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Not to be confused with Spy, Sky, Other Spy or Skye

Nobody has dissed my haircut and lived to tell the tale.
― Sly, Quake

Sly is a fan of Boyfriend. After meeting him in the mall, they have a rap battle and attract a crowd. But after losing to Boyfriend too many times, things start to go south...


Sly is a light-skinned young man with big, spiky purple hair. He wears a red hoodie that is black on the inside of the hood, with two black and white laces. He also wears gray pants and green shoes with white soles.

In the third and fourth song, his hair becomes static and changes color depending on which note he hits.


  • An entire thread of the origins of Sly can be found on SamTheSly's Twitter.
  • Sly starred in an RPG Maker game called "SamTheSly RPG", which is now lost media.
  • Sly was also going to be the protagonist of another RPG Maker game called "Nightmares Reality: The Game" but the game was never completed.
  • Resonance is available in both versions of the mod.
  • Reality and the Dreamatch finale, Nightmare, are a subtle nod to Nightmares Reality: The Game.
  • Nightmare Sly has potassium deficiency.
  • Sly can be seen in the background of the Yo Mama video "Brody Foxx vs Matt" behind Matt.


There are currently two planned crossovers including Sly.

  1. One of them is the currently unrealesed song Busted where Sly sings against Blackjack from the VS. Blackjack: The Stakes Are High mod.
  2. The other planned crossover is is with Matt from vs Matt , a teaser can be heard here [1]

Cameos in other mods

Note: None of these cameos are canon to Sly's story.

  • In VS. Blackjack: The Stakes Are High, he appears sitting in the background.
  • In Triple Threat, Sly is one of the main three protagonists featuring a Quake remix along with it.
  • FNF E-Sides has Sly being the tutorial opponent.

But I have one last trick up my sleeve. See if you can keep up.
― Roger, During Roger

After Sly's battle with BF,Roger wanted a turn in the spotlight.


Roger is a white-skinned young man with an orange torso and a blue cap.


  • Roger has 2 duel wielding pistols



BSly is a light-skinned young man with big, spiky green hair. He wears a pair of black sunglasses, a black hoodie that is black on the inside of the hood, with two black and white laces. He also wears white pants and purple shoes with white soles.


  • BSly isn't from one specific FNF AU, but he draws the most inspiration from B3 Remix.
  • In the song Slyception there are a number of different Sly's spectating. From left to right these Sly's are: Neo Sly, Misc. Sly 1, Sly But Bad, D-Sides Sly, Starcatcher Sly, Misc. Sly 2, Minus Sly, Nightmare Sly, Corrupted Sly, Zombie Sly, Fisticuffs Sly, Rose-Tinted Sly, Hellbeats Sly, E-Sides Sly, HD Sly, Dream Sly.
  • BSly is the only Sly who has hair can't become static



BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.9 (Hard)
BPM: 205
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
BPM: 210
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (All Difficulties)

BPM: 95 > 100 > 200 > 95 > 190 > 175
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (All Difficulties)
BPM: 95 > 100 > 200 > 95 > 190
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (All Difficulties)

BPM: 210
Scroll Speed: 3.2(All Difficulties)

Wow Classic
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
Hoodie Classic
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.9 (Hard)
Quake Classic
BPM: 205
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
Demise Classic
BPM: 210
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (All Difficulties)

BPM: 185
Scroll Speed: 2.5(All Difficulties)
Quake Remix
BPM: 205
Scroll Speed: 3.2(All Difficulties)
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.9(All Difficulties)
BPM: 95
Scroll Speed: 2.9 (All Difficulties)
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 2.6(All Difficulties)
BPM: 206
Scroll Speed: 2.8(All Difficulties)
BPM: 210
Scroll Speed: 3.2(All Difficulties)
(unreleased) Busted
BPM: 194
Scroll Speed: 3(All Difficulties)
(unreleased) Minus Rematch Remix
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 2.8(All Difficulties)


Wow Dialogue

Usable.png Sly: What it do, big guy?

Usable.png Sly: You taking your girlfriend out shopping?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop beep bee.

Usable.png Sly: I see, I getcha. Good shit.

Usable.png Sly: Y'know you're no stranger to me.

Usable.png Sly: I've seen you around here plenty of times.

Usable.png Sly: And you've got a pretty sick voice, homie.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep beepity?

Usable.png Sly: Hell yeah! You've got hella talent.

Usable.png Sly: Yo, you should drop a beat right now.

Usable.png Sly: I'm kinda feeling the flow.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop.

Usable.png Sly: Dope. I've been dying to jam with you for quite some time now.

Usable.png Sly: Let's get it.

Hoodie Dialogue

Usable.png Sly: I'll admit, that was straight fire.

Usable.png Sly: Damn, kinda drew in quite the crowd back there.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bee bop.

Usable.png Sly: Alright little dude, shit's clearly getting serious now.

Usable.png Sly: *i can't embarras myself in front of all these people!*

Usable.png Sly: *my homies are here, they can't see me eff up like this*

Usable.png Sly: *especially that shorty on the speaker*

Usable.png Sly: *she's a cutie*

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beepity bop bo.

Usable.png Sly: O-Oh yeah yeah. I've been ready, man.

Usable.png Sly: Lemme play a little something I've cooked up.

Usable.png Sly: Saved it for an encounter just like this.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bee beep bee.

Usable.png Sly: Aight, let's go big guy.

Quake Dialogue

Usable.png Sly: You piss me off.

Usable.png Sly: Just a lil' bit.

Usable.png Sly: No way you're keeping up with me now.

Usable.png Sly: Too bad nobody's around to watch you choke.

Usable.png Sly: But it's chill. This is personal now.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bow wow bippity beep.

Usable.png Sly: ...

Usable.png Sly: Nobody has dissed my hair cut and lived to tell the tale.

Usable.png Sly: And your puny ass would never even come close.

Usable.png Sly: No more delay. Let's throw down, little dude.

Demise Dialogue

Usable.png Sly: It's funny to me you think I'd go down so easy.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep be bop bow.

Usable.png Sly: Bruh you're like half my size.

Usable.png Sly: Your girl needs her a guy, not a baby.

Usable.png Sly:And blue hair? I know mine is purple but blue is never the move, man.

Usable.png Sly: Maybe red is more your style once I'm finished with you.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bo...

Usable.png Sly: Oh, I'm the douchebag? You humiliated me in front of everyone I know.

Usable.png Sly: I'll humiliate you in front of who matters to you the most right now.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep beep beep?

Usable.png Sly: Oh yeah I think so, you little shit!

Usable.png Sly: Let's get it, Mr. Blue Balls.

Opening Cutscene Dialogue

Narrator: After a long day of rapping, Sly only would pout.

Narrator: He could not live longer after the defeat from his bout.

Narrator: I wonder what poor Sly is dreaming about.

Narrator: Surely his redemption, without a doubt.

Rematch Dialogue

Usable.png Sly: Yo! Big guy! Over here!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ?

Usable.png Sly: What it do, homie? You remember me, right?

Usable.png Sly: Where have you been in the last age or two?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bee bop

Usable.png Sly: Yeah I get it. Girlfriend and stuff...

Usable.png Sly: What you lookin' for on this fine evening?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bop beep beep bow

Usable.png Sly: Dope. I'm pretty damn thirsty myself.

Usable.png Sly: You think you could grab me a Pepsi?

Usable.png Sly: Y'know, after the inevitable rap battle we're about to get into of course.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bep!

Usable.png Sly: Sweeeet. I am dying of thirst, thank you homie.

Usable.png Sly: Ya might need one yourself, after these bars I'm about to drop.

Usable.png Sly: Let's just get right into it. Put my tape in.

Usable.png Sly: Prepare yourself, little dude. I ain't slowing down.

Rematch Dialogue

Usable.png Sly: ...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: beep beep?

Usable.png Sly: Damn.

Usable.png Sly:'Y'know I thought for sure i had you this time.

Usable.png Sly: I've been workin' on that one for weeks.

Usable.png Sly: Good to see you haven't changed a bit.

Usable.png Sly: It's alright though. I've got a whole ass library of beats.

Usable.png Sly: I think you're really gonna like 'em.

Usable.png Sly: Here, pick one of these. Tell me which one you want.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Hm...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: "Divorce type beat" sounds pretty tight.

Usable.png Sly: ...

Usable.png Sly: ...did this little dude just speak words?

Usable.png Sly: Where the fuck am I?

Usable.png Sly: "Divorce type beat"? What the hell does that even mean?!

Usable.png Sly: ...

Usable.png Sly: ...wait a minute.

Usable.png Sly: This isn't reality.

Usable.png Sly: You're not real.

Usable.png Sly: None of this is real.

Usable.png Sly: I'm in some kind of dream or some shit.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Nah you on drugs hahaha.

Usable.png Sly: Nope I'm definetly dreaming.

Usable.png Sly: Yo?

Usable.png Sly: I just realised I'm in a dream!

Usable.png Sly: I mean this is crazy! When was the last time you knew you were dreaming?

Usable.png Sly: Can I really do anything I want now?

Usable.png Sly: ...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend:'...

Usable.png Sly: Hm...

Usable.png Sly: Y'know.

Usable.png Sly: You're one of the thoughest rappers in the game right now.

Usable.png Sly: Never in my life have I ever seen so much talent as much as you have.

Usable.png Sly: I know I might just barely beat you in a battle one day...

Usable.png Sly: ...

Usable.png Sly: ...but i'd just like to see you struggle against me just once.

Ending Cutscene Dialogue

Narrator: Even in his dreams, he could not stand throughout.

Narrator: He was still no match, he had to tap out.

Narrator: Witnessed by many, no fame and no clout.

Narrator: With all this frustration, he let out a shout.

Usable.png Sly: Fuck

Nightmare Opening Cutscene

Narrator: Poor Sly never forgot the day when he rapped.

Narrator: He had that same dream every moment he napped.

Narrator: He could not take it. He felt so trapped.

Narrator: This was the night Sly finally had snapped











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