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QUOTEPORT SarventeDemon.png

May God forgive you... But I won't.― Sarvente, Gospel

Sarvente (Sar-vent-tay) is a "nun" at a church in Mid-Fight Masses, where Boyfriend and Girlfriend walk in for the bathroom, and she asks them to join the church, in which Boyfriend and Girfriend decline the offer, and they end up battling.


Sarvente wears a purple nun outfit, with 2 Pink crosses on the sides of her head. Her skin has 3 colors: Purple, White, and Pink. Her expression is passive and calm as she smiles.

When she is annoyed, she beings to sweat and her expression starts to look irritated. Her color contrast is also slightly darkened as well. In her animated idle pose, her right hand twitches even further.

In her demon form, she wears a leotard, has horns, and large purple and pink wings which come down from her hat.


Sarvente is shown to have an enthusiastic, friendly, and calm personality as shown in the first level of Mid-Fight Masses Mod during her conversation with Ruv on the phone and welcoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend to the church at the start. However, she also shows annoyance after she was defeated by Boyfriend in the Parish level.


Early Life

It is unknown how Sarvente came into existence or if she had any biological family members or relatives.

Sarvente lived as a demon child for centuries not being able to age due to unfulfilled childhoods. These unfulfilled childhoods did not allow her body and mindset to adapt to the concept of growing up which is how she gained immortal-like abilities. Despite having knowledge, she was still childish. Coincidentally, Sarvente met Ruv as a child and they both became childhood friends. This was the time when she finally started aging because her only wish was fulfilled which was making a friend after waiting for centuries.

Sarvente noticed that Ruv had an eyepatch and decided to lend him one of her ribbons. Sarvente then made a promise to meet Ruv again so she gave him one of her ribbons. The ribbon would be Ruv's current eyepatch. When they both reached adulthood and met again, they do not remember each other and Ruv forgets who gave him the ribbon.[5]


Sarvente was rejected by God from entering into heaven. There is no official reason why she was rejected, but it can be inferred that she made one big mistake that she has done in her life to the point where it didn't matter how good and kind all of her actions were.[6] After experiencing that, she doesn't want anyone to experience what she went through so she will guide everyone to a better place.[7] Now Sarvente's purpose is to guide people to heaven, regardless if she was rejected by God. Sarvente is a devout believer that Heaven is a good place, even if she was dropped from heaven by God's rejection.[8]

She eventually found Ruv again years later hiding at the church after running away. Because Ruv and Sarvente do not remember each other due to him being chased all the time, their first time interacting started out rough. They even resorted to violence through fights and non-stop arguments, but they eventually grew closer after a few years due to Sarvente not showing any signs of betrayal against Ruv. Their friendship improves the longer they lived together.[9]

Sarvente sees good in Ruv and believes that he can go to heaven which is the primary reason why she does not show any signs of betrayal against him.[10]


  • Portal creation: Sarvente can summon a portal/gateway during Gospel as shown in the background of the Gospel level.
  • Immortality: Sarvente has lived for centuries and does not have the need to consume food in order to function. It is unknown how she gained her immortality.
  • Demon morphing: Sarvente has the ability to morph into a demon after beating Zavodila in Story Mode on hard or alt difficulty. Her demon form was strong enough to defeat Ruv to the point where he behaved.[11]
  • Flight: Sarvente has the ability to fly as shown in the Gospel level.
  • Superhuman strength: Sarvente has the ability to carry Ruv despite weighing bigger than her.
  • Illusionary magic: Sarvente has the ability to conjure illusions. She made an illusionary copy of the church for Ruv to his aesthetic liking as a gift for mastering his own song, Zavodilla.[12]
  • Object creation: Sarvente has the ability to summon and make money and needs using her powers.[13] However, there is a limit to her abilities. Depending on how big the objects she summons or how much she uses her power, she gets extremely fatigue.[14]
  • Bulletproof durability: Sarvente does not get hurt by bullets. Instead, they could be ricochetted off.[15]
  • Regenerative healing factors: Sarvente can regenerate easily and quickly from fatal disease. However, it takes a bit of time for her to heal from small colds and injuries.[16]


Physical Appearance

  • Sarvente's skin is based on Neapolitan ice cream.[17]
  • Sarvente's character design is often confused with "Countryhumans" but was later confirmed by the creator multiple times that it was NOT based off of that.[18]
    • The same can be applied with Ruv's character design. [19]
  • A majority of Sarvente's and Ruv's mass is from their muscles but is not visible due to them being "stickmen."[20]
  • Sarvente's nun costume is a dollar store costume that she stiched for herself.
    • She did this so she would not look like a creep and have an easier time converting people into going to heaven.[21]

Mid-Fight Masses Mod

  • In the files, Sarvente's demon form sprite sheet is called "smokinhotbabe".
    • The animation of her turning into a demon is called "pegMePlease".
  • Sarvente in Worship is named "sarvente-dark" in the files, while Sarvente in Gospel is named "sarvente-lucifer".


  • "Forever" is a strong word to her.
  • Sarvente knows the existence of almost every demon on earth, from Monster to Daddy Dearest. She hates them all.[22]
    • Strangely, Girlfriend seems to be an exception as Sarvente has no particular reaction to her.
  • The only bug Sarvente has ever feared were moths, thinking they were bad spirits.[23]
    • Sarvente is also afraid of shrimps, getting surprised, and the concept of modern-day media.[24]
  • Sarvente doesn't support any specific religion for personal reasons.[25]
  • She constantly does the "updog" joke to Ruv and he falls for it every time.[26]
  • Sarvente has a special talent of baking a ridiculously spicy cake to perfection without it tasting bad. She makes it for Ruv on his birthdays.[27]
    • Careful! Normal people can't eat it without dying.
  • Sarvente IS NOT actually a nun, only masquerading as one to fit in and have an easier time making people trust her.[28]
    • To further this, the majority of Sarvente's kindness is a façade for the most part. If the person doesn't convert, she'll go as far as trying to scare them by showing a glimpse of hell and "almost opening hell's gate" with her Gospel demonic form.[29]
  • Sarvente is kind and patient with children when they visit, however, she gets really upset with them once they start throwing pebbles and vandalize the church. What Sarvente doesn't know is that Ruv would pop their bike tires and throw bigger circular pebbles at their limbs from miles away in order to hurt them as a result.[30]
  • Sarvente practically knows every language since she lived for centuries.[31]
  • There are some senior regulars that Sarvente is always helping on Sundays.[32]
  • Sarvente's Lucifer form is not particularly immune to exorcism but only paralyzes her for a few minutes until she gains back full control.[33]
  • Sarvente possibly knows other mod characters (Whitty, Tricky , Carol, etc.) but has no interest in them if they don't want to join the church.[34]
  • Sarvente is a full grown adult.[35]
  • It is not confirmed that Sarvente and Ruv are dating, but they are very close. Viewers would often see their relationship as platonic or romantic depending on how they see fit.[36]
    • The creator has stated that they do not care whether people view their relationship in such ways, as long as they are not seen as siblings or anything problematic.[37]
  • Sarvente does not need food to live but eats in order to adapt herself to the Earth environment to fit in.[38]
  • Sarvente is sometimes happy and energetic. Though, there are times where she goes to the garden to relax her mind.[39]
  • Sarvente sleep talks but she is mostly recalling old memories.
    • There are times where she unconsciously says good memories, but Ruv will feel guilty when she unintentionally starts saying the cruel things they did to each other. He then apologizes in the morning.[40]
  • Sarvente has poor tolerance to alcohol.[41]
    • Ironically, Sarvente does drink alcohol, but she either does it secretly or tries to stop.[42]
  • Sarvente accepts people regardless of their sexual orientation, as long as they are a devoted to embrace God and go to heaven.[43]
  • Sarvente rarely makes money by using her powers but does not want to admit it. She only summons needs because she does not like that fact that Ruv pickpockets rich people without getting caught at all.[44]
    • Sarvente would rather use her powers to make money than witness Ruv steal from others.[45]
  • Sarvente never complains about money directly to Ruv otherwise he would be willing to steal money for her.[46]
  • Sarvente is extremely ticklish. Poking her at one of her sides would make her laugh.[47]
  • Sarvente can catch simple colds despite being immortal.[48]
  • Sarvente's body won't particularly die from fatal diseases but she would get weak.[49]
    • Her body can recover from fatal diseases quite easily but minor colds and injuries take longer. Her body prioritizes on healing fatal wounds/pains first.[50]
  • Sarvente has a bad habit of rolling off of beds.[51]
  • Sarvente swears more than Ruv.
    • Only in front of Ruv, not in front of people.[52]
  • Sarvente helps Ruv tuck his hair in his hat.
    • Ruv does the same thing to Sarvente with her veil.[53]
  • If either Sarvente or Ruv break the "vow," then Sarvente will die.[54]
    • The "vow" is Ruv's promise of protecting Sarvente for the rest of eternity.
  • What Ruv said on the phone that Sarvente called unholy was a "yo mama" joke.[55]
  • As Lucifer, Sarvente does rule over hell but does not want to.
    • Sarvente has ruled it since a very young age but eventually left the throne. It has been untouched ever since.
    • Sarvente does not care about hell.[56]
    • In the past, she has done violent acts in order to stay in power but does not care anymore.[57]
    • There has been a rumor that still spreads that anyone who attempts to claim the throne will never be seen again.[58]
    • Regardless, Lucifer has grown softer over time after being with Ruv.[59]
  • Sarvente's least favorite socks are the ones that expose her legs more; fishnet leggings.[60]
  • If Sarvente offers someone to join the church, but they already joined one, she would be pleased about it because she believes that they are following the right path.[61]
  • Sarvente would not get angry at Ruv if he ate her ice cream.[62]

Cameos in other mods

Note: All of these cameos are not canon to Sarvente's story.

  • In VS Pompom, she appears as a carving on a tree. She also appears in the background of BARK! on a billboard.
  • In V.S. Static , she appears in a TV screen in the background during Primetime.
  • In The Weeg Mod, she can appear in the background of Week A.
  • In VS Codist, she appears in a poster.
  • In VS Violastro, she appears in the top right crowd.
  • In The Date Week, she can be seen walking with Ruv in Perfume and Heartbass
  • In Vs Void, she appears with Ruv at the audience.
  • In Friday Night Funkin': Soft, she appears in Chapter 5 on the floor above with Ruv.
  • In VS Fizz, she can be seen in the background of Maintenance.


Sarvente icon.png
BPM: 111 (112 in game)
Scroll Speed: 1 (Easy-Alpha & Easy-Old)
1.3 (Easy, Normal-Alpha & Normal-Old)
1.5 (Normal & Alt-Old)
1.7 (Hard-Alpha & Hard-Old)
1.8 (Hard)
2 (Alt-Alpha)
2.2 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 64750 (Hard)
72450 (Alt)
Sarvente icon Danger.png
BPM: 121 (120 in game)
Scroll Speed: 1.3 (Easy-Alpha & Easy-Old)
1.9 (Normal-Alpha & Normal-Old)
2 (Easy)
2.1 (Hard-Old & Alt-Old)
2.2 (Hard-Alpha)
2.5 (Normal & Alt-Alpha)
2.6 (Hard)
2.8 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 104300 (Hard)
104650 (Alt)
TrueSarvente icon.png
BPM: 145 (141 in-game)
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy, Easy-Alpha, Normal & Normal-Alpha)
1.8 (Easy-Old, Hard-Old & Alt-Old)
2.1 (Normal-Old)
2.2 (Hard-Alpha)
2.6 (Hard)
2.7 (Alt-Alpha)
3 (Alt)
Maximum Score: 216650 (Hard)
233100 (Alt)


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