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VS. Violastro is a mod by Keoiki that is based on a game called Vibrant Venture.



Violastro is the villain from the indie game Vibrant Venture, which used to be a Roblox game, who for some reason decided that he should lock Boyfriend up behind bars for committing the most serious crime in Australia (not really), unless Boyfriend manages to beat him.


He wears a purple hat while sporting glasses with a star shape, he wears a purple cloak with yet another star shape near the neck, his hands are big and resemble gloves, there are golden balls connecting the hands and the body, representing the arms, and his legs are short and thin.


  • Violastro’s name originates from the portmanteau of the color “Violet” and the prefix “Astro-”.
    • Additionally, his name is the Italian word for purplish.
  • The week name "Violet and Violent" is due to the fact that the word violet is 1 letter close to violent, missing a n before the t.
  • Bwehehe is named after how he laughs.
  • Stupefy is named after the action to make someone unable to think or feel properly, or to astonish and shock someone.
  • Violastro has 3 fingers, unlike the main cast who have 4 fingers.
  • The menu theme is a remix of his theme from Vibrant Venture.
  • The dialogue is a reference to memes which show Google having normal search results and Bing having wacky, out-of-mind, or even the opposite to Google's results.



ViolastroBot is one of the antagonists of Vibrant Venture and one of the main opponents for the extra song of the VS. Violastro mod: The Ups And Downs.


ViolastroBot is a robot built in Violastro's image, He has a mostly golden body with a dark purple screen with a white face shown on it and floating limbs. He wears a purple tie shaped like a shooting star and a purple top hat.


The Vibrants are the main protagonists of Vibrant Venture and the main opponents for the Vibrant Week for the mod.


The Vibrants are all pale-skinned humanoids, and when going clockwise in their appearance in the mod, are Cardinal, Azura, Banana, and Pistachio.

Cardinal is a fairly muscular man with red hair he keeps up using a headband. He wears a red tank top, red pants, a red wristband, and is shaded in cyan.

Azura is of average size, and has a head full of blue hair. She wears a blue hoodie, blue jeans, blue glasses, and blue boots. She is primarily shaded in yellow.

Banana is a fairly average in size, and has a head full of yellow hair, which he keeps under his cap. He wears a yellow t-shirt, brown shorts, boots, and gloves, and has a brown backpack strapped behind his back. He's mainly shaded in grayish blue.

Pistachio is of an average build, and has a long set of flowing green hair with a bow on top. She wears a lime shirt, a green skirt, and green high heels. She's mostly shaded with purple.



Presto is a Vibrant Venture fan character by Scribble Buddy and the main opponent for the extra song of the VS. Violastro mod of the same name.




  • Presto makes an appearance during the train section of Level 3-2 "Conductor's Mighty Convoy" in Vibrant Venture.


Trivia (General)

  • The cameo characters, in order, are these;
    • Left row; Indie games (Undertale, Hollow Knight, Fireboy and Watergirl, etc)
    • Central row; Vibrant Venture (The protagonists and a handful of enemies/bosses)
    • Right row; FNF (including mod characters such as Tricky, Zardy, Whitty, etc)
    • The speakers that Girfriend is sitting on is ViolastroBot turned into speakers
  • The arrows are based off the 4 main protagonists in Vibrant Venture, Pistachio, Banana, Cardinal, and Azura. This is further emphasized in the Vibrants Week, where you face said protagonists and each one sings their corresponding arrow note.
  • Vibrant Venture used to be a Roblox game made by Pattrigue, but it got discontinued due to updates causing bugs and the physics engine not being suited for platformer games. Pattrigue is still in charge as the lead developer of Vibrant Venture.
  • Jurl, the artist behind Vibrant Venture (and Violastro himself) also did the art for this mod.
    • He's even referenced in the dialogue just before before Stupefy, when Violastro says "Gotta tell Jurl about this!"
  • The Ups And Downs is the first ever mod song to get rid of all your arrows, except two, the up and down arrows. Pressing the left or right arrows automatically kill you.
  • Violastro's songs share two names with two other mods. Supernova with the Nova mod, and Harmony with the /V/-Tan mod

Gameplay Mechanics

Star Notes

In all of the songs purple Star Notes can appear in any lane. These notes are hazard notes, and hitting them will deal damage to the player and play a "BONK!" sound. Purple Star Notes appearing on Violastro's side can also deal damage to the player. These notes will not appear on Easy difficulty. During the Vibrants' week the Star Notes are retextured.

Two-Note Strumline

In The Ups And Downs, only the up and down arrows are present. Attempting to press the left or right arrows will immediately cause a Game Over.

Hidden Healthbar

In Supernova and Presto, the healthbar becomes purple during Violastro's second turn and throughout the other half of the song, making it impossible to see the player's health.

Hidden Songbar

In Presto, the bar that usually shows the length of the song is obfuscated and displays "???", making it impossible to see at first the actual length of the song. The song Presto is actually 2:32 long.

The Vibrants' Recovery

In all of the Vibrants songs, the Vibrants are able to fill up their health during their turn. This also causes the player to lose health, but it cannot cause a Game Over alone.

Shield Notes

Shield Notes, as the name implies, add a temporary shield to the player if the shield note is hit. This prevents the player from losing health over the Vibrants' recovery as long the shield is active. The Shield Note has no special effect in Violastro's week, and missing notes or hitting Star Notes will still reduce the player's health.

Modifier Codes

In the credits page of the menu, you're able to type certain codes to apply modifiers or switch to certain scenes. Upon entering a code it'll automatically activate it without having to press enter. Some codes can be deactivated by simply retyping it.

Below is the list of available codes:

  • "violastro": Plays the secret song Harmony (Violastro Mix)
  • "mind games": Plays the song Psychic from the Friday Night Funkin': Mind Games mod.
  • "hard mode": Makes the player's notes nearly invisible. Deactivate by retyping.
  • "video games": Swaps the positions of the up and down notes. Deactivate by retyping.
  • "null": Displays a secret Easter Egg.
  • "violasstro": Displays a secret Easter Egg.


BPM: 176
Scroll Speed: 1.4 (Easy)
1.8 (Normal)
2.2 (Hard)
BPM: 180
Scroll Speed: 1.6 (Easy)
2 (Normal)
2.4 (Hard)
BPM: 174
Scroll Speed: 1.8 (Easy)
2.2 (Normal)
2.6 (Hard)

BPM: 170
Scroll Speed: 3 (Vibrant)
BPM: 174 > (Rising to) 210 > 192.5 > 162 > (Descending to) 135
Scroll Speed: 2.7 (Vibrant)
BPM: 174 > 151 > 144 > 140 > 130 > 120
Scroll Speed: 2.85 (Vibrant)

Vibrant Dark Colors (Menu Theme)
BPM: 160
The Ups And Downs
BPM: 140 > 180 > 200
Scroll Speed: 2.2 (Easy)
2.6 (Normal)
3 (Hard)
BPM: 120 > 136 > 120 > 180
Scroll Speed: 2.6 (Vibrant)
Harmony (Violastro Mix)
BPM: 175
Scroll Speed: 3 (Vibrant)


Bwehehe Dialogue

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Welcome to my stage Boyfriend..

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: And me too~

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop?

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Yer might've been wondering why I've brought yer here in front of hundreds,

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: if not THOUSANDS of live spectators here and at home.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep skee bop?

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Well, yer've made a colender into a bowl using flex seal,

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: which is from what I've looked up on Bing is the worst crime in Australia!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: B-but this isn't Australi-

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop skop skee sko ska!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: 'Nd for that, yer must win in front of me,

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: or yer gonna be locked up behind bars for a long time.

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: ..!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Better watch out which notes yer hit 'tho!

Stupefy Dialogue

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Can you listen to me for thr-

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Well, Boyfriend, it seems as if you've won.

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: ...

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Not quite! Time for me to go into my second phase!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: ...

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Crap uuhh, did this mod break?

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Argh, I guess I'll just put on another show for the audience!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop?

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Gotta tell Jurl about this!

Supernova Dialogue

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: I am now at my THIRD phase!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: I AM TROLLING!

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Shut up with your "trolling".

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Alright then I guess.

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Just the same thing again and again...

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Can I at least cut the stage in half?

GF Icon.png Girlfriend: Wha- no!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Arr man...

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Well in that case...

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: ViolastroBot, it's yer time to help me!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep bop?

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Huh? No, this isn't Hex, how dumb can you be?

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: What even made you think of that?

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: burger

Post-Supernova Dialogue

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Bwehehe!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: Thank ye Boyfriend for coming on stage for this amazing show!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Beep!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: We'll be right back for our special number!

BFIcon.png Boyfriend: Bop?

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: So don't turn to another channel just yet!

ViolastroIcon.png Violastro: See yer soon!

  • Extra song unlocked in Freeplay!*

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