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(...keep calm Macy, V.S. NekoFreak's only like, 2 feet tall they can't hurt you.) - Macy

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shut up yuo're ugly - UltraPug

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Amazing in my eyes if I say so myself! - Sketchy (Redrawn)

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Note: The Original and Remaster combined have 302.4k views and 310 likes.

V.S. NekoFreak is a mod created by Hamillun featuring the unused characters found in Mommy Mearest's files. This mod takes place a few months before Boyfriend met Girlfriend, and so he tries finding a new date using the dating app Qinder to find a girlfriend but fails badly.



Not to be confused with Stalker Girl.

You're not done already, are you? (Beeping) *Slices boyfriend in his chest* Hahaha! Did I hurt you?

― Lia, GTFO

Lia is the first opponent for the mod. At first, she seems like a nice girl getting ready for her date with Boyfriend, but things go wrong extremely quickly after their first duet.


Lia appears as a young woman with long, straight black hair that covers the left part of her face. She wears a grey beanie, a beige sweater, black leggings and brown boots.

During Red Flag, she now wears a soft-yellow cat onesie with black stripes and light brown shoes. She also wields a knife on her right hand, and swings it around throughout the song. During GTFO, she is covered in blood after cutting her knife on Boyfriend's chest, her animations in GTFO are slightly more twitchy than her anims on Red Flag.



Mia is the second antagonist of the Nekofreak mod. After the fiasco with Lia, Boyfriend tries to find another date with Mia. However, before their date, Mia accidentally took speed instead of her usual anti-depressants, and now she seems to be going out of control.


Mia appears as a girl with long, messy auburn hair, and drool coming out of her mouth with a crazy smile. She wears a pair of pointy glasses, a maroon sweater and black boots with white soles. When her drug abuse takes effect, Mia's eyes "glaze out", becoming nothing but white, and she eventually creates afterimages.



Not to be confused with Kai.

Kia is the last antagonist in the Nekofreak mod. Before deleting Qinder for good, Boyfriend decides to date Kia. But he soon finds out about her unpleasant personality after she turns their duet into a competition.


  • Her poses in hubris look a lot like Shaggy's because she used to date him.


Kia appears as a small catgirl who has long grey hair and a pair of cat ears of the same colors. She doesn't appear to have any hands, only a pair of stubby arms. She wears a reddish-brown shirt and black boots with fur on them. In Hubris, her eyes turn white and she turns into different hues to correspond with the arrows.



Anthem is a joke character hidden in the mod. He only has one "song", that being 610.


Anthem appears as a skeletal figure with black eyes with small white pupils, and messy brown hair. He wears a dark grey sweater, black pants, and brown shoes. His icon appears as the "Empty Husk" meme emoji


Gameplay Mechanics - Solo

  • Halfway through GTFO, Boyfriend's strikeline will be moved to the upper center of the screen and Lia's will disappear completely.


  • NekoFreak's sprites are traced from the original Stalker concept art.
  • "Quinder" is a complete reference to the dating app "Tinder".
  • The creator was actually planning to make this mod since he got hands on the unused files, but didn’t have the time and mood to make it until now.
  • The “Ready, Set, Go” and the score icons are retextured to look more cat-like.
  • At 0:39 in "The Date", the song starts to sound a bit like Roses.
    • Also, at 0:34 in "The Date", the song starts to sound a bit like B-Side Roses.
  • At 0:10 in "GTFO," You can hear a faint "3... 2... 1... GO!" That's normally heard when a song starts. This could be a possible reference to the dialogue made prior to the song starting, where Lia offers Boyfriend a 10 second head-start if he sings well enough. Well oh NONO Ru
  • At 1:13 in "GTFO", you can hear the same "RAH" sound effect used in Zardy's song, Foolhardy, when Zardy starts to go invisible and the notes start to move.
  • Starting at 1:35 in "GTFO", you can hear a bit of Foolhardy's melody in the instrumental
  • In "Red Flag" you can hear a phone beep. This sound effect is taken from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure stand, "Moody Blues", but just pitched down a little.
  • Lia's voicelines on the end of ''Red Flag''(''Did I hurt you?)'' are taken from Juri Han voice gallery, from Street Fighter 4.
  • In the first setting (Lia’s kitchen), we can see something red in the trash can in the kitchen.
    • This matches a statement Lia says before GTFO (‘Last guy a couple hours ago didn’t make it past the kitchen test’), and could imply that it is this person’s blood.
  • In the beginning, Left Swipe's instrumental slightly resembles Thorns' instrumental.
  • In "Left Swipe" you can hear a phone beep. This sound effect is taken from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure stand, "Moody Blues", but just pitched down a little.
  • At 0:55 in "Datura Dynamo", you can hear a heart rate monitor beeping in the background. You can also hear a singular beep at 0:11.
  • Kia is the smallest character in the Mod.
  • At 0:47 in "Smol", the song sounds a bit like South.
  • Kia is shown to be competitive as she battles Boyfriend and attempts to lower his self-esteem.
    • This is more evident as she makes fun of his height, despite being short herself.
  • In the 3rd song, Kia will glow the colors of the notes she's hitting and her eyes will go fully white.
    • Oddly enough, her animations will look similar to Shaggy's animations.
      • This is made more suspicious when it's brought up that Kia's ex is a college dropout who is supposedly working in PI (Paranormal Investigation) work and that this techniques was bestowed upon her, indicating that Shaggy once dated Kia at one point in time.
  • The sound used when Kia transforms in Hubris is taken straight from the "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" Stand, "King Crimson", specifically his time skip power, but lower pitched, and quieter.
  • Through Trippin, Mia hitting the right hold note sounds more like Dilune.
  • During some parts of Hubris, although faint, you can hear one of Matt's vocals.
  • Boyfriend is younger than the 3 girls he previously dated, but he is still 19 years old.
  • V.S. NekoFreak is the first mod to say "hello" to Funkipedia in the files.
  • Anthem was added as a joke by being friends with HamillUn throughout the production, and the "song", 610, originates from a conversation Anthem and HamillUn had once while working.
  • In the files, an image called "ayo" is found, implying Nekofreak collaborates with a mod called Friday Night Funkin': Overloaded Mentality, which has recently came to be figured out is a mod that Anthem has been in the process of making.
  • Anthem's icon is a reference to the "How did you do in P.E. today?"/"Empty, he's a husk" emoji meme.
  • Anthem may be inspired by the horror slasher 'Michael Myers.' This has still not been confirmed.
  • His eyes and nose may or may not resemble Sans from the game Undertale.
  • Nekofreak is commonly confused with Kitty Killjoy from the Flip-Side mod. However, the two are vastly different and the creator of Flip-side sees Kitty as the better mod due to how poorly made and composed Nekofreak is.
  • You can hear some of Matt's vocals in Hubris.
  • Lia's 3rd song means "Get the Fu** Out".



This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised!

Reason: The voice in 610 is kind of bad quality, making it loud.

The Date
BPM: 112
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal & Hard)
Red Flag
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Get The Fuck Out
BPM: 182
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3.5 (Hard)

Left Swipe
BPM: 142
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
BPM: 132
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Datura Dynamo
BPM: 164
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3 (Hard)

BPM: 205
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal & Hard)
BPM: 202
Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
BPM: 195
Scroll Speed: 2.4 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3.3 (Hard)

Menu Theme
Anthem Icon.png
BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 4

Step 1: Put smol in jar.

Step 2: Pickle water.

Step 3: Drown the vessel.

Step 4: Think about what you've done.

Step 5: Leave the pickle for 4-6 days to develop UMAMI flavor.!'

Step 6: Drown it again!

Step 7: Take smol out of the jar.

Step 8: Put her back in.

Step 9: Drown it again!

Step 8: Dunk it in the pickling water like dipping a cookie in milk.

Step 11: Eat a sandwich and think about what a horrible monster of a human being you are.

Step 12: Take it out of the water and lay it down.

Step 13: Apply force to remove the water from inside of smol.

Step 14: Once she regains life, put her back in the jar.

Step 15: Drown it again!

The Date (Old)
BPM: 112
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2 (Normal & Hard)
Red Flag (Old)
BPM: 140
Scroll Speed: 2.3 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
GTFO (Old)
BPM: 182
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.8 (Normal)
3.2 (Hard)
Left Swipe (Old)
BPM: 142
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
Datura Dynamo (Old)
BPM: 164
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.7 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
Smol (Old)
BPM: 205
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
2.9 (Hard)


Note: Datura Dynamo has no dialogue.

The Date Dialogue

NekoNormNeutral.png Lia: Hey! Go ahead and get comfortable, I'm just cleaning up some stuff.

NekoNormNeutral.png Lia: You're here a little earlier than you said you'd be so I'm not done yet.

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Bleep bo boop.

NekoNormNeutral.png Lia: Yeah, I'm not really the outdoorsy type, I usually do most of my dates here.

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Bo Bap.

NekoNormNeutral.png Lia: Thanks for understanding. :)

NekoNormNeutral.png Lia: I know it sounded weird over text, but you get the gist of my standards.

NekoNormNeutral.png Lia: If you can best me in a song, then you're the one for me!

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Bap!

NekoNormNeutral.png Lia: Someone's confident! Alright handsome, let's see what you got!

Red Flag Dialogue

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Not what you were expecting when I said I was slipping into something more comfortable?

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Bo?

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Don't worry about the knife, that's not important right now.

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: What's important is that since you've passed the test...

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: I have to make sure our feelings are mutual!

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Can't have you leaving with vocals like that!

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Ba...

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Don't worry, it'll be fun! Let's go another round!

GTFO Dialogue

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Beeep bob bop bo?!?!?!

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: It's been forever since I've stumbled across someone of your talent!

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Last guy a couple of hours ago didn't even make it past the kitchen test, disgusting.

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Bayloop (I need to leave)

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: You're fidgeting like crazy over there, hey tell you what.

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Since you're the first in awhile to impress me this well...

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: I'll give you a ten second head start to run if you win.

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: ...

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Enough stalling.

NekoSuitNeutral.png Lia: Let's go sweetheart.

Left Swipe Dialogue

MiaIcon.png Mia: Woah! Watch your step!

MiaIcon.png Mia: Still got some broken glass over there from last week.

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Bo Do?

MiaIcon.png Mia: Anyways, welcome to the rave cave.

MiaIcon.png Mia: Place is a mess but like an unorganized-organized type of mess you know?

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Blam? (I guess?)

MiaIcon.png Mia: OH, almost forgot, you said you like singing right?

MiaIcon.png Mia: I got an instrumental leak from a friend earlier this week, wanna try over that?

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Ba!

MiaIcon.png Mia: Nice! Just let me turn on the bluetooth real quick.

Trippin' Dialogue

MiaIcon.png Mia: Ugh...

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Bo?

MiaIcon.png Mia: You mind if I confess something, and promise to not get mad?

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Ba do?

MiaIcon.png Mia: I was getting kinda nevous before you showed up, given the whole mess deal...

MiaIcon.png Mia: So to calm down, I took some depressants before you got here.

MiaIcon.png Mia: Small problem, I think I mixed up my depressants with speed.

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: !?!

MiaIcon.png Mia: It's not the first time this has happened, but GOD.

MiaIcon.png Mia: This time somethings off... Might have really done it this time...

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Bee Ba Bay Bo?!

MiaIcon.png Mia: I should be fine, if my eyes start glazing over though that's probably bad.

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: Bo do.

MiaIcon.png Mia: Let's just start the next one, I have another instrumental lined up.

Smol Dialogue

KiaIcon.png Kia: So you're the new guy on the rise?

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Bee do.

KiaIcon.png Kia: Weird you're trying to make a move on competition but aight.

KiaIcon.png Kia: Hey.

KiaIcon.png Kia: You're in my apartment, it don't matter what go down here since no one gonna see it.

KiaIcon.png Kia: Let's see who the better vocalist is.

BFNekoNeutral.png Boyfriend: Ba-

KiaIcon.png Kia: Shut up.

Frontin Dialogue

Neko BF Worried.png Boyfriend: ...

KiaIcon.png Kia: Why are you looking at me like that? You won. (Not by much.)

Neko BF Worried.png Boyfriend: Ba Boo Bedoo.

KiaIcon.png Kia: Boo hoo, are you really getting pissy about me singing during your turn?

KiaIcon.png Kia: Not my fault your vocals were so bland I had to start ad libbing.

Neko BF Worried.png Boyfriend: Ba do beeda-

KiaIcon.png Kia: Don't care, moving on to the next song.

KiaIcon.png Kia: If you got such a problem with my style, do something about it shortstack.

Neko BF Worried.png Boyfriend: Ba. (Aight.)

Hubris Dialogue

KiaIcon.png Kia: This doesn't prove anything, I'm still clearly the better vocalist.

Neko BF Worried.png Boyfriend: (This was supposed to be a date, you turned it into a competition.)

KiaIcon.png Kia: It really don't matter, your chances of making it are shorter than your height.

Neko BF Worried.png Boyfriend: You are not the one to be making height jabs.

KiaIcon.png Kia: ...

KiaIcon.png Kia: I got him to stop beeping, no turning back now.

KiaIcon.png Kia: Used to have an ex, weirdo college dropout who does PI work now or something.

KiaIcon.png Kia: The one good thing to come from our time together-

KiaIcon.png Kia: was this one trick he taught me.

Neko BF Scared.png Boyfriend: ???

KiaIcon.png Kia: You ain't gonna make it in the music scene-

KiaIcon.png Kia: You ain't gonna make it out this building.

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