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Reason: We need all of the animated TVs in the backgrounds and the gas animation that appears in the corners during Censory-Overload.

Major Spoilers Ahead!

You don’t get it, you don’t know the full story. - Omega

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Fan Favorite

OH MY GOD, QT Mod!? - Grunko

This mod is a fan favorite! It's considered one of the best mods the FNF community has to offer.


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Unsettling Themes

What were those voices? Those terrible voices that coerced me to troll... - Trollge

This page contains imagery, themes, mod or character that either comes from something that may make the reader uncomfortable or appears unsettling, continue at your own risk!

Reason: KB emerging from QT after CareLess can be really unsettling to some, also the background poster implies that KB is a wanted murderer. At exactly 3:09 in Termination's instrumental, a girl can be heard screaming.

Joke Content

Ow. - Spong

This mod contains content that was made with comedic intent!

Reason: The easter egg in Cessation and QT's meme appearance.

QT Mod is a mod that has 3 new songs, and 2 secret songs.


While QT was listening to music one day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend appeared to investigate the music coming from the alleyway. Curious enough, she asks if Boyfriend wants to sing with her. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?



Oh hey cutie!― QT, CareFree

QT looks like a human girl, but it's actually a robot. QT invites Boyfriend to sing along.


QT is a robot that looks like a fair-skinned young girl, with brown hair with blonde streaks. She wears a pink shirt, with a white winking skull on it, ending off with a blue bottom, and purple sleeves which cover her hands. She also wears a white pleated skirt, with blue and white striped socks, with one being shorter and more wrinkled than the other.


  • QT is a shorter version of saying cutie.
  • QT's voice originates from the UTAU, Kasane Teto. [5]
  • QT is single.[6] Whether KB is also single is unknown.
  • QT is short because her sprite is based on Pico's. [7]
  • Despite KB still being exposed, QT is doing fine in Cessation. It means both of them can be active at the same time.[8]
    • However, she shuts down again during KB's solo.
  • According to Count Nightshade, QT was originally going to be a dead girl and KB was using her as a puppet to lure in victims. [9]
  • QT used to work as a hitman. [10]
  • QT has an experimental battery that has infinite energy. [11]
    • Both QT and KB use this battery.



Nothing personal kid― KB, Censory-Overload

KB is the robot hidden inside QT.


KB[15] is a grey endoskeleton with red eyes (blue in Cessation). He also has two extra hands, one with a sawblade and one with a mechanical claw. His spine is connected to QT’s. In the middle of the secret free play song, Termination, KB’s saw arm becomes bloody red during his poses.


  • KB originally meant "KillerBot", but has since been changed to "KillerByte". However this is not his true name, it is just a nickname given to him by some scientists.[16]
  • KB's voice was done in a synth called Harmor.[17]
  • KB now has blue eyes in Cessation to further indicate that Cessation takes place in the future. [18]
  • KB crashes after singing one note in the story mode version of Termination.
  • KB's teeth outlines change colors depending on the arrows he hits in Censory-Overload, Termination and Cessation.


Gameplay Mechanics - Sawblades, HUD Manipulation and Effects

  • During the beginning parts of Censory-Overload, there will be smoke particles on the bottom left and right. This might be used to distract the players.
  • During Termination, KB will constantly try to end you by attacking you with sawblades. Failure to dodge these sawblades will result in instant death.
    • At the beginning of Termination, the background TVs will warn you about the sawblades and to press SPACE to dodge them.
  • Also in Termination, KB will constantly use pincers to move around the note bars.
  • At the end of Termination, the note bar will slowly disappear after each held note.
  • In Cessation preceding KB's 1st solo, the note bar will become wavy.
    • This also eventually happens in Censory-Overload.

Trivia (General)

  • According to the logs, Termination is not canon and happens in another timeline and Cessation happens in the future.
    • It has been confirmed that Cessation is canon by Hazard24. [19]
  • In story mode, Termination is renamed to Terminate.
    • Also in the story mode version of Termination, the chart skips to the part with excessive double notes.
    • And also in the story mode version of Termination, one of the instruments is missing.
  • Leitmotifs of Censory-Overload can be heard in CareLess.
    • This is further emphasized, as if one speeds up CareLess by 175%, it resembles Censory-Overload, but slowed down and replaced with QT's vocals.
  • During Termination and Censory-Overload, the background turns into a Blue Screen of Death which will scare Girlfriend.
    • The Blue Screen of Death has a message at the bottom-left saying “oh shit”.
      • The message can’t be seen due to the floor being shaded.
  • In the freeplay menu, the difficulty for Termination is forced to be "Very Hard" instead of regular Hard.
  • Unlike most bonus songs that force you Into Hard mode, Cessation will force you into Normal mode.
  • The TVs in the background will constantly flash different things throughout each song.
    • A smiling emoticon and a heart during Cessation.
    • A warning that appears when KB uses his sawblades in Termination, saying "Watch out!"
    • Gears with red outlines, red chains and red eye with X in its pupil. (Added in V1.2)
    • A red warning sign.
    • The red eye from "Glitcher" from the VS. Hex mod. According to Hazardous24, she added it to pay tribute to the mod since it was an inspiration for the blue screen section and it showed her how to change character sprites during a song.[20] Also, Count Nightshade said that the red eye is just an easter egg to the VS. Hex mod.[21]
    • SMPTE color bars after KB tries to sing Termination in Story Mode.
      • It also appears before the BSOD part during Censory-Overload and Termination.
    • The emoticon frown on the blue screen.
    • A warning regarding sawblades at the beginning of Termination.
    • The words "Good Luck", also at the beginning of Termination.
    • The words "Incoming Drop", before the drop in Censory-Overload.
  • At the end of Cessation, there's a chance the warning sign from Termination will appear, then switch to 'Just kidding lol" with the 'bruh' sound effect.
  • There was originally going to be a secret song called "Redacted", but it was scrapped.
  • Tutorial was changed, adding sawblades (And the unused double one), pincers and mod charts.


Note: In Terminate KB just crashes. If you want to listen to Termination go to the Freeplay tab.

Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: Censory-Overload is very loud and can hurt your ears easily.

Qt Icon.png
BPM: 128
Scroll Speed: 1.1 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.5 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 100450 (Hard)
Qt Death Icon.png
BPM: 110
Scroll Speed: 1.2 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
1.7 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 125650 (Hard)
Robot 404 Icon.png
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.9 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 485800 (Hard)
Robot 404 Death Icon.png
BPM: 190 > 222
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Easy)
2.9 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 0

Robot 404 Death Icon.png
BPM: 190 > 222
Scroll Speed: 3.1
Maximum Score: 532350 (Very Hard)
BPM: 128
Scroll Speed: 1.5
Maximum Score: 123550 (Normal)

Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: The cutscene music in Censory-Overload gradually increases in volume.

Qt Icon.png
Menu Theme
Qt Icon.png
CareFree (Cutscene Music)
Qt Death Icon.png
Censory-Overload (Cutscene Music)
Thank you for playing!

Alert 2
Attack 2


CareFree Dialogue

Qt Icon.png QT: Oh hey cutie!

Qt Icon.png QT: I was looking for you!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?

Qt Icon.png QT: I heard you're pretty hot stuff, so I want to challenge you!

Qt Icon.png QT: Hey, if I win, could we hang out some more?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop beep skdoo.

CareLess Dialogue

Qt Icon.png QT: Oh dear.

Qt Icon.png QT: Lets try that again...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: boop

Post-CareLess Dialogue

Qt Icon.png QT: Phase 2 error,

Qt Icon.png QT: Human life still detected.

Qt Icon.png QT: Moving to Phase 3.

Censory-Overload Dialogue

Robot 404 Icon.png KB: Nothing personal kid.


Robot 404 Icon.png KB: ...

Robot 404 Icon.png KB: You're too stubborn for your own good kid.

Robot 404 Icon.png KB: I've grown tired of you and your annoying chipmunk voice.

Robot 404 Icon.png KB: Prepare yourself, for I won't show any mercy to you.

Post-Terminate Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop?!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Let's leave.

Post-Cessation Dialogue

Qt Icon.png QT: Well that was fun!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

Robot 404 Icon.png KB: ...

Qt Icon.png QT: I hope we can sing again next time we meet.

Robot 404 Icon.png KB: (I hope not).

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Goodbye.

Post-Terminate Dialogue (Unused)

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Lmao get fucked you stupid robot.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Let's leave.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!


QT's Official Soundtrack, by Hazard 24, reveals what is happening during the songs and how QT and KB talk to each other by the logs.

CareFree Log

QT: "Oh hey cutie!"

QT: "I was looking for you!"

QT: "I heard you're pretty hot stuff, so I want to challenge you!"

QT: "Hey, if I win, could we hang out some more?"

QT: =D

QT: Wow, he's good.

CareLess Log

QT: "Oh dear."

QT: "Lets try that again..."

KB: You're going to have to try harder then that QT.

QT: How so?

KB: Just do a bunch of double notes.

QT: Like this?

KB: Yeah... that works.

QT: He's still singing.

KB: Yeah. I noticed.

KB: Try doing triples then.

QT: Isn't that going too far?

KB: Just do it!

QT: ...

KB: One more song.

QT: What, you're going to try?

KB: I'm going to beat him myself.

QT: Wait! Don't go to-


KB: "Phase 2 error,"

KB: "Human life still detected."

KB: "Moving to Phase 3."

Censory-Overload Log

KB: "Nothing personal kid."

KB: Let's see what you got.

KB: Still going huh?

KB: Let's speed things up then.

KB: ...


Exceeding Maximum Power


KB: Just give up already!

KB: You're not normal. What are you?

Termination Log [ALT TIMELINE]

KB: "..."

KB: "You're too stubborn for your own good kid."

KB: "I've grown tired of you and your annoying chipmunk voice."

KB: "Prepare yourself, for I won't show any mercy to you."

KB: Goodbye.

KB: Still alive?

KB: ...

KB: Enough!


(Note: This part is very difficult to see normally)










KB: Just die!

KB: Please...

KB: ...

QT: I think you should rest now.

KB: ..I...Fine.

Cessation Log [FUTURE]

QT: Oh hey! Look who it is!

KB: Oh...him...

QT: "Hey, let's sing again!"

KB: Really?

QT: Yes really! You should join in too!

KB: I think I'll pass...

KB: Actually...may I?

QT: Of course!!

KB: Alright.


QT power rerouted

KB: Oops.

KB: Hold on, let me try rerouting some things.


KB: Sorry about that.

QT: It's fine. I know you didn't mean it.


Insufficent Power Rerouting...

KB: This is...surprisingly draining...


KB: No no no, we're not ending like that!

KB: I think I've found a decent balance for power.

QT: Great! =D

QT: "Well that was fun!"

KB: Really, even though I was taking the power?

QT: It's fine.

QT: "I hope we can sing again next time we meet!"

KB: "(I hope not)."

QT: Oh come on, you secretly do!

KB: ...Maybe...

Gallery (General)

Gallery (In-Game)

Gallery (Artwork)

Gallery (Assets)

Gallery (Other)

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  4. Although Count Nightshade said KB is being LIKE the overprotective older brother for QT, their relationship has NOT been revealed yet.
  8. - One of Hazardous24's comments
  14. Although Count Nightshade said KB is being LIKE the overprotective older brother for QT, their relationship has NOT been revealed yet.
  16. - One of Hazardous24's comments
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