surpassing Little Man at 7:34 and trailing behind Splitathon's 10:18 and Little Man 2's 20:23.
  • Nearly all of Ina's tracks are covers, remixes, and/or pop culture references of some sort:
    • Unravelling Distortion is a cover of "Unravel" from the soundtrack to Tokyo Ghoul, commonly used in memes spoofing emotional or tense moments. This is in reference to Ina's actual performance of the song, and possibly also to her later recorder cover.
    • Radiant Heaven is a cover of The Radiance's theme from Hollow Knight. Ina's transformation and the aesthetic of the second half of the week in general also reference this.
      • The solo Aloe sings at 2:16 (after Ina's own drains 90% of her max health) is sampled from Happy Synthesizer, one of the only songs she managed to cover before the events that led to her departure from Hololive.
    • Our Nonstop Story and Bordering Final Story are remixes of Shiny Smily Story, the first original song released under Hololive Production and which also serves as the leitmotif for the original menu theme of HoloNight Funkin'.
      • Bordering Final Story is also named for and transitions into an arrangement of Border of Life, part of the soundtrack to Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom.
    • Stand by Me is a cover of the song of the same name by Florence + The Machine, more famously known as the opening theme to Final Fantasy XV.
    • Inapurgation is, of course, an Expurgation remix.
    • Eldritch Phantasm is a remix of the Touhou Project: Memory of Phantasm (a fan-made anime for the Touhou Project) intro song Clouds Over the Moon, Flowers in the Wind, which in turn is a remix of Last Remote from Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism. The name may also be a reference to the Phantasm stage in Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom, which is unlocked after clearing the first Extra stage (which is unlocked by 1cc’ing the main story) and capturing (beating without bombing or dying) 60 spell cards; likewise, Eldritch Phantasm is the second freeplay bonus song after Inapurgation, unlocked by clearing the main week.
      • During the first half of the song, some of the original lyrics to Clouds Over the Moon, Flowers in the Wind can be heard in the chorus when listening to the instrumental.
    • Inaposter leitmotifs the Among Drip song.
  • A purple Crewmate with a halo and fellow Hololive idol, Tokoyami Towa is visible in the background of Inapurgation and Inaposter, among other assorted characters.
  • This is the first mod with a playable credit sequence, giving control to Ina for Stand by Me.

Cameos in other mods

Note: All of these Cameos are not canon to this already non-canon version of HoloFunk's story.


Weight of the Universe
BPM: 162
Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
2.9 (Hard)
Unravelling Distortion
BPM: 135
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Radiant Heaven
BPM: 120
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Our Nonstop Story
BPM: 162
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard)
Bordering Final Story
BPM: 222.219 -> 300.305
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)

Eldritch Phantasm
BPM: 320
Scroll Speed: 3.7
Too large to host on this wiki. Link goes to a YT upload.
BPM: 132
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard)
BPM: 322
Scroll Speed: 3.5
Stand by Me
BPM: 108
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (All Difficulties)


NOTE: Eldritch Phantasm, Inaposter, Inapurgation and Stand by Me have no dialogue. Bordering Final Story only has Post-Dialogue.

Weight of the Universe (EN) Dialouge

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Ah, Ina-chan!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Ina-chan?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Ah, you two are here.

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Ina-chan, my wife!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Wife?!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Haha, still the same as ever, Nene-senpai.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: I'm glad that this merging of worlds got both of your attention.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: You can stop this though, right?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Of course, but on one condition:

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Beat me in a rap battle.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Ha?!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Yes, Aloe-chan would love that!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: If you beat me, I'll pull back my world and stop my antics.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: If you lose, well, I suppose it's the end of the world for you, isn't it?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: But I'll be sure to protect Nene-senpai in your place.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...!

Weight of the Universe (JP) Dialouge

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: あ、いなちゃん!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: いなちゃん?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ああ、来たんですね

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: いなちゃん!あたしの嫁!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: 嫁?!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: あはは、相変わらずですね、ねね先輩

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: この融合した世界がお二人の目に留まってよかった

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: あんたがこれを止められるんだよね?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: もちろんです…が、条件があります

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ラップバトルで私を倒してください

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: は?!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: よかったねアロエちゃん!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: あなたが勝ったら私は世界を元に戻して悪ふざけはもうやめます

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: あなたが負けたら、まあ、あなたにとってこの世界はおしまいになるでしょうね

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: そうしたら、あなたの代わりに私がねね先輩を守ります

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: …!

Unravelling Distortion (EN) Dialouge

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: That was amazing, Aloe-chan!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Phew... how 'bout that, Ina?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Yes, you did quite well, Aloe-senpai.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: However, I won't let you off that easily.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Excuse us, Nene-senpai, Aloe-senpai and I are going to be away for a bit.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: It won't take long.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Huh?! Where are we?!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: It's okay, Aloe-senpai, we're only here for a short while.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ... You genuinely care for Nene-senpai, don't you?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Of course I do! Why wouldn't I?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: I see. Then let's have another rap battle here.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Maybe you can call this a 'test of will' instead.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Or maybe... a test of sanity?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

Unravelling Distortion (JP) Dialouge

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: アロエちゃんすごーい!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ふぅ…。これでどう?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ええ、なかなかやりますね、アロエ先輩

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ですが、そう簡単にはやらせませんよ

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ねね先輩すみません。私とアロエ先輩は少し席を外します

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 長くはかかりませんので

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: えっ?!ここどこぉ?!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 安心してくださいアロエ先輩。少しの間だけですので

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: …あなたは本当にねね先輩のことを大切に思っているんですね

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: 当たり前よ!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: なるほど。では再度ラップバトルをしましょう

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 「決意の強さのテスト」とも言えるでしょうね

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: それとも…SAN値テストでしょうか?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe:

Radiant Heaven (EN) Dialouge

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: You know, Aloe-senpai, I've watched your rap battles.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: I've seen you beat against the Holomembers and Genmates, and you've come a long way.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: But do you think you'll have enough to take on the Daddy Dearest Clan?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Will you have even have enough strength to protect Nene-senpai?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Aloe!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ... ?! Nene?!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Aloe, where are you?!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: If you can hear me, don't give up!!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ... ... ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ... Dummy, of course I won't!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Ina, I'll prove it to you now.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: I'll even prove it to both Daddy Dearest and the world...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ... that I will always protect what I value the most -- my friends!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Aloe!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Nene!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: I see...

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Ina-chan? What's wrong?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: If what you say is true, Aloe-senpai, then for your sake...

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: I hope you don't hold back from this.

Radiant Heaven (JP) Dialouge

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: アロエ先輩、私はあなたのラップバトルを幾度となく見てきました

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ホロメンや同期を打ち負かし、随分と成長しましたね

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ですが、ダディ・ディアレスト一族を相手にするほどの力はお持ちでしょうか?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe:

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ねね先輩を守り抜く強さはお持ちですか?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: …!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: アロエ!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: …?!ねね?!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: アロエ!どこなの?!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: もし聞こえてるなら……諦めないで!!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ………

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: …バカ…、諦めるわけないでしょ!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: いな、今から証明してやるよ

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: 私は、ダディ・ディアレストにも、そしてこの世界にも…

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: 私が一番大切にしているもの…親友を守り抜くっていうことを!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: アロエ!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ねね!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 解りました…

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: いなちゃん…?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: その言葉を実現させたくば、アロエ先輩、あなたの威厳の為にも…

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: ここから逃げ出さないことですね

Our Nonstop Story (EN) Dialouge

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: To be pushed to such limits, is nothing short of ina-credible.

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: But losing isn't on this week's streaming schedule...

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: Ancient Ones, heed my call,

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: Let us perform the melody of the heart and soul of Hololive itself!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: !

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: You got this, Aloe-chan!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: You're right, Nene!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Come on, Ina, let's finish this!

Our Nonstop Story (JP) Dialouge

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: まさかここまで追いつめられるとは…まったく信じられな"いな"ぁ

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: でも今週のストリーミング配信は負けの予定ではないんですよ…

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: 古代の者たちよ、私の声を聴け、

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: さあ、ホロライブの心と魂のメロディーを奏でましょう!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: !

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: 大丈夫、アロエちゃんは勝つよ

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: うん、そうだね!

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: 来な、終わらせてやるよ!

Post-Bordering Final Story (EN) Dialouge

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: ...

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: ...

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: ...

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: Not bad, Aloe-senpai...

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: And here I thought I had everything to beat you.

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: Ha ha... alright,

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: You win, Aloe-senpai. I'll keep my end of the promise.

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: What are you going to do now?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Me?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: It's going to take a while for our worlds to separate.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: So I'm going to watch over this and make sure nothing spills out.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: After that, maybe I'll relax here for a while?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: The exit is right over there. Just make sure not to slip, okay?

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: Alright! Let's get out of here, Nene!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: Bye bye, Ina-chan!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ...

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: *sigh* I lost that bad, huh?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Heh... oh well.

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: I wonder if Aloe-senpai would like a rematch later?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: Who knows... maybe next time, she'll appreciate an *extra* challenge.

Post-Bordering Final Story (JP) Dialouge

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight:

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe:

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene:

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: 悪くないですよ、アロエ先輩…

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: 私はあなたに勝つ要素すべてを持っていると思ってたのに…

InaKnightIcon.png InaKnight: あは…、解りました

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: あなたの勝ちです、アロエ先輩。約束は守ります

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: これからどうするの?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 私ですか?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 世界が完全に分断されるのにはまだ時間がかかりそうですし…、

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 最後まで見守った後は、こっちから何も漏れ出さないようにします

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: その後は…ここでしばらくのんびりしようかな

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: 出口はあそこです、滑らないように気を付けてくださいね

New Aloe Icon.png Mano Aloe: よっしゃ!ねねちゃん、行こっ!

NewNenechiIcon.png Momosuzu Nene: いなちゃん、またねね~!

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis:

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: ハァ こてんぱんにされちゃったな

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: えへへ…ま、いっか

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: アロエ先輩、また勝負してくれないかな?

NinomaeIcon.png Ninomae Ina'nis: もしかしたらだけど…今度来たときは追加のテストを喜んでくれるかもしれないよね

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: -FREEPLAYに新しい曲が追加されました-


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