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Golden Throne

Damn, impressive! - WB Shaggy

This mod is on the golden throne! It's considered one of the best and most remembered mods in the FNF community!

Reason: Kapi is quite a popular mod. This is also the 6th most downloaded mod on GameBanana.

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Sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing all day, I'm here with all my friends, we're at Pissville, we're gonna sing all day. Wake up! It's time to sing! Let's sing! We're gonna have a great time, you and me, we're gonna be best pals, we're gonna be buddies forever. - B-Side UniqueGeese

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VS. Kapi: Arcade Showdown is a mod by PaperKitty that adds 3 new weeks, new opponents, and a bunch of new songs. The main focus of the mod is of the character, Kapi.



QUOTEPORT KapiCute.png
Nyaw!― Kapi, Nyaw

Kapi is a character designed by PaperKitty and is the main "antagonist" of VS. Kapi: Arcade Showdown. His week comes with 4 songs; those of which are Wocky, Beathoven, Hairball, and Nyaw. He also has an unused song called Fuzzy Distortion


Kapi is a grey-furred anthropomorphic cat with long grey hair that he ties back into a ponytail, and combs forward to his left. He has big bushy eyebrows, eyes that reflect light, a small button nose, 3 freckles on both cheeks, and a single sharp tooth poking out of the corner of his mouth. He also sports 2 long spiky whiskers on either side of his face and three piercings on his right ear.

He wears a reddish-pink, blue and yellow hoodie with hanging strings, dark grey pants and a pair of blue and dark grey shoes with white accents. He stands on a typical DDR pad with a red handle bar and greyish base, the Up and Down arrows are colored blue and the Left and Right arrows are colored pink

In his third song, Hairball, he is angry and his poses have symbols. His down pose has a lightning bolt, his left pose has an anger symbol, his up pose has sweat, and his right pose has dark lines.

In his 4th song, Nyaw, Kapi is no longer angry.

The remaster gave Kapi a red cap with a black visor, a jacket instead of a hoodie, a new belt (which appears to be a little too big for him, as it has a lot of slack on Kapi's left), and slightly enhanced shoe accents. Kapi's hair is not combed over to one side anymore, instead covering his entire forehead. He also has shorter, rounder whiskers and a slight blush(?) behind his freckles. His mouth is also slightly more "cat-like" now, and his tooth is smaller.

His DDR pad will also get a touch-up with 2 fashionable stickers, one showing a white silhouette of a pair of cherries within a pink circle, and the other showing unintelligible text that contains a star behind the upper left corner. The handlebar is slightly thicker, the metal holding the pad together is more noticeable, and the color-coded arrows are now a dull pink for Up and Down and green for Right (and presumably Left, although it is currently not visible behind Kapi's legs)


  • In the opening credits of the mod, it is stated that PaperKitty is NOT a furry, meaning Kapi is just an anthropomorphic cat for the sake of being anthropomorphic.
  • Instead of singing, he plays the notes on a Dance Dance Revolution pad.
  • Kapi's left pose may be a reference to the Crane Kick from the show Cobra Kai and the movie The Karate Kid.
  • In a Discord post PaperKitty confirmed Kapi and Boyfriend are friends from high school.[1]
  • Despite the fact that you are able to hold long notes on some Dance Dance Revolution pads, Kapi does not have any long notes on any of his turns except for one in Nyaw, while Boyfriend consistently does.
    • This may be due to visual bugs, as the one time Kapi does hold a long note, his sprite bugs out, with Kapi shaking rapidly with his foot held over the up note instead of actually hitting it.
    • Likewise, due to Friday Night Funkin's lack of sprites for such event, Kapi does not visually hit double notes.
  • There is an accessory resembling Kapi's cheek spikes on Roblox.
  • Kapi’s poses are unique in that they don’t indicate towards the direction of their corresponding arrows. This is because their dance-pad is rotated to face Boyfriend, meaning Kapi’s poses are based on the arrows from his perspective rather than the player's.
    • Similarly, the colors of the arrows in this mod are changed to match the coloration of the arrows on Kapi’s dance-pad. This further illustrates the above.
  • Kapi slightly bops his head more aggressively in his angry idle animation.
    • His idle also moves at double time, keeping tempo with Girlfriend instead of Boyfriend
  • Kapi does not have a danger icon while angry
  • Due to his pointed ears and gray fur, Kapi is often easily confused for a wolf.
  • These are some facts about Kapi according to PaperKitty on Discord:[1]
    • Kapi and Boyfriend used to have a nicotine addiction, and quit one day after the school nurse said that it makes them virgins.
    • Kapi works at a donut shop.
    • Kapi likes to listen to rock/indie music.
    • Kapi has Tourette Syndrome, and playing rhythm games helps him control his tics better.
    • Kapi’s room walls are littered in posters.
    • Kapi is pansexual.[2]
      • This is hinted at by the colors of his jacket.
    • Kapi is allergic to apples.[3]
    • Kapi was bullied by Whitty in his junior years.[4]
    • Kapi's favorite food is pancakes.[5]
    • Kapi can drive.[6]
  • In a Twitter reply, Kapi has a low attention span and sucks at chess.
  • Also noted in a Twitter post by PaperKitty, Kapi's voice is similar to the dubbed voice of Narancia Ghirga from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • The name of his week, "B-B-reak Down!", a line that's used in the Jojo song, "Great Days", may be a reference this. So yes, it is a Jojo Reference
    • In a more recent Twitter post from September, PaperKitty referenced a GameToons video in which Kapi appears in, stating that Kapis' canon voice is now that of the voice he had in the video.
  • Kapi is the second character to enter an angry phase, then leaves it afterwards. The first was Ridzak', while the third is The Smiler and the fourth is Charles.
    • Charles is the only character out of these to start in their angry phase.
  • In the description of the mod update, it reveals that Kapi dropped out of high school due to burnout.
  • Kapi has these traits:
    • High Energy - a veritable fount of energy.
    • Quiet - seen but not often heard.
    • Rude - a very little consideration for other cats. Unbelievable.


― Pyoro

Pyoro is a small bird character from a fictional video game that appeared in the WarioWare series. They are the playable character during their titular song.


Pyoro is a small round bird with red feathers, a white underbelly, a yellow beak, and small legs.


  • The way the notes change into beans in his song is a reference to his favorite food in his original minigame where he eats them by grabbing with his long tongue.


The Pig(?) is a character based on a game that PaperKitty made in Roblox. They don't actually make a physical appearance anywhere and are instead the texture of the game's floor.


The Pig is a cut-out bouncing image of a Print Your Own Pig[7] created by a Facebook user. Pre-Sanctuary, it first appears as a black blob with teeth and eyes and later shifts into the Pig.

Mid song, the Pig becomes very bright pink and blurry.


  • The Pig's week's text comes from the name of the game the pig is from.


― Roblox Guests aren't given the ability to say anything.

Guest 71 is a character from Roblox being an secret playable character in the song "Sanctuary".


The average classic male Guest has a dark sweater along with black pants, along with having a little Roblox cap on his head. They have a smile along with the name "Roblox" on his sweater, and a health bar over their head with their name above it just like one would in Roblox.


  • The cap on his head is the ROBLOX 'R' Baseball Cap.
  • A Roblox Guest was a feature created for the intended use of letting newcomers test Roblox before making an official account. They were first introduced on September 26, 2008. The Guest feature on PC was removed on October 2, 2017. Users could still play as a Guest on mobile until it was fully removed on November 24, 2018.

Mr. Game & Watch

― Mr. Game & Watch, every time he speaks

Mr. Game & Watch is a character from the Super Smash Bros. series, within which he represents the Game & Watch series of games. He is also the tertiary opponent in the V.S Kapi Mod, where you (in V1) fought him in the week G&W after completing Vs. Kapi.

His only song is Flatzone, a remix of "Flat Zone 2" from Super Smash Bros Brawl.


Mr. Game & Watch has a very simple design, being pitch-black in color with a light grey outline. He has a circular head with a big nose. Unlike in the Super Smash Bros series (with the slight exception of the Flagman move), he occasionally smiles, with his mouth being completely white on the inside. His torso is shaped like a teardrop and he has skinny limbs with round hands and feet. He has no eyes or ears.


  • All of Mr. Game & Watch's movements are based off actual Game & Watch games and mechanics.
    • Up is based on Flagman.
    • Down is based on Judge.
    • Left is based on Chef.
    • Right is based on the bell/his taunts/grab move.
  • Mr. Game & Watch is completely flat, meaning he is 2D.
  • Ever since he made his first appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mr. Game & Watch has always been the second oldest fighter in the series, beating PAC-MAN by literally one month and with the oldest being Duck Hunt (if you count the toy version of Duck Hunt).
  • The song Flatzone is mainly based on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme known as Flatzone 2
    • Flatzone 2 is also a map in Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  • The heading for Mr. Game & Watch's week is "Please nerf Up-B..."
    • This is a reference to how the Smash Bros. Ultimate community tends to complain about how Mr. Game & Watch's Up-B, moreso out of his shield, hits on Frame 3, and as such desperately needs nerfed.
  • With both the week banner and Mr. Game & Watch's part of the VS Kapi background, there is a possible chance that Mr. Game & Watch either has a crush on Girlfriend or the two were in a relationship before.
    • However, several people have noted both the age gap between the two and the fact that Mr. Game and Watch looks like someone who doesn't seem to change in appearance. Either way, this theory is yet to be touched upon by the creator.
  • Despite Boyfriend's notes being in the vocals of Flatzone, Mr. Game & Watch's notes are in the instrumental.
    • This may be because Flatzone 2's main parts are used for Mr. Game & Watch's vocals.
  • A sample of the Wii Menu theme can occasionally be heard in his song.
  • He appears in the object show Object Towel Again, He was on the team The Watchers and was eliminated in "An EGGciting episode" with 531 votes and placed 19th.
  • As shown in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary, Mr. Game and Watch's body contains an unlimited amount of Shadow Bugs, which Tabuu uses to make the Subspace army.
  • Mr. Game And Watch holds a mic in his idle, however, he never uses it while singing.


Trivia (General)

  • Beathoven is a remix of Beethoven's Sonata No 8 in C minor Op. 13 "Pathétique": III. Rondo. It is a near-direct remix of the popular Beethoven's Virus by BanYa, featured first in Pump It Up Perfect Collection (November 2000) to present (Pump It Up XX).
  • Nyaw remixes Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement. Like Beathoven, this is also a remixed version of Pump It Up (Zero)'s Moonlight released in 2006 and also by BanYa.
  • In Beathoven, 40 seconds into the song, the sound effect from the game "Among Us" in which the player activates the "Emergency Meeting" button can be heard.
  • In Nyaw, right before the second meow at 1 minute 33 seconds, the explosion noise (Rocket shot.wav) from Roblox plays.
    • Similarly 2 minutes and 12 seconds into Hairball the entering battle sound from "DELTARUNE" can be heard, as well as The Noise's signature "WOAG" from Pizza Tower earlier in the song.
    • Also heard during Nyaw, is a meow whenever Kapi does his "Nyaw!" animation. Kapi does this several times throughout the song, which Boyfriend eventually mimics himself. While Kapi's "meow" is a Mario Paint sound, Boyfriend's is voiced by BBPanzu, as seen on the GameBanana page where in the contributors section under BBPanzu's name is the description, "For sitting down and saying meow 16 different times."
    • At 1 minute and 58 seconds into Nyaw, a melody similar to "Targets!" from Super Smash Bros. Melee can be heard.
    • At 1 minute and 9 seconds into Nyaw bass.wav from Roblox can be heard.
  • The vending machine with blood on it in the background is a reference to Madness Combat 4: Apotheosis, more specifically the scene where a grunt is crushed by said vending machine at 1 minute and 24 seconds in.
  • In the background, a pinball machine (labelled "PAINBALL") featuring Daddy Dearest's likeness can be seen.
  • There's also a mask hung on the wall that resembles the faces of the father and son from Dad 'n Me.
  • In the background, to the right of Boyfriend, there is a poster of a Nintendo Switch console with the word "drift" on it. This is likely a reference to 'Joycon-Drift', an issue with the Switch in which the detachable controllers will have a malfunctioning joystick and will cause the cursor of the game to move without intentional input.
  • It may be hard to notice, but in the background of Nyaw, there's an anthropomorphic cat with a warden uniform, and a bland white stickman, both from Battleblock Theater.
  • On the sides of the welcome sign, there's a gem and a strawberry that seem to resemble the gem and strawberry collectables from Battleblock Theater
  • VS. Kapi Mod is currently the 6th most downloaded mod with over 848.1k downloads (as of September 6th, 2021).
  • Arcade Showdown became the 9th mod to reach 1M downloads in GameBanana on February 26, 2021.
  • The mod got updated to include 2 new songs, those being Hairball and Nyaw.
    • There is also an overhaul with the portraits, and Girlfriend wears different clothes as well.
  • Prior to the update, Hairball was the only song not composed by PaperKitty, instead composed by Mike Geno.
    • Mike Geno worked for the Mid-Fight Masses mod, which is the reason why it uses a different soundfont for BF's voice.
  • The crowd in "Nyaw" includes several cameos, one of which being Snick the Porcupine from Pizza Tower. This may be a nod to the fact that "Pesto Anchovi", a song featured in Pizza Tower, is also based on Moonlight Sonata.
  • Girlfriend has no crying animation for her new outfit, leaving it switching to her normal design whenever you mess up.
  • Skid and Pump can be seen playing a claw machine in the background of Beathoven and Hairball. They stop to join the crowd in Nyaw.
  • In the background of Nyaw, is the TikTok user “”. She is a Kapi fangirl and was added in by PaperKitty. This fact was confirmed in the description of the video showcasing the full week.
  • In the background of Nyaw, "Protagonist" is present. He is the main character in a web comic titled "Oddport Academy".
  • For some reason, Wocky and Beathoven's dialogue files are in Senpai and Roses' data folders respectively.
  • Unlike most other mods, Nyaw is detuned. This means it is being played at the key of D minor MINUS half a semitone. In other words, in order to make a cover of Nyaw, detuning any new vocals is mandatory.
  • There is a poster that vaguely resembles a Shiny Litwick with legs.
  • Obby For Meat Chip, the place the song 'Sanctuary' takes place in, is a real Roblox game by PaperKitty and can be played here.
  • In the Arcade Showdown V2 update, the mod was altered drastically as it went for more of an actual arcade-themed mod rather than having a ton of lore behind it all. This explains why every cutscene prior to the update has been removed altogether.
    • The original songs of both Kapi and Mr. Game and Watch's weeks, as well as Kapi's previous design, can still be accessed in the Freeplay menu, albeit without the cutscenes.

Cameos in other mods

Note: Very few of these cameos are canon to Kapi or Mr. Game and Watch's story. Those that are will be stated in their respective "appears in" section on their infobox.

  • In Vs. Henry Stickmin, Kapi can be seen in a "Wanted" poster in the background of the bank. As the songs progress, the facial expression tends to get more evil, and he also appears in HSU and CSG.
  • In Shaggy x Matt, Kapi appears as one of the silhouettes shown before Final Destination.
  • In Times & Tribulations (Vs. Omega), Kapi appears in a cameo week. Which takes place in the future.
  • In The Date Week, Kapi has a chance to walk by in the background of Perfume and Heartbass alongside Kou. Game and Watch also appears in the End Credits of the mod, hanging out with Zardy.
  • In Vs. Fizz, Kapi can be seen watching Liz playing her DS during Drift.
  • In Vs. Void, Kapi appears in the crowd spectating.
  • In Trouble Double V.S. Emma & Cuackbert, Kapi appears in the crowd of Shop List.
  • In Friday Night Funkin': Soft, Kapi appears in the background of Chapter 3.
  • In Friday Night Funkin': Neo, Kapi appears on the left side of Spookeez' stage during South.
  • In Vs. Kauan, Kapi appears as the "antagonist" of the 2nd week, fighting against Kauan on dance pads.
  • In V.S. Hood, Kapi appears in the background during Alpha.
  • In Fuckin' Funkin' W/Koi, Kapi appears right behind Koi in Week 1, and in the background during week 3.
  • In VS UniqueGeese - Feathery Fight, Kapi appears at the crowd in Pissvile during Flock, Ascend, Homage, and Flightless (Corrupted).
  • In Doki Doki Takeover, a remix on 'Beathoven' is played in 'The Festival' week by Natsuki. Natsuki even goes by to say that Kapi is cute..
  • In the lore of VS. Conner, Kapi is a friend of Conner. Conner always buys a donut in the donut shop that Kapi works in.
  • In The Weeg Mod, Game and Watch appears in the background of Week A.
  • In Vs. Beepie, Kapi appears in the background.
  • In Vs. Ditchu, he appears in the background.


BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): PaperKitty
Scratch Post
BPM: 195
Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): PaperKitty

BPM: 220
Scroll Speed: 2 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): emihead

BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (All Difficulties)
Composer(s): PaperKitty

BPM: 174
Scroll Speed: 2.2
Maximum Score: 103950
BPM: 168
Scroll Speed: 2.1
Maximum Score: 137200
BPM: 118
Scroll Speed: 1.9
Maximum Score: 172900
BPM: 178
Scroll Speed: 2.5
Maximum Score: 225400
Game N Watch Icon.png
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (All Difficulties)

Dialogue (Removed)

Note: These cutscenes have been removed in the V2 update. Plus, Flatzone has no dialogue.

Wocky Dialogue

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Yo! Long time no see!

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Taking your new girl on a date?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Yea, what about it?

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: She's way out of your league bro...

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: She'd be perfect for someone like me!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Show me what you got then!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...Really Girlfriend?

Beathoven Dialogue

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Not bad for a cat!

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: See what did I tell ya, BF?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: That literally means nothing.

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Sure. Let's just move on.

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Don't expect me to go easy...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep di bop.

Hairball Dialogue

(Kapi stomps on his dancepad's right arrow key, accidently breaking it in the process)

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Oh you boys...

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: C'mon. I obviously beat you.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Haha, you're jokin'.

KapiAngryIcon.png Kapi: ...

KapiAngryIcon.png Kapi: Kay, I'll show you up.

Nyaw Dialogue

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: My dance-pad took quite the damage.

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: I should probably cool down quite a little.

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: This is entertaining!

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: There's a lot more people...

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: And the arcade is closing soon.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: How about one more song, Kapi.

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Uh, alright!

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Hopefully I can impress her this time.

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Let's settle this;

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: No holding back!

Old Wocky Dialogue

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Yo! Long time no see!

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Taking your new girl on a date?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Yea, what about it?

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: She's way out of your league bro...

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: She'd be perfect for someone like me!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Show me what you got then!

Old Beathoven Dialogue

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Not too bad!

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: See what did I tell ya!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: That literally means nothing

KapiNewIcon.png Kapi: Sure. Let's just finish this...

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep di bop

Gallery (General)

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