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why u actin sus - Impostor

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Note: It's Suction Cup Man, look at him go!


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What the fuck is this?!

― Suction Cup Man SuctionCupMan Lose.png

Suction Cup Man is a character created by Piemations and modded in by polaroid119. Inspired by a real life incident when a man decided to climb the Trump Tower with only suction cups, Piemations made this man. However, he doesn't climb for girls or money, he just climbs because it's "fucking funny". His words, not ours.


Suction Cup Man wears a purple shirt, with a blue bicycle helmet, a dark blue backpack with gray straps, his signature red suction cups, and black shoes. He has brown hair, black eyes, and has a stubble for a beard.


  • As said before, Suction Cup Man was inspired by a real life event, in which a 19 year old Stephen Rogata tried to climb up Trump Tower, back when Trump was still president. He was later caught, arrested, and is now currently in a psychiatric home to get help.
  • "Suction" is Suction Cup Man's Theme Song by Piemations.
  • Despite being stated by himself as being "unkillable", he "died" in Episode 3. He's okay, though. After a minor scuffle with Satan, he managed to make it out safe and sound... much to the dismay of the severely injured Business Man.
  • Suction Cup Man's week's name, according to the demo, is just "FUCK YOU!".
  • Despite Suction Cup Man appearing nowhere in the demo, it seems that his old files and stuff were left over in the demo's files.
  • Suction Cup Man's mod is also one of the few to have smear frames, in this case, it's before the "ey!" animation.
  • According to Piemations, Suction Cup Man is Asexual Panromantic. [1]
  • Suction Cup Man has originated on both Youtube and Newgrounds in "Suction Cup Man (South Park Inspired Animation)" with a majority of episodes being uploaded on Youtube afterwards and then the entirety being uploaded onto Newgrounds in 2021 for the uncensored release of episode 4
  • Polaroid119 said on her twitter that Suction Cup Man is getting a second week[2]
    • This week will feature 3 new songs: Climbing, Towers, and Look at Me Go.
  • The first song for Suction Cup Man will be 2 minutes and 16 seconds long.[3]

Cameos in other mods

Note: All of these cameos are not canon to Suction Cup Man's story.


Robot 404 Death Icon.png
Loud Audio

All this sudden distortion maxed out my Resonance. - Max Neon

This section contains very loud audio. If you are wearing headphones, beware!

Reason: Some songs are really loud.

Note 1: Normie replaces Easy.

Note 2: Average replaces Normal.

Note 3: Etterna replaces Hard.

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png
BPM: 130
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Normie)
2.4 (Average)
2.7 (Etterna)
SuctionCupMan Neutral.png
BPM: 195
Scroll Speed: 2.5 (Normie)
2.4 (Average)
2.7 (Etterna)
SuctionCupMan Lose.png
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 2.8 (Normie)
2.4 (Average)
2.5 (Etterna)

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png
BPM: 104
Scroll Speed: 1.9 (Normie)
2.4 (Average)
2.8 (Etterna)
SuctionCupMan Lose.png
BPM: 160
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Normie)
2.4 (Average)
2.7 (Etterna)

Look at Me Go
BPM: 105
Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png
BPM: 125
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Normie)
2.4 (Average)
2.8 (Etterna)

Suction Cup Man is coming around, my sucking powers have no bound

Suction cups all red and shit, I'm pretty hot you must admit

Do not test my sucking power, I'll climb your tower in just an hour

You can't kill me I'm way too cool,

I'm smudging up your windows, fool!

Suction Cup Man (Hey thats me!)

His name is Suction Cup Man (Fuck yeah it is!)

Fuck you he's Suction Cup Man (I have my own theme song!)

Fuck yeah lets do another verse!

Fuck your shit, I'm going up

You can't unsuck my suction cups

There's so much stuff I've yet to climb,

So while I rhyme, I climb full-time

Since I'm climbing up so far I'll play a tune on my guitar

I don't climb for girls or money. I climb 'cuz it's fucking funny

Suction Cup Man (It's me again!)

His name is Suction Cup Man (My favorite words are the vulgar ones!)

Fuck you he's Suction Cup Man (Thats the shit I'm talking about!)

Breakdown, mothafucker! Oh Shit!

Climbs the towers for just the thrill

Take it up to the man who has the skills

To piss people off, their anger builds

So they try to stop him, but he's climbing still.

He can take a hit, he can take a blow

But his signs of stopping never show

He'll climb anything he's a pro

As he's shouting look at me go!

His name is

Suction Cup Man

Fuck you he's

His name is Suction Cup Man

Suction Cup Man (One more time baby, oh lord!)

His name is Suction Cup Man

I'm like a superhero but fuckin pointless!

Fuck you he's Suction Cup Man (Just try to get me off your tower!)

BPM: 200
Scroll Speed: 3 (All Difficulties)
SuctionBob Neutral.png
BPM: 165
Scroll Speed: 2.7 (All Difficulties)

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png
BPM: 90

Mario: Time to take a piss.

Splashing can be heard as Mario takes a piss

Goomba: What the hell are you doing?

Mario: I'm taking a piss!

Goomba: Ok but why aren't you jumping at me? That's what you're supposed to do.

Mario: I might do it focking later.

Goomba: No! I'm a motherfocking enemy. You're supposed to jump at me.

Mario: Okey dokey, then. Let me pull up my pants second first and then MAYBE I'll jump on you.


Mario: Let me get my pants first.

Goomba: sigh Fine.

SuctionCupMan Lose.png
Suction (inst)


Smudge Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Boyfriend is walking through the business tower, when he hears the familiar sound of... suction cups.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Boyfriend looks confused upon hearing this as he runs to the open window.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Dude, what are you doing?!


BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Uhhh, bro, you're kinda smudgin' the windows, and I don't wanna get beat up by double D today, so can you not?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Ah... I said this so many times. I CANNOT GO DOWN, I CAN ONLY GO UP.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ...WHAT???

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: I'M... not... even gonna explain. You kinda remind me of business dummy. I've been missing him since he went on vacation last fall!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Well, I have nothing better to do, so how about a rap battle?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Hm... Fuck it, why not?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Here's the mic.

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Boyfriend tosses the mic to Suction Cup Man, who grabs it.

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Heh! I've never rapped before, but I'll give it a try! Mind if I make some random-ass noises?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Eh-- no, not at all. I mostly rap with vowels, beeps, and sometimes Windows Blue Screen errors.

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: ...HUH?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: It's nothing, let's just get to it now.

Nark Dialogue

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Hey, that was pretty fun!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Yeah, you did good for your first time!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Well technically I did sing my own theme song but that doesn't really count 'cause I didn't write that.

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: By the way, who was that "Double D" guy you were talking about anyway?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: He's my Girlfriend's dad. He told me to protect this tower for some reason. He's also an ex rockstar, which is interesting.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: He seems to have something against me, he keeps hiring this people to mess with me in some way, as if to prove a point.

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Hey wait a second... Are you that guy I was hired to annoy the shit outta?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Well in that case, I guess I'll pick up the difficulty a bit!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: See if you can keep up you eminem wannabe!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Oh it's on!

Skyline Dialogue

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Nice, you actually kept up, but I ain't slowin down now!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: I'm getting bored, try harder!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: If you want hard, I'll give you hard!

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Suddenly, Mr. Guy Business on his left opens the window next to Suction Cup Man. Leaving both of them expressionless.

Mr.Guy Business: I knew it, you piece of shit!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Wait what!? I thought you went on vacation!

Mr.Guy Business: I just wanted to catch you in the act! I just KNEW I couldn't trust you!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Look, I'm kinda busty right now, can you f*ck off?

Mr.Guy Business: Get the f*ck off of my tower or else I'll use the window cleaner again!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: What is going on?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Whatever, let's do this last song and be done with it.

Towers Dialogue

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: One day, Kim-Jong-Un plans to bomb America, but Suction Cup Man is climbing on his missile.

Kim-Jong-Un: AYE! What the F*CK are you doing!?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Climbin' your missile with suctions cups dumbass, what do YOU think?

Kim-Jong-Un: Why MY missile?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Why not your missile?

Kim-Jong-Un: You're delaying my plans to bomb America!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: I'll delay your plans all I want, LOOK AT ME GO!

???: Beep.

Kim-Jong-Un: What was that?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Boyfriend randomly appears from nowhere at the missile with Suction Cup Man

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: What the hell!? How did you get here?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: That doesn't matter, I want a rematch!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: But you won last time, didn't you?

PlaceholderIcon.png Narrator: Awkward silence appears while the camera pans closer to Boyfriend.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: rap battle

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: God damn it. FINE. We can have a rematch.

Kim-Jong-Un: What the shit.

Climbing Dialogue

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Alright now f*ck off and let me deal with this missile!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: nah

Kim-Jong-Un: What is happening?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: I'm tryna disarm your missile but this dickhead here won't stop asking to rap me!

Kim-Jong-Un: Wait, you're trying to DISARM it!?

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: Yeah dumbass, what do you think I was trying to do!?

Kim-Jong-Un: Get off of my missile this INSTANT!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: We're not getting off 'till I get another rematch!

SuctionCupMan Neutral.png Suction Cup Man: WE LITERALLY JUST HAD A REMATCH!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: don't care

Look At Me Go Dialogue



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