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This mod is currently unreleased material, meaning no download links exist, but is set to have one in the future. As of now, this page covers content that has yet to be released and some citations placed for verification of assets.

Were you looking for the character Fueg0?
Not to be confused with Pyro from Friday Night Fortress: Vs Mann Co

Pyro's Firey Friday, is a modded week called "Fuego", that adds 4 new songs called "Nuisance", "Outcast", "Hidden", and a currently unknown 4th song. In place of Boyfriend and Girlfriend are other characters respectively by the name of "Pyro", the namesake of the mod, and his friend Lust, and they are quickly swept into a battle against Fuego Furcifer. The mod is currently in progress; as of this update, it is unknown when it will release.


Being a huge music fan, Pyro sets on a adventure to make his name big. To pose as an audience, he drags his friend out of her house and makes her spectate his music duels, but little does he know his cocky attitude may get the best of him.

Cameos in other mods

Note:None of these cameos are canon to fuego or pyro's story

  • In Clone Sonic,a Pyro's Firey Friday arcade machine can be seen in the background



Not to be confused with Fueg0.

Fuego Furcifer is the main antagonist of the upcoming mod "Pyro's Firey Friday".


His personality makes him a grumpy, uptight individual with a short fuse.


Fuego is a dark grey humanoid fox that wears white gloves and a dark purple hoodie with a broken purple heart. He also wears blue jeans with boots that are covered up by said jeans and has a painted scar on his face.

His Old design is mainly the same except he doesn't have a tail and he wears a white skull-like mask.


  • Pyro and Fuego's rivalry started over spilling a milkshake.
    • The milkshake place can be seen in the background and is called Cock joke.
    • The milkshake place was named after the video called Tankman 5.5.
      • Fuego goes to that place every day. His favorite milkshake flavor is Nutella Oreo.
      • The reason he gets that same milkshake every day is because it helps him be angry.
  • Fuego is known to have heart problems.[2]
  • Fuego’s track, Maniac is a reference to one of Smiler’s famous game, Five Nights at Sonic: Maniac Mania.
    • However, the track has been replaced by a new one, called Outcast.
  • Fuego will not use language even when enraged.[3]
  • Outside the game he has a Discord server which you can get updates about this mod. This is not of any way a shameless advertisement please join
  • Fuego can't say bruh because he would turn to dust.[4]
  • Fuego is fire in Spanish.




Pyro is a character created by SmilerFurcifer who serves as the protagonist in Pyro's Firey Friday. He is a massive cunt who is almost always bullying people no matter what.


Pyro is a red humanoid fox who wears a brown overcoat, a green shirt, navy blue pants, and gray shoes with white laces. He also wears a blue scarf with a heart at the end of it as well as a belt.

References in other mods

In Clone Sonica Pyro's Firey Friday arcade machine appears in the background


  • Pyro was the one who spilled Fuego's milkshake, hence why they are rivals.
  • SmilerFurcifer (The creator of Pyro and Smiler, and the mod) is aware about Pyro's occupation of being a massive cunt and wants no one to change it.[5]
  • Pyro holds a blue humanoid cat named Lust at gun point from time to time to keep her on the speaker.
  • Like Fuego, he also drinks milkshakes, just not as often.
  • When Pyro dies, he would straight up be denied from Heaven and Hell.[6]
    • also by this Pyro is unironically immortal.(oh shit)
  • Once again, if you want to see this very awesome, totally radical, hot game be something go to
  • The creator (SmilerFurcifer) said that Pyro has a sister, but he didn't reveal how she look like.
    • He did show a part of her body, being the down part of her body.
  • Smiler stated that Pyro used to be his old oc.



Note: Dates and times are based off EST, the date and times will probably be off for people who don't you EST

  • 4/14/2021:
    • 8:11 PM: Smiler (mod maker) confirmed that 4/5 poses were done and that the remaining pose had 1 more shading layer left.[7]
    • 9:34 PM: Smiler (character) is now fully shaded.[8]
  • 4/15/2021:
    • Charting of the first song, Nuisance, is nearly finished.[9]
    • Smiler (mod maker) later uploaded a YouTube video showing Smiler (character) over Daddy Dearest and showing one of Smiler song Nuisance
  • 4/17/2021:
    • Kitty (One of Smiler's friends) uploaded a video on YouTube showcasing a chart of Nuisance on Normal difficulty.
  • 4/20/2021:
    • Smiler (Mod maker) show a W.I.P. of Pyro's game over screen.[10]
    • Smiler also stated that coding of the mod won't continue until week 7 is fully out and KadeEngine is updated.[11]
    • Smiler tweet on a W.I.P. of the stage background.[12]
  • 4/23/2021:
    • On GameJolt Smiler (Mod Maker) made a devlog showing some parts of the mod creation process.[13]
  • 5/8/2021:
    • Smiler post a discord screenshot which tells how the development of the mod is going.[14]
  • 5/13/2021:
    • Smiler reveals that the mod is 80% done.[15]
    • Smiler also reveals a different version of Nuisance.[16]
  • 5/15/2021:
    • Smiler make a tweet saying what in the mod and what not in the mod. He also confirm the mod will be open source because of the new Friday Night Funkin mods rules.[17]
  • 5/16/2021:
    • Smiler upload a teaser for the song "outcast".[18]
  • 5/17/2021:
    • Smiler makes a tweet show a gif of week 1 idle animations.[19]
  • 5/18/2021:
    • Smiler makes another devlog on GameJolt confirming that Version 1.0.0 is near completion.[20]
  • 5/23/2021:
    • Smiler streams showing off some gameplay for Pyro Firey Friday.[21]
  • 5/26/2021:
    • Smiler makes a tweet saying the Smiler could get a redesign which would hold back development.[22]
  • 5/29/2021:
    • Smiler makes a tweet showing a possible Smiler redesign.[23]
  • 5/31/2021:
    • SmilerFurcifer confirms that Smiler has been redesigned.[24]
  • 6/2/2021:
    • SmilerFurcifer tweets a picture of Smiler redesign icons and Pyro icons.[25]
  • 6/5/2021:
    • SmilerFurcifer made a post on gamejolt showing the icons for Pyro and Fuego.[26]
  • 6/10/2021:
    • Smiler's name is changed to Fuego.
  • 8/24/2021:
    • The full verison of Outcast is revealed.[27]

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Note: Mod is still not released