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This article may contain sensitive or mature content that may be unsuitable for some ages.

Reason: Green Impostor's fake task list consists of watching pornography. The song Skinny Nuts consists of an argument where fat nuts implies the existence of skinny nuts. Also, various suggestive pieces of trivia for the impostors are given. Also in a 2nd game over in Defeat, Black Impostor cuts Boyfriend's balls. Also this page is suggestive.


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Reason: We need The cutscene before Sussus Moogus, Boyfriend's ghost poses, ejected miss poses, halloween poses, halloween miss poses, skeld miss poses, dialogue portraits for Boyfriend and Girlfriend, animated black killing boyfriend and more of Clowfoe's animated poses


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Issues Present: Yellow Impostor's up pose/idle is cut off for a few frames, and Loggo's Spookposter idle is blurry also Grey is kinda... Choppy?.

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Reason: Most songs have periodic red flashes. Lights Down has periodic white flashes. and Ejecteds Cutscene may be flashy for some users.

Joke Mod

why u actin sus - Impostor

This mod is or contains content that was made with comedic intent!

Note: The entire mod is based on memes relating to Among Us, the dialogue doesn't take itself seriously at all, cameos in reactor include characters from Among us logic, which is known to have comedic intent in it, amogus, and Among Drip, which both are memes, the Halloween update's 1st song, Christmas is a reference to how some people prepare for Christmas on October, also, skinny nuts.

Saddening Themes

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This article may contain content and/or themes that may depress the user.

Topic: Sabotage's current dialogue may be saddening, as Boyfriend is mad at Red Impostor for killing Girlfriend and talks about the possibilities he could've had with her (such as going on dates and eating with Girlfriend). At the end, he starts to tear up and mentions that he doesn't feel like living and just wants to stop rapping. Red Impostor's appearance in Meltdown might be saddening as well to some. Cone head Grey also appears to be slowly dying which may sadden some people who have just lost someone

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Loggo icon.png
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Upcoming: Read above.

Unsettling Themes

I̴͔̖͝'̷̼̈v̸͓̰͝e̵̞͎̚ ̷͋̄͜ḇ̶̣̅e̷͕̓ḙ̷͝n̵̳̋̿ ̵͉̯̔c̶̟̰̏́ṙ̴̬̖͘a̶͚͑̓v̶̘̕̕i̴̤͗͠n̸̲̍̏ģ̵̗͝ ̶̜̘͆͂t̸̟͠h̴̭̄i̶̛͓̹s̸̝̆̂ ̴̨̏f̶̻̎ó̸̫͍̾r̷̪̊̊ ̵̺̎̓a̶̧̔ ̷̲̟̔͑w̸͕̎́h̷͎̯͒͒ì̴͍l̵͔͑̐ḛ̸̠̑,̴̙̔ ̷̠̦́b̷̤̐o̷͕̽y̷̳̆f̷͔̠́̕r̸̪̄i̷̧̓e̶͍̎̚n̴̰͓͐d̶̡͒.̶̫̖͑x̸͕̜͑̍m̸̖̠̎l̷̨̰͋.̸̦͂̾.. - Starecrown

This page contains imagery, themes, mod or character that either comes from something that may make the reader uncomfortable or appears unsettling, continue at your own risk!

Reason: Green Impostor during Ejected may look disturbing to some people. Also, Black Impostor stabs his bloody knife into Boyfriend's skull, and has a chance to cut off his blue balls if you miss a note during Defeat. V3's Meltdown has references to suicide[1] Loggo's appearance in Spookposter can also be unsettling and can trigger people with Arachnophobia. Black has a rater scary appearance in an unrealeased teaser.

Were you looking for Impostor (Exsusgation) or Impostor Boyfriend?

VS. Impostor is a mod that adds four new weeks revolving around the popular video game, Among Us.

The antagonists of this mod are Impostors, the main antagonists of Among Us. They have the role of killing the crewmates and causing sabotages, while attempting to blend in with the other crewmates and avoiding ejection.


Red Impostor

now we HAVE to rap battle, you fucking dumbass
― Red Impostor, Sussus Moogus (V3)

Red Impostor is one of the antagonists. They are the original opponent in V1 and V2, and the first opponent of V3. They are shown to be the less intelligent one of the couple.


Red Impostor is a red bean-shaped astronaut with floating hands. In the mod, they hold their mic in their left hand, and wields a gun in their right which changes into a knife in their up pose (both of which reference kill animations in Among Us). In all of their poses, they are shown to have a mouth filled with sharp teeth in the middle of their body. They also have a sharp tongue (shown in their up pose) which is used in the Among Us kill animations to stab a crewmate.


  • The Impostor uses the pizzicato from the "Dead Body Reported" sound as its voice, just like majority of the impostors in this mod.
    • Some other impostors, such as Parasite green and black, use edited and/or modified versions of this sound so that there can be some diversity when it comes to the other's voices, since every single impostor using the same voice would be boring.
  • The vocal melodies in their songs change to various references.
    • At 1:04 in Sussus Moogus, the melody is a reference to an infamous remix of Dead Body Reported, commonly called "Among Us Drip Theme". This same melody is also heard in Ejected.
    • At 0:45 in Sabotage, the melody is a reference to "AirPod Shotty"
    • At 1:13 in Sabotage, the melody takes on the Toppat theme from another game by PuffballsUnited (member of Innersloth), The Henry Stickmin Collection.
      • This is likely supposed to be The Airship Arrives from the trailer for the Airship in Among Us.
    • At 1:24 in Sabotage, the beginning of the next song, Meltdown can be heard.
    • The start of Sabotage is “Why you Actin Sus. Why you acting like Imposter”. at 1:34 in Sabotage, you can also hear the first few notes of "Show Yourself" by CG5.
    • The beginning of Meltdown is likely based off of Klungo’s theme from Banjo-Tooie.
    • at 0:50 in Meltdown, Lo-Fight from the Vs. Whitty mod can also be heard, or to be more specific, the Lomongus Mod version of it.
    • The melody at 1:07 in Meltdown is in reference to the infamous "Among Us Musical"
    • At 1:26 in Meltdown is a reference of the last song of the second week, Ejected.
  • The Impostor is currently one of only characters so far to do visible physical harm to the Boyfriend and Girlfriend (as seen with their bodies), not that it seems to actually kill them though as they can move perfectly fine.
    • Other characters to do this are Corrupt and Tabi.
    • This is changed slightly in the new version, Boyfriend and Girlfriend are both killed, but live on as ghosts. This also makes the Impostor the first character to actually kill Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
      • There might be a possible chance that Boyfriend and Girlfriend would be revived if the Impostor was voted out and ending the match. (Which probably happened seeing the crewmates in the background during Meltdown, and the second week taking place on Mira HQ.)
  • The Secret Song is a Tribute to to the Gummy Bear Song.
  • A part of Ejected contains a slower version of the instrumental of Sussus Toogus.
  • The name "Sussus Moogus" Is a reference to a video called "Sussus Amogus".
  • The Impostor in the mod is shown to not be working alone, as another Impostor can be seen in the background of Meltdown.
    • This second Impostor is Green, who would later go on to be the second week's antagonist.
  • This mod is one of the few mods to have a song completely replaced, as Actin Sus was replaced by Sabotage.
    • However, Actin Sus has been confirmed to be returning as a bonus song along with the original version of Sussus Moogus in V4
  • The background of the mod's first week takes place on the planet Polus, a planet and map from Among Us, as the landscape consists of purple dirt and rocks, along with a gray building with a similar interior to that of the buildings on Polus.
  • The Impostor is the first mod character to be heard singing outside of their songs, with Tricky being the second, and Void being the third. Specifically, its 'voice' can be heard in the new main menu theme, You're So Sussy.
    • Tricky's voice can also be heard in his mod's new menu theme.
  • The V3 Red Impostor's poses in Meltdown seem to indicate he is more stressed than usual, with more sweat, and a tear on the right side of his visor compared to V2.
    • He may also be having suicidal thoughts in meltdown due to the gun pointed more at his head in his right pose, rather than Boyfriend in the previous songs.
  • The yellow mini-crewmate in the background of *Impostor is the first mod character to be teased for FNF Logic.
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend are possibly crewmates due to what their bodies looked like when the Impostor killed them.


Green Impostor

Are you guys STUPID i'm right here
― Green Impostor, Reactor

Green Impostor is one of the antagonists, and the second opponent, seen in week 2. They are portrayed as the more intelligent one of the duo, as seen when they successfully convince Boyfriend and Girlfriend that they are not an Impostor.

In their left hand, and in their impostor form they wield a knife in their right. In their poses, Green Impostor is shown to have various items from Among Us such as a microphone, however in their impostor form they stick their tongue out in their right pose, and makes a shush pose in their down pose.

In Ejected, they take on a much more eldritch form as they no longer need to disguise. Their head grows in size, and sprouts horns, one of which is broken. Their visor also cracks and reveals a glowing red eye. They sprout tentacles out of their back, alongside with a much more tentacle-like tongue in a mouth of sharp teeth.


  • Amogus and a Blue Among Drip make cameos during Reactor.
  • Green’s up pose has the most frames, as they flip their knife in the air.
  • All of Green's songs are remixes of Red's, with the exception of Ejected. They are similar in nature to B-Sides Remixes.
  • Sussus Toogus's beat can somewhat resemble to Handclap.
  • Ejected has leitmotifs from:
    • The menu theme for Infiltrating The Airship.
    • "Your Best Friend" from UNDERTALE, and/or other tracks that use said leitmotif (if its a singular track reference, its most likely finale).
    • Mistaken from the Trollface/Trollge mod.
    • The Among Drip theme.
    • CG5's "Show Yourself".
    • Sussus Moogus.
    • And the fanmade song (known for a green screen with an animated face), "Are you Imposter", which is a cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘Isn’t it lovely’.
  • Green's poses as a "crewmate" have various items in Among Us. The left pose is a task list, the down pose is a laptop, the up pose is a report loudspeaker, and the right pose is a keycard (a fake one.)
    • The fake tasks, while partially obscured, seem to be related to watching porn.
    • There is also something in red scribbled out at the top of the list. This is likely referencing Among Us' in-game task list saying "You are an impostor. Sabotage and kill everyone to win" at the top if you are chosen to be the impostor.
  • Green likes pirates.[2]
  • Green cannot swim.[2]
  • Green owns thigh high socks.[2]
  • Between Reactor and Ejected, Green uses his shapeshifting power to grow in size in order to cause a reactor explosion. The reason he did this was because he knew he was going to be voted out anyway.[2]
  • Red and Green are canonically gay [3]
  • There is a Roblox accessory where you can buy Green Impostor's Parasite Horns made by OakBrush Arts (roblox group)



Tomongus was Ejected
― Tomongus Rivals Trailer

Johnson Celery Tomongus Jr. or just Tomongus, is a character owned by FungiWizard originally made as a April Fools character for Rivals of Aether, they are a hamster piloting a sus-shaped mech, and are fought in the 3rd week, acting somewhat as a bonus week.


Tomongus' Mech (Refered to as #721) appears with a large rounded red top with stubby red legs and a visor on the center, due to not having any hands their microphone is on top of the mech.

Johnson appears as a small hamster with yellow orange fur, they have a large brown nose and have somewhat big ears.

The LoreTM

Tomongous is a mechanic that specializes in creating fully wearable machines, when he's not working on mechs for other small animals he's hunting down targets and testing out varying mech suits and their abilities, there's no explained reason on why he uses celery box or just a celery stick as a weapon.


  • Tomongus originated as a joke emote of FungiWizard's other OC, Tomo, which ended up being so well received they ended up making Tomongus a full fledged character for Rivals as an April Fools joke a couple months later.
  • During Chewmate, note shapes appear near Tomongus as he sings.
  • The second song's name Rivals is a nod to Tomongus' origin as a Rivals of Aether fighter.
  • Tomongus was added to the mod with Fungi's permission.
  • As seen in Chewmate, Boyfriend himself is the impostor.
  • For unknown reasons, he along with Black Impostor is in the background of Red, Green, and Yarlowmando's family photo.


Black Impostor

Black is the 4th and currently the final opponent, with a singular song, Defeat.


The Black Impostor is an Impostor with a cone on its head. It holds a giant, bloody knife in one hand. They also have a red glow in their eye and appear to be slightly larger than Red and Green.


  • Their song has a unique death animation, where they stab Boyfriend in the head.
    • There is a small chance of an alternate game over animation where they sever Boyfriend's blue balls. And they then stab Boyfriend in the head.
  • Black is the smartest of the 3 impostors, as they were easily able to trick Boyfriend and Girlfriend into thinking that they're not an impostor. This is just so they can battle Boyfriend in the defeat screen.
  • The cone that they wear is an unused hat in Among Us.
  • They have an extreme disliking of anime, to the point of furious emotions towards it.[2]
    • This is because Goku scared him as a child.
  • For unknown reasons, he is in the background of Red, Green, and Yarlowmando's friend photo.
  • Black is confirmed to be the original Impostor, as the Impostor buttons in Among Us have Black in them, which further explains why they have a red glow in their eye.



Yellow is an upcoming character for Version 4.


Yellow is a Yellow bean-shaped astronaut with floating hands. In the mod, they point one of their fingers up on their left hand, and they hold their mic in their right hand. They appear to have two mini crewmate pets, (possibly two Yarlowmandos) found nearby; one on Yellow’s head, and one is found on the ground next to their leg.


  • It is unknown if Yellow is an Impostor or a Crewmate.
    • The BlueStopSign video about VS. Imposter has facts about the different imposters. Two of the facts mentioned that Yellow seems to be an imposter, as confirmed by the words, "Yellow Imposter".


White Impostor

White is an upcoming character for Version 4.


  • In the debug menu, a character named white-impostor can be seen. This is not actually White, but instead the sprite for Green from Lights Down.
    • In the character files the sprite sheet is named whitegreen.
  • This Impostor resembles the impostor seen in the Among Us Drip Lo-Fi Remix video.
    • It may also be based off a character from Among Us Logic, Angel (Due to the halo, duh).



Loggo is the main opponent in Loggo's Halloween. They are a seemingly harmless crewmate with a very friendly look ready to celebrate Christmas. (when it's Halloween.)


Not to be mistaken with Green. Loggo is a fortegreen bean-shaped astronaut with floating hands. In the mod, they wield a red mic in their left hand and wear a Santa hat and bowtie.

During Spookposter, Loggo turns much more monstrous, opening their actual mouth and revealing eight spider-like legs and sharp yellowish teeth.


  • Loggo is based on an actual user of the same name going by the tag @loggoman512 on Twitter.
  • Along with a purple crewmate (or impostor?) and Black, a coral crewmate with pink hair can be seen in the background. The crewmate in question is meant to represent DojimaDog, director/artist behind Fizzy Pop Panic.
  • This is the first character to have the same losing icon on different phases.
  • In Christmas, Boyfriend's vocals are from music that Mike Geno made, such as Mid-Fight Masses, Ghost Twins, Kapi and others.


Gray Impostor

Gray is an upcoming character for V4.


Gray looks quite similar to Black. He has a purple cone hat with 2 white stripes. He wields a mic in his left hand, but a bloodied knife in the right. His visor has shaky lines around it, signifying he may be insane or murderous, and his entire body covered in blood . In Triple Trouble, he is the same, but without his cone.


  • The Gray impostor is possibly Black's brother or son. They are identical in design (with a few obvious differences), and also Clowfoe posted art of what seems to be Black giving someone a cone hat (presumably Gray) , which may be how Gray got his cone hat.


Maroon is an upcoming character for V4 He is referred to as "Hank Impostor" by the devs, (yes hank from madness combat impostor).


Maroon Impostor is an impostor with a black bandana, with a knife on their right hand and a mic on their left hand.




Pink is an upcoming character for V4


Pink is an Impostor with a small heart above their head and blush on their cheeks. They hold their microphone on their right hand.




Jorsawsee is a character created by BurnOut based on an image of a crewmate wearing Jordans. He also initially starred in his own mod before it became apart of the upcoming Vs. Impostor V4 update.



Please let me out the basement
― Clowfoe, Baby Blue Brother "Blue" Background

Clowfoe is the head developer of Vs. Impostor, and a playable character in the hidden song Skinny-Nuts. He is shown being unable to comprehend that the existence of fat nuts implies the existence of Skinny Nuts when Ziffy Clumper uses it as a diss in their duet song.


Clowfoe takes on the look of his persona, which appears to be a living sock puppet with clown hair and a clown nose. His microphone floats due to him having no arms.


  • Clowfoe hates the skinny nuts thing IT IS NOT A TERM!
  • Former SM64 Modder and Render96 Dev.
  • If you use the Clowfoe character in a song, he will face the wrong direction on both sides.
  • Clowfoe will get fake after V4 comes out.

Gallery VS Impostor V# in funkin forward made by clowfoe

Gameplay Mechanics

  • In Lights Down, the room will become dark by a Sabotage and at some point, the room becomes pitch black with Green Impostor and Boyfriend's white silhouettes. This is also similar to Updikes dark effect. This effect is cosmetic and has no gameplay effects. Note that in computers with a little bit of data, this effect might cause a lagspike.
  • In Defeat, BF's notes are pushed to the middle, making Blacks notes invisible. And missing a single note will lead to an instant game over. The HP bar also becomes invisible as soon as Black starts singing (i.e. after the Ready? Set? Go!) due to the instant game over mechanic rendering it obsolete.

Trivia (General)

  • The main menus music samples leitmotifs from Sussus Moogus and Meltdown.
  • Several songs use leitmotifs from the song Among Us Drip, a popular Among Us inspired song often used in Among Us related memes.
  • In Lights Down, at 0:56, the distraction dance music from The Henry Stickmin Collection can be heard in the instrumental.
  • In Sabotage, the leitmotif of the Infiltrating the Airship theme from The Henry Stickmin Collection can be heard.
  • In Sussus Toogus, "New Face" by PSY is heavily sampled in the instrumental.
  • Ejected contains references to Show Yourself by CG5, Your Best Friend by Toby Fox (most likely based on its rendition in Finale, also by Toby Fox), and the Among Us musical's Oompa Loompa based song.
  • A screen in the background of Reactor reads "9+10=21" and "u stupid," which are references to the 9+10 vine.
  • The Brown Crewmate in Reactor resembles PoopyFarts96 from Among Us Logic.
  • The White Crewmate in Reactor is based off the Amogus meme character.
  • The Yellow Impostor with their child seen in Reactor is likely a reference to Yellow in Doggybag's Everyone loves Purple animation.
  • The Blue Crewmate wearing shoes is a reference to Among Drip, a popular Among Us meme.
  • The swearing in the KBH games reupload is replaced with "beep".
  • Red and Green were supposed to sing together in the secret song "Double-Trouble", which is probably why it's named that way, in the files, there's actually an unused dialogue portrait for Red, Green, and the Yellow Mini Impostor.
  • Unused dialogue expressions can be found in the files.
  • Boyfriend and Girlfriend were actually put into Among Us by Daddy Dearest.[2]
  • Week 1 and Week 2 take place in separate rounds, but Red and Green are Impostors in both.[2]
    • This explains why Boyfriend and Girlfriend are revived in Week 2.[4]
  • The background for Defeat is based off of the screen shown to players that get the Impostor role, and to the team that loses. Because the song name is Defeat, it's more likely that it was based off of the latter.
  • The instrumental of Sussus Toogus samples PSY's "New Face".
  • Clowfoe is going to be making a V4 of the mod, consisting of two new impostors, one is Yellow with mini crewmates and one is White with a halo.
    • The same white impostor can be seen on the 2nd Among Us Drip song.
  • All 4 Impostors (Red, Green, Pixel Boyfriend, Black/Reaper) think femboys are hot.
  • The instrumental in Skinny Nuts is Chiller.
  • It is confirmed that there will be a crossover with Vs. Bob and Bosip.
  • In Ejected, Boyfriend's up pose whilst falling is similar to Little Man's up pose.
  • Ejected is also packed with references, all of which are explained in this video:
  • Green Impostor can be seen in the background during Meltdown.
  • In Defeat, a Double Trouble leitmotif can be heard.
  • Maroon's teased down pose looks similar to Hank's Idle pose from his challenge in Friday Night Funkin’ ONLINE VS.
  • It is heavily implied that the Gray impostor is Black's son or brother. They are identical (with a few obvious differences) and also Clowfoe posted art of what seems to be Black giving someone a cone hat (presumably Gray) which may be how Gray got his cone hat.
  • Due to Clowfoe finding the V1 Files while making V4, V1 would be fully playable in V4 due to throwing it into the Bonus Section
  • According to a tweet, Green is a top and Red is a bottom. (Yeah I'll give you time to bleach your eyes as much as this sounds like vandalization its true)
  • Vs. Impostor V4 will be the final update for the mod.[5]

Cameos in other mods

  • In The Date Week, Red Impostor has a chance to walk by in the background of Perfume and Heartbass alongside Yukichi.
  • In VS. Matt, an Impostor appears in the crowd.
  • In Vs. Bob and Bosip, Red (as a crewmate) can be seen sitting on the bench in the Bob Takeover week in place of Ash, Cerbera, and Mini.
    • It is proven he is a Crewmate as when it is Ron's turn to rap, he is killed by an Impostor.
  • In Vs. Omega, Red Impostor is seen in the book that Daddy Dearest is reading. There's also a book called "How to win as Impostor every game."
  • In Vs. Funkin Kong, Red Impostor appears in the background of Bananas and Ultra-Shortcut.
  • In Vs. Myra, Red Impostor appears in the background as a ghost.\
  • In Vs. Nonsense, there is a trashcan in the background that looks like Red Imposter.
    • It is also a reference to the Amogus meme.


Sussus Moogus
BPM: 150 (feels like 75)
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
BPM: 225
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)

Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: Reactor's music is loud.

Sussus Toogus
BPM: 150
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.3 (Normal)
2.7 (Hard)
Lights Down
BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 2 (Easy)
2.4 (Normal)
2.8 (Hard)
BPM: 250
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
BPM: 170 > 240
Scroll Speed: 2.1 (Easy)
2.5 (Normal)
3 (Hard)

Sussy Bussy
BPM: 132
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Easy)
2.7 (Hard)
BPM: 135
BPM: 80

BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 3 (Hard)

Loggo icon.png

Sussus Moogus (V1)
BPM: 150 (feels like 75)
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
2.1 (Normal)
2.5 (Hard)
Actin Sus
BPM: 170

Loud Sounds

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, be careful!

Reason: The voices in Skinny Nuts are bad quality, making them LOUD.

Double Trouble
BPM: 241
Scroll Speed: 3
Maximum Score: 260750
Skinny Nuts

Everyone, shut up!
Merry christmas. Ho ho ho. (slight chuckle)
It's a christmas day, and everything is great (Happy birthday, to the stupidest idiot), but i have Ziffy Clumper here cuz he sucks.
I am the best at rapping here
Ziffy Clumper has no ears
This is a duet song
Your shoe size is three
You smell like pee
And you're a lee (I hate you)
I am Clowfoe
I am Clowfoe Clowfoe Clowfoe
I am jumping down the halls cuz I'm Clowfoe
I am looking at the walls cuz I'm Clowfoe
And I'm hitting all your balls cuz I'm Clowfoe!!! And I go
[Clowfoe proceeds to chant his own name]
Skinny Nuts.
You can't jump on a trampoline
You do a flip but you land on your spleen
IF YOU SAY "FAT NUTS" IT MEANS THAT THEY ARE BIG BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT FAT MEANS (The existence of fat nuts implies the existence of skinny nuts)
THERE'S NO SKINNY NUTS, A CIRCLE ISN'T SKINNY. (It's the polar opposite, therefore it makes sense.)
Are you STUPID? (You are the polar opposite of Albert Einstein, stupid.) Are you DENSE? Do you need GLASSES? You need HEARING AIDS, STUPID.
YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT FAT NUTS ARE, YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM. (You have hearing aids because you can't hear these bars.)
Woody Henson is the worst name. This isn't a sleepy!
Oh, oh you wanna- nah nah I do-.
Ok, Ok, Woody Henson is the best name, Ziffy is uh- You can- Stupid fucking snitch name.
(Yeah) Stupid idiot is you, Clowfoe. You cannot see because your eyes are broken
Ok this isn't even- no, shut up, I don't care.
You think that SKINNY NUTS are- SKINNY NUTS. (You imply-(unintelligble)-smarter than you.)
Clumper, he's r█tarded and he's stupid and he's dumb.
Ziffy said SKINNY NUTS, he said SKINNY NUTS. Like, what kind of(You're friends with a grandma.)
What the fuck are skinny nuts?
Exactly, thank you!
(Nobody knows what skinny nuts are) You- The existence of- No, you idiot, the existence of fat nuts implies the existence of skinny nuts. (There is no such thing as a skinny nuts!)
The existence of fat nuts do exist! Fat nuts and skinny nuts-
Yeah, and it implies the existence of skinny nuts! (NOOOO! (unintelligible) SAY SMALL NUTS! STUPID!)
Secret (Removed)

Oh, I'm an impostor
I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a scummy chummy funny lucky impostor
I'm an impostor
'cause I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a stabbing grabbing jamming singing impostor, oh yeah
Im, im, im, im, impostor
Im, im, im, im, impostor
Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, party pop
Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, party pop
Oh, I'm an impostor
I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a scummy chummy funny lucky impostor
I'm an impostor
'cause I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a stabbing blabbing jamming singing impostor, oh yeah
Beba bi duba duba yum yum, Beba bi duba duba yum yum, Beba bi duba duba yum yum, three times I will stab you
Im, im, im, im, impostor
Im, im, im, im, impostor
Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, party pop
Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, Boing day ba doo de party, party pop
Oh, I'm an impostor
I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a scummy chummy funny lucky impostor
I'm an impostor
Yes I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a stabbing grabbing jamming singing impostor
Oh, I'm an impostor
I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a scummy chummy funny lucky impostor
I'm an impostor
'cause I'm an impostor
Oh I'm a stabbing grabbing jamming singing impostor
Oh yeah.
Pop, Pop


Wow powers.jpg

Placeholder Used

Wh- Oh, you two. - Whitty

This article uses one or more placeholders. Placeholders are commonly used for when a mod or asset hasn't been released publicly. Placeholders should be replaced with official assets as soon as possible.

Note: The icons for Yellow, White, and Gray are fanmade as the official ones havent been released yet. The song names, (except for D’low, Danger, Blackout, and Titular) happen to be placeholders also since the developers have not revealed any actual names for these teasers. (Some of the names for the teasers are from a FANMADE V4 mod!)

The Airship

BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: ???
BPM: ???
Scroll Speed: ???

Unknown Weeks

BPM: ???
Scroll Speed: ???
BPM: ???
Scroll Speed: ???


Mando (Official Name and Preview)
BPM: 132
Oversight (Official Name and Preview)
BPM: 140
Danger (Original Preview)
BPM: ??? (likely 180)
Scroll Speed: ???
Blackout (Preview)
BPM: ??? (likely 172)
Scroll Speed: ???
Jorsawsee Swag Preview
BPM: ???
Scroll Speed: ???


Note: These songs have no dialogue:

  • Ejected
  • Week 3 Pixel Week
  • Defeat
  • Double Trouble
  • Skinny Nuts
  • Secret
  • Christmas

Sususs Moogus V3 Dialogue=

[Boyfriend and Girlfriend are seen talking. Red suddenly appears out of a vent, startling Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Red has a worried expression. Girlfriend pulls out the Among Us loudspeaker, which is eaten by Red. Boyfriend pulls out his microphone.]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Oh SHIT! please don't kill me Impostor sigh Among Us

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: Bro im not gonna kill you lol

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: Because Like

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: i'm a crewmate bro

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: oh okay

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: WHAT

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: no dude you literally have a knife

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: actually shut the fuck up dude

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: ...

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: okay you crossed the line

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: now we HAVE to rap battle. you fucking dumbass.

Sabotage V3 Dialogue

[Red shoots Girlfriend in the head, killing her.]




BFIcon.png Boyfriend: I really LOVED HER






BFIcon.png Boyfriend: FUCK

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: MY LIFE HAS NO PURPOSE

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: FUCK

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: FUCK

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: FUCK

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: FUCK

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: lmao

Meltdown V3 Dialogue

[Red gets an angry expression and shoots Boyfriend in the head, killing him. Red gets a satisfied grin.] [Boyfriend is now a ghost. Red is now stressed.]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: WHAT

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: Dumbass i said i'd murk you. Remember?

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: wait

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: why are you not dead?! I killed you.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: you can't kill me lol

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: that would like ruin the game if i just died.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: also haunting you sounds funny af

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: .........

Sususs Toogus Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: thank GOD we got away from that crazy red dude

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: *shits pants*

GreenImpostorIcon.png Green: oh my gosh hello!!

GreenImpostorIcon.png Green: i'm a crewmate! what's up dude!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: nah i don't believe it dawg

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: you look kinda weird ngl

GreenImpostorIcon.png Green: wow uhhh!

GreenImpostorIcon.png Green: kind of rude aren't you motherfucker!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: woah dude

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: i'm starting to think you actually ARE an impostor

GreenImpostorIcon.png Green: you need to shut the fuck up right this fucking instant. the idea that im the impostor is such a fucking stupid thing to say. i really dont understand how someone can be confidently incorrect. you must be really fucking stupid. fucking dumbass.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: okay

GreenImpostorIcon.png Green: i'm not an impostor

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: yup

GreenImpostorIcon.png Green: glad we got that taken care of

Lights Down Dialogue

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: alright fine

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: i AM the impostor. are you happy now

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: yeah

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: god actually how fucking dense are you

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: like im not even joking are you fucking stupid

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: yeah

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: are you even like processing what i'm saying to you right now

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: like do you understand english

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: yeah

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: i bet your IQ test came back negative

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: fucking dumbass

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: yeah

Reactor Dialogue

[The setting has changed to the Reactor, a location in Mira HQ.]

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Ok gf i think we got away

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: awesome

GreenImpostorIconLightsOut.png Green: Are you guys STUPID i'm right HERE

Ejected Cutscene

[A small red flash is seen, followed by an explosion. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Green are now falling.]

Chewmate Cutscene

[Boyfriend shoots off the head of Tomongus's mech, revealing himself as the sus impostor. Tomongus then comes out of the bottom of it.]

Sususs Moogus V2 Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: holy shit is that impostor

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: no i'm a crewmate

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: bitch you have a knife

Sabotage (V2) and Sussus Moogus (V1) Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: dude what the fuck you killed my girlfriend

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: lol ur next

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: oh shit

Meltdown (V2) Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: why the fuck did you kill me bitch

ImpostorNewIcon.png Red: how are you still talking

Actin Sus (V1, Removed) Dialogue

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: dude did you just fucking kill me

ImpostorIcon.png Red: why you actin sus

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: you literally fucking killed me

Gallery (General)

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  1. Red Impostor points his gun at his head during one of his stressed poses. Conehead Grey is also covered in blood, shaking aggressively, and wields a bloody knife. Black also briefly looks directly at the player right before he kills boyfriend when missing a note in 'Defeat' which may unnerve people with Scopophobia.
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