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Reason: Because of Ruby's backstory with child abuse, the description of her story may upset and depress some users including people who've experienced child abuse.

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Upcoming: The final update, which will feature a week for Vade and an official minus crossover. There will also be a Cyber Sensation crossover.

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Starlight Mayhem is a mod created by TheMaskedChris. The week features two new original opponents, CJ and Ruby who are members of the band On Command created by TheMaskedChris.

Recently, the mod got an update known as Starlight Mayhem: Rebooted. In this update, there are many new features such as CJ & Ruby's new vocals, a new background character, 4 new songs, and a full extra week.

Development History

During the 3rd week of March 2021 (March 15-21) when the Tricky, Hex, Mid-Fight Masses, and Zardy mod released, the director, TheMaskedChris, decided to make the Starlight Mayhem mod because of their influence.[1]


Boyfriend takes Girlfriend to a Starlight Mayhem concert for their date, only to be recognized by CJ who asks for a friendly song battle. After which, he congratulates BF, but reveals he wasn't the best vocalist of the band anyway. Ruby then runs in, apologizing for being late, but CJ tells her she's just in time and encourages her, despite her shyness, to sing against Boyfriend. The week then concludes with a final duet number where Boyfriend and Girlfriend (who joins in due to thinking a 2v1 battle isn't really fair) face off against CJ and Ruby.

There's no story in the bonus week, just a friendly little rap battle.

Gameplay Mechanic - Burst Bar

The Starlight Mayhem Rebooted adds in a new "burst bar" mechanic, which fills up when players his notes in succession with each other. Once the bar is filled, it can be activated by pressing the Space Bar. While it's active, it grants the player 2x score points, and your health bar regenerates twice as fast. The bar will run down at a fast pace while it's active, and once it's empty it can only be reactivated once it's filled up again.



I never thought that I'd be getting to meet up with the big dudes so soon.

― CJ, in Inverted Ascension cutscene

CJ is the first and main opponent of the mod.


CJ is a young man with short dark hair, cyan eyes, and pointy canine teeth in his mouth that resemble fangs. He wears a blue and black hoodie as well as black pants and white shoes. He also wears black earrings.

When using his old vocals, CJ's head is replaced with a "transparent" image of slices of bread, and his shirt is replaced with a .jpg of a Homer Simpson T-shirt. Text pops up nearby for all of his poses besides his solo left pose.


Not much information is given about CJ's personality, but from what we can piece together, CJ seems to be a fairly confident, outgoing, and energetic person, and can sometimes be overconfident. His heart is clearly in the right place, however, as demonstrated by his support of Ruby through her issues and insecurities. He admits to things he has some trouble with, such as that he's not the best at vocals. He is resistant to rejection when Ruby rejected his offer to mimic BF and GF's. It's implied he has high intellect as he does very well in school. Besides singing, he also plays the guitar.


  • When CJ was first created, he was originally going to be a My Hero Academia OC and had a superhero alter-ego called Ink Punisher, but this concept was dropped later on and he became a character not related to MHA at all.
  • CJ canonically has a twin sister, called Faith Johnson.
  • On Twitter, TheMaskedChris confirmed that CJ's full name is Carl Johnson which is also the name of the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas.[2]
  • CJ even has his own sellable marketable plushy, the same one of which Your Painfully Average Self Insert Mod has promoted on.



Man, there's so many people watching. I hope I don't screw this up..

― Ruby, before Echoes

Ruby is the second opponent of the mod.


Ruby is a young girl with short, puffy white hair and a pink eye. She wears a grey and black hoodie along with a black beanie and some black ripped jeans. She also wears grey shoes.

When using CJ's old vocals in Artificial Lust, Ruby's face becomes one of worry and fear, bearing her teeth in her idle, and constantly sweating. Her eyes are always looking at CJ, instead of looking ahead.


Not much is given about Ruby's personality, but from what we can put together, Ruby is very shy, as shown in Echoes' dialogue. Despite this, she is a very good vocalist.


Ruby was heavily abused as a child by her parents, to a point where they removed her eye in a fit of rage. She was usually 'punished' by being cut with a knife, leaving many scars around her body. When she was 16, she had enough, when she finally got her license, she ran away. After traveling all night in a car she saved up for months to rent, she finally met up with her one online friend, and soon to be boyfriend, Mark. Where she was kindly accepted by his parents, and now she's able to live a normal life, but she's struggling to move on, even 4 years later.

After some time, after they graduated high school, Mark and Ruby moved into a house with CJ and the rest of the friend group, where they all paid rent together. But they all met in high school. She is a pretty good singer, but she always kept it to herself. She loves writing songs and making melodies, but one day, CJ suddenly listened to her singing on her room across the door, and he burst in screaming “AYO CAN YOU BE PART OF THE BAND” and the rest is history. TheMaskedChris said that the story isn't finished but this is what it is right now on Ruby's side.



Abel is a background character and is the bassist of the band.


Abel is a young man with curly, razor cut black hair. He wears a blue jacket over a striped grey shirt, and black pants and grey shoes. He also has a blue and silver electric bass with a rainbow as a decoration. Although the main week depicts him with black eyes, the character sheet in the gallery depicts him with blue eyes.



Max is a background character and is the drummer of the band.


Max is a young man with blonde hair. He wears a red and black hoodie along with black sunglasses. Not much else of him can be seen as he is sitting behind a drumset.



Olley is a background character and is the keyboardist of the band.


Olley is a young woman with black hair tied into a yellow bow and freckles on her face. The front of her hair is put into small ponytails tied with yellow rubber bands. She wears a white t-shirt, a jacket tied around her waist, jeans and white shoes with a yellow bow on her head. She has sky blue earrings and a bandage on her nose. Her keyboard is silver with a linear galaxy gradient heart as a decoration. Although the main week depicts her with black eyes, the bonus week and character sheet in the gallery depict her with blue eyes.



Yeah! It was great. Good job baby!
― Vade, Ending cutscene

Vade will be a upcoming opponent for Week 2[3]. So there is not much information about her on the mod


Vade is a young woman with long, chocolate brown hair with her bangs covering her right eye, red eyes, and glasses. She wears a violet shoulderless, long-sleeved shirt, black shorts, and black knee high chunky heel boots with white straps.



Taeyai is well known coder in the FNF Community and the self-insert opponent in Cyber Sensation. She will (likely) be playable in the upcoming crossover.


Taeyai is a white-skinned female with black hair. She wears glasses, a white hoodie, black pants, and a pair of grey and white shoes. She also has a light blue hologram floating on her right hand and a microphone on her left hand.

Want to learn more about Taeyai?


  • In v1.0, CJ and Ruby lacked winning icons, unlike the rest of the characters in Mic'd Up. They were edited to include them in the Rebooted update, which runs on Psych Engine, which notably doesn't come included with them.
  • Icons of IceyPie exist, they can be found in the mod's icon grid.
  • CJ's old voice originates from Sho Minamimoto's voice lines from The World Ends With You and Sonic's voice lines from Team Sonic Racing.
  • In an earlier version of the mod, in the first cutscene, CJ is singing Counterstrike from Persona 5 Strikers.

  • In endless mode, Abel and Max will play out of sync after a few songs. It's unknown why this happens.
  • Enabling the old voices will not only change to the original voice but also show a number of changes.
    • Olley and the Burst bar are absent in all songs.
    • CJ's head is now a .png file of bread and he is now wearing a .png file of a yellow Homer Simpson shirt.
    • Ruby is seen as very confused in Artificial Lust.
  • In the remaster, there is a bonus week which has 3 songs in total, which is Parallax, Starstorm, and Coda. The place of the 3 songs takes place in the band's garage.
    • There is also a secret bonus song in Freeplay called "It's Complicated". It is the same song from Week 3 in the Soft mod. TheMaskedChris said in the dialogue of the song, that it shouldn't go without mention.
  • According to the plot of It's Complicated (The Ruby and CJ cover), Ruby came up with the song for her boyfriend Mark, and Grace didn't make the song. There's a chance that this isn't canon, though.

  • During the cutscenes the song (made by Kawai Sprite) "Give a Lil' Bit Back" can be heard in the background. This song was also used for the cutscenes in the VS. Hex mod.
  • During the first cutscene, in the audience you can also see other characters from various games such as Sans, Sonic, Kirby and Steve (Or Herobrine).
  • The bassist is named Abel, the drummer is named Max, and the keyboardist is named Olley. They're all counted as characters and have their own separate charts to control their movement.
  • All six of the band members are LGBTQ+ in some form. CJ and Olley are bisexual(PD: Olley is Lesbian), Ruby and Vade are pansexual, and Max and Abel are gay.
  • The sprites for Boyfriend and Girlfriend are actually a modified version of the mod Closer Together, with the only change being that the kiss mark on Boyfriend's cheek was removed.
  • In a QnA on Twitter, it was confirmed that CJ is only friends with Ruby, and they are not a couple. Ruby and CJ have their own partners.
    • This was most likely said and answered due to the Friday Night Funkin' community coupling up characters who are seen with each other or have the same similar sort of traits.
    • TheMaskedChris himself stated in the same QnA that he doesn't mind if people still ship them, however.
    • Ruby and CJ are canonically dating in the Soft mod universe.
      • It's also worth noting their personalities have swapped, meaning that Ruby is now the outgoing and eccentric type, while CJ is the one who is shy and timid.
  • During the first cutscene, in the audience you can find popular mod characters like: Whitty, Tricky, Carol, Ruv, and Hex.
    • You can also find characters from Wii Deleted You, another series by TheMaskedChris and IceyPie. The characters include Eteled, Corrupted Mii, Henry Morris, Austin Sanders, and Samantha Coleman.
      • It is worth mentioning that when this mod was released, there was no mod on the creepypasta.
  • There were plans for this mod to have a collaboration with the Vs. Bob and Bosip mod and vice versa, but due to controversy surrounding the latter's mod creator, AmorAltra, these plans have been transferred to TaeYai instead. It also replaces it's crossover rights in both Friday Night At The Club! & Funkin' Aside.
  • There's a possibility for Turtle Pals Tapes (the music label who released the Tricky, Garcello, Annie, and Bob soundtracks physically) to release the Starlight Mayhem soundtrack physically, since they said on Twitter that they "may have talked with Chris already."
  • The next update will be the last.[4]

  • Cameos in other mods

    Note: None of these cameos is canon to CJ or Ruby's story.

    • In Vs. Bob and Bosip, due to TheMaskedChris being the head animator, CJ and Ruby can be seen in a car driving by in Swing. They also run over Ron post-Ronald Mcdonald Slide. CJ is also in the files and can be seen on the menu and will laugh when pressing specific keys. CJ was also going to replace Boyfriend in Jump-out (a window) but the team switched to Anders.
    • In The Date Week, CJ & Ruby have a chance to walk by in the background of Perfume and Heartbass.
    • In VS. Void, CJ & Ruby appear in the crowd.
    • In Vs eteled, A Ruby plushie is seen on the shelves of the TV area in the intro, as well as a CJ figure.
    • In Friday Night At The Club!, CJ stars as the guest opponent in the new song "Neoteric", replacing Bob's place.
    • In Your Painfully Average Self Insert Mod, the entire mod is sponsored by the CJ Plushie.


    Inverted Ascension
    BPM: 180
    Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
    2.1 (Normal)
    2.5 (Hard)
    Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)
    Artificial Lust
    BPM: 190
    Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)

    BPM: 140
    Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)
    BPM: 170
    Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
    2.6 (Normal)
    2.8 (Hard)
    BPM: 108
    Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)

    It's Complicated (Ruby & CJ Cover)
    BPM: 185
    Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)

    Inverted Ascension (Old)
    BPM: 180
    Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
    2.1 (Normal)
    2.5 (Hard)
    Echoes (Old)
    BPM: 145
    Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
    2.2 (Normal)
    2.4 (Hard)
    Artificial Lust (Old)
    BPM: 190
    Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
    2.4 (Normal)
    2.6 (Hard)

    Focus (Tutorial)
    BPM: ?
    Alpha Process (Menu Theme)
    BPM: 135


    Note: We won't be showing the Pre-Rebooted (old) dialogue. The rest of the Rebooted dialogue needs every audio, with voice acting. Just like Date-Night Masses. Because every cutscene in the mod has voice acting.

    Inverted Ascension Dialogue

    PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: One day, you decide to take your Girlfriend to a local music festival, and a local band is currently performing..

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: These guys are really good!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Thank you for bringing me to this festival, Boyfriend!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Too bad this is the last show, I was really enjoying it!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Thank you, thank you, everyone! It's awesome to be having all of you he-...

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Huh?

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Hang on a second. Is that...!?

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: You there! Yeah, you! Blue dude in the white tee, step up right here!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Does he know you? Should we go up?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Welp, why not. Come on, let's go!

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Heh, sorry bringing you up here all of the sudden, but I just need to know...

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Sooo... you're Boyfriend, right?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Hah! I never knew I'd be running into you here, especially after what I've heard about you.

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: You're the one that beat DD and MM in their own game, right?

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Hell, you even managed to defeat that one up and coming robot dude.

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Yes he was!

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Sick!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: You know us?

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Why, of course I do, silly! The music scene has been going nuts about you both!

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Never thought that I'd be getting to meet up with the big dudes so soon.

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: And you must be The Girlfriend, right? The Dearest's daughter, yeah?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: yep

    CJNewIcon.png Singer: Heh, what a duo you both are. The names' CJ by the way, but I bet you already knew that! And now that you're both here...

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep Boop!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: I'll quit the rambling. Sorry to interrupt your date over here little dude, buuut... what do you say? Up for a friendly match? Just the two of us?

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: (Since we are really not that famous yet, battling you might up our social status.)

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I don't know.. Don't you have, like, a schedule planned for your show?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!!!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Sick. Just warning you ahead, I ain't going easy on you!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: (He didn't answer my question!)

    Echoes Dialogue

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Hehe, not bad bud! You managed to out-perform me somehow.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: That blue hair of yours really has something going for it.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep ba boop!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Not bad, that was funky indeed!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Buuut, if I were to be honest with you both, I was never really the best vocalist... of the group.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep...?

    RubyNewIcon.png ???: Ah...! I'm so sorry that I'm late! I ran into traffic and, and, Huff-huff...

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Don't worry! You came here right on time!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Huh!?

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Ah... it looks like you two haven't met her yet. This is Ruby, a good old friend of mine. She's kinda timid, but don't let that make you underestimate her! She's killer at vocals, that's for sure!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Say, you wanna go at them, Ruby?

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: W-What now..!? Are you... asking me to challenge t-them...?

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Uhm, are those the...?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop beep.

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: She doesn't seem so sure of herself..

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: D-Don't worry... I- I can do it. I-I need to prove myself to them, and I won't fail that now...! To show them that I can be strong...

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Well, if you say so Ruby! I knew I could count on you, don't even sweat it! Go on and break a leg out there! (But, not literally...)

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: (So this is the stage fright my parents were talking about..)

    Artificial Lust Dialogue

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Now that was a sick performance, Ruby! You keep on improving more and more every time.

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I wasn't expecting that, You're definitely better than my mom.

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Huh? You... mean that?! T-thanks...

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Especially since it's coming from the daughter of MM herself. It's a big honor..

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Yet... you still beat me to it...

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: And that's where I come in! Haha!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: So, what do you say Ruby? How about we step our game up together?

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Pardon...?!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Me and you both, taking him on 2V1!!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!?!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: That is so totally against the rules, But you can take them on, right?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Alright now, lets rock on for one final performance!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Wait!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: ...

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: ...

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: .......beep?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: You know, on another thought..

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: A 2 versus 1 isn't really fair, is it..?

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Let me join you in a duet my love!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I'm a little rusty, but remember, my genes are no joke!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Hmm... not bad, not bad. Come on Girlfriend, show us what you've got!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I'll do my best!

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep boop beep!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: So Ruby, do you want me to carry you just like they do?

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: N-no thanks, Im fine standing up here.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Sweet. Alright my dudes, let's end this mayhem right here, right now!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Y-yeah!

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Loser buys dinner!

    Post-Artifical Lust Dialogue

    (Applause in the background)

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Man, We put on quite the show!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Even after all that, we still lost..

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Well, that doesn't matter!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: What matters is that we gave them a run for their money,

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: And the audience loved it!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Y-Yeah..

    GF Icon.png Girlfriend: You two did great!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: We can say the same about y-you..

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: We should definitely do this again sometime!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: You up for it?

    BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Great! This match was really fun!, and everyone, Give one great applause for The Boyfriend! And thank you for coming!

    (Applause in the background)

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Man, that was sick!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: I can't imagine how amazing our next show is gonna be with this new rep!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Y-yeah, you were pretty amazing out there, Leader.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: It couldn't been done without ya.

    (Reveals Vade)

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Hey babe, did you enjoy the show?

    (Zooms in on Vade)
    VadeIcon.png Vade: Yeah, it was great! Good job, baby!

    Parallax Dialogue

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: Heya, it's me, TheMaskedChris, the creator of the mod your playing.

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: And first, thank you so much for playing the mod, all your support means the world to me and the team, and I'm very glad you all enjoyed it.

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: Second, this is not Week 2, we are currently working hard on the second week for Starlight Mayhem, so give us some time, good things come with time and hardwork.

    VadeIcon.png Vade: Then, why did you put effort into this bonus week instead of my week sweetie?

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: Honestly, I don't know what happened, there was only supposed to be one bonus song, and then I passed out and suddenly there were 2 more songs.

    VadeIcon.png Vade: *Sigh* Whatever you say big boy, I just hope you and your team are putting the hardwork to make my week delightful!

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: Yea, yea, whatever you say...

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: As I was saying, these bonus are going to be just freeplay songs.

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: So, don't expect any dialogue or story out of these.

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: Anyways, that you for playing Starlight Mayhem, and please enjoy these funky songs!

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: Oh, and check the freeplay menu after your done, kay?

    It's Complicated Dialogue

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Thank you for coming out here CJ, I know you're busy... but this request I have for you is a bit important.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Yeah, what's up Ruby, ready for some 1 on 1 practice?

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Not quite, you see, I have been writing a song... a song for Mark!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Something special for our anniversary, to thank him for everything has done for me.

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: I want to write something sentimental and happy, but I'm not sure if the song is going in the right place though.

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: The feeling of the song is all... complicated.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: So, you want me to help you with it?

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Yeah... I want this to be perfect... just for him.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: I see, well Ruby, you called the right guy for the job!

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Let's make this the best song ever! Just for Mark! Now, show me what you've got!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: A-Alright.

    Post-It's Complicated Dialogue

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Not bad Ruby, that was pretty good!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: Really??

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Yeah, I quite liked it, I think you're going in a good direction with this song.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: But, you brought me here to give you some of that good old constructive criticism, so, let me lay it on ya.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: You are right, the feeling of the song is all messed up, it sounds too sad to be an anniversary song.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: It almost sounded like you were trying to break up with me, even though we aren't a couple, haha.

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: *Sigh*... Yeah, figured.

    CJNewIcon.png CJ: Don't worry Ruby! We will work on this together, and make this a great song just for your boyfriend!

    RubyNewIcon.png Ruby: T-Thanks CJ! Let's do this!

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: "It's Complicated" is originally a song from FNF Soft, it shouldn't go without mention.

    MaskedChrisIcon.png Chris: Thank you for playing Starlight Mayhem, and see you in Week 2!

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