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HEY!! We've done Friday Night Funkin' already. TWICE!!
― SMG4, SMG4: If Mario was in... Newgrounds

SMG4's Skin Mods or SMG4's Mod Pack is a pack of reskins used for Friday Night Funkin, released at May 22, 2021 and submitted by CubeThePenguin, with the help of SMG4, KevDevs, AJ DiSpirito, Weegeepie, Rainder, SkylinDraws, and more.

This mod is based in the SMG4 series, a parody of the Nintendo franchise Super Mario Bros. (though it also features other original characters), where Mario, rather than being a hero, is an idiot who only cares about himself and his spaghetti.



Are you looking for a different mario?

― Mario

Stupid Mario, commonly known as Mario is a main character starring in most SMG4 episodes and Nintendo games. He replaces Boyfriend.


Mario appears as an italian plumber wearing a red shirt, covered by blue overalls with two yellow buttons with brown shoes. He also has a red hat with the letter M, standing for Mario. He wears white gloves and his eyes are white with blue irises and black pupils. He has a moustache under his mouth.


  • According to Mario Kart 64 Bloopers: An Adventurous Drive, Mario met Adolf Hitler once.
  • Mario has a YouTube channel called TheAwesomeMario, which currently has over 238K subscribers. It's currently inactive.
  • In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Dreams, it is revealed Mario has a phobia of old people.
  • As revealed in SMG4: Mario vs IT 🤡, one of his worst nightmares is broccoli.
  • The reason Luke Lerdwichagul (SMG4's creator) made Mario a mentally retarded character was because he felt that using Mario's "normal" or "heroic" personality from the Nintendo games would be boring. Incidentally, SMG4 (the character) has that personality.
  • According to Portal M4RI0 - If Mario was in... Portal, Mario's IQ is -42125.
  • According to SM64 Bloopers: Who let the chomp out...AGAIN!?, Mario's favorite shows are The Golden Girls, spaghetti advertisements, and Hello Kitty.



― Melony, before forcefully killing Axol in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021.

Melony is a food-related modern main SMG4 character who was originally a melon, but was later turned into a human by having on a corrupted fierce deity link mask. Melony has a best friend, also a love interest that'd be known as Axol.


Melony originally appeared as a watermelon with the Studio Headphones, Pilot Goggles and the Short Beanie that Meggy wears on top of her head.

In "SMG4: Mario's Mask of Madness", she turns into an anime girl. She has a black and red watermelon-themed hoodie dress with a thin green zig zag line in the middle and a watermelon on the bottom right, black socks, red eyes, shoulder-length green hair with two thick strands sticking up in the back along with watermelon hair clips on the bangs, and black marks on her cheeks that resemble both watermelon seeds and the red stripes seen on fierce deity link's face.



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