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Note: Whitty and Carol are heavily shipped together!

Not to be confused with FNF HD's Date Week.

The Date Week was the final official send-off for Whitty until the release of Whitty Definitive Edition. It was published right after VS. Whitty: Full Week edition was privated from GameBanana (until the release of Definitive Edition, where it got previously unprivated). It is based off the canceled WhitMORE update for Vs. Whitty. The Date Week consists of 2 characters: Whitty & Carol. The devs supported it so much that they made this.



― Whitty

Whitmore, more commonly known as Whitty, is a short tempered ex-rock star. In the date week, he's on a date with Carol.


Whitty appears as a humanoid character with bright orange eyes and a black bomb for a head. He appears nervous on the date and wears a white suit.



ayo peep this bop I whipped up
― Carol

Carol is a character created by bbpanzu, and she appears in multiple mods. In the date week, she's on a date with Whitty.


Carol is an African American girl with black eyes and black fluffy hair that she styles into an afro. She's seen wearing a purple dress in the date week.



Various FNF, mod characters and developers appear in Perfume, Heartbass, and the credits. They include:


  1. Abigail
  2. Anchor
  3. Anders
  4. Annie
  5. Ayana
  6. Bambi
  7. Bob
  8. Bob & Bosip
  9. Boyfriend
  10. Beta Boyfriend
  11. Neo Boyfriend
  12. Check & The Monkey
  13. CJ & Ruby
  14. Cval
  15. Dalia
  16. Darnell
  17. Dave
  18. Dionne
  19. Demona
  20. Eddsworld protagonists (Edd, Matt, Tord, and Tom)
  21. ENA
  22. FL Chan
  23. Flexy
  24. Garcello
  25. Girlfriend
  26. Hex
  27. Hatsune Miku
  28. Impostor
  29. Kapi
  30. Kou
  31. Little Man
  32. Macy
  33. Matt
  34. Momi
  35. Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest
  36. Mr. Game & Watch
  37. Nene
  38. Neon
  39. Nikusa
  40. Parappa the Rapper
  41. Pico
  42. Pompom
  43. Randy
  44. Ron
  45. Ruria
  46. Ruv
  47. Sans
  48. Sarvente
  49. Shaggy
  50. Selever
  51. Skid & Pump
  52. Sky
  53. Smokey
  54. Solazar
  55. Starecrown
  56. Static
  57. Suction Cup Man
  58. Sunday
  59. Tabi
  60. Tankman and Steve
  61. Tree
  62. Tricky
  63. Updike
  64. Fun Sized Whitty
  65. Minus Whitty and Carol
  66. Violet
  67. Xigmund
  68. Yukichi
  69. Zardy (nice)
  70. Hank and Tricky (Removed)
  71. Sonic.exe (also removed)


  1. Bbpanzu
  2. Cval
  3. JADS
  4. JordoPriceVA
  5. KadeDev
  6. Kermo Giovanna
  8. LiterallyNoOne
  9. Nate Anim8
  10. notsoCreative
  11. PhantomFear
  12. RetroSpecter
  13. Rozebud
  14. atsuover


  • Tracks in this week use leitmotifs from Carol and Whitty's original tracks. For example, Whitroll uses leitmotifs from Lo-Fight, Overhead, Carol Roll, while Heartbass uses leitmotifs from Ballistic and Overhead.
  • Whitroll on Easy is one of the slowest scrolling songs in FNF mod history with a scroll speed of 0.7, making it scroll slower than the original FNF's tutorial on Easy.
  • This is the first mod to have Whitty as the main protagonist.
  • According to the GameBanana page description, this mod was in development since the day Vs. Whitty came out.
  • Canonically, this mod takes place before Smoke Em' Out Struggle, hence Garcello is still alive.
  • Before the mod was released, bbpanzu planned to add A.G.O.T.I. with Tabi, however, due to controversy surrounding A.G.O.T.I., bbpanzu made a tweet of him removing A.G.O.T.I. as a cameo.[3] In the mod itself, Tabi is seen with Fun Sized Whitty instead.
    • Despite this, Sky still appears in the end credits even though her mod (until April 8th 2022) was deleted due to NSFW artwork being made of her at the time, and then being sent to her original creator.
  • When the mod came out, Blantados was accidentally credited for making the Date Night song despite having only made a cover of it. It was quickly changed to credit AjTheFunky.
  • Strangely, despite sometimes appearing in the foreground with Macy, Bob also makes a cameo in the background of Heartbass.
  • The speed of the foreground cameos walking by depends on the FPS cap.
  • Before the beat drop in Heartbass, Updike will always walk by in the background before noticing Whitty and attempting to shoot him, only to be stopped by the incoming crowd.
  • Currently, this mod has the highest amount of cameos, with a total of 73.
  • This mod was made as a love letter to the modding community before it sparked many controversies and caused tons of mods to be deleted, creators leaving the community, and reputation soiled.
  • Whitty is shown to have two hearts in the game over animation.
  • There is a placeholder image for the mural shown in the credits. Here, VS. Brightside (to be specific, the music for it) and Squizzle Dizzle were mentioned briefly, and a doodle of Pikachu in a Pokéball can also be seen.
    • In a Tweet by Ceramic Skin Studios, he stated that the way the Brightside mod's OST was portrayed "disrespected" him.
  • If Heartbass was played on easy mode, Whitty and Carol will be sitting on KadeDev-themed Pog chairs.
  • The True Ending song was inspired by the True Ending song from the Scott Pilgrim game. Tweet
  • The mod idea was started by Nate Anim8 the night after Whitty's full week was released. He asked BBpanzu about a Whitty expansion featuring a Carol date week. Tweet
  • The songs were the first things to be made for the week. Perfume, Heartbass, and Whitroll were all made in that order. Tweet
  • Whitroll's original file name was "whitroll disney bs.mp3" due to it's Disney-esque chord progression. Tweet
  • Perfume's musical inspiration was mainly based on FearOfDarks music: Jazzy and Funky. Tweet
  • Heartbass's music was inspired by 3xBlast's music. Tweet
  • The assets were worked on months after the songs were finished and when the mod was initiated. The reason for this is because BBpanzu wanted it to come out and decided to make the assets for everything. Tweet
  • Originally, KadeDev was going to code the mod but BBpanzu coded in the assets and decided to program it all by himself. Tweet
  • The only song BBpanzu fully charted was Whitroll. Perfume and Heartbass were partially charted by BBpanzu and the rest of it was charted by Nate Anim8 afterwards. Tweet
  • The placeholder for the mural is still in the game's files and was originally going to be an RNG that will pop up in the game. IT was removed after the real mural didn't show up. Tweet
  • Pierogii drew a greeting sketch in the FLA and did not see it until he wrote the Tweet.
  • BBpanzu drew a couple of developers he was friends with in the FLA. 2 of which he already knew in real-life. Tweet
  • BBpanzu accidentally left a sprite that he claims he shouldn't have and feels guilty. Tweet
  • BBpanzu was planning to add the following mod characters, but forgot to add them in:
  • Everything except the dancing sprites of the characters, Eddsworld, Imposter and Yukichi, Solzar and Nikusa cameos, Week portrait, Ending mural, and menu bg, are animated by BBpanzu. Tweet
  • In the credits mural, there is the face of Adam Sandler on the moon.
  • Dionne and Smokey are the only cameoed characters that do not have a mod but will be upcoming later in the future.
  • The drum loop used in Expurgation can be heard at the start of Heartbass.
  • Despite being forgotten to be added in, Starecrown's name appeared on the End Credits. Although he still appears in the Mural.
  • In Perfume and Heartbass, Bob and Bosip walk backwards.
  • Sock announced that she is allowing other mods to use Whitty once again.


Carol Date Week Icon.png
BPM: 90
Scroll Speed: 0.7 (Easy)
1 (Normal)
1.3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 60750
Carol Date Week Danger Icon.png
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1 (Easy)
1.4 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 66700
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Maximum Score: 138150

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