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Tch, he hasn't changed a bit since we stopped dating. - HD Boyfriend

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Reason: The mod was created by CeramicSkinStudios, now known as Eye4l-P. He was originally called out for commissioning NSFW art from a minor, requesting NSFW of a minor, allowing minors on his NSFW account, grooming, and sharing naked pictures of himself to others.[1][2]

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I’m surprised someone as small as you didn’t break anything! - A.G.O.T.I.

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Reason: Animated sprites for Flexy, Any sprites and data for the week 1-6 reskins, pictures of the gear for Boyfriend, and pictures of the achievements.

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I just wanna be left alone... - Brightside

This mod's development is permanently halted and is no longer planned of getting a release, or another update. The reason for this may vary, such as controversy.

Reason: The mod's too ambitious, its staff had left due to creative burnout, with Echolocated confirming the cancelation. According to Ceramic, "Omega is not canceled. There was no majority vote, there was no discussion at all besides Echo saying that he was done, it was over, and he left the team. His word is not the end-all, Omega is not canceled, regardless of what he says.". This provoked the staff to expose Ceramic & make it canceled for good, forcing him to be a better person. For the mod, it will be rewritten with more creative freedom entitled "Omega's Last Stand", so The Wormhole Expansion's the only one that's discontinued. Oh, & the Vs. Patchwork by one teaser.

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Major Spoilers Ahead!

Let's end things off with a bang, Times & Tribulations (Vs. Omega). - Garcello

This page contains spoilers that may ruin the player's experience. View at your own risk or after playing the mod itself!

Reason: Yeah, this kinda contains major spoilers for Vs. Omega. If you value your runs not being ruined, you'd best leave the page.

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Fan Favorite

Times & Tribulations (Vs. Omega)'s like, totally cool man! - Shaggy

This mod is a fan favorite! It's well known within the community!

Note: Wait, why do we still love this work from a mmad lad! Besides, he knew what he had done!

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as for me. - Bob

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Friday Night Funkin' Times & Tribulations (Vs. Omega) is a mod created by Eye4I (CeramicSkinStudios). After Daddy Dearest is fed up with this world about absolutely no one being able to kill Boyfriend, he throws Boyfriend and Girlfriend back in time, where Omega is trying to protect a child with royal blood, named Mika. And thus, an epic journey begins...

Vs. Omega is the most expansive mod yet. Equippable items, 21 songs, 4 unique endings, achievements, fightable cameos from other characters from other mods, skins for the Boyfriend, and the list goes on. [3]

An upcoming revamp called "Omega's Last Stand" is set to change the mod altogether and, with the removal of Ceramic as the head honcho, allow more creative freedom for the dev team.[4]


Despite its massive amount of content, the mod has receive mixed to (mostly) negative reviews on all cylinders. This is mainly due to the fact that the mod is seen by many as an overcomplicated mess and that it struggles to have any sort of identity for itself. Not only that but the development cycle was also pointed out by many, including the mod devs themselves. They stated that it was rushed and worked on to their dying breathes with CeramicSkinStudios giving little to no effort on it. It also doesn't help that CSS's previous controversies drastically drag this mod into a pit of obscurity. Hopefully, an upcoming revamp with Ceramic being removed from working on the mod entirely and a new schedule could possibly change this.



Identify yourself! Friend or foe? ...Alright, there's a language gap here, I can work with that. What are you here for?
― Omega, Mercenary

Omega is a character made by CeramicSkinStudios and owned by Echolocated. After Daddy Dearest is fed up with this world about absolutely no one being able to kill Boyfriend, he throws Boyfriend and Girlfriend back in time, where Omega is trying to protect a child with royal blood, named Mika.


Omega is a Auburn haired, purple eyed man of a tall stature, who wears a sleeveless purple and black striped shirt with red straps. He holds a purple sword, and is armed to the teeth with a mechanical belt and he wears black boots. He also wears a single black glove on his right hand, and has white bandages wrapped around both of his arms. He also wears shoulder pauldrons, a black and purple gas mask and a black headband.


  • Omega, along with Brightside have existed long before their FNF mods, as actual characters Ceramic would use often.
  • Omega, according to a document shared by Ceramic, was originally going to sound like an medieval instrument, like a flute, or a zither, before changing to Dex, but just at a different gender factor.
    • This means that both Vase and Omega share a Vocaloid voice.



How could you? Mister was just protecting me from mommy and daddy... He was protecting me from meanies like you! I won't let you hurt him anymore!
― Mika, Curse Eternal

Mika is a character made by CeramicSkinStudios and owned by Echolocated. A child with royal blood, she was stated to have a curse, according to a prophecy, so her parents locked her up. Omega is trying to save her, so now she looks up to Omega in a way.


Mika wears a purple snow coat, has Indigo hair, somewhat tanned skin, and purple boots. During Curse Enteral she's seen weeping while holding a designed blade.


  • Mika wears purple clothes, because it's what Omega wears. He gave her some hand-me-downs, and that's why her boots are too big.
  • Mika was redesigned seven times. They also originally weren't a part of Omega's story.
    • Interestingly, she was also an adult at one point.
  • Mika was originally African American in one iteration of her design, before she was redesigned
  • Mika's voice is a violin.
  • A common misconception in Guardian is that Mika is trying to run away. This is false, as Mika is actually trying to attack Boyfriend; Omega is tossing her away because he believes he has the situation under control.



...An army approaches from the east, with the same end goal that you have. They're going to try and take her, to lock her up once again.
― Omega, Guardian

The Army are characters created by Echolocated. Willing to serve their king to their last breath, these guys want to claim Mika back, and bring them back to the king! What else they have planned, we don't know.


The Army wear blue helmets, covering their face, except for their pale-ish skin, they hold spears, have a blue chestplate, with a blue loincloth, and brown boots.


  • In 2v200, according to Ceramic, Omega kills 199 of the army members, and BF manages to kill one, which is why he is covered in blood during the following cutscene.



So be it.

― King, Dishonor

The King is a character created by Echolocated. The king of a far of medieval time period, this king entrusted a certain blue haired kid he met five minutes ago to go and find his daughter, so he can hold her back in the dungeon.


The King has a tuft of white hair sticking out from the left side of his face. He has mostly black, partly gray chess armor. His left arm, and sword are gray, while the right side of him is black. He also has a gray crown on his head.


  • Dishonor has a semi-official deluxe version in development that will feature a longer version of the song, complete with more mechanics.
  • During Dishonor, both the King and the Queen are supposed to be singing together, but she has arthritis so she doesn't move that much.
    • According to a former member of the dev team, the King is mostly just yelling, while the Queen is singing normally, but we can't see the queen sing, because her head is down.
  • The King, according to Ceramic, is a caring husband, and also a cheapskate.
  • "Headslist", which he mentions before Mercenary is a parody of the website, Craigslist.
  • Dishonor's only selectable difficulty was originally going to be named Checkmate instead of just Normal.


Week 1-6 Reskins

Daddy Dearest

In this mod, Daddy Dearest's appearance is based on the 80's. His shirt is now red with torn sleeves and spikes on his shoulders, and he dons a red headband. His pants are now darker, and his belt buckle is now silver instead of gold. His microphone is always attached to a stand, as opposed to it being unattached to anything.


Skid And Pump

In this mod, Skid and Pump, or at least their counterparts, are based off of what they look like without their costumes, based on the family photos from Spooky Month: Unwanted Guest. Both wear clothing that could be attributed to America in the late 1600's, with Pump's look-alike wearing a brown outfit, while Skid's counterpart wears gray.


In this mod, Pico, or at least his counterpart, is rendered entirely in grayscale, and his design is simply a military soldier's look with an M3 submachine gun. His microphone is based off of an older model from the 1920's, and he's always smoking a cigarette.


Mommy Mearest

Mommy Mearest is now decked out in a cowgirl's attire, and her week now takes place on top of a train. Her vest is closed up here, and it doesn't have sleeves, instead revealing the sleeves of her red shirt underneath. She now wears a yellow bandana around her face, a belt with a revolver, and a red cowgirl hat with a skull.


Monster's design is the same, but he now wears butcher's clothing instead of his normal outfit, revealing his pink skin underneath. The outfit itself is a striped shirt and a bloody orange apron, with blue jeans and black shoes. In Winter Horrorland, he wears Girlfriend's face as he slice it off by his chainsaw.


In this mod, Senpai's appearance and Week 6 in its entirety, looks like an Atari-styled appearance.


Similar to Senpai, his appearance in Thorns is simply in an Atari-styled appearance.

Cameo Fights


Why is it that when anything happens, it's because of you two?
― Anders, Oxidation

Anders is a character created by Typical Emerald. A hitman agent that has been commissioned to kill Boyfriend, this guy has been seeking Boyfriend and Girlfriend throughout the trips in time and space, and has decided to confront the two in the Backrooms. When the tie comes off, that's when Anders gets serious...


Anders' appearance in Trials & Tribulations hasn't deviated much from his original. He has a white undershirt, and has rebranded his tie into a bandana. He also wields a machete instead of a gun. His shoes are also still untied from his "fearsome" state.


  • He is the only one not affected by the breaking of time and space, still retaining all his memories from his mod.
    • He also is the only that didn't get a major appearance change, instead just wearing his tie as a headband.
  • While Anders never says who hired him to kill Boyfriend in V.S. Anders, Daddy Dearest is identified as his employer in this mod.


The Merchant

How would you like to buy this one-of-a-kind shirt? It was sewn with golden threads and worn by a man of legend.
― Alonso, Free Soul

Alonso, otherwise known as The Merchant, is a character created by Ravvy Tavvy. As the result of the time warp he became a chill as heck desert merchant. This somewhat sleazy shopkeeper is hoping to sell some stuff to Boyfriend, including a golden threaded shirt! Boyfriend turns it down... but his favorite song comes on, and he can't resist singing a little!


He dons his usual clothing, but instead, he's sitting down, his cow skull off, revealing his face, and his black hair, as well as his stubble beard.


  • According to Echolocated, this song was supposed to have the golden notes from the Flexy mod, but then they kind of forgot.
  • Part of "Free Soul" is a slower, more chill version of "Gran Venta".
  • This Cameo Fight takes place the day before the Fiesta de Fuego, unlike most of the other cameos which happen in alternate realities.



I've lost everything... Everything I had. Everything I LOVED. Please... you have to help me.
― Noke, Fragmented Surreality

Noke is a character created by Moloki. Noke went to fight with his friends to fight the Time Guardian like the original timeline, but this time all his friends died and Noke lost his arm.


He has gem stones poking through his body. His left arm is bandaged, and he looks a bit desperate. His goggles are broken, and he has an emerald for a necklace. The collar of his shirt is also ripped, as three gemstones tore into it.


  • During his song, Noke constantly disconnects and reconnects, represented by him becoming greyscale when he disconnects.
    • Noke always disconnects on up and down notes, while reconnecting on right and left notes.



Anata wa biggu changasu. Kore o hon'yaku suru to bakaninaru.
― Flexy, No-Arm Shogun

Flexy is a character created by Ravvy Tavvy. A world wandering bean with legs, this bean ended up in the land of Flekkaido (flexy + hokkaido, a part of Japan) due to the time warp, and he become a shogun.


He now wears yellow sandals, as well as a black and yellow samurai hat. He also has a sheathed sword inbetween his legs.


  • The name "Flekkaido" was coined by LogantheCrazy123 on Discord, after he asked the question: "also, would flexy still be from Flexico in Omega, or would he be from like... Flekkaido (flex + hokkaido)". Ravvy responded with "Flekkaido", with a thumbs up emoji.



You... do you even know how long it's been? Do you even know what she's DONE?!
― Apocalypse Kapi, New Retro

Kapi is a character created by PaperKitty. After Boyfriend and Girlfriend screwed with time itself, thanks to the Dad, the world's now under attack by a giant Retrospecter, and a giant Mother causing the apocalypse.


Apocalypse Kapi ditched the dancepad, perhaps by force, since it can be seen flying through space in the cutscene just before Father Time, going instead for a black hoodie, and a guitar, as well as a gray amp. He appears to be a bit taller, as well.


  • The background features Mother (Otherwise known as The Witness) from Binding of Isaac, a final boss from the fan made DLC Antibirth, That is now included in the Repentance DLC, going up against a giant Retrospecter. This may be a reference to the fact that Retrospecter has been recently addicted to Binding of Isaac.



Well, it's time for the scientists to start taking notes... Shall we make this interesting?
― Demetrios, 57.5Hz

Demetrios is a character created by PlazerLazer. Now a science experiment, thanks to the time warp, the two decide to make things a smidge more... interesting.


Demetrios now dons wires connecting to his horns, as well as bracelets around his left hand, presumably from the science experiments some scientists are running on him. He also has green furry pants, and red feet.



Come one, come all, come down to the HIVEMIND~!
― Hivemind Vase, Hivemind

Vase is a character made by CeramicSkinStudios. Seems this vase creature decided to join something bigger than himself... only to end up being... well... bigger than himself. Will Boyfriend survive this onslaught, or will he, just like long ago, be considered a "fool"? To unlock Hivemind vase, you have to get the good ending (After the ashes) the bad ending (curse eternal) and the true ending (father time), after that, you must type in iamafool into the menu twice.


Due to being extremely dark, not much of Hivemind Vase can be seen. He does, however, show a bit of a photorealistic eye with the patented swirl, a sly grin, with a hole through one of the teeth, and a green mannequin hand.


  • The Instrumental of "Hivemind" is the stock circus song "Entry of the Gladiators" by Julius Fucik.
  • Vase has been described by Ceramic as a character with kind of the same personality as Suction Cup Man, but way more mysterious and less vulgar.
  • Interestingly, Hivemind is also a post referencing Ceramic's interactions with the community.
  • According to Ceramic himself on r/FemboyBrightsideCult, Vase didn't change at all in Hivemind; he's just shown in a first-person view while it's dark.[5]

Playable Characters

Fun-Sized Brightside

Fun-Sized Brightside is... well, he's a fun-sized version of Brightside.


He has platinum blonde hair and a grey shirt, as well as black pants with no footwear. On his face is a mask that changes expressions.


  • There is a 1 in 1000 chance to get a secret death animation.
    • The animation is based off a famous (in meme culture) scene of Peter Griffin from Family Guy falling down the stairs and repeatedly swearing, with the animation being the end result of how he landed.


Fun-Sized Vase

Yeah, Vase is here with a fun sized version too. Cry about it


It's a miniature version of Vase (Y'know, vase-shaped head, yellow thingamabob clothing, black tentacles for legs), with the green hands from his Hivemind form. Yet again, Vase makes his mark as one of the only characters featured in the mod that wields a microphone.




He is based off the Vtuber streamer Naikaze. He is well known for being extremely skilled in the FNF community.


He is based of a popular anime loving Youtuber with 50k subs .


The Ghost Reaper

The Ghost reaper is a YouTuber who was given access to the omega mod early and got a skin from Echolocated and ceramic skin studios


Erderi the Fox

Erderi the Fox is a Russian YouTuber who is know for her cosplays and fnf videos.


Boyfriend and Girlfriend have finally made it. Boyfriend has finally been accepted into the Dearest family after many tribulations, and is currently playing a nice game of Uno with Mommy Mearest and Girlfriend. All is good.

Or so they think.

Secretly, Daddy Dearest is brooding. He thinks over the fact that he's been unable to kill Boyfriend, and even is angered by seeing Mommy Mearest enjoy his company. He goes over his "Book of the Greatest Mercenaries", containing Hitmen who he has hired to try, (and fail) to kill Boyfriend, (most, if not all, from other mods), and angrily snaps that there's nobody in this era who can deal with him. In anger, he throws the book at the wall. The impact causes a nearby shelf to shake, however, and smash a book on his head. Angrily grabbing the book, he suddenly notices the title. "Legends of their Time". He thinks back to what he said himself: Nobody in this era who can deal with him.

Appearing during the card game out of nowhere, Daddy Dearest creates a time vortex and sends Boyfriend and Girlfriend back in time to the Medieval Era. The couple falls through the Time Dimension, and eventually fall through another portal. This portal takes them into the middle of a castle's throne room, where a King and Queen are lamenting over their daughter being kidnapped. The royalty notice Boyfriend and immediately enlist him for his help in finding their daughter, which he, of course, accepts.

Heading out into the wilderness, Boyfriend manages to find the daughter, Mika. However she is being protected by a shady-looking warrior known as Omega. Omega tries to dissuade boyfriend from pursuing Mika, but Boyfriend adamantly tries to take her back. Omega accepts, acknowledging that Boyfriend isnt the first, or the last person who has tried to do this. After Boyfriend defeats Omega, Omega still declines to give up Mika to Boyfriend. Interestingly, Mika doesn't look like she wants to leave Omega either, starting to put into question how valid this whole 'kidnapping' really is.

Once Omega is beaten for a second time, he finally tells Boyfriend the truth. In an ancient prophecy, it stated that Mika was cursed. Her parents took to enslaving her inside a cell, for her entire life, completely devoid of any contact or relation. Omega refuses to let Mika get sent back to that prison. He proclaims that an army is coming from the East, one which will also attempt to enslave Mika once more, and asks Boyfriend to join him, however Boyfriend doesn't believe him and declines.

As Omega and Boyfriend battle again for a third time, the army interrupts both of them. Seeing what Omega was saying might be true, Boyfriend is given a choice. Help The Stranger, or Help The Army.

Depending on what the player picks, the path, songs, and story of the mod will change.

Help The Stranger (Good Ending)

Boyfriend decides to help Omega, much to Omega's and Mika's relief. Girlfriend comes back out of nowhere, having found a really cool sword. As Omega sees the army come in the distance, he tells Mika to follow the "Eldritch Demon" (Girlfriend). Omega states that an Artifact that will help them on their quest is located in a nearby cave, as Girlfriend and Mika run to go and try to find it, the army fights Boyfriend and Omega.

Upon defeating the Army, Girlfriend and Mika come back to a (admittedly wounded and tired) Boyfriend and Omega. The two claim they didn't find the artifact, but Girlfriend DID find something else. Girlfriend pulls out a golden clock-like device, which will apparently get them back to home and their own time. While Omega and Mika are saddened by not being able to find what they were looking for, they congratulate Girlfriend and Boyfriend for them being able to find what they were looking for. Omega and Boyfriend decide to have one more friendly battle just to say goodbye. The two return to their time and dimension.

Help The Army (Bad Ending)

Omega decides to drop any and all formalities, saying he's gonna give up trying to be intimidating and actually have to get rid of Boyfriend now. Suddenly, girlfriend appears, (Still with her cool sword), and begins to explode onto Boyfriend, chastising him for running away to get into trouble like he always does (Much to Omega's and Mika's confusion). As the two bicker, Omega interrupts them and decides he's had enough of their games. Omega decides to use his cursed blade, deciding there's no other option to beat Boyfriend.

After a lengthy final fight between Omega and Boyfriend (While Mika and Girlfriend have their own sword-fight), Omega seemingly drops unconscious, overexerting himself with the usage of his sword. Mika quickly runs to his side, much to the shock of Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Mika proclaims she wont let any more "Meanies" like Boyfriend and Girlfriend hurt her or Omega anymore, and fights Boyfriend in his stead.

As Mika is defeated, she breaks down into tears as The Army arrives. They apprehend her and throw her into a safe (an actual safe lmao). As she is taken away, Girlfriend seems to not really care about the whole situation, but Boyfriend is in horror, realizing what he has done might not have been the correct option. As his vision begins to fade, Girlfriend leads him away. Omega is never recovered, presumably dying in the field right there.

At the end, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are shown to be sitting in two thrones, appearing to be new royalty. While girlfriend enjoys her new status, Boyfriend sits in the horrifying realization of what they've done. Without Omega's knowledge of the cave, the two never make it back to their time. Daddy Dearest has won.

Father Time (True Ending)

Upon unlocking both the Good and Bad Ending, a third option opens up in the menu, taking place right after the Good Ending.

As Girlfriend and Boyfriend leave the medieval era and re-enter the time dimension, they are surprised to find Daddy Dearest waiting for them, deciding to take matters into his own hands.

After a lengthy battle, with DD even manipulating time itself to try and win, Boyfriend finally comes out on top. DD yells in anger for being never able to kill Boyfriend. DD decides to let go the whole singing to destroy Boyfriend for real, challenging him to a REAL fight. It seems like in this reality, however, laws of physics are quite fickle, and Boyfriend leaps straight up to Daddy Dearest's face, Boyfriend punches him straight in the face and smashes him to the ground. Daddy Dearest curls up in pain, as the three immediately are transported back to the match of Uno (which Mommy Mearest promptly wins), as if nothing had happened, the time spell being broken.

Dethroned (Secret Ending)

Pressing a secret "No" at the top left of the screen during the King cutscene, Boyfriend decides to fight the King and Queen, while they put up a good fight, they are no match. Boyfriend defeats and dethrones them, becoming the new monarch of the medieval world.

Cameo Fights

Throughout the mod, when trying to access one of the normal weeks, you might instead be put into a Cameo Fight. The Cameo Fights mostly consist of characters from other mods, under new circumstances or situations. After said Cameo Fight is beaten, whatever song/week the player was trying to go to before will be played normally. The difficulty of the cameo song is parallel to the difficulty you chose for the week you were going to play.

Shogun Flexy Skirmish - No-Arm Shogun

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in an ancient Japanese Dojo, where Flexy (donning a Shogun sword & hat) encounters them. He attacks them for entering his dojo uninvited.

Crystal Noke Clash - Fragmented Surreality

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in what appears to be the same area where Noke was fought in the Vs. Noke mod, or what appears to be it in the future. The entire place is looking much worse, including Noke himself. The cave is smashed and destroyed, while Noke is missing an arm and has many injuries, along with a strange crystal infection. He claims Boyfriend and Girlfriend are the only ones that can save him, but attacks them.

Test Subject Tussle - 57.5Hz

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in a laboratory, right in front of a caged Demetrios. Demetrios asks if they're "Also here to get tested", which they respond to with confusion. Demetrios simply laughs and fights them, telling the scientist to watch.

Future Kapi Feud - New Retro

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in a destroyed neighborhood, standing atop a car. In front of them is a significantly grown Kapi, who immediately recognizes them. He blames them for causing the hell he lives in now, which Boyfriend and Girlfriend obviously being confused, which he says is in their annoying nature. He then attacks them as some sort of odd revenge. Perhaps the two giant monsters fighting in the background have something to do with it?

Beachside Bazaar Brawl - Free Soul

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in a bazaar on a beach, right in front of Alonso's shop. They decline to buy anything, but he challenges them to a battle when he hears his favorite song playing.

Agent Anders Assault - Oxidation

Anders has been hunting the duo through space and time, following them throughout the entire story and journey. He decides to try and put a stop to it forcefully, if they wont stop it themselves.

Hivemind Hostility (Secret Cameo) - Hivemind

While technically being a cameo, Hivemind does not adhere to the same rules as the other cameos. Instead of being fought randomly, it is unlocked after every other ending has been completed. after doing so, type in iamafool into the menu twice.

You, the player, completed every path this game has to offer, but you still want more from this game. You have been warned multiple times that there's nothing left for you anymore, but you refused to listen, leading you here - with the hivemind. You were nothing but a fool to think there was something else waiting for you, and now, you have no choice but to sing about it.

Alternate Weeks

Apart of their time traveling shenanigans, the duo head to different versions of weeks 1-6. These weeks are basically the same, albeit with new skins, week names, SLIGHTLY changed vocals and instrumentals, along with the 2.8.0 update charts.

Week 1 - In His Prime

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in front of what appears to be a Daddy Dearest from the 80s. Not knowing who either of them are, he decides to fight them for the fun of it, although with his skills in his prime, he's ironically a much more formidable foe even without ill intent towards Boyfriend.

Week 2 - Town of Salem

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in the middle of The Town of Salem in the 17th century. Around them lie numerous corpses, With only a duo of survivors left (who just happens to look like skid n pump without their costumes). The duo see Boyfriend and Girlfriend as some new threats, and attack them in a confused sense of self defense.

Week 3 - Trench Warfare

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in the middle of WW2's pacific coast. They're encountered by a soldier (who just happens to look like Pico) who attacks them for being intruders.

Week 4 - Trainjacking

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land atop a movie train in the wild west during the 17th century during an active train robbery. The train robber (who just happens to look like Mommy Mearest) attacks them, thinking they're trying to stop her.

Week 5 - Holiday Hoedown

Boyfriend and Girlfriend land in the middle of an 80s concert, with the same Daddy Dearest before, now alongside an 80s Mommy Mearest. The two fight Boyfriend for trying to steal their show.

After Eggnog, Monster with a chainsaw and butcher garbs (This is most likely the actual Monster, not some look-alike) appears and seemingly murders the entire crowd. Before trying to move onto Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Interestingly, Monster here uses his song from week 2 AND week 5 together, giving Week 5 four songs. In the start of Winter Horrorland, he tears off Girlfriends face, exposing her demon skeleton and with Monster wearing it for himself.

Week 6 - Nostalgia Trip

Boyfriend and Girlfriend don't land in this week, per se. They land in the time period and get sucked into a game console, just like the actual week 6, however this time the technology is much older, and the two have to fight Senpai (And Spirit) with an Atari level of graphics.

Gameplay mechanics

  • In Prelude, sword and shield notes are introduced. Sword notes are mines, dealing damage to you when hit, while Shield notes give you more health than normal and also cause the next sword note hit to not deal damage to you.
    • Sword notes are also present in Guardian, Last Stand, Curse Eternal and 2v200. Shield notes are also present in 2v200.
  • After Guardian, you are faced with a choice of helping Omega to defeat the army, or choosing to fight him. Selecting the former option will lead to 2v200, then After The Ashes. Choosing the latter will lead you to Last Stand, then Curse Eternal.
  • In 2v200, there are six lanes, three for Boyfriend, and three for Omega. Only the player’s highway is present. On Hard difficulty spear notes are present, being reskins of the sword notes. Health drain is also present, which is automatic, rather than Last Stand and Father Time's note based health bar movement.
  • In Last Stand, Omega will destroy the strikelines, making it harder to hit the notes. Omega will push the health bar back when he hits notes.
    • Sword notes in this song do much more damage than normal, and can easily kill you.
  • In Curse Eternal, BF gains a heal effect which slowly increases his health. In exchange, he won't gain any health when he hits notes, but he won't lose any health when missing, making a full miss possible on this song.
    • Sword notes in Curse Eternal do very little damage to you, and are the only way for you to take damage.
  • In Father Time, there are Glitch Notes, both for Daddy Dearest and Boyfriend. Hitting a glitch note causes an instant death. Daddy Dearest will also push the health bar back when he plays notes, like Omega in Last Stand, though to a lesser extent.
  • At the beginning of the week, when the King asks you to retrieve Mika, there will be a "No" button hidden on the top left corner of the screen. Clicking on it will lead to the song Dishonor. If you press enter, the week will continue as normal.
  • In Dishonor, the amount of health you gain from hitting notes is much less than normal, and the amount you lose from missing them is much higher.
    • To add onto the difficulty in this song, twice In Dishonor, the screen turns greyscale and the notes turn black and white, and the King will damage Bf when he hits those notes, like in Last Stand and Father Time.
  • In Hivemind, the screen's entirely black, except for Hivemind Vase, no Boyfriend or Girlfriend to be found. The two highways overlap, but Hivemind Vase’s appears more distant and behind yours, as if you're battling him in 1st person. You do the instrumental, as Vase gets the vocals. The only performance trackers present are the accuracy markers and streak indicators.
  • There are songs with alternate versions of characters from other mods which are called "Cameo Fights". These songs have a small chance to appear every time you start up a week. When beaten, they will be noted on a board in the Story Menu and permanently added to the song list in Freeplay, to be accessed at any time.
  • In Fragmented Surreality, Noke's Gem Notes are present from his original mod. They function the same, but have bloodstains on them, referencing Noke's injuries. Unlike the original mod, Black Gems will appear on your side as well. Hitting them will reduce your health to 1, but missing them will instantly kill you, forcing you to put yourself at a disadvantage.
  • In 57.5Hz, Demetrios will have electric discharge notes appearing on his side, which, when hit, will instantly decrease your health to 1, exactly like Noke's Black Gem notes. This change is more smooth, rather than Noke’s effect being abrupt and instant.
  • In Spookeez, South, and Salem, torch notes will be present, and when you hit them, you are inflicted with a burning status which lasts about 1 second that rapidly decreases your health. Your health also gradually decreases over time, like in 2v200.
  • Glitch Difficulty is unlocked by beating father time on hard. Its like hard mode but adds the glitched father time notes into to the songs as well as getting rid of the damaging notes AND healing in songs. however, the glitched notes are in places the player would be more likely to hit. it also re-charts a few notes.
  • Skins are unlocked by inserting certain codes into the game.
    • getout unlocks fun-sized brightside
    • iamafool unlocks fun-sized vase
      • If you put this one in while on the home-screen you will unlock drunk
    • tgr unlocks the ghost reaper skin
    • naikaze unlocks the Naikaze skin
    • mikeeey unlocks the Mikeeey skin
    • erderithefox unlocks the Erderi the fox skin

Background Cameos

Do not care that this isn't normal but trust me this mod has ENOUGH cameos to warrant a tab for just cameos.

(Please fill any you see are missing, I don't know a lot of these obscure ones.)

Intro Cutscene

Shogun Flexy Skirmish

  • Colonel Sanders
  • Dung Defender from Hollow Knight
  • Yosef from Pit People

Test Subject Tussle

  • Sackboy from Little Big Planet
  • Netzach from Lobotomy Corp.
  • Yarny from Unravel
  • Mono from Little Nightmares 2
  • A Typhon from Prey (2017)

Future Kapi Feud

  • The Beheaded from Dead Cells
  • Ben and Ed from Ben and Ed

Beachside Bazaar Brawl

  • Tabi
  • Flexy
  • The Burger King
  • Garcello
  • Monokuma from Danganronpa
  • Monomi from Danganronpa
  • Tiky
  • Mosh from Gogo's Crazy Bones

Agent Anders Assault

  • Shaggy from Scooby Doo
  • Grobletombus from Little Runmo
  • ABBI from OMORI

Week 1 - In His Prime

Week 2 - Salem Trials

  • Isaac from The Binding of Isaac
  • Big Bird from Lobotomy Corp.
  • Funeral of the Dead Butterflies from Lobotomy Corp.
  • Spooky from Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion

Week 4 - Trainjacking

  • Hex
  • SUNNY from OMORI
  • RidZak
  • McCree from Overwatch

Week 5 - Holiday Hoedown

  • Brightside
  • Cheese
  • Sanford from Madness Combat
  • BASIL from OMORI
  • Gegcoin
  • Echolocated
  • Mikan from Danganronpa
  • Gluten the Cupcake from Pit People
  • Irresponsible Dad from Happy Wheels
  • Gladys Minecraft from Flexy
  • Fogu
  • Nicky
  • Zardy
  • Barghest from Heartbound
  • Lore from Heartbound

Week 6 - Nostalgia Trip

  • Rayman from Rayman
  • Flumpty Bumpty from One Night at Flumpty's
  • Solid Snake from Metal Gear
  • Cartman from South Park
  • Soldier from Team Fortress 2
  • W.D Gaster from Undertale



  • Prepared - Let's see where this goes! (Beat Prelude)
  • Swordplay - The swordsman is protecting her for a reason, better find out why. (Beat Mercenary)
  • Payday - He’s got an ironclad will. Is this more than just a kidnapping? (Beat Odd Job)
  • Split Decision - The choice is yours. (Beat Guardian)


  • Bittersweet - Say your final goodbyes and leave this time as a hero. (Beat After the Ashes)
  • Cruel - Finish the job you started. (Beat Curse Eternal)
  • Apocalyptic - Face off against the defender of a ravaged world. (Unlock New Retro)
  • Reconnected - Rescue the spelunker with a gem affinity. (Unlock Fragmented Surreality)
  • Smoked Out - Jam out with the laid-back salesman with a hidden ability. (Unlock Free Soul)
  • Feudal - Spar with the unlikely swordsman to rival even the greatest. (Unlock No-Arm Shogun)
  • Overclocked - Attempt to pull the plug on the supercharged dragon. (Unlock 57.5Hz)
  • Liquidated - Confront the mysterious figure who has stalked you throughout your journey. (Unlock Oxidation)


  • Butterfly Effect - Conquer every distortion with flawless grace. (FC all Cameos)
  • Rampage - Go toe-to-toe with the swordsman and come out on top. (Beat Last Stand)
  • Defy the Odds - Dismantle the army that has subjugated all opposition. (Beat 2v200)
  • Down With The Patriarch - Find the root of the problem (Beat Father Time)
  • Dethroned - Deny responsibility and face the consequences (Beat Dishonor)
  • Full Playthrough - Your story ends here, but there’s still more mysteries to uncover. (Beat Times and Tribulations)


  • Temporal Expert - Strike down all of your opponents without even a single mistake. (FC all songs.)
  • Gobbledygook - Even in the face of a broken, lethal challenge, come out on top. (FC all songs with the Glitch difficulty)
  • Dance of Death - Defeat the swordsman without so much as a scratch on you. (FC Last Stand)
  • Two-Man Army - Crush the royal fleet in perfect unison. (FC 2v200)
  • All in the Family - Sing this final song with immaculate skill and prove your worth once and for all. (FC Father Time)
  • Kakorrhaphiophobia - Don’t make a single misstep or it’ll cost you. (FC all songs with Flashy)
  • Temporal Overlord - Your story truly ends here. (100% everything but the hidden achievements)


  • Circus Of Fools - You really are a fool. (Beat Hivemind.)
  • Break the Cycle - Prove that not even a shattered reality can hold you back. (FC Hivemind.)
  • Waste of Time - What did you expect? You have a microphone, he has a sword. (Fail 99 times on Last Stand)
  • That's... Not How You Do It - Uh… aren’t you supposed to be better than THAT? (Fail Prelude on Easy)


  • LOL - Nice. (Get exactly 69420 score on a song. (The easiest song to do this on is "Mercenary" on Hard mode))


  • Omega's Sword (obtained after beating good ending) - "You're pretty sure it's a replica, but it's close enough." - You gain 50% more health when hitting notes.
  • Cold Heart (obtained after beating bad ending) - "You monster." - Missing deals 50% less damage, and you take 50% less "magical" damage (torch notes, and Demetrios's special notes).
  • Flashy (obtained after getting more than 90% accuracy on a song) - "Your strive for perfection has left you unable to accept anything else. Don't slip up." - When you get below 90% accuracy, you die.
  • Drunk (obtained after typing "iamafool" into the menu for the first time.) "I'm nto drnuk, you a-are!" - Every song has a modchart akin to You Are a Fool's.
  • Resistance (obtained after losing at a song 10 times) - "You're taking 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' way too literally." - You get revived with 50% HP the first time you die, and you take 50% less "physical" damage (sword notes).
  • Flippy Mode (unlocked from beginning) - "Feelin' lucky, are ya? ESPECIALLY Don't slip up." - You take damage when getting goods, and die on a bad, shit or miss.

Item Combos

  • Omega's Sword + Resistance = Overconfident - "Having that sword must make you feel like a total pimp. Don't slip up."
  • Omega's Sword + Flashy = Novice Swordsman - "I mean, you've certainly got guts for all that bravado of yours. Make sure you aren't in over your head though."
  • Omega's Sword + Resistance + Flashy = Battle Scarred - "Looks like you might be overdoing it, but that smile on your face tells me you got this."
  • Omega's Sword + Resistance + Cold Heart = Fakin' it - Even with all that sword bravado, you're hurting, no doubt.
  • Omega's Sword + Flashy + Cold Heart = Lying Through Your Teeth - "You can act like you're okay, you can even use his sword, but it won't bring them back."
  • Omega's Sword + Cold Heart = Denial - "Using his sword won't undo what you did."
  • Resistance + Flashy = Dying While Dripping - "You might be injured, but at least you're stylin'."
  • Resistance + Cold Heart = Horrible Luck - "Looks like your physical pain matches your emotional pain.
  • Flashy + Cold Heart = Depressed But Well Dressed - "Hey, at least you're trying to act happy about what you did."
  • Resistance + Flashy + Cold Heart = Work Through the Pain - "Smile all you want, you still did what you did, and now you got an arrow through your head."
  • Resistance + Flashy + Cold Heart + Omega's Sword = Clusterfuck - "You just like checking all the boxes, huh?"

Trivia (General)

  • The mod was originally going to be released on July 2, but it was delayed 5 days ahead.
  • Headslist might be a reference to Craigslist, which is notorious for bad deals and offers.
  • The mod took 3 months to develop.
  • This technically makes it the first ever mod to have the enemy and Boyfriend team up to take down a larger force, beating out even Vs. Stan, as in this case the enemy sings back.
  • This mod is the first to add in equipment.
  • Most of the skins for the Boyfriend are based on different Youtubers. There are fun-sized versions of Brightside and Vase as well.
  • This mod is easily the largest mod to date.
  • A small leitmotif of Reign of Apathy, as well as one of Ballistic, can be heard in Prelude.
  • Logan Martin appears here as Brightside's voice actor, making this his first ever actual appearance in a mod.
    • "Magically Delicious"/Aka: "Magic", voices a mysterious figure seen in a hidden ending.
  • Judging from the glowing eye in the hidden ending, the mysterious figure is likely to be Patchwork, another character of Ceramic's, who is planned to have her own mod as well.
  • Throughout four of the Cameo Fights, up until his own, Anders can be seen following the player.
    • He can be seen on the ceiling during Flexy's fight, behind the stand during The Merchant's fight, his eyes can be seen glowing in the Target store during Kapi's fight, and part of his mask can be seen in the right of the window during Demetrios' fight.
  • For the Expansion, there were plans to add Red, Cheese, Atlanta, Arizona, Dr. Jack Springheel, and Helen.
    • Ceramic claimed to have got permission to add in all of the cameos you see in-game as of right now, but this is debatable as to whether or not this was actually true.
  • As of 7/30/21, there is at least one code currently unused, based on a YouTuber named Acai, a Guitar Hero/Clone Hero player. The code will give you a set of notes based on Clone Hero notes, which will be added to the Week One patch. Interestingly, there is also a set of icons for Acai and banners for unlocking the mode unused in the files.
  • An upcoming revamp is set to release in the near future. Titled "Omega's Last Stand", it will remove Ceramic as the head director, will only focus on 3 songs rather than a cluster of collaborations, and will now allow the new dev team to have creative freedom.[1][4]



Omega & Mika

Omega Neutral.png
BPM: 123
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy & Normal)
2 (Hard & Glitch)
Omega Lose.png
Odd Job
BPM: 151
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.3 (Hard & Glitch)
Omega Win.png
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard & Glitch)
Last Stand
BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3.1 (Hard & Glitch)
Curse Eternal
BPM: 111
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2 (Hard & Glitch)
Omega Win.png
After the Ashes
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard & Glitch)

King's Army & King

BPM: 190
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard & Glitch)
King OmegaIcon.png
BPM: 242
Scroll Speed: 3.2


Noke OmegaIcon.png
Fragmented Surreality
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.6 (Hard & Glitch)
Kapi OmegaIcon.png
New Retro
BPM: 250
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy & Normal)
2.9 (Hard & Glitch)
Demetrios OmegaIcon.png
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal, Hard & Glitch)
Flexy OmegaIcon.png
No-Arm Shogun
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard & Glitch)
Merchant OmegaIcon.png
Free Soul
BPM: 100
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal, Hard & Glitch)
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
3 (Normal, Hard & Glitch)
Vase Lose.png
130 (Normal)
180 (Alpha)
Scroll Speed: 3

Two claps for the big parade

Let’s give a cheer for the human race

Come dance for the masquerade

Inevitable, ‘cause you’re out of place

Bumbling buffoon.

Seek out this tune.

We know you fall victim

To what comes soon.

Woes foretold in the bargain bin.

Life sets forth and you cannot win.

For you've chosen the life of sin.

Taste of lead,

You face ahead.

The new normal is the old normal's second coming.

In your ears all you hear is the flies buzzing.

Come one! Come all!

Come down To the hivemind.

Verbose, comatose

You can’t unwind.

Come now!

Leave your woes behind!

Become one of many!

‘Cause then it’s easier to hide.


Fucking idiot.

Massive hypocrite.

What the future holds,

I know,

You’re scared of it.

Future told in the tarot cards.

Hide and lie but you won’t get far.

Oh my, my, what a life subpar

So gather ‘round,

And join the crowd.

The new normal is the old normal’s second coming.

In your ears you embrace all the flies buzzing.

Come one! Come all!

Come down To the hivemind.

Verbose, comatose

You can’t unwind.

Come now!

Leave your woes behind!

Become one of many!

‘Cause then it’s easier to die.

Your story ends here.

Yet There's nothing to fear,

Don't you get it?

You were a tool.

And once again;

You are a fool.

Echolocated Revisions (Wormhole Expansion)

King OmegaIcon.png
Dishonor (Echolocated Revision)
Omega Lose.png
Odd Job (Echolocated Revision)
Last Stand (Echolocated Revision)
Curse Eternal (Echolocated Revision)
Father Time (Echolocated Revision)
Fragmented Surreality (Echolocated Revision)

Other Music

Funkin' With Time (Title Screen)
GF Icon.png
BPM: 220
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard & Glitch)
SpookyKids OmegaIcon.png
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 1.7 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard & Glitch)
Father Time
BPM: 230
Scroll Speed: 3


Last Stand/Dishonor Death
Secret Fun-Sized Brightside Ending
Fun Sized Brightside Unlocked
Fun Sized Vase Unlocked
Acai Notes Unlocked
General Unlock
Common Achievement
Rare Achievement
Epic Achievement
Legendary Achievement
Hidden Achievement
Troll Achievement


Intro Dialogue

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Stupid prepubecent looking little twat... I'll show him.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Every time I've tried to get rid of him..

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: He ends up making FRIENDS with them-

  • Daddy Dearest looks into the other room, where even Mommy Mearest is having a good time with Boyfriend.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Even my wife?! What the hell is wrong with this family?!

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: There's gotta be someone who can handle the job, elsewhere

  • Daddy Dearest is reading a book titled "Book of the Greatest Mercenaries".

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Another let down.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: All these people are useless, what do I even pay them for!?

  • Daddy Dearest throws the book across the room.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Why is it that every single person in this world is incompetent?

  • Another book falls on Daddy Dearests's head.*

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Ow!

  • Daddy Dearest looks at the cover. The book is titled "Legends of their Time".

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Hmm.. there's no one in THIS era.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: But what about a different one...?

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Hm, this could-

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: No, wait, they only murdered the french aristocracy...

  • Daddy Dearest looks shocked.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Perfect.

  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend get sucked into a portal.

Mercenary/Dishonor Dialogue

OmegaIcon.png Omega: We've been walking a while, are you feeling tired?

MikaIcon.png Mika: A little bit, yeah.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: If you'd like, you could ride on my shoulder for the rest of the way.

MikaIcon.png Mika: No thanks, Mister, I think I'll be okay.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: You sure? I don't mind it, y'know.

MikaIcon.png Mika: I'm sure! We're almost there anyways, right?

  • Cut to the castle, Boyfriend and Girlfriend drop out of a portal.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Ow… what did you do this time?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Well, guess we gotta find a way out of this, don’t we?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I’ll ask around, just, don’t go anywhere.

Queen: Oh dear, what can we do? All the mercenaries we sent out have failed.

KingOmegaIcon.png King: We'll have to resort to the royal army, it may be the only way to get her back.

Queen: And if we don't?

KingOmegaIcon.png King: Then the world is doomed as we know it.

Queen: Oh! A young lad! Perhaps this complete stranger that we’ve never met before could be the answer to all our problems!

KingOmegaIcon.png King: Yes! How convenient!

Queen: Almost as convenient as the time that you got a discount Priest from Headslist!

KingOmegaIcon.png King: Oh yes! That was very convenient indeed!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep.

Queen: Oh! How rude of me! Dearest, could you explain to the boy the situation? He's obviously interested in helping.

KingOmegaIcon.png King: Of course, Dear.

KingOmegaIcon.png King: You see, boy, our only daughter was kidnapped! We believe that she’s being taken to the mountains out west.

Queen: Yes, out west, where dangerous beasts reside…

KingOmegaIcon.png King: Such as the Ursiapes.

Queen: Such violent creatures...

  • A faint no appears in the upper left hand corner

KingOmegaIcon.png King: I trust that you, a young, odd looking boy, can retrieve our daughter, even though I’ve known you for less than 5 minutes. Can I trust you with that?

  • YES

KingOmegaIcon.png King: Then be on your way! The sake of our daughter rests on your oddly small shoulders!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop!

  • Cut to a grassy field. Boyfriend is just kind of in there, as Omega soon notices him.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Kid, get behind me. Identify yourself! Friend or foe?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Alright, there's a language gap here, I can work with that. What are you here for?

  • Boyfriend points at Mika.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bap

OmegaIcon.png Omega: ... You want the kid.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Why am I not surprised. Look, you aren't the first person they've sent.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: And I doubt you'll be the last.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: ... You want the kid.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: I've got a job to do, and that's to keep her safe. And trust me.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: I'm pretty damn good at it.

  • NO
KingOmegaIcon.png King: ...So be it.

Odd Job Dialogue

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Offer me whatever you want, but you can't have her. I'm not letting you take her back there. I've risked everything for this kid. She's like family.

MikaIcon.png Mika: M-mister?

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Kid, what are you doing? Get behind me!

MikaIcon.png Mika: I don’t wanna go, Mister…

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Don't worry. you aren't leaving me.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: You hear that? I won’t let you take her back there. There’s no chance in hell.

Guardian Dialogue

OmegaIcon.png Omega: You don't get it, you don’t know the full story. You don't know what she's been through, what THEY’RE LIKE.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: They locked her away. Alone. Afraid.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: They did THAT to a CHILD.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: And for what? Because some stupid prophecy said that she was cursed? What sort of parenting IS that?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop?

OmegaIcon.png Omega: It's not too late. You can help me. I can tell that you're powerful. An army approaches from the east, with the same end goal that you have. They're going to try and take her, to lock her up once again. I doubt that I would be able to take them all out, but if we worked together, we could protect her.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: But if you're still set on taking her back yourself. Be it for fame or riches. Just know that I will NOT go down without a fight.

2V200 Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep be bo! Skadap doop!

OmegaIcon.png Omega: So you've come to your senses. You see why I won't let them take her back, why I can't let them take her back.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bedoop!

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Then let's do this. I can see the army on the horizon, I hope you're ready for this.

  • Omega bends down, lowering his mask for once, revealing a bit of stubble, smiling at Mika. Meanwhile, it starts to get cloudy and heavy rain pours down.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Mika?

MikaIcon.png Mika: Yes mister?

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Hurry, into the mountain. Get what we came all this way for. Let's clear your curse.

MikaIcon.png Mika: Yes mister!

  • Omega points at Girlfriend, as he flips his mask back up.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: And you! Eldritch demon woman! Go with her, just incase.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: On it! Stay safe, okay?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bedoop!

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Alright, lets go.

After The Ashes Dialogue

  • Girlfriend and Mika walk out of the cave as the clouds start to move away and the rain stops.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Hey, it's okay! I'm sure it's somewhere in there, don't cry!

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Did you two find it?

MikaIcon.png Mika: No m-mister... It wasn't in there, we looked all over..

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Damn it, we'll have to start looking again.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: But we did find something!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I'm not sure how it works, but I think we can use it to finally get out of here!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bap!

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Thanks for the help, rat boy. We really would've been in trouble if you hadn't decided to work with us. How about one last song for the road, eh? To remember us by.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bap!

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Sounds good! Y'all be safe, alright?

Last Stand Dialogue

  • It starts to get cloudy.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: So I guess it’s come down to this, huh?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Be skoo dap!

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I gave you a chance! I tried to reason with you!

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I have this sword for a reason, y'know.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: And I guess that if being intimidating isn't enough to deter you.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I'm just gonna have to use it.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: C'mon kid, lets take this rat down.

MikaIcon.png Mika: You got it mister!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Not so fast!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop!

  • Girlfriend turns into her demon form

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I told you not to go anywhere! But when I came back to get you, you were gone! You're lucky that the captain of the guard heard the King and Queen sending you off here!

  • Omega and Mika look at each other

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I don't know why I let you out of my sight, you're always getting in trouble without me.

  • You go into battle with Omega

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I'm sick of your games.

  • The screen goes black, as Omega slashes through your arrows, breaking them apart.
OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I'm not gonna let this be the end.

Last Stand Dialogue

  • It starts to get cloudy.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: So I guess it’s come down to this, huh?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Be skoo dap!

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I gave you a chance! I tried to reason with you!

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I have this sword for a reason, y'know.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: And I guess that if being intimidating isn't enough to deter you.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I'm just gonna have to use it.

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: C'mon kid, lets take this rat down.

MikaIcon.png Mika: You got it mister!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Not so fast!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop!

  • Girlfriend turns into her demon form.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: I told you not to go-

  • Girlfriend's phone rings.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Huh?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Sorry, give me a moment.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Huh? Oh? That guy? Oh, okay, one second!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: It's for you.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Hey, is this that big sword guy? Did you kill the blue-haired parasite yet?

OmegaIcon.png Omega: What the fuck is this?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ... It's a phone. Obviously.

  • Omega crushes GF's phone.

OmegaIcon.png Omega: Quit wasting my time. Kid, you handle the girl.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: M-my phone...-

  • You go into battle with Omega

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I'm sick of your games.

  • The screen goes black, as Omega slashes through your arrows, breaking them apart.
OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I'm not gonna let this be the end.

Last Stand Death Dialogues

  • 1 Death

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: Kh! Didn't I just… No matter, I’ll just do it again, and again.

  • 2 Deaths

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: So this is your gimmick, huh?

  • 3 Deaths

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: You just don't quit, do you?

  • 4 Deaths

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: I don't care how much you'll try, I'll keep cutting you down.

  • 5 Deaths

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: ..Cheater

  • 6-98, 100+ Deaths

OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: This is getting ridiculous.

  • 99 Deaths
OmegaMadIcon.png Omega: .. Don't you have something better to do?

Curse Eternal Dialogue

  • Omega stands still for a while.
  • His body hits the ground, his eyes barely open.

MikaLosingIcon.png Mika: Mister, no!

MikaLosingIcon.png Mika: How could you? Mister was just protecting me from mommy and daddy..

MikaLosingIcon.png Mika: He was protecting me from meanies like you!

MikaLosingIcon.png Mika: I won't let you hurt him anymore!

Father Time Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop be bap ske doop bippidy boo bop ska!!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Woah, boyfriend, langua-

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Fuck.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: DAD?!?

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: This wasn't the plan..

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: What plan?

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: Listen, sweetie, I'm trying to do what's best for you. And what's best for you just so happens to involve the brutal assassination of your boyfriend.

  • Girlfriend gets a bit angry.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Oh my god, DAD, you're STILL going on about that?

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: I guess hitmen from all eras are incompetent. But that's fine. If you want something done right...

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: ...You gotta do it yourself!

Post-Father Time Dialogue

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: HOW?! HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO BEAT ME AGAIN?!?!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop bedoop!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Serves you right! You deserved to get humiliated, Dad!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep paribeep bo bap.

DadIcon.png Daddy Dearest: All this... I threw everything I HAD at you... ... and yet I still lost. WHY DON'T YOU COME GET ME, BOYFRIEND? IF VOCALS WON'T SOLVE IT, THEN FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Skebap!

  • Boyfriend charges a punch, as he gets angelic wings, and a halo for a second.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: BITCH!

  • Daddy Dearest's body hits the ground, as he's crying like a baby, in the fetal position.
  • Everything goes back to normal, as the family's just playing UNO. Girlfriend is embarrassed, Boyfriend is still reeling a bit, and Dad's still crying like a baby.
MomIcon.png Mommy Mearest: Hah! Draw 4!

No-Arm Shogun Dialogue

Flexy OmegaIcon.png Flexy: Anata wa biggu changasu (You are Big Chungus.)

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep.

Flexy OmegaIcon.png Flexy: Kore o hon'yaku suru to bakaninaru. (This is really stupid.)

Free Soul Dialogue

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: Oh, welcome to my shop, man!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bedoop ske bop.

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: Oh, a tourist! That's pretty rad.

  • Alonso looks at the camera.

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: This is how it's done, for all the folks at home.

  • He goes back to looking at Boyfriend.

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: How would you like to buy this one-of-a-kind shirt?

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: It was sewn with golden threads and worn by a man of legend.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bah.

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: Ah, darn, always next time I suppose.

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: ... oh, do you hear that? They're playin' my favorite song!

Merchant OmegaIcon.png Alonso: Why not stick around for a minute? You look like you know this one.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Boop bap!!

Fragmented Surreality Dialogue

Noke OmegaIcon.png Noke: I've lost everything...

Noke OmegaIcon.png Noke: Everything I had.

Noke OmegaIcon.png Noke: Everything I LOVED.

Noke OmegaIcon.png Noke: Please... you have to help me.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bedap!

Noke OmegaIcon.png Noke: You...

Noke OmegaIcon.png Noke: You two are the only people I can rely on...

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: We'll do the best we can to help you!

57.5Hz Dialogue

Demetrios OmegaIcon.png Demetrios: Oh? A somewhat familiar face?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Ske doop.

Demetrios OmegaIcon.png Demetrios: Are you here to be tested too?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?

Demetrios OmegaIcon.png Demetrios: Well, it's time for the scientists to start taking notes...

Demetrios OmegaIcon.png Demetrios: Shall we make this interesting?

New Retro Dialogue

Kapi OmegaIcon.png Kapi: You... do you even know how long it's been?

Kapi OmegaIcon.png Kapi: Do you even know what she's DONE?!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: ... what I've done?

Kapi OmegaIcon.png Kapi: I thought we were cool!

Kapi OmegaIcon.png Kapi: And you went around and had to do me like that...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ... bedoop?

Kapi OmegaIcon.png Kapi: The world has gone to hell, all because of HER.

Kapi OmegaIcon.png Kapi: You caused this and you don't even know.

Kapi OmegaIcon.png Kapi: ... that's just like you.

Oxidation Dialogue

Anders OmegaIcon.png Anders: Why is it that when anything happens, it's because of you two?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bap.

Anders OmegaIcon.png Anders: You don't think I've noticed?

Anders OmegaIcon.png Anders: You two are destroying time and space itself.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: It wasn't us!

Anders OmegaIcon.png Anders: I've followed you this whole time!

Anders OmegaIcon.png Anders: The apocalypse, the scientists, even ancient Japan!

Anders OmegaIcon.png Anders: If you won't stop, then I'm going to have to put an end to it myself.

Vs. Patchwork Teaser

  • Sirens can be heard, as a bloodied Brightside falls back, scared. Something can be seen in his eyes.

Brightside Icon.png Brightside: They're out... They're out...!

  • Brightside runs off, leaving little tiny drippy footsteps behind him, leaving behind the guy he killed.

Brightside Icon.png Brightside: Run...! They're... they're too strong...

  • The drippy footsteps get slower, as he begins to near a hospital of sorts. The camera goes black, as a pair of eyes pierce through the darkness...

???: Hmhmhmhmhm...~ Oh dear, it seems that you've stumbled upon something that you shouldn't have...~

  • The mysterious figure keeps laughing for a bit, as the camera cuts to black.

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